Identity V

4.7 (115.6K)
2048 MB
Age rating
Current version
NetEase Games
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
10.0 or later
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User Reviews for Identity V

4.71 out of 5
115.6K Ratings
4 years ago, alexxa :)
Great Game :)
This game deserves all the hype. Every character has an intricate design and ability that make the experience worth while. The game has a custom mode, with a concept called “single training” that allows a player to test out any character regardless if they own it or not. It allows you to test out the abilities of the character you choose while practicing against a bot. This is very beneficial when deciding what other character to add to your notebook! The amount of puzzle pieces needed to buy a character is reasonable, if you log in every day and play for at least an hour, you’ll be able to buy that character in a span of at least 3 days. The biggest issue I’ve seen with these reviews regards how unfair it is for a hunter to camp. Personally I don’t think this concept is bad, everyone has a strategy that can aid in their victory. People have asked the game to allow the hunter to remain near the chair for a certain amount of time. However, I don’t believe that would be fair for the hunter. If the hunter is restricted on how much time to camp, then it would be fair to ask to limit the number of times they can be stunned as well right? If we change one thing there would ultimately be another area that would prove to be unfair. In conclusion, camping is not a defect of the game and if you really want to get the save take a hit and run! Take one for the team :) The game as a whole with its matches, room decoration, costumes and events make it very entertaining!
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5 years ago, Thecursedship
It is amazing! But..
The game itself is absolutely fantastic and I love everything about! But there is one problem I have noticed, there are players around the world on identity V that aren’t able to participate in events such as Persona 5 for example and they aren’t able to achieve the prizes within those event. I had an idea that there can be an event that happens once every year on identity V where all the events that have ever happened are mashed up together in one huge event where it includes all the prizes in them and even include limited items or skins and etc that’s weren’t a part of the event, players can get points and buy certain prizes from the store with clues, echos, or inspirations, exchange inspirations for points, or by playing a match. These point can allow them to get the prizes that they want, but this event will only last for a certain amount of days, but on the last few days before the event ends players will get a multiplier and can get more points to give them a chance to get the prizes they want, they will also be able to earn a lot of points by paying an offering of some sort in the event that’ll cost them either echoes, inspirations, or clues. I just want people like myself to have a chance to get some prizes from the past events that we haven’t participated because of not being aware of this game yet. I hope this is a good idea or at least something that can be an inspiration for an event to do something like this
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1 year ago, kqu33ni3
I love this game I don’t think I could ever get tired of it however I do feel like it’s a little bit unfair that the second my phone loads into the game I’m being chased by the hunter. Therefore I have more losses then wins because the hunter is always spawned close to me and I can’t take even two steps once I load in without having to run for my life. I feel like the game should wait for everyone to load in and put the hunter as far away from the survivors as possible therefore they’re actually doing their job and “hunting” us down instead of getting and easy win because they were spawned close to a survivor and can immediately get someone once the game loads. I get y’all are trying to make things fair for survivor and hunter but the hunter already has the upper hand by being fast so at least 9/10 times the second I load into the game I’m being chased immediately and have no chance of escaping because the hunter is super fast and eventually catches up. Also I feel like the struggle button should be more fast. I’ve played this game over a thousand times and only struggled free once and that was because I was lucky enough to direct the hunter into a wall long enough to break free. What’s the point in even having a struggle button if there’s a 1% chance you’ll even make it out of the hunters grasp?
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5 years ago, Vytraea
High spending expected
The biggest problem with this game is that the number of unlockable characters just by playing the game is extremely limited. You have to spend spend spend if you want more than the daily freebies that are only free for that 24 hour period, or more than the first few original characters. It is extremely frustrating how long it takes to build up in game currency just to unlock one character. You can play all day for a week straight and barely make enough to unlock a second hunter. The survivors you get a lot more of, but you still have to pay to unlock more. Not all of the in game currency is earnable. Some of it you have to purchase. You can’t even run the board and unlock a character by getting far enough; at best, you win these gatcha type things and all they do is unlock different stances or outfits for characters you don’t even have, not the actual character. It’s very misleading because there’s no option to build your own unique character, like it insinuates in the advertisements. I would really like to build my own character from the ground up, looks, skills, etc. and I don’t know why people complain about camping so much. It takes less than one second to free a comrade, and then get away from the hunter. If survivors would coordinate better, they would win more. If you’re not a very skilled player, instead of complaining, “git good,” and maybe I’ll stop kicking your whiny butts.
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2 years ago, dave352
Game is not hunter sided
Let me start off by say that is game is amazing, it has great graphics, unique characters, interesting abilities, and a cool designs. I also appreciate that they update the game very often with events, new characters, and new cosmetics. I love the many ways you can customize your character. On top of that the crossovers are very well done and have even helped me find some new games. Now the gameplay, the story at the beginning is very interesting and I love that the developers have put thought into each character’s background as well as the entire plot. The game itself is also very interesting. I am currently a C badge geisha on the Eu-NA server and have noticed some things, first if the hunter doesn’t down someone within 60 seconds and if the survivors have a decoder the game is almost pretty mush a tie at most. Second tide turner (the one that gives the survivors a safe period after getting saved) is a hunter killer and gives the survivors so much time. Third, and this one is really sad, only certain hunters can get consistent wins in higher ranks, this is the unfortunate truth of Identity V, weaker hunters are simply unplayable as they get countered really hard by almost everything. This being said, hunters do have many opportunities to win for sure, all it takes is one survivor mistake to complete screw them. All in all good game, needs some balance, we’ll definitely continue playing.
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3 years ago, SGT JSF
Very Enjoyable! Just a little problem recentyl
First off, the game is pretty fun! You don't have to pay to win, but if you're not willing to throw cash at the game, then you'll have to grind quite often (which is something that I, personally, do not mind). Characters can be bought with echoes (currency you purchase with real money) or clues (currency rewarded in-game)! Skins can sometimes be bought from the shop with fragments or echoes, but many skins are obtainable through Essences, which are part of the gacha side of Identity V. They have a few free characters every day and switch them up, and there are often events that come and go. Now, here's for the little problem I have that has occurred since the recent New Year update. I've tried to enter the game through my phone but it will not take me past the Netease screen, and instead, boot me out of the game. It functions as normal on my iPad and on the PC, so this is a problem only for my phone. I've checked on my phone's storage, and it should be enough to run the game. Just in case, I have deleted many apps and other little tidbits to fill up space, and it still won't load up for me. I've uninstalled it two times by now, but I still cannot enter the game. Besides this recent problem, I really enjoy the game!! I can't wait for potential Kurt content in the future!!
