Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker

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4.5 (54.7K)
99.3 MB
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Current version
Imgur, Inc.
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Imgur: Funny Memes & GIF Maker

4.5 out of 5
54.7K Ratings
5 years ago, UnableToThinkOfAWittyNickname
The ads....SOOOO many ads.
I’m fine with the intermittent ads shuffled between multiple gifs on the same post. I’m fine with the full page ads between posts. The browser redirect ads though are beyond annoying. I tried to address the issue with support because those ads are SUPPOSED to be in violation of Imgur’s policy. Since reporting, it seems as though the amount of these invasive ads has grown exponentially. Every three to five posts and I have to close the App Store popup, then close Safari, and only then can I return to browsing in this poorly maintained, under managed app. I’d suggest avoiding this app if you value your sanity and the security of your phone.
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1 year ago, HyperionIX
Imgur “temporarily” over capacity for over a year…
For over a year now, both the app and website have been completely unusable/unreachable with any browser Imgur link as well as just trying to open the app itself. In fact, at this point, I am just flat out unable to access Imgur’s services. Imgur’s app was actually quite nice (for browsing), and the occasional notifications you’d get felt quite kind. Unfortunately, with this overcapacity thing going on for so long, Imgur being the world’s largest database for accessible and shareable digital media is just a myth at this point (and I imagine no longer even possible with the unregistered user change). I do not know if this is a case of IP banning or targeted device exclusion, as this happens about 75% of the time on pc and 100% on iOS, regardless of whether I am connected to internet through mobile (3/4/5g) or a wide variety of static internet access points like routers in different locations. No VPN, tried with at least 3 different ISP’s. Also, this is the web version of the error: {"data":{"error":"Imgur is temporarily over capacity. Please try again later."},"success":false,"status":403} . TL;DR: Imgur App and website forever inaccessible, not worth downloading or using an app for a service that basically doesn’t exist.
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2 years ago, Intertube consumer
Impossible to Use
For several years now, the app has been progressively getting wide and worse. It’s too the point bias that regardless of the device I’m on, I have maybe 5 minutes before the app stutters and crashes. That entire time it’s making my devices burning hot and draining battery like nothing else I’ve ever used. That’s when I’m not getting punted to external sites or the App Store by increasing intrusive ads. The app is simply unusable, and over the course of YEARS it’s clear Imgur is either incapable or unwilling to provide its users (and their ad revenue) with a usable app experience. Even using their website, it’s nothing but crashes and hangs and failures to load, when ad loading doesn’t jerk the page location around almost continually. I’m not sure what Imgur’s aversion is to not tormenting their monetary base, but it’s ridiculous and a wholly broken model. And now they want us to buy paid subscriptions? Why should anyone pay a single penny for something you can’t even access without hours of frustration and a dead battery in an hour? This is simply a complete failure of an app, and a complete failure of a company to provide any kind of reasonable user experience.
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4 years ago, ketchcrap
Memes, Politics, Vitriol
Let’s just start off by saying it’s no longer what it used to be. I joined imgur in 2014 after a year or so of lurking. Imgur was in its prime, constant newly shared content, memes, etc. The point based system was addicting and trying to share new and funny things to connect with the community was exciting. Eventually though, it strayed away from being an exciting, open and accepting community to one of a single purpose, “you’re either with us or against us, you either agree with us, or we’re going to erase you from the platform.” I’m not talking about the developers and creators, I’m talking about the community. The community has essentially destroyed what imgur once was. These days imgur is strictly about politics and making sure you’re on their side and you agree with their policies more so than about connecting people and sharing content. If you join imgur I suggest staying off the front page as it is full of anger, hatred and vitriol, if you disagree with someone they will make sure others attack you for what you believe in. Imgur is no longer an accepting community, but a haven for rude and insensitive people looking to tear down whatever it is you believe in.
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4 years ago, Avlongirl
An actual detriment to even have downloaded
My main problem with the Imgur mobile site is that it massively downgraded the quality of images, which is annoying for normal pictures but is actually crippling for your ability to read any text on the images that’s somewhat small. Zooming in or opening the image in a new tab do nothing to help. I assumed downloading the app would let me see things in full resolution. It’s annoying that you need to log in and select topics of interest. The fact that it tries to create a feed for you makes it feel like the app is trying to force you to treat it like reddit or a social media site where you just scroll through an infinite feed. That’s not what I and most people use Imgur for, and it’s just an awkward thing. Even beyond the minor annoyances, the biggest issue is that it doesn’t at all improve the quality, and it prevents you from opening anything on the mobile website by automatically redirecting you to the app. This second part is a huge problem because the only actual way to view images in high quality is through the “request desktop website” function on the safari browser app, which you can’t do if you have the Imgur app downloaded because it won’t let you open the Imgur mobile website at all, meaning you can’t switch over to the desktop site to actually view your images. So needless to say I’ve deleted the app and am actively searching for an alternative to Imgur that isn’t such a dumpster fire to use on mobile.
