Indiana Members CU

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Indiana Members Credit Union
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9 months ago
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User Reviews for Indiana Members CU

4.59 out of 5
3K Ratings
2 years ago, scubawes
Pretty good app
This is a pretty good app, easy to do want you want and need. Would eventually would like to see the ability to a different account number and not be restricted to just one account and sub-account under one account number. I have my personal account with my sub-accounts, my SO has their personal account with sub-account,then we have our joint account with sub-accounts. It would be great to be able to switch between accounts to transfer monies from my personal to the joint via the app and not have to go to the physical bank to do it.
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1 year ago, HippoGryffith
The Potential is There
In comparison to the UX of apps for any other given financial institution, this one sits remarkably middle tier. There’s some clunkiness when it comes to menu navigation, especially between the hamburger menu and drop-down options in the sidebar. Something I feel may remedy this would be consolidating our options into less and/or more general categories, or to implement them as features on a related page. I don’t have much feedback on stylistic elements, other than maybe a modern refresh. I think these suggestions are most relevant to the obviously fragmented layout and organization of transfers. I’d also like to note that load times are far better than previous versions. Customer support is top tier by any comparison.
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2 years ago, battagz
Pretty neat banking app
It is great that I can pay my mortgage using a transfer from my checking account, but the function could be easier to find. As well, it would be nice to see a history of my mortgage payments and prior balances etc. If that exists somewhere I can’t find it - under the mortgage account expansion panel it says “no transactions” which I assume is an error referring to some other kind of transaction vs payments. Overall very slick and enjoyable to use. Better than my last credit Union’s app from another state.
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3 years ago, KC_video
Horrible upgrade.
First of all, let me say that IMCU has added some features that the old app lacked, however, the overall UX if this new app is not good IMHO. This new app has been a huge step backwards for me. I used the IMCU app every single day to access my business accounts and my personal accounts and they way this new app is designed, it is NOT easy to switch between my business and personal login. In fact, it’s a massive pain in the rear compared to the previous app. To switch between accounts, you have to log out and log into another account my having to type the account info and password (before you can activate TouchID). As opposed the the previous version where my two accounts were saved and all I had to do is choose from a drop-down menu and use my TouchID and boom, I was in the other account. I also don’t like the new camera function where there’s no way to turn my flash on if I’m taking a photo of a check in a non-optimal lighting situation. Lastly, I find the menu on the left side a little cumbersome to navigate. It’s just not as intuitive as it could be. My wife also struggled looking to update some things via access through the menu. Sometimes less is more.
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2 years ago, Gprospot
Easy to use and does everything I need
I have used this app for a while now. It’s pretty straightforward and easy to navigate. I am able to check balances quickly and transfer funds as needed. I use it 3-4 times a week to verify purchases I’ve made along with money from income. It’s a decent ledger which saves me from having to rely on other bookkeeping for my basic household bills. I’d say it’s a 10/10 for me.
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4 months ago, Tmsluss
Bill Pay
I would like bill pay to reflect as a debit as soon as I go in to pay a bill. Not seeing the bills I have paid doesn’t give me an accurate amount of money I have left in the account. Some bills don’t get paid by IMCU for several days to a week so they’re not deducted from my account for several days to a week. I find this very inconvenient. I transferred from Chase & they always showed the deduction as soon as I entered it into bill pay. Made keeping track much easier. I also would rather have each checking account show bills paid separately. I can’t tell which account it is coming from without doing research. Not convenient at all.
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1 month ago, chuck-1959
Improvement Required
There are many flaws with this app. There are what appears to be hard error when trying the deposit a check when they should be yellow or soft errors. The amount of the check should not dictate if it can be deposited. Also, there are times my deposits don’t show up for several minutes and I am left wondering if the deposit did go through. The number of checks I deposit shouldn’t be a problem but they don’t all show up at times to! The option bar at the bottom of the screen also will scroll up instead of being locked in one location. There are more opportunities to improve this app. This app just keeps getting worse.
