iLovePDF - PDF Editor & Scan

4.7 (33.5K)
229.5 MB
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Current version
Last update
2 months ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for iLovePDF - PDF Editor & Scan

4.73 out of 5
33.5K Ratings
3 years ago, @twohouseandoneboy
Thank you to the I love pdf team
I love pdf is one of the greatest free app or site I have ever used in my entire life, when COVID-19 hit, the entire school was relying on this app and site and guess what? I took my AP Statistics test using this thing, I feel like college board should pay these people, but you know what I mean? This app or site is just amazing and pls pls keep this thing as free as possible! This thing is like SoundCloud you never paid for it but you always use it haha, thank you iLovePDF team, y’all the best, hey shoutout to program and the engineers too, they must have went through tough days to make this thing for free! Thank you!
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2 years ago, BikerBunnyD
WHATS WITH POPUP & BLOCKING me from using tools After Years of ❤️ tuis app
App supposed to be free but every time I try to do something with my files there’s a pop-up demanding that I subscribe to pro version. Totally Deceitful! “Hostage-ransom -block-up stinks” MAKES APP USELESS. I’ve been using this free version for a few years and used to love it (as per my previous review). Now I retract it all - this is just plain wrong! Developer please stop blocking my ability to use free version- i click X to shut pro-subscribe popup & it just relaunches popup to buy over & over. This is Just plain wrong. Developer u should be ashamed of yourself. This was always a free app, now you do an update and suddenly you’re holding all my documents and stuff hostage? I can no longer use your app without paying money. This is terrible, It’s one thing to ask to subscribe before someone first downloads an app but after years of using this app to suddenly block me from using it in order to convert me to a subscription stinks! Please STOP THIS REPEATING BLOCKUP trying to force me to subscribe to something I’ve been using for years & ALLOW ME TO USE APP AGAIN. Thanks
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4 years ago, bdasomsetgrlloriepearb
Deceitful advertising
The website is great. I’ve used it free for sometime. The app is clumsy. 6.4.20 - I purchased the “premium” via the web using my credit card. It said “cancel anytime money back guarantee” so I bought it with the intent of accessing it over the next few days. I’m forced to work from home due to Covid-19 and was looking for a tool to add my signature to documents for processing to the Finance Dept. After I purchased the “Premium” with the “money back guarantee” I found out they lied. You can never get your money back. The refund terms on the website says there are no refunds for cancellations. The very opposite of how they’re marketing the product. I can understand why a website may not offer refunds. However, I cannot respect a company that deceives people into purchasing their products just to make sales; especially in the midst of a pandemic. It’s unethical.
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5 years ago, Temoa
Works great!
Needed to convert images to PDF and the app I normally used suddenly required a paid membership. So I deleted that app, but this was the only free one I found that was able to convert more than one image to PDF attached once. My only complaint is that the images would be disordered once I uploaded them from my photo library. It's an issue when trying to convert documents to PDF. Also the number of images that can be converted is limited but that's expected, given its a free app.
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2 years ago, zachm99
Must not work with large files…
I was attempting to split a PDF file of ~1200 pages in half. No matter which tool I used, split/delete/range etc, it never worked. There must be some limit to how many pages can be processed at once, since it worked with ranges of 50 pages at a time. Would have been helpful if some error message popped up explaining this… instead the app just went through the loading screen and gave me an identical file with no deleted/split pages of any kind. Sometimes it even made the file size larger. App needs work, but having the three free tasks each day is nice.
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3 months ago, pondstraddler
SO EASY, so fast, so versatile, so resonable
Incredible application - wish I have found it sooner. I love pdf makes it easy to convert back and forth, take old pdfs and extract info, refine docs, split an entire doc, convert pdfs to jpeg for uploading to website, blog etc. Plus conversion are clear, sometimes better than the original. Fabulous! Martha Harris Myron, author, columnist, blogger, YT creator
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1 year ago, Pookie Pants Stank
Frequently crashes; offline PDF’s disappear
Using this app on a 6 generation iPad (more than enough processing power and RAM to handle this). Trying to make notes and add photos to a 200 page PDF. I use it offline as I inspect apartments (so, no cellular or WiFi). This app frequently crashes, and it loses the PDF that I have in my Favorite/Recent. sometimes annotations aren’t saved and are lost. I’m using the free version and would never consider buying unless they fix this buggy mess. Moving on to a different app - I recommend others do as well. *UPDATE - dev wants me to contact them, but I don’t have time to be an unpaid beta tester.
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6 months ago, JustSaying🦊
Don’t Use This App!
