Ingo Money App - Cash Checks

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Ingo Money, Inc.
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User Reviews for Ingo Money App - Cash Checks

4.03 out of 5
5.8K Ratings
3 years ago, Alcola7
App worked fine today!
Last month or so I tried to cash a gov’t. Educational pmt. refund during Coronovirus, but this app wouldn’t approve check & didn’t bother to let me know why? So, I couldn’t get check put into my bank account. Would like to see this app give you options & tell u what to do. Could I retry? A couple of weeks ago I tried to cash this check that I cashed today & the app did some strange things, like not bring the app up at all. I retried several times & no go. Thought app was compromised or maybe my account compromised. Tried to delete app & reload...didn’t work. I just now got back to trying to cash this check. App came up & seemed normal, took my last password, then prompted me to do new password & added face psswrd & worked well after I updated my card expiration date. Since my Bank is not here where I live, it’s very difficult to cash or deposit checks my clients give me & so my Bank said I should use InGo & it’s worked for me outside of some app/check issues that weren’t resolved. Thanks for making improvements to ur app.
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6 months ago, Reggiem25
Scared at first but amazed it worked!
I have never wrote a review of a app but i got my money so im ecstatic. I had got paid an echeck from my employer so i had to print out the check. Man…why did i do that. Everywhere i took the check no one would cash it because they thought it was a fraudulent check. They wouldn’t even verify the funds because that’s all they had to do was call the bank. But because the check was printed on regular print paper(mind you is the only way you can print echecks),and on top of that my city dosent have that bank(Chase) that is written on the check, they wouldn’t even call to verify the funds and the check. I just looked it funny a piece of paper. Even my own bank wouldn’t let me mobile upload it. I checked everywhere until PayPal said that I could mobile uploaded check to my account. But since I see that they go through Ingo, I just decided to skip past PayPal and deal directly with Ingo. So I downloaded the app uploaded my check. They verified my check in minutes. And approved my funds and sent the payment directly to my debit card. I was just waiting to get rejected or expect to go through some long verification process, but none of that happened. I know nobody uses checks anymore but thank god for Ingo to handle that. My only caveat is that the fees are kind of harsh and the customer service is it that great(long wait times) but i dont care because I have my money in less than 10 minutes.
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1 year ago, Jennybenny3310
The woman who helped me Emma was amazing !
I just wanted to say that i was really excited to see that there was a way to cash checks through Venmo and the first checked I cashed worked no problem. I has another check from the same place for almost the same amount and I tried like a bunch of times it wouldn’t accept it! So I was totally frustrated. So I called and after and the kind customer service person, Emma; whom I spoke to was very kind, very informative an reassuring.. as I’m a big worrier. She even expedited my situation to find out as soon as possible what would be going on that my check all of a sudden wouldn’t be excepted! I still haven’t received a email or any response yet since the phone call 2 days ago. But i feel confident after my call ur will be handled very soon! And again in my opinion when ur dealing with these types of company’s its a lot about the customer service because you want to know if something goes wrong you can call get through without a problem and have a positive voice in the other ending doing whatever it takes to help you get your problems solved! And hopefully soon i can add to this and say how quickly it was solved
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1 month ago, Des 💛
Does not accept NYS users :(
I was super ecstatic to start using this app, considering I could just take a picture of my check and upload it, rather than having to make a trip to the actual bank. So I was putting in all my information and everything was going fine. I stated I was in NYS by my address and even with my cards being linked to NYS and nothing was flagged or anything. So you can imagine my surprise and frustration when I go to take a picture of my check and they state “the Ingo check cashing service is currently unavailable within the state of New York.” If this is the case, why would the app allow me to go through the states and select New York more than once while I am setting up my account, and linking not one but TWO cards all of which clearly state I am in the state of New York? If you are not offering it in a certain state, do not make users believe they can benefit from your app. I know it states “currently unavailable” so I am guessing ya’ll are working on making it available for us NYS people. But please do not make it an option before you offer it because that is false advertising. Please remove it or offer it in NYS. I hope you take my review into consideration! :)
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5 years ago, Tortuga.
