iMobile Pay by ICICI Bank

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ICICI Bank Ltd
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2 months ago
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User Reviews for iMobile Pay by ICICI Bank

4.75 out of 5
30.9K Ratings
2 years ago, Must Exit
Terribly slow for everything
The app gets slower and slower with each update. Navigating to common tasks takes half a minute or longer (sometimes it just hangs) even with a very fast broadband connection. The animated spinner icon just keeps spinning. A completely native iOS app (this is not one) with faster backend servers would be good to have. Seems like ICICI Bank doesn’t get any testing done for responsiveness and performance. *Sorry, I can’t provide details over email or other channels since it seems like these problems would be quite obvious if the app is really tested.* Update 1: Obviously, the developer response makes it clear that they don’t really read these reviews well. Please just test your app properly, and reduce the number of third party trackers in the app (I use tracker blockers to block appsflyer, app-measurement, etc.). Update 2: What’s with the UPI transfer screens being especially slow as molasses and also failing frequently with errors and asking the customer to email them?
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6 years ago, Biju Balakrishnan
good and handy app
Good app to have to access my account. Had trouble registering the app initially on my iPhone but figured out that I have to select the option for NRI at the bottom of the activate button on the first screen. I am in the US and hence have to select that option rather than activating And sending a text message to an Indian number. I’ve been using this only for a few hours but this is helpful for me to instantly check my account and update the details in it as well. I receive the text messages and OTP messages without any interruption. I will add update the stars later after i use this app extensively
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5 years ago, kish dev
Question security
The application allows anybody who has access to the phone/app to do everything online. I suppose this liberality is very insecure. Usually any international bank in western countries makes it mandatory for the customer to visit the branch for making Fixed deposit transaction, irrespective of the technological advancements they made. Also, doing so is very favorable for the customer; there is specific monitoring on the person who made the FD transaction and tap inflow and outflow of funds. Also the banks provide credit protection, for example if passwords are compromised after your valet is lost, banks will provide up to $1000. ICICI doesn’t seem to put any such taps and puts the risk entirely on the customer which is not a reasonable thing to do. If the password is compromised, simply within minutes the thief can transfer all the amounts from FD and make an online transfer of that amount within minutes. But by this time if the flaw is not detected within one day because the customer is sick or busy there could be devastating losses.
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4 years ago, Venom_eyes87
Number one banking App
They have the best Mobile App as compared to other bank apps like SBI, IndusInd and other banks. Only issue is network issue at some places especially at Shivalik Branch. The App has too many features and most of them are working. I have not used all features, so I cannot comment. Great for instant banking transactions! Easy to use for transactions relating to Cash Deposit, cheque/check deposit, money transfer to different bank accounts, credit card payment, fast tag and other services.
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8 months ago, akhildeep
Not sure why the rating is so high for this app
Many functionalities in the app do not work as intended to. There is no back or home button from many pages or after error occur. Search is a joke, search anything and screen goes white with orange header and footer showing it is still in the app. No results, no directions on how to come out it. Any unsupported or invalid operation does not give any error message and even if it does, again there is no way to go back and start over, e.g. try linking forex card issued by ICICI, it just throws an error and sits there. All in all , completely untested (or tested with no real accounts) V10.2 is no better than V5 for me, only use is; it helps to check an account balance without typing password, hence this rating!
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5 years ago, Nav_amar
This app is a disaster, especially for NRI banking. Now matter how much you try, it is impossible to activate your account if you are an NRI. I have lost count of how many verification messages I have sent to try and activate my account, you can imagine how much it would have cost me sending international messages as the country I live in doesn’t have a local verification number. The customer service is also quite pathetic, after sending countless emails to customer service over the past 9+ months, I have not got even one definitive reply from them, Every-time just getting a generic reply saying we are looking into the matter and will try to solve asap. I don’t think their customer service is qualified enough to handle complaints. For now my rating will have to be 1 star. Would be 0 stars if it was possible.
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2 years ago, ShaanWe
What a terrible joke in the name of an app! Congrats ICICI for almost making me commit suicide
If you are getting comfortable using this app. Just trying hitting “reactivate” on your app my mistake. BOOM! Now you can no longer access your account. You need to regenerate User ID, Password, Call the so called non existent customer care. Get OTP on the same number (no way to verify via e-mail). Months will go by until you can somehow activate and use your net banking account again. Did you guys seriously test this app before publishing? You also have a terrible, terrible interface. A normal person will take hours to find basic features like “Add New Payee” cuz vallah its hidden in the deep.
