Image Size

Photo & Video
4.7 (27.9K)
188.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
Vitalij Schaefer
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Image Size

4.75 out of 5
27.9K Ratings
4 years ago, girlym100
Excellent Tool for Artists!!
Ok first, let’s just take a sec to appreciate the app and the people that made it.... now that that’s done... I would just like to say this app is a total game changer! I am an artist and I have just started selling my digital art and graphic design on redbubble, however I am very broke and so I have to use my phone to create my art bc I can’t buy a computer or iPad, but when trying to upload to redbubble I noticed my design was incredibly small and wouldn’t appear on their products the way I would like it too. So I checked the app that I use to make art (ibis paint x) and noticed that the canvas size was really small and limited, so I took to the App Store for a photo resizer. I tried several apps but for most of them you had to pay for it (even it said it was free) or it wouldn’t let me resize my art big enough (too limiting) then I tried this app. TOTAL FREAKIN GAME CHANGER!! The features are flexible and free! And even tho their is ads they are very short and often so entertaining! Today I made my first sale on redbubble so I just thought it would be fair to leave a nice review for this absolute god-send of a app! Tysm!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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6 years ago, Boy Howdy Game Fan
Won’t print desired size any more
I’ve been using this app for some time and it’s been great for printing exactly the size I want to transfer a digital drawing or tracing to paper for watercolor, etc. Suddenly, it will no longer print the size I specify. Is this because of the update to iOS 11? What can I do to get this back? I’m using an iPad Pro and an iPad mini 4. If I could resolve this, it would return to a 5-star app, in my opinion. But it’s useless to me if it won’t print the specified size. Thanks. I’m using the print button in the app, which has always worked fine, over my home WiFi. I tried to print approximately 8x10, 5x7, and 4x6, and none came out the right size. I say approximately because it depends on the size of the image with the constraint for keeping the original proportions turned on. The only new thing on my end is iOS 11. I also made sure to update the app and try before writing my review. Thanks for your attention to this. Update: I’ve gotten it working again and I have to say their customer support is excellent. Highly recommended.
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5 years ago, not kkay
Frustrating image resize shouldn’t cut off parts of pictures (I paid for no ads)
Update Review: The developer contacted me about the app. Telling me the app doesn’t cut of pictures. I just have to hit the chain & it turns blue. I don’t think they really get the idea of picture resizing. I want to resize the picture to what size I want without the image being cut off. Not have the app tell me what size the photo should be by what numbers I put in either spot. I need specific sizes so that chain option isn’t working for me. The picture ends up being to big. I end up having to use paint for certain pictures. I really hope they update it and make it more like paint. Where you can change pixels, MM, CM, and inches without what I said before losing part of the image. The chain only works if you don’t need a specific size. So my review stays the same. First Review : So I have the full version app. But I feel like things need to be updated. When you resize a picture you don’t want half of it to be cut off. That isn’t really resizing it? Of course it making it bigger but it’s leaving apart of the bottom of the picture and side of picture cut off. They really need to fix this because it defeats the purpose of the app. I might as well get a refund and just use paint to resize my pictures which enlargers the entire photo without cutting something out of it.
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4 months ago, Ramham
Fabulous in every way possible
A very well designed and implemented app that works just like it says and how you would expect it to-extremely intuitive. I have had it for multiple years now and have used it regularly since I first downloaded it and honestly can’t think of a single complaint or issue across all the older versions of it and same goes for the latest update as of February 2024- and I can’t imagine any will come up. The ads are extremely minimal and in no way invasive or cumbersome when using this app….completely a non issue….to the point where I kinda wish there was a tip jar option or something similar to say thanks here and there when the budget allows…. TLDR -after years of using this, absolutely get this app and use it. you won’t be disappointed.