OK so I downloaded this app because I wanted to be able to instantly have access to my money from my check. The process was very self-explanatory, and it really didn’t seem like they would be much of an issue. I looked at the reviews before I got this app and it kind of turned me away from it but I decided to give it a chance anyways. Now I’ve been using this app for about 2 to 3 weeks, and it works great. The ONLY issue I ever have is that I guess they can’t read the pictures because it always says that it can’t read the bottom of my check. Now this happens maybe two or three times and yes, it is annoying. BUT, after the third try check goes through and after you use the app a few times, you can cash your check almost instantly because all the verification process is over with. I give this app three stars mainly because of that issue, but once they fix it and I can take one picture one time and cash my check right there, believe me that 5 stars have been earned. So all in all, great app because it actually performs the function that it was created for, it’s just something you have to try a few times for the sensor to pick up the whole check. Hope this helps!
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2 years ago, Thaney92
Account closed with no notice or communication
I’ve used Ingo for months now. Maybe the better part of a year. I had a check given to me that I was unaware had my name misspelled. I attempted to contact the company via email, had no response. I engaged in a chat on their website, which resulted in me being told my account would be reviewed and I would hear back about their findings, I got no such correspondence. I then initiated another chat on their website, where I was informed all of a sudden that my account was completely closed. Which happened with no notification to me! I proceeded to ask why and wanted an explanation. They said “my check presented an elevated risk”. But none of the other checks I cashed from the exact same establishment were ever a problem. I asked her to be less vague and got the response “we can’t go into further detail”. She couldn’t tell ME about what was wrong with MY account. And the lady chatting with me put no further effort into trying to resolve the problem or inform me as to how I can approach it to get it resolved. I have no issue with the fact that a misspelled name was flagged, but I have multiple issues with the lack of effort to resolve the issue with someone (Rhonda) who claimed to be on the Customer Service leadership team!
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3 months ago, JammMama
Use with Caution
I used this app service through my PayPal account (which I have had since 2001) to cash checks. I paid the fees requested to receive immediate funds, as it was less than the bank fees. Suddenly, with no warning, they stopped accepting my checks, closed my account, and flagged me as suspicious. I have never in my life been labeled as suspicious, I worked in banking for 10 years. I know the criteria for “suspicious activity” and I have done nothing for this to happen. They refuse to give further detail or explanation. After checking the BBB I have become aware that this is a frequent issue with this service. This is completely unfair to consumers who are in need of a service such as this. All of the online apps out there (Venmo, PayPal, etc) use Ingo for check cashing, making it impossible for me and others this has happened to to cash checks. Every check I presented was valid and paid by the issuing bank so there is absolutely no reason for this to be an issue. I offered to send identification, tax records, etc., and still received the same copy/pasted response. I asked to speak to someone higher up, and was turned away. If you do not want your name being flagged as suspicious, stay away from this app.
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1 year ago, silkyslim252
The Ingo check cashing app is GREAT
I’ve been using this app to cash the few checks I do get a year that come In paper form I’ve never had 1 ounce of a issue at all depositing the money I get on the check at all every place is going to have some kind of fee in order to use there services and cash a check which the 5$ isn’t to big of a deal only thing id say is if the check total comes to 60$ or less after the deposit fee of 5$ maybe make the checks under 50$ cost only 2.50$ or somthing and 5$ is suitable for any check worth over 50$ to cash just a suggestion it’s no knock on there great services first or 2nd time I used my iPhone to cash a check since I’ve had it and everything’s been easy as 1,2,3, thanks Ingo for the ease of cashing the checks I occasionally receive I’ve recommended using this app to quite a few people and they all too have been very satisfied with the simplicity of usage it is and the quick amount of time as well thanks again
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3 years ago, katielovesyou46
Confused upset angry! they lost a good customer!