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5 years ago, akhil20
Convenient but have many flaws and bugs
Used this app on and off for quite some time. Interface has changed many times but still bugs were not fixed. It frequently hangs and hence have to re login. Bill payment is convenient but has a big bug which leads to duplicate payment to billers. If you have multiple bill payments it will only process one line item. For other line items it will fetch the same first bill which you already paid earlier or at times another line item but not the one you are trying to pay. Sent feedback but no response. Also thumbprint login is disabled in last update May be due to security issue. It could have been improved with pin or 2nd authentication when you are transferring funds.
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3 years ago, C_kaur
ICICI Bank and app are both a disaster
It is impossible to reactivate your net banking if you blocked it once due to any reason. The app is useless without it. No way to switch to email for OTP, all other big banks do that today. If you are planning to travel outside India, better to move to a different bank. The customer service is one of the poorest that i have seen anywhere. To get your internet banking reactivated customer service keeps sending you into automated message loops where it is impossible to talk to a customer agent and automated service keeps asking you for the same information to proceed for which you are actually trying to talk to the agent. Being in the USA, I by mistake blocked my net banking account and I realized that my debit card expired too a few weeks prior to that. It has been a year long battle and countless service requests, to get either of the two activated i.e either get new debit card or somehow get an OTP on my email. I am finally giving up. As soon as I am able to travel to India, first thing I am going to do us close this account. So frustrated.
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5 years ago, RaghavChinchure
Improved and faster compared to other bank apps in India
If I compared to other bank in India, app is good. But the problem here is, in order to activate app newly or even after an update, we need to verify through SMS. This is really a bad option. I feel this need to me removed. If you really want to verify genuine user than you may think of OTP to mobile/email and prompt user to enter it. Also you may think of introducing customer representative to activate the app over call or through email. This helps users who go abroad and don’t have an choice of using OTP to mobile due to roaming unavailability. Due to this reason I have marked one less start.
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1 year ago, Shamik Mehta
So greatly improved, you can’t believe it’s the same company
This app has become SO good in recent years. Can’t believe it is the same company. All it now takes is one PIN and face recognition on my iPhone, and boom! That’s it. No more waiting for those ANNOYING OTPs that every other stupid Indian bank wants to send repeatedly, or ask you to enter those even more annoying grid numbers from the back of your ATM card. Great work, ICICI Bank!
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5 years ago, VivekKumarBatra
Face ID not an option anymore
I installed the new version of the app on my iPhone X which required me to register/activate the app on th device again. It was weird but looking at the changes they mentioned in app for this new version I did. The new version gave me option to use Face ID to login but after some time the option is no more. There was an issue with Face ID login as after log out it will again try to use Fave ID to log back in and it doesn’t check if the user landed on the login pag due to first tome starting the app or just logged out of it. Seems instead of fixing the issue they just removed the functionality.
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10 months ago, mohitkr78
Very user friendly
I have used this app for a long time both as Resident Indian and now as NRI. Never had any issue in activation. I am used to using it frequently and find it very user friendly. However, I find some issues which need attention. One, the app display has problem on iPhone SE. due to the bottom options do not show up on each account card. The same app shows up properly on iPhone 7. There is another wired issue. An old and invalid Forex Card keeps showing up on the app.
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3 years ago, tsalgia
Unstable and Poor Design under guise of Security
Real painful App, logs you of frequently and you have to reinstall all the time, with every installation putting restrictions on accounts for 24 hours. Also, provides unnecessary marketing notifications on login, with no option to Dismiss, and only “Remind Later” option. Lots of features are blocked, such as the App can only be downloaded on one phone, even if you have Joint account holders or multiple devices, which age is ICICI living in? They just present suboptimal products and designs under the guise of Security, I hope their competitors teach them a lesson by offering superior and more customer friendly products. One can’t even download the App on a Tablet/iPad. Shame on ICICI Bank and 3i Team!
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9 months ago, rocksmani
Bharat’s most advanced bank
I am simply amazed to see the kind of tech advancement ICICI has used over the years. Far better than nationalized banks. When i go through navigation, it has improved really well and can be done everything virtually from anywhere! I just love it! I plan to close other bank accounts and move everything here in sometime.
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3 years ago, Ashz2020
Hassle free but needs some important tweaks
I have an ICICI NRI account for 10+ years now and the current app is definitely an improved from its prior versions. Apart from small tweaks to refine the format and navigation controls, the biggest pet peeve while checking my account on the app is that it doesn’t provide the total value of all your FD deposits. It lists them as separate which is a pain. For this reason, I find myself navigate to the desktop online version which provides this view. It would be great if the developer team can fix this!