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5 years ago, UpState Painter
I also posted my review a couple of days ago, copied below complete with Developer Response. Here is my reply to the Developer’s response: My feedback was what I experienced when using your app. I will add that my statement of your app reducing images is not a guess or exaggeration, it is fact. After your app consistently returned the new tiny images to my Photo’s file, I trotted them over to PSExpress where the image info was available. This is no fluke, as it was NOT reproduced when using another app, just yours. And to note, the example I gave, .06k from 458k, was just one of the images put through your app. I would suggest that you use your energy to fix the problems in your app, rather than denying the reality of what I and other users experience. - My original feedback: Worthless One star I need something to work on my iPad, this is not it. I need images saved at 300dpi for printing, this rather than increasing the image to 300 dpi it reduces the image down to I don’t know what, other than the size is saved to .06k. Yes, .06k from 458k. Totally worthless and a complete time waster. Developer Response Thank you for your feedback. The reduction of DPI doesn’t change the image size. It only changes the DPI value in the metadata of the image. The DPI value only determines the print size.
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10 months ago, ReallyPeter
Beautiful program
So easy to use and to resize your precious antique photos. My dad just went into a care home, I write to him every week and I am slowly printing small size photos which I cut out and attach to the letter like a postage stamp. He so enjoys it as he was not able to keep all his photographs himself at the home and these things mean so much as you get older. Sometimes I dot small photos around the letter like a collage or attach small photos of things from my life that I have seen that week. Thank you, this is such a beautiful tool if you like to hand write letters to an older gentleman. He has told me he looks forward every week to receiving the mail, it is the highlight of his week.
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5 years ago, Oracle85
Don’t waste your time
If you have the same idea of resizing an image as I do, your in for a rude awakening. This app can only reduce or increase the aspect ratio but can not effective manipulate the image. An 8x10 can be reduced fine if you maintain the original aspect ratio (that blue paper clip looking thing). If that off your picture will either A) get cropped or B) leave white borders. When I think of image resize, and I’m sure I’m not alone, I think of paint. You know drag by the corners and the picture blows up or shrinks down but the shape doesn’t change. Or, drag a side in to make the rectangle more square (yes I am aware that this is stretching and shrinking). So if you need to make a rectangle picture slightly less rectangular but have the entire photo still showing, this isn’t a good app and is very misleading for us commoners. Also, I have seen and had, rude responses from the Dev’s basically discarding any negative critique. In fact my original review kind of hard to find..almost like it was removed somehow 🤷‍♂️. I can’t wait to see the sarcastic, routine, patronizing response I will get this time.
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3 years ago, OutdoorEyes
I Upgraded And Adds Still Show
Update: I did scroll down and saw tips and restore upgrades. Obviously when I clicked on restore upgrades, the tip $$ wasn’t an upgrade. I then had to go to the App Store and purchase a no add version for $12+ plus the $5.00+. You shouldn’t have the list in the order that displays tips, restore upgrade and maybe upgrade. I’ve bee programming for 50+ years, so I do know a bit about programming and I wouldn’t have programmed your product that way. I am sure many people have done the same as I did and why do you have tips if you have an upgrade product? I clicked on leave a tip to upgrade and the adds still show? Is there a different place to upgrade as I didn’t see anywhere else? When I clicked on restore upgrades, it indicated that I didn’t upgrade? Confused? It might be a bit confusing for anyone trying to upgrade as you indicated in one of your posts that an upgrade eliminates all adds? I will change from 1 star to 5 stars with an answer explaining if I did anything incorrectly. Thanks.
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4 years ago, Bodhisatva1
Lost all hope!
When I first downloaded this app it was to find a way to reduce the size of a photo I was attempting to post in an Etsy review. My photo important far too big to post even 1/3 of it. Looking at the app in the beginning I was very impressed and paid right away to remove the adds. Yet time after time following and rereading the instruction and each time the photo imports into Etsy the very same, too big, no difference. Even though this app showed it to be smaller by any of it parameters. Yet it still does not work for my purposes. Somehow I’m sure this must be an operator error, on my part. I’m obviously far from tech savvy, so I admit freely I don’t likely know enough about what I’m attempting to do. Yet my final complaint comes at attempting to contact anyone associated with this app or any support of any means. The only support link takes you to advertisements and instruction but no way to actually communicate with anyone, so I’m reduced to leaving this lengthy diatribe here! Please advise if there is any advice to be had!