I used this app for about 2 years and it has always worked so fast and easy for me even with 1,000 dollar checks no problem but then one day I got my 600$ stimulus check and I thought okay no problem they should be able to cash it because they easily cashed all my other checks (I’ve cashed about 15-20 checks with them within 2 years and they all have been approved and went very easy and smooth for me got my money in mins) so I take a picture of my stimulus check from the IRS and do everything to have my stimulus check deined without an explanation AND to find out my account is permanently closed due to my recent transaction doesn’t met their risk criteria. I’m very angry and upset that a check from the IRS is a reason to closed my account permanently and I’ve cash many many GOOD AND APPROVED checks with them in the past. I was a good loyal customer who talked very highly of this app and recommend this app to everyone since covoid happened. I always had no problem paying the extra fee for u guys because of how awesome it was and now I’m just confused on why my stimulus check from the irs is now the reason i can never use this app again.
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4 years ago, GeminiJim78
If you have PayPal, you NEED this app!
After spending half a day trying to use the cash a check feature through the PayPal app, and it just spinning and spinning (the infinite loop of death, going one time for 30 minutes until I manually canceled it). I did some research about known issues with this particular feature of the app. This is where I learned Ingo is their 3rd party vendor for this service. I found them in the App Store and what PayPal couldn’t get done for me in approximately 13 hours of on and off attempts (honestly in that time frame, I tried no less than a dozen times to just open the check cash feature in PayPal) the Ingo app took TOTAL 8 minutes and that includes my registration for the site, validating my email and the actual check review itself. It’s a straightforward app, clean, clear and well built. You know what you’re doing at all times. Very Happy.
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9 months ago, Kclady83
You mobile deposit is a joke
I deposited a check in November didn’t do instant deposit waited the 10 days I try to do instant mobile deposit yesterday denied said couldn’t verify I assumed it was the time of day 530pm ok try the next morning nope u denied me then removed access to mobile deposit saying I was a liability the check came from a Robinhood account they all customers to send checks to individuals and businesses and they remove funds automatically that way the checks are covered I have proof of it starting money was removed from account to cover funds for the check and still your app couldn’t verify a Bank of America check for instant deposit instead of emailing me saying that funds can’t be verified for instant deposit please use the 10 days for check verification or take to local bank nope you just denied and said I was a liability and thats it no reason nothing you app should be 10X better then it is where u give a response on why u can’t verify a account at the time and give other options not just say try when writer is available or check photos so that when ppl try again they don’t get denied and found a liability
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4 years ago, Ms. N Johnson
Amazing service!
The BEST! I found out about Ingo via my PayPal Business app. I was having difficulties with mobile deposits for business checks and decided to call Ingo directly. Once I explained the issues I was experiencing; the Ingo reps immediately recognized the problem and remedied the situation. The reps I initially spoke with- Chiquita (she actually spoke with me three times in one evening and called me back after one of our calls dropped) and Thomas were not only thorough; but they were fully committed to making sure I received exemplary service, even though I was calling them due to an error via another vendor. After I experienced such great service I downloaded the Ingo app and had to call one more time to make sure I set my account settings correctly and spoke with Kieyara and she also was amazing to work with. As a small business Owner it’s rare to encounter such accommodating customer service and a quality of professionalism that exceeds any normal expectations. Thank you all!
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1 year ago, SinSierra68
Honest review.
I’ve had this app for less than 12 hours and it has brought on more stress, anxiety, and worry for not only my informations safety but the funds of the check I “cashed” I only used this service because of its partnership with Venmo. I needed to cash a check and it’s Saturday. Being directed to this company thru a reputable one I was not so inclined to read reviews…I should have. Upon going they the steps of the sign up process and finally getting to the spot where I was submitting my checks photos..I was getting skeptical. I hit submit anyways and up pop a screen saying I was one step away from my approved funds! I thought omg?! It actually worked amazing. This next step is where I should have canceled everything and listened to my gut. I had to submit an additional photo of my check with “VOID” written in bold ink. Against my better judgment I did it and clicked submit again…fancy that. Denied. I have no idea where my funds are, if or when I’ll get them, and support is impossible to reach. Even if you manage to get they they are extremely rude, aggressive, accusatory, and shady. Would NOT recommend. Will update if I ever see the money again.