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6 years ago, MedicGeorge
Many bugs
There are so many things to say about this game, I’m not going to say any compliments because the game is one of the best that has come to mobile, now on with the problems everyone has playing this game! First of all, the campers, now this is exactly what it sounds like, the hunter knocks out someone, puts them on a rocket chair and just waits and watches as they slowly get ready to die, preventing other survivors from freeing their fellow comrade! This is a major problem that not only takes the strategic gameplay out of it, but it also makes the survivors want to break something, it makes everyone mad and takes the fun out of the entire game itself! So people are not going to stop camping unless something is done about it, now don’t get me wrong, many of the hunters don’t even need to camp because of how powerful they are, take The Feaster for example, with all those tentacles spawning in, its impossible to get by...but that’s the first of many problems...the newest hunters are way too overpowered and because of this, players just waste this power on camping, so fix this issue where the campers have something happen or ban camping or just do anything to resolve this!...can you also kind of nerf the Geisha a bit, even though she enters panic mode when someone looks at her, she’s still very very fast, I think she’s faster than the ripper when he’s invisible!
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5 years ago, Chazarino
A game outshining others.
This game is fun. Very much akin to Dead by Daylight (DbD) and can suffer the same ‘issues’ it has. But I’d like to break down a couple of those issues because this is a game worth your time Number one; Camping. Nowadays it frustrating if you get camped? Absolutely. Game breaking and fun ruining? Absolutely not. While the killer is wasting precious time just watching someone, you can be doing a world of beneficial things for your team. The killer is giving up on the chase just to watch one person. Don’t sit there and watch him watch someone. It’s pointless! Accept the lone survivors fate and continue on. Number Two; Balancing. I know every game ever has this complaint and sometimes a killer is just broken. But a whole lot of the time it comes down to skill and it comes down to familiarity with that killer. If it’s you third game against them, prepare to struggle a bit. Especially if they know how to use him. But don’t immediately say it’s the killer who is broken and not your own skill. I’ll reference DbD for those who understand it. People were up in arms about how strong Legion was when he came out. Too quick, too much pressure, too mobile. But those were the low skilled players unable or unwilling to improve. No one has an issue with that killer anymore. Don’t let the lower brackets deter you from an otherwise amazing game.
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3 years ago, ĆORPSE
Very nice game BUT..
I have problem that like the CAMPER I don’t understand why do they always camp the chair and it impossible to get untie out of the balloon because the chair is ALMOST EVERYWHERE I have the idea that when the hunter is near the rocket chair is should stop the timer and if they are far about 3 inches away it should make the timer go on. And how the character cost so expensive and you should make the login path clues for 30 so like we have enough for character and more! I notice something that the player all over the world doesn’t really have the anime skin or limit skin u should have a event that happen once a year that last for like 3 weeks and where u can earn points from play match anything and u can buy the limit skin or anime skin with the points ( quick match : 40 points ) ( duo hunter : 100 points ) and etc. and I notice about the ping it was really bad for me and when I try running away from the hunter it kept walking and walking back and when I try to stop walking it keep walking in place so please fix this bug 😕 Another thing is about the HUNTER it too overpower! For example about Jack the Ripper his skill is overpower because he can go invisible and could do the fog thing. And u should change the survivor character skill to have 2 abilities like the priests when she open the chest it doesn’t let her change the things so I really think u should make every character have 2 abilities!
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4 years ago, PopgoestheShadow
Amazing... but has a couple of major downsides
So, as I said it is amazing and there’s no doubt about it that it is one of the best games that has come to IOS. Now with that out of the way, here’s a couple of major downsides that aren’t that controversial, but may need to be fixed. The downsides to an amazing game are that characters cost a whole lot more than they are actually worth, and because of that, is the second downside which is pay to win. Now you can win with the default characters, but it’s hard and in order to get a good character you need to save up for it-in some cases can take a week, others maybe a fortnight. But the over reliance on good characters overshadow the good things in the game. Here are a couple ways they could be fixed. Add a couple of game modes for the regular characters as such. Default, Easy, Medium, Hard. Here’s how it could work. The default characters get their place to help save up. The mediocre are the daily free to play and any character with 1 Star. Then as it goes up, you get to go for harder characters and so on. This would help saving up but the actually good characters are, again, a chore to save up for. So make it easier to get characters like 1000 clues -which you should get in about 1-2 days to get- then increase by 1000 every star -as stated before. The game is good but these easy to solve problems can kinda ruin it for around 1/4 of the people that play the game.
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4 years ago, KillJoyBae
Hello hello!! I absolutely adore this game and its characters, and I’ve been playing for quite some time now! Its fun, interesting, and very easily addicting. While I do love this game, there is one issue I have with it. That issue would be the essence system. It always seems impossible to get something good from essences. In my few months of playing, I’ve only gotten a few A costumes and no S costumes from essences. I know that its based on luck, and the more you play the more you can open, but it feels kind of ridiculous. The spawn rates for things seem so awful. All I can get from essences are repeated graffitis and profile pictures, and I’m tired of wasting my money, clues, and inspirations in hopes that I’ll get something nice. To fix this, can I suggest fixing the spawn rates to help people get things they want? Or adding a limit to the amout of one thing someone can get from an essence? For instance, I’ve gotten the same gardener graffiti at least 10 times now. It would make the essence system so much better if you could limit the amount of times I could get it— say, 5 or 6. Having a better essence system would definitely make me more motivated to play matches, or to spend my money on essences to get something that I want. Please take this into consideration! Not only for me, but for other players who rarely get things from essences as well. Thank you!
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4 years ago, lilith Rosey
Hello there
Alright first things first I love the game it’s amazing in every way and I love everyone of the characters but there are some I’m in love with my favorite female character as survivor is the Princess and Doctor my favorite female hunters are the dream witch and the geisha my favorite male characters are the seer ,embalmer ,Prisoner ,the ripper ,and the photographer I love all of these characters but since we are on them every time I see the ripper It remains me of slenderman and I was hoping you could make a costume similar to him I also was wondering if you could make emotions that could interact with another player like a high-five or a hug that would be vary cool and maybe be able to jump I would also love to see some new maps since we have so many characters maybe a few maps to Mach some of them would be cool also maybe make it a little easier to get gems but you guys don’t have to do these things if you don’t think they are good for the game but I would live to see any of these in the game thx you for reading and love your game keep up the good work also one thing I hate when hunters camp so I was thinking what if we have to do 9 or 10 Machines so when the hunter puts us in a chair they will teleport somewhere else but it only happens the first time the second they will be pushed away from the chair
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6 years ago, Ludolfxxx
Love this game, but...
