ImgPlay: GIF Maker & Meme

Photo & Video
4.8 (42.5K)
173.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
ImgBase, Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for ImgPlay: GIF Maker & Meme

4.76 out of 5
42.5K Ratings
3 years ago, Coolartgirl
Best editing app! For gifs and photos.
For the longest time, I’ve wanted photoshop to do fancy edits with transparent backgrounds and being able to overlay gifs on top of each other. For about 6 years, I’ve tried multiple apps and they all couldn’t even come close to the capabilities of Adobe. However, I was recommended this app by an editor that I like. Ever since I’ve opened this, it feels like my hobby as a gif/photo editor has changed completely. Any apps made on this app benefits you and doesn’t seem like just another cash grab for money by people that think you’re stupid. It has so many capabilities such as stickers, filters, and my favorite— the ability to change the canvas. It is so, so useful and I honestly recommend that everyone that either doesn’t have photoshop or a desktop download it. Because it is worth every single five star review given on here and will save you a bunch of time and energy in exchange for fun.
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1 year ago, bmiraflo
Great App, Could Use Some Further Options
App is fun to use. However, I wish it had a few more options available: - MPEG-4 AAC, H.264 Codec for Video - when exporting video, the codec for the MP4 files are HEVC. I can't upload to some websites like Pixieset because they only accept H264 or MPEG4k codec videos. So what I've been doing is exporting video files using this app, then reimporting and exporting using Adobe Express online so that the video could be converted to H264 codec. Kind of a long work around but it works. - Sort By Filename option. I wish there was some way to sort file names of the photos to be used as a GIF. Sometimes importing the files into the app makes it out of order and it's hard to discern which one goes first etc. If there was a way to implement that option, that would be awesome. - Seconds input & slider. At the moment, when choosing the duration of a gif or video, you can only use a slider but sometimes it's annoying because you move a little and you go over what you're trying by .01 seconds. For example, if i'm exporting a video and I know that I want it to be .09 speed, the only way I can do that is with the slider and sometimes I'll miss the mark and make it .10 or .11. I wish there was a way to just type in the duration with my keyboard in addition to also having the slider available. Hopefully in an update they can do both. Other than those few quirks, this is a very powerful tool and I'm glad that I purchased the full version.
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3 years ago, EyeEyeii
Best app for stop-motion animation
I use this app weekly to produce animations from my phone using the photos from my photo stream. They’ve improved it in many ways over the years, including the ability to reorder frames which is huge! I love being able to go back and forth to select which photos I do and don’t want to use frame by frame. The one feature I would most love for them to improve is the ability to place additional photo frames after you start building your timeline anywhere you want. They did add the ability to add frames at the end of a sequence, which is huge! But unlike all of the other frames, you can’t drag to reorder them, you can only place them at the end. This makes this feature pretty useless for my purposes, but it’s almost a great feature. Overall, thanks for your work on this app!
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3 years ago, Kaytlan96
The best gif making app
Pre-Rave Rant: I’m so tired of all the apps being like “you get limited features for free, if you want more than 2 features or making 3 things ever, you have to subscribe for $10/month” like no. I used to be able to buy the full version of an app for $2. Am I supposed to sink hundreds of dollars a year to have the pro version of multiple apps? So stupid. Actual Raving Review: THIS APP actually lets you do things. If you want to just do some basic stuff the free version is fine but there’s a watermark in the corner. And it’s $8 for one lifetime purchase which I almost want to pay just out of appreciation. And even the free version still lets you convert from multiple file types and arrange each frame as you like. Thank you so much to the makers of this app 🥰
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3 years ago, Leestro
Top 10 app for me, couple small issues but 5 Stars
App can be a bit temperamental at times. I wish data compression was better, my gifs take more memory than the videos they come from lol. What’s up w/ that? The UI gives me issues sometimes, the updates occasionally take away tweaks I liked, or moves them around somewhere else in the UI. That said, it’s still a great User Interface & app does SO MUCH for what it costs & they’re constantly adding & fixing stuff. Gotten my money’s worth many times over. Despite the gif size issue I use it all the time. I even use it to quickly edit photos over iOS’s awful photo editor. I would recommend it, definitely a killer app. (Edited to remove some unfair statements I made through ignorance. Thanks dev for politely educating me.)