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3 years ago, WTchicken
Mobile deposit and bill pay issues
It’s nice to have quick access to my account, but so far I have only been able to use mobile deposit for one hand written check. Then when I take them to the CU in person I have to do this song and dance about how I need to deposit even though it says “mobile deposit only”. Also, I am able to use the website to skip automatic payments but if you do that on the app, it cancels all future payments as well. Fortunately, I was a payment ahead on the account when I discovered this and so managed to avoid the late fees I would have had to pay for missing the next due date.
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3 months ago, 01747;8
Works Well Enough
The app has greatly improved over the past year. The ability to take pictures of checks with one tap after logging in is a very helpful feature. The only improvement that I can see it making is logging you back in with Face ID after you’ve not been on the app for awhile and you switch back to it. It would be nice if when you opened it back up it would start Face ID right away, rather than you having to click the Face ID button for it to do this.
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2 years ago, JFlahr
So much better!
I am so happy with this new version of the IMCU app. We were actually going to switch banks because of how much we disliked the app and the online offerings, but we decided to stay after these upgrades. Everything is much more intuitive and “clean.” Really happy with the changes! Update: We’ve been using this app for several months now and we still love this version! Highly recommend!
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1 month ago, Tommie R.
This app is so much better than previous one. I can find transactions quickly by using the search option. I can transfer funds “member to member” with ease. I really like the ability to categorize and even customize my transactions with my own categories for tax purposes. I can’t forget “bill pay”. This function is terrific too. Thank you for making virtual banking easier!
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8 months ago, warrenlirp
Logging into the app is the WORST
I’ve changed my password MANY times now because the app won’t integrate with AppleID. (I know this is just this app, because AppleID works just fine on my other financial apps and many other apps). So finally about 2 weeks ago I decided to just type in my password. And VIOLA it worked! I’ve since discovered I was inputting the correct password this whole time - more like AppleID was inputting the correct password (as I checked) but this app sees it as incorrect and locks me out after 3 tries. So then I have to go change my password. IMCU should fix this as it’s HIGHLY annoying and would deter many from using the app.
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3 months ago, Indy Twin
Ever since my divorce you guys express to me about opening a account. The courts order me to pay child support for them. These account made a big difference in my life and the my kids. I love the fact that I could place money on there bank cards without running into there Mom or any of her family. And this gave me a since of freedom .
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4 months ago, Tired of crooks
Nice app overall, except bill pay
The purpose of online or app based banking is to simplify all processes. When I am paying bills, I get a confusing message in bill pay that tells me to send in the payment 2 days early. Other apps like my ONB app don’t do that. I think I should be able to set up my bills to be paid on the due date, and trust that IMCU will get the payment their on time. That’s not the way it works. You have to manually set up each patent to go two days ahead. It is clunky and difficult. Please improve this feature.
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2 years ago, cattyms
Was great, now a mess
Used to have Face ID for sign on, or thumbprint, but now it’s gone. Unless it feels like randomly pulling it up. And then it doesn’t let me deposit checks through my phone anymore, which means I have to go into a physical branch, thus negating the need for this app…. Extremely frustrating. I have a hard time recalling why I keep this when I could just go to a major bank and have a much better mobile experience. Completely inept. 2 stars because hey, at least I can transfer my money between my savings and checking.
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2 years ago, Updates Positive
Long time customer
IMCU is a wonderful credit union and has always had great customer service. The same goes with the App. It has been approved upon and I am able to do almost all my banking needs through the app. Even concerning my credit card. I am truly impressed with the bank and especially the app.
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9 months ago, Sumocolt768
Great app
Reliable, easy to use, runs well, and even has Face ID/finger print functions. I can also change my travel settings if needed or turn the card off if I think I’ve lost it (which happens more than I’d like to admit.) Thank you for going above and beyond making it so easy
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7 months ago, Smartiebob
Some problems.
