iHorse Racing: horse race game

3.9 (38)
173 MB
Age rating
Current version
Gamemiracle Company Ltd
Last update
7 years ago
Version OS
6.0 or later
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User Reviews for iHorse Racing: horse race game

3.89 out of 5
38 Ratings
5 years ago, host goat
Needs of the game
• Allow us to add friends to the races we are in • allow more dirt racing • make conditions like maiden special weight races , allowance races , thenG3 races , G2 & G1 •also allow us to enter more than 1 horse in a race Like allow us to have multiple horses in my barn in 1 race!!! • Add Tom Durkins Voice to call the races • add a thing to let us know the half way mile time and each quarter times , allow the tracks to be fast , soft , muddy , wet fast , firm , • different tracks , different surfaces , horse record and earnings , allow us to pick the distance of the breeze and how fast ,
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2 years ago, My Ptol
Fix this pls
I can’t race my horses. Every time im trying to race error pops up and that I have to contact you guys on Facebook
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5 years ago, H04rse
Good game with some issues
I like this game and the mini things you can do besides just racing (training). Although unless u have a super good horse it’s hard to earn money, gems are also hard because u have to pay. I also like how u urself can race ur horse I just wish the controls were easier. Besides a few issues I like this game :)
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11 years ago, Marco the future jockey
This game is awesome . But all of a sudden it doesn't want to load . You guys should do an update for it and fix that bug . Also change the difficulty of riding the horse your self it's too hard and when I hit the stretch I whip my horse and his stamina comes down REALLY quickly . It's kind of impossible to win unless you are on a 5 star horse running a G3 race . Everything else is great . You guys should also make a setting where we r able to breed our retired horses with another retired horse and then we can decide if we want to keep the thoroughbred that came out or sell it . It would be a really cool setting if you guys did that . Thats all I got to say thank you if you read this . 5 stars for you guys .
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6 years ago, 🐅🕊🐕🐎🐇🐈🐆🐉lover
I got the second version and then this one the second version is so much better and more reilistic
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11 years ago, HorseLover1213<3<3:)
This game is really fun and addicting. I think it's cool you can be your own jockey or hire one. But they should update. You should be able to control your own horse while training and it shouldn't cost as much money. You should have more ways to earn money also. And you should be able to have a stable and pasture. You should be able to pick your own horse and have more colors. You should be able to pick your own tack too. But other than that it is an awesome game just needs an update.
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9 years ago, Melisa's acct
How to ride the horse.
To ride the horse you have to save you stamina (when you are released from the gate) push the horse to the GOOD sign then stop. Don't let the horses stamina get to far down or you slow down. And trust me you don't want that to happen. When you are allowed to whip wait till the horses get close to you then whip on both sides as quickly as possible. There you have now just one your first race by riding! :D hope this helped
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11 years ago, 2002baybay
Needs a brand new upgrade
It could use a huge upgrade and like to where u can put all your horses into the pasture and like just keep them out there and train them on your own. And put some stables in there to like where you could put them in the barn. On the other hand this game is AWESOME!
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11 years ago, Jessa22134
Amazing Game!
I think the game could use an upgrade. Where you can put your horses in the stall & pasture. In the background, you should be able to see your horses heads sticking over the door. You should be able to go excircise you horse on a trail after the race. It could use an upgrade, and put more grey horses available. I got one on my phone, I really want one on my ipAd. Please do an upgrade!!
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11 years ago, Tipsycappo
Ok game
Game graphics are unbelievable but controls are not. A walk through explaining options in game would help but not necessary. Very hard to win, which is ok but you have to spend too many coins to make your horse better, so the win to spend ratio is very off. I do like the option of being the jockey yourself or hiring one. But there should be a practice option to learn controls and strategy. Also, you should be able to control your horse during training. Fix these problems and it will be a number one game.
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11 years ago, Ciara Smith
Not great
This game is incredibly hard to win money in, the controls in the race are hard to use, the horses require a lot of training which costs coins. Also there is no option to choose between different horses, so you just take whichever one shows up. This game needs to come with a tutorial or something, I've had it for quite some time now and I still don't know how to use it properly.
