Infuze Credit Union

4.5 (585)
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Infuze Credit Union
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1 year ago
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13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Infuze Credit Union

4.48 out of 5
585 Ratings
1 year ago, Matt RD
Credit Card
I would love to see credit card under other accounts. Or have savings, checking and credit card all on one layout. That way I can see what is being charged to my credit card. Also I will be able to tell if I have enough money in checking or savings to pay right away. Instead of navigating multiple screens from my phone.
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5 years ago, unhappy usere
Marginally OK, but very bad app
This app is difficult to use since the Infuze IT department does such poor work on accounting, archiving, and making the app function. I spend farrrr too much time manually fixing Infuze’s errors. Until recently, Infuze wouldn’t even allow members to make Principal Only payments..we had to request Customer Service do it for us. After years of badgering, Infuze management relented, allowing only me to do that. Then they opened it up to everyone. Infuze reported Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) as recurring debts: essentially credit card debt to Experian and other credit bureaus. That is fine when a HELOC is open for the member to borrow against the HELOC, but once a HELOC is past that stage, the member can only pay into Principal and Interest. Doing that caused my recurring debt level jumped from $900 to $39,000+ in one month! That became a huge negative impact on my credit report since recurring debt (credit cards) make up 85% of a person’s credit score (at least with Experian). After more BADGERING, Infuze agreed that was bad business for the member and credit bureaus. Infuze says they now report HELOCs as real estate (15% of credit score effect), but damages still remain. This app is fast to open, but packed with too many problems.
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1 year ago, Polarwizard
Fully functional
Lately, this app hasn’t worked when I need it to. If it only works when you’re just looking, what’s the point? Very frustrating!
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1 year ago, twistedpeppermint123
Best Online Banking App
I love how simple it is and the flexibility to transfer from my infuze account to another financial institution is an added perk to suit my banking needs. Not to mention having the ability to send money to other peoples accounts wether it be with infuze or another bank. Quick, easy and understandable. Definitely my number one bank. Thank you Infuze Credit Union!
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1 year ago, vw atlast
Mid Mo Federal Credit Union
Love the professionalism that each employee exhibit when helping people. Regardless of how mean we are to them on a daily basis. They stay focus and still wish is a nice day. I love interacting with the representative who always satisfy my needs. I just want to thank them and wish them, a safe and wonderful day because after dealing with us members. They need it.
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5 years ago, modi113
User friendly!
The app is truly easy to use. I love that I can just check my account wherever I am, it really keeps me on track! If I ever have any problems or questions with the app(or anything else with my account) the Member Service department is so easy to get ahold of and they’re friendly and helpful. I would recommend this app and this credit union to anyone!
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2 years ago, Singleat34
John Miller
Infuze Osage Beach is my home branch. I'm a Real Estate Agent whether I'm up or down I'm treated the same way every time I walk to the door. Just so happens right now it's a downtime and they are just great people to work with the swing is starting to swing up. They call me by name they almost have my birthday down. Thank you ladies you are the Best!!
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1 year ago, dan8240
The app. Is great. I really like face recognition so fast to get in do what I need to do and out. The people are very friendly and ready to help. I have also dealt with the loan department where they helped me out as well. All around great credit union. You won’t be disappointed and no I don’t work there.
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1 year ago, Rue too
Online banking
Love this app!! I can check and follow activity on my account 24-7. So reassuring in today’s world of fraudulent activity! However, I miss talking to the staff. Whether in person or over the phone, they are so friendly and helpful. Thank you Infuze credit union!
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2 years ago, Dimension707
Great improvements
So glad that I have a bank that keeps on getting better. Helping me to keep up with all of alternative technologies that is provided in addition, keeping me aware of information too.
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1 year ago, Yvie B
Extremely user-friendly
This app is extremely user friendly! Compared to most apps there really are no long paths to get from here to there. All the services you need at your finger tips.
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2 months ago, vjwalker61
I've used this app for a few years now and trust it's reliability for not only my purchases but knowing exactly how much I have at the moment. It's always up-to-date.
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3 years ago, lsc25
Bill pay
Bill pay is difficult to navigate. I attempted to change an automatic payment amount only to find later it did not change. Could find no directions to help me. I have accounts with another bank and another credit union and both sites are easier to navigate!
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4 years ago, Beastsoccerplayey
Infuze App
My strongest congratulations to your management and IT folks for introducing such a user-friendly app that eases banking tasks no matter the location. Your dashboard and other features make everything an easy couple of clicks - intuitive and clear situational awareness. Top marks!! Cordially, Joe Crider
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3 years ago, jaybbank
Not impressed
There shouldn’t be two separate pages to access your accounts. The Main page you have checking and savings. If you want to access your credit card account, it takes you to a different page. You should be able to access all your accounts together. It feels like this is a very old app with face recognition, which I really appreciate
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4 years ago, movie345
Terrible App
Absolutely the worst banking app I have ever used. They back date all transactions making the customer think they have a significant amount in their account when in fact they actually might have a significantly lower amount than the customer thinks. The only way to know the actual balance is to keep a hard copy account ledger... especially a check book. Last I checked the goal of online banking was to keep online!
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1 year ago, kasue2441
Thank you!
Your employees are always so friendly and help in any way they can whether it is in person or over the phone. I truly appreciate all of you!