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6 years ago, Dr. Missile
Inferior to the mobile website
I look at imgur for images not for comments. If I want comments I’ll look at reddit. The problem with the mobile app is that each post is cluttered with other annoying and unwanted information such as comments, links, and tags and there is an unwanted toolbar persistent at the bottom of the screen. The result is that only 50% of the screen is dedicated to the actual image. Also, on the website, if you click the ‘view more’ button, it expands the the additional posts inline. The app takes you to a different page, requiring going back and forth a lot. Personally I hate this and much prefer the contiguous browsing experience of the website. All in the app provides an very unpleasant image viewing experience. As an aside, that you can no longer hide the ‘view in app’ button on the mobile website is pretty effing obnoxious. How bout this- make the app better than the website, catering to my and I assume others desire to view images more fluidly.
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4 years ago, Jeff1235632
Too Political
Imgur used to have very wholesome and inspiring stories that would cheer up ones day. Now it headlines constant political posts written by edgy teenagers that promote violence and bullying on literally anybody who doesn’t fit whatever twisted leftist version they perverted on here. Because whatever this is on this app is not true leftist. I have seen posts promoting violence on not just police officers but their FAMILIES too and even posts that idolize convicted pedophiles as heroes. If you try to have any form of a debate with someone you will get downvoted by the rest and eventually banned from commenting or posting. I don’t know who they have monitoring these posts but it is atrocious that they allow such hate to be headlined on an app that they themselves advertise as being a place where everyone can come together. If they want the app to get better to what it once was they need to filter the system so that everyday normal users can find what they want without having to sort through hateful posts that were written by toxic people.
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2 years ago, Carlhungus84
Basically malware
I have loved Imgur for years. Was basically my only form of social media and was my escape from reality with dank memes and a constant stream of quality OC including wholesome uplifting content that helped me through tough times. Everything changed when they introduced the app. I tried really hard to just get through it and figured it was just growing pains but it’s been years of an absolutely terrible app experience and has gone from seemingly incompetent to now being malicious. This app cripples your phone. There’s multiple posts showing how many trackers and data mining features accompany downloading it. It absolutely wrecks my battery and crashes almost constantly. Then after using their users to harvest data they are now pushing a premium service to make more money. They have historically had some of the best content creators on social media and now it’s just a malware app that jams ads down your throat and bricks your phone. Too bad I really enjoyed my time.
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6 years ago, Electrimatics
It gets worse every time
Let me first correct the description: Imgur is not the easiest way to discover spicy memes. There is a fresh batch of spambot posts every minute. Your phone is about to get slower, hotter, and most definitely less funny. Recent updates have proven the company has loss regard for its users and focused a little too much on how the can extract money by making viewing posts less user friendly by the minute. I understand that this is a free app and a business model must make money, but beware of floating ad bars, adds between every few posts, adds in the middle of threads, and so on. And they aren't just ads; they are intrusive, prompt users to download malware on the regular, show pornographic images, and freeze a post when they fail to load (which, again, is a common occurrence). When I joined a few years ago, I would have, without a doubt, given Imgur 6 stars. This is the only way we are able to speak up, as posts challenging the company are deleted within the app itself.
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2 years ago, VulnoX
Slow and Battery Draim
I’ll gladly update this once they fix it, but I have an iPhone 13 Pro Max, and within the last month Imgur becomes almost unusable. It lags so bad you have to swipe a few times to go to the next image, and I can watch my battery drop by a percent a minute and the phone gets extremely warm. No other app does this and if I force close Imgur and reopen it, it’s fine for a bit and seems very snappy, but within five minutes or so starts to slow down again. It’s almost like the app is loading and caching all these new ads and not releasing it when you go to the next image so the phone is trying to maintain a hundred instances of the ad in the background. Just a guess anyway, there’s some correlation since the new ads were added and since closing it completely and reopening gets it working well for a bit, something is sticking and not releasing resources.
