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2 months ago
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17.0 or later
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User Reviews for iMovie

4.12 out of 5
157K Ratings
3 years ago, Cre8tive_MadDog
It’s pretty good.
I like iMovie. It’s a good and simple editing system that is really fun to use. But, there are a few things that I wish would change. First of all, the space it takes up. I don't know if there is anything you can do about this, but whenever I record little snippets for a movie, they save to my photos. And I hate that! And to make it worse, when I delete them, I can’t watch that part I filmed in the movie cause I deleted it. And yes, I know. There is something you can do about it. You finish the movie, save to photos, then you can delete all the snippets from your photos. But I wish I didn’t have to do that. I just wish it didn’t add it to my photos in general. Second, the trailers. I wish there was a bit more freedom to the trailers. The app chooses everything for you. You get to pick the topic and everything, but I wish there was more. I don’t like how iMovie chooses the music, how long the clips have to be, and how long the trailer is in the first place. I don’t usually write reviews, but this app deserved one. Other than some of my complaints, this was a really good app. Everything is free and available, there are more editing possibilities, and it looks very professional. Again, if there’s anything you can do about my complaints, I would do it. I feel like these are common complaints and you would get more buyers if you fixed or changed them. Thanks!
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2 years ago, Pup pup pup cute
Perfect For Everyone.❤️ But one recommendation.
So I love this app. I’ve been using it for a few weeks and I can create some really cool stuff. I’ve been getting more advanced with the editing, and I love everything it can do. You can put text, backgrounds, photos, you name it. My only problem is the music. I have seen some awesome clips and they all have good music. The songs on here don’t have words (from what I’ve seen) and I’ve been really wanting to create a clip with popular songs. This app is much better then other editing apps I’ve seen, it’s simple and easy to use, beginners won’t find it confusing. (I didn’t.) Just play around a little bit, and you’ll soon figure it out. It also has more advanced stuff. So many different options here, and it’s all easy to use! I’m on an IPhone, and I haven’t had the storage or lag problems other people talk about. On a computer it is a bit more complicated, but if you are looking for complex editing I recommend using that. The trailers are also amazing. You have so many different options, and it looks so cool and professional! Overall, super simple and easy to use, perfect for anything! Hope this review helped you, and it would be amazing if the developers could add more to the music! If you are an expert editor or you just want to experiment, this app is perfect for everyone!!
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4 years ago, ResSil151
Almost perfect, almost!
So. It’s very rare that I leave a review on apps, but this one deserves it. I have been having an absolute blast with this, especially since I’ve really gotten into drone photography and it’s the perfect tool to make for video editing. My favorite feature honestly is making the movie trailers, it’s so fun with a compilation of media. The ONLY issue I have with it is that I’d love more freedom. Once you pick the general theme it predetermines what you can do. It boxes you into a certain amount of clips per section and has a variety of different kinds that you cant control whatsoever. So for example. One section in the trailer would have 3 slots for clips. The first one would be a .9 second, the next one would be a 3 second closeup (which is very annoying since it zooms way in on the picture or video and there’s nothing you can do to adjust it or stop it.) so if it’s a video it could focus in and cut out what you actually want to show in the clip which makes it impossible to use a lot of media. The third one could be 1.5 seconds. The fact that you can’t change the number of possible clips in a section and that you can’t change the duration of any of the clips is very frustrating. But beyond that this is an AMAZING app that I will love using for a long time, definitely worth having to be more strategic on what media I place where.
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3 years ago, Dreamscape82
Won’t allow me to select clip
With the new update you guys have a bug or something going on. I been using this app for over a year now to edit my videos but with this new update I struggle to select a clip to create. It won’t allow me to select it. I have to repeatedly restart the app to fix this, sometimes even restart my phone. I’ve even tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, done that twice so far. Still same issue. This is the worst issue I’ve ran across but there is more. Please fix this issue! This app I would be a five star for me but I can’t give it that with this issue that has been ongoing for about two months now or so. Usually it has a select clip option and highlights blue when it selects the clip But now it highlights a gold looking color when you tap the clip you want and it don’t give the option to select and create movie clip. This is so frustrating I have no idea what you guys did in this new update but this was never a issue until about two months ago. How can I create my movie clips if it’s not giving me the option to select and create the movie? I found the best way past this is tapping the select all option in which will select all videos in that column which can be up to 3 to 5 different recent videos, so I’ve been having to do that then go back through when it creates it into the editing table and delete the clips I did not want. Wow! Can you see how frustrating and time consuming this bug can be!? Very frustrating! Please fix it!
