ID Photo-Passport Photo maker

4.7 (23K)
97.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
苏娟 陈
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for ID Photo-Passport Photo maker

4.65 out of 5
23K Ratings
3 years ago, Peanut8484
Beautiful passport photo finally🥰
I have to take passport photo for my business license been doing it for years. I just look ugly in all of them, got this app did I fantastic job of getting rid of all the redness in my face and the years of acne scars. I look beautiful in my pic finally! A picture I can finally be proud to post in my business and show my clients. 🥰
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5 months ago, OrhanCskn
Be Careful about 3 Day Free Scam
I experienced a frustrating situation with this app. It claims to offer a 3-day trial period with the option to cancel, but when I attempted to cancel on the third day, it seemed like I hadn't made a purchase, offering me purchasing options instead. Confused, I later discovered that they had charged my bank account. Even though I tried to cancel through my Apple account, I found out that I had unknowingly purchased a one-year subscription with no possibility of a refund. This app intentionally hides the cancellation option, preventing users from unsubscribing. I want to share my disappointment and warn others about this issue. Additionally, I purchased the app on January 15th, and despite trying to unsubscribe on the third day, I'm unable to get a refund. This app needs improvement and transparency in its interface. I feel I have been deceived.
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5 years ago, Len♪kagamine<3333333
Saved me a lot of money
I needed to upload an ID-quality photo of myself for a visa application, and I didn’t want to pay to go get one taken at CVS/Walgreens. I can’t believe I took a picture of myself in my room, on my phone, and it was accepted in my application. (And I don’t look awful 😁) this app did exactly what I needed it to!!
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2 years ago, hedgehog mode
Did the job
I need to get a passport photo and upload it for my online application in USCIS website. Getting a good amount of light on my face is tricky and the app sometimes captures shadows behind me. So I have to re-take my photo several times. But it gets approved for USCIS and leave me with no worries! Worth using it and it saves you money and a trip to the store!
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5 years ago, Thisisbinod
Very cool app.
I used to spend hours on Photoshop trying to create passport photos with not so great quality. With this app, I can create passport photo literary while walking. What a great app for the humanity. The only feature I would love to see to be added is saving the image as a 3x2 grid so that it can be printed on 6x4 inches size.
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8 months ago, NOName 0077
Non Functional Due to Greed
I have the free version and I’m not gonna pay for the pro version. But they made me watch the ad, and I still could not complete my project so I tried again, same result, and after the third time of completing my project and watching the ad. I have given up. The makers of this app do not want you to use it. They only want you to pay for the pro version. You can tell your advertisers I will never buy their products thanks to your advertising platform. Good luck.
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2 years ago, MeA3710
I just got this app and paid to remove ads. When I take a photo the app doesn’t save or even recognize the photo taken. It seems to only work when the photo is uploaded. I need this app to work for me because even the ads removal I paid for didn’t work. Please fix for me to give you a better review. You need to give more detailed instructions every step of the way for easy use. When I get it to work I will rectify my review. If it can’t be done just give me a refund.
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5 years ago, technoczar
The easiest ID photo app!
One click photo that worked wonderfully for our infant son! The best part was that it automatically turned the background white and removed cushions that were there for support in case he falls.
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3 years ago, DSS001
It could be so much better.
It doesn’t give you the ability to work in the background/foreground. It could be a great app but there is no way to get a suit on a person because the neckline of the suit wraps around towards the back of the neck but there is no way to remove any part of the suit only the image of the person.
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2 years ago, rosemary Johan
APP is okay
If not my kids need re-new Chinese passport , I will not leave words regarding this APP comment : the APP purpose is good , free . But not enough pixel, will be eligible for China passport /visa and even using white background ,PS process still have shadow around . I hope APP builder reference above advice , able update system , except your proposed just want people download then deleted!
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3 months ago, Adrianne_LL
Not working well at all
I downloaded a few to compare and summarized 3 disadvantages of this app: 1. Size choices are too few 2. Background removal algorithm is really rough, not working well 3. Most importantly, the finished product doesn’t meet the selected country’s photo requirement. The app auto positioned the photo for your selected size, and don’t let you change it.
