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User Reviews for In Touch Ministries

4.48 out of 5
701 Ratings
4 years ago, Donna West
Prayer that moves mountains (1976 at National Prayer Congress)
Cleaning out my attic I came across this sermon. Wow! How much we need this today!!! He shares then that only God could fix this much more we see that today! Was gonna send a picture of the sermon but I’m sure u have it on file. Just hope he preaches this soon with our country in the shape it is in. God bless this precious man who taught me everything I know . I’m 70 years old and started listening every morning when I was 26. I was raised in a Holiness church and was never taught to read my Bible. He taught me to fall in love with my Lord and having a T1D diagnosed at 16 months (47 now), he taught me through God’s word that HE IS IN CONTROL!!!! I will always praise our Lord for how HE USED Charles Stanley in my life. Still watch on TV before church. I was baptized into the baptist church 49 years ago. Thanks for listening! Trusting God to move mountains!!!!
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3 years ago, SpeedracerGrrl
Audio randomly loops
I’m amazed anyone can watch or listen to anything with the number of complaints I’m seeing here. I don’t understand why this app is so problematic. I only listen to 3 things, two of which are the daily devotion and today on radio. Occasionally, the program will end and then start playing all over again. Happened on my iPhone 7 and now on my 11. Not a problem when I’m awake, but sometimes I have trouble sleeping and like to listen until I fall asleep. That’s hard to do when the audio randomly loops and I’m awakened by the loud intro music. I’ve emailed them directly about this for over a year and my pleas have fallen on deaf ears. I see somebody commented about the black icon a couple years ago and was told the feedback would be passed along to the team. 2 years later it’s still that depressing black. Don’t know why they felt the need to change from green. That was one of those useless happy to glad changes. My point: clearly they’re not listening to users. Anyway, will you please set the loop value to false so it stops looping. Other than that, the app is great. Thank you.
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5 years ago, DarleenLady
This app is one of my favorite ones; however, for some reason we are being forced to hear the podcast instead of the actual radio program. It’s good that they have the podcast, but I enjoy the radio program as we hear it on the radio. I like the first part of the message, then hearing about the things that are being sold, but mostly I like the last part of the Moment with Charles Stanley, where he talks about either the message mentioned before, or something else. Please put the radio shows back the way they were. Those of us who want to listen to the podcasts will do so. Why don’t you add the podcast on the list where everything else is; This Week on TV, Today on the Radio, the Devotional, the Magazine and add the podcast there. This way possibly more people will listen to it.
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7 years ago, n1ckn4m3.cr3473d
Great Devo Resource
Developers are on their game with this app and they're customer-responsive when it comes to needed change. Not only have they created a devotional resource with both audio and text, but they've now included interactive links to a) the cross-referenced Scriptures within the body of Stanley's devotional and b) the daily text selections for Bible-in-One-Year readings (the latter a reinstatement of an earlier feature. The difference between good and great is details... details like what we find in this app. "Good Devo Resource" (review from June 2017) Over the years the developers for ITM have proven to be quite adept at regularly improving this app. I'm still using the devotional section (both text and audio) of this app nearly every day. A recent change has constricted a previous avenue for Bible reading—the devo section used to contain a hyperlink to the daily "year-through" reading on BibleGateway; now the app merely lists the text references. Otherwise this app is a tremendous tool and good resource for instant access to devotional materials. "Audio Fail" (review from 2013) Wow, one of my most-used apps is now among the most frustrating on my phone. What's with the audio in the devotionals becoming a crapshoot?
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3 months ago, Tigerfuel
Love Charles Stanley
I have been listening to Charles Stanley for 30 years because my grandmother used to listen to him. I’m thankful that they created this app because whenever I’m cleaning the house ever since my kids were little I have always walked around listening to this app. It’s so convenient and nice that you could just pick the radio. If you’re driving, you can pick the audio. Charles has always been clear and tells you right and the truth of what we need to hear from God’s word. He doesn’t fluff it to make it sound better for you. He preaches right from the Bible. Charles Stanley has always been my favorite preacher and he missed now. I hope he’s enjoying heaven because he’s a great legacy for all of us.