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2 years ago, Life with Gw Gwynn
This is a good editing app but I’m having some issues
Now this is a great app, I really do love the capabilities of it. But I’m having some issues, like when I go to share a video, after I’ve done it, when I tap Messages or Messenger it will automatically just start exporting to my photos, or if I tap on a persons name that suggested to me, it will not allow me to share it. Now another thing is I am visually impaired, so I use this app because it’s very accessible, but I’m having another issue now this is not necessarily an issue with the app, I would just like to know how to use some of this stuff. I would like to know how to use the effects and music in the middle of a video, and also I would also really love to know how to use the split feature in order to delete clips with the voiceover so if you guys could please tell me how do use that that would be great but other than that this app is great and I love it, so please do keep up the good work, and I know one thing that this app is perfect for especially for blogging because of the merging capabilities. So really do keep up the good work this is helped me Vlog it helped me with countless stuff. So really do keep up the good work because it’s already amazing😻
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4 weeks ago, Blackattacknit
iMovie is a great app. It has several major flaws, and a lot of room for improvement (would give 3.5 stars is I could) I’ve used iMovie across a variety of devices, and I love what a great time killer it is. (For a free app it’s good, you gotta give it that much) here are some bugs and things to improve: 1. First of all, after all of the updates and everything, it still has the same bug. After a while, when you open iMovie, the screen freezes and all you can do to fix it is to scrap all of your work and delete the app. There is nothing I’ve tried that can fix this. 2. Another thing: this takes up almost half the storage on my iPad. I can’t make hardly any movies before running out of storage and not being able to make anything else. 3. The iMovie photos save to your photos. This adds to the too much storage problem. Those are the major bugs. Here are some suggestions: 1. More music options: there are a lot of music options, but under hardly any genres. Add more mysterious or suspenseful music. 2. More options for editing. You can edit more in the photos app. In iMovie, most of the things you can edit are the color filters. That’s about it. Maybe add something where you can edit better. 3. More movie trailer genres and an option to edit the movie trailers. Thanks for taking the time to read this 🙂
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4 years ago, happy panacorn
LOVE IT’ve....ever....use. Other editing apps make everything over complicated by making it look all “professional” or “easy”. Some apps make it so you can’t find anything and you have to enter all these strange unhelpful commands while others all you can do is plop the video in, put in a filter, and maybe add some random sounds. But this app is so good! You can do so much with it, it’s super easy, AND if you are willing to spice things up you can put it into pro mode where you can do even more! It’s even better because IT HAS A FRICKING UNDO BUTTON! It’s so helpful if you made a big mistake and you don’t want to have to do it all over again! It also has so many transitions that are so fun to play with along with the funny and awesome sound effects (my favorite it the time travel one) the only thing I have to complained about is that the default transition is fade and so I have to go through my entire video and put it to the standard one witch really annoys me I would also like a *BLEEP* sound effect because it’s so good for humor and if someone says...something... but other than that it’s so good and I don’t understand why it’s only rated 3.9 stars WHEN IT CLEARLY DESERVES A 4.5! soooo yea that’s all I have to say!
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5 years ago, FOFS
I’ve only seen 1080P results on an iPhone 8
As far as I can tell, iMovie works great. I had to do some overlay stuff (PIP) which required me to look up instructions for that online, and I learned a lot about other more “advanced” features as well. Once, during many, many edits of a short video, it did seem to stop working, so I just restarted it. I’m looking forward to adding my own music next to see how that works. It’s super easy once you get the hang of it after searching specific online instructions. I mean, skip the basic feature instructions, they are already very straightforward and more or less intuitive. And what a bargain it is!👍 Meanwhile, those other video editing apps might not even have the some of the features you want, except maybe for an extra charge, and/or vampirize your wallet with regular subscription fees, charge $90 for a one time fee, and end up having you in fetal position shaking like a leaf in a corner somewhere wondering how you, at least temporarily, lost that full, unlocked app you already paid a much better price for that went to a $ubscription plan. If this app crashes on your phone or iPad, I don’t have anything supercalifragilistic to say about that. So far, I have no complaints in that department whatsoever.
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4 years ago, Balletgurl22
Ok, first things first. You said that when we updated it several previous problems would be fixed. They were not. I looked at the list and none of the issues were fixed. I was excited when I got to update iMovie with all of the new things but my expectations were not met. It gives you the choice of either keeping the text shadow or not. I thought it made the titles look horrible so I took it away. But after two hours, the text shadow always went back on. Next, I am having several other problems. I decided to use iMovie for a school project but it failed me. My dad was going over some things I should edit and I tried to adjust the time of the video so you could read the full thing, but the tool bar with actions, speed, volume, titles, and filters were not working. Three of the choices were grayed out and I was unable to change the accidental mistake. Also, when I got a new iPad, I was also unhappy. I had saved all of the iMovies, but when I got back on the app, all of my previously made movies disappeared. I could not find them anywhere and all of the movies I dedicated my time too, were lost.
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11 months ago, AI11131023
Good but needs more
First of all, I would just like to say this app is wonderful! It’s useful and a great time killer. There’s a variety of intriguing genres and its great to use when friends are over. In fact, the bigger the group, the better! I love the music and the setup. But, like I said, it has its limits. My first complaint is that it takes up way to much space in memory. In fact, every picture and video is saved in Photos, and if I delete them, the movie or trailer is basically ruined. I really don’t like that feature, and if you could just change it—like making the photos part of the app— that would be great. However, I understand if that’s not possible. Second thing, it would be wonderful if there were more leg room on trailers. Once you pick a theme, (action, adventure, romance, etc.) you’re limited in the amount of time, and it already has everything laid out, so you have to do it. Finally, sometimes it gets laggy, I suspect when I have too many things going on, and it’s kind of hard to use it. That really isn’t there fault though. Other than that, this app is really entertaining, and I really recommend it to anyone who has a bunch of people. Thanks for reading my review!
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4 years ago, ZGDfounder12
I have been using this app since I was 6 years old and I FREAKIN LOVE IT!!! I especially love the new green/blue screen affect. I have made dozens and dozens of videos using this app. The only think that I would change is the trailer making part. I would like to add videos and clips into it that have sound and optionally hear the sound. I also would like to be able to add audio in the background. (Like in movie trailers when you hear the characters talking in the background) I also think that the green screen could be easier to use. It doesn’t work very well at all unless you have an actual green or blue screen which pretty much none of us are going to have. I also think that you should bring back the theatre. It saved me so much space because I could actually delete the videos and pics from my photos but the movie is still saved. And you might think that with these complaints I would do 4 or 3 stars but these are minor issues, there is nothing big, and I just love everything else so much I have to do 5 star. There are always going to be things that aren’t perfect but there are only a short couple with this app and I recommend it to all. DOWNLOAD NOW!!