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3 years ago, Annnna91
Bad programming/UI, has gone downhill in recent years
Imgur was one of my favorite places to upload and share pictures, but in recent years they’ve made this process increasingly difficult. First, they took away the ability to edit images; simple cropping, adding lettering, drawing, etc. why? Now, it’s impossible to add pictures from my uploads to separate albums. If it isn’t, it’s incredibly difficult to find. Speaking of which, the UI is awful. I get that this Imgur is going for a more social media approach and that’s their prerogative, but you don’t have to disable image editing tools. That would make an image sharing app better lol. I found out how to edit my albums(delete photos,rearrange) in the app, but it isn’t intuitive and takes forever to get to work. I have no idea why these changes have been made. Hoping to hop on elsewhere that’s more like the old Imgur.
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6 years ago, coopman200
They don’t care about the community
The Imgur Devs seem to pride themselves on having at least decent interactions with their community in the past. There was a kind of trust that the devs wouldn’t do anything to drastic to sellout the users. For example, around a year ago they made a promise that they would never have intrusive advertisements, only banner ads. Well they have either forgotten their promises or have decided that they don’t care about the users anymore, since ads will now show up in the middle of posts. I understand that companies that provide a product for “free” need to make revenue somehow, but this is too far. Making ads in intrusive places where people can accidentally click on them, (yes we know it’s on purpose), will turn users away. Not to mention all the malware and dangerous ads that can appear both on the app and website. I’ve been on Imgur since basically the beginning, and it has gone from a small company that I adored to just another sellout.
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6 years ago, xXthat1dudeXx
Back In My Day...
Dear Reader, Back in 2012 when I first became a member of imgur, the site was a great get away. It was a fantastic way to unwind after work for 15 minutes get a few laughs and continue with my day. It was efficient, straightforward, and fun. Now, though, it’s loaded with ads and slower than any app I’ve ever used. It starts off alright, but slows down 2-3 images in. After that it’s slow to transition from one .gif to the next. God forbid you run your finer over an ad. It’ll sit there and spin for a minute then load up an ad you care nothing about. At this point, you have to close the app completely and restart it, assuming you want to continue dealing with it. Back in my day it was fun. Back in my day it was efficient. Back in my day imgur was the place to be. Now it’s inefficient and a reminder of how the internet (a reflection of the world) just isn’t what it once was. There’s usually animals, so that deserves a star.
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9 months ago, Ayrton117
Used to be good
Full screen ads that pop up when you aren’t even touching your phone. Ads that hijack clicks. Crashes for me a few times a week. Political posts that are hard to escape from, even with 30 filters configured (why are untagged posts allowed to get to the front page at all?). Images that had already loaded just disappear from the comment section until you exit and reload a post. Navigating back from a post can cause the list to jump and items to get duplicated. I’ve sent in problem reports and uploaded my logs for some of these issues, but they still keep happening. It doesn’t seem like the company still cares about making an enjoyable product since they got acquired. I hope I’m wrong and just unlucky. I appreciate that ad-free is so inexpensive, but it’s hard to want to subscribe to something so buggy when I’m only here for laughs.
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1 year ago, Medieval G
A political cesspool of propaganda
Like the majority of liberal ran social media apps this is a cesspool of extremely biased, one sided propaganda masquerading as an entertainment app. It’s only useful function is as an image hosting tool to share images on other, much better forums. Other than that, it’s complete garbage for the typical angsty, edgy zoomer that dreams about destroying everyone that doesn’t fit her/his narrow, warped worldview, and is just searching for an outlet for their hate. Unlike some apps that are moving away from political drivel, this one is only doubling down on it. Not only that, but the posts are getting more and more extreme. People are actually celebrating the deaths of those that disagree with them, praising pedophiles and encouraging violence against any and all dissent. Not only that, but even the memes that are promoted are all political, and it’s clear so much of this content is generated by bots. People wonder why others are so toxic. Apps like this are your answer.
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4 years ago, Jbrown757
Not what it used to be
Imgur, after being a member for 4 years I deleted my account and your app from my devices. I used your product to catch a laugh and see some cool stuff. Now, I sort through political bogus constantly and your app is nothing like what it was. I am afraid to say, your community has become a political breeding ground for bias news and unchecked facts. (And I don’t even support Trump but some of that stuff on there is just putting noise in people’s heads. It’s close to the election so I understand it’s a front page topic, but the negativity toward Trump with not one opposing view or slight toward the other side is shameful.) I will return should your rules change to sort out political nonsense. Until then, I wish you the best in your communities future.