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11 years ago, mimommyto3
Would've been good....
I would've really liked this game except for the most ridiculous method they have for purchasing a horse. You cannot look at a horse before you buy it! You actually get charged a diamond just to look whether you want that horse or not.....SCAM!! Also, it seems that no matter how good a horse you have it is near impossible to win a G1. Otherwise the game would have been fun if you could sort through horses without having to spend diamonds.
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11 years ago, Rjdhakat
Great game but needs an update
It's a great game if you love horse racing it just keeps crashing on me which is the only problem it does not seem to crash when I'm racing which is nice but it would be nice for an update to keep it from crashing
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10 years ago, DAS Racing
One of the better ones.
As a horse racing lover I have tried many other horse racing games and this is one of the better ones. Would like to see more INT racing in the lower grade races. But I'm hooked for now.
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9 years ago, HeavenlyClouds
Amazing but...
You should make it possible for people in the game to be interested in buying your horses. Like they do in real racing after certain amount of wins and by their looks.
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11 years ago, Charamel
Confusing, etc.
At first, I thought it would be interesting, but it always kicked me out of the app when I was on it for like, a few seconds to a minute. It was so weird. It didn't even tell me how to do some things I needed to know. It has good graphics to it, but it needs to have instructions. I've played some games that are even better than this one, but I'm sure that this is also a good game.
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9 years ago, It's aight!!!!
Amazing but...
I love the game over all but we should be able to breed our horses to get champions. Things like that and maybe we can earn money or gems off of putting stallions for stud.
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11 years ago, DanM198726
No tutorial at all???
How can you have a game with no tutorial? Doesn't teach you how to race, get diamonds, train horses, buy horses, sell horses, nothing. It keeps telling me my horse isn't prepared to race, but won't tell me why. Looks like to do anything at all in the game you need to make purchases, which might be okay if you'd explain the game. Seems like something rushed into production.
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11 years ago, Horeslover13
I couldn't wait to play this game when I got it but after two days I had no money left. I don't get y we have to pay money to exercise or to get in a race so I deleted it are you happy now change it do you don't have to pay to at least exercise the horses.
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11 years ago, Chels228495
Potential But Not Great
This game has huge potential but it's ridiculously hard to race yourself. You cannot actually train your horse, the options on the main screen are confusing, and the graphics are sub-par. This could be an amazing game, but it is not yet..... It's really just watching fake horses run in a circle the wrong direction (Turing right, not left)...
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11 years ago, Abc-doodles
I'm confused.
First of all, this game will never load! All I can do is see my horse, then when I try to do something, like pet my horse or race it, my game freezes and my iPod goes back to the home page. It's so annoying! Second of all, the one time I got it to load, I couldn't figure out how to do anything. It's soooo confusing! However, the graphics are absolutely AMAZING! If only the rest of the game was that good!
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9 years ago, AddisonRM
Amazing but
I've downloaded this game before but now when I open it it doesn't show any wording the game is fun but it's just I can't read anything because nothing is there
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11 years ago, Dozanation
Awesome horse racing sim. It lacks in instructions and gold can disappear quickly from training your horse, but it is a very well done app. Riding your horse is difficult.
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10 years ago, PJ shirwood
Awesome game but..
Well I think you should be able to name you horses and breed them 🐴🐎🏇but it is fun to train and race with them. My horse Ringo is a quarter horse and he is faster than the game! Please update!🏇🐎🐴. -Horse crazy 4 Ringo
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11 years ago, Mes1956
amazing game
for those of you who don't know how to race you click or touch the very top button and then i goes to a page to choose with race that u have unlocked and the with your money (this doesn't work if u don't have enough money) u will enter a race then u can choose a jokey or u can be the jokey yourself and this game is amazing cuz its so adiccting its great for kids 7+ and up :))
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9 years ago, Horse453679963228
Ihorse racing
This game is really good. I hate how you have to pay for every thing you do. Please make it so you don't have to. Make it easier it race. Any ways love this app
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10 years ago, Things to try
Horse lover
I am a major horse fan and I love this game but; 1. We should be able to breed horses 2. We should be able to sell horses for money or gems
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10 years ago, Hesvjfbfbxj
I think it is a very good game but like all the others we should be able to breed and name because what if we want a cute and good stamina horse by breeding .🐎
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10 years ago, GoldRoseThepegasister
It is really hard to win a race so you have to hire a jokey. BTW you get diamonds if you play and wait also you can name your horse hit the pencil thingy by there name. Overall a pretty good game.