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4 years ago, QwQ GamerGirl
Great, But Here is a Suggestion
Yes, iMovie is a great movie and trailer or film maker, you can make retro trailers/films/movies, romance, teens, family, fairy tale, swashbuckler, expedition, superhero, scary, coming of age, indie, Bollywood, adrenaline, and narrative movies films or trailers. I know, a lot of options 😅. But... There should be an option where you can change the music and where you can have the images and videos you took on iMovie only be stored in the movies on your app, not the gallery. It is a huge waste of space for your device, especially if you make lots of movies/trailers like me. I wish you could make the trailers longer than a minute, and can make it 1-4 minutes at least for trailers. When making a trailer, you can’t hear any talking or sounds just music. Maybe still keep the music, because that is still cool, but make there a setting where you can turn off music and can hear talking and sounds. Still a very great app I recommend, but I am just hoping for an update that will change that and further experience in the update. I hope this is good enough to explain the change I’d be grateful for and to explain to others who might download this app. Please make this change though, if not, it’s fine but thx anyways ☺️
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2 months ago, Single Pringle, not for long
Why I don’t, and do you like iMovie?
iMovie is a great app, but I only give it four stars because it doesn’t have all the high-quality things I wish. There’s a Lotta other things that the people could add. I kind of wish that you guys would upgrade the app and add more sound effects in music. I wish there wasn’t such limited filters for the videos and also whenever you make a video on the app, it was saved in the app and wouldn’t put the videos on your camera roll. I would love if there are more really cool effects like adding like lighting and stuff. in the background part is really misleading for the simple fact that it’s not a background it’s more like a title screen slide. overall, I feel like the app. iMovie is really awesome and really helpful one more thing I wish you guys would make it to where whenever we’re recording we can hear the music playing too but anyways iMovie is a really great app. It can help with a lot of peoples moviemaking skills, and when they poster add videos to like TikTok or Instagram or something, people will like them and probably think that there’s somewhat professional quality because I believe these are really cool app.😌😌😏🤓🤓🤓
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1 year ago, Josephine6383638353
Garbage editing software…
It is a simple editing software BUT THERE IS SOME PROBLEMS. One, I was trying to insert a .png without a background as a picture in picture. I tried to place the .png while on the frame of another picture in picture. The .png ended up getting inserted in and didn’t even show up in the iMovie I was making. I click on the picture in picture to see it is short as flip, and invisible as mentioned earlier in this review. This also happened when I am currently on a frame that has a picture in picture. Two, I tried to insert a video clip in at the end of a iMovie and the clip image suddenly disappeared from “Today” and got inserted in at the very beginning of my iMovie instead of at the end where I wanted the clip to be. Three, it wouldn’t open up a iMovie I wanted to edit. I had been working on 2 videos for nearly 4 videos. One being 5 and a half minutes and the other being 70+ minutes. No matter how many times I clicked on “edit” for the 5 and a half minute video, it wouldn’t open up the movie. When it did open up the movie, I couldn’t even do anything with it. This problem is extremely frustrating. I want to use a different editing software that will actually allow me to edit my videos. This “editing software” called iMovie continues to prove to be a disappointment coming from Apple the more I use it.
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1 year ago, goodluckycharm
This app deserves and solid four stars BECAUSE it’s a simple editing app and it’s free! Nor complex nothing cost money here which I literally love 😌. I have always used it. nothing got wrong until I used my OLD iPad. Now, this isn’t iMovies fault mostly mine but storage was really full so I couldn’t create stuff. But I do wish deleting your videos wouldn’t affect the videos on iMovies! I thought if you deleted it, you’d be able to still watch but no. I had to recover my vids/photos and let my storage fill up. My mom isn’t a big editor, so I helped her with her very first iMovie video which is really helping her today! (Now it’s not hard but if you’ve never edited before you’ll think it is 😂) I do wish there were effects to add to your videos because I get kinda bored with the filters. Also, I wish there were more green/blue screen types…. I am a HUGE fan of this app and I hope it gets some good reviews because if you give it a 1 star for: full storage, kicking you out etc, that’s your iPad/Iphone. Not iMovie’s. If you see this, I hope you enjoy your day/night if you’re hurting, I hope you accomplish your dreams 🛌 Sincerely, a person ❤️✨
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3 years ago, Abcdfam
Great app, but some problems ...
I have been using this app for 2 years , almost 3. Since I was a new editor, it was kinda new for me and it was a great start. ___________________________________________________________________ Until I started to realize stuff😶.... such as: to much storage or... some of it is downloading from iCloud. It was super annoying but the storage part was mostly my fault. My family had used it on computer which was better on iPad / phone . And I used it on a phone, it had so many more cooler effects ... and using audio is very hard- 🙃 I have to use someone else’s audio since there’s only music ... it was terrible I’m looking at some new editing apps, and.. not going so well . And , the trailers are fun... but I’ve used a lot of them and they get boring sometimes...😕 (I recommend this if you’re new) and once you have mastered it, get a different one. You can still use imove but , this is just my opinion after all ☺️. And I really would love it if you would add green screens or backgrounds to iPad .... so far, I might change editing apps but this is a great app for beginners 🥰 so good luck everyone and I hope you have a good day/night!
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2 years ago, MonaLesa54
This app could be soooo much better. 1) It crops my videos when I upload them without me knowing until the upload is finished. You have to crop the original and guess what is ideal for the app in order to not have important parts cut out. This is annoying when it already takes so long for the app to upload some of the content. 2) It takes forever to upload videos and unable to retrieve larger files above 10min from what I observe. For an iPhone app, these videos should be available off top or some of the features in camera mode should be available (like speeding up the video) in order to make viewing it in iMovie easier. 3) downloads from iCloud take FOREVER… so don’t delete a video from your phone in the process of editing a project or it will frustrate you greatly. 4) SLLLLOOOOWWWW…. Oh my goodness!!!! 5) Always says there’s not enough memory on phone… even though there is. Just fix this already… I’m over it. This is why I have issue with iPhone. I was good until I was reminded of these headaches dealing with creating/editing small videos. These apps should integrate better with the the phone or there is just no point in having them on the phone. Maybe iPhone overall is just slow. I’m starting to rethink this Apple thing. I have a 12 Pro and I’m sure the same issues exist on the 13.