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5 years ago, Beau Chevassus
Great concept, but does not save the photo
Fantastic concert, and really smart background removal software. However it’s impossible to actually save the photo to your phone without being charged one dollar per photo. Even after being promised “share this app and you will get your photo for free,“ I still did not receive my photo for free after sharing. A real shame because this app has potential.
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2 years ago, KrishnaVepa
It does the job nicely
I used for US passport picture for my kid and it’s excellent and does the job for what it advertised. Of course, it has ads but does not lack any functionality.
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6 years ago, Nicnamdf
Great app with free features
This app enhance the picture background so well. It is perfect for id/passport photo. Only thing is missing, it does not give you option of multiple picture in popular size like 4X6, 5X7. But still recommend this for enhancing and picture touch up.
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5 years ago, jahajjahaahah
Does not work click bait
You download it and it just takes you to its ads to sign up for stuff don’t waist your time downloading this garbage
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1 year ago, OmiPic
I purchased this app, uploaded picture. It does not have all country passport measurements so I added mine. Did not touch up photo at all as it was clear. It did not remove background and changed it at all. Also left corner of the picture was bright and got distorted. Ads are annoying but since it lets use app to share used it anyways. But not worth it
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1 year ago, .........suggestions......
I would give this app a zero if I could. I took the pic but couldn’t print it in 2 x 2 for a passport. That’s the whole point of the app. I tried every which way. It’s ridiculous. I hit US passport. Print. Way too big. I hit choose a size… 2 x 2. Way too big. I sent it to a different printer. Nope. This app is worthless. It does not save time or money. Go to Walgreens and be done.
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1 year ago, CW1680
Expensive; doesn’t always do the job right
I used this app to take photos for my daughters’ visa application. One picture got accepted by Chinese embassy; the other one got rejected. I made both pictures the same way. Also, the app forced me to start a trial the first time I used it but doesn’t show me how to cancel my subscription. This is a major problem.
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11 months ago, Hps925
Keeps error messages’Portrait not detected’
It was working great for couple months but now I can’t make to keep it working. I tried uninstalling and installed again, restored my purchase successfully. But no luck. It really sad that there’s no support or help from the developers or Company. Please refund me the purchase if you can’t make it work. Thanks ~ Unhappy Customer
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3 years ago, Anyreveiwsiwrite
Doesn’t work
I did the process, thought it was great, and then in the end I select to save the picture and it only says “waiting” no matter how many times I try. Ok how about sharing the picture to my email for example to save it? “Waiting.” The app is bugged that there is no way to utilize the picture after taking it.
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5 months ago, Roseoftheeast
Free White Backgrounds
I needed to make the background of my photo white and it did it for free!! Very happy, other similar apps asked for money
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3 years ago, dremy1011
Not able to leave photo background
App will let you take the correct size photo, but forces you you select one of the apps backgrounds for your photo. For passports no retouching is allowed, the app will not allow you to leave the background untouched, forcing you to crop the background from your headshot.
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3 years ago, Automax2021
So disappointed
The Ads runs and none stop makes your iPhone technically disabled! What kind of money making you guys are doing it? Making people fool to use your software for a photo and send the game ads with NO Closing options! I am a software developer. Send me a message I contact you and I tell you Not every body is stupid!
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1 year ago, poodlemama9
State ID Card
Great app for getting your ID picture taken. It even provides a nice suit so it doesn’t matter what you are wearing.
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5 years ago, Kdogg08
Excellent App
Does a great job making it simple to create a clean and neat passport picture! Easy to use interface and wonderfully logical tools make using this app easy!
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2 years ago, Ashley Reagan
Don’t use for passports… they will get rejected
Passport application was rejected thanks to the pictures. They look retouched even when you don’t do anything but select white background. Don’t risk it, just go to CVS. It’s super easy, your pictures will be approved by passport agency 100% of the time and it’s super fast. We were in and out of CVS in 15 mins for 3 photos.