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6 years ago, Angmar Reid
Amazing ❤️
Absolutely love it. I’ve been wanting to make a gif for my favorite mobile game, Celtic Heroes, but I couldn’t do that without showing the hotbar, healthbar, and the minimap. So I was specifically looking for an app that had good reviews and I could zoom in with. The other apps I tried/looked at had neither. I thought that this app didn’t have that feature, so I’m SO happy with this app! Now I have some really awesome gifs of my Celtic Hero on her black steed with her white wolf beside her while a dragon glides behind! Plus, I could add a beautiful text with my toon’s name. Love it! ❤️ Only thing I’d suggest is making the trimming more accurate. I’d trim it at first and find it just a little off when I went to crop it. But that’s not too big of a deal. Wonderful app, love it, download it, have some fun with it! 👍
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4 years ago, Misseazy
I am confusion
I paid for the pro version of this app a while ago and then it fell out of my regular use rotation so it was uninstalled from my phone but the icon remained. When I went to use it again, it was able to be downloaded from the cloud but the app wouldn’t open in my phone, so I came to the App Store to find it and was unable to. Instead there was this app, with the same name and functions and icon. So I downloaded this app and of course there’s almost no functionality with the free version. I went to check out restore purchases to see if my pro version would register and it did not. Now the app is pretty useful, or at least it was at the iteration I’d last used, but I’m very confused about this whole issue. It’s only ~$5 for the upgrade sure, but it’s really the principle of the thing isn’t it? Who wants to shell out any amount of change on something twice? It’s certainly a vexatious idea and even more bitter in the doing. I’d like to know what all these shenanigans mean before deciding where to squander my coin.
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6 years ago, chad_fitz
Few missing features, Compression seems inefficient
I really like this app overall—it has lots of features and allows conversion from and from numerous formats. The user interface is also really good. Now, I'll list concerns/missing features in order of importance: 1. One additional feature that I would really appreciate is the ability to set the output specs of the GIF during the save process, for example: resolution, frame rate (I realize this can be set globally, but I would very much prefer to be able to manipulate it during the output process), index palette (number of colors, perceptual, adaptive, custom, web, etc—similar to the GIF options in Adob Animate), and dithering (error diffusion, noise, halftone, none—again, similar to Adob Animate). 2. Output GIF compression seems off (possibly due to background choices being made in '1.' above). When comparing the output file size to GIFs generated with other tools, it seems really large on high or medium quality (and there is a huge and noticeable drop-off on low). 3. It would also be nice to be able to adjust things like sharpness/noise, contrast, brightness, saturation/vibrance, shadows/highlights, tint/temp, 4. Frame-by-frame GIF editing, ideally as layers similar to using GIMP. Thanks again for a great app, and I hope to see continued development.
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7 months ago, artSavant
So good, so fun, so free
So many features for free—no ads either—is not normal. You take your images into the app in the order you want to use them. There you can set the speed of your GIF, rearrange the images, add more for slo-mo or subtract; apply filters, crop, loop in your choice of ways, and then export it in a couple of different formats. Did you ever see a juicy animation online that you couldn’t download? With this app you take a screenshot every few seconds then tie them all together for your own private viewing whenever. Full Disclosure: I want such a great deal to be available always, so I paid a very small fee to make longer GIFs, if I ever need that [you already get plenty of frames to load images].
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7 years ago, LE357
Good but could use a few improvements
I use this app to make stop-motion style videos for my art business. I love how quickly it puts the video together from my snapshots and the ability to reverse the loop. My biggest complaint is that the speed of 0.15 is my sweet spot for this type of animation, and is nearly impossible to get the slider to stop there- it always seems to want to stop at 0.10 or 0.20 when I take my finger off the slider, even when it just showed me 0.15. This can be incredibly frustrating, so I wish there was a way to manually set the speed that was more efficient than this very sensitive slider. Otherwise, like other users have said, I would love the ability to add text for only a portion of the video. All in all, an effective app for making videos from my photos!
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3 years ago, Colton_W
2017-app really good -> 2022-best gif resource you’ll find
• Making gifs has never been easier with this app. • That’s what I’d say in 2017 when I first downloaded this app. - the developers never stop adding features and most impressively, they allow you to use a ton of features for the massive price of $0.00. I’d recommend purchasing just to support them, as apps of this caliber these days are rare! I would hate to see them not making enough money to expand in other areas of the photo/video editing space! • Thank you for providing such an awesome and seamless iOS solution, as well as your continued support and feature upgrades! I look forward to your future mobile application endeavors!