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12 months ago, jdm198420
This app is awful and make mobile banking much less affective for everyone
Ingo decided that I had “suspicious activity” more than once on my account and that decision was final and they told me there was no one else I could speak to. But, I had serious identity theft problems years back and hadn’t a clue what they were referring to. I got no explanation, no date or exact infraction. At least the other companies I worked with to fix my identity theft issue were willing to work with me and explain it all. I’ve lost countless hours in my life because I can no longer use ingo to deposit any checks so no online baking for me. It’s obvious this company does not care about their customers. I’ve paid countless fees having to run around to stores to cash my check to feed my children. THEN, when the pandemic hit and everything closed, ingo single handedly brought me to tears when I couldn’t get my paychecks into my bank account, my bills were late. If I didn’t believe in god I’d talk to a lawyer. This company is awful and should be referred to the BBB. But nothing will change. Profits come before helping families. I hope no one uses this app again. THANKS INGO
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3 years ago, JF ann
Always Simple and Better than Most Other Apps
Several years ago I was working somewhere that I was unable to use direct deposit through my own personal bank account. We were offered a pay card through the payroll service. The payroll service bank card works hand-in-hand with the Ingo check cashing app! As long as the check you are trying to cash is One of the approved types of checks listed on the Ingo app, there’s virtually no issues that you run into. I love being able to get a check in the mail and have it in my account within a minute or two. The fee is so small for the safety and convenience it’s worth using the service for all checks that are accepted by Ingo. In today’s COVID-19 world we live in with the pandemic and all of the safety precautions put in place for social distancing and no contact etc. etc. Ingo has made it possible for many people to have the capability to cash checks. Thank you Ingo!!!!
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2 years ago, AWilliams102744
Steals your money !! DO NOT USE
I tried to cash a $200 check with them on 12/5. They said it was accepted and I just needed to write VOID , soon as I did that, I was told they could not deposit it. I was left with a check I could no longer do anything with. I called the issuer and it was confirmed they indeed CASHED THE CHECK and never sent me the money. I’ve Ingo called 6 times, waited over an hour each time, even spoke with a manger who claimed I would need to resubmit the check and it was never cashed when it was, I tried again and it immediately denied. The check issuer was gonna send another, but couldn’t cause they have the money and have not sent it back!! It is now almost a month later and nothing… not a dime. Ingo keeps claiming they never cashed it and they DID. They stole my money pretty much and I WILL be filing a lawsuit for it and advise anyone else in the same boat to do the same cause you will not get anywhere with them. People, do noooot risk your money with them. I wish I read the reviews, but you don’t think things like this would happen in 2021 from a “ bank” many apps use to cash checks.
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2 months ago, Moni Pugh
This was my first time using an app to cash my check. I did all of the requirements. Before depositing my money, they wanted me to write “VOID” on my check (I should have known not to do it, but I was on a time crunch and needed the money right then). I reluctantly did it, but then they said it was a “failed load” and to call customer service. The first time I called, they told me to contact my bank then call back, and so I did. After talking to my bank, I tried to call back. The wait time kept going up and then they hung up on me. 3 times. So now I am left with no solution and a check that I cannot cash anywhere else because of the VOID writing on it. Never again. Pls do not get this app. Update: After a few hours, I finally got in touch with customer service and they resolved the issue. Thank goodness! Still a bit skeptical about using this specific app because of how hard it was to get into contact with someone, but other than that I’m glad someone did eventually help me receive my deposit.
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5 months ago, cristyanity
Beware this is not a good choice
I’m trying to use the ingo money app but all I get is error messages. I tried and still try to get an answer from ingo money since they control many online payment systems why this app doesn’t work and the only response I’ve gotten is the same over and over they say that I didn’t pass verification. What verification? I can’t even get the app to work. Also all my documents are legal and from the United States government so what is it I didn’t pass. Still no answer but now I can’t upload any payments or attach any financial accounts because of Ingo has blocked me. I did t realize they had this much power and control. They decide if I can deposit money into my accounts or transfer money or upload money or attach accounts to one another but they have tied my hands making my life extremely harder than it has to be creating an excessive hardship during this pandemic. It’s abusive and violated my civil rights. Someone should stop them since they are using discrimination to prevent some from the basics other people can enjoy.
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5 years ago, brapz!
I didn’t want to believe the bad reviews but...
