iHub - Stocks & Crypto

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2 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for iHub - Stocks & Crypto

3.14 out of 5
14 Ratings
2 years ago, Iseemtopickjunkapps
App Mailbox messes up the app
Fortunately I post infrequently so I receive few replies. If a message is in my mailbox I have to delete and reinstall the app because it quits working. This is an old issue that been complained about but nothing has been done.
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2 years ago, Footballman77_00
Predatory company who keeps charging after you cancel
I wanted to pause/cancel my account account a few months and when I called in to do so, they charged me for 2 months as per policy. I don’t mind at all paying out my last month, but charging an extra month is a predatory practice and they’ve lost my business for life when I would have been back.
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12 years ago, Peorge4893
I love the app and use it all the time. The only problem I have is when it crashes 3-4 times a day. I will have a huge post of DD ready to submit and the app crashes causing all that hard work to be lost. I now copy my work as I'm typing to reduce the rewriting I will have to do when it does crash, not if it crashes but when it crashes. Please fix! Peorge
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3 years ago, crooklyndodger
Great market tools, crypto investing source!
Great source for OTC Market info. The cryptocurrency pages are also quite useful with a lot of great data, crypto investing tools Highly recommended app.
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3 years ago, CallumTucker
Great App
I’ve tried a lot of apps with a similar purpose but this is by far the best. Easy to use and highly informative.
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3 years ago, Paintspatteredapp
Super helpful
I’m newer to the world of stocks and had iHub recommended by a family friend. There are lots of helpful tools on the app and it runs well.
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3 years ago, moneygainz24
Great app for traders
The app has certainly come a long way this past year. Very impressed with current structure and continued adjustments.
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3 years ago, SwingTraderMX
You’re still the one…
It is still the best app to use for more intensive DD on speculative stocks.
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3 years ago, Monz Tunes
Ihub platform run by negative motives
Resident stock bashers on popular boards allowed to libel, and disparage companies as well as individuals without proof or consequence. Administration are unworthy of their position and censorship abounds under the guise of their “TOS” terms of service. ihub is a Cesspool of disinformation.
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10 years ago, Rescue575
So far so good
First day on app. I don't know about some of the business end complaints some have stated. May be true or not! However, rating this on the app alone it has been pretty user friendly compared to the actual website which I find very aggregating. Like one has posted, I like the "recent trades" as we'll. I also have not seen that before, and its pretty cool to see how much has been traded that day. I mostly downloaded this app to stay current with the message board on my stock which as I said was a PITA on their website. I gave it four stars because it has met my needs for the app. I did not give it five stars cause I have not used most of what the app may offer so cannot review what I have not used.
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10 years ago, JMANTN
Share sheet for automation
With apps like: Workflow, Launch Center Pro, Drafts, Editorial, and even IFTTT we need access to a URL Scheme for the app and iOS Share sheet. Example I can find a stock I like and go to the share sheet and run a workflow to add it to a drafts document or numbers spreadsheet while also emailing the info to someone all in one click. Also with URL Schemes I can trigger an IFTTT to trigger a stock alert and launch a Launch Center Pro custom URL that could open iHub app and go straight to a stocks webpage. There is an audience for this and when people create these workflows and share them others will want to try so win win for you! The bad at least from previous updates: Doesn't appear to be retina capable (if it is then needs a UI refresh), also the stickies are no longer shown on the boards, need premium membership to save posts, and can't group your favorited boards which for me would be useful. Two stars because it's usable but crashes frequently and resets position within a stock when you click on an external link and sometimes within a stock it'll keep loading the same posts as you scroll and sharing a post with others isn't easy due to no SHARE SHEET!
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8 years ago, MK500
Best Stock Monitoring App
This app makes it easy to track all your stocks in real time. You can also chat about each stock in the extensive forums and pay a bit more for a real time trades list (which is GREAT). I do a lot of trading from my iPad, and haven't found another app that can beat the great multi-pane view of iHub. I pay a small monthly fee for the live trade list. On one stock detail screen I see detailed breakdown of news, forum messages, multiple graphs, real time quote, and live trades...plus also a list of other stocks I'm following in the corner. All on one screen! It's awesome, and I've relied on it for several years now.
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5 years ago, robtewms
Not worth the hassle!!!