The app has some user friendly problems. The user can’t determine if the problem is in the software or some kind of internet connection problems. You should be able to transfer money or pay bills and get an immediate response but sometimes it takes 24 hours to post.
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2 years ago, Marty ????
Very intuitive but Needs improvement
App is easy to use In tracking the spend and budget However need the capability to add spending for single line item purchases not linked from accounts Linking to 2-factor security accounts is difficult and impossible.
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2 years ago, Isaac Tierney
Could be much better
I don’t know why they had to change the format from how it used to be. It was just fine. I run into problems all the time with the new version. I go to pay my credit card and almost always run into “unknown error occurred” ... Alright then, guess I just won’t be paying my bill on time and will run the risk of getting penalized when it’s not my fault. That’s one of many complaints, but definitely the most frustrating.
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1 year ago, rogerstein7234
Reliable App
The app launches easily even under low data circumstances. Very handy and useful. I have similar apps from other banks and credit unions. They stop working with fingerprint or Face ID after a few weeks of no activity. But the IMCU app does not stop service unless it is inactive for several months.
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7 months ago, IndyHorst
Dependable, safe, no so intuitive
As with other banking apps this one is has security, dependability and accurate and process automation in focus which I appreciate very, very much. With that in mind the app is not the most intuitive. But I can live with that. Especially since IMCU has a great customer service with live people on the line in case you get really stuck.
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1 month ago, John.3:16
Very helpful
Love being able to use this app for my account info. Easy to transfer money between accounts, view balances and recent transactions. Also great to contact account services when going out of town, etc. very user-friendly, too!
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8 months ago, Sprite119
Really easy to use!
Love the ability to easily check my balance, complete mobile deposits, and transfer money all on my phone! I can also easily update my cards to reflect my travel plans on the app. Just love how easy and convenient it is!
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12 months ago, Indytex1
Account access
In these day and times you should be able to link and monitor multiple account access so to allow for different account information from the stance of login ID and password. With one login sharing allows for account locking and support of an single account harder to be proactive in security support.
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3 years ago, Spanky 1229
IMCU Mobile App
I can access my accounts and manage my funds from anywhere, at least in the U.S. Not sure about international access. I transfer and check my balances often and it’s nice knowing in a few clicks on my phone I can see where I stand with my money.
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2 years ago, kristiakamom
Menu with a mind of its own
I like the app overall but dislike that the menu opens very frequently when you don’t want it to. It’s very distracting when you’re trying to do something and you keep having to tap to get it to disappear again. It would be so nice if this issue were corrected!
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1 week ago, Payson!
Easy to use when there is access to it
Very easy to use just very frustrated that it is down all the time. Had to call once because I couldn’t open the app and the call center person said “Oh it usually goes down on Fridays”. No, it goes down on ALL DAYS and it’s very, very frustrating!
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2 years ago, alm111898
Convenient app
I hardly ever have to set foot in a IMCU branch because the App and bill pay are the bomb. However since upgrading to Apple iPhone 13 I’ve had recurring issues with paying my MasterCard through “pay my loan”. It was so silly when they moved this from transfers in the first place. That’s the only reason I didn’t give it a 5-star.
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9 months ago, *%#=•?\
Wonderful App
I have all of my accounts linked together with one password. I can transfer funds between account, or just check that deposits and auto-payments have occurred. I can only have Zelle on one account though…
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3 weeks ago, Diaperdoc
iPhone version
The IMCU app is clearly different between the laptop and iPhone versions. I can edit my bill pay amounts on the laptop but can’t figure out how to do it on the phone. On the other hand I can only do on-line deposits on my phone. I do all my banking (except for cashiers checks) remotely. I’m happy.
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7 months ago, TiJuania
As having a shared account, I can still look at and do all the things the main account holder can do. IMCU mobile banking makes it stress free and I can even chat even I have questions. It gives me comfort knowing I can keep an eye on my my money.
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2 years ago, linlee4
Too many steps!
I like the look of the app. The logoff button is hidden at the bottom, below all the other options on the menu, which makes me have to pull it up to log off. After doing a transfer, it would be nice if it took you back to the accounts page. It just makes you have to do too many steps.