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4 years ago, Edog🐶🐶
Hi everybody! I love the app IMovie. It all started on one Saturday night when my friend was over. I was making a commercial for my fake toy store just for kicks and then my friend asked, “Are you using IMovie?” I had no clue what IMovie was. She said it was an app that you can make trailers and movies on it. The very next day I decided to try out IMovie, sense it was already on my IPad ( for some reason it came on my IPad.) I didn’t know how to work the app, so I just kind of left IMovie alone for awhile. A few days later, I was randomly at my friend’s house. We made a movie trailer on IMovie, but we did’t get to make the movie. That afternoon when I got home, I decided to give IMovie another try because I now understood how to work it after watching my friend use it. From then on, I kept on making trailers. I never do the movies, but I make SO many trailers. I make them with my friends, and my family. It’s so fun to make them and then show them to your family. Overall, I totally recommend this app for making trailers. Thank you for reading, and I hope you try IMovie. God bless you, and stay safe.😊
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4 years ago, SnazzDab
Update: uploaded 4K at 60fps... at last.
I have an iPad 6th generation, and the description of this app says I should be able to export at 60 FPS for 4K video. I’ve had immense difficulty uploading 4K video at 60 FPS previously, but it just worked for me. The video was extremely short, being less than three (3) minutes in length, but it did finally work. Last week (Nov 20, 2020), I couldn’t even upload at 30 FPS if I tried to export the project as a 4K video, which was extremely irritating. That was on the shorter end of a normal-length video for me, being only 6 minutes and 40 seconds. Usually my videos are at least 7-8 minutes, as I try to aim for 10 minute videos. I would like to aim for longer videos, as my 25 minute video really took off for how small my channel is, but I’m not sure if I would be able to export that in 4K, and even if I could, I’m not sure if it would have to be 30 FPS, or if I could export it in 60 FPS. For reference, i film exclusively in 4K 60 FPS, so all of my videos are high quality. That’s why I find it immensely irritating to have this limitation in the editing software when the description of the app says I can export in 4K 60 FPS and I have the 6th generation iPad, so I should be able to, yet it’s given me so much trouble when I try to. Hence the 2-star review. At least it’s gained one star.
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11 months ago, Lora Lora of Pandora
LOVE iMovie, but wish there is some changes I could do
I love iMovie. It’s amazing and there’s so many creative things that you could do. I love the music love the credits and I just love the way everything looks, but there is a few complaints. This might not make sense but sometimes when I’m trying to pick a video I press down on the video and it doesn’t let me put it on the story board and that just annoys me. Second, I wish that we can make our own story boards because on iMovie, the storyboards are basically all I ever do. I wish we could pick our own music and do our own backgrounds, so we could be even more creative and do a whole intro about us. Third, just like somebody else said, I also wish the videos on the story boards wouldn’t save to our camera because it takes up so much space like somebody else said I don’t want to save the videos on my camera. But aside from all that, I love iMovie, and it makes me so creative and I love showing my videos to everybody. I don’t want iMovie to not be an app anymore because I love it, but these recommendations would help me so much and make iMovie even better than it was. Thank you so much.
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4 years ago, gssfsbsbzvzvzvzhgsgsv hi 0k
Pretty good
I love this app and it is amazing I have always wanted to make movies and become a detector but the trailers make me crazy you can’t make noise from the movie like in real trailers over the music and you can only put certain amounts of clips and you can’t even choose what music and all that is so annoying I hate it like trailers are to show the awesome parts of your movie but because of all that that is impossible to do with this app please make that better now for the other thing this app has completely failed for me I can’t play on it anymore it keeps saying I need to re-download and when I do it says I have to do it again and again and again however if I ever get back into this app again I will play it all the time I love the it is really pretty good I just wish the the trailers were better and less defective I mean it even ruins the clips you can put in by zooming in and cropping and stuff like that I need that fixed please but minus that the app is amazing I just wish it would let me in cause honestly without the annoying trailers it is amazing and I love it
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2 years ago, Kiah's gamez
So close to my favorite movie makers
This app is probably the best one for video making without watermarks. I feel like it can have more. You have made a green screen which was probably my favorite thing about the update. Well I also feel like we can have cutouts. What I mean is cut something out and it would be in your videos. This will help so much for me plz and thank you. I also feel like stickers would work too. I love stickers for some reason. It just makes me feel amazing how the animate stickers look. Something that would be amazing in my series is drawing. I love drawing it just something that makes it awesome for me. In your videos you draw something and it looks just so cute. I love how they do this it’s amazing. Maybe more sound effects to I love dramatic sound effects like the horns or the punchs. I really hope you like these ideas. This app is easy to use which is the best thing in my entire life but you can make it better with experience.—————————————————————————————— Hope you like these and very inspired. These will help a lot for me and maybe more people. Baiii
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3 years ago, nicndhs
it can’t even crop a video.
This app is horrible. And I mean HORRIBLE. I used to use it to crop videos from the photos app on iphone but one day the option to do that disappeared from the photos app. So i went into the imovie app itself. Trying to crop the video itself was a pain. Trying to crop off just a few seconds took minutes because of lag. Once i was finally able to crop my video (i only needed to crop off around a minute) the change didn’t even save! Well it did. But it wouldn’t let me download or upload my edit at all! It would SHOW me the edit i made when i went to look at the video but when i downloaded the video it just gave me the original uncropped video. So i eventually found a strange work around where it would let me download my cropped video ONLY if i cropped it while selecting it as the video i want to edit. But get this. When i finally downloaded my cropped video it was completely horrendous! There were glitches EVERYWHERE. I swear to god looking at the video for too long would cause a seizure. The screen was constantly shaking and playing between the last few frames and the next making it a completely disoriented mess. Theres no way my file was corrupted because i was literally just trying to crop a screen recording. This app is horrible. Use something else.
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4 years ago, juststankylegandmoveon
Not as great as I remember
When I started using iMovie as an beginner’s tool a couple years back, it was very easy to use and understand. Every video I made came out exactly as I edited it, and I could do it for hours on end with no issues. Now, I have moved on to other softwares as I’ve improved, but I came back to this one to use as a base for my more simple clips and audios; plus I already knew how to use it and expected it to be just as easy as I remembered. But, coming back, I notice how it keeps crashing, whether it is a sudden black screen that forces me back to my home screen a second later, or even glitches within the app. For instance, I tried changing the volume of an audio by selecting it—and it split it where I had selected it?? It may sound like a small bug, but it gets very frustrating when it happens over and over again and I have to undo it. It was never like that before. Same issue with clips, sometimes it won’t even let me select one I want to crop or slow down, etc. It forces me to leave the project, the app itself, sometimes even to the point of turning my phone off just to get it running again—just to get it to crash again. I really hope you guys find this and fix even the small issues, iMovie was so brilliant before.
