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Current version
Idealista, S.A.
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11 months ago
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14.0 or later
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User Reviews for idealista

4.8 out of 5
15.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Asué
Easy to use!
My favorite so far. I’ve tried other apps but I keep coming back “home” to Idealista. I like the map because I can clearly see the position of the supermarkets, health centers, the water, things that are important to me when purchasing a home. I also like they display community fees in some of the sales. I’ve purchased a home using this app, about to purchase another one for a friend but still looking. The only app I refer to friends. The only thing I don’t like, some of their houses are full of junk! They should demand the sellers to clean up organize their garbage before they take pictures! I don’t care how beautiful a house is, when I see accumulated garbage I don’t even stop to look! I can smell it!!! I have just upgraded to the new version. Will see how it go goes.
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1 year ago, J.H. Stephens
A solid app with one very annoying flaw
Overall, the idealista app works as advertised. The UI is simple enough, it’s easy to use all of the functions of the app, and it’s very convenient. However, that changes if you’re using the app in a language other than Spanish. I use it in English and Spanish, and it seems like the English translated information for listings and for the user profile do not get updated with the latest Spanish information. I’ve had it happen numerous times that I’ll check a listing in English and read the translated details provided by the owner, and then go look at the original in Spanish and they are completely different (my guess is that a listing is translated once at some point and the translation not updated again for awhile). This is a huge flaw that I would imagine could really inconvenience a non-Spanish speaker (it has inconvenienced me on multiple occasions). So be careful and check the Spanish language listings!
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10 months ago, Dr. Kevin in the Philippines
The BEST real estate app on the international market today!
Hello, I’m a retired doctor. When I decided to retire I started looking for a second home in Italy to buy and use whenever I wanted to spend time in Europe. I came across this app while researching houses on the internet and it’s really an amazing resource. Now, there is a downside to everything and this app gives me all the resources but it can’t give you a reply to your email or good quality pictures… Both of those options come from the real estate agent/broker and apparently Italian agents don’t respond to the messages or cannot read English.
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9 months ago, Mpossibleblueeyes
Good app.
I like the app but there are still some very frustrating problems. There’s no filters in favorites so when I try to see, for example, homes under €200,000, I have to scroll a long time to get to €200,000. I looked at maybe 5, (trying to see which houses are currently in that price range,) then it refreshed and took me back to the least expensive house in my search. I believe that my time is near that I will be purchasing. I wish that it would be easier to look at various types of properties. Yes, improvements have been made. More are needed. #1 The size of the land should be mandatory when creating a listing. #2 I want to buy a home with 2+ hectares. Land size should be a search filter. Palazzo, Castel and age should be filters. Yes, I know I have too many favorites. I’m undecided where I will buy and don’t know how much money I will have. So I look & dream but my time is almost here. This is from my last review: I wish that favorites don’t auto refresh. Favorites should have search filters. Please make a separate field for the land & the buildings square meters. It’s very time consuming to read every description when looking for a homes and casale with hectares of land. Palazzo & castels need to be added to building types.
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2 years ago, Peacefire02
Great App, Needs Property Size Filter
Idealista has been integral to our home buying search. I just have two improvement suggestions: Add “Property/Land Size” filter. We are specifically looking for property with a certain amount of land and having to click on every singly listing and scroll down to find the property size is time consuming and kind of annoying. They do allow filtering by home size so I would think adding property size filtering wouldn’t be too hard. And… Allow filtering by more than 4 bedrooms. We need at least 5 bedrooms and the filters only have 4+. Why not permit filtering by 5, 6, 7 bedrooms, etc? Otherwise, this is a great resource for house and apartment hunting. I would definitely update to five stars if at least filtering by property size/land was an options!
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1 year ago, Central Park Explorer
Furnished vs unfurnished
I love this app. Once you set your default settings and mark the map, you can see a lot of apartments that might fit your needs. But I wish there were a filter for furnished vs unfurnished apartments. Most of the apartments are shown with furniture. You have to look at a lot of furnished apartments before finding those that are unfurnished… if that’s what you’re looking for. In most cases, I believe furnished apartments are intended to be rented as shown. A few have minimal furniture, and it’s hard to know whether the furniture can be removed. If you’re looking for an unfurnished apartment, you have to look through a lot of furnished apartments before finding the few unfurnished options.