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2 years ago, TheI3igD
All the features, one app
I must have downloaded 50+ “gif makers” and spent multiple 99c or trials before I found ImgPlay. I need nothing else now, as ImgPlay has everything in one place. People think I’m a time wizard sending them custom gifs near instantly after they mention X. Editing is so smooth, and that output quality is highly customizable so I don’t exceed that data cap in some message apps. In fact, there’s very few things I can’t do with ImgPlay, but am still able to finagle most of the time. ex: I used iMovie to change part of a video to slow motion, and not the other half. Anyway, that’s hardly any con keeping ImgPlay from being the best out there. 🫶
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2 years ago, poopyfarts5000
ImgPlay is epic!
It all started when I wanted to make cringe Gacha Life videos because for some reason I liked Gacha lol I got this because my friend suggested it even though she never even knew it existed I made Gachas for a bit and then I recognized the apps purpose to make gifs and not Gachas and animation I really wanted to be a animator so for awhile I was using FlipaClip as much as possible but one day I came back to the app and started making gifs it’s been a really fun ride and I can’t wait to see ImgPlays future one request I have is the fill in tool when your animating gifs but other wise I love it so thank you for the great app and i hope you liked reading this if you saw it.
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1 year ago, petitechat9
Fun and easy to use gif maker
Particularly good for turning your Live Photos into gifs or little looping videos (i prefer the video quality upon saving the file but it does take up more space). Makes better loops or bounces out of the live pics on iPhone when the live pic is too short when you loop or bounce it, if you know what I mean. Plus you can change the speed, decide to only do backwards loop or forward loop. You can add text, change the color and style of the text, decide how and where the text appears…almost too many options but very fun to play with. I’ve used this app for years now and am very satisfied. Thank you!
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7 years ago, Maximacious
Almost Perfect!
I really want to give this app 5 starts (and I definitely will if the app is updated), but the only thing I think this app needs is the ability to select multiple GIF files, and video files from your library. Currently you can select multiple photos to make custom gifs from your library, but the implementation of selecting multiple gif files would give us a ton of creative freedom! As of now, the app has pretty much every function you could need. Great editing options, overlaying text with tons of custom fonts, and just an overall clean app design that is easy to navigate. You can also save files as high quality videos for sharing on Instagram - great feature especially for fun social media posts for my business! I even paid just a couple bucks to upgrade to the pro version since this app is just so easy to use. Upgrading gets rid of the watermark on the bottom right-hand corner of the gif, and also supports the developer. You can tell they pay attention to detail. I highly recommend this app for personal and business use - please just add my one requested feature! Thanks for the great software!!
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6 years ago, xXLanternKittyXx
Best GIF App
Edit 2: Thank you for the help!! I got it to work, I just had to update my iOS version. :) Edit 1: I’ve been trying to restore the pro version but it keeps saying that it failed to connect to the iTunes Store? So it only worked once and now I can’t unlock the pro features again. From past GIF maker apps I’ve downloaded, this one’s probably the best. It’s just what I was looking for (btw I got this app months ago) and everything about it is great! But sometimes, the frames don’t work properly. Like, I use the back and fourth button so the GIF’s frames can go from the first frames to last, but it can get a little messed up, idk. I recommend this app though!
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5 years ago, PROhannah07
Unlike any other
UPDATE SUGGESTION: support for collaged gifs would be nice ( not necessarily freeform collage but maybe templates like having 2 videos side to side and making that into a gif) START OF REVIEW: Im very picky with my gif qualities...when i make gifs i only really use photoshop because it gives me a lot of flexibility in editing, making color corrections, quality, data size and frame number. I downloaded SO much, if not all, gif makers that i could possibly find on the app store and imgplay is the one that EXCEEDED my expectations. *this app has color correcting tools *i can control the speed *i can even reverse my gif or make it boomerang style *i can put text and stickers *i can draw *BUT WHAT THIS APP HAD THAT NO OTHER GIF APPS HAD FROM WHAT IVE TESTED WAS (and quite frankly what i was looking for) >> number of frames option (up til 30) >>having the power to choose the data size of my gif (5mb-20mb) (this makes gifs more hd) IMPROVEMENT: PLEASE SUPPORT UP TO 60 FRAMES other than that AMAZING GIF APP great job to the developers and their team .... will def purchase pro☺️
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1 year ago, Tad Forgetful
Great app for editing GIFs!
