Individual HSA by WEX

1.4 (37)
21.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
WEX, Inc.
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Individual HSA by WEX

1.38 out of 5
37 Ratings
3 years ago, Jessibell09
App doesn’t work
For some reason, the app isn’t linked to your actual login. Read the reviews and decided it wasn’t worth spending any more time since others had the same issue and couldn’t get it resolved.
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3 years ago, CGoGongo
This app will only add to the frustration of having to deal with medical bills. I’ve only been able to log in on my desktop. The app is a waste of storage space on my phone.
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4 years ago, Ajy13
Doesn’t work
Never been able to login with app, only desktop. Called for assistance and was told it “doesn’t always work, try later”. Have never gotten it to work. Don’t bother with this.
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2 years ago, AppleiOS user
Trust the reviews, does not work zero stars
Tried the main app then this one with no luck logging in.. guess I’m stuck using the website.
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2 years ago, @ideapathy
Can’t login
Literally cannot login despite having the right credentials. Don’t waste your time downloading this. 0 stars
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3 years ago, ScubaLP
Does not work! Company does not seem to care.
Same as other reviews. App won’t let you log in. Worthless to have an app that does not work.
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1 year ago, ChunderChick
No Login
Can not login via app. No problem logging into website. I think WEX was ripped off by whoever adapted their site to an app.
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4 years ago, Eposty
Does not work
The app doesn’t work and won’t let me login. Only logging in on my desktop works.
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4 years ago, itsazil
Login is not working
Delete, As app is not authorizing me (login created through desktop.
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1 year ago, bbbhhhyyttcvv
App doesn’t work
Don’t waste your time
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3 years ago, Raykada1
Blank screen
First time using app and all so get is a blank screen
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1 year ago, eticketride
Use WEX Benefits App
This app does not work. Use the WEX Benefits app instead.
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12 years ago, No • star
Absolutely useless
This program is absolutely useless. First problem - there are two apps listed with almost identical descriptions, both with mixed reviews. I downloaded one & was able to log-in but I could only get the account summary. There were no links to receive or transmit any of the claim materials as the application description said you could and no help instructions within the program. Thinking maybe I downloaded the wrong application, I downloaded this, the second application listed. It was even more useless. Now I could not even log in using the same information I had just entered in the first app. All in all it was a useless exercise in frustration.
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6 years ago, gilpinwife
What happened
This app was at one time easy to use. It is impossible to use this even with calling customer service. Customer Service was nice but still could not help as it did not work I have not been able to get in. Reinstalling app does not work. I tried the self service customer service and could not use it Three strikes this app is out!
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12 years ago, Jerry Tolbert
Have to agree with all the other reviews for this application. It doesn't work! It won't accept my established password for my account. It works with the other application for discovery benefits, but not this, after numerous attempts. This needs to be corrected! This being the more usable application (if working) would be used by all. PLEASE FIX AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!
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4 years ago, 4OneTwo
Apple should pull this from AppStore
The developer stopped supporting this App some time ago. It is no longer accepting user credentials which are validated with other methods (web browser). The developer does not care to maintain this app, and it should be pulled from AppStore until basic functions are enabled and corrected.
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12 years ago, Tigerdog9396
Unusable: deserves zero stars
It does not accept the same login/password combination for their website: therefore you can't log in and do anything. And don't try to call the customer service number provided: it doesn't work, either.
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6 years ago, 41Med25
Was a good app
There must have been an update to this app. I was able to get on it before with ease and now even after getting on the main website with my computer and changing my password several different times, I STILL cannot get on the app.
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5 years ago, trutvgngikbh
Do they even look at the reviews?
You would think that the developers would monitor the reviews since there’s only one freakin star! Same issue as everyone else, credentials are “incorrect” even though they work fine online. Fix this junk!
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5 years ago, jkjaco
I’m glad I read these reviews before wasting any more time with this app. Just like everyone else it won’t let me log in. I can log in just fine on the computer but using the same username/password on mobile app I can’t. Please fix!