I absolutely love this game so there is no way I could give it a rating lower than 5 stars, but there are some things that could be improved. First off, I think getting rid of the weekly limit of points you can earn would be great. I managed to fill mine up in 3 days so now I will not be able to earn points until the week is over. Also, the hunters have too big of an advantage over the survivors. Not only are they faster than the survivors but they are also stronger and almost impossible to get away from when they are chasing you. I think the speed of the hunters needs to be slightly decreased to make it possible to get away from them. There needs to also be a way to avoid camping from the hunters. Whether it stuns the hunter when they are near a rocket chair too long or it sets the person in the chair free doesn’t matter to me, all I know is that it is practically impossible to successfully save someone from the chair while the hunter is camping there and get away unless you have a weapon. As for being the last survivor, I think your speed should increase significantly when you are the lone survivor, especially because you have to run across the map to try and find the escape door without the hunter reaching you. Anyways, I really enjoy this game and I hope some changes are made to it! Thanks! 💕
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4 years ago, @Kello Kells
AMAZING GAME.......... but
The game is absolutely AMAZINGGGG!! I play this game 24/7. The gameplay is nice, the characters are nice, and sometimes the hunters. Although this game may be good and all, I must say i’ve experienced some problems throughout the game. So the hunters camp A LOT. You seriously can’t even get a chance to save the survivor that’s in the rocket chair! I’m not gonna lie, I used to camp the rocket chairs too but you need to have the mindset of what it’s like to be in other peoples shoes. I know your goal is to win but it’s also the survivors goal to win too! It’s quite selfish to just stand there, starring at the survivor in the rocket chair DYING instead of moving on. I’ve also experienced some bugs. After about 3-4 matches I play, the game slows down and lags like crazy! I’ve also heard that it lags for other people too so if the developers could fix that that would be nice :) My last problem with the game is MONEY and the character PRICES. Echos are very very very expensive and so are the characters that you can buy with the purple diamond thingy, echos, or clues. I’ve spent so much money on this game it’s unbelievable. So if the developers could also lower down the price tags *CHA CHING* that would be amazing. All in all, this game is super fun and can be very addicting!!! I highly recommend it.
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6 years ago, TechAssurance18
Unfair game. I don’t recommend at all!!!!
It’s so incredibly unbalanced, I usually play hunter and I try so hard but in the end I lose because survivors have the advantage much of the time with so many skills. One survivor can literally jump throw obstacles and constantly gain speed while the hunter is severely slowed most of the time. In terms of how even the map has so many obstacles, just one person needs to have the hunter run in circles or they teleport through walls. The system of 1v4 is extremely faulty because of the advantages and items survivors have. This will inevitably end the life of this game because it’s already unfair for one person going against four. Hunters are rarely found these days on rank because of the rigged system. Don’t even play this game if you don’t like losing because there’s a whole lot of it when you play rank as well as with quick play. I’m publishing an article about mobile games and this definitely will go as low rank as the other games that are unfair. This game has the worst balancing issues in the end. Don’t get this game if you don’t plan on losing a lot against a team of 4. I’m going to delete the app since it has not gotten any better and as a gamer I’m tired of losing. Worse balancing ever. Hopefully they will also fix the connection for their servers.
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2 years ago, Dion01
Fun game but not very balanced
I enjoy playing this game a lot and I recommend it to people who like dead by daylight. However, unlike dead by daylight, the game has its scales tipped to the hunter with every patch. The hunter’s reaches (Wu Chang, geisha) are unnecessarily long and the skill cooldowns of certain hunters (sculptor, feaster, and guard 26) are nonexistent. To make matters worse, it seems with every patch they are needing the survivor abilities. Priestess can’t make portals in the basement, Painter only has 2 canvasses now and they take too long to make, and Enchantress’s guard takes forever to fill up once in a chase even when very close to the hunter, and then there is a cool down on top of it. It’s getting to the point where the original game mechanics (the red danger zone when hunter is close) are useless. Please consider either updating the mechanics or giving the survivors some of their ability capacities back to rebalance the game. Added: since my previous review, the scales have tipped even further towards hunters to the point where I’m struggling as a seasoned player to win in the second tier. I’ve become skeptical about my odds in winning non-ranked games as well because even that seems to be a gross challenge that doesn’t rely on my skills as a player. It was fun while it lasted but I’m gonna delete the app. For the vets that can adapt, kudos. For new people wanting to join in, just play hunter. You’ll become successful much faster than as a survivor.
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6 years ago, Daisy Margaret
Its pretty good
Really like your game, but I think I have some ideas that will make it better. I like Identity V because you can play on the go!!! I think it’s really good, and creative. My only issues are that you can’t continue the detective story!!! (I’m pretty sure, anyway) Also, can you add jump scares? You could add a setting, where you can turn off jump scares COMPLETELY, because I know some people may not like jump scares. Also, people are always saying very inappropriate things in chat. It would be nice if you could restrict some words. Maybe on some days you could offer discounts on characters, costumes, and stuff like that. You could create limited edition costumes set to themes as well. And maybe on halloween you could offer special discounts. You could add hiding spots for the hunter too. Maybe you could lower the prices on the costumes, characters, and pets. It’s a little much. I know some of these ideas are creative and a little weird, but I think it will make your game even better. If your reading this, thank you and please consider my ideas. I want to make this game the best it can be, and I’m sure you do too. I like your game, don’t get me wrong. I just loved the detective part, and then it stopped. I’m glad you finally added a girl hunter. I had been waiting for one! That was a good idea. I think this game is clever, fun, and a challenge. It’s pretty good!
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3 years ago, Lucifer|M
Lost Account - Money Gone
Well guys, Idv was fun while it lasted.. Half a year ago at this point (never got the correct help), I had lost my phone, and was never able to find it (to this day) so I got myself a new phone. That’s when the problem happened. My old phone didn’t have a phone number or anything and because of that, I can’t move my old iCloud account into my new phone because it requires me to still have my old phone, which I do not. Now since i don’t have my old iCloud, I can’t log into my account, as I had linked my account to that iCloud’s Game Center. I tried getting it back via twitter as I had also linked my Twitter account with it but it didn’t work and idv pretended as if that Twitter account was never linked to my account. I’ll try giving proof that it’s my account So basically, I’ve lost everything involving Idv, and lots of money has been wasted, which has obviously plummeted my interest in Idv. I had joined the game during the summer event before the first persona 5 crossover happened. I’ve fallen in love with the game and it’s characters throughout that time and just being forced back to square one doesn’t really sit well with me... Please, PLEASE, if you have any clue to how to get my account back, I’d love to talk.
