Ignite Classic Slots-Casino

4.6 (22.1K)
233.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Mobee Co., Ltd.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
9.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ignite Classic Slots-Casino

4.64 out of 5
22.1K Ratings
6 years ago, fleetcha 1
Most exciting slots I have played!
I enjoy all of the slots and look forward to playing daily. I play only a short while because it so difficult to win enough to play longer! I will not buy tokens!!! This weekend it finally happened I won up to 70 million, but after the couple big wins it was like all the other apps. You can tell something has happened for some reason it is harder to win than the normal, which I think is already too difficult! I think you have the best slots available, as much fun as any casino. I will continue my normal daily play time as long as the tokens last. Since update almost impossible to win! Earn coins and never win! Well you have done it , made it almost impossible to win! I promise you would spend less money at a casino. At least a casino you can win occasionally. My recommendation delete the app just like the others , manipulated so you have to spend money to play. What is sad it is so obvious!!! Deleted.
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4 years ago, Dr. Sweetpea
What a waste
Really enjoy playing this game although it is hard. It has the worst odds out of any slot games I have played with the highest prices for the amount of coins you get. It also cheats you out of pins you win. I have been cheated several times and support belittles you and treats you like your a liar. Please don't waste your money on a game that cheats you and they won't make it right. There are better slot games. I won a 6 star pin but of course didn't receive it. I contacted support and again their response was to tell me they don't have 6 star pins. Well I won one again but didn't receive it. This time I took a screen shot of the pins so I know for a fact they do have them. Please don't waste any money on this game!!! Over the last month I used over 8 billion coins trying to get new pins to complete pin sets and only got 1 new one so if your playing to complete pin sets forget about it !!! It is impossible to collect the pins you need they just keep giving you the same pins over and over. Good Luck !!!i I was cheated the last purchased I made and I sent a message but didn't get a response. Please don't waste your money on this game!!! If you like slots try Big Fish Casino. Any time you have a complaint they right their wrong.
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5 years ago, Suthrngyrl
Fun until it wasn’t.
The app itself started out just like any other casino app. It was fun, I won sometimes, and the side games were OK. My issue came when I purchased coins and for some reason they didn’t load. When I contacted support, they told me they made the amount available to me in the gifts option; however, I did not receive the amount that I had paid for. After a couple of days of going back-and-forth with them and assuring them that despite what their records showed what was made available to me was less than the amount I’d purchased , they refused to send me the coins. Despite the fact that I’d paid for additional coins in the interim (which should have showed them that I wasn’t trying to get over on them) they still did not put the correct amount back. I understand that glitches sometimes happen, so I was trying to be patient and allow them time to correct the issue or simply show good faith. Overall, I wasn’t happy about that and decided to end my relationship with them. It was bad enough that I spent money on coins and then spent more money on additional coins, for them not to honor my original purchase. Perhaps you all will have better luck than I, in both your experiences with support and with pay outs.
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5 years ago, 411leela
Unfair creation
Very disappointed in the slots at first I enjoyed it but now it has gotten to be very unfair the winnings on a lot of the slot machines have gone down for example the devil slot machine used to pay 9000 for a mixed bar winning now it’s only 3000 you should win at least what you bet on all the slots also they don’t rotate the daily bonus challenges enough I have seen the beer palooza come more frequently then the blast. The blast is one of the best daily challenges you can have and you don’t even bring it enough for your patrons to enjoy this. And the indefinite wheel is a joke that needs to be removed. The daily bonuses need to increase your games don’t win enough to compensate for the low amounts of daily bonuses that you are distributing. Also whenever you get an ignite box or pins it keeps bringing out the same pins it’s not bringing out any new pins for people to complete the pin collection sets. Your daily dashes are ridiculous and unreachable because your slots don’t pay enough to try to win 70 or 60 million in 50 spins. Your creators need to take a look at this because it’s making it harder for people to win and you just want people to spend money to buy your coin packs that are ridiculously over priced
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3 years ago, kami657
I agree
I agree with the many others who say customer support is not attentive and not fair. I opened the app one day to find that most of my coins had disappeared! I contacted customer support and never received a response. I also agree that the games get more and more difficult to win. I have spent millions of coins and never had a decent win. Since the latest update there is a 30 second ad between the individual slots! I was going to pay to prevent the ads but couldn’t find an option to do so. In summary, I am going to continue playing until my coins are gone but I won’t buy more coins. When the coins are gone, I will delete the app. Save your time and don’t even download. No one needs the headaches of this app.