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4 years ago, AB70000
Bad design logic
I don’t use mobile data but use my phone with home WiFi. This app has a silly requirement that requires you to switch off WiFi and need to have mobile that. That is so silly limitation to have and serves no real purpose. Not sure what twisted logic the app developers used to justify that. I can access ICICI account through the website with my login creds and multi factor but with the app which gives them more information about the device, location user info they won’t allow that. I have had bank accounts with various banks across the world and none of them do this. It is user unfriendly policies like these that make me want to switch banks.
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2 years ago, anither frustrated user
Unnecessarily inconvenient and user unfriendly
Three factor identification is unnecessarily inconvenient and user unfriendly. Especially the grid step requires one to find the debit card which is not only inconvenient but also forces one to have a debit card. Why should I have a debit card to do internet banking? Why not instead have questions to which only I know the answer?
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3 years ago, Rahucha
Does the job but, could be improved.
Never had any showstopper issues with the app. It works well, is systematically designed and promotes ease of use. The loan page, which show the loan details and lets you perform other actions is lacking responsive design. While it works with other handsets, it does not work well with iPhone XR. The UI’s layout is completely haphazard. Text overlap, field spacing and UI organization is messy and needs a change. I just hope this review leads you to think about it . Otherwise, as I said before, NO problems faced ever.
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1 year ago, lucky's iPhone
Not useful when you are abroad
Unlike the other banks, ICICI won’t let you login to the mobile app without sending the message from the registered mobile to verify the number. I really don’t understand why they need to do that!! As long as I have my user id and password and my registered mobile to get OTP who cares to verify the number from a non-registered mobile number. Very stupid rule. HDFC has good security but they never ask you to verify the number while logging into the mobile banking app. ICICI should change this feature. I’m in US and I can’t login to the mobile app on my US number.
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1 year ago, Akumar2357
ICICI made it easy!
The mobile app is indeed a great boon! I cannot tell you how simple it is! Until now I used to wrestle with laptop, browser issues and worrying about data privacy and breaches. Since this is on my phone, I am able to transact peacefully and the transaction is really seconds! Thank you ICICI for making it easy !
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3 years ago, AliExpressBuyer01
Lot better than the old app
Looking at the current app and comparing the earlier version, the quality and functionality it offers is lot better. Love working and using the app for lots of day today activities which I was not able to do it earlier. Still want to see more functionalities added. But this app , for now, serves the day to day banking transactions. Kudos to the team who developed it and the business who put in their thoughts.
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4 months ago, kitchauhan
Worst app in all banking apps I have used so far
Here are my point to point observation. 1. Buggy: Engineering team does not test application before release. Some time links does not work and app crashes or freezes if you tap frequently on options. 2. VPN: I am using corporate VPN, to secure browsing. I travel internationally and not all countries has same internet conversation and because of that few app does not work. Now, ICICI bank app asking me to uninstall the VPN. Can they tell me why should I doing it? Who is responsible if someone hack my phone ?? I guess engineering team does not know what is VPN and why people are using it. 3. Over Engineered: Look and feel is absolutely useless. Hard to use and not user friendly. There are so many other banking app like chase, Bank of America and Citi bank. All works flawlessly and perfect but look this pathetic app. Don’t know why this app is punishment for its customers.
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8 months ago, VPGM12
Poor user experience
Not sure how you handle the session timeout and the logic for refreshing the session. It is annoying to get a the message 'something went wrong' in the app. Can you refresh the auth token and make the user experience smooth? Update 1: the best place for this app is trash can. Keeps spinning and eventually times iut or does not load the data. It does not show linked policies. Do u test the app? Update 2: after login it spins, spins and takes me to the hike screen where it greets me with a session timeout alert. Apple should be rejecting such poor quality apps.
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3 weeks ago, Supandi4321
Not slow at all
The best banking app in India. Some of the comments are mentioned as slow, better to check their own mobile internet speed and phone resources. I have been using from 2006 and it is quite fast, safe and easy to handle. Unlike SBI where as every click needs an otp.