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10 months ago, hennsipper
Love the site but…
My only complaint is that there is a limit to the amount for a camera deposit. This may not affect many, but I now live in an area that does not have a local IMCU. Had to open an account in my area in order to submit deposits not included in direct deposits.
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4 weeks ago, JCM-Indy
Terrific Banking App from IMCU
I use the app daily to keep track of completed transactions, account balance and savings balance. It is a wonderful tool for moving cash between checking and savings. Easy to use and very helpful.
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2 years ago, XxB1ackMo0nXx
The app has definitely been improving
I think it could still be better with mobile deposit. And linking my other bank doesn’t work very well to see my balance across all my accounts. Other than that it does what it needs to do!
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2 months ago, 1030John
Remote Banking
We enjoy the site and ease of doing it all from home. We are long time members of the Credit Union started out as AT&T CU then became Foram and now Indiana Members. Over the years Members has been GREAT in every way. Always there when we need them.
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5 months ago, Command Chief
Excellent app
Love this new app and financial tools feature. I just wish that it had the capability to be able to link to those accounts not listed. But it’s really so much better than the last app. Great job!
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2 years ago, djkeskdnnd
Better than the typical large bank apps Ive experienced.
Incredibly user friendly and constantly getting better. Even the problems I didnt like a year ago have been addressed or fixed. Great bank, great app.
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1 month ago, Doug wieg
Needs to be brought into the 2020’s
This app is way too ambiguous if you want to do anything like paying on a credit card. Why is paying a Credit Card paying my loan, as opposed to CC. If the card is paid off then there is no loan. Also, when/where can I see the history of scheduled payments without making a payment on a Credit card?
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9 months ago, Ronald Butler
Gets the job done, but could be WAY better.
Notifications for transactions, and deposits would be nice. Also, notifying customers of service outages with the app. Every week at least one day out of the week, there’s an “unexpected error” with the ability to lock/unlock my debit card for about an hour and a half from 8-9:30pm. Much room for improvement.
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3 weeks ago, Znupw
Excellent App
I appreciate that I can do banking from anywhere. I get notifications of every transaction, which makes it convenient to keep track of my usage and balances.
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2 years ago, christomak360
I’ve been an Indiana members credit Union member my entire life and all of their services are pretty good however, the app is kind of old and outdated. it runs slow and unreliably I have had several instances where the app has crashed. other than that it is built decently enough and reasonably speaking it’s good enough to serve my needs.
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1 month ago, WFSADSJSS
Easy To Use!
I have always had a very good experience with Indiana Members Credit Union. The employees at the Southside Branch have been very helpful, courteous, friendly, and knowledgeable over the years I have had an account there.
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1 year ago, JenRsL
User friendly IMCU app!
I’ve had great experience using the IMCU app which is easy to navigate. I use it to balance my accounts, pull up statements, ask questions (which are answered in a timely manner), and transfer monies.
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1 month ago, Lassie4
Love this App
Easy to use. Password issues easy to rectify, support is quick. Easy to use, usually pretty quick, ease in moving from account to account and transferring funds, love it!
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1 month ago, Dodged that one
Very easy to use
I like this app. The Zelle feature was a bit hard to use confusing compared to other bank apps I’ve used but i like the added security measures
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2 years ago, rengarde
This is a tidy and organized app that does everything I need it to. The login is very secure, I can access my accounts easily, and I like how the menu bar is organized. I can find anything I need. Makes banking simple.
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2 years ago, computerchallenge
Resistant to change
As a frequent user of the previous IMCU app, I had it set where it was very user friendly. I feel like I have to work for everything now. I can make all the transactions I need to, just have to think about it. Hope it safer!
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2 years ago, terryjimbo
Easy to use
I like this app it is easy to use and helpful. I am older I need reading glasses and have easy time reading. I also like that if debt card is lost you can go to branch and get new one same day!!!
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