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5 months ago, 0wenn__
Hear me out NE
I have a proposal for you. I believe you can make so much more money then you already have. I know how much you love money so I know that has your attention. If you would simply bring back old essences and skins I believe it could benefit you greatly. Think about it, people would pay so much money to have these skins such as soul catcher and man in red. People would give up their rent money so quickly if you say did a rerun of COA 1. These reruns would put so many people in debt all while you sit on your throne of the money that could’ve fed their family’s but instead they used to get golden ratio. And not only would this benefit your bank account but making the older characters limited skins not limited will also leave room for newer characters in newer essences instead of adding to Joseph’s long skin count while the only a skins professor has is a crossover skin and a free skin from the recent coa. Instead give Luchino the silly Sanrio crossover skin! I think this is a win win for everyone. And to the people who will be upset that their precious soft locked digital skin will no be as special, it’ll be a rightfully humbling experience and teach them that they are not better then everyone else for simply hearing of the game earlier. Thank you for you’re time and I hope you consider my offer. XOXO, 0wenn
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5 years ago, XxSkullz667xX
Bring back the original
Hi, I love this game, I play Dead By Daylight all the time on Xbox one, although this game is identical at its roots you released this game as a much darker and morbid offering....the one you should have kept! I gave it a 5 star rating because it’s DBD mobile, and the hunters (killers) are awesome....however I wish so badly you would bring back the way it originally was, because tying survivors to a rocket chair and bopping them over the head with nerf toys kills its horror vibe, I don’t feel like you need these changes to cater to very young children for a few reasons....#1: kids probably play the real DBD...I’ve ran into a few playing DBD....#2: the chat is filled with toxic adults and teens anyway, which is allot more harmful for children to see imho....#3: all the new hunters weapons are real bladed weapons and have gone out of the realm of nerf toys (please don’t change that btw).....honestly the original was like the perfect balance that both kids and adults would enjoy and wasn’t overly brutal by any means...if this pool party bop-em vibe is so important then I suggest maybe having it a setting that can be turned on and off for a gore setting ya know?... and chat can be kids chat in that setting as well, then you separated the crude language of the adults from the kids then too...everybody wins
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5 years ago, 28374928729393
Needs some work!!
I enjoy playing this game a lot but there’s a lot of work that needs to be done especially with hunters. As everyone is saying, there has to be something done with campers. There should a penalty for hunters that are camping around a rocket chair for a certain period of time. I’ve played hunter myself and won without having to camp at all since the hunters are already too over-powered. Which is another issue, hunters in this game are too favored because they have a lot of perks and powers which makes them easier to use and win. With all their powers, it’s nearly impossible to get away from the hunters especially with their speed. And there’s also times where they can basically go through walls which defeats the point of getting chased. Something also has to be done with their hit box which makes the whole game unfair. No matter how far or if you’re in the other side of a wall/pallet, you can still get hit and knocked down. I think the way to make the game more fair is to make the hunter a first person point of view or turn their powers down a notch. Improving the survivors skills will also help as well. I enjoy playing survivors a lot so I would love if you guys would be able to do something about making the game more fair for survivors.
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3 years ago, Audrey_Keeler
Decent but a couple of things...
This game is fun when you get started, it’s got a great style and story at the beginning. I really do LOVE the design of this game, it is absolutely gorgeous to play with. However, once the multiplayer gameplay begins the game transforms into a gacha cash grab... Not to say that gacha games are bad, but in this game it takes weeks to save up for new survivors and hunters to play as. Basically, you should expect to spend your money if you want to play seriously. As for the camping complaints, I disagree. If the hunters were made to be weak the game wouldn’t be fun, and some of you are just complaining because you made ONE mistake. Get over it. Also, this is a minor complaint but if you want to play as a survivor you have to talk to people. You don’t have to do this, but it helps to play the game when you have a team of people that know how each character works.. and for me I was kind of scared to reach out. So, just a minor thing but all in all you can play survivor solo. Overall 3/5, great design but wayyy over priced. I think for the quality of the multiplayer, it’s not worth the money but that’s just my opinion. I don’t think it’s one of the “best” games in the App Store, there are cheaper renditions of it that don’t require spending.. Just download Roblox and play Flee the Facility on Roblox if you want the same gameplay with no spending. That’s my review -peace out homies.
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6 years ago, Travisplofsky
Definitely the best game available right now
This game is so good it’s making me write a review which I never do. The replay value is high. I find myself playing this game multiple times a day and I haven’t gotten bored yet. Yes it is a Dead By Daylight mobile version but no it’s not a ripoff. Two of the top devs from DBD are working with Netease Studio to make this game so it’s pretty much the real deal. The customizations and collectibles are tasteful and pretty easy to attain. Not a money grab at all. The theme of the game and the music kind of give it a Coraline fell which I absolutely love and there are plenty of players so matchmaking is pretty quick. The survivors and hunters each have useful and well-balanced abilities and passives so each character is playable and none are OP. Only one issue exists: hunters who camp near survivors they have managed to place on a chair. It’s annoying but personally I’m quick enough to still get to them and get out of there without taking damage, but other players easily get knocked trying to save them or the player on a chair is eliminated because no one can get anywhere near them. But again, that is the only issue. Overall it’s an amazing game and I can’t wait to see what future updates add to the mix. Highly recommend to anyone who loves competitive multiplayer games.
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1 year ago, Taigenanderson
will always and forever love this game <3
I got this game way back in 2018 when it came out and I still play it to this day (2023). Although I would take couple month breaks in between. Every time I came back to it I would play it everyday for literal months. I can’t wait till I can get my PC and can play it on there. The controls are super easy and each character has a backstory for you to learn. I haven’t played the story mode much but there is A LOT to it. This game adds details weekly and new characters with cool powers to use in match’s a quite a lot. They throw different events for seasons and just for fun. If you love dead by daylight you will also love this game they have the same exact objective and this game is definitely less scary. You can win costumes and pets and so much cool stuff. I will say I wish they made it a tad cheaper to buy certain skins but i understand where they come from. I have spent money on this game for skins and other stuff. I truly love it and hope that others will join in and play. It’s a really good mobile game that you can play on pc as well. I have no doubt i’ll probably be playing this game till i’m way older. It was enjoyable at 11 years old and it’s still enjoyable at 16 years old.
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4 years ago, leillen
you only get good things with money
I’ve played this game since april, complete and absolutely addicted to it. let me tell you. unless you’re willing to throw at least $150 into essences, you’re not getting anything good if you’ve drawn the short end of the straw on pull luck. 60 pulls is the pity pull for an A tier skin, no guaranteed S tier skin, but it costs 96 inspirations for one pull, whereas 100 inspirations is equal to about one US dollar, and it’s hard to earn inspirations in game. you can imagine how pricy it gets from there. also, this team does not reward their players for playing. in the past with bugs, players have been PUNISHED and put IN DEBT by this game. rewards were sent out on accident by the team to a random amount of players, including echos. if you’re unfamiliar with how this game works, the echos are what you buy with money to then convert to inspirations. the players who already spent their echos were put in the negatives and unable to play the game until they paid off their debt that was wrongfully given to them. it costs so much just to do anything in this game. the matching system is horrible too. you can be a hound and match with high tier elks in quick match, or a hound and match with high tier hunters. you’re hardly ever given a boost in this game. so if you’re gonna be dedicated to this, don’t expect fair treatment from the developers. you’re just adding to their growing money pool.