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4 years ago, SpeedyGonzales1975
Excellent app
I was very impressed with the user experience as well as the quality of the end result. I never review anything but i was so pleased that I had to leave a review.
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4 years ago, Hdjehzbshsnsvsj
Extremely easy to use, nice features
First time using it and finding it very easy to get my job done.
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5 years ago, All nicks are taken 98639
Good app but...
Excellent app! Just One little but important problem... the size (resolution) of the output is too low. Even after changing the settings to the highest resolution, still too low. Once pictures are printed, it’s very evident the final photo needs a better resolution.
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5 years ago, HermesOne
Very nice and easy to use
To avoid $15 to get same thing from Walgreens, this app even did better
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5 years ago, Marty Theophilus
Right on man
This one works and the last three I tried did not work. They give the white background that the US govt requires and it’s free. Thanks guys, God bless you.
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1 year ago, Upscalers
Worthless, no support
This app does not let you choose a small paper size (4x6), does not print 2x2 passport pictures even when you choose passport pictures the size. It still prints 4.5”x4.5” pictures and you do anything to change it Emailed twice without any response. Worthless app.
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2 years ago, happydaddy13
Works ok. Background still picked up at times
Needs work on the background blocker. Still shows up or need to go back and edit more than other passport apps
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3 years ago, it1tech
Easy to use good features
This is the best app for 2x2 picture excellent features pretty easy to use A+++++
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6 years ago, JohnAlston
It is so helpful and hopefully I will save some dollars
This app is so helpful as I came across multiple apps and it is very user friendly.
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6 years ago, tafbaig
Saved hours to go to store
And, the photos are so beautiful. My complexion looks so much better than in real life.
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5 years ago, Robyn Alese
Passport picture
This was so easy! Saved a trip to have picture taken
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3 years ago, Nshazam
Free! Quick! And easy!
This app was awesome! It was very useful for a digital Visa photo and it was totally free to edit the background!
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2 years ago, binThrDunThat
useless and bloated with ads
This app is worse than most freeware found on the web that allow you to resize your picture into 2x2 for free onto a typical photo printable at most pharmacies. I expected better from the app but was disappointed. The ads did not help
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10 months ago, Bruise Wayne
The ads close button is located at corner of the phone where it’s virtually impossible to hit, the worst part is after finally having the output photo downloaded it couldn’t pass the passport photo check. Wasted so much time on this garbage app.
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3 years ago, jieling1010
The best id photo ever
It adopt the size of Id photo. You can change the background color and clothes color.
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5 years ago, Samchik
How apps should be
Nice product. Just right. Only the features necessary. Does the job. Great passport photos with changeable background, skin tones, and visible clothing. Perfect
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5 years ago, Amandacyp
Good, with one bug
I set my photo size to square and it only makes a rectangle. Otherwise, I like this app!
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3 years ago, lili79797979
Amazing website
Wonderful website love it
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1 year ago, Great-great10
Be careful
It started to taking my picture, then it took my photo without my permission to strange website where it asked me to download the photo then it demanded my phone number before downloading my photo. At that moment, I decided to delete the app
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5 years ago, tushar_k_b
Don’t have to look for another
Such an awesome and easy to use app! Love it from the very first time
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3 years ago, Tiki Tak
Not good!
Don’t waste your time or money! Followed the directions and pics printed out large & stretched out. Would not create a 2x2 inch size for passport photos. Resolution and sizing was way off, plus advertising galore! They most likely want access to your personal data more than providing the service advertised.
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5 years ago, QueenCityMommy
US Dept of State did NOT accept these
We had to pay $15 per person at the passport office to redo our pictures when we brought these in. The stark white background looks artificial and photo shopped. The only one accepted was the photo done on a tan wall that did not get altered. If you have long hair it erases parts of it. Terrible app for passports.
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5 years ago, lrh6677525
Perfect app
I used this app making my passport photos , so easy creating my photos. Thank you!
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2 years ago, Crimsonandgray
Passport office said the photo was too small (US)
Although I feel like it was a little bit ridiculous of them
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