Great way to make jerky looking GIFs more fluid. Also has edit features that will help you crop to remove captions without enlarging the photo automatically, and/or make your own captions with various fonts. Great edit program in general, for video & photos too. easily crops a section of video, and allows you to make certain frames last longer, or shorter; Play forward, or backward, or flow in a continuous loop. Basic, edit features for photo contrast, brightness, & a large variety of filters to adjust tone & color. Easy to use too; well labeled, easy to find features.
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5 years ago, -=doubleM=-
Review 2.0
Hi there everyone! Dear fellow users, devs, grumpy people! I would like leave a quick feedback on overall improvements for the last year. This app has been the best gif tool i ever used. I do a lot of photography and often use gifs for any purpose i need. Wether it’s work related, fun or just being silly, this app hasn’t let me down once! In devs defense, the smart ... that had the guts to personally attack other users, i’d love for you to get ... lost. If you have an issue, go contact the support first and then scream like a savage in public. I would like to thank again devs for everything they do to keep this app amazing as it it and the new pro features are amazing! Purchased the package without even blinking! It’s a great, reliable, simple and also professional tool for any gif needs you might have! It doesn’t matter if you’re are a pro or a beginner, you’ll love it! I keep using this and only this app! Even if it’s photography done with my camera, it still can pull the heavy load of pictures! Love it! ❤️
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3 years ago, Towel999
This app is what youre looking for
Are you trying to make a gif from a vid? Or maybe you have a gif already and just want to get that perfect loop. THIS IS THE APP YOU NEED! I just tried the top 5 apps after typing in gif maker and after downloading, trying, exploring all those apps for 4 hours, i hit this one and let me say, i dont think it should be as low in the search as it is. After 30 mins of use it hit every need i was looking for, and the needs it didnt have, were only a purchase away! I dont regret buying this for a moment, and im the sort of person who gets a 5$ pizza already made and cooked and thinks about returning it for the 1$ frozen next door.
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1 year ago, 2ezkillz
Good app
I downloaded this app to use once for a profile picture but then found myself time to time using it again and again, I love how simple and quick it is to use and how it’s a 1 time purchase thats really cheap, the app seems like a lesser known app that’s why I decided to write this review, to let ppl who need a quick gif made without needing a subscription that this is the app to go to! ——————- My only suggestion is to have a function where you can take gifs and combine them with other gifs like how it is with just normal pictures. Also possibly more fonts to use?
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2 years ago, theysellpizza
I used this only for a few minutes before I was convinced it was totally worth the paid version just to support the developers. This is close to a full blown program, and is a lot more versatile than I thought it would be. The interface is intuitive and easy to use and it works quickly to convert video to gif. I love that I can import my own animations and use them as stickers, this is the only app I’ve found that can do that. I love this, and will be using it a lot. Also, thank you so much for making the purchase a one time and not a subscription.
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5 years ago, kekelatia
Almost perfect....but annoying gif quality
I love this app. It's so easy to use. There's just one problem: the quality of the gifs isn't good once you save them. There's this bubbly, glossy effect on them once they are saved which ruins the quality. They look clear/normal in the editing stage until they are saved then the bubbly/glossy effect appears on them. Fix this please!!! It's annoying **Update: The dithering setting solved the problem! My gifs are as clear as day and they don’t have that bubbly/glossy effect on them anymore. Everything about this app is perfect now. 5 star worthy. Thank you for your help ImgPlay! 😁
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6 years ago, Aaren Taylor
Almost great...
I wrote this yesterday before the update today, but let’s hope these are still eventually fixed. Thanks. I think this app is 1 of the best apps in the App Store, but I want to say it’s the greatest, but I can’t just yet... I only have 3 problems with it. 1) it wouldn’t let me edit a video over a minute. I think it should let’s edit a video far beyond a minute. Maybe like 30 minuets or an hour. 2) I tried to crop it and it would only crop out 15 seconds of a video that’s a little over a minute. 3) My last problem was that after I edit a video, the sound is drastically turned down for some unknown reason. Thank you & I hope you guys update this very soon.