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3 years ago, RichOrPo
Ignite Slots, give you an opportunity to enjoy slots, while being free and allowing free daily bumps and opportunities to get more coin. I trying to curve my appetite at local slot losses, was taken in by games advertising. Downfalls to watch for. Taxes are not included in quotes. The game changes your bet without realizing it when you have a larger bank size. Be careful when having big banks you check bet amount. It can be entertaining and give you some different varieties of games and daily challenges, yet realize like real slots, they are slots and they are a lot like the other lighted vacuum cleaners for cash. They do have messaging, allowing you to give feedback, and they do try to compensate and correct problems with game. I gave them a 3 ranking, that seems to change from time to time. I hope to continue playing and have hopes with a better understanding of the game will be able to give it more stars in the future.
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5 months ago, #justhelpingout
So I play a lot of slot apps don’t ask I get bored. Well I ran across this one and I’m my opinion it’s the worse out of the top 20 I play. If you feel cheated and send them a message they will not respond or I take that back that pick and chose what they respond to. I’ve spent god knows how much real money playing this game yes I know I’m not smart for sending them money. But as soon as you do you will never win. They are the most expensive fake money app for slots they think there coins are real and made of gold. I’ve caught them cheating and sent them pics and they agreed something was wrong with there computers or whatever that day. And if they respond to this I’ve got the emails and proof so that would be dumb on there part. But I do bet if they respond it will say we are sorry and blah blah blah sight in and they will make it special. Well done that but there special way is give you a few coins and not let you win. In conclusion save your money this app is hands down the absolute worse wish I never downloaded it.
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3 years ago, c.alisa
Problems with ignite
I love this game. Very disappointed thou as since they did n upgrade. I lost all my levels and points. Had well over 39m. Can’t remember what level but I’m sure it was over 74 and had recently just cleared 4 of the ignite pins . When I contacted the support line told me to update which I already did. Then told to go into their Facebook and try signing in that way. I just tried unable to get to the game thru Facebook. Never played they there. Don’t know what else to do
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5 years ago, just me 816
Apple please look, review for fraud
I didn’t read reviews first but should have. Looks like any of the other 100 casino game apps on here I have played for years with zero $$ issues. This ap “ gitches” in the middle of your purchase of coins then says sorry, opens your email app automatically and allows you to send message to their tech support. At first I thought that was great customer service, it prepared a report and let me explain my issue and did it all without any issues. Then comes the fraud. Later you get an email that they put your coins back and they will show up in the app. They not only credit you way less then what you paid for it is an INSULTING amount. I can get more coins watching a video or linking Facebook or any other non paid ways to play these types of games. Plain and simple fraud. Take your money don’t give you what you paid for and even have an automated system in place to be able to show Apple that they addressed the issue. Will also be filing complaint with APPLE
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3 months ago, stacey 149
Tooooo Many Ads!!!
When I first started playing this app I absolutely LOVED IT! But now I never want to get on it anymore because of all the stupid Long adds! I have to watch one when I first get on the game and then when I pick the slot machine I want to play the Same Long Add comes up again before I can even spin the wheels one time. And then when I decide to change what slot machine I am playing guess what? Yep another slow long add. OMG! What happened to you guys in this app? Are you trying to run everyone off? I only put 3 stars and l really didn’t want to give that many actually. Before all the long adds I would have given a 5 star plus review because it was so great. I think you have ruined your app.
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12 months ago, Hunt4649
Absolutely Gross
The grands will spin by and you never hot. There are only 5 reviews on here, but all the tournaments there are 100’s. 50 bucks for 35 mil chips that are gone in 20 min. Im on HST time and bought another “snowball” package. Then amazingly i purchased “after” the event. The games will run you up high then completely dry hitting you with no pays or pays less than the spin. Its absolutely designed just like the others except your chips go faster. You chase pins to unlock awards then miraculously you never get the little 3 star pin needed to close a book. However you get awarded stars that allow you to spin the wheel once a day. Max spin is 70 stars, i currently have like 700 because of all the duplicate pins. These machines need to loosen up. I do like the playability and the games, however they are extremely too tight for a phone game.