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5 years ago, Epic001
NRI Customers' Nightmare
To whoever deciding policies for this app just want to tell you ACCESS DENIAL is not the only way to ensure security. Your mobile app is waybelow Axis Bank and Federal Bank. From an NRI point of view its still hard to believe its 2018 for the digital services of ICICI Bank. Listing down some horrible experiences in this app and I confirmed all these with Customer Care. 1) Beneficiary cannot be added via app even for those accounts in the ICICI bank 2) Even after adding beneficiary via Net Banking, we cannot transfer cash via mobile app if the recipient account is not in ICICI bank. 3) No quick transfer ways even between ICICI bank accounts 4) Beneficiary adding takes place only after 8hours even the account is within same bank. 5) Terrible User Interface. No transparency even in my added beneficiary list Im planning to change my account to Axis or Federal Bank after seeing my friend's mobile apps.
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4 years ago, ABCCRS
Not Working
I am a NRI customer and have been trying to use this application since last two years still not able to use. Every time am getting error server error , your mobile is not registered etc. really this is very frustrating. Don’t know when this issue is going to fix. Is there any ETA.
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4 years ago, MAYSOJ
This app is a joke!
Seriously! Did the developers even test this before deploying to be used by users across the globe? I downloaded and setup this app. The first time it worked just fine. It asked me to setup using Wifi, Touch ID etc., all good so far. Next time when I try to access their app it goes into an infinite loop wherein it asks me for the Touch ID, shows the Icici bank symbol and goes back to the Touch ID. This is in an infinite loop right now and this app is not usable. Surprising that such a big bank in India deploys something without testing and causing waste of time to their users and bad reviews to their banks app!
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4 years ago, Digital Futures
The dumbest App I know
Its been 12 days, several dozen interactions and ICICI Bank cannot get my App started. It feels so dumb from get go. It gives you 3 choices to register. If what you choose doesn’t work, you have no choice but to delete the App and reinstall it. Neither iMobile support nor its customer care managed to help. ICICI IVR is as dumb as possible as well. Have not been able to reach any agent and the horror of all horrors - looks like my phone May be linked to someone else’s account too, save I don’t know who, while it still sends me transaction alerts.. nothing seems to make sense with this App.
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6 years ago, Kuldeep Negi
It does but not the best out there.
ICICI banking app is not jazzy but does some of your basic and daily routine activities seamlessly however it is not complete replacement of website but an alternative and better than having nothing. UI and functions can be enhanced and could have been much better. Thanks.
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6 years ago, sAikumAr
Poor UX and session crashes have log back multiple times
The new version no different from previous versions the UX is still bad can be made much better and user friendly. This version looks as a beta version not fully tested even a simple funds transfer is cumbersome says some error occurred please retry and directs back to login. Test better security is just not the only thing it should also be user friendly. Get well soon.
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2 years ago, AnilKhandei
Does its job
Phone registration was a pain. Then once set up it is fine. Day to day banking needs are easily taken care by the app. One issue is occasionally i click the link forgot ur login pin while clicking login with touch on my iphone and i have to go through the whole process of registration again. Otherwise fine.
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3 years ago, Siddharth Agarwal
Some important features lacking
App is overall okay, but some key features are missing, compared to the online banking portal. For instance, all FDs created through this app will ONLY be auto renewed. There is no way to choose plain old format of getting the money back into your account on maturity. Similarly, its missing a account snapshot balance feature, which displays total account balance, across all savings and deposit accounts.
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5 years ago, RohiraP
Face ID - auto login
When opening the app for the first time, Face ID doesn't trigger on its own, I have to click "sign in with Face ID". Everything is great till this point but once I logout from the App, it takes me back to the login page (which is ok) but now it tries to trigger Face ID on its own which I feel is not the right interface rather it should do exactly opposite: for the first time, it should trigger Face ID automatically and subsequently it should be a manual process.
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4 years ago, Janakibai Fernandes
Garbage app
Would give zero stars if I could. A poorly designed user friendly experience makes it impossible to understand what needs to be done. The app has a weird activation process that involves only one option-sending an SMS to ICICI. If this fails (as it did in my case) then good luck trying to activate it. No help screens or instructions on what to do if mobile activation fails. The ‘Get in touch’ button shows me a list of irrelevant anti phishing emails and phone numbers. Seriously, ICICI needs to get professional user experience designers for its apps and web site.
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3 years ago, Navdeedar
Very convenient and fast
Such an easy app to use. Being an NRI, it is truly a Blessing as I can take care of all my banking from this app. It is very rare that I have to call customer service for something, as I can find everything I need in the app very easily. Great navigation and very self service. Kudos to the team who created this app! 👏👌😁
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3 years ago, GerryPDX
World class!!