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7 years ago, Mabryan777
Excellent, Now includes JPG Quality as a Setting
This app is simple and produces a high-quality output. I like the ability to make minor adjustments to the photo. The only thing I wish it had, is the ability to change the JPEG quality so that the size of the output JPEG file could be reduced. If it had the ability to change JPEG quality, I would quickly purchased the ad free version. The ads are definitely a nuisance, but the cost to illuminate them is minimal. Modified review - I have changed my review to a 5 after the developer improved the program within days of my request improvement. Very impressive! What would make this perfect now would be the ability to select multiple shots and resize them all at once.
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2 years ago, Paa80
Absolutely the best Image Size App
I have used this App for over a year now and I have to tell you all that this is the best image size app I have ever used. It resizes all my pictures and works of art to exact sizes and if you print from the App your printer will not override the dimensions. If, for instance you really want only a 2” x 3” picture, using the apps print function it really does give you whatever dimensions you have entered. It’s fantastic, I work a lot in 18 X 24 format size with my drawings and I couldn’t ask for a better app to size my work. Great job, well done and keep up the good work.
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2 years ago, You fail at failing
App does well until you are buried in ads.
First off, after using this product for a while, I can tell you it is probably worth the $12 it costs to remove ads. It does a lot and it is very easy to use. I have no problem with a couple ads here and there to try to generate revenue. Now it is to the point where: -launch the program, get an ad -open a photo, get an ad -change a single setting, get an ad These ads are full-screen videos AND banners that already sit in the apps header and footer when you are using it. The videos include a timer to stop them. In the end you make the product unusable, in the most irritating way. I get it is to “encourage” the user, but don’t use a cattle prod. Kill the ads (let’s face it, you aren’t making much on them, no one is now) give someone 10 full-featured conversions, then lock the app until they buy it. If the product is good enough (it is) people will buy it. Strangling the user experience over time is such a turn off I may not buy this thing. Kill it early and leave the user wanting for more. Four stars is for the quality of the product.
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3 years ago, Excellent714
Apple resizes easily for free.
I don’t know why anyone would pay to resize a picture all you have to do is email the picture to yourself and make a choice how big do you want it when you go to email it presto you get what you asked for just download it take your email to yourself and there you got it all for freeAs far as I know emailing pictures to myself is also about the only way an apple that you can save your original most of us including anything done by Apple itself over writes your original which is nonsense now respectable photo editor would do that but Apple does what Apple wants so you need to save a copy email it yourself before you make any edits and now that you can put comments below your pictures you can know which one is original which one is resized and how it’s resized sure if it’s edited.
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5 years ago, Dinkabus
What is this app supposed to be?
DO NOT PAY FOR THIS APP!! Resizing photos is a standard editing feature of EVERY photo app included within your devices camera software. Crop and save. The only shortcoming with most software is that posted pics my not translate at desired size, which this app does not achieve either. Or the interface is so clunky and hard to navigate that it’s potential is lost in a dashboard that the developer is familiar but users have no clue, which needlessly implemented a steep learning curve to this app. View the developers responses to critical reviews particularly the response to my critique. Instead of learning and correcting the issues raised from complaints regarding this app, the developer UNSUCCESSFULLY attempts to defend the product as is. I rest my case.....👎🏻 Update: To answer your question.... Please be specific in detailing precisely what you’ve done to simplify the user interface and describe exactly what this app is supposed to achieve besides redundancy. The app may indeed provide some sort of function although I’ve yet to determine what it is. The icon symbolism has no resemblance to standard interface definitions so the user is relegated to trial and error to navigate the process and only after much effort does the end result look nothing like anticipated. In it’s current state, in my opinion this app is unfinished or broken.
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4 years ago, TheUnSugaredTruth
What happened? Loss of feature?