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4 years ago, rowens30
Horrible customer service response time
I enjoyed this slot when I started playing a few months back. I’ve had no issues until a few days ago when a new slot was introduced. I played at a pretty high betting rate and realized not long into playing that the slot was not giving my bonus chips that I was winning. This is totaling around 80 million! I contacted customer service through the app, and heard nothing back. Same thing with my winnings happened again the next day, I complained to customer service, no response back. Here it is nearly 4 days after the the initial complaint and I haven’t heard a word and I haven’t received resolution to the problem, and haven’t been given my chips back. Because of this I will no longer play. I hate being cheated and dealing with poor customer service
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11 months ago, tdionemegatron
I’ve played this app for a couple of years, it has been my favorite, but you’ve made it nearly impossible to win anything. The only way to lose money more quickly is to go to an actual casino. If you hit a winning streak and raise your bet, you lose. If you buy coins, you lose even faster. Coin packages are WAY overpriced, and now that the daily challenges are near impossible to hit, the gold pass is useless (which, by the way, was the only thing worth purchasing at all). You can’t build up a bank to enjoy playing and hourly coins are a joke. The side challenges are fun, but you can’t participate without betting a certain amount. You’ve unfortunately taken the best slot app and made it absolute garbage
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10 months ago, Michael Scott 2
Greediest Slots in the History of Mankind!
I’ve sent dozens of comments over months hoping to see change w/ the algos. They refuse. While playing you receive multiple pop-ups asking for more $$. When you return to your game their algos bump up what you were bidding - 90k becomes 90million. So if you push spin w/out noticing you lose $100 in coins in 1 pull. They said, “It’s the players responsibility to be aware of those changes.” You literally will have to spend thousands to win all the ignite pins for free coins. Don’t waste your time & $. Yesterday I bought $200 in coins. It was gone in less than 1 hr. Today I bought another $100. It was gone in less than 1 hr. This is how Ignite rolls - by greed & being stingy. You’re better off going to the casino.
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9 months ago, JacHarmony
Fun Pass-time.
Enjoy playing but I will not buy coins. Sad that I can only play for a bit because I can’t win enough to play for longer. Still…. I enjoy my short time. I have downloaded 2 other apps that were advertised so you are getting my attention and business. Sad that I have to watch soooooo many commercials. The number of commercials is ridiculous. BUT… here I am again. 😎. Gave app a 5 Star rating because I’m still here.
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4 days ago, jensuepow
Most like real deal
This casino app is my favorite! It’s not fancy like some of them out there, and it’s not real money (probably a good thing), but each day it simulates closer the real deal. I win some days and lose some days. Sometimes I lose it all and have to slowly rebuild, and some days I win big! Having the losses in there make the wins that much better over winning jackpots every session which can get boring. Developrrs did a great job!
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4 years ago, deezelda46
Used to be good
I play this game everyday. Used to love it, now am having so many problems and when you write to support they do not answer you. I bought two packages one giving me 1000 vip points which I never got and one giving me 500 vip points which I only go 50. I wrote to them and never got any answer. Also compared to other games the points per hour are minimal to say the least. The returns on points played are ridiculous, have lost 500,000,00 points in about 1 hour with very little return. And unless you buy expensive packages you never get the pins you need. As soon as my points are gone, I am deleting this app. Just not worth it, and not fun anymore
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2 years ago, KiMbErLyNn2021
Fantastic Game!
I didn’t download this game until I read all of the reviews which I believe some of them were very unfair. I found the graphics to be incredibly detailed. They have only gotten better with time. The coin bonuses are adequate but they also increase with time significantly. I have enjoyed this game as much as any other game that I have tried but ended up deleting from my phone. This game I have had on my phone for over a year and I don’t plan on deleting it or uninstalling it. Good job developers!
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4 years ago, loyal loser
Unfulfilled bonus game.
I have only had a couple of problems with this site but they were quick to respond and resolve the problem. On July 2nd I purchased a cash back bonus good for 1 hour and you would get back a certain percentage of your bet. During play the shut the website down for server maintenance and I lost 10 minutes of play. I have written numerous times to them and they have yet to even acknowledge I wrote with my concern. I have spent hundreds of dollars for coins and promotions so you would think I would at lest get an I’m sorry but no. So this is why I give this site a 3 star.
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5 years ago, mike 1771
Cash options
I have been playing this game for a long time it doesn’t pay out it just takes . Maybe more people would play if there was a better pay back instead of only getting enough to play for a few minutes.
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4 years ago, Catleeni
Complete rip off!