I downloaded this app based on the good reviews, but while I was editing a pdf, I paused for a moment and it started glitching and wouldn’t let me do anything. So I exited and restarted the app, and it deleted ALL my work. I was very frustrated but thought that maybe I should’ve saved it first, but there’s no way to even do that. Even though it’s in my files, it won’t save. So I filled it out again and was just moving it to a different folder and when I opened it again, it was blank. This is not worth using and will completely waste your time and delete your work.
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5 years ago, ncristinaj
Look no further!
I’m not one to write reviews but this app is just THAT GOOD!!! I’m not talking about the premium version either! This works seamlessly with iPhone and converts pics to pdf, compresses large files... you name it, this app does it. So thankful for it as I was in a bind and stumbled across it. Very easy to use. I tried many other pdf files and their free versions don’t offer as much as this one.
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4 years ago, FormerAdobeMergeUser
Just installed used once to merge
I just instalked and have only used once to merge five documents into one. Very easy, intuitive and quite simple to use. I haven’t read the directions as of yet, nor have I checked out other features but will as time allows. I appreciated the ease of use and especially the zero frustration factor. So far, so very great!
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5 years ago, pinkdynamite🎀
Thank you so much for making this app! I used your website first, but i discovered your app and ITS PERFECT!! I am so positively surprised how easy it is to be used, even on IPAD. No limitations (with premium), you can do what ever you want! For example import pictures from camera roll and merge it, rotate it, etc into one pdf file! Just what i needed! Its amazing and i love it..i cant wait to use it more. Thank you
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3 months ago, WoloWolo
Efficient Compression
I needed a tool to compress an old collection of PDF magazines. Some of them were password protected, so Acrobat Pro couldn't alter them. I set aside a couple hours to get the job done, but iLovePDF Premium crushed them all in under 20 minutes with minimal clicking and dragging. I'm very impressed with this app!
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3 years ago, snbjkluv
Just what i needed
I needed to attach a photo to my sat ID, but every single app before this asked for my credit card information for a ‘free trail’- JUST TO ATTACH ONE IMAGE! This app allowed me to upload the file from my phone, put my picture in, and boom, i saved it and printed it out to sign. chefs kiss
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5 years ago, Jeff019worker
Love the app but could use
I absolutely love this app as I use it daily for work. The only reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is there is no way to save custom stamps for multiple use. I would like to be able to have a stamp with my name and date that changes with each day and able to save them to use so I don’t have to retype it each time. Please implement this feature.
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1 year ago, Jimmyodash
I Love it on a PC but …
on my iPhone I can never see how to get my finished file … I see the “download” button and I click “download” but then nothing ! In other app they have at least one other option other than “download” for example “view” … at least then you can see your document and ‘save as’ or ‘share’ both of which are excellent options … but the single “download” option is simply NOT GOOD !!!
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1 year ago, Just Figuring
Not Something I Would Use
Hi I’m CLUELESS about PDF Compression & it’s NOT something I would use , but for NYS Unclaimed Funds I NEED to Compress PDF Files to Send on their website! So I read a Review here that it was FREE NOT that it was a Free Trial? Still Clueless about how it works ??? Found a File to Compress & when I tried to do another that was NOT Allowed unless I SUBSCRIBED!
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3 years ago, Geo_
The Best PDF Editor (Especially with Photos)
I develop PDF forms that use drop-downs, date fields, and image fields. Until recently, I’ve been recommending PDF Expert to my customers. PDF expert has been getting worse instead of better so I needed to find an alternative. Specifically, PDF Expert no longer reliably processes photos. I LOVE PDF to the rescue! I LOVE PDF handles photos without any trouble. Unlike with PDF Expert, I can use photos from a variety of sources. Inserting photos in forms is becoming a very popular thing. The choices for PDF editors that will handle photos is slim. As of right now (March 2021), I ❤️ PDF is the BEST with photos! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Dcross08
This app opens owner locked PDFs
You guys don’t know how much you helped me today. I’m literally in tears!!!! I’ve been trying to open this uber important pdf since 6am this morning. I discovered your app at 4pm and it unlocked it in a matter of minutes. I’m crying tears of gratitude. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!
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1 year ago, Mari2993
100% Recommended
I won’t lie, when I first downloaded it, I needed to do some changes in a personal document but I was away from home. It was a lifesaving app. Easy to use. With clear indications. A must-have for sure.
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2 weeks ago, AngelitoBendecido
Have used it only once. I really liked it because it reduced a huge file in 52%, and I could see absolutely no change in the quality. Did a great job.
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4 years ago, d00dingt0n
Just what I needed!