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3 years ago, My_Experience
ONE FLAW keeps this app from greatness …
ONE FLAW keeps this app from greatness - the low max resolution of output GIF files … the output image quality is poor/grainy on tablet devices Developers - Allow a 3x or 4x greater max resolution for output GIF files … please add that option (at least for those who bought the premium app) in the next update - and soon! Let me clarify - it is not dithering, not colors, not frames - but fundamental image quality/resolution … 960px max resolution is way too low - 2560px max resolution would be better and give a 5-star app File size can be managed by having fewer frames
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1 year ago, JaiIzLaw
Great App
Should offer over laying & free audio 🤷🏽‍♀️but it makes a good gif. However, after saving…gif looks a little hazy, blurry, distorted & a little slower than save speed. Update in response to the response on my review: obviously I’m aware that the gif doesn’t support audio, because that’s not needed for the gif. I was speaking directly to the audio feature which charges gif video clips. Additionally, I’m also aware that the gif preview isn’t the saved gif which still doesn’t answer as to why there is a performance difference from the preview to saving. Fix the app. Simple. & update it. It’s not worth what y’all charge for pro.
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5 years ago, Newyork291
Luv the updates !!!!
Imgbase... you have truly outdone yourself with having the best gif creator in the app store. The upgrades you made was a great addition I didn’t mind paying extra for. You have listened to your supporters and for that, you will continue to grow and go a long way. On your next future update, I would love to have the option to create collages made with the combination of gifs, pictures, and videos of choice and it would be great to have some extra control in the adjustment tab like... Exposure, blacks, and highlights. Thanks again for taking the time to hear our request.
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2 years ago, Wild Gunman
A model iPhone App. Pay for this and be happy.
This is everything great about a good iPhone app with none of the hot garbage involved in most iPhone apps. It does a lot of video processing things that are fairly complicated on the back end, but presents them to the user in a very simple, very functional way. It’s got a TON of features, nearly all of which work as you would expect with no hassle. It’s also a paid app without a weird data harvesting, ad riddled mess of a revenue model. It’s a joy to use, and I’m happy I sent the developers my filthy lucre in exchange for a great product.
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5 years ago, DelMoshi
People out there who love making fast clips of everything: don’t waste your time searching and trying options, this app is the best !!! Enormous amount of options, effects etc, way more then other app offer. Insane range and flexibility for a final format, lets you fine tune your vid. Nicely surprised by the low price, I would not hesitate to pay triple for such an excellent app, making it affordable for students. Thank you developers, you really nailed it!! Please consider adding more unique creative effects/filters and people will buy them separately, I will !! Thanks! :)
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1 year ago, DDleer
Good, but not great
I prefer the range of options to what comes standard on Apple screen recorder. Recently I’ve missed several recordings, because the app apparently doesn’t launch fully unless it runs an ad first. I don’t mind the ads, because they tend to be short, but it’s not cool to open the editor to find the recording never happened. Now if I don’t see an ad right away, I close the app and relaunch. I’ve also found it disappointing that when I add text to a gif (saved at High quality) the text, that appears crisp while editing, shows dramatically reduced, highly pixelated, resolution on the saved gif (blurry) while the original image remains the same.
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2 years ago, thenintendoqueen
Pro version
I just got this game to make memes to show my friends and entertain myself. I started using it and I noticed that I couldn’t use most of the effects so I was like “why doesn’t it let me use it?” So I click on it and it says BUY THE PRO VERSION!!! 😃😃😃 but I’m like I’m not gonna buy that! I thought this was an app I could just use to make myself laugh but no! They just had to make money off us. I know apps have to make money but they could open up at least more than just a couple things! 😡😡😡 I hope you read this and see how it is. Please change it and maybe you can get more people to buy this. Sorry for making this review so long! Thank you.
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5 years ago, softnana
Overall really great :)
This is the only app I’ve found that makes nice gifs, and very easily as well. I’ve purchased the pro features because I enjoyed the free version but wanted the other features. It was worth the money and I really like it. The only thing I would love if it could improve is the gif quality; I try to sharpen the gif in order to give it a bit more quality in a sense and sometimes it works but other times the gif ends up still being blotchy or low quality. Other than that, this app is actually worth the time and money :)
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6 years ago, batwomayne
One of THE best tool apps of all time.