Was actually stupid enough to spend money on coins (hugely overpriced compared to other slot apps) but, was in 1st place in the “Defend our farm” side challenge. Was due to receive 53,744,640 coins plus a “special bonus” for 1st place (ha ha ha - I’m a sucker!) Today, that challenge has disappeared and my “potential” prize has vanished. No warning that the challenge was ending. Seriously?! DO NOT be stupid like I was!!! I love the games, but the odds of winning are worse than other apps. I will be playing out the coins I have accumulated and will be deleting the app (I can’t trust myself not to buy more coins...and I refuse to give these crooks more of my money!) I have a screen shot of my potential 1st place win...but cannot upload a photo. 🤬🤬🤬
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5 years ago, frenchy57!
Not fun again!! So few free coins, man
Was having fun even purchased coins,, but the spins to win stopped, too bad, not fun anymore, will not purchase or play once my coins are gone,, to grow business you may want to think how simple this truly is???? Keep your customers happy,, many competitors out there giving more coins,, repeat clients are what grows your business,,, food for thought Do something?? Many competitors give between 3 million to 7 million or more in free coins daily, I love your slots but don’t play much due to limited free coins,,,, if I were to receive generous free coins I would play more, place higher bets and most likely purchase your coins,,,, just an fyi......
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3 years ago, Carlyrheaking
I can’t believe this game
I just calculated how much money I have spent on this game in the last 3 months and it’s over 3,200 dollars. While I truly do not feel like I have spent that much money and someone has been playing with my account, I know that I have spent a lot of money on this game only to NEVER win. I realize it’s my own fault, but the designer of this game should really allow for people who spend that much money to get bigger and better prizes. It is a fun game, but do not let yourself spend money on it. I am so disappointed in myself and the developers of this app. That is 2 months worth of work for me.
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5 years ago, LoliCanolli
Really Enjoy these slots
I have played several slot games and have to say Ignite is my favorite. I really like the variety and I like all of the bonus features to earn extra $$. I do wish that their coin packages offered more coins for the price. They’re definitely more expensive than other slot games. But the daily bonus games seem to add to my coin totals. If I had one recommendation, lower your prices. I love to play but won’t spend real $ on slot machines that pay out play coins.
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2 years ago, Lkin4u
Way way too many ads
The games themselves are enjoyable however the ads are out of control. They will annoy the heck out of you from the time you start the game all the way while you are trying to play. They will interrupt you while you are playing to force you to watch long videos and then when you are selecting machines also. There are many more slot games in the App Store with much less ads than this. I disconnected from Facebook and deleted pretty quickly. Pretty sure you will as well.
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4 years ago, SRDVM
Super hard to win anything
CONS: So hard to win anything :( Definitely harder than real slot machines LOL. PROS: Blazing 7’s, Double Diamond etc slots.. just like in the casinos. Really enjoyed playing and even purchased coins several times, BUT so hard to even win enough to keep playing :( Slots win percentage is super super low! If this were fixed, this would be my one and only casino app. Won’t be purchasing any more coins for sure. Would be fine if I could at least play for more than 20 mins, but with the super low chance for winning anything, you just can’t play long.
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6 years ago, CJ#%12344321789
Just another app out to get you cash!
Don’t waste your money! The first time you play, it seems to work like it would at an actual casino. You win some, lose some, but you at least are entertained for a while. After your coins run out, they offer you more for $1.99. Not bad, so you buy them. After that, all the games dry up and your “coins” are gone. Then it’s $2.99. Those coins run out even faster because the machines stop paying. Then the smallest package is $4.99. I enjoy playing these games when they let you win ... at least occasionally.
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1 year ago, Kh@m0sh!
Ad reward no longer working
I watch the ads so I can accumulate some points to play at the slots. Recently the ads aren’t working for me. I click it the first time and it works and rewards me the points, but the second ad goes blank (black screen). It never shows the ad or ever finish so I have to try to close the whole app and start over again. It’s getting very annoying. Please fix the issue. Beside this, slot games are very fun to play.
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2 years ago, jackpot-not!
Tighter than Vegas!