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10 months ago, East Bay Rob
Flawless Water-cooler
Imgur should change its image to resemble a virtual water cooler because that essentially what their team has created. Within the span of a few days I garnished a viral following. That’s irrelevant to me really. What I love are the deeply felt, but logically driven conversations that occur in my feed. If someone disagrees with an argument or thought I have then most individuals will state their opinion with actual evidence to support there thesis. This kind of discourse is what this company strives for which is rare amongst corporate driven lemmings. Whatever bug fixes or user friendly issues I may have with their platform are forgivable . Big thanks to their customer service agents who are very supportive & actually humans, what a concept.
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3 years ago, ~[Redacted]~
I’m going to continue to use it, but something has to change
Look, I understand an occasional reboot and losing my place. However, I’m halfway into a comment get a text or look at google I expect to at the very least be on the same image when I get back to Imgur. Maybe don’t have what I had written but at least I can find it easily enough and continue where I left off. But, every single time I leave the app it crashes and resets. For something that resets and changes where and what you were looking at it’s almost impossible to find the image or comment I was trying to reply to. It’s so frustrating and is actually make me angry enough to stop using the app for awhile until I forget and go to use it to forget about time. THIS, is what will make me leave if nothing is done. Or have a history tab so I can go look at what I’ve viewed recently if your gonna crash everytime I leave the app to text or google something.
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4 years ago, AreYouReadyForTheCountry
Leftist Mouthpiece
Imgur is a leftist garbage propaganda website. It used to be a lot of fun, cat videos, dog memes and smokin hotties in bikini’s all over the front page. Now it’s just an “Orange Man Bad” website. These people are so bitter and eaten up with radical leftism, they cannot help but spew propaganda. If you try to bring up an opposing view point you’re post or comment are downvoted. These downvotes effect your account, and once you reach -200 points your account is banned from commenting or posting. So if you do not support radical left wing communism and you offer a different viewpoint or argument, you’re silenced. Try mentioning how communism was the most dangerous ideology of the 20th century and is responsible for the death of nearly 100 million people. All facts. The Antifa/communists will downvote you, insult you with vile and vulgar threats and even death threats. This is all supported by the radical leftist moderators and creators of the website. It’s disgusting and I’m sure this review will be deleted as well.
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2 years ago, Riorach
Used to be my favorite..
I was a standardly Mobile user for IMGUR, but with the new adsly incorporation it’s become unusable. The ads provided crash the app, are a trap for your fingers and you feel like you’re trying to tiptoe around tripwires to not click an ad. They’re bright and flashy in comparison to an app that usually is darker so you feel flashbanged and it can be disorienting. (Yes brighter than the memes, and a lot of the ads auto play and are strobe light flashy) I had to uninstall. I really hope IMGUR chooses different placements for ads and picks a better provider or I can’t ever use it again, and it saddens me because I love it. It was my place to get memes but it’s unuseable now. I may return in a few months when they update and see if they’ve fixed these issues and update this review, but as someone who’s been on IMGUR mobile since close to the apps creation(and before that on the website) if they can’t fix these errors this will be a parting of the ways. I really hope that doesn’t have to become a permanent reality. I’m not asking for all ads to be removed, but please IMGUR, pick a different company or manually choose which ads to place. The promoted ad pages and the “post” style ads were fine, but the comment banners and blocks are ludicrous and ruin the experience completely.
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2 years ago, Clydeman420
Imgur used to be great
I’ll start off by saying I don’t use Facebook, twitter, tik tok, etc… I started visiting Imgur sometime in 2013. It was a great place to go for funny stories, tv and movie reviews, or just to take a break from everyday stress. Notice I said “was”. As soon as Donald Trump was elected it drastically changed. Everything was anti Trump. I supported him, but I didn’t use this platform to shove my beliefs down everyone’s throats. I believed it couldn’t get any worse, but I was so wrong. Covid happened. Every other post was either someone screaming “ WEAR A MASK”, or “STAY HOME”, or other such nonsense. If anyone out there wants to be on the only true free speech platform, get on GAB. They’re banned from the App Store because they refused to censor anyone. All internet providers refused to let them operate unless they censored. Again GAB refused and they built a totally independent social media site. Find them on the web and add to Home Screen.
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3 years ago, jmbp13
Too political
I’ve been browsing/using since 2012 and this is the first time I’ve felt compelled to say something. I’ve had this app on my phone since 2013 and I just realized I haven’t opened it regularly in several months or even a year. The politics have just taken over and that was never my initial desire from this community. I downloaded and browsed to see cool posts about gaming, interesting pictures, funny stories, animals, etc. basically anything but politics.. but I have felt so unwelcome by Imgur for a couple of years now because of how the community has become and how it propagates the “us vs. them” mentality. I dont care about people’s political ideologies; I respect everyone’s right to their opinion. But when every other post is a headline demonizing half the population, it gets to be a bit much. I hate that it’s come to this, I miss what it used to be but nothing good lasts forever.