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6 years ago, TMufferS
Fun to play, but...
This game is a great game to play. I play dbd, and I wouldn’t say it’s a knockoff but we’re inspired by the games fun idea. The game is fun to use and it does help people multitask to look around and pay attention to the machines. But, I do think the killers are a bit overpowered. I was chased for more then 120 seconds and they never lost me once. I think that after 120 second mark their screen should get foggy so they go do something else, otherwise they chase you till you’re dead. As well as campers, the spider she kinda has too much abilities. They sit at the chair webbing it and getting everyone knocked down, then you’re all forced to surrender. I think that it shouldn’t allow hunters to be near the chair, in some way to make a circle around it they can get in and a 5sec head start. Otherwise the game is pointless. Some players don’t help as well but that’s mainly due to camping, which also ruins it. I have played the original killers and I’ve lost and won some matching no problem, but the spider and Geisha are way too much, mostly the spider. I do think this game deserves 5 stars, but I don’t think I’ll ever give it until some obvious problems are fixed up. Thanks for reading this developers and other players, I hope to see these issues fixed and I will play until I hopefully see the actions take place.
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6 years ago, Guardian Robot
The game is good, besides here few items...
Overall, the game is OP. Yet, then there’s the few errors I see or improvements... For one, add something where if a hunter is camping, let the timer stop. Example, if the clown (or any hunter) is camping a survivor, if they are in a certain radius, the timer will stop, or at least slow down. Character: characters are unique, epic. It would be nice if the explorer could walk under pallets when he is small. Add voice chat when playing in a match, or allow us to type our own messages to communicate better. On the persona survivor ability “Tide Turner”, allow the person who owns it to choose when they want to use it for a rescue or give a symbol to let your teammates (other player who has the invincibility) to let that person know when their time is almost up. Connect errors: not too many of them, however, when the ripper ability fog circles me when I am a survivor, (with low graphics) it causes it to lag, messing up my calibration, other times, it is perfect. Other than these few things, I enjoy the game as a comedy horror (comedy with the shark, balloons, rocket chairs and not really horror, more like hide ‘n seek). (Few more complaints I’ve seen people have is the speed of hunters, reach, etc. I do not complain about these since it seems fair.) Keep up the excellent work!
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6 months ago, oppism
My Honest Valid Opinion
Coming from someone who has been playing identity v since 2019 from now to 2023, identity v has gotten nothing but worse. This is the most unbalanced game i have ever played. The game is mainly hunter sided because the constant camping and tunneling, it’s always the same gameplay for every hunter: capture, camp, tunnel, redo. And as a survivor it’s annoying and gets boring. Also not to mention how identity v keeps making hunters more and more powerful, hunters that are literally impossible to kite (naiad, fools gold, opera, feaster etc.) but yet they fail to make survivors who are decent. As a hunter, you have to deal with cipher rush and pallet spamming, especially in maps like Leo’s memory. Identity V honestly needs to do better in my opinion, they always seem to make updates for events, what they need to do is make a update on the gameplay itself. Make it BALANCED. The game should not be hunter nor survivor sided. Make it so hunters can’t camp, make a 10 or 20 second god mode for a survivor who just got out of the chair so they can’t get tunneled. There are many escape games similar to identity v and yet they have where you can’t camp and the ciphers aren’t so fast. It’s ridiculous and need to be solved or this game will honestly have a huge downfall.
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4 years ago, CheeseKake21
Huge problem with the game
There is no way to escape once you get put on a chair because the hunter can face camp you and always hit you when you get saved. There is no way to play around it and some items the hunters have can just completely make the game one-sided since it takes so long to dismantle said item that they can just teleport to it and kill you. Also if the hunter face camps then there is no winning since by the time you get the ciphering machines done, the survivors will be dead and you can’t escape unless you find the hatch. The game is great and fun when the hunter doesn’t face camp you but there is just too many things going for the hunter that it’s insanely skewed toward them. The developers need to give the survivors more of a buff because the very act of escaping from a hunter is just too hard, there are way too many chairs in the maps and the pallets are sometimes not useful since there is almost always a short way around it that the hunter can take and the “Terror Shock” from being hit when leaping a pallet or window should not exist since it’s an instant down that completely makes looping around an area pointless and just makes you depressed since there is noting you can do about it but watch yourself die of close the app since there is no downside to the hunter for face camping and it’s not worth it for your teammates to save you since they can just be put on a chair that is basically right next to the one your teammate was on.
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5 years ago, Bemo_gal
Violent Struggle
Okay, I know that almost every review I read, the review had camping in it. But for me, I feel like camping in VIOLENT STRUGGLE is worse than a hunter just camping in quick match or rank match. I have a reason! Most of the time when I play Violent Struggle, both of the hunters camp the same rocket chair containing only ONE survivor in the rocket chair! And then if only one survivor comes to rescue this survivor that is getting camped by TWO hunters, then if they successfully rescue that survivor.... Then both of the survivors get down (both the one that was in the rocket chair and one rescuing). In Violet Struggle, the survivors immediately have these spikes around them to prevent hunters from camping. But again, most of the time when I play, the hunters camp and waste their time because the survivor that’s in the rocket chair can’t be saved(because of the spikes). So the hunter is wasting their time CAMPING a survivor that CAN’T be saved, and the hunter could’ve just went after another survivor. During this time, the only good thing is that the hunters don’t go after the survivors that are decoding and makes more decoding time for us. I just don’t think these hunters aren’t getting the idea to not camp, because what do you think the spikes are for hunters?!?! I wish to hear a hunters side of the story please.
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4 years ago, TheSoulReaver
Amazing Game, but...
I’ve noticed that this game has quite a few problems. For starters I just want to say this game is aesthetically pleasing! However I would hope that the way the game looks wouldn’t interfere with gameplay in the sense of lag. I’ve noticed a couple things but for the most part it’s amazing. Secondly, this game promotes negative play because this game has no punishment for it in game. If a killer is close to a chair the chair timer should slow down/stop completely. One last thing I have is the red light. I feel like it’s so bugged that I have myself wasting pallets on killers who aren’t even near me. So 2/3 of my issues are technical (which means it’s probably my phone) but not to leave on a negative note here’s some great things about this game! It’s very fun and spooky! I think all the characters are super wacky and lighthearted which makes survivors want to get spotted less. And I’m surprised that all of the game mechanics work for a little device! All in all, I think this is a great game but I hope you’ll at least read this to maybe give a couple things a though. Have a great day! P.S. I also think this game should give some love to hunters and make cipher failed skill checks be a lot more noticeable as well as a fully complete cipher. Thanks!