Wins are rare....and rarely cover your bet. If you are looking for a game you can play and lose on, you’re on the right app. To finish a pin set is near impossible. I need the pins that are the “ easiest” and “ most common” to get, but continuously get the same pins. Why have you made it impossible for anyone to finish the pin collection... Playing Fortune Scarab...there is NO “grand”on any of the reels, so the big jackpot will NEVER be won. They also DO NOT answer emails. Total rip off. UPDATE…. “Bought” a $99. coin package and a spin on the bonus wheel, also $99. The money was taken from my account. I DID NOT get the coins, DID NOT get the bonus spin and of course DID NOT get any pins. I have emailed several times asking for the return of my money, there has been ZERO response even though they say they will in short time. I will revise this if they do the right thing, respond and return funds. 😡😡😡
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2 years ago, jamesp7L
Nice game BUT this game has entirely too many pop ups, interruptions and video clips you have to watch just to play a slot. Choose a slot…you have to watch a video. Exit that slot and watch a video and Then a load of pop ups, then when you choose the next slot, you have to watch a video again and get even more pop ups. Only slot game I’ve ever played that stops mid spin for a pop up. I don’t want the spin to stop just to give me a pop up that I collected a pin that 99.9% of people don’t care about.
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2 years ago, Noah Emsaen
Do not install latest update/current version
Latest update has a glitch that disables the “Pins” button that would normally allow you to check your progress on pins & sets. This is happening on the last day of Ignite’s pin collection series. I’ve notified “support” about this & a freezing server issue that wiped out my significant bonus round wins…no response to either issue yet. Great games but very expensive & poor customer support. Not recommended until Ignite resolves technical problems & improves customer support. For now, save your money & go elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Roge soldier
Adds going in adds going out
Make sure you pick the game you want cause you will spend your entire lunch break watching adds. Adds when starting the game adds when you leave the game, adds when after you say no to adds. This game is 85% adds. I was forced to watch 4 adds before playing my first game. Then it took less time to loose the little free play they give you. And now deleted. By far the most & best games available while simultaneously the least fun game tonplay. Do not under any circomestance give them any of your money, EVER!
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5 years ago, Jpg1229
Ripped off
I was playing this game for a good amount of time when I won a tremendous amount of coins. When I decided to set my phone down to go out and shovel my driveway. When I came back in to finish playing this game my coins were gone over 10 million coins just disappeared. Contacted the game people and had nothing but the run-a-round. Keep saying they will look into it. Nothing has been done in over 3 weeks. Watch out for this game other incidents have happen to other people and they do nothing for anyone. Beware rip off game. They say they fixed the bugs in this game that is a lie.
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4 years ago, Evj48
Money Taken But Unable To Play!
I should read reviews prior to downloading the game. I have many Slot games but wanted something different since we are home all the time. I made a purchase and because I won’t make more purchases it won’t allow me to play!! I have had IPhone and IPad since the very first and upgraded each time and NEVER experienced blatant fraudulent activity. I look forward to a timely response from you. Someone can resolve and correct this hiccup if desired. I cannot rate it as I cannot play. Reimburse me as quickly as you took my money. Thanks. Terribly disappointed.
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5 years ago, WILDCRAFT FOR LIFE!
Was fun until......
I really like playing this game until charges started showing up on my card that was NOT authorized. I write in and tell them but they just kept telling me that they can not give help which i find funny. When the charge is coming from this app and they are taking the money how can you “not give help”?? This app has taken plenty of money and yea it is part my fault for not uninstalling it when it first started, i gave the benefit of doubt and got screwed....i will NOT recommend this or any app from the company to anyone because they can’t “give help”.
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5 years ago, Tyler Hanson
This game is TRASH!
I was doing great in the beginning as most casino games allow until they realize you’re not spending money and then they take everything, I’ve played my fair share of slot machine games and this has to be by far the worst! I’m not gonna lie I’ve spent a couple dollars on this game and every single time it’s no bonuses hardly ever any free spins but when you do they never pay out! I would definitely encourage anyone and everyone to steer clear of “ignite slots” you could scroll through slot machine games with your eyes closed and laying on a better one than this!
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2 months ago, MnyLey
Stole my coins
I was enjoying the slots and was up to 479 million coins. Then I get a message that said "do you want your 300 million coins back? Pay $9.99. I said no and thought that was probably a glitch and I still had 179 million coins. Then another message pops up and asks if I want to go back to my previous total. I looked down and saw they had taken all but 2 million coins. Since I didn't pay I lost all my coins quickly. Way to make a person enjoy your games and then rip them off.
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5 years ago, navisg
Bad news
I will not play this game again. I started out as a visitor then decided to sign in on my Facebook. What they don’t tell you is if you are playing on 2 different devices you will lose your stuff that you have been working on. For example. When I put my account on Facebook I lost all my pins on my iPad because I signed in on my iPhone. Now I have some that I needed on my other account to finish and they say that they can’t transfer them. So watch out they don’t tell you you might lose stuff when you change to Facebook! M.R.