I tried like 4 or 5 PDF editor apps. They were awful! Then I got to this one and I was able to easily edit and save the document I needed. I was so happy to finally get this document finished that all that frustration from the other apps went away and I almost cried from relief.
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5 months ago, Herb.two22
Easy and flexible
Tried a few apps and this was easy and fairly complete. The PDF merge was particularly productive. And their pricing option encourages try before you buy b
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3 years ago, CDaviesCeramics
Worth it
This works really well with the iPad and Notability and Drive- while I loved the free version, my work flow is going much faster now after upgrading- seamless-fast- lots of options.
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2 years ago, Hello Rocket
Works flawlessly
Works smoothly from the share sheet from other apps so it can save you a few steps and a bunch of time in the long run.
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4 years ago, nehalnassif
Easy and efficient
Editing pdf files has never been that quick and easy. Look no further, just get this app.
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2 months ago, Writer750
No Outline View?
Looks good but I have a number of PDF's from 25 to nearly 1,000 pages. I was disappointed that your reader doesn't have an outline view according to headings (H, H2, H3, H4, etc.). Thus, without an outline view, it is very difficult to use it for these long documents. Thank you. :(
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2 months ago, UHC Appeal
So far so good
This is my first document using it, but so far I have been able to convert it to other programs.
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5 months ago, IceColdRocker
I did not think anyone would get it to this point and it works too just as it says it would.
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8 months ago, Boots/Banks
Great App!!
Great App!! I absolutely love it!! It does EVERYTHING I need it to do when I need it! Without charging me for ridiculous stuff!! Download now you won’t regret it!!
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2 months ago, D18384950482748
Great When It Works
I use this app for its OCR capabilities. It is SO MUCH BETTER than other programs, it's not even close. The problem is it fails about a quarter of the time, necessitating a restart, and wasting the 30 minutes it took to fail.
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11 months ago, _Vascular_
Very good app
Works well and efficiently, easy to scan would recommend 10/10.
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5 years ago, erlsquirrel
A few hiccups but works
The only truly free app that I found to split and merge PDFs. It crashed once, and I had to be patient with the buttons stalling out. But it was free and it worked.
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2 years ago, noamitsworld
Free PDF Merger is NOT Free!
I downloaded this because of reviews that lead me here. Just once did it allow me to merge multiple files into one PDF. After that it would grey out any new files I tried to combine. The only thing you could interact with was the button for "Premium". Immediate paywall. I get it, you want to be paid, but be honest! This is not free!
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1 year ago, *pabc
Great so far
I love that it let me merge 3 large Canva files .will consider getting premium for my business
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5 years ago, ChrisJK7
Only free pdf app w/ features
This is the only free and simple app I found that can rotate a pdf file on my iPad without paying a “premium.”
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3 years ago, Dr Rahmani
I love pdf
This is really a nice app and adorable , this application is lovable and a special thanks from the team behind of this great app.
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7 months ago, AppleCEO_real
No default view mode setting, can’t remove bottom thumbnails
I want to set “fit width” by default, but this stupid app has no such option. The bottom thumbnail cannot be hidden, so accidental page jumps galore. Overall, no reason to use it over other pdf viewers.
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2 years ago, robertoamb
It saved me from a lot of trouble while unlocking paystubs for my mortgage
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7 months ago, ahmadftlawi
Good for everything
Good for everything and everyone thinks
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6 months ago, Nathan1922
Unlocked my pdf easy!
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4 years ago, Trace747474
Wow! Love this app!
This is very intuitive and full of options. I highly recommend it.
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2 years ago, jamiedeleo
Love this app!
Love this app! It even converts word docs to pdfs so you can sign those documents too!
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5 years ago, Hlfbprincess
The only pdf compression app that actually works, and it works really fast too!
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9 months ago, SotSal
Good tool to support technical issues ..
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5 years ago, Process Eng
Very good App
It’s very useful app But when I need to select more than one item ,I can’t
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8 months ago, KHALED BASSAM
Very Powerful Tools
Very powerful and easy tools to use.
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2 years ago, Fgca
Useless and money back is false
Do not buy it … I tried to edit a pdf and does not work . I claim my money back and guess what ? Their answer : “ we need to see sufficient evidence that the tool is not working correctly. “
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2 months ago, Darcy45
Love !
I love this program. It is so helpful. I use it all the time.
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3 years ago, Yousif Raad
The best free PDF app ever
Thanks for this amazing app and for the team behind this love you all god bless.
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5 years ago, Rome Pama
Thank you
The best app safe my work and is very easy to use ..Thank you
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