I had to downgrade my review to four stars as a critical feature has been removed. This app used-to have the ability to shrink an image while keeping the total image size, filling-in the now showing background with the color of your choice. You can no longer do that. And if you are trying to downsize a logo for use as an iphone contact photo, this feature is critical. When you used-to shrink an image, doing so revealed the background, which you could fill-in with the color of your choice by clicking on the (color) “palette” icon and selecting a color. Now when you open a picture, the palette icon disappears, and you have no way to fill-in the background. Boo!
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7 years ago, Nanumarie
Update 😐 REVISED: 🙂
I’ve been using this app for several years now. It is quick and easy to learn and get the desired effect. I love it. However, since the update yesterday, it just shows it’s loading. I tried to delete it and download again from the App Store but it just keeps on spinning. I can’t do anything. Please fix whatever got messed up. Finally! I was able to delete the app and download again so it is working great again. I really did not want to search for another app to use. I’m a senior citizen and sometimes it’s hard to teach an old dog a new trick. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this simple app.
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4 years ago, S.S.Bacon
Needs two things to be 5 star
I’d really like to see a setting on the MAIN SCREEN (not in settings) to adjust the image size by percentage. Let us type in an adjustment for that on the main screen so we can actually see the difference before printing. I’ve adjusted the percentage in settings and there is no change on the main screen so I can’t tell if it’s the correct size. Using pinch to adjust is nice but not accurate enough for professional work. I work in the graphic design industry and printing several copies until it’s the right size is getting annoying. I’d also like to see adjustment for the grid. Right now you can divide it into thirds both ways. I’d like to see quarters or other divisions added for better placement on images. Other than that this is one of the better printing apps for iPad.
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3 months ago, PhotoRuss
I used to use this app but recently they began inserting video ads with blaring audio that catch you off guard. This is thoughtless, greedy and in very bad taste. You wind up disturbing others, waking them from sleep and being annoyed with the app. Find a different app! The developer has no means by which to contact them which is also very rude. Find a different app! Developer's response was to point out you can remove ads by paying a fee. What a scam. They think we are idiots. They entice us with an app we know will have ads which would normally be fine but this developer allows video ads that blare audio you can't stop and are so obnoxious and intrusive--they are hoping you will pay to have them removed. Don't fall for it. FIND A DIFFERENT APP!
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5 months ago, Universe Observer
Falls Short of being a great utility
15 Jan 2024 I’ve been using this utility to reduce and upscale images (mostly) and it seems to work as promised; however, it only works with photos stored in the Apple Photos (Recent and all albums). In general, bulk upscaling or downscaling should be able to be done from directories in iCloud and other cloud storage provides like Dropbox. Having to import photos from these sources into Photos adds two more steps to the process (import, resize, export) and takes up valuable photo storage space creating clutter. I would rate this despite it’s klutzy UI as a 5 if it could at least work on photos in iCloud.
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3 years ago, dtuggyhgijb
It was my misunderstanding that this app had a subscription; it does not. I find this app extremely easy to use and understand. I’ve printed several things with no problem at all. My misunderstanding came from the ad popping up when I hit “print”. This does not interfere with the performance of the app at all. I don’t mind the short ads as they don’t interrupt my in-progress print. I’m definitely keeping this app and thanks to the developers of this app and the timely response I received with courteous information. Nice job! Thank you! ORIGINAL REVIEW: Just got a new printer. This app did everything perfectly —— until today. I’m getting ads constantly and apparently I now have to subscribe to the app in order to use it. I don’t print enough to pay $5 a month to use this. I’m totally disappointed because it’s exactly what I need - now I gotta go search another way to do this.
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3 years ago, ctgoolsbee
Love this App!
Sure, it only performs a single function, but that is exactly what I need from it. I write a product review blog that has been going for almost twenty years now, and my layout requires photos that are exactly 670 pixels wide. I have that as a preset size in this app and can load photos from my phone right into and then load them into my blog writing app instantly. No more workflow of moving them to my laptop, resizing, etc. Just fast, on-the-fly write ups as I go. Great tool. No stability issues or problems in the years I’ve been using it.