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5 years ago, PinkeyePete
Login doesn’t work
Same as everyone else. It’s quite bizarre that your mobile and desktop versions would have password issues. Fix it, shouldn’t be too hard
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5 years ago, YouthGirl
App will not accept my password even though it is correct. I am able to log in through the website using any browser, but not via the app.
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5 years ago, zachmort318
Just use the website
Can’t even log in. Says incorrect password but can log in fine on the website. Waste of time to download and space on your phone.
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6 years ago, Nipplediddy
This app is dreadful. If you forget your passcode, do not try to have it reset from the app. It’s been 3 weeks and I never received the change my passcode email. I had to go to the desktop version to do so
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5 years ago, Liky365
Cannot even log in
Cannot log in even used the correct password which works on website.
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5 years ago, Kay All
Does not work
I’ve installed, deleted and re-installed on my Apple phone. Changed usernames and passwords. I can sign in online no problem, on the phone keeps giving me username/password incorrect.
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6 years ago, Acal66
Same problem as everyone else. Can’t log in with credentials that work perfectly well on a computer. Clearly no one monikers the app to fix the problem.
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12 years ago, Rexdma
You call this an app!
2 options ... Save login and Help. Neither work. Complete waste of time! Only gave it one star since you can't submit your review without one ... Didn't deserve it as it isn't a useable app.
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5 years ago, Lalalalalallalala?!?!?!?!!!!
Not easy to use!
Difficult to use and customer service took over an hour to answer phone!
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4 years ago, TG671
Waste of time
Does not, has not worked since installing. Does not email to reset password. Can only access site thru link in their emails.
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11 years ago, Matt682
Latest update broke it
After the last update, into longer accepts my login, even though "New Login Modes" was listed as one of its new functions.
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5 years ago, BucSwag
What’s the point?
Why even have this app? Does not work at all on iOS. Can’t even login to see any features that you describe, total garbage.
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6 years ago, horeilly
Can’t login
Same issue as others - still can’t login with credentials that are correct and accepted on a desktop.
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5 years ago, reiki650
Impossible to log in
I attempted to use the same password as I use on my home computer to no avail. This app needs to be destroyed and redone. Very shoddy work.
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5 years ago, j-bird21!
Don’t Download
Waste of time trying to utilize this APP. I cannot even log in and customer service was not helpful to try and resolve.
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6 years ago, Marknhl
Same as others, couldn’t login
Couldn’t login, don’t know anything else about the app.
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6 years ago, Etherpost
Even after establishing valid credentials on company website, the app won’t let you log in. Nice job.
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5 years ago, Awesomely85588
How can a company see all these reviews saying the same thing and not fix their app. Really bizarre.
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6 years ago, pkarouzakis93
Same Issue as Everyone Else
Can’t sign in. Waiting for customer service to get back to me.
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5 years ago, txu user77777
Unable to access
Credentials not working. Password reset not working. Unable to login.
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5 years ago, jeffbridges
Can’t log in
App is still broken. Looks like it has been since January.
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6 years ago, Cuncabo731
Ditto on app not letting me login
I tried everything to get into my account but this app does not work.
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5 years ago, juicyjojo25
Does not work
Can’t even log into this app. Website works.
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4 years ago, BabyPoppie
Why down load. Can’t log in no matter what.
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12 years ago, Bstill81
Doesn't work
Can't even login.
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7 years ago, FroDunCof
Forced password update without previous messaging or instructions. Don't leave messaging to the geeks. Pword complexity requirement is OTT.
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12 years ago, IKnowMusicYa!
Password did not work
Really bad. Does not accept my password. Not impressed at all!
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6 years ago, Njbsull
Can't login
Credentials work on the website but not on the app.
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5 years ago, Mrmcrane
App is worthless
Won’t even let me log in, complete garbage. Worst app I’ve ever used.
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10 years ago, Fb shaky Debbie
Doesn't work
Just as the last reviewer reports.
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