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4 months ago, RhondaTaylor
Rev Charles Stanley - Obey & leave the rest to GOD
This man who was GOD’s slave taught so many truths, straight out of the Bible and I am so thankful for his preaching, his ministry and his life and I thank GOD for allowing me to hear Rev Stanley the last 20+ years after finding my way back to GOD, YEHOVAH! Thank you so very much InTouch for this app and keeping Rev Stanley’s teachings and insights that GOD sent us through him available to all who have listened as well as all who WILL listen and come to the saving redemption in Grace that Jesus gave His holy life for each of us. Great app that you are working on and I appreciate all you do. 🙏❤️
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4 years ago, RMB7981
Still waiting...
I reviewed this new version several months ago and keep waiting for the improvements. Sadly, it's not happening. Before the update there was an icon called "God's promises" that was full of wonderful scripture that was categorized by a list of relatable words. For example, if you touched the word "parent", it brought up several relatable scriptures. It was so helpful and I used it several times a week. As for the technical things, when I listen to sermons on the new app, I can't play it through my phone. If I have music playing and I open the app, it plays during my music. The old app would stop my music and I could control it through my iPhone music controls. Now I have to open the app to turn off a sermon. I hope you guys will bring back the features of the old app. I wonder if any of this has been presented to Dr. Stanley, because I'm pretty sure he would agree with me.
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5 years ago, Nonie59
I first want to say that I start every morning with Dr. Stanley’s devotionals and radio show. I have been for years and am so blessed by Dr. Stanley’s teaching. The new podcast however is not working right, it crashes, cuts off mid sentence, and this morning a whole different message started right in the middle of what he was saying and then went back to the current message. We longer get today’s moment and it just isn’t the content that we all have counted on for years. I really hope you put the radio broadcast version back the way it always has been. I miss it and I know I am not alone. I am a supporter of In Touch and I know what an impact it has made for countless lives. Thank you for your beautiful ministry.
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4 years ago, Gehallm
Still Disappointed!
It has been months since my last review of the problems with this app. They continue. As soon as I open the app it crashes on the first attempt. Opens on the 2nd attempt immediately playing the audio instead of giving me a choice. Extremely annoying. To read the Bible passage I have to go 2 pages to get there. First I get a blank page. To go back, again 2 pages. When I open “on the Radio” message for the day again it just starts playing and it continually loops. I’m not sure why their was a need to update this app when it was working perfectly for years and years. And after more than 6 months this problem cannot be corrected?! Now it’s so annoying I’m leaving this app that I have depended on and recommended to others.
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4 years ago, mommymummama
App Stopped Working 😳
I’ve been using this app for years and love Charles Stanley’s teachings and his delivery! I listen every day, sometimes taking pages of notes! For two days now I haven’t been able to listen to anything! I select a Today on Radio program but then receive a message saying, “Error, cannot connect to the server.” There is nothing wrong on my end as I’m able to connect to all my other apps and use the internet without problems. Please let me know if this is an InTouch app glitch that will be fixed, and I’ll keep checking the app.
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2 years ago, Sandy Brack
Thank you for loving God and loving people!
I thank God for Dr Charles Stanley. For his messages speak deep to the heart and put life in prospective the way God wants us to live; a safe and holy life. What I like about Dr. Stanley is that he talked to you in a loving manner but yet directly to the point and what we need to hear. He not ashamed to tell it like God wants him to say it. He is a faithful and true servant of God. I appreciate him lots. His guidance and direction comes from Gods Word. He is just the messenger. He is a humble and wonderful man of God. Thank you for sharing the good news with the world!! 👍☺️🙏🏼
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4 years ago, MamaBof7
This man is full of the spirit
Having an app like this is such a great thing. When all of a sudden life hits you with a punch you may be driving and can read the word and the radio is unreliable with commercials.... Charles Stanley has been the calm voice of reason in many of my life’s storms. I encourage people to download the You Version Bible app and search his name in the plans and do his Bible studies. Don’t forget to stay in the word- this app cannot be a substitute for the real deal but it is a great tool to have.
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7 years ago, Blususan
Please please fix
Was anyone thinking when redesigning this app? The worst part for me is the lack of a bookmark AND the loss of my saved ones. Do I understand that all of these changes were made, discussed and OKed by responsible designers? Please restore the app with all of these important missing elements. And TALK to users about what you are planning before touching anything. I want it understood that I love reading and listening to Charles Stanley. His teachings are well worth saving and I miss the bookmarks so much. Also, the links to Scriptures and TV/radio are hit and miss. Please, please address these issues. This is my favorite app when working as it should.