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5 years ago, Be Lazy all day
I found out !
I know who did this ... Mrs Nightingale! First let’s look at the details ... Hell Ember and the detective both have scars and cut right hands ... ok so ? Some are saying the detective is the mastermind I don’t think so ... let’s say the detective is Hell Ember ... he is not the mastermind because if he was a hunter why would someone lock him in ( someone will be important later on ) the detective has not been to the Arms factory in 10 years ( 1916 when the fire is ... the game takes place in 1926 ) Anyways in ( 1916 ) he was the only survivor ... so he had to be Leo ... but the tutorial took place a few days ago it says ? The hunter then was smiley face . Anyways why would a someone lock a hunter in ? Because the illusion hall and the memories are in there he would remember everything . It could not be a survivor that locked him they are all dead or escaped . The hunters would not be the masterminds they were survivors ... but there’s one who was not Mrs Nightingale . The only question left is who is Mrs Nightingale ... I say it’s Netease ! Because they created this game which makes them responsible for this ... why would Mrs Nightingale be responsible? Because in the main page she gives you tips and then says was this helpful ? She is trying to continue the game by helping you !
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4 years ago, FORTNITE IS TRASH!!
Amazing game but one issue
I love this game!! My friend told me about it and when I downloaded it was was ADDICTED! I got done of my other friends on it too! There is one reason I gave the game 4 start, and not 5. The MAINTENANCES!! Why are there soooooooooooo many and how do they take 4 hours!?! Plus I was talking to my sister (who I also got on to the game) and she and I realized that we don’t see many physical changes to the maps and stuff. I love the plot and I love the extra games like BlackJack and Duo Hunters, but I wish the maintenances had a little more for us to wait for, and not just adding in those events (honestly most of the people I know who play this game don’t do the events, they just play the game and the other add on BlackJack and Duo Hunters games) Thanks for reading, I hope you can respond back with an answer (as to why it takes 240 minutes) or maybe even add in more. I love the game I just wish the maintenances had more to offer! That’s all!! (Also with people complaining about camping, just let the hunter camp. Like honestly you can be using that time and decoding more ciphers, instead of worrying about the hunter! And if one of yours teammates die, then 3 only have to get out! And 2 to draw! If the hunter manages to kill 2 of your teammates then you might wanna start worrying, but other than that I don’t see the issue)
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6 years ago, Vapidant
So much potential but needs work
Dead by daylight on mobile is something i wanted for a long time, i can finally play on the go. Though as it stands there are major balancing issues that need to be addressed for this game to receive 5 stars (which it very much should get 5 stars if the devs fix it up) On the survivor side, the Gardner is just way too op. 2 gardeners (or as i’ve discovered 1 good Gardner) can destroy every chair on the map (except basement) to prevent the killer from being able to basically do anything, even if he downs you it’s impossible for him to kill you due to the fact you can easily wiggle free as long as you are away from the basement. On the hunter side, hunters move way to fast. I understand that the hunter needs to always be faster than the survivor if he wants to win chases, but the speed difference is a little ridiculous. Either speed up the survivor’s run a tad or slow down the hunter. Unlike dbd there is also not a mechanic for really punishing campers. Camping is going to be an issue in both games but in dbd you can get some serious work done if you coordinate, 2 or 3 generators in the time it takes a full hook sacrifice to happen. In identity V everything happens so fast that you can’t realistically get enough done to punish the hunter to the point where it’s not worth it to camp. Thus the game gets filled with campy killers who ruin the fun of the game.
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4 years ago, Idv <3
Amazing game, but people complain too much!
Idv is an amazing copy of DBD, and well it’s really fun and I like it a lot. However I just hates to part of the community that’s complains about hunters “camping”. Ik that they find it annoying but it’s just because they are NOOBS. Everywhere I go I see “camp=report. NOWHERE in the rules did they say camping is not allowed. It’s a strategy and you can take advantage of the hunter camping. Juking so the hunter hits the chair, taking dog and healing up right after. Omg when will they learn. These reviews also complain about camping. Devs please do not do anything bout camping. It’s what makes the game more of a challenge. The tops hunters also use this strategy (Not standing in front waiting for a terror shock). That’s just plain dumb. So to the ppl that complain about camping. “Get better” learn the basic of rescuing, or at least use Coor’s gun and get an easy rescue. Camping is one of the skills of hunters in the game just like kiting. Oh and I wanna throw my iPad through the room because of this bug. Mid game I keep leaving the game and I have to go into the app again. (Into the main page) I get into my match again as other look at me as I was AFK, then I move around 10 seconds later I left the game again. If this is a global bug please fix it.
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6 years ago, Weapons boy
Great game But...
Net ease games never ceases to impress me they’re games are always great this is especially fun and amazing although, it could use some improvements such as nerfing the hunter. He is too strong 💪🏻 and way too fast 💨 that you can’t even getaway from him. You can only escape him if, you have flare gun , football, or flashlight. Those are too hard to come across that or another player will grab his attention. so please lower the speed of the hunter by like 5% or 2% or something he is just so fast. Especially on the ripper he is way to fast when he completely disappears. Another thing when there is only one survivor left, the dungeon escape should be highlighted cause it’s crazy the game creators expect 1 survivor to activate the last cipher machines or run all around the map to find a small exit trapdoor. Also whenever I’m vaulting a pallet or window, I make it across but then the hunter behind me hits me through the window/pallet and I get terror shocked for some reason. It’s weird because I can perfectly run around fine and my character isn’t locked into vaulting mode, so I shouldn’t get terror shocked . But thank you so much for another great game. Please also take away the rocket chair camping it’s too easy for nooby players to win but again thanks!
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4 years ago, Ahstia
Everything about this is amazing; has just enough complexity to make it fun yet not too intrinsic to destroy the entertainment value. I hope this creators don’t make the game much more complex than what’s already there. Queues for the role are long and can get annoying, but that can be somewhat understandable and forgiven. The hunter chair camping is too tedious, makes it hard to complete deduction tasks. Hunters chair survivors, then sit nearby until the timer has run out. Unless the team has a specific person that can stun the hunter, there’s basically no chance of anyone rescuing that survivor. That needs some fixing. Costs for some of the skins are also incredulously high, but the game does need money to operate. Additionally, the Asylum map is too small and has too many tight spaces that make it hard to kite or juke. It gives the Hunter a huge advantage over Survivors. Duo Hunters mode is ridiculously hard since all the new Survivors have been released. I hate how it takes 3 hits to incapacitate them, and Detention no longer does anything in Duo Hunters mode. Complaints done. I do hope to see what other Hunters and Survivors the creators of Identity V will add to the game. But while they do that, please don’t make the game any more complex than what it already is.