Hello IH Admin, Understood. My request for review is based upon what I perceive as bias in that oftentimes I am responding to a message directed at me. I respond. My messages are removed. The messages I responded to remain. It appears not only to be bias but seems to be troll-like behavior. I believe my posts are being unfairly censored. And, it's shameful that iHub tolerates it. So, I will not post today. It is clear to me that IH Admin [Edward] has some disdain for my point of view. That has prompted me to write a message to iHub executive Sonya. Censorship is unbecoming of iHub. If there were a delete profile option, I would use it. Then, I would use other platforms to bring attention to what I feel is unfair bias and censorship. And, I may even be able to make the case that iHub has a vested interest in quashing all decenting views on particular stocks such as T__S.
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4 years ago, ChaosRain20
Cesspool of Bashing and Negativity this app is
I have browsed this message board before thinking I could find a barometer of useful information and exchanges about potential investments. Wow, I was sorely mistaken. There is an abundance of paid bashers here whose sole mission is to throw as much mud at stocks to cause as many people to sell as possible. These bashers also act as admins on most of the pages so they will delete positive posts and protect negative posts. Use this app at your own risk! The admins here have an agenda to smear as many tickers as they can to scare investors to sell into the waiting arms of market makers. When challenged on this the admins deny if of course, but when you look at the message history of posters and what birds they moderate you see a pattern arising. Beware posting on this app, this app seemingly is designed by market makers to scare investors i companies to sell! Don’t believe me? Check out any of the consistent bashers on any given ticker, there are many. You’ll see their message history is entirely negative on nearly all of the tickets. They will also time these posts to a dip to make it dip more and remain silent during runs. It’s a classic scam, so use at your own risk.
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10 years ago, ENNOIDER
Used to be great
Updated Review: Seems they got rid of the ads within the boards and mailboxes. This a most welcome change. it's back to being a great community to play in! Old review: Then the ads got overwhelming and are always completely useless. There's even an ad in the middle of your inbox messages and attempts to delete it close the program. It's also now impossible to delete messages in your inbox. Attempts to slide it to the right for the "delete" button are futile. Get rid of the ads that appear in the middle of content. Get rid of ALL ads for PAID subscribers and I'll bump my rating. Why should someone who pays over $50 a month in subscriptions have to deal with advertisements? I'd normally say that's bull but given the nature of say that's bear.
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13 years ago, ASUS2000
First attempt to login on iPad resulted in a spinning "logging in" dial that never ends... I guess I have to uninstall and reinstall.. Meathead: add a timeout of 20 seconds or so. Edit: Ok it finally timed out. After several of these timeouts I was able to login. That's as far as I could go. My company I work for during normal business hours requires an "accept" agreement to browse. This app must use a browser? Weird split screen with half of the app working on the left, company "accept" agreement on the right that exits me to a browser session and an error message if I agree, and does nothing if I don't. Unusable for me.
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3 years ago, Keithld50
Most toxic, corrupt stock forum on the internet
App is complete garbage. It will randomly freeze, or boot you. Beyond that, this is by far the most toxic, manipulated, corrupt forum related to stocks on all the internet. Bashers and flippers have free reign on most boards to post flat out fake news and lies to try to manipulate buying or selling. Mods are corrupt and will remove factual posts but allow bashing to remain unchecked. You thought Twitter was bad? Nope, nothing compare to this. Everyone on iHub has a financial agenda and motive behind their posts and actions and with the amount of corruption and lies allowed to run rampant there by corrupt moderators, spend your time researching stocks elsewhere.
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10 years ago, NatureManMatt80
Great Features, terrible app
I had the mobile iHub for my iPad a couple years ago and and it was great. No problems, great features, fast. I recently downloaded it again and started using it a week ago and oh my god.... It freezes while on any screen, and don't even try to send a message. You can type a sentence and it will take 10 seconds for each word to appear. It freezes on the monitor and chart screens and then kicks me out. Very frustrating. When it works it's great, but until they fix it it is terrible.
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7 years ago, NewsInfoReader
Mods harass you via private messages, no help
What a terrible app. iHub allows mods, some of which who are under civil complaints (janice shell) and known to abuse users, to run many of its stock boards. I personally have been harassed by a mod on this site -- they send you insulting PMs, which you can't even reply to unless you pay iHub. This is the worst “investing” app I’ve ever used. If you short stocks, this app is for you. If you actually invest in stocks, this app will almost certainly cause you to lose money. DOWNLOAD WITH EXTREME CAUTION. You will get sucked in, and you WILL lose money - due to iHub. Don’t download this if you care about your money.
