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User Reviews for iMemories

2.28 out of 5
135 Ratings
5 years ago, MyNameIsPretty
Cant hear anything
I love the concept, but unfortunately I can only hear the videos when I’m hooked up to Bluetooth...nothing plays out of my phone. I also can’t seem to figure out how to download anything. This is my first experience with imemories...I love that I was able to have our old VHS tapes/home videos converted into digital videos, but what good is that when you can’t hear them.
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8 months ago, cmunchkin30
Slow and limited what you can do
I find myself going to the iMemories website actually even the old website not the new one because it works so much better even though the visual is not as good the upload speeds are much better and you don’t have to stay on the app for it to upload. It’s a pain when you are trying to upload things on the app and you want to go to another app or to do some thing if your phone closes it stops, or if you go to another app stops. These bugs really need to be fixed ASAP. And if you have a problem with your Apple account but you pay your subscription to this, you will not be able to open the app only the web browser. Let’s go IMemories we paid enough to have these videos transferred digitally. We don’t need to have this many problems uploading videos that we would like to upload. A promise that was made and how easy it was when we signed up for the service.
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5 years ago, Chuck Norris 69
Recent updates for be worst
I always recommended this app to others...I used it for YEARS to store videos and turn them in to Blu Rays every 6 months. I sent Blu Rays to my parents of videos of my children every holiday season. Every few weeks I would upload videos from my phone, directly to the app. However with the new App Update, I no longer can update through the app. I have to go to the website through my internet browser to upload videos. I upload them this way and the upload glitches. It either uploads EXTREMELY SLOW even on my 5G, or today it uploaded videos as photos even though I am positive they were videos first. The other option is to upload the videos from my computer. I finally resorted to 5 which is counter productive because it is an extra to computer from phone then upload to app. When I did this the videos loaded out of chronological order. I painstakingly rearranged the videos and it did not save. I emailed about my issues back in Dec and I was told an app update was in the works but it’s been about 4-5 months and nothing has changed that I can see. I would love if the app update could make it so we can upload videos directly from The app like before and my star rating would instantly change to a 5!! Which is what I would have rated this app 6 months ago before the updates. Please please fix!!
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5 years ago, zswisshaus
Improved but more is needed
I recommend iMemories to people often and have been a customer since their early days. If you want one service that does everything including unlimited cloud storage than this is it. The mobile app is much better with the 3.0 interface now. The old interface was many years behind. However the current app is still best used only as a moderately ok media viewer and caster to bigger screens. The app really does needs more sophisticated uploading, permissions-based sharing, and search functionality, but remember this is an archival service—this isn’t an Instagram, Apple, or Google competitor.
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4 years ago, Kym19888765
App Simply not user friendly
I used this app for a couple years and loved that I could upload videos and photos directly from my phone. More than a year ago they “updated” the app and took that feature away. Now if I want to upload what’s in my phone I have to go into the browser on my phone and do it from the website which is slow and times out every time my phone locks. I was told a year ago that they were updating the app to bring the upload feature back and still nothing. I wouldn’t recommend this service to anyone who actually intends to upload content from your phone, the technology simply isn’t there on this product to offer a good user experience. It’s extremely frustrating and counter productive.
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4 years ago, Patriciablake456
So it says I had a free trial already used that expired on April 17th that i never used because i had never even downloaded the app or made an account but whatever. The opening screen showed that I had 0 photos and 1 video in my iMemories account. So, I begrudgingly paid the 7.99 to even log into the account i supposedly already used a free trial for. Upon entering my account, it shows no videos or photos are available. Are you kidding me? Its absolutely asinine to lie to me by saying I have content which is accessible if i pay for it and then tell me i have no content which is accessible after i pay for it. This is a disgusting scam tactic, and I hope my videos will be on there soon considering i sent my tape in 2 months ago.
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5 years ago, T_soccer
Horrible New App
This service used to be great until they released the new app. I have had nothing but problems with the iPhone app. Nothing automatically uploads and when I have called there was never a solution they gave me that worked. In the old app I could select which videos and photos I would want to upload. Customer service was terrible they said they would have someone follow up and they never would. They keep saying they are working on fixing the issue where we can manually upload from the app. I have tons of videos and photos with them and trying to figure out a way to get all my stuff from them and move to another provider.