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6 years ago, Painting Panda
Great but Cheap
This game is not pay to win while still maintaining a fun, competitive atmosphere. The general cat and mouse gameplay can be fun on both sides, but of course, it’s not without flaws, not with the game, but with the player base. Most hunters will camp the rocket chair when a survivor is on it so the other survivors can’t attempt a rescue and simply have to lose an ally. And the worst part is, there is no punishment for it. There needs to be something in place to prevent this or hunters will continue to make the game boring to play. There is also this new spider hunter that gets her skill without needing presence AND can kill survivors WITHOUT ROCKET CHAIRS. WHY. Other than these, however, everything else is balanced. Most people complain that hunter skills are bonkers broken, but they forget you need presence to get those skills. So, the hunter is stuck with a skill and his base kit until he can land some blows. Survivors also have really strong skills, like self-healing, rocket chair dismantlement, and a charging move. There are also skill trees that can make or break a character. Characters like the Nurse are going to need the tranquility and friendship trees to be viable, while the Mechanic requires the bravery tree to handle her crippling vaulting Speed. Overall, this game is very balanced except for rocket campers and the Not-So-Itsy Bitsy Spider, this game is great.
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2 years ago, Petite Witch
$100+, $300+, $2,000+ Microtransactions from a Greedy Company
This game is a fun asymmetrical competitive game. There are a lot of characters to play which you can slowly earn for free with daily play. There are also multiple game modes and you can play with friends. The cosmetics are nice (but downside is limited and gacha related). However the massive downside to the game is the overpriced micro transactions. Some character skins and a lot of furniture to decorate your house can be over $50, some over $100 and only available for money. The decent cosmetics frequently released are time limited and s-rarity can be about $200 to guarantee getting it. I enjoy this game and have spent some money on it. However, I am insulted that they released a new cosmetic feature in the game - the ss tier - that is about $500. It’s disgusting you waste resources developing this and make it a requirement that people spend nearly $500 to get it. I’m never spending money on this game again - you’re just taking advantage and milking your players. Spend resources developing something for players to enjoy that doesn’t cost $500. After releasing the overpriced ss tier skin they released simple features like chat text color, chat bubbles, and sharing your skins with your team behind a $2800 payment. This company continues to be greedy and predatory instead of making meaningful feature updates for the game everyone can enjoy. They can’t even make a genuine PC version.
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4 years ago, thedogwolf
Good on head phones and also updates that 100% you need to put in
Ok so this is really good in head phones becuase when I was wearing head phones an owl pooped up on me and that scared me and also campers I encountered many campers the campers would like camp at the rocket chair but you need to put this update can you add if like an hunter camps can they kill thing to kill survivors not go up when they camp if they continue to camp can you stun them for 15 seconds this game is really fun but campers are no fun I said in match chat I said no camping or survivors can escape they camping anyway! Can you please add the update this game would be much better! I’m not saying it’s not good this game is really good also here’s some tips:1. Hide in lockers if hunter is near 2. If you are the hunter check lockers 3. As axe boy you really need to use the the flame things to boost your speed up and that allows you to catch survivors faster 4.when your hunter and there’s 1 person left and if they trying to escape at an gate first check the gate that you are near then teleport to the other gate. 5.when the hunter is checking the longer gate where you are they will probably go the other gate so prefer you go to the other gate
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4 years ago, UnbrokenTiara95
Over the seasons...
Now, Identity V is an amazing game. Sort of. This could be a complaint, this could be unnecessary criticism, but it's still something from someone who has played this game from the very beginning towards modern day. I really don't know how to explain this other than this game has gotten worse. New survivors with stupid abilities? Done. New hunters with broken hitboxes? Also done. I honestly don't think the newer seasons were any better than the first couple of ones. It has honestly ruined most of the fun in this game and it's replaced with blingy and shiny skins and new characters. It has gone from "a fun new game that seems interesting" to "oh yeah, everything is super crazy, but at least the skins look nice." I'm losing my patience expecting a character to be fixed, but I'm also losing my patience that people want new characters and don't want to fix the old ones. But why would they understand, most of them are Tier 3's and Tier 4's that just have a bank account ready to be used up for a single essence. I won't be expecting to play this game with a smiling face anymore like old times. Instead, I'll be expecting some broken character to come by and ruin everything.
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4 years ago, Hap.E.Sad
Addressing it
Firstly, before I address the issue, there are many things to like about this game. The concept works well, the graphics, and development work well. I have not experienced any bugs while playing this game and haven’t experienced any teaming with the killer. Most people who play this game are really kind, hardworking and helpful to the rest of the teammates. Things like that make the game fun. However... the camping. When you go into rank matches I notice there isn’t a lot of camping due to the very experienced killers. But, there are a lot of camping killers in quick matches and such. About 7/8 out of every 10 people who play with game will camp. This does make the game feel less fun for everyone else. Some people even walk away from this game due to the fact that the camping on this game is too much. I feel like the morality points would easily fix this issue. Everyone knows what happens when you lose too much morality points. It would at least reduce the amount of camping that happens on this game. Or, a report button on camping. Camping definitely kills the fun when I play thing game, if the camping didn’t exist as much as it did in this game then I’d say this game was perfect.
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4 years ago, A9475582
I love this game but it’s completely unfair and I refuse to spend any more money
An error occurred that caused players to have negative currency because they decided to use their money on the game and they got a reward intended for the Asia server when the developers found out they removed the rewards causing a lot of players to get negative currency meaning they had to earn it back and were punished because of something the developers did they intend to compensate but it’s the bare minimum and they refuse to give compensation for the paid currency when some people are in the negatives for the paid currency they bought with their own money in order for this to be fair it needs to give everyone echoes as compensation even if it’s paid because that’s completely unfair and they also need to stop favoring the Asia server they get way more rewards then the North America/EU server gets and it’s completely unfair to us dedicated fans who aren’t in the Asia server treat us equally otherwise we are no longer spending a dime on this game some people also have negatives in free currency However the compensation given is not enough to get them out of the negatives for a lot of players and it’s still completely unfair I’m very saddened to do this but I won’t allow this to stand treat us all right and equally to the Asia server and give everyone the compensation they deserve otherwise I and a lot of others will no longer spend money on this game we won’t stand for this
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2 years ago, MissOaht
Veteran Player Almost Giving Up.
I’ve been playing Identity V for three years since its been released. I had no issues before until last year and it progressively gets worse. My issue; The connection of my internet to the servers. I’m unsure if its because my location is not close to a server or if it’s because my provider changed(only recently a few months ago), but my connection to the game has gotten progressively worse. I do understand that more content can lead to the game becoming difficult for devices, but I got a new phone and still continue to suffer from these issues. I may just leave the game entirely at this rate because of how unplayable it is for me specifically. I’m sure that most players have no issue with this, thus why I want to give it a still positive rating. This game does have perks such as a variety of characters to play with, Variety of gamemodes, and has multiple ways of earning costumes and accessories. Characters aren’t based off of gacha because you can purchase them with ingame currency you earn by playing more often. I guarantee that if you have an excellent connection with the game’s servers then you will have a great experience as I once had. Again, I Adore this game with my heart but I can’t even play it for fun anymore.