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4 years ago, Pixie thoughts
Great instruction
After a trauma event, I found myself at bed-rest 75% of each day. The LORD led me to watch, daily listen, and read the devotionals on the app : daily! Pastor Stanley's teaching and clarification of the Word's instruction was so clear and to the point that the was nothing to wonder about the more I meditated on GOD's Word daily. It has been 3 years now and I am so thankful for Dr Stanley's ministry. I realize through the love of my lord and Savior Jesus Christ that I have unfailing love, mercy, and grace. I have been blessed through this life struggle and trial. My God is a good god!!
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5 years ago, SPORT #2
A Great Teaching Tool
I have listened to Dr. Stanley since I was 5 with my father. He passed in 1992 but before he did he told me never stop listening to Mr. Stanley he will preach from the Bible and you can follow him. When I lost everything and was looking for a way to study and get closer to God I found his app back around 1999 & 2001 or so I have it on my phone and use it. Thank Mr. Stanley for teaching the word of God the way you do. This app is great!!! Keep me in prayer Sincerely Marvin Wallace
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3 years ago, moshikitten
Don’t like the new app
I Miss the library of daily radio broadcasts in a list form! I have been listening to Dr Stanley for 30+ years now - love him, but this new app is not user friendly. I loved being able to see the list of daily radio broadcasts that would span at least a few weeks worth and choose to listen to them in any order. Now I can’t find but a few. I really liked the way the previous app was set up to listen to the radio and tv broadcasts. I’m really hoping you change it back. I used to listen to this app daily….now it’s too difficult to find anything, so I find myself not listening to it anymore. Very sad!!!!
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4 years ago, nikkzs
Needs Improvement/Update
I love the preaching of Dr Stanley I used to use the app at night at before or during the day when I’m doing chores to listen to the 24/7 radio preaching. I liked hearing older sermons. Now whenever I turn it on it stops less than a minute into streaming, the same thing goes for the website. It’s so frustrating! Also please make some of the older sermons more accessible, like being able to listen to sermon series without having to search for them over and over.
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6 years ago, Palmetto71
Bugs since last update
I use this app daily for myself and share it with friends and family of all ages. Since the last update, when you got to the link for scripture, the scripture destination does not show up correctly in the search bar and thus will not show the verses. It’s fine for me because I can correct it in the search bar, but for those that are new in their walk, or impatient, or not comfortable with technology, or may not be familiar with scripture, it prevents them from being able to read the word in that link. I hope this bug is fixed soon. I really do appreciate this app.
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6 years ago, christopheraven
Charles Stanley’s messages resonate throughout time
Excellent app for the questioning, new Christian and those who have walked in the faith for some time. I highly recommend Dr. Stanley’s teachings for anyone who desires a stronger, more intimate relationship with God and fellow Christians. I do ask the developers look at a possible issue with Bluetooth CarPlay. I have not been able to get CarPlay to work in my vehicle. However I enjoy the app so much I bought a Bluetooth speaker to place in my car for this app! Peace and blessings to InTouch Ministries and all those who are seeking God’s word!
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5 years ago, kmigs59
Real life lessons for today’s world
I listen to Dr. Stanley regularly. Each week his words are spot on. He tells you how to be a follower of Jesus and his messages have brought me closer to him. When I hear a sermon I want to walk through my week with those words in my mind, practicing as I go. By doing so, I’ve become a better more tolerant person, particularly in these volatile times. Give him a listen.
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4 years ago, Chulomarine
24/7 radio issues
I would love to start off by saying I love the teaching by Dr. Stanley and I’ve listened and use this app for numerous years, but we seem to be running into the same issues of streaming as it pertains to the 24/7 radio being able to run in the background or when the screen is off. Can we please get a handle on this because I do miss it I’m sure numerous others can agree.
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4 years ago, Peacemail
Crash and burn
I just purchased the latest and newest iPad and figured the crashing of this app would stop upon doing so. But it is still a very annoying problem that I dealt with on my replaced iPad. Please know the three stars rating is not for content of the message, but for the app not being updated by now to fix this issue. Makes me not want to bother to attempt getting the devotional from Dr. Stanley because of the hassle of never knowing when the app will work and when it won’t.
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3 years ago, SJ3925
Prefer Previous Version
While the new version is aesthetically improved, it has less functionality and fewer features. I miss being able to do a search for Daily Devotions or airings by topic. I also miss the additional content that was previously included, notably the magazine and special articles. At a minimum, it would be great if the search feature could be added back in for the included content.