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5 years ago, RannyPanny
Glitches from iOS 12.3.1 update
Please, Please, Please Fix! I only use iMovie and usually love it...however, Since the latest update for my iPad that includes green screen there are a variety of issues making the app difficult to use....I feel very inconvenienced after having to start again and edit an hour long movie three times! Lagging start and editing, Greyed out clips and a black preview screen, glitches....overlays blacked out, some clips fine some blacked out, also after adding new clips to the edit when I press to play the movie it says it’s “downloading from iCloud” but it never does. I have iCloud Photo Library option on “Keep Originals”, and the iCloud option for iMovie off, yet it still tries to download from it. I even signed out of my device and but it gives the same message. If all the clips used in the project are in full resolution on my iPad, I signed out of iCloud AND I had the setting on “keep originals” why is it still trying to download from this cloud?. The other perfectly fine clips also glitch and sometimes say the same message. All the clips ultimately alternate from being fine to acting out and being blacked out and glitching. Movie taking forever to load or freezing..have tried troubleshooting by restarting the movie from scratch...Same thing happening since update.
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2 years ago, joswal23
Works as a video “arranger” but there’s no excuse.
You are a billion dollar company wasting millions of dollars on unimportant stuff. You have no excuse for a crappy, half-baked program. I just made my first big project on iMovie and I hated the experience. The first major issue was the fact that when I tried to select an image to change the length, it sent me 2 minutes away to the beginning of the clip. And when I tried to scroll back to where I was, it deselected the image. I was furious. That meant I had to do precise things while zoomed all the way out. And even worse, when I accidentally held my finger near the right edge, it jumped all the way to the end. The next colossal error is the audio. You can never have two audio clips one after the other because they either overlap or they don’t touch. Also, the added audio shouldn’t be connected to the images. Like when I delete an image, I don’t also want to delete all the audio I carefully put in there. And when I move and image around, I don’t want the audio following it. And please add grid-snapping and customization. Just get some inspiration from GarageBand, Kdenlive, and Linux. AND ADD SOME MORE CAPABILITIES. Any other program can splice two videos together, which is currently all that your program can do well.
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1 month ago, Number to
Add more trailers
Add the if trailer and the and the Garfield movie trailer and the Mario movie trailer two more to go the bad guys trailer and last, but not least the DespicableMe 4 trailer and add the voices in for the scary movie trailers add one of those scenes at the credits for the show, see with a jump scare in Addmore sound effects in the movie maker I forgot one actually no five more trailer space jam a new Legacy trailer I couldn’t think of any more, so going to move onto some more details add the thing where you can choose the animation for your characters also, make it where you could choose the rating on your trailer add these types of ratings PG PG-13 ur put these 10 more sound effects in the movie maker and make it where you could choose when your character can look like here are the ones you’ve got to add Minecraft anime monsters superheroes, and modern people one more thing that you should do change the name of your movie maker app call it movie maker infinity good luck. OH I FORGOT IF YOU Did THIS make it a big update now good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😘
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6 days ago, Debbielouboo
Pretty close to perfect!
I’ve been using this app for more than two years. I’ve waited this long before I wrote a review to see if new updates came and so I can become an advanced filter and editor with this app. now I’m going to be completely honest, this game is pretty cool. It has almost everything. You could possibly imagine! Until one day, I was making trailers and I was filming, then I felt like I was done filming for the day, and I came back the next day, and I saw that you weren’t able to make trailers with the templates. I was like, “ what the heck?!?” And I was pretty bummed too. So do you think you could put those pre-templates back because they were really handy if you wanted to make it a quick trailer for a movie you made. One more thing is I’m not sure if this is me or the app but whenever I pick a song out from like an album, for example a song by Taylor Swift it wouldn’t let me play it. it said I could play it so I pushed it and it wouldn’t let me play it. It was very odd but other than that this app is awesome. I hope my review helped!
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2 months ago, Datrandombobakid1234
Ok, I have already written a review, but I forgot to add something, THE GREEN SCREEN, like, not to compare, but CapCut is sooooooo much better, and the green screen will work anywhere, but this is so annoying, coz you need an actual green screen for this, fortunately, my room itself is green, so I don’t need one, but when it wasn’t, it was impossible to use it, also, this app says, beginner friendly, HAH. I swear, it took me years to perfect the art of iMovie, and as I said before, CapCut is better 😛, another thing I need to elaborate more on is just the resources. Like iMovie is more for boring adults that’s making a fun little video to upload to their insta, however, this isn’t that fun for the younger people, another thing is the text, this would easily be a 4 stars if you could just make text appear, not use like some animations like pop up or fade, I just want to put in text, no animations. Also, the text options, sure there are a lot of them, but they aren’t that good in my opinion. THIRD. the music I swear all the music was last updated near 2017, like, we want new music! Rap hip hop, pop, Idc cmon just give us something more new 😪
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4 years ago, Triple8Gaming
Ok, so I don’t leave reviews for apps barely, but I’m going to because this is like one of my most favorite apps. So I am a small YouTuber (Triple8Gaming plz sub) and I’ve used iMovie since summer of 2020, (I mostly do videos on ROBLOX btw) and I’ve LOVED IT. My videos have been getting lost of views because of it. And the newest update to text and stuff is something I’ve wanted since I got it!!! And the background is something I’ve really wanted as well. iMovie is really awesome as well cuz u don’t have to pay money and it’s quick and ez but GREAT! You can trim on it, there’s plenty of music, but I recommend maybe some more popular music, but anyways, I totally think you should get it, because seriously, this is my favorite and best editor I got. Sure, it doesn’t do everything, but it’s still really great! But one thing. Something that I recommend for the next update is coloring, stickers, maybe some sort of cool effects you can put on, and stuff like that. But anyways, that’s it, thank you for reading this, and I hope you have a great day! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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8 months ago, Kayla kkey111