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4 years ago, jmgreen1421
Long time user
I’ve been a member of Imgur for 7 years and I still find it’s the main place I go to scroll. However the most recent update forces the app to reload if you leave it for more than about 10 seconds which is SO FRUSTRATING because if I switch apps because someone messaged me or I want to look something up about a post, when I go back I lose my place in the feed and have to scroll through what I’ve already seen to get back to where I was. I’m also an iOS developer and I know there’s always a ton of unintended functionality that comes with app development, especially with iOS 14, so this might not be something that is even being tracked or thought of for UX. But it is the worst bug right now in my opinion and is very disruptive to the normal user experience
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7 years ago, Punkishgoddess
Great and (at times) Enlightening Time-waster
This community is fantastic, even the trolls make you laugh at times. If you have yet to experience Imgur, please do yourself a favor and try it out.... sometimes it can take a couple of days to get hooked and see the beauty of this community. It’s five star hands down. Now as for this version... I gave it four stars because the notifications seems broken, at least for me. It shows that I have them but when I open the app and select notifications it never generates anything other than “Imgur-verse” instructionals. I know how hard you guys work to squash these little bugs, which I’m uber thankful for, and I’m hopeful this will be corrected shortly.
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3 years ago, Meeks4532
Horrible Anymore
This site is awful now. It’s one big far left circle jerk. I used to love coming on Imgur and used it since the very beginning. It was always good for a laugh. Now every post is just hateful garbage. They hate conservatives, women, and fat people (specifically fat women) with such unbridled rage that it will really blow your mind. I’m a woman and the incels are thick. I finally deleted the app a while back and haven’t thought about it much since. If there’s a post where a woman gets punched in the face you’ll hear a lot of MRA slogans like, “Equal rights means equal lefts!” Seriously??? If your opinions differs at all they’ll set upon you with the most vile attacks ever calling you a racist, smooth brain, idiot, etc. anything they can think. Become part of the hive mind and don’t think for yourself at all or question anything and maybe you’ll enjoy this singular thought cesspool. I’m off to greener pastures.
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4 years ago, omenapple
Days gone
Imgur used to be fun, then it went towards the money and more and more ads. Constantly trying to push its users to use the “updated view” which looks hideous (kakis meme here) and reacts terribly. I joined Imgur back in 2010, back when it was more of the Wild West but still tried to maintain its PCness. The users had more control and you didn’t have an ad trying to sell you on a terrible movie or a new blender or XYZ. The app runs terribly it crashes and it now forces users to put your phone number into it so that it can “verify” your account. I can tell you that I put a fake number into it, with no previous contacts, the number I didn’t use for anything had for 10 days before putting into the app and a day later got an automated call. Imgur. I. Am. Done. No faith in you, you sold out on your site, sold out from what you were made for, sold info and have an awful app.
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4 years ago, pete479
Not what it used to be
Rehashing essentially what jbrown757 mentioned. Unfortunately Imgur has become a graveyard of political memes to vilify one side of the political party and apotheosize the other. I don’t even like Trump, but actual fake news regularly reaches the front page now because of the nature of community voting. I’ve redownloaded the app several times but each time the temptation to participate in political memery or even gloss over it is outweighed by how absolutely one-sided the content is. If you need your outrage to be massaged even more in 2020, then this app may be right for you. Otherwise, idk what else to say. I came to imgur looking for funny memes but left in search of a shower
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5 years ago, DCpwnz
Baffling lack of basic functionality
As a standalone app, I’m sure Imgur works fine, but attempting to open a high-resolution image that you found through another service seems to actually be impossible. I found a reddit post with an image I’d like as a wallpaper for my phone. Some users recommended setting the imgur website to desktop mode for a high-res version, but that option has apparently been removed from the web version. Hitting the “open in app” button simply opens the apple store, trying to save the image to my account just tells me that the browser version has been discontinued, and searching the exact title of the image returns no results. Even with the exact imgur URL for the image, there is no way to access it through the app. This should be a simple process. The “Open in App” button should just open the image, but it somehow fails to do even that.
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4 years ago, AKosDaBoss
I feel bad giving this app this rating, but I feel like I have to based on what it is these days. I used to get on Imgur when I was having a slow or rough day to laugh at some memes, smile at wholesome content, learn a new thing or two, and just generally enjoy some interesting and entertaining content. Those days are over. You get on now and the posts just make you more depressed than you already were. Half the posts are political BS and the rest isn’t what it used to be. Why did it have to come to this? It’s not what the platform was intended to be. It should be a lighthearted corner of the internet. If you lean left politically, you might like it. If you lean right, you’ll be mad at what you’re seeing but laugh. If you’re a true moderate not enticed by the identity politics of today, you will hate it like nothing else to see this is what the world has come to.