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11 years ago, Liar#6
It's ok but there could be a few add-ons like breeding your own horses,and choosing your own horse and there should be a better chance of winning,but it's free so plz add these two the game
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11 years ago, 4-H sheep shower!
i Don't recommend it..
I thought it looked cool from the game icon,but it is very slow and not very fun.I have tried SO many free horse games, and let me just say.... I have played BETTER ones! You can get it and try it though it takes up a LOT of memory,for my iPod touch any way!
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10 years ago, Mack Kickers
It's great
It's a great game but once u run out of coins u have to BUY them back and u run out of coins fast! :-) other than than that I LOVE IT!
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11 years ago, Penny horse
Good except...
Love this game except its to hard to keep and get coins!! And when I buy a horse it doesn't show me it before I get it only afterwards!!
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11 years ago, Whoohoothazwyld33
I think they need to upgrade more but I love this game! I wish it wuz easier to ride ur own horse in a race tho! Plus I really want a grey horse but they r hard to find...
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9 years ago, Jesus nevarez
Horse race
If the game had a chat to massage and play each other with are horse to a friend the game is the best and the money need to be more in the race
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11 years ago, Dog
I open the app and it just crashes right away I have Internet connection 3 bars and it won't load this game is horrible plz fix it I will keep it but if you don't fix it I will delete it and never ever download another one of your games
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11 years ago, Teresa Wolf
The graphics are good but the game is hard to use. Also we should be able to choose a horse at an auction and breed our horses.
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9 years ago, Hh woodcock kjs
Do an update please
I love this game but it needs to be updated for iPhone 6 I can't c numbers nothibg
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9 years ago, Horselover09765
Boring and no real instruction.
Read the title. It has potential to be cool but it needs something more. It's very confusing and I never understood fully how to play... So I deleted it. I would not waste my time on it if I were you.
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11 years ago, Luis Gonzales-Vasquez
The game is great and fun but it would be better if it had multiplayer!
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11 years ago, Mia rose12
Love it
This game is really fun but the controls in the race are very hard to understand. Other than that it is really fun!
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11 years ago, Graystar rocks
Love it
You should get it because it is a lot of fun to play
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10 years ago, 🎧HannaGirl🎧
Not good
Seriously? You dont even start out with diamonds so you have to freakin buy them, what the hell of a game does that?! Dont download because i downloaded it and it was a waste of my time.
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10 years ago, Jumping 34
Fun but....
you run out of coins really fast and i dont know how to get them back
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9 years ago, Bluefrost453
Extremely Confusing and Difficult
There is almost no instruction for how to play the game and it seems impossible to make money (you don't even break even if you get first place).
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11 years ago, Gecko owner
Don't get it
When you start the game they just leave you to figure out how the game works by your self and you have no control on the race you come in last every time don't get it it doesn't work
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10 years ago, Mellywisconsin!!!!
It's awesome!!!!!!!!!
You can change your horses name only once. I love racing my horses but I would want to breed them:-) :-D
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10 years ago, Iursdgxb:)
Can't figure it out!
Look at the title Over all very disappointing ,good if you like trying to figure things out I guess The only reason I give it two stars is cuz the horses r cute
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11 years ago, Annyc24
Having a tutorial would make this game so much better.
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10 years ago, Madog9806
Not a very good racing game
In the ihorse game you almost NEVER win any of the races. Even when you set it up to be really fast your horse goes to the way end. Otherwise the ihorse game is ok.
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