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4 years ago, Olives 'n Figs
Love this app except for automatic audio!
I have been reading In Touch Daily Devotionals for 15 years and I love the wisdom and encouragement in each and every one. My only suggestion is to turn off automatic audio when you click on the app. Sometimes I read these early in the morning before everyone else in my house is awake, and the devotional will start blaring the audio. I wish the audio would not be automatic. It is a deterrent to use this app at times when there needs to be silence.
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4 years ago, jimsellers
Some recent changes with this app were not for the better. The “Select All” to copy the text has been eliminated. The Daily Devotion and Sermons no longer play in the background. The app has to remain in front. It will not restart from “Pause” if another screen is brought to the front. If my phone screen goes to “sleep” the program stops and can’t be taken off “Pause”. I share these with friends world-wide and it is now more complicated to do that.
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4 years ago, Brunooooooo
No more Bible Gateway Highlighting?
Hi, After the update in March, highlighting in Bible Gateway started acting up. Other devotional apps continue to work, so I am pretty sure the issue is within the In Touch app. It also adds in a blank page whenever you select a verse reference from an In Touch devotional to Bible Gateway. That might be part of the issue? Since the more thing to put on your list. It still adds a blank page whenever you select a verse reference from an In Touch devotional to Bible Gateway. That may still be something you are getting to, with the COVID-19 shutdown, but it is now shutting down when selecting the day’s topic, and must be restarted. Keep up the good work! Stay healthy!
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2 years ago, Angry Bicyclist
Outstanding Christian Resource!
So blessed to have this great app from InTouch Ministries! This is well done full of everything necessary in an app to learn about God’s Word and Christ’s Salvation Charles Stanley is among the best of preachers in America. This app includes 24/7 radio of Charles Stanley teaching about Jesus, Daily Devotional recordings with Scripture depictions and articles as well as Sunday videos from InTouch Ministries.
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4 years ago, Nikki 58
Nikki 58
I agree with Nonie system crashes don’t have a complete story like we do on the radio love the ministry been with you 30 years. Please fix these technical issues and bring back the real radio podcasts as they are on the radio please. Love y’all looking forward to visit soon. Thank you for All you do in telling the truth about God’s Word !!!
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3 years ago, sledding mimi
I’ve used the daily devotional for years and would feel lost without it. While the recent update corrected some issues, another important issue surfaced. I always share it with our granddaughter every morning however the share link now picks up the wrong one. It’s always the “ how to stay young” devotional
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4 years ago, udawson
24/7 Radio doesn’t play on my phone anymore
I haven’t been able to listen to 24/7 Radio on my cell phone for weeks now. I have IPhone XS Max. Tried reinstalling app several times but doesn’t work. Can your technical please fix?? There is a reason I gave five stars. I Love listening to Dr Charles Stanley and I enjoy how the Holy Spirit works through him.
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4 years ago, JDCostumes78
App Keeps Crashing
I love this app and love Charles Stanley’s sermons, however, the app keeps shutting down the moment I open it, or shuts down when I click to play “On The Radio” or “Daily Devotional”. I keep checking the updates section in my App Store to see if that will help but this app hasn’t had any updates or bug fixes in over a month, while most other apps do it on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
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4 years ago, Shortie0716
Unable to use app
I use this app every single morning but for the last couple of days when I go into the daily devotional or any other sermon etc, it gives me a “ not connected to server” message and I am unable to go into anything. Please please fix! I love this app and have to get my daily visits w God thru the help of Dr Stanley. Thank u
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3 years ago, FdgJoy
Daily devotions
I have been reading the daily devotions along with the accompanying scriptures to read the Bible for a year. Since the launch of the new app, I can’t find a search to look for a specific day I left off with. Instead I’m scrolling between years back and forth between days. Is there an easier way to search or am I just not finding it? Thanks so much for the help!!!
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3 years ago, Jean214
Don’t like the latest update
I have been reading the online version for years and really enjoyed it until the last update. It is very frustrating when the daily scripture is read and you can’t follow along because you can’t figure out the translation Or it is an abridged version of whatever it is. I will be using the print version. The only reason I have it installed now is for the sermons he latest update
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6 years ago, mrcastelo
Please change the black icon back to green
Why did the icon change to black? It went from a soft comforting color to a dark evil color. I’m a visual person and colors invoke feelings. Not a great change in my opinion. On another note, I listen to Charles daily. I love his sermons. God bless you all. Thank you for starting my day off right every day.