I’m giving this a one star rating just because whenever I try to put green screen stuff in there it won’t let me turn it so it’s spacing the right direction, so what’s the point of having a green screen setting in there if when you put the green screen in there it’s not gonna be facing the right direction and there’s no way you can fix it. Number two I personally just think it’s crazy how you can place a sound in an area but once you place it, it goes all the way back to the beginning of your entire video like if you place a theme in one specific spot that is in the middle once you place it take to all the way back to the beginning and then, when you try to fix it, it won’t even let you try to bring it back to that spot that there’s no clipping or no editing. You could do to get it to be in that spot that you want to be I would have to play throughout the entire video. Which is annoying. Number three I don’t like how I can’t add more fun, editing, stuff, editing, stuff that a bunch of the other more famous Youtubers have. I feel like everything is just kind of simple and there’s not a whole lot of fun editing things you can do just mainly clipping and putting videos together I want more than that so
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3 years ago, ewdcfz v
Ok so this is not an app I downloaded T-Mobile did it for me on my iPhone 12 which i got yesterday yay! Btw I’m a kid so it’s like a big thing for me before I had the iPhone XR , anyway this app I have seen people make agsm’s ( American girl stop motion) but I’m not exactly sure on how to use the app I thought it would be where I make a scene press pause add some effects blah blah blah etc but I don’t see any features near that and I would certainly like to use this app but if I would download this on my own time I would kinda maybe rue the fact that I did by this I don’t mean any offense to anybody by this review but I think it’s pretty similar to the. “ clips” app but I like clips better T-Mobile also happened to download it for me and it’s cool and easier to use I guess so maybe I’m just new and I don’t understand but if I do understand it later on I will make a new review. Wow! This is long I’m going to go now and review the other apps T-Mobile downloaded for me because I like to review apps. Hope this helps!:-). Update I’m going to try and use this for a gatcha life vid I will get back when it’s done with info
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3 years ago, hony bare 2000
Not what I wanted.
I got iMove because I wanted to make videos but with only using pictures, and I heard this was a good app. But whenever I but in pictures ken burns is ALWAYS ON! It’s annoying. I’ll turn it off, but then I leave from editing it and close the app, and when I go back it’s on again. I turn ken burns off on all the pictures, and crop them to be the size and place I want, but I can’t because they go back to how they originally were. I also don’t like how I can’t shorten the clips to a really short length, the shortest it can go is around a second, I want it to be shorter then a seconds, what if I’m making a fast paced edit with pictures that are only on screen for half a second, I can’t do that. And because I only 11 I can’t buy other editing apps without my parents consent. And they think that this is the best app, and I Should only use this. I think this app would improve if you could add a setting were you can automatically turn ken burns off, and have the photos back to where they should be, size and shape. It should also be cool if you could make it so you could shorten the length of clips even more. Thank you for reading this.
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2 years ago, io. Games!
Great app, but a problem.
Hello! This app is absolutely great. I love how I can make my own movies and it’s so fun! But there’s one problem. So I play on mobile, and every time I try to review or watch my trailers and movies, they always say, “some of these videos are downloading from iCloud.” When I first saw this, I thought I just had to wait. I’ve been waiting for several years now, and it’s been showing the same message. I don’t know what’s going on with this, but I’ve been waiting for a long time for my movies/trailers, and it hasn’t been working. Every movie or trailer I put photography in, it says that message. The trailers that I don’t put photography in, don’t do that. I don’t understand why exactly, but can you please do something about this? Again, it is a good game and I recommend to play it if your bored! But please do something about this because I’ve been waiting for years to review my movies/trailers, and that message pops up. Please do something about it. Thank you! ❤️
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4 years ago, Davidhok
Speedramps make it un exportable
Iphone 12 pro max 512gb and imovie gets hungup on the export until all speed ramps are edited back to normal speed. Other wise compared to a desktop editing software such as premiere, or even shotcut, imovie is just ok ..somewhat of a disappointment. Editing music imo should act like editing a video clip so I have ultimate control. It tries to control how music is edited in as if I don’t or can’t edit in certain parts of a song..maybe make the app controlling music or not, optional. Give me a toggle so I can edit music clips just how I want too. Your way ends the music seconds before the end of the clip making an awkward pause that I can’t control. Fade outs only on beginning and end of the entire video? Not great. It’s as if by default for someone who has never edited a video before and tries to hold your hand too much. The titles are all meh. I wish I didn’t have to design something in photoshop to bring in for a title because the title designing tools are non existent. For what it is It’s the best editing tool I have ever used on a phone for video but so crippled in ways Im seriously considering buying an app that can do everything I’ve been complaining here about Imovie not doing! Thanks.
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2 years ago, 🌸✨Cookie✨🌸
Won’t let me watch the videos I made!
If your gonna use the app once to make one video then never watch it again, it’s great! Go for it! Simple app. BUT if you actually care about the videos you made and want well edited videos then no. Although they have advanced a little, the editing is very minimal. I eventually switched to other apps with more options. But from time to time I’d still like to go back and watch the videos, but it’s always like “Downloadng videos. Some of the videos are being downloaded from iCloud” like what 😭⁉️ it almost never lets me watch any if the videos, and it only works (sometimes) when I click edit, but then it erases the date and re-writes it to the day it is today! And sometimes I go to my camera roll and try to find all the videos I put into it and make sure there downloaded, so then I can see my work, but it still doesn’t work!! I put lots of effort into my videos and love to see my old work, but I can’t! Therefore I would recommend something else, where it’ll actually let you watch you videos. Thank You, and I will change my review if this bug that’s been in the app forever is fixed.
