Independent Financial Mobile

4.1 (1.6K)
25.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Independent Bank(CO-TX)
Last update
12 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Independent Financial Mobile

4.13 out of 5
1.6K Ratings
1 year ago, TkitezR
Things I Love
Considering the lackluster previous app used by Homestate Bank and Guaranty Bank, the new Independent Bank app is truly AMAZING! I didn’t give it five-stars because I haven’t had the occasion to explore the app in-depth, yet. Things I love ‘fer shur’ already include the no-charge ACH money transfer and statements that you can actually print. I know I’m going to be able to track and manage my meager funds more accurately with this app and am pretty ‘shur’ that it won’t be long before I’m changing this rating to a five-star!
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5 years ago, Hojhutreedghiobgggcf
Constantly updating and not able to view balances
It seems as though every week I open the app to see the dreadful message, “System maintenance until *said date*, we’re sorry for the inconvenience.” Yes, yes it is a major inconvenience, because I have a very tight budget and need to manage my account to the dollar in order to continue with every day life. I have many bills that come out monthly and being a college student, it’s difficult to manage with only working part time. If I can’t view what’s in my account, how am I going to know if I can afford to eat tonight? Yes, there is the option to call and check your balance, but the convenience of even having an app is SUPPOSE TO BE way better than spending 5 minutes typing in all my information to the automated system. I opened with Independent Bank when I was living in Van Alstyne at the age of 15. When I moved out on my own, I had to take on major responsibilities, the customer service at the Van Alstyne location has proved to be just as horrible as the town itself. Living in Dallas and dealing with the judgmental women at the VA location has been the worst. Every time I try going to a different location they always have to speak with the Van Alstyne location. I am now switching to Chase bank in hopes that I will have access to my account at all times and won’t be treated the way I have been all these years.
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5 years ago, CO noise
Lacking key essential elements
Since GuarantyBnk became Independent Bank, we were switched to this app. It does not allow passcode access which is very annoying, but worse than that, I can no longer make transfers from our construction loan to our checking account. I now have to make a call into the bank to make a simple transfer, and that can only be done during business hours, which do not include weekends. If I pay a contractor on a Saturday, I can’t make a transfer on the app immediately and have to be sure to make a call first thing on Monday morning when the bank opens. I am an extremely busy business owner and this is not always possible for me. I am very disappointed with this app and with Independent Bank so far. We are considering our options...
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1 year ago, weeping star
Banking had been hard till IF.
Never had I lost more money with others companies incapability to process and function just throughout the country. Trying to not use big banks costs more but at least I can feel like I’m working with an American company. The app is tied right to the website so nothing feels like a jump from one another which is nice for staying constant. I love the mobile deposit feature. Their custome service is fantastic!
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9 months ago, BreannaW15
Does what most meed!
I just have one suggestion; if it is available to add the routing number of the bank in the app. As a bank customer I don’t typically carry around my routing number on me, so instead of having to Google it and possibly getting it incorrect, maybe adding it to a choice in the drop down menu or something would help a ton!
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1 year ago, MDF45
Good app for financial banking
I have been with Independent Financial for many years and they are a wonderful back to work with… personal and business. Their update for mobile deposits are a nice added feature. Would recommend facial recognition for accessing account. Just came back to update so… not a 5 because they listened to suggestions and are responsive to feedback. Way to go Independent Financial!
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2 years ago, V-E-R
This app makes it so much easier to check on anything concerning my account. Now I look at my account at any date or time. I do not have to wait on hold or only call during business hours. I can also monitor our daughters accounts and help them if needed (of course they have agreed to me having access). It is just nice to know I can access my accounts EASILY when and wherever I choose!
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4 years ago, lcreecher
Bad App, bad!
it’s very frustrating how often the company updates the app with “minor” issues. The app does not allow users to access their accounts unless they perform the newest update. Since the switch to “independent financial” there have been several of these. My phone does not perform updates unless connected to wifi and there have been multiple instances where i needed immediate access to the app and my accounts but was unable to because the app needed yet another update but i was not close to wifi...very frustrating. you should still have access to accounts without the wifi, it’s my money i should be able to see it.
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12 months ago, FancyFibers
Ok, but could be better
This is a bare bone app at best. But then again, they aren’t Band of America so it’s sort of understandable. Things I would like to see— — a way to set up monthly recurring payments in bill pay — the ability to edit the register to add a payee’s name to the check. Now my bookkeeper has to look at each check —the ability to add a note to the recipient, a Memo, in Bill Pay This is my short list. They have been available for MANY YEARS in other banking apps. This one needs them.
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6 years ago, Frogitta
Total frustration!