Okay I don’t leave reviews often but I had to leave one here. I’ve had EVERY SINGLE gif app on the AppStore (even foreign ones that I taught myself how to use) and then FINALLY this one came out. It is by far the best gif app that exists. Please take my word on this. It does literally everything I could ask for and more. (Seriously the features are endless. I can’t stress this enough.) PLUS the export quality is PERFECT. (You can choose lower quality too) Thank you SO SO SO much for this app. It saved my life. This app is seriously everything.
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5 years ago, otisbird
I used to really like this app but it’s gotten so obnoxious. It keeps trying to upsell me on pro plans etc. Okay, fine, that’s annoying but not a dealbreaker. The obnoxious part is that repeatedly tries freeze me out of GIFs that I’d spent a long time assembling — worked really hard on — and won’t let me get back into my project to download it or upload it or post it UNLESS I purchase something. They’re basically holding their own app hostage and demanding you pay a random first before they’ll let you back into your project. it’s really off-putting and gross and bad business and a total disrespect of the user’s time and creative labor. I won’t be using it anymore. It got so frustrating tonight that I deleted it from my phone. Which is too bad, but... life’s too short for that nonsense.
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5 years ago, Hejwjwjwjwjjakavskd
New update messed up everything
I have always loved this app and I bought the original full version. However, with the new update it does not work as well as it used to. I could make gifs with transparent background but now that isn’t possible, when I tap the none selection in the background section it just puts the image in the background zoomed in. Also when I tried to convert a video into a gif a color disappeared when it saved to my gallery. I even tried to delete it and downloading it again but the problems still remained. This is unfortunate because I made commissions with this app. This used to be my favorite gif maker app but now I have to make gifs with other means. I hope you will fix this problem so that I can make gifs with this app again.
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2 years ago, shining0polaris
Suddenly needed camera access
I’m not sure what’s going on with this update but I just tried to make a gif only to discover there was an error. I closed the app and opened it again and the app asked me to allow access to the camera and albums, but when I went to give permission there was no album or camera option so now the app is unusable. It’s too bad because I really liked this app and use it frequently. Edit: My phone needed an update so it started working again.
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1 year ago, dataBANG
Good utility for GiF and Video
I use it all the time, it’s handy at making animated gifs on-the-fly with some nice new features that you can’t really do in other iOS apps i.e. Zoom, cutout, export frames, text stickers. I recommend if you do graphics professionally. The app is available in share menu, so it always at your fingertips from any graphics, or video app. The limitations are animation length so you won’t be making very long gif without sacrificing resolution or loss of frame rate. Also you cannot edit individual frame timing so GIFs will only play at a constant rate.
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5 years ago, Dembinsk
Great features and regularly updated with Value
This app is great IMO. Is it perfect? No app is. For this application the developer continues to expand functionality to an already great app. Also, if you do find an issue, they have taken feedback seriously, they care, and do their best to fix in the next update. I like that you can simply select photos/videos from your phone, set the gif transition time, do markups, change canvas colors, text, and save in various file sizes. Also, you can save or message it within the workflow of the app. Sharing made simple. I can create a quality gif in a few minutes and message it to friends for a good laugh. Yes, your college buddies will be wondering how you have the best content shared with them. “Where’d you find that awesome GIF? It was hilarious!” I made it. Highly recommend this app and it’s worth the nominal cost. Keep up the great feature additions!
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5 years ago, hotsouthernmess
Gif app of my gif-loving dreams.
I’m a super nerd when it comes to texting. I was the first to jump on the emoji train when it hit the tracks and now I’m even more obsessed with gifs. Can’t ever find the ones I need so I went looking for an app to customize them better. (The gif keyboard app allows you to add text to their existing gifs but you can’t move or edit the text in any way so it’s just not the same.) THIS ONE IS AMAZING. I went ahead and paid the $4.99 for premium so I could make my text move and shake and such and it’s totally worth it. Best gif app ever!!! ♥️
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1 year ago, Crochetowl
Almost daily go to app
I’ve been using this app around 2-3 years now and have had no issues with it. It’s easy to use and the quality is as good as the source video and many times better. The only nitpick is the recent change with the filters using a generic image rather than what the source is (something a lot of other apps default to unfortunately). I preferred the preview from before as it gives better idea what the filter would be.