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10 months ago, MamaZomboss
Perfect memory archive
I recently invested in my memories and asked imemories begin digitizing my old vhs-c and mini dv tapes. They quickly began the process and I am now receiving easy to view precious moments from the last 20 years in an organized, simple, high-quality way! I see where I can also upload other videos from my phone right to the app which is fantastic!
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5 years ago, nads6561
New update is archaic and awful
The new update is awful!!! How does the company from being a great, easy functioning app to a frustrating archaic app. You can no longer upload your pic and videos on your phone app custom. It has to be automatic. Why would anyone automatically upload everything??? The whole idea was the ease of the app in saving and uploading pics and videos. IMemories went from 5 stars to 1 star for going from highly usable to archaic technology. A month or so ago they said they were going to fix this and so far nothing has been fixed. Looking for a new place to save my pics and videos.
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1 year ago, adj6432!
Don’t recommend
I sent them VHS and 8mm. Then i was charged a fee from them to digitize my memories. I paid thinking that would be okay…my memories are all over the place, meaning not in order, also now, after paying 692$ i am being asked for a monthly fee or yearly fee. The digital memories aren’t clear and some have lines through them. So not the best quality and also if I want them physically I need to pay more. And I can’t even download the digital memories to my computer or a disk without paying more money.
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5 years ago, aamanda_88
Went downhill fast
I used the app to upload (very slowly) my pictures from my phone. Then they updated it and made it so you can’t manually do it. The auto upload doesn’t work right and now you can’t choose your own folder. Now today, I opened the app and all of my thousands of pictures are gone. When I go to the website, it says my trial is over and I must pay to access. The problem is that I already subscribe yearly and it was no where close to ending. Support doesn’t answer. So I paid money for them to lose my pictures.
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1 year ago, buenopdc
App crashes every time
I open the app and try to upload a single file, the app crashes. I open the app and try to upload multiple files, the app crashes. I open the app and try to view files that were processed by iMemories and stored by iMemories and the app crashes. I open the app and try to view a file I was able to upload four years ago, the video plays for a few seconds, then the app crashes. IMemories needs to hire someone with at least some knowledge on the subject
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4 months ago, Snwboardfrlife
Can not recommend this service and app enough. The whole process of having your old movies or photos transferred was effortless. The way they have them broken down into clips on the app makes it so easy to download and edit.
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4 years ago, Nutzydoodle
2nd guessing and Scared from latest reviews!
If I’m wrong, I’ll change my rating! I just sent some VHS tapes to iMemories and now that I’ve installed the mobile app and read these latest reviews, I wish I hadn’t!! I’m nervous that I’ve wasted money AND/or lost those precious memories. IF I ever get an estimate of how much they will cost, I’m not sure if I should just say forget it, or take the chance and spend over $60 for what sounds like a scam. I hope I don’t have even CLOSE to the experiences these poor people have had. Then I’ll GLADLY change my rating.
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3 months ago, Allnicknamesaretakendamit
Love it so far
I haven’t used it to upload so not sure about other people’s issues but yesterday I got my first batch and was so excited to see my parents wedding. It was on 8mm film. Yes the quality isn’t great but that film was sitting at home since 1970. I’m sure film quality wasn’t great then and the film deteriorates after 50 years. I was also happy that I could automatically share with my siblings. Then I realized I could download the app on my Roku tv and watch it there 😁 I’m getting my dad a new tv and surprising him next week.
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1 year ago, Marsella123
Deleted all of my files....heartbroken
Unbelieveable. They deleted all of my files after one notification that the card attached to my auto-subscription had expired. I didn't find out until I went to the site to show my friends some old videos....and everything was GONE. Irretrievable. They want me to pay that $800 again to have me start the whole process over with my original tapes and discs. I am so upset and disgusted by iMemories.
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5 years ago, Fostemar
We mailed dozens of VHS and mini DVDs in their special box and within a few weeks we had everything on an app and can quickly relive memories with friends and loved ones. Gather all your videos together and make this a priority because you will be so happy you did! Mark from Georgia
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3 years ago, Nikkololo707
App crashes
The app is the worst!!! Ever since I’ve downloaded it years ago it crashes within 5 mins of it being opened. No matter if I’m looking at photos or watching videos it crashes. I emailed the company and they told me to make sure my updates were done (check), make sure my internet connection is good (check), delete and redownload app (check). Did all the above several times over the years and it still crashes. Not worth having the app.