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2 years ago, Ichigekix
Terrible balance consideration among characters
As you all know Identity V is inspired by Dead By Daylight. Although ID V is an asymmetric 1v4 game, it has completely lost appropriate balance between survivors and hunters where survivors’ abilities are too strong that a)makes hunter hard enough to catch and hit to unlock hunter abilities b)hunters are more likely the victims instead of who hunt down humans. This is where hunter players need to struggle harder to catch a originally-considered-as-weak-party survivor and thus lose the game experience of being an actual hunter that gives gigantic pressure. To survivors, as long as players have functional brains and don’t have operation difficulties they win so easily. All those survivor abilities at the beginning of the game where hunter’s ability is locked are more like bullies on the hunter. Imagine in a group of survivors there’s one that can block one hit of hunter, 2 that can stun and dispel hunter hit or ability, and one that can slow hunter’s movement speed for 80% for 3 sec, how would a hunter be able to even draw the game??? The balance is too terrible to play. In most cases hunter players’ pressure is even more than survivor players. So the poor balance of this game has make it the opposite of Dead By Daylight, though they started at the same place. Don’t play ID V, it’s just too imbalanced. I can’t imagine a hunter or a killer sweating harder than those who are facing a death threat.
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6 years ago, Wishappwouldload
Constantly Crashes
I wish I could play this game because it looks like a lot of fun but the app keeps crashing. Whenever I go into the app and click play game it takes me to this loading screen with a dark blue wall. Then it crashes and I'm at my home screen. I've tried everything including deleting the app and re downloading it, restarting my device, clicking the repair client button, and clearing closing down all the apps running in the background. I also thought that this was a storage/data issue because the app told me that I was low on memory even though I had 12 gb available so I deleted a ton of apps, photos, and saved documents and text messages on my device. Low and behold the app still crashes and gives me that weird low memory warning even though I have 18 gb available. This is very irksome and I feel like I've tried everything. And yes my device supports IOS 6 since it runs on IOS 9. So I honestly don't have a clue why this app keeps crashing. If you are reading this review please just download the app and see if it works for you. It just might be a fluke for me and for whatever reason the app just won't. So just try it and see but don't be surprised if it crashes. If it does just delete the app because it isn't worth wasting all your time on an app that will never work. Also, if the developer is reading this please try to fix this problem. I would really like to be able to play this game.
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5 years ago, Ralphie91
Welcome to identit!
Welcome to identit! This game has way too many problems. First things first, fix THE SPAWN POINTS. Everyone is literally tired of starting the game and not even 3-5 seconds later there's a hunter on you. Second, ever since you changed the personas, it seems the hunters are in favor every match. I was able to get multiple perfect matches with the reptilian in the white asylum which should be possible since you can't jump in that map. Third, Ping is absolutely the worst in this game. There's always that one person who thinks cheating is the best and it sends our game into a haywire. I've seen hunters literally float towards survivors at high speeds to get a quick hit then they actually start playing. Lastly, you should have 2 types of gaming servers. One for serious competitors and one for casual. I'm tired of spending hours in custom matches for practice just to get a bunch of 10 year olds in rank not even playing the game! It's frustrating. Especially when you lose 4 stars during rank as a mammoth or gladiator because you're playing with people that aren't even in your tier rank. For an example, a mammoth shouldn't be playing rank matches with dogs or low elks. Plz fix thanks
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3 years ago, Dumb child 👁👄👁
Best game ever made
This game is the best, I don’t care if the gameplay is similar to dead by daylight because this game has better storyline, best characters and skins, pets, accessories, and style, Everything about this is great even the devs, everyone loves this game because it’s the best Mobile game here, even though some people can’t buy anything, others can gift them, it’s like a safe place or home to gamers all around the world, keep it up! Because one day you might achieve something even greater. ❤️ Edit: just a few ideas for new game modes, 1: you could make a labyrinth game mode where the survivors have to make it out while the hunter has to try and stop them from escaping (Original idea from u/perriborn on r/identityv on Reddit) another idea would be a traitor mode where a survivor would be a traitor but the others don’t know who it is and will decode but the traitor can turn into a hunter kill someone turn into the one who’s dead and they would talk using keyboard asking for clues and stuff, if they get who the traitor is then the traitor goes on a rocket chair and loses, if the traitor wins then the last person who’s alive other than the traitor dies immediately for not finding out the traitor
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6 years ago, Parzival858
Fun but could use some optimization
The gameplay is fun and is similar to that of Dead by Daylight. Some issues are that the hunter usually has a massive advantage being able to run faster than survivors as well as being in third person vision. I feel that to make the game a little more fair would be to make all hunters be played in first person that way they don’t have the same advantages as a survivor. I also believe camping should be punished to some degree or maybe fixed as if there could be some sort of electrical shock that disorients the hunter if he stays to long next to a rocket chair with a survivor on it. I would also like to ask that the ripper be nerfed a little because it is not the invisibility that’s broken, it’s the fog that can second as a survivor locater since it appears only where survivors are. I ask that the fog ability be changed to a deployable thing where the ripper deploys it over him and it has size similar to its current one. I don’t think it should the fog should deploy over survivors locations because that is a little bit strong for an ability. Also additional story would most definitely be appreciated. All in all this game is unique to all mobile games and I’m excited to see what the future holds for it! 8/10
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5 years ago, Ody Santana
Great game, slight imbalances
So the gameplay is great, closely like dead by daylight just missing a few game mechanics. The game plays great, runs smooth, and even has a little bit of a background story behind it and the characters. Survivor gameplay is great, competitive team styles, and can really get your adrenaline pumping. In no way is this game p2w you can’t pay to win, literally. The only fee is for costumes, accessories, looks. All of which can be unlocked on your own with in game currency earned from playing ( although I think the currency received is quite low per game, coming from someone who is level 70+ survivor and still hasn’t earned enough puzzle pieces to claim a new survivor or hunter ). Also while gameplay is mostly balanced to give both sides a fair hand, if the hunter is to capture a survivor and sit in front of them while they’re on a rocket chair for the rest of the game, it basically ensures the hunter is able to kill 2-3 people a game and encourages ‘ puppy guarding ‘. I believe it gives the hunters a slight advantage and it really takes away from the spirit of the game. I believe if the rocket chair timers were boosted to take longer, or if the hunter was somehow.. punished? For puppy guarding? Idk just something to be looked into.
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