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3 years ago, Paras Bhardwaj 😎
Improvement needed
It’s a lot better than before n the only thing I want is credit card should also show up side by side with debit so it will be easily for people to login wherever they want thanks🙏🏻
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11 months ago, Juztadad
App review
30 days and no issues yet and easy to use. Thank you from a single dad after 26 years of not knowing anything digital and capable of handling my finances with ease now.
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1 year ago, mmt👵
I live in Texas and my Pop lives in Missouri This makes it so much easier for me to take care of his financial needs. I have always been treated with the utmost care when visiting his hometown credit union!
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1 year ago, Detailed memory
Infuze mobile app?excellent help to keep track of expenditures
Easy to use and follow checking status other things as well loan etc. good system for service.
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3 years ago, grimbisness
Honestly don’t care for my experience. I have a car loan. I can’t transfer money from my account to make payment so I have to go to the location. I can’t use my card in the drive threw. I just tried to pay it off for the rest of the year and was told I still have to go in and make a payment every 30 days even if it’s payed up for the next 6 months. Makes no sense.
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2 years ago, Old Timer 1947
Fantastic Improvement!!!
The on-line banking app was okay before but this new improved version is great and more user friendly! Totally satisfied with the new improved app.
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3 years ago, Xcffgy145
Money, Money, Money
Easy to use application providing ‘real-time’ account updates and data display w a couple finger taps. No issues w electronic transfers to other accounts.
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6 months ago, northdakotalila
I love the app.. everything you need is quick to access and right at your fingertips!
Love it could not be better!!
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4 years ago, DigDug0267
User Friendly and Intuitive
One of the best online banking apps I have. Very pleased with this app’s intuitive user interface and available tools. It speaks volumes to the positivity I have for the credit union as a whole.
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2 years ago, BeastyJohnson
Worthless app
The app itself doesn’t really function up to my standards. Charges will be listed one day, then not the next, and then they come back days later....that makes it hard to track the(accurate) balance in your account. Other charges will be pending for almost a week. Infuze Credit Union itself gets 1 star as well. Go with Chase.
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1 year ago, Motif627
Asks for secure access codes but never sends them. Limits your being able to transfer to other credit unions, reset your password, etc. Was told to uninstall and reinstall the app but it’s not working.
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2 years ago, midmorev
Everything we need to do works very well . We’ve had no issues and things work quickly .
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5 years ago, JLJADW
Great app
I love that it is so easy to keep track of my spending and transfer money. Plus the extrinsic check deposit works amazing for when you don’t want to go to the bank.
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4 years ago, likeapaperairplane
Impressive functionality
Easy to navigate, user-friendly, intuitive. But if you can’t figure out where something is, support is just a phone call away. I love this CU. ❤️
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4 months ago, krokud
Easy to use and always available! Love the service it provides!
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1 year ago, DeathDragon99a
Easy to Use
This banking app is easy to use. The only complaint I have with it is the notifications are a bit confusing to set up.
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1 year ago, Remembering Dave
As Good as or Better Than Other Competitors
Very pleased with the app. Heavy user since the day I opened the account. I see no flaws and user friendly.
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3 years ago, Dad6698
Good app
Stays up to date with current account transactions. User friendly, would suggest having credit card accounts on main screen. Great credit union.
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2 years ago, crazy lady with yellow hair
Easy to us
Never had any issues with it so far been using for while now
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4 years ago, Dawnynene
It keeps getting better
I like the mobile app it helps me keep track of my account and the new updates keep adding to my joy of it
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1 year ago, Dan Allajuwan
Great features, easy to use and I like the option to have double-validation on sign-in for added security
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3 years ago, Nickname53279
Big fat no from me
This bank claimed to have fee free overdraft protection and it’s a huge lie. They’ve probably charged me hundreds of dollars altogether in overdraft fees. Even if I have money in my account, I still get hit with NSF fees. It’s ridiculous. $30 each time they feel like taking money. Not cool. Switching banks immediately. They are scammers and have taken wayyyyyy too much money from me.
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4 years ago, Nikisha86
Love the App!
So easy to manage my accounts and transfer funds if needed. Makes life a little easier in knowing exactly where my money is going.
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4 years ago, BigGabe223
It’s really great
It’s super easy to use and has everything I need while being a lot easier than going to the bank
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4 years ago, Jay48942689533
No facial recognition and no acct activity texts
I would like to see facial recognition put on the app. Also there’s no way to set up text messages that show me the details of activity in my account like USAA does. Once my car loan is paid off I’m closing this account unless they allow text notifications and facial recognition.
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1 year ago, 1MsShine
Mrs Jackson
I’m able to keep track on my account, and feel safe with all this identity theft going on. The seems to be very secure
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2 years ago, lds39346
Infuze Credit union app
No problems. The staff is good about helping their clients. I can send messages and taken care of in a day or two.
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4 years ago, USMC Devil Dog 1991
Customer service
Great Customer service and always willing to make the experience Amazing each and every time!
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2 years ago, thowl3
Quality App
Fairly straightforward app. Does its work, is quick, efficient, and very rarely has glitches or is unavailable. Infuze in general is a good bank to use.
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2 years ago, I cross
Password change
I hate how often you have to update your password. Aggravating.
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3 years ago, Uncle Mojo
Good App
Does everything I need it to do. I especially like the ability to deposit checks from my phone.
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4 years ago, AsherFalker
Works great
This application is nice. I can check my account activity anytime as well as transfer funds and deposit checks. A++
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4 years ago, bhecker83
Great app
Super simple to navigate. Provides me with all the information I need when I need to log in for my mobile banking.
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