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2 years ago, usdane
Overall a great way to look for houses..
I do wish that it offered some more filter options. We specifically need a house with 5 bedrooms, but I can only choose 4+ bedrooms. So I get a lot of suggestions that is useless for me. Same goes for the pool. We want a private pool. But I get lots of communal pool options. It should be an option for a seller to list the pool as a private or communal pool. The house of the day feature is pretty useless, since it always seem to show some houses that is not in the area that I am looking as well as some very expensive properties around the country. I would appreciate if that house of the day feature was a bit more personalized.
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4 years ago, RobertElmes
Wonderful app - very useful
I use idealista for Azorean properties and love love love that it aggregates such disparate listings from often very small brokers to one place. The mapping feature however is terrible - saying that the property owner doesn’t want to show the location is obviously false and only reflects idealista’s lack of ability to show accurate map locations - evidenced by most linked listings having accurate maps themselves. Idealista needs to find a way to “see” and display that info. This feels however like a small complaint compared to the deep and incomparable utility the app offers.
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2 years ago, GoCougs0401
Great app, helpful for searching in Portugal
This app is great to search for properties or get an idea of what is available and the prices in Portugal. The only down side is that many agents leave listings posted well after they are already sold, so this can be frustrating (not the app’s fault, it’s the agents). But it’s great to see what is available, prices, condition, etc. My one request would be to add an additional filter for energy rating. That’s important to us and would help filter out the properties.
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5 years ago, nelson.wp
Nice try.
It's okay but I ran into issues. The developer needs to make it so you're able to highlight, copy, and paste text because you currently are unable to. When considering a property, myself and others need to know if it has access to public transportation or not. In order to do that I would need to be able to highlight the addresses in this app, copy, and then paste them into Google Maps and make a prospective trip which would then reveal if public transportation exists for the corresponding property or not. Since I'm unable to even highlight the text or addresses within this app, I'll have to pass and find something else. It just wasn't created with everyone in mind and that's a shame. Nice effort though.
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2 years ago, loveandhonor824
Great app, extremely user friendly
Bravo to the developers of this app! It's full of great features and in some ways easier to use than the desktop version. The only thing is sometimes there's duplicate listings for one place but that's a fault on the end of the agencies more so. Otherwise it's really one of the best apps for finding a flat/home in the EU. Maybe they could come up with a feature to enable a search for short term stays? That's all I can think of
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3 years ago, BethMit
Planning to Retire
We’re planning to retire to Italy in a few years. This site has been great for helping us decide which general areas and villages we like. This will help us narrow our search when we need to find a long-term rental in earnest. It also encourages us, knowing that there are beautiful homes and villas in our future. Lots of good search options available. Pleas consider adding France to the countries you list for. We have friends who are planning similarly to us.
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2 years ago, takatoyanamishi
It’s almost not a bad app
Wow idealista is like the only app you can use to find homes in Spain. It’s so much easier in USA with Redfin, Zillow, etc. the developers at idealista have some catching up to do. The virtual tours would be better with a 360° photographer. Get rid of the floorplan images. Like if the post only has a computer-generated floorplan, and doesn’t have actual pictures of the place, don’t even post it! What’s the point? Am I right? Also, what’s with hiding the address of the houses for sale? They should get rid of that. Why are you worried about privacy if you’re selling the place anyway?
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12 months ago, Acmarie21
Easy to filter. Decent translations.
We recently moved to Madrid and used Idealista to find a place to rent and now are using it to find a place to buy. The navigation is very intuitive, it’s easy to filter for the results you want, and the translations are decent for someone like me who doesn’t speak Spanish yet.I did seem to get more responses from the listers if I contacted them directly on WhatsApp (contact info on Idealista) vs. submitting an en quiet through the app.