I don’t think the problem is just the app. Independent Bank’s whole online systems is a complete joke. You never know exactly what your Balance is at any given time. Transactions are pending then just disappear only to come back a couple days later. Was definitely a giant step down when community bank/northstar bank changed over. The ONLY reason I am still with the bank at all is the people at my local branch. Been banking with them for 25 years, still most likely going to change banks because there are so many BETTER options out there.
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2 years ago, graateful92
User Friendly
This app is easy enough to navigate and allows to you do a variety of things through mobile banking. There are occasional glitches with mobile deposits and not everything you do on the app translates to the bank’s system (address changes, etc).
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5 years ago, bkb1050
Great banking app
The only problem I ever have with this app is occasionally forgetting my password? As soon as I look it up the problem is solved. It is very easy to switch money from one account to another, find my current balance and look at all my most recent transactions. I’m not very tech savvy but I don’t need to be with this app!
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1 year ago, harrisitis
Great Bank
I’ve had an account with this bank for over 40 years. They have always been helpful with anything I’ve needed. There customer service is true customer service. The app is also quick and easy to use.
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2 years ago, Dutch Opa
Independent Financial
This app works great for my financial needs — like mobile deposits, keeping up with when automatic payments have been made and the like. I’m sure it does many more wonderful things, but in my stage of ignorance I either do not know, or do not care about them.
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2 years ago, OctuberSun87
Would be great to get extra features
I put a 4 star review because I believe independent financial is a good bank but I cannot do what I can do at other banks like transfer money from one bank to another, move money around etc.
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5 years ago, Hot hot hot to Trot
Needs a list
I have seen other bank apps that show a list of your auto reoccurring debits. This would make it much easier to find things that are coming out like subscriptions you have forgot about. Would also be better if it had a 4 digit password pin like my first United bank app instead of the long password I have to enter every time. Over all ok but does need improvement.
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12 months ago, GAL 41
Gets better
You’ve managed to improve the ability for me to access my accounts. It used to take a trapeze and tight rope actions to get the program to give me my answers. Thank you and keep up the good work and complaints honestly will subside.
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2 years ago, cbysaddle
Simple & efficient
This Banking app is definitely simple to use. I am on the road regularly, so it needs to be easy & dependable. I can wire funds, transfer funds & check activity in my business account on this app. No complaints at all.
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1 year ago, Countrycoach2
Slow loading and sometimes I have to try several times. Then it may or may not load. The old app never failed this one is not reliable.
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2 years ago, Little Joe Jr
Mobile app.
The app is confusing and pending takes too long to update. Mobile deposit takes way too long to show up. System is very slow. Needs to be updated with faster turn around. Current balance and available balance should not be trusted. Always look at your last pending transaction for your true balance.
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2 years ago, Jgillis11
Makes life easier!
Great banking app! Easy to use—love that I can easily transferFunds between accounts and do mobile deposits in either my business or personal checking accounts. Makes life easier.
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5 years ago, TrooperP90
Terrible bank
They bought out my bank so now I gotta get use to their app. Customer service is terrible and usually get people that do not want to work and give me wrong answers to get off the phone with me. I tried to do a screenshot of my check and said it did was accepted; 3 days later it has not gone thru and customer service said they see the records of it. I got my money when I did another screenshot of the check. I’ve only had problems since they took over
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2 years ago, MBRADR
Great app. No bugs or major issues. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. Wish the daily app deposit amount was higher
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4 years ago, JHarper40
Won’t load
I have so many issues with this app just stuck on “loading” after logging in and clicking on my account to see my detailed transactions. Same with their website. I only bank with independent because my small, community bank merged and then that new bank merged with Independent. I dislike the app just as much as I dislike the frequent mergers. About to just give up and switch banks.
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5 years ago, rckymtn German Shepherd guy
So much security, for little practicality
Every time you use the app you must log in using the full account password...even to quick check balance and no option to use pin for log in. Other financial institutions offer both options. Bill pay option is not explained well and does not feel smooth. All in all this app is not good. If mobile banking is important to elsewhere.
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1 year ago, Lightweight27
I have been banking here for years and I like the app it’s simple and the banks are more personal because they haven’t got to big!!! I have had no major problems and when I do they help me with a smile
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1 year ago, Banking Customers
5 Stars
Jason at the Woodlands, Texas branch has always done everything he could to assist me, he has followed up with me afterwards to make sure the issue was resolved, you can ask for more from a bank
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5 years ago, Aaron John Killeen
Nope. Moving on.
As an original Guaranty Bank customer, I generally dislike your website, HATE HATE HATE the inconvenient token system, and do not appreciate my customer support being a time zone ahead of me. My feeling is that I’ll be growing my 6 mo. old business as the year closes and moving to a different bank. I keep opening accounts at small independent banks and they keep merging with other banks. I hate it. STOP pushing out the small guy.