This review is not because I am an ICICI customer but to the quality and standard of work carried out by the developers behind building these cutting edge platforms and the strong culture embedded within the team who are driven to serve. With no compromise, this mobile app from ICICI has been a game changer and competes with some of the best banking apps at global arena and stands out.
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5 years ago, Saurabh Thawali
Gives error while confirming payee - lame design
When we add new payeee using iphone mobile app then it allows to add account name more than 40 characters (here user is not aware of any probable issue) but when he confirms the payeee and receive OTP number then it gives an error message saying payee account name cannot be more than 40 characters.. Why this cant limit in the first place in account payee name field rather than wasting customers time to enter all information and then receive OTP and then while confirming receipt an error which is very lame app design. Pls fix this
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4 years ago, Chandradude
App is really good but the latest update is crashing it
I think an update was pushed 3 days ago and since then the iOS app is crashing immediately after it pops up the finger print scan option. Please fix it. 3 starts only because of that, once fixed I will update to 5 stars.
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1 year ago, surbanaustin
Funds transfer
Make the funds transfer option available on dashboard instead of having to do 2 clicks Also add payee option needs to be added Don’t force users to choose a nickname when posting reviews
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3 years ago, Mkalvaku
Bad UX
This app has disastrous UX, looks outdated and doesn’t even seem like a native app experience. Almost looks like it was designed for the web. It’s super slow and takes so long even for the login page to load. I have been trying to link my loan account to my NRI bank account, and it showed me a success message. However on navigating to the Loans tab, it showed me an empty view. I have tried unsuccessfully atleast 4 times but to no avail. This is terrible user experience - I no longer use this app to manage my account. Net banking is far easier...
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5 years ago, Vrisabh
New version quite better than previous one
Previous version of had lot of issues starting from non working tabs/button to frequent app crash. Also any transaction carried out did not show up instantly in account but this new version has good outlook and seems bit promising. Keep it up.....!!!👍 I’m giving 3 stars for now until I use it for little longer time and find no glitches........!!!
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2 years ago, Dilip senior
User friendly
This new version is very user friendly and now we can see demate account details also very easily. I have experience of handling other bank’s website and compare to them this is the best websites among any other bank .
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4 years ago, Uninfinity
Doesn’t work without Sim
For whatever inconvenient reason they don’t allow using app on a device which doesn’t have a sim (e.g iPad). Which makes no sense even from security standpoint since user can access their account using web browser on that device so it’s just making customers life miserable by not allowing app to function on typical customer devices (iPad without sim but with wifi).
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12 months ago, esrtwhile reader
New inconvenience of phone number verification that doesn’t work
Just realized one morning that I have been logged out and I needed to verify my mobile number by sending an international SMS text to an Indian number. Completed that but got server error on the app. 1. The bank should realize that no everyone can send an international text from their US number (sometimes it’s not included in the plan). 2. Unnecessary harassment to longtime existing customers. I’ve been a customer for over 15 years
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2 years ago, maulikshah17
Annoying notifications
You guys really need to fine tune your app notifications. Right now, it is all or none. I want to receive notifications about my account transactions, but not about the products and services offered by ICICI. Right now I have no way to selectively opt for just the account notifications. How can you folks miss such a basic feature?
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3 years ago, Sunnycabs
Best banking mobile app
The mobile app is much more easier than the desktop one . More intuitive with lot of icons and easy to navigate . Kudos to the team that designed it! I am amazed by the way they look for continued opportunities of improvement .
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2 years ago, Sapkori
Good improvements
Icici iMobile has come a long way with all improvements and now it’s very easy to use. Would like to see latest look and feel and dashboard customization too. If the app doesn’t work, don’t forget to upgrade though, as this app doesn’t have such notifications
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10 months ago, Sai sharan sampati
Do not work in iPad
I understand the security aspect of the banking applications but it is not a very good idea to check for active SIM card to be present in order for your users to be logged in to your application. I faced issue of unable to login to my account just because my SIM card was not active when I was visiting India and even now when I try to login to my iPad I faced same issue. So definitely this app is not compatible with iPads which do not have a active SIM cards.
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1 year ago, Mall74
Horrible bank & app
Useless bank, useless app & useless customer service. Totally useless for NRI banking. SBI & HDFC are far better than this junk bank. Funds transfer is horrible that requires age old authentication using numbers on debit card grids.. they don't send debit cards, they block the cards for no reason.. basically they make you difficult doing funds transfers.. ICICI - please stop torturing customers with this useless app PS: New customers, please DO NOT OPEN account in this junk bank..
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