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12 years ago, DIG4SLVR
Ihub on the go!
After joining Ihub I had been waiting and waiting for an app and it's here! So far I have had 0 major issues with the app and customer support always answers right away if I have a question! Live streaming info to my IPhone and IPad has made trading my small caps easier than ever! I can do so so much more during the busy construction days!
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12 years ago, scottidog 99
AWESOME: I have been using another quote provider whose suppose to be real time. Server problems have hindered that for two months now and I could not get their quotes on my IPhone. Called IHub, customer service picked up on the second ring, personal and friendly - walked me threw a few steps and was on my way. Thank you!! Great app, on time real time quotes. Highly Recommend!!!!!!! 5 STAR *****
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9 years ago, UrWHThurtZ
Constantly Crashes
This POS app crashes constantly due to the ads not opening properly. When it does this, you have to start over in the thread list. When is ihub going to learn to just do away with the ads. This makes for a horrible experience. Another problem is many of the ads they use bog down the screen and you cannot scroll up or down or even click up or down to the next message without having to wait for it to catch up. Ihub, get a clue!!!! This is on both my iphone 5 and my 5s.
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12 years ago, Ihubmedic425
Wonderful App
This app is great for on the go users to see the level 2 feature on your stocks. Plus you can look at the message boards and even add your comments on the forum all by being mobile! Wonderful customer support is always a plus. Medic425
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12 years ago, PuncRoc101
Good work
It beats the web version in my book. Good to be able to use ihub w/o the chunky ad, seo and other junk that slow it so much. Keep up the good work. If we could see may be a broker link to brokerage apps on the ipad (etrade pro etc) would be great to be able to place trades, import/export watchlists etc...
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3 years ago, Peafunke
Message board - post new message button
In iPad OS, there is no way to post a new message... only public reply etc. Even the picture shown in app features above shows the button is missing.
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10 years ago, LeftofRight15
What's with the stupid redirecting ads!!!!
I pay for L2 and Mobile access, but I still have stupid mobile ads redirecting me to the App Store for some crappy Bugs Bunny game while I am trying to watch my positions or read boards!!! How much worse can a supposedly investor-centric app be. Do not download this app until the stop this behavior, and don't bother with the mobile access either until this changes. Another greedy developer with no concept of customer value as usual.
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12 years ago, Meegwell007
Good app Needs Search
This app is a real good option for ihub users. Smooth, intuitive, etc. i like it better than the site except....No search function!!! Board search is critical with the tons and tons of boards out there...also text search of boards. please add this feature!
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7 years ago, Gastr1c
Slow, crashes, network timeouts
iPhone 6S on wifi and this app regularly hangs, crashes, reports that it failed to post but really didn't, takes 60 seconds to load a post, and on and on. Happens while on different networks so it's the app not the physical network. In contrast accessoring the site via web browser is flawless and has none of the same issues.
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11 years ago, JimmyLongLam
Mobile money maker.
At first I thought this app was a joke. But after using it for several days it beat my fidelity, Scott trade, and well trader account any day for level 2. Instance feed of my watch list. Best app ever for level 2.
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12 years ago, Nomad576
I had a question to post, but it said I could only post to what they call the "Jailboard". There isn't any info about it anyhwhere, and they won't tell you the Premium edition price. Does anyone know what the Jailboard or premium price is? Thanks,
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5 years ago, Haamilton
Solid app - track and talk stocks
Keep track of your stocks, live stock prices and best of all, you can talk to other investors. I’m just starting out trading, and it’s pretty great to be able to speak with veterans and full time traders.
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13 years ago, Rickjr
Great App!
Great app, very detailed like the website, but u should be able to refresh the boards without going back out than back in them.
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11 years ago, VacationSake
Loce the sneeky new update
Much more flattering update! Thanks guys! This version looks and feels like it fits ois7 naturally! Still having an issue getting charts to load. Sometimes they will, other times they are greyed out.