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11 months ago, jmckie58
Property Addresses
I am an American looking to relocate Barcelona, Spain. I love using this app to help me learn more about property that might be available when I relocate. The only thing that I wish more promoters would do is put the actual address rather than just the area of where the property is located. An actual address would help me more specifically identify where I want to live in, as I like to see the street. Otherwise, I love the site.
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2 years ago, Stu(157)
It has great tools to find apartments in Spain. I used this app to find my wife and I am apartment in Bilbao. A little tip for new users: Posts that are made by real estate agencies do not write back through the app. You’re better off contacting them through their phone/website/email listed. There are people who are posting the apartment or house that are not using an agency, and usually these people get back promptly through the app.
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11 months ago, bostaniana
Finding a home in Spain works on idealista
It’s a bit like Zillow in that most rentals appear here. You will find something not just aimed at foreigners but anyone looking. Some stuff stays posted but there’s the option to filter by time posted. Best way to get reasonably priced housing though people sometimes post outrageously high prices just to see if someone will “bite” and some stuff posted doesn’t really exist, it’s developers trying to do a due diligence on whether or not to invest in building.
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1 year ago, Samfr29
Love looking for my new home on idealista!
I love looking at the available homes in Portugal on idealista! So easy the way they offer filters to screen the listings by. I would love to see a couple of new filters added to narrow down what I need. 1) Year leases available 2) Pets allowed 3) 55+, 65+, 70+ building or communities If these are available in The country? Do they have retirement apts in the country Like independent, assisted etc that can be rented?
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1 year ago, TZCarl
It is easy to search with this application. You can draw your own search area and enter several filters to find what you like. I wish it offered a history of sale prices for particular properties. The write ups by the real estate agents could be improved to indicate if the property is zoned for residence permanently, long-term rental, or short term vacation rental. But that is not the fault of the application.
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2 years ago, Jingo211
Search options.
This is a decent ap. It could be an excellent Ap if the the search tools allowed for 1. more options like Sea view, water front, Ocean front, and # garage spaces... 2. Key word search capability. Seems like the app has the format correct just need specific options. The key word search Zillow & DotLoop both have these capabilities built into their programs. As an investor, & these options would save me, realtors and other buyers a great deal of time and effort. Thanks and looking forward to improvements. Jingo211
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4 years ago, Plays be taken
Great app.
I’d been searching online for years how to find a reliable way to search for properties in Portugal with no success. It was only on a trip to Italy that I saw the advertisement for idealista in the airport. I’m very glad that I did and since I’ve been using the app I’ve had no complaints. Pictures, locations, and descriptions of the properties allow me to window shop from home and get a better idea of where and what I would like to buy.
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2 years ago, Honeythedogsowner
Good app but needs some changes
This app is easy to navigate and I like it, but there are two major problems. They show rooms instead of bedrooms. Sometimes a four room house has one bedroom and sometimes it has up to three. The other issue is that so many properties don’t disclose their exact location. I’m looking to purchase a property close to a train station so I draw my circle around the station, but half of the houses that come up are kilometers away and not where they show on the map.
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3 years ago, MozartFan
Crashes, slow, buggy
While I like the app for the amount of listings, and some of the features, information takes FOREVER to load...the app often’s hyper sensitive, because when I try to resize the map to look into a specific area, the app spins into reloading the listings, which is super annoying and takes forever again to reset. I wish that once I pressed on a listing, it would highlight the dot for its location. Other apps, such as Imovirtual, loads ten times faster!
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5 years ago, cristele01
Swap right on landing page
One thing that would be great is to allow to swap back from the main page (chose your location/ type of house) back to where you were. It happened several time that I swapped left while browsing and went back to the main page - then your search is lost and you need to redo the search again. So a swap right option from the landing page would be awesome
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2 years ago, Mucmadl
Best real estate app for Spain
This one incorporates all the listings of all the real estate agents. Where everybody else only list their own properties, which makes it very hard to find anything, this one posts everything that is on the market and makes it much easier for the buyer. They also update when something is sold or reduced in price, which most other websites don’t do.
