INB - Illinois National Bank

3.7 (15)
128.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Illinois National Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for INB - Illinois National Bank

3.73 out of 5
15 Ratings
11 years ago, Rubyfusion814
So close
I really want to love this app--in fact, I do love it...when it works. Seems to freeze up quite often or tell me my info is unavailable and to try again later. Works about 70% of the time. And when it works, it's a handy little app.
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2 years ago, mattqcy89
Deposit checks
I love this feature as I’m far away from a branch
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2 years ago, hdjiofrb
PLEEEASE fix the chat sessions. I always have problems and any time I try to get a chat, it says “chat session ended” every time. I can’t get help when I need it ever.
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6 years ago, Purple ldy
Always have to boot the phone st lest every other time if not every time I want to log on.
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7 years ago, 99problems1love
I really don’t like the new update. So much more complicated than it was. I would go for simplicity not image.
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6 years ago, FishGolfSleep
Not Intuitive
Much harder to use than previous app. Not user friendly. Bill pay and transfer a definitive downgrade.
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4 years ago, Yergtm
Not Opening
The last couple updates have destroyed the app. Now, it won’t even go to the sign on screen. It only shows INB on the screen.
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8 years ago, Sweetjillymama
So convenient!
I get small checks for various reasons and it can be a hassle to make a 20 minute trip to the bank. This app is awesome and my first deposit went flawlessly. What a time and gas saver! I've always monitored my accounts online but now it's quicker and easier with this app. Highly recommend. Thanks INB!
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8 years ago, Larkd
Intuitive and user-friendly!
Contains all the online functionality including the added ability to deposit checks from your phone!
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8 years ago, CaseyS86
I use this app for my business checking account and it works great every time. No complaints. Easy to use and the check deposit feature using your phone's camera is awesome!
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10 years ago, ANicholeeeeee
Works great! Freezes sometimes to where I cant view my accounts, other than that perfect!
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11 years ago, iPhone-PC
Account balances, transfers, easy to use.
Also deposits and payments. Everything that you can do on the full website.
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10 years ago, Mom217
INB is the best bank!
I love INB's app. I have all my banking business with them and this makes it so easy. They have great technology's AND great people. The new functionality is so nice. INB is very much ahead of the curve in services and easy to use apps.
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9 years ago, Leah Fortner
Impossible to deposit
Tried multiple times to deposit checks on both my iPad and my fiancées iphone5, but it always says it cannot see the check. I managed to get it to work using my iphone3G but the camera is so horrible that it takes nearly a half hour to get a good picture and deposit one check. This app is ridiculously difficult to use.
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12 years ago, lvz2013
INB has done it again! This new App is amazing! Easy to use and makes paying bills fun. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to make their life easy!
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11 years ago, go illini
Bill Payment
Easy and straight forward.
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10 years ago, Smi-Lyn
Great bank app
User friendly, no bugs, works every time I open it.
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10 years ago, kidrocker151
Mobile check deposit doesn't work
Mobile check deposit doesn't work with iOS8 on iPhone 5s. Always says it can't see they check. Contacted INB and they didn't provide any help.
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11 years ago, MagDog04
Excellent app - all the functionality you need for mobile banking and very user friendly.
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11 years ago, Bigrusty2465
So Useful
The INB app is the best local banking app hands down! I can freaking take pictures of checks to deposit them! Holy crap! Whatttttt
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11 years ago, Croni6
Perfect for on the go!
I use this since I can't always make it to the bank! I love it.
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8 years ago, Kevin R Lehmann
I love this app very user friendly I use this app several times a day would highly recommend
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11 years ago, Ump25
Makes life a little easier
Love the app from INB make life easier when traveling.
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9 years ago, Cheeks0902
This app along with the employees of INB are phenomenal! The app is easy to use and makes tracking my finances much easier!
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12 years ago, Love Euchre
INB does it again! super easy to use on phone & iPad So convenient! Thanks for excellent customer service!!!
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10 years ago, Reegs85
This app and bank has a lot of work to do. First of all it's transfer systems are stone-age slow. It takes DAYS for funds to be transferred to/from other banks. Really dislike this bank and cannot wait to be done with it!
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10 years ago, illinibaby
The app would be great if it didn't crash all of the time! I love the idea of depositing checks using my phone. Unfortunately, that's all it is right now - an idea. The app crashes every time I snap an image of the check. Guess I'm off to the brick-and-mortar bank instead.
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11 years ago, Mannie7189
Love it!
Love this app. Very user friendly.
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11 years ago, Syds mommy
Super easy to use!! I can pay all my bills from my phone!!
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12 years ago, Jessica2171987
Yeah for INB!
It's about time this came out! I do everything on my phone and needed this for sure. Thanks INB!!!
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11 years ago, Hulganushka
Awesome ...
Love the APP... If its nice we can deposit the checks through the phone or IPad scanning .....
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12 years ago, upchuckles2003
Great App
I've been waiting for an app from INB for a while now and I am impressed!
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7 years ago, ZantheuS
INB doing it right!
Well designed app. Has proven to be very convenient.
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11 years ago, carguy5220
Great app
Very convenient way to manage your account. I love it.
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8 years ago, ACMoody1996
"Application Error"
Unable to see accounts. Refreshed page and got "Application Error, try again later" iPhone 6 iOS 10.2
Show more
11 years ago, Ice Queen Storm
Love this app! Banking on the fly has become essential in my daily buzz. Thank you INB.
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11 years ago, Cubeezrok
What's not to like!!!
Easy, not too cluttered, and pretty simple. Like it!!!
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12 years ago, Erica Bomke
Great app to help you keep track of your money!
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11 years ago, Kmp7
Excellent tool to manage my bank account.
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11 years ago, Anony1967
So easy!
Love this! Makes banking so easy!
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12 years ago, TBeatty7
It's about time!!! Love this! So easy to use!!
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8 years ago, jtrunners
Great app
Better than. National city.
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11 years ago, RileyMusic
iPhone Management
Awesome job, very helpful!
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9 years ago, TruRed1
App doesn't allow access
This app does not work. Don't waste your time getting the text message and replying.
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11 years ago, Debcim
This is the easiest, quickest and most secure way to bank! Thank you INB!!!!
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12 years ago, Tipetoe
INB IPad App
Love this. So easy to understand and use.
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8 years ago, Cartersbae
Needs fixed
It won't even let me make an account bc it says my email is invalid.
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10 years ago, INB Customer
Excellent! Love this APP!
Highly recommended!
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11 years ago, The1Weeze
Great App! Very easy to use.
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8 years ago, Rating.....,,,
Bill pay calendar
Please add back bill pay calendar!!!!!!!!!!!!
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