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6 months ago, zebweb12
Good but not intuitive
I have used the paid version of the app for about a month. And is easy to use once you get the hang of it but I have not found the developer as responsive as others. I do not how to clear the app once I have filed a finished photo. There is not exit or delete button. One of my projects disappeared after completion another one hung around until I deleted and reinstalled the app. An emailed question went unanswered.
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8 months ago, Awe In Autism
Great App!
I needed a way to resize photos for decoupage from my phone, and this is perfect. It lets me choose the actual size in inches, which is what I needed. It’s also simple to use right from the start — nothing to figure out; it’s very clear. I’m still using the free version with ads, but they’re short and don’t make it too annoying. The paid version (no ads) is a pretty reasonable price though if you’re going to do a lot of resizing.
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5 years ago, BOMBLOUN
Very bad - useless
i posted the previous review (included below) a couple days ago. the developer’s response was inadequate. in its response the developer said i should resize in pixels. but I was already resizing in pixels when i uncovered the uselessness of the app. when i tried resizing in pixels once again after receiving the developer’s response, the uselessness persisted. also, since the developer’s response, i have tried resizing in inches instead of pixels. result using inches is same as using pixels - uselessness. Previous Review: downloaded latest version to my iphone 6 (ios 12.2) and paid the $3.99 to get rid of ads. only reason i downloaded app was to downsize flicks for instagram. it simply does not work to do this. A supposedly downsized flick from the app when uploaded to instagram is the same size as the original before supposedly resizing with the app. the app also does not work to even just resize flicks to save resized versions on the iphone. new supposedly resized versions are simply added as additional images to the same album as the original and with the same size as the original!
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5 years ago, jobranch
Can’t remove ads
The ads for this are so annoying that paying the money to get rid of them is well with it. But I bought a new iPhone and the ads returned. When I tried to buy the app a second time to get rid of the annoying ads Apple tells me I already purchased the app and I can’t purchase it a second time. That makes the ads even more annoying. Is there a way for me to remove the ads? Update: the developer told me how to fix it and now I’m happy :)
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6 years ago, TimBsTechTalk
Mixed Results
The app works fairly well. However, when you increase the size, the file size actually becomes smaller. Can the developers explain the logic behind this? I know that it’s usually not recommended to increase the size of an image because you run the risk of losing image quality. Yet, I turn to apps like this as an alternative way to do this. Also, would you consider offering an option to increase the DPI?
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2 years ago, acrisis
$12 + LOUD Video Advertising after every save
Simple app, ad banner supported, fair enough as an infrequent user, I thought. I will watch ads and click on something interesting to support people. With a recent update, besides up top and ads in the user menus; after I save a photo, there are now loud video ads playing. Then on top of it, after every use it asks if I want to remove ads and pay $12?! Sorry. $12?! You have to be kidding?! That price?? And, I should not have to mute my device because I want to shrink a photo I want to share, while I have family sleeping next to me.
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5 years ago, amashoppo
Needs quick %
I just needed to resize a photo. You would think that would be included in the stock Photos app, but that's Apple for you. Anyway, this took care of my needs and went ahead and became a paid user. Great app and nice interface. I just wish you could quickly choose resize by a 75%, 50%, and 25%. You could insert a "%" tab next to the "Inch" tab. BTW, the app is called Image Size...please de-bloat it by removing the filters, effects, drawing and other stuff that has nothing to do with resizing.
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3 years ago, aplus9
Fast and easy to use.
I’m a photoshop user since it was 3.0. Even tho you can create actions on photoshop, this app is the fastest way to resize your images for quickly adding them to your blog post and other uses. Because uploading a raw image like iphone photos just takes up too much time because of their heavy files. Besides who wants to upload their originals???