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9 months ago, jjaneiro
Good app
I’ve used it for several months now and it has helped me identify several properties in areas I had not even considered before. The only drawback to this app is the fact that the people who post the ads aren’t being completely scrutinized in how serious they are about their ad and there are no checks to assure they are within the law regarding what they demand as conditions or whether they are discriminating based on race, religion or sexual orientation.
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1 year ago, KerryFM
Experiencing Portugal
This has been a fantastic way to learn about the country and markets and plan for our future. I really love this app and highly recommend it. One improvement could be to have a search function where you can look for houses with a certain amount of land. i’ve been unable to see how to do this. thank you for a great program!
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1 year ago, Dugood
Great App for looking at european properties
We are looking at areas for a second home in Portugal. It’s very good and easy to navigate. My only concern is that the app doesn’t show you the listing in english even though you select it at the set up. You do have the option of reading the descriptions of the properties in any language though, which makes me give it 5 stars.
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12 months ago, Lauren19380
Best RE app for Spain, Portugal, and Italy
We are considering a move to Spain and have used a few different RE apps to browse. Idealista is, in our opinion, the easiest and best organized one. We especially like to use the “draw your search area” feature as well as being able to filter search results for price range, bedrooms, bathrooms, and size.
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5 months ago, Mig1106
Tons of fake listings! Waste of time!
I saved 26 listing to see. More thank half of them had either been sold months ago or were simply fakes. One of them have pictures from an apartment in NY!! When you call to ask for any of those listing they tell you that the unit was just sold and then they try to get all your contact info so they can start sending you other listing that they really have. I spoke with a broker and apparently this is very common and, although they complain to idealista many times and asked them to remove the fake listing they do nothing about it.
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3 years ago, La neige
mostly great
This app helps me dream and compare prices in the areas where I am looking to buy. It saves my favourites even after I switch country and go back. It is annoying that you cant easily click in a point on the map and see the photos of the listing. The one thing I wish is that there were more specific filters. I would like to search for things like "within x km of the beach" or "new construction" so I could see fewer architect drawings or CGI houses.
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5 years ago, Stevo Orange K
Great to find many properties using 1 app.
Idealista is a great app for finding multiple properties located in Portugal which doesn’t have a MLS. The only caveat I’ve seen is that some properties listed are already sold(some many months ago) and the listing agencies haven’t removed them or updated the listing. That being said, I’ve noticed while in Portugal agencies post properties on their windows that are no longer available just to get people into the office. So all in all, a great app.
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3 years ago, liliescob
Easy to use !
I’m an international student looking for housing in Spain and this app has really given me great access to many potential apartments. The descriptions are neat and detailed on the listings which makes it simple to understand. The amount of pictures available for most listings is exactly what I need to see when looking for a place I want to call home .
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1 year ago, flgme
Love your app!
The searches send me every listing as soon as it is listed. Only two things I would fix. 1. Add a selection to send one text daily with all searches shown 2. Detached in English means a home that stands alone and is not attached to another home on any side. The search engine shows attached villas, duplexes, multiplexes & townhouses when you select detached.
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10 months ago, ~~~Celerity~~~
Filter for number of levels
Love the app. Would greatly appreciate a filter for number of levels. Would like to find one level (single story homes) without having to view all. Also would love to filter homes which are energy efficient, have photovoltaic or solar panels. Searching would be easier if it saved your filters from previous searches.
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10 months ago, Dani_disapointed
Great to look at available property in Italy
The only downside is, you hardly ever get an answer if you inquire about a property, but apparently that’s just Italian customs. They don’t like dealing with people or potential buyers online. Either call them yourself or find a local lawyer who gets in contact with the realtor who features the property you’re interested in.
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12 months ago, PortugalHereICome
Best Real Estate Website
Whether you are buying or renting, Idealista is a fantastic resource. Pictures, descriptions, filters, and maps (including satellite) allow you to pinpoint where you want to live and how much you wish to pay. Amenities are listed, too. You can go through the photos without leaving your list of residences.
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2 years ago, 1crazygal
Excellent resource for home hunting
Just be very aware that there are many fake apts on here. Never give money until you or a representative have physically been in the unit to validate whether it is real. Requested rents that are 20-30% below the market are more at her than a cause for celebration. Be cautious. Don’t lose your head over the perfect place, and it’s so cheap! Red flags are blowing.....