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7 years ago, Ticmoo
The only reason I bought this membership was so I could upload the photos from my phone. It took forever! It took 4 days to upload 800 videos-most of which were under 30 seconds. After it finally got uploaded, I watched my clips. It had cut off the last 3-5 seconds of each clip. So if I only had a 5 second clip, it's just a black, empty screen. It also didn't upload the last 100 videos on my phone. Terrible app and complete waste of time and money!
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5 years ago, mmarkayn
Unable to upload videos from your phone as they advertise
I specially downloaded this app so I could have all of my iPhone videos saved to their cloud space and you cannot do this. In the description it says that what the app is for. False advertising. I spent money on this cloud storage and now do not have the ease to use all my devices as they say you can. Customer service tells me something different every time I call. What a waste.
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7 years ago, Ms lmg
Nice idea but does not work
I took the time to create folders waited for the videos to upload and they do not appear in my folders.. not online either . Don't know if that's because it's a trial account but I am not wasting money if I cannot get the desired results . Right now I wasted an hour for nothing. Google offers free storage I expect from a company like life touch for this to be superior.
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7 years ago, Chappy - tx
I sent in a box of 8mm videos that my father took in the 70’s. IMemories converted these quickly and posted. I have since started uploading photos and videos of my kids. It’s a great central location that is visible by my family. Great service, great app!! My suggestions are this: Have option to show file name, created date Allow ability to show name under each video in grid view Allow multiple upload jobs/folders to be queued at the same time
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5 years ago, Auyuferhcs
New update/version is terrible
The update in December is awful. It took away the features I needed/used the most. So disappointed. I have called and told them why I don’t like it and why the features they took away were important. Hoping they come up with a better version before I have to do my yearly renewal. Actually makes me sad because I really liked this company and how i could organize and handle photos from my phone.
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3 years ago, turtle725
Keeps crashing
This app was great. Unlimited storage for all of my photos and videos for a very reasonable price. However, it no longer stays open on my phone. I cannot upload anything any more. It constantly crashes so I can’t even browse through my albums. I’m considering looking into other options as this app is no longer working.
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2 months ago, Hamnywill
App Does Not Work
The App does not work at all. It simply crashes immediately when opened. The website works a little, but only if you never wish to delete note than one file at a time, or god forbid a whole album. The site will just freeze and that’s that.
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5 years ago, Nathanexplosion1
Nothing there
I wanted to download some videos converted from tape to digital, and viewing the videos work on the computer, but downloads are iffy, so i thought i would try on here.. it downloaded 1 thing it said and the app crashed... when i went back in, no videos showed up, even a redownload did nothing. When it was working though, i would click an album to pull up videos, nothing appeared!
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5 months ago, Pamelina xo
Apple Download won’t open???
Paying thru Apple and can’t open this app. I go to it and it disappears? I have tried redownloading the app but still NOTTA?! About to cancel this subscription if I can’t get to my photos not happy I might lose a lot of memories 😢. 🆘 - Pam xo
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3 years ago, RTLJR11
Save your money
1) They were able to transfer about 20% of our videos due to “copyright” issues. These are home/family movies! 2) Not clear on the plans up front. The monthly charges are ridiculous to store your videos on the cloud. Once you add up all the one time and ongoing fee’s, definitely not worth it. So many better options. 3) Slow shipping and processing.
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6 years ago, White Armadillo
New Update isn’t liked
Loved this app until 6 days ago when I got the update. The new look is not appreciated and now I’m lost as to how to upload new photos to save. I liked the previous template MUCH BETTER. Please change back or send out instructions on how to navigate the new template. 👎
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5 years ago, Moop1325
Update is horrible
The new update took away the main reason to have the app which is to upload photos and videos from your phone. Wish I could have the old version back. Really hoping they fix this soon or I will need to look for a different company. Would previously have given it 4 stars.
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5 years ago, klreynilds
It is a shame we can’t upload the pictures we want! I have a work phone and I do not want all the pictures, just ones of my family. This is disappointing. I don’t like paying for an app that won’t allow me to choose what I do and don’t want from my phone. It’s my memories, my phone and my money, so why can’t it be my choice?