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3 years ago, Tpm985
Great if you love ads
It's very suspect that this gets a 4,7/5 considering about 1/4 of the screen is a banner with a giant distraction that AMAZINGLY isn't visible on the screenshots,. I paid good money for my device & just to perform a simple resizing of an image I'm relegated to using this monstrosity? Update; I know that I’m being a little critical here, but a “fast food burger” does not cost $5, and even then I would be getting more value for my money, and wouldn’t feel like I needed to take a shower. Funny how it wasn’t addressed about having screenshots that don’t show the banner when, after all, it is in the free apps section. I will use my laptop to work around this silly shortcoming by Apple.
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6 years ago, Oncle J
1. When I set, say, 3" x 2", I expect the photo to be about three inches wide when I email it (at least narrower than the original), but the results expand to the full width of the email. 2. When I save such an image (e.g. a comic strip selected from my Photos), it gets cropped instead of scaled down to fit the size I selected (the left and right parts are missing). 3. The built-in selections for Wallet and Enprint landscape and portrait appear reversed (landscape should be wider than it is tall). 4. I'd email this instead of leaving a review, but I don't see an email link in the app.
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6 years ago, NoLongerViewer
Can’t buy the ad free, button doesn’t work
Edit = finally purchased😃responsive developer and excellent app. Need to figure out how to edit in batches, is that possible? .......... Hey it looks like just what I am looking for. Hit the button to buy the ad free version 100 times and nothing happens. It looks like this is the only way to get an answer. Tried support it brings me back here so I guess I’m in the right place.
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5 years ago, UltraMegaFreshGuy
Doesn’t work with PNG images. Please fix
I can’t resize my PNG images and I often need to. Whenever I try to resize a PNG and save it, it sets the background to white. Can you fix this please? I’ve now read through many reviews and noticed many others who would like this feature added as well. A developer responded to my previous message about this and said, “They won’t add it.” Why not? It a good feature and very useful. Without it, I don’t have much use for the app. I’m sure it’ll be a simple fix to add compatibility for PNG images. It would be so nice if you did that. Thanks 🙏
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5 years ago, marymunk
Doesn’t work
I just got this app per recommendation and it doesn’t work. I can’t make my image smaller at all. It does nothing and no tutorial or help for how to do this. Just another wasted app on my phone. Sigh!!! In response to the developers response. The suggestion in the email didn’t work and your customer service wasn’t very helpful. I would suggest two things : Have a tutorial when you first open the app so people can understand how it works ( it doesn’t let you size to a really small size like It makes you think you can ) 2. you get customer service you can call opposed to email. Makes things much easier.
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5 months ago, Daniel1948
No help file!
This app seems to have no help file. There's no way to figure out how to do anything. Just some cryptic icons without explaination or instruction. Without instructions it's useless. Zero stars. (The lowest possible rating is one star, but really this app is zero.) Thanks to the developer for your reply. But really, I searched and could not find instructions. The help file had no instructions on how to actually use it or what the icons meant. I ended up deleting the app and downloading one that had labelled buttons instead of mysterious unlabeled icons. I'd suggest a link in the app to an actual instruction manual.
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5 years ago, jesss510
Help with printer
I love the app and I have used to a few times in the past printing directly from my iPhone. But today when trying to print directly from my iPhone, when I clicked on the “print” button— my printer was not found/or an available option. I can’t remember how I originally either found or added my printer to connect the two devices. Can you please assist me in connecting my printer to the app so that I can print? Thank you in advance.
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4 years ago, The Bessst Appp
Best Photo App
This app allows me to print things in the exact size that is needed. I have used it for my kids Science projects, Social Studies projects, making a picture fit a desired frame, lockets, and collages. I could go on and on, it saves on the headache of printing and reprinting to get the size you need! This app could not get any better! First app I have found that actually does 100% what it says it will!
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6 years ago, Jaxie985
Ads still show
Even though I paid for the app when I bought it weeks ago, the ads still pop up. I clicked on the agreement to remove ads and touch to purchase again and it said I’d already paid for it. So why am I seeing the ads?? I gave the app five stars because it does exactly what I wanted it to, resizes pictures for sending and posting.