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1 month ago, By: cutie cat hearts
At Least there’s no ads
Well, the thing about iMovie is I like itBut it doesn’t have many ads and they don’t have it and I’m happy about that but the thing I’m not happy about is that when you take mini videos and put them into a movie and you have lots of videos on iMovie like you don’t have no more space and I hate to delete them but I have to but then like they suddenly just add to Photos and then I have to delete the photos from where I put it on the Photos. And since it doesn’t have ads, I’m really happy about that but sometimes like when you make a trailer lets you pick the theme or whatever but it tells you to like type all these names type all this this and that and I don’t wanna type it so I just use talk text, but then it doesn’t understand My accent and it’s just annoying that I have to go and do it again and do it again but then it still doesn’t understand my accent and then I have to type it and stuff and that’s what annoys me so if you don’t want to type and you have a different accent than me well you can use talk text! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Bacon is Happy 🐷🥓
Making Stop-Motions is Difficult
When I got iMovie, I used it primarily for movies where all I needed was a way to piece the videos together. It was perfect! Then I decided to make a series using recordings from a game I play. Again, it was perfect. Now, I’m working on a stop-motion, and that’s proving challenging. The main reason: Split While I worked on the series, I got very fond of the “split” button where I could slide to where the audio recording ended but the video kept going, click split, and delete the excess video. Having that with pictures would be far better than sliding the side, which makes it very hard to line up audio with the pictures. The other two things are how ken burns is automatically added and the fact that the fade transition is placed between every picture. I would rather it start centered on the picture and remain still as well as having no transition. If these things were fixed, I would have no problems with iMovie
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4 years ago, Werty536743
Great but I have a big problem
I’m a youtuber my channel is NINJAZOMBIESLAYER I’ve been using this sense the start of my channel and my problems with it is that when I transport a video to my photos and then try to delete it from the imovies it takes a long time to delete I also am never able to delete some videos which forces me to delete and reinstall the app which I’ve done many times the reason this is a big problem is that if I can’t delete the vid from imovies and have the vid transferred to the photos is then I have a duplicated vid taking up lots of storage if I made a 30 min vid and transported it and can’t delete it from the imovies I then have 1 hour worth of video storage which is 5 to 10 GB which doesn’t only effect me but you the developers of this app because people like my sis who only have 5 GB will never be able to use this app which lowers the amount of downloads of your app and it effects us by taking up our storage which forces us to upgrade storage just for this app.
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8 months ago, Eaglesblue123
The iPhone app has many problems
While the app is a huge step up from Memories it has its share of problems: 1) you can’t control whether a picture is displayed as portrait or landscape. After cropping and orienting, it’s hit or miss once uploaded that it will display right. And once it does it reverts back to original orientation when you continue to edit!! 2)not enough music selections. For a 3 trillion dollar company why on earth do they have separate tracks on their Memories function that are not available on iMovie? Merge them so we have a greater selection!! 3) slow: deleting and adding pictures to your movie is painstakingly slow. So I do so while watching TV. 4) displaying text options limited. Why can’t you provide choices to align text on the right side instead of left or be able to move it around and color choices? 5) poor control over how the picture displays. The app automatically zooms in when you don’t want it to. This app has no fix for it and are at the mercy of what the app decides cutting off great landscapes. The above lack of controls and randomness of the app gives this app at most 2 stars.
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3 years ago, Kazuidae
Barely good enough
Now, I’ve never used an actual editing program, like the fancy ones on the computer, but I have seen what they can do. And I can safely say that after using Imovie for many grueling hours trying to edit stuff just for fun, it wasn’t fun at all, it was slow and frustrating. The text feature is weird, why not just make it so you can stretch the text across multiple frames instead of just each individual frame. And more filters would be nice, I wanna feel like I’m editing a video not a picture. If I wanted to do that I’d just open my gallery. Also, I want to be able to overlay gifs on top of a picture, ex: I wanted to overlay a gif onto one of my frames, and it kind of worked, but not in the way I was hoping. Because like I said with the text, I wasn’t able to even stretch it across all my frames, I could only add the gif to each individual frame which was super disappointing. I understand Imovie isn’t some grand editing software, but I primarily do most of my work on my Ipad, and I can’t pay for a good editing software just yet. So I’m just kinda stuck with what I can get, and honestly, I’m gonna try looking for other alternatives. -Not angry, just disappointed.
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4 years ago, jackkiinnnweechan
Needs HUGE debugging
I am an amateur gaming editor and I have been using this to improve my skills. I have also created memes out of it and it is an absolute blast using this app. I always love using it to create something entertaining. However, there are a lot of bugs that need fixing. One for example, is videos that I recently added have a tendency to not show up when I go to edit them. I spent an hour trying to port a clip from my camera roll to iMovie, cycling through different methods and jumping through tons of hoops just to be able to create a quick montage for a client. A gaming edit that shouldn’t have taken more than an hour or so took three hours because when I went to grab more clips from my camera roll, the same thing happened. This really needs to be fixed. This problem alone is enough to steer me towards uninstalling and using another editor. Other than that bug, it is an amazing app. It is extremely user friendly and easy to learn and I think everyone should play with it to make something nice. Please address this issue! 🙏🏻
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5 years ago, aly_loca
the app is starting to crash ..
This app is extremely great. It it so great for comedy videos and vlogs and more. This is the one and only app I use because it’s the best..but, it’s been crashing lately all sudden..while I’m working on my video, it’ll turn the screen black and won’t let me see the video at all. also when I’m trying to split the video it wouldn’t show and when I tap on the clip it will take me back to the clip before. However, when I put sound affects into my clips, when it glitches or crashes, it will place the sound affects further back and not where I want it to be. I love this app but it gets me upset because I end up deleting my hard work project that I put effort in because of the crashes and how everything gets all over the place and messes the video up. I also tried saving my project before it gets worse instead of just deleting it but it told me “fail to export”. Please fix these issues because I don’t like dealing with this situation that kind of gets me upset and just wastes my time and so as other people. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Thanks you.