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4 years ago, Fenbit11
Fun Game
My experience has been much different than most of the reviews I’ve read. I recently contacted the support team to report a problem I was having. They not only resolved the problem very quickly, they gave me extra credits for the inconvenience. The payouts have also been very generous.
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5 years ago, Ezzy8
OK game
The game was good until I won over 3,000,000 credits, I lost all without hitting another Jackpot. It took several weeks to build my credits back up to over 1,000,000 , then all machines seemed to stop paying. This seems to be the norm as I’ve been over 1,000,000 , many times and the machines always seem to stop paying out at the normal rate. Make them pay out like most casinos, 98% payouts, it would keep the people that enjoy your app much happier.
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3 years ago, Damwife
Better than Hugggge Billionaire
I’ve been playing for two days and already convinced this is better than Huge Billionaire by a long shot. I’m able to just spin here and not worry about running out of money or meeting criteria in order to play a game. Granted, some things could be improved but what game out there is flawless?
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3 months ago, 8x8 user666
Used to be alot better
Not sure exactly when it happened, but the games started hitting less and payouts not as big as they used to be. It was one of my favorites and I still play. Guess cause I keep hoping it goes back to the way it used to be. Oh and most of the newer slot games aren’t as good as the oldies. Meaning, they don’t hit big. And much MUCH harder to collect pins. Mostly duplicates.
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8 months ago, mwillivanilli
The game was fun until bloated with ads
Really enjoyed playing the game to get a chance to play a lot of the classic slot machines I see YouTubers play online. Got a lot of good hits.. Lately, there must have been an update and it’s overrun with ads now. You tap to go into a game - there’s an ad that’s like a jigsaw puzzle to get away from. Leave a slot game - another ad. Tap somewhere on accident - you, guessed it.. another ad. The game is fun, but the excessive ads ruined the game for me.
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4 years ago, Entgrl
Used to be fun
This used to be my favorite game. Then they started ads. Too many pop up ads, plus you can only play for a few minutes before losing all your coins. It’s difficult to complete all the collections, which gives you extra coins. I will probably be deleting this app. What’s the sense of having a slot app which takes up space on your phone which you can only play for a few minutes before you lose all your coins.
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6 years ago, 06e6
New to your Slot game D E S in WA
I have played many triple reel slots since I started to play on my Apple ipad , since 2013, that is the year that both my wife and I " retired from real world casino gambling " . I give your company three thumbs up for a great series of games in the classic Vegas style Slots. Please continue to provide this great content to the general adult public for free.!!!
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3 years ago, BabyBlueEyes100
The Best
I have played hundreds of slot games and this by far is the best. The payouts are big and they are often. The variety is so much to choose. Finally have found one that you can keep playing. Highly recommend this one.
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4 years ago, haivupcyocuo tov
Urgent issue
Customer service doesn’t respond back at all. Sent several messages for months now with no response. Jackpot and bonus winnings has cheated me proper payouts. Also new bonus for ignite classic slots called lucky fortune meter isn’t working to fill up meter for bonus coins. It’s not fair how these games are fun to play but cheats people from earning extra coins. This needs to be fixed so the meter can fill up for payouts. What’s the use of playing this bonus game when it doesn’t work. Free coins because of this needs to be compensated.
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4 years ago, TechBlaster
Way too many advertisements!!!!
Game was fun initially. Would prompt you to buy more coins but not too annoying. Unfortunately that has changed. As after ad after ad pops up now. Multiple videos for other games that are hard to stop pop up all the time. It’s to the point that I just exit the game now because it’s too much trouble to wait the video out and to exit it just to have another video start. Pretty bad now. Save your time and try a different slot game. Even free this one’s not worth your time.
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5 years ago, a_stro69
Very disappointed
I enjoy the games, but just like another review, it’s fun until it’s not. I have yet to win a jackpot, and win so few times, or for small amounts, that I would have to continuously buy “packages” or chips to keep playing. Which I’m not about to do, especially when I can play others for free. It’s a shame, I enjoy the slots/games on this site, but not going to pay all kinds of money to play them. I gave you 2 stars only because I do like your games.
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5 years ago, Skillette
Wow disappointed
Gave a great review when I first started playing. The game would take me to 10-15 million walk me back down to 4-6 and then back up. Now I feel like I’m at a real casino losing everything. I have to fight for every win. Not fun anymore but I play with hope it will go back to how it was when I started because I like how fast the reals move. I am now to downloading other slot games hoping to find one that was as fun as this one was in the beginning.
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