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2 years ago, ScrewedbySamsung
Turns your phone into a small heater
Imgur is the best app I’ve found for turning your iphone into a small heater. Sometimes there’s an update that breaks this functionality, and my phone stays very cold. However, that problem is usually fixed very quickly. I’ve noticed some changes with the ads, and I’m now able to warm my entire home again with the heat the app causes my iphone to produce. I can’t recommend Imgur enough as the best free phone heater app you can find. I’m assuming it’s the ads and other special sauce that makes this possible, so keep up the good work at adding more ads and data mining! I hope to one day open the app to just ads. ADS! as far as my little fingers can scroll. Then I will be able to provide enough heat for my small village.
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5 years ago, flxwerjjj
I love Imgur but...
Tbh I love using Imgur to save photos in my own albums etc., but the only thing I was kind of dissatisfied with was when I guess every time I exceed the number of images in an album, it’ll most of the time rearrange my photos in the album by itself even when I chose not to rearrange my photos that way. If possible, I hope there’ll be a solution for this. And also for every time I put a link or something in the description part of the photos, when I refresh the page, the link will appear to be broken and not together. I hope that'll be fixed soon as well. I still love Imgur though!
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2 years ago, ChrisPineTree
Ads ruin everything again
Every single update lately adds more ads in various places. Below posts, below comments, halfway through comment threads, halfway through pic dumps, after every 3 posts, and in the grid view. Every single spot they could have squeezed and ad in, has an ad. Ads play audio without permission so you have to be sure your phone is muted at all times. Now the ads load videos randomly that then open a full screen video player without asking which is disgusting enough on its own but it also locks out swipe gestures so you have to find the x button to close the video or literally force close the app because the ad locked it up and hijacked all control. User experience is no longer given any thought, it’s now “ad experience”.
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3 years ago, InnapropriateUsername
Absolute tragedy
They prioritize cramming ads down ur throat but not basic site maintenance. So many ads, it barely loads at all and just freezes for several seconds no matter your internet speeds. If u scroll by an ad it will open the link if you, even by accident, touch the link while scrolling. And there are so many its impossible to go 5 seconds without an entire site loading at random. Comments won’t be posted at random so you can’t ever finish talking to someone. Id be embarrassed to be associated with the site. Id give 0 stars if it let me. It was fine in the beginning but whoever is in charge now couldn’t care less about running the app. Id say fix it, but we all know they either don’t know how or are completely uninterested in running a community
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2 years ago, rdselle
What happened to simple photo hosting?
UPDATE- Now you have to choose 5 things to follow to finish signing in. It can't be topics you choose either, you have to choose from the extremely limited pool of options they give you. Total garbage. I am going to look for new hosting options. I miss the days when imgur was a traditional photo host that allowed you to just upload pictures and organize them into albums. Now you can't do anything with your albums on a mobile device and have to make a social-media style post rather than just upload a picture. I'm sure this app is technically fine, but it completely misses the mark in its feature set. The desktop website is headed the same direction. I guess it's time for me to find a new hosting service.
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2 years ago, Lambj5
“Cannot Decode”
I have had this app for over 6 years and it’s definitely gone downhill. I get the error “cannot decode” on half of the images so GIFs will not play or pictures will not show up. Then I’ll be scrolling for awhile and it’ll just stop uploading picture all together - just gray. It’s not my wifi or connection. I’d also agree that it stopped being funny memes or new content, it’s all political crap. It’s annoying because I use it before bed to just wind down and used to see cats, peoples cool hobbies, etc and now it’s America politics, war, abortion rights, etc. I can no longer look at “new content” or else that’ll keep my wide awake. I know Imgur has made an effort to get away from this with sponsored content weeks for pets, hobbies, etc but it just hasn’t worked.