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8 years ago, Az Bryan
I downloaded this app to gather info about investing in penny stocks. While I was able to gather good info, the constant bashing and hopefulness that people lose money from some of the posters is ridiculous. They have monitors that show bias to one side or the other. A monitor should not have an opinion one way or the other. Instead they keep the comments that fit their agenda and delete the ones that they disagree with.
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5 years ago, NootsThaiKitchen
Needs Major Overhaul
Not only does the app need updates to fix bugs and crashes the backend servers seem to need to be updated also to handle loads during peak times. Today I haven’t been able to log into the app all day. Also I would like the option to see the PLUS1 posts as well as Stickied posts.
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6 years ago, Dfenne
Gets worse daily!
App gets worse daily! Unresponsive, doesn’t load. Constantly have to force quit and restart the app to make it load. Hate that I pay for an app the has advertisement and doesn’t work all the time. They charge $58 a month for access to L2 that hasn’t worked properly for several days now. Hate that there are no other viable alternatives then the cesspool of iHub.
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13 years ago, asc36
Crashes too often. Mostly when typing in a ticker symbol. Editing MyStocks should be easier. Great source for news. And should not be $5 like one member said, we pay enough monthly for the upgraded services.
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13 years ago, Mr. Dave Davidson, esq
I enjoy this program, can't speak for some of the users I have to put up with, but I like Ihub app. I've encountered a bug, though- If you try to remove a user from your 'follow' list, it crashes out. I'm on the iPhone 4, iOS 5.01
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9 years ago, E The Voice P
A really good financial app to have...
I like the screen that has everything on one screen: level 2, stock message boards, news, quote, and chart.
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13 years ago, musiclover800
Ihub app GREAT
Ihub app for iPhones is very helpful. The only thing I wish it had was to see who the mod of the board is, other than that this app has absolutely everything I need to follow my stocks and boards!
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13 years ago, NOStradomuz
Easily the best investing app I own. I like the app even more than the website to be honest! One thing I'd like to see is stocks mentioned in the forums should automatically become links to the stock's own page.
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7 years ago, SharkyClarkyson
there are discussion boards for each stock. each of them have certain moderators. the moderators tend to have an opinion on the stock and can ban anyone they disagree with. I prefer to use twitter to be perfectly honest. oh yeah and it looks like it was made for an iPhone 4.
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9 years ago, Sam3413
It's 2015 and this thing STILL crashes constantly! Sometimes more than other times. Only thing admins can tell you is to restart your phone or re-download the app! It still doesn't fix the problem! Good functions but unreliable. The desktop website is like an advertised hell hole. There's ads everywhere and it's very cluttered!
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12 years ago, evilwraygun
Great App!
I have been using this app for about a month now and love it. I have access to all of the boards and tools that investorshub has to offer. Great app.
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4 years ago, Kosmick78
This app is the absolute worst app I have on my phone. Not only does it literally freeze up when there’s high usage, but it’s a cesspool of shorters, scammers, and agenda based misinfo/disinfo. To top it all off, you have board admins/moderators that will delete your messages for no reason, if it conflicts with their personal agenda. Deplorable app, deplorable site. I would give it 0 stars if I could.
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5 years ago, dfkid87
App keeps crashing randomly.
App keeps crashing on iPhone 7. It is doing more frequently with the recent update a week ago from this review.
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6 years ago, Boy2Roudy
Thank You
A much needed update, now when I go back from viewing a ticker I dont have to retap the % gain tab all over again Thanks.
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9 years ago, nosferros
Crashes and Ads
I'm a paying member and am fine with seeing ads on the website, that's fairly common. But putting ads in an app for a paid member feels criminal, there's barely any screen real estate to see the content! Also, the app always freezes, crashes, and feels clunky. Please hire a new developer to make the app correctly.
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10 years ago, Gggggggggggggg ggg ggg gggg
Crashes every single time !!
What did you developers do ? This is worse than what you intended it to do. The app has crashed every single time I've tried to open up a message board and this was never happening on the previous version. Just go back to the version before Janury 14 updated or fix this immediately.
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3 years ago, wow is every name taken
Terrible- don’t waste your time.
IHub has moderators. They are supposed to keep things running smoothly and keep the board from being abused. Sadly abusers of the board have taken over as moderators and will delete anything that does not align with their agenda. Factual posting with links will be deleted if they do not conform.
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