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7 years ago, Electroliquid
Amazing Animation App Easy/Powerful
I am a UI designer and barely ever write reviews but this app is so good, so worth it that I wanted to commend the developers. It does what you want quickly and easily. I have Adobe subscriptions living in Photoshop/Illustrator and have tried some of their online iPad/iPhone offerings and this app kills it. What I really like is how u can choose if you want MP4 or GIF at the end since GIFs frequently don't auto play on FB/Instagram.... You guys are the BEST! Sometimes with 500 image bursts it crashes though... Try and fix.
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3 years ago, Jonah and the 🐳
Probably the best gif app
Unlike most apps that lock most of their features behind paywall, this one works just fine, allowing conversion to gif from all capture formats capable by an iPhone. The only thing you really need to pay for is to remove the watermark. Which if you really don’t want to support the app, you can use an online gif cropper. It is really useful and fun to capture moments of my family. Props to you, just hope the developers maintain the app quality. Thanks
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1 year ago, Thestrand72
Love using it
Great App, love using its interface easily. Just waiting for them to add EXPOSURE as another yet mostly needed correction filter. When are you going to add this filter? It’s been awhile since I’ve been using this. If having this filter is obvious to me and other Apps that integrate it, then what’s the long holdup to have it exist here? Also, this app needs the function of. Ring able to save your filters that are applied so that you can copy paste them on the same material
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5 years ago, BakeUpAStorm
NOT Actually Free - “Limited Feature” App, You have to pay $4.99 to use it!
That’s one of my biggest “pet peeves” about “free” apps. Yes, they *say* they’re free but then when you actually go to use them it’s $4.99 to unlock the majority of the features, if you don’t pay the $4.99 it has a huge watermark, etc. Apple shouldn’t allow apps in the store like this. Either mark them as “limited feature” apps and make the developers explain, verbatim, what you get in the “limited feature” version or just make it $4.99 and you get the actual app. Otherwise? It’s really just bait and switch. The app functionality has good potential, but it really leaves a “bad taste in my mouth” when developers use this tactic (and worse yet that Apple allows it).
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5 months ago, Joshua Levesque
My Review
Good GIF app overall, but little things for some features could be improved and it’d be nice if the price was lowered. One thing worth improving is the speed editing of videos. Whenever I want to slow down a video before converting it to a GIF, I specifically want it two times slower, but it’s not possible sometimes because sometimes the seconds in the FPS won’t increase to double the amount. So please add specific increments to your speed feature like 2x, 4x, etc. That would be greatly appreciated.
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12 months ago, Monsieur Translatieur
Very intuitive
I have used several programs in the past few years to edit gifs on my phone but this is the one that I have kept. It is incredibly intuitive and very powerful for a phone app. It shines in editing premade gifs, apple live photos, and converting videos to gif. I would not use this to make gifs from scratch though I would not use any phone program for making images from scratch. One of my most used apps
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5 years ago, Chicken ❤️er
I wasn't sure what to expect, even after reading reviews, so when I began, I was pleasantly surprised. It was simple to choose and trim a video; the instructions were very clear. There were tons of easy ways to edit the videos including adding stickers and text. You can save and/or share the gifs when you are done. There is also a pro version you can buy. It gives you several more options than the normal version. So, over all, an excellent app.
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5 years ago, Dezikins00
Omg finally I’ve found the perfect gif maker. Not only is this app easy to use, the gifs save in HIGH QUALITY! I made the mistake of wasting $6.00 on a different app that claimed to provide high quality gifs when saving but nope...such a waste. Thank you for providing us with such a great app. You have no idea how much time I spent trying to find a worthy gif making app. To those complaining - I’m assuming your issues are with previous versions because the app seems to be working just fine now. 🤷🏻‍♀️
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11 months ago, BHunter2889
Excellent App - Well Worth Premium Upgrade
This does everything I need it to do and then some. My only complaint is the save options are a little limited in terms of resizing. Example: GIPHY best practices suggest a file size of 8mb or less but the options jump from <7mb to <10. Also, there is no resizing the resolution or frame reduction/blending options that can be done simultaneously with a target size that most online converters and other gif tools allow.
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3 years ago, imagained
Best GIF maker I’ve tried
Works great. I wanted a high res gif maker and this seems to be it. Also I love that I can quickly loop vids with music!! It’s intuitive and took all of 3 minutes to learn to use. I’ve had a few other apps but they went as good (and/or had a hefty subscription price). So glad I found this one. My only complaint is that the max length is 20 seconds of vid but that’s okay since gifs really should only be a few seconds anyway.
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