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4 years ago, MacLoverPro9
Perfect movie maker for iPad
I use this app almost every day in connection with animation apps. As a long time video editor, I am very impressed with the various features of iMovie. I have used this app to shoot and edit videos for every social media website. The best thing of all is iMovie’s linkage to iCloud. I can create, edit and save everything from trailers to feature length documentaries on my iPad using iMovie. It works across all my devices and makes it very easy to edit and create a quick movie for followers, friends and family in both work and social settings. The soundtrack options offer dynamic music to create just the right mood for the projects I work on. Best of all is that the native file rendering allows me to tailor my movies to any media sharing site I am working on. If you haven’t used iMovie on iPad for your video post production, you don’t know what you are missing. This is the best movie app for content creators and editors on every skill set. It is easy, fun and free.
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2 years ago, blssom!
For an app that has major details, 10/10. For me, I am a Gacha Editor, proudly served in Gacha for 3 or 4 years! Besides the point, this app has made me improve so much on my editing skills. IMovie doesn’t have a big variety of editing things. So, I would say because of that reason, people wouldn’t consider this as a big editing app! I’m sorry, I’m just stating opinions on here, but great app in all. I like how you added different text options, that, also helps me with my Gacha Life Edits. I appreciate this app so much. The features, though. You probably should add… Flashing lights, allow us to use our downloaded fonts from DaFont, Font, (ETC.) Like, at the end of my edits they just hang there with no actual editing. I’m not lying, this app is great, but you know.. I always make sure to go into my pairing app that goes along with IMovie, “IbisPaintX” it’s also amazing, just like IMovie! But further so, always a 10/10. You all have a very blessed day/night! :D
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4 years ago, SStidfole
Overall being ruined by many problems.
I’ve used this app for so long. Let’s face it, maybe a few years or 1? It was easy and compressed to used as you could add your own music to Movies at the time, and more. But whatever update it was, it ruined the app. A few days ago I was trying to edit a video I made, and when I recorded my voice over it? Everything had a stroke. My voice was delayed, the video ended too early, my voice cutoff the edge, the cuts didn’t match with the video. I thought, maybe that was a glitch, won’t happen today. So I go to edit a minecraft video, and take a guess what happens. Y’know, I really liked this app and still do a bit, but whatever update that made that.. it ruined it. So I deleted the app out of anger. Fix this or i’ll just give up on iMovie entirely. I had so much work put into it, and right as I get ready to add my voiceover, IT GLITCHES FOR THE 2ND FRICKING TIME. 3 stars, would give it 5 but the glitch ruined it. Fix. This. Also, if this helps, i’m on an iPad Pro. I don’t know much more, just I know i’m on an iPad Pro.
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3 weeks ago, Over the moon 5657
A great app! ✌🏼just one sound thing
I love this app! It is easy to download it's content to other apps and a vast selection of music and sounds! By there are some important sound I would like to hear on this like a cat meow or like a twinkle sound idk it just needs abit more. Also, I am having trouble using my own music on there and transferring stuff from koala. When I look at my files it says koala and it added my sample but the amount of semis and affects I added to my recording went away and it didn't transfer great. Speaking of recording, I would like if you could do voice recordings on it and add pips or photos ontop of you other photos. I also thing there should be a drawing feature, that would be cool idk.. Last thing I promise: maybe there should be a setting where you can look at it smoothly or have the option to see everything frame by frame. Otherwise great app! Sorry if that's too much. Have a great day! 😃 -GLOR1A
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5 years ago, gurlwhogives
This app is pretty good and has a decent movie maker, but it has some issues. I’m not getting an crashes but it does need more features. I think this app would be a lot better if it had some more trailer making options. You should have an option to make videos in the trailer maker have sound instead of just music. Also the music and backdrops and effects should be editable. It’s stupid that you can’t edit it. Also more genres would be funnier. It’s really difficult to get the right feel for the movie. And the thing I want the absolute most? I want the videos I film IN THE APP to stop going TO MY CAMERA. I’m a neat freak about my phone storage and I can’t film one thing without my storage getting all filled up with stupid mini shots and it’s SO LAME. It made me really mad especially because I always have to delete them so they don’t hog my storage! If these problems were fixed it would be totally perfect but it’s not which made me so sad because I can’t find any other apps with a decent trailer maker. Also one more thing the teen trailer maker is so hard to work with because of the random images in the backdrop not matching the text. SO ANNOYING! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
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5 years ago, SprinkleMaster001
It’s sad, really
First!!!! Let’s start with the pros. First, the quality is decent. It’s nice that you can make trailers and post them on facebook or whatever. When your making a movie you just record stuff from your camera and it turns into little clips when you insert it into iMovie. Cons. When you record a trailer or movie, it doesn’t let you delete stuff from your camera. First time I used it I made a trailer for a horror movie with my brother. I watched it and I was impressed. Since the clips of video were in my camera I deleted all of the little clips and figured that I could still watch my trailer. When I went to watch the the next day, a message appeared saying that there are missing films in my trailer and I can’t watch it. That was because I deleted the clips from my camera! That’s just plain stupid, because if you expect me to actually keep 10 minute videos on my iPhone along with over 20 little clips??? That’s the biggest waste of space ever! And don’t get me started on how much storage the app takes up itself! Unless you want all of your iCloud storage to be depleted in 3.5 seconds, I don’t recommend this app. 😡
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5 years ago, batwomayne
Really disappointed.
Really, for 5$ (at least it was when I bought it years ago) you'd think it'd be WAY less glitchy. No matter what I do, the same glitches seem to occur for me over the past years. I've been through three different phones, and it's a bummer because I can't find an app that is quite advanced as this one (is supposed to be). The worst thing about all of the glitches if I have to pick just one- is the audio problems. If I made a background clip MUTE, it should stay mute. Sometimes I will save a video to my phone and the entire audio will suddenly be in the background even though it wasn't there when I previewed it. Sometimes I get screechy noises on moments where I made a clip break. No matter what I do I can't seem to fix this or get it to save to my phone differently. It's really agitating seeing as how it's been years. Sigh. Please. This app has so much potential. (Edit) And now I’ll probably stop using it completely because suddenly I can’t use ANY music? What the *** is this?? I paid for this app and can’t use any music because it’s “protected”. I’m making this video for my own personal use. I should be able to use the music on my phone. This broke my heart. Thanks iMovie
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