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2 years ago, PunkiePieee
Easy to navigate
I love it! It’s very easy to navigate once you get the hang of it. One thing I think can be better is the search feature. Sometimes it doesn’t work as well on the app as it does on the website and it can be a little frustrating. Overall though, it’s still one of my favorite apps to see different listings and look for my new home!
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2 years ago, Estefania 2022
The Best! O Melhor!
This is the best app to really get your bearings. My husband and I live in the US and Zillow is our go to here. The best app to compare Idealista to is Zillow. The user interface does need to be updated ever so slightly but still very user friends and a great overall app. Listers are responsive and homes and information is accurately stored. I highly recommend using Idealista!!!
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12 months ago, Mesanto
A Wonderful App
I want to thank Idealista for coming up with such a wonderful App for looking for homes, apartments, condo’s and rentals. The most important thing to know is that it is not their fault if someone does not get back to you, it is the responsibility of the agent or owner to reach out to you after your request of interest. I love the Idealista app and I am on it everyday HAPPY NEW YEAR 2023
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3 years ago, 67dreamin
Room for Improvement
The concept is what is needed. Many of the functionality is great. Compared to search engines for real estate in other parts of Europe and for sure beyond, there is room for improvement. Search functions are a bit clumsy, detail selection is somewhat limited, especially around dates and length. Photos and video displays and sorting could use improvement. Communication from vendor and private partners is horrific by most standards.
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11 months ago, mikeypw
Used to purchase home in Portugal
Been using the app for about 28 months. Used it in conjunction with our buyers agent. Took a little bit of time to understand the differences in how the US and Portuguese selling markets. Extremely valuable tool for us and this is where found the home we purchased. Thank you for the tool!
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1 year ago, iphoneaddic
Love this app
Notifications. On new properties listed from previous search criteria is super helpful! I wish that if there is an outdoor area like garden land or fruit trees, that listers would be encouraged to post more pictures of that. Google earth pics should also be encouraged. Right now its most user friendly property app available for portugal
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1 year ago, Foxy1202
It’s useful
It works good enough, but needs some improvements. For example, filter of properties in terms of period of rent (now this option is absent and I can get info about availability of rent dates and periods just in comments of landlords in description). It would be great to add filter of distance to beach, to city, to airport, to supermarket as well. Needs filter of window views (sea view, mounting view, street, garden, etc)
Show more
8 months ago, Lindsayloowhoo
Tudo bem!
Very easy to use and helpful. My only complaint is that when I look through the photos, they slide across the page, which leaves me feeling a little motion sick. I would prefer that the picture just charges immediately when I click the “next” arrow.
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5 years ago, talyasc
Refreshes too often!
The app is okay, but there are so many times where it refreshes while I’m using it and I lose my place in my search tab. It basically restarts the app from the home page, and I have to go back to where I was before. Many times I do not remember which one I was looking at and have to scroll through all my apartments all over again, wasting time. It would also be nice to be able to look up apartments you saved by their address.
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10 months ago, iamforestgirl
Great app
I really like using this app. Im able to shop specific areas to buy or to rent houses, apartments, garage, space, and plots of land. They also have a section that will tell you about the neighborhood in which the property is located which is nice. As far as I’m concerned, there is no improvements needed for finding a house or an apartment.
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1 year ago, Andypayday
Really keeps me informed
As someone who wants to buy in Spain or Portugal once the pandemic allows us, I love being kept in the loop by this app on the real estate market. I do wish they would add to their filters items like “Sea views” and “Mountain View’s” and add actual addresses or streets so we can see on google earth where they are
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12 months ago, V dfgtdcvbh
Mapping and condition rating can be improved
While the app is easy to use and to set up for identifying specific types of properties, two important weaknesses are: lack of precision in identifying the location of properties; and the rating of property condition. For example: Good condition should imply ‘habitable’ with no or only minor repairs needed. As it is, the results of searches for properties in Good condition are littered with properties in ruins.
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