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4 years ago, ÆON-179
Pros and Cons
Pros: • Lots of communities. • Plethora of Images. • Ability to set post to “public” or “hidden”. • Useful for linking things in Discord/Reddit • Friendly UI • *Refer to other reviews for more Cons: • Stolen posts from other sites • Stolen content without source • Can find the same things on Reddit • Not so friendly community (personal experience) • Bots/Trolls • Few unique posts • *Refer to other reviews for more IMO I use the app for uploading pictures so I can link them in other sites if I can’t post an image directly. It’s helpful for that alone. You can find about ~85% of the same content on Reddit and other sites. So if you need an app for showing images to others through a link then this app is just right for you. Otherwise, I would suggest using other sites for forum style things since Imgur isn’t really best suited for it. I encourage you to test it out though and see how it feels for yourself. (2 star because I’m honestly fed up with the community in general and how as a newcomer I was treated poorly as well as how most of the content is stolen and doesn’t give credit)
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5 years ago, Darad227
Stupid Stupid Site, Awful App
Recently and gladly deleted this annoying app from my phone and cancelled my account. They expect you to walk a fine line to post things and knit pick posts that aren’t even offensive, often threatening to cancel your membership or ban you altogether. I’ve tried to reconsider their decisions but it’s a waste of time trying. Plus, the whole site is riddled with immature trolls who bullies everything, yet won’t do anything about them or ban the ones who should be banned. I’m done. Reddit is much better with less restrictions.
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3 years ago, woopiggie
It's the app, not the site
The imgur site itself is an awesome platform. It is the gold standard for meme sharing and banter. My issue is with the app. The app itself is awful. First, if you back out of the app for even 5 seconds, it automatically refreshes itself and you then have to scroll back through everything you've just spent 10 minutes looking at yo get where you were. And this is IF you can ever get back to that point. This is a setting you cannot change. Second, it is constantly giving me the notification bubble and I will visit every screen and there aren't any notifications. This happens all the time. Finally, they ask you to pay money for an ad free experience but half the ads are imgur ads trying to get you to pay to skip ads.. lame.
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6 years ago, Zooby42
Truly disappointed.
The ads are getting ridiculous. I get that they need to make money and I have no problems with that but the ads are just getting more and more invasive. First, they just popped up below the posts. After that, they popped up between images in longer posts and comments. That second one is where it started getting bad. They’d redirect me from imgur even when I didn’t tap them and the app would cause my phone to heat up and lose battery life. Once they fixed those issues, they started putting ads between posts on top of all of the other ad placements. Now, they’ve added new ads that play sound without being tapped and the old malicious ads are back again. I love imgur and its community but the app is so loaded with malicious ads, I’m uninstalling it.
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2 years ago, GringitoDeAmerrrrrrica
More Ads With Your Memes
Yes, Emerald is a thing, but I find it annoying and concerning that regular users are being pushed more and more ads. The latest update to the app now shows, in addition to the standard ad bar at the bottom of the screen, an ad at the bottom of the post before you reach the comments. Don’t forget, this is on top of the ad that shows up if you click to see more comments. So, every single post you see will have at least two ads, more of you open comments or scroll down the page. This is also all on top of the full-page ad you’ll see every 5th post. Moreover, Imgur is known to use less-than-ideal ad network providers, which opens up a whole other set of security concerns. Nice job guys.
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10 months ago, Justin007h1
too political and malware
I’ve been using Imgur for years to share photos via links to other websites that don’t allow you to post an image however I never really engaged with the public content on the front page until recently I clicked a post and another user made a comment disagreeing with something on the left way of thinking and they used their cats as an example which I commented how much I liked that he/she used the cats as a fellow cat person however I then got spammed with death threats and accused of being a right wing bot my account was suspended the next day. When I asked the developer why I was told it was for homophobic and racist behavior. And now I find out the app was taking the most resources of any app in my phone somehow.
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7 years ago, Aisha918
Nuff said
It’s an app that I’ve had for a long time, through all the updates and random changes. I’ve been here since the beginning idea of folders, the pleas and after years the final hurrah of getting them. This app is addictive, strangely not in a bad way, and because it’s very easy to understand I can find things extremely easy. And it’s interactive. I LOVE how interactive it is. I wish the “did you miss the day before?” Option would come back, I loved clicking and going back to the posts I missed the day before. But it’s super amazing
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8 months ago, distfm
Better for content than any other social app
Thanks for restoring tap-to-highlight. Had been missing that feature much more than I expected in recent days. This plus the ability to easily download videos and images to camera roll makes Imgur stand out over every other content app out there. FB, Insta, etc are all turning into content factories and no longer really feel social or have community, but they also make it deliberately unwieldy to save and curate the content.
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5 years ago, Worfner
Great App has a few problems though. Minor but great.