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7 years ago, Tekkamae
Okay for some reason the videos are not playing and even the audio isn't playing either. With the audio I can listen to some, but no all. I even went online to listen and videos won't play either. Can you please fix the problem? Thank you!! It's time for an update.
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2 years ago, davedog545
newest update
turns iPad version into iPhone version; reduced screen size and rolled to portrait view instead of landscape making it much harder to read with old eyes. we use this app daily and hope you will correct this soon!
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4 years ago, freckles5278
I love this app but what happened???
I have never had issues with this app until about 2 weeks ago and now the issue is ongoing. Sermons won’t start, and when they do they stop for a few minutes, start back and then stop again. I tried deleting and downloading again but it still seems to have a bug or glitch. Please fix!!! I reply on these sermons for strength and encouragement as a nurse.
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5 years ago, a1961karen
TV Sermon Videos won’t play anymore
I love this app and have used it for a few years but in the last week the weekly television video sermons will no longer play...😢. I have tried shutting down, removing and reinstalling the app but nothing has worked. Any ideas would be appreciated.
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3 years ago, sbecktacular
Thank you God for Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries
I am so grateful for the teachings of Dr. Charles Stanley. After drifting for years though being saved, I have returned to the Lord and am so grateful for the ministry of in touch— guiding me back to God’s throne of grace through solid teaching and instruction. Praise God, and blessings Dr. Stanley and the workers in Christ at In Touch Ministries. 🙏✝️🙏❤️
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2 years ago, xpurpleplug
Good stuff
Please put a feature on the daily devotions where we are able to save it and have a list to what we saved so we can go over it again whenever we want, thank you
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4 years ago, SB413
Do not like latest update
I love this devotion resource. I start my day with it for over 8 years. The new update crashes. I had to delete it and re-install which seems to help. I do not like that the audio automatically starts and takes up more space on the screen. I wish there was a setting to have it as an option and not have to turn it off manually.
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4 years ago, js236457
Great app. One shortcoming.
Lately, I’ve noticed that the broadcast will stop when my phone goes to screensaver. It didn’t do that last week. The audio should continue to play when the screensaver kicks in, or the app should have an option to allow me to choose. I hope you can resolve this soon. I really enjoy Dr. Stanley’s messages.
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4 years ago, Bbwill2
Always effective!
I’ve listened to Dr. Charles Stanley and the In Touch Miniseries from my early twenties, I am now in my late fifties and still use this ministry as an essential part of my spiritual walk outside of my hometown church ministry. I am so thankful God has and continues to use Dr. Stanley to teach and spread His Holy Word. This ministry is wonderful! Praise be to God, and peace be with you. BB
Show more
3 years ago, scott.mac
Good app Great content
Overall I like the changes to the app. There is a gap for I feel with the Daily Devotionals search. I want to see all Daily Devotions for October 2021 and see no way to get the app to display these results. It shows some devos from last year and this year in no particular order.
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4 years ago, ftank25
Thankful for this resource with one suggestion
I am thankful for the effort and love of those who support and make this ministry possible. I enjoy using this app, but when I lock my phone screen to conserve battery, the podcast will stop playing after several seconds. I hope that bug could be fixed!
Show more
3 years ago, WillyRut2
Disappointed with update
I’m very disappointed that I can no longer view the app in landscape mode. I guess it works great on a phone, but I loved placing my iPad on the breakfast table and watching the video or listening to the audio hands-free. I hope you will fix that in future updates. The content is great, but for my tablet, not very usable.
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4 years ago, skay68
A true comfort
I love these sermons, such a comfort in these stressful times. I listen on my way to and at work. My only issue is that recently the sermons will stop and exit out in the middle. I want to keep listening but I can’t get through any of them without it exiting out
Show more
3 years ago, hichaechoc
Works well for me
I am not experiencing the issues mentioned in the reviews. I listen to the sermon podcasts without drop outs or quality problems. These must have occurred in earlier versions of the app.
Show more
7 years ago, HubbyLover
A great blessing
This is the app I shared most with family and friends. It is really "in touched" with struggles of daily life and how as Christians we can understand and overcome through better knowledge of the scriptures. Dr. Stanley always emphasizes the importance of having a relationship with Christ and this is key.
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