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7 years ago, elcpu
Very nice (except for the adds)
Very good app for resizing, it functions well but unfortunately it comes with loud adds. To the developer: If I install it on my iPad as well as my iPhone do I have to pay $2.99 again for no adds or is it $2.99 per user with the same Apple ID? Edit: After the reply by the developer below I will be buying the app to avoid the adds. The developer responded quickly.
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11 months ago, you got my messsge
Walt Kozier
Saves a ton of printing ink when you don’t have to print a larger size than necessary. Great printer. I was used to the old Photoshop five It did what I wanted. How can I crop and how to do a couple of other things with the existing program.I think it’s great,maybe I just need to be shown other things. Could these be shown with a how to folder or some other way? Now retired I’m pinching pennies. This program is great. Walt
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2 years ago, leedc2790
First off, being able to do bulk resize would be helpful. I’d pay for that feature. But I’m not gonna shell out $12 for the ad free version to do one photo at a time. When you tell it you don’t want the ad free version, instead of getting an ad every other resize, it’s every resize, sometimes it has sound AND sometimes you have to watch multiple seconds of it. Then once you close the add you have to the click out the stupid pop up asking if you want to pay to remove the ad. Rinse and repeat. Annoying. Deleted the app.
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2 years ago, MiltorTG
Works great at reducing image file size
I have used this for several years now. I have only used it on JPGs, it does a great job at reducing the file size. The images have less detail but still look really good. I have tried other similar apps but this is the only one I use now because it’s the easiest and quickest for me. Very cool app!
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6 years ago, Memtb
Best yet
I’m just learning to resize pictures and have downloaded many apps trying to find the most user friendly due to being computer challenged 🤪. This has worked perfect for me although I’ve just begun to get familiar with it. I have found that I need to crop it before I use this app and maybe it offers that feature, just have t found it yet
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5 years ago, cidny
A review
I only gave 3 stars because this program lacks the ability to crop a photo, which seems like a basic photo tool, so when I need to crop I either use the camera app then load the photo after adjustments or reduce the size then take it into the photo app to crop, adds too much work per photo. ADD CROPPING
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6 years ago, rlane2k
I’ve been looking for an iPad tool to resize images and reduce resolution for blogging purposes. We try to keep our images under 100kb for loading purposes. This app does everything I need. If the quality slider was on the home screen so I could update size and quality while watching the output size and output preview, it would be exactly what I need. If that feature happens I’ll gladly buy the app and update this review!
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7 years ago, mabhatter
Great App for resizing ... just one thing
I like this app for resizing pictures quickly. It’s simple and efficient at performing resizing operations. The one thing I would like to see from a technical perspective would be to adjust the dpi value. This is key to images displaying and printing properly in various other apps that vary between screen image and print resolutions in use.
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6 years ago, Conniechiwaah
Exactly what you’re looking for.
It’s great honestly you put in the dimensions and voila you can crop it to your liking without compromising any of your content , good user experience and interaction. I use it on every Instagram post. An artist it’s so nice to be able to showcase ALL of my work clearly so that the details in which I put so much work into, can be appreciated. Thank you ✌🏼
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3 years ago, Chen Emechete
Great for resizing, but has bad naming system
This tool has saved me a lot of time when working with images on my iPad. The only issue I have with this app, is that it totally changes the name of the image which makes it difficult to rename especially when working on multiple images. It would be great if it retains the images initial name or give access to edit before saving.
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4 years ago, Stajaa
I like this app but ....
I like this app. It has everything I need but I have one problem: I use this to upload pictures to my Shopify store so they can all be the same size and for whatever reason the pictures never upload because of the format they are saved in. I’m not sure how to fix this but it’s really annoying, otherwise the app is great and easy to use.
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5 years ago, Not Tin Zaw
Need a “snap” feature
Snap is a must in any photo-editing app. Without it, I struggle a lot with this app when I move the image to fit in the resized frame. I may move the image only vertically, but there is always unintentional horizontal move. So I end up with an unwanted white margin in the final image. ( By “snap”, I mean - the image is attractive to the canvas frame as if the frame is magnetic. Without this feature, after you move the image - you will always end up with white margins. )
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