Honestly. Used to love the app. It seemed like a good alternative to FBs drama and IG’s fakeness but I’ll tell you this. It’s all a lie. It’s like reddit combined with FB, IG and Twitter but worse. People can spam images and basically farm points like there’s not tomorrow. I’ve been on a year and got 13,000 points. Roughly 300 comments and 10 images the entire time I’m on. Guy joins 3 months and posts 20 images a day and farms 64,000 points. The people are okay in the main area. There’s no sub areas so everything goes into mainstream basically creating a giant trash pit of sad stories, memes, political pictures and other things that you’ll realize. I could this find on Facebook. Another thing is the letter count. It’s so awful. It’s like Twitter’s and it can get annoying when you’re in a discussion with someone and you can’t say all you have to say on one thing. Overall I’d say, check it out but also get reddit and join one of there communities and compare the 2. Quantity vs Quality is how I see it.
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3 years ago, NacnudSnevets
A veritable graveyard of unfunny and uninteresting.
Now, I understand fully that everyone has their own personal interests and hobbies and subjects they like to pursue. I encourage people to keep up with said interests regardless of how I personally feel about them. It’s not my business why they like something, and as long as they’re happy then what’s the bother? Imgur is the exception to this rule. Imgur is the massive, unwieldy echo chamber of stagnant comedy and the same five DIY videos plastered across its face for the past four years- I know this because I stopped using the site four years ago. I spent fifteen minutes perusing the app and was summarily disappointed. There were no new ideas, no growth, no changes for the better. I even got obtrusive ads that played music while browsing, something I was told years ago shouldn’t happen at all! It just wasn’t fun. There was no appealing features, nothing to draw my interest. Just the same jokes as always, the same unpleasant interface, and the same laggy app that overheats my phone after five minutes. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is soured.
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2 years ago, herpderpderpyderpherpderp
App Burns My Phone
This review is about the app. Imgur itself it great, I love it. Even though I love Imgur, I don't like using this app often because it absolutely chews up my phone. After just about 15 minutes using the app, it devours a quarter of my battery percentage; my phone gets hot to the touch; my performance drops to insultingly low levels. But it all stops when I close the app - and the website doesn't do this. It really makes me wonder if something else is being done in the background, beyond just loading images. Why can I stream hours of movies, be on video calls, and play video games, yet nothing I can do with my phone comes anywhere close to how much the Imgur app kills my phone? It is, quite frankly, ridiculous.
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2 years ago, Mdfitzg25
I miss the old app
I loved this app back when i discovered it like 7 years ago. So many great memes that made bad days a little better. But slowly things have gotten worse and worse. I didn't really mind they changed the way the app looked, or moderated it a little strictly compared to years ago. My problem with really started when adds were implemented into the app. I understand the need to generate revenue but when an add can randomly start blaring sound either in my ears if i have headphones on or the the phones speakers then there comes a time when you have to ask, is there other places i can look at the same stuff that does not annoy me to do so? I think I'm done with this app and hope they figure it out.
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2 years ago, paid mods are terrible
Imgur site moderators must be highly evaluated before site moral improves
The paid moderators are worthless. Propagating a far left-wing mentality that constantly flags and disregarded anyone else of a different mindset, all the while suspending/banning users for the most mild of comments,that are made across all posts (all the while even having the same verbiage used in the same easy to access community accessible gif bank). There is absolutely no middle of the road, no fair and just, in the scrutiny of issuing warnings, only that which please the individual paid moderator, and nothing that even begins to reflect that of the whole community. Until an actual even-keeled and just biased is shown, will I ever begin to stop issuing these one star reviews.
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4 years ago, CapricornAngel
Very anti-Trump, posts get removed
Only pro-democrat statements are allowed to be posted. I notice that anything written positively about Trump is downvoted to oblivion, which seems to be the norm since it is so tightly connected to Reddit. Pro-Trump facts in the comments section are removed (yes, the wall has over 400 miles built and not the rhetoric that it never went up). Reposts are all too common with the reposter not giving credit to the original poster. Too many posts of their pets passing away that it is like a Facebook post and artists showing their creations with a link to buy to avoid actually paying for true advertising. Too much of the same old. With my rankings aside, I do enjoy some things that are posted and you can be alerted of new posts from someone that you follow.
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2 years ago, RobD319
Favorite website, but…
the app itself is pretty awful. I can only use the app for a few minutes before my phone completely overheats. It will get so hot to the touch that it’s very concerning. It’s ONLY the Imgur app that does this. I can be on my phone for hours playing games, watching videos, browsing the internet, etc, but as soon as I use the Imgur app for 5 minutes the phone overheats. I pick my phone up after it’s been sitting for an hour and open the Imgur app, a few minutes later have to put it down because of how hot and slow it’s getting. Looked online and this is an issue that people have been complaining about for years. Truly don’t understand why they won’t fix the problem.
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