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6 years ago, Bill beck
I’ve been trying to unsubscribe from this service for like a year now. I’ve tried everything I can think of and have even tried the step by step instructions they emailed me and it doesn’t seem possible. I’ve been paying $7.99 a month for several years and I’ve only used the service once.
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3 years ago, Lexiev23
Terrible app
I justDownload the app and there’s absolutely nothing working on it correctly. Nothing is uploading, there’s not even a space really to put anything, and I’m trying to figure out how to get a refund on this app. There’s no way I’m spending $8 bucks a month for something that does nothing.
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5 years ago, cshilt
No longer able to upload from phone
I used to love the app, but now there is no longer an option to upload from my phone... which is where all my pictures and video are stored. Who in the world thought that removing this capability was a good update for this app? Please fix or I am switching services.
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3 years ago, HotnDivine
App won’t open
Been using this app for awhile, current version will no longer open on my iPhone. All I can access is the settings tab, the rest of the app is just a black screen.
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4 years ago, acbgh
I have invested in having videos stored on here plus many photos and the app just keeps crashing. I watch a minute or two of video and it crashes. Unless it gets fixed I have wasted my money.
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5 years ago, Kfacy
Go back to the way it was!
This app was amazing until they updated and now you can’t upload directly from the app. It was efficient, organized by date, and made this membership worth the cost. Please, go back to the way it was so we can safely store our videos!!
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10 months ago, mcsteffi
The service it’s self is great. But this app is terrible
Every time I try to download my videos the app crashes. It is terrible! And they want $69 (already paid $250+ for the video transfer) to put the videos on a usb drive. I should be able to download directly to my iPad.
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6 months ago, tjsosborn
App not working! 😡
I initially was able to upload videos from my phone to the app - which I can then cast to my TV - but now……it won’t let me upload anything new! So frustrating!!
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5 years ago, Lolyboo
App is not letting me log in
This app was working fine until they decided to start charging after the 30 day trial ended. I have paid for the application but now it’s not letting log in. It keeps asking me to pay for the services. Please look into that. For now I’m deleting the app from my phone.
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2 years ago, DJFRUSTRATED
App crashes constantly - can’t download
The app crashes constantly. The download feature never works in the app. It either will freeze and not start the download or it immediately crashes. Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, mark$12345
Can’t upload from phone anymore
App was awesome. Used to be able to upload videos from phone but recent updates took that option away. Now have to go online via computer which adds a step which I never do! Very disappointing.
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5 years ago, leosmom17
Great concept, but...
...crappy app! I can’t get sound on any of my videos and the ones I want to upload I can’t without doing the automatic method (I don’t want ALL uploaded). You were fine until you updated the darn app. Change it back please!
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1 year ago, hoofrydude
Where are our videos
Logged on and all our videos are gone? What happened ?
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5 years ago, mollie1975
Sound stopped working
Was working just fine up until I tried playing videos back about a month ago and found that none of them would play the audio like before. Each video has sound so I’m not sure what’s wrong
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5 years ago, ADean Iphone12
Very pleased
I am very pleased with the end product. I sent 6 tapes and everything looks awesome.
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4 years ago, Kervyn E Smith
Don’t waste your time.
This app used to be great. Not anymore. For over a year I haven’t been able to upload like we used to. Now they say to upload via their website. Just uploaded two videos and they’re nowhere to be found!
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4 years ago, mbjn64
I sent a whole bunch of tapes to them with the intent of being able to get a disc with my pics on them. When customer service was questioned, they said that my 17 tapes had tv movies on them which is impossible. For the $ I spent, I am so disgusted. NEVER again!!!
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4 years ago, ridiculous987
App has bugs
I can not watch my loaded videos on my phone. I can tap the video and it tries to play sometimes. When it does it gets two seconds in a hangs and there’s no watching videos. Please fix the bugs!!!
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5 years ago, Grandpa Jim 68
App just spins
The app stopped working. I have unloaded, reloaded. Tried everything I can think of. The app is holding my videos hostage. I am still paying a monthly fee for no ability to see my content. Getting more and more frustrated. Please fix.
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