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11 months ago, CJ4750
Maybe 2 stars
I was required to download and login to the app to continue using Zelle thru my bank account. I would have preferred to stay on the Zelle app. I have one contact that uses Zelle. Nothing I have tried allows me to send money to this contact despite having successfully sent money to said contact through the Zelle app. Thus far, I am not impressed with the IF app.
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2 years ago, stinky fishes
Works good , but wish it had a warning or lead in time to take care of overcharges. Which are my fault , but $35 is a lot when I have hard enough time keeping up sometimes.
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4 years ago, an unimportant client
No info on how to deposit checks by phone. No info in the bank either. (Teller couldn’t even tell me how!!!). ALWAYS Slow to load once logged on. Also no way to have it display my password as I am entering it. Therefore I must be very careful with the tiny buttons on my phone and my fat fingers because if I mess up, I get locked out of my own account. I want to see the characters as I enter them.
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2 years ago, KentieNJarrett
MidFirst App
Like the app. Only thing I wish I could do would be transfer between accounts with different companies that I own, but otherwise it’s a user friendly banking app.
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1 year ago, Big Kid X21
Very user friendly app
I love all of the functionality built into this app. Very robust app. It’s nice to be able to manage bill pay from your mobile device also. 👍🏼
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1 year ago, cajunlady71
Independent bank
I live in Amelia, OH. I appreciate the ease of having my renters in lake Dallas Texas deposit their rent locally. I do all my banking via internet and find the internet site easy to navigate between my accounts. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Kellimars
Most unreliable app
If you would like to never know your actual account balance, be unable to log into your bank account half the time to check the balance because it’s undergoing maintenance. Or if you really enjoy the servers being down on this app and not even being able to log in then this is the app for you if not bank somewhere that doesn’t have an archaic system that doesn’t work half the time.
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5 years ago, transaction delay
Delay in displaying transactions
The app is behind a lot, usually takes a day or two for the updated transactions to show. Would love it if it was more up to date and at least gave me *current* pending transactions, like major credit card apps do. A lot of times I find myself calculating my balance based on transactions that are not yet showing on my app due to the delay.
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1 year ago, Jeremiah Deadbad
Works well
Works well, the only thing I don’t like on the desktop is that it never actually registers the device. You’ve got to do it nearly every day.
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1 year ago, Deere7
Works great for our family!
I feel confident using the app, and someone is always available to help if I have a problem! Thanks
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5 years ago, AJG9999
Somewhat difficult to use, but getting more used to it now
I am getting more used to it now, but still have a difficult time navigating the app. I am unable to find my full account name and when needing help, the app has not been successful. I end up googling my questions, such as a costumer service contact number.
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1 year ago, Zapado93
Roger A. Haag
IF Bank has been my bank for over fifty years. I love banking from home and the friendliness I encounter when I do visit. I would never even think about leaving. My Bank for life!
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2 years ago, old van travler
Very convenient. Easy to navigate.
I appreciate the application. It is very convenient and easy to use. I like to use the mobile deposit feature.
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4 years ago, Neo Fight
It works for, secure, simple to use!
I only use this app to check balances, deposits and debits. I like that it is a triple layer of security. I do not want someone hacking my account. Servers respond quickly, so the information is instant! Great job, no negatives!
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5 years ago, Ebggg
Needs improvements
I do not like how payments are made outside of app. Me checking balance should reflect two balances. Actual balance and the balance with all pending payments. I really hate that if I have a payment sent out yesterday it does not reduce my available balance until the check has cleared. If you cut a check it should reflect in available balance
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2 years ago, Diann H
Love it!
Great to have my banking information at my fingertips. I also like being able to check my credit score.
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2 years ago, Ela Nelson
So helpful!
I love that my transactions show up right away. And, it’s incredibly helpful to see the actual balance as well as which payments are pending.
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1 year ago, TomDelmonte
Very useful
Allows me to check the balances and recent transactions in one screen. Transferring money from one account to another is very straightforward.
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2 years ago, Howard from Texas
Easy and powerful
I’ve used several different banking apps- this is one of the very best for my work. Easy, fast and powerful. Intuitive. Clear. Good job!
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2 years ago, David in Colorado Springs
Some ok features but- Interest rates are impossible to find on the App
The app, seems to work as well as pretty much any other financial institution, with the exception that interest rates are impossible to find without telephoning the bank or going online from a desktop computer. With the volatility in interest rates, I think they could do better by posting them on the app too.
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2 years ago, Tray Tipper!!
Easy to use app
I’ve never had a problem using this app since I signed up with Independent Financial banking app. It’s easy to find what I need and is updated on a regular basis.
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5 years ago, Mizmellymac
I manage my money much better
I’m awful at checking my account. Money gives me major anxiety so I just don’t look (I know, I know...). The ease of the banking app has alleviated a ton of anxiety and I’m much more aware of my finances. Love it!
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