...there’s definitely a reason why there’s so many. I knew I was going to be getting my end of the year bonus sent to me via paper check. I wanted immediate access to my $ instead of waiting for a day or over the weekend for my money to be available to me. I downloaded the app & set up my account with no issue. I linked my debit card & PayPal account with no issue. I reviewed the criteria for a check to be approved several times to ensure my check would meet each & guess what? My check still wasn’t approved. The images of the check were clear, it was endorsed, same name, etc. It was an ADP payroll check from my company, issuing bank is USBank. I’m not sure what they’re looking for but I’m curious to know what checks do end up getting approved. And judging from the reviews, this seems to be a pretty normal occurrence. Providing customers with some visibility as to why their checks are not approved would be very helpful. Part of me thought this kind of service was too good to be true and I ended up being right. It’s too bad, because it’s a wonderful idea.
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3 years ago, xtrvdu
They say your check is approved but it never actually gets deposited into your account. I wanted the 10 days; nothing. Called them today and the women I was speaking with told me they are unable to approve it. I don’t even know if this check is even valid to take too a bank now. It’s truly upsetting that a “professional” business like this, acts so unprofessional. Fix your system then maybe all your views won’t be negative. If you ask me, stick to the bank or your local check cashing place. They don’t know how to conduct business with someone else’s money. Not to mention the customer service was sooooo bad! I asked for the woman’s supervisors name so I could report it; she tells me she has many and she can’t do that.....bruh what? Fam let me tell you, just don’t waste your time with this trash system.
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3 months ago, Shdbdmsk
Awesome app
Just wanted to say this app is beyond awesome, used it for my first time today and honestly I was a bit scared.. I got my check but it was dated for tomorrow, not sure why they give us checks early but then date them for a certain day. I went to Kroger to cash it but the lady wouldn’t allow me to because of the date. I completely forgot I had this app, I’ve been scared to use it and wasn’t sure how “instant” I’d get my money. Figured what did I have to lose and tried it out and it blew my expectations out of the water! I was able to link my cashapp card and have the money sent right to my car for a small fee! I was super stoked to see my check was approved all they needed me to do was “void” the check and send a picture, after that my phone buzzed and the money was deposited! Thanks a lot guys
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3 years ago, Cjthadon
Really dont read all the negative reviews... this app might work for you
On a lazy saturday morning i awake at a late time to realize that i cant go to the bank or cash my check at walmart due to my id being expired...😒😒 bummer. Started looking for ways to get my money instantly and happened to stumble upon the ingo app. Read the bio, called customer service prior to using the app to clarify that i would get my money in minutes, lady on the phone confirmed yes, never got her name she was helpful though, anyways i follow through with everything the app says and voila! Whattya know, for once in my life something works out, although you have to pay quite a fee (i paid a little over 20$ out of pocket) its nice to know that i was able to get my money fast and easily! This app def does work for some! Five stars for u. Thank you for helping someone in a time of need!!!
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3 years ago, dan.c.b
Save yourself the headache and don’t download
I wish I could give zero stars. I have tried for the last two days to deposit a check into my account with no success. The check is legible and filled out as clear as day. Somehow their software or camera is so bad that it won’t process the image. It’s too bad that my bank only uses InGo for online deposits. I reached out to my bank with these frustrations and they said they will be reviewing their business relationship with InGo due to all of the terrible reviews and poor service. I have tried numerous times to reach customer service via email and by phone and have not been able to speak with anyone. Just look at their twitter page and the only posts you will find are from customers who are having the same troubles as I am only to get a generic pre typed response from this company stating they are sorry for the inconvenience. Horrible customer service with zero human contact and horrible software that can’t complete a simple task like taking a photo. Do not trust your hard earned money with this company, very shady.
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4 years ago, Tricia Barista
Customer Service
I have had this app for a few years, never had any issues until now, which was my mistake (not updating my expiration date - duhhhh) so I sent emails here and there with minor resolution and then was asked to call in their most recent email to me, and boy was I lucky because I spoke with a lovely young lady named Rhonda and she immediately fixed my issue!!! Less than 10 minutes and my 2 checks were released in addition to her letting me know what the issue was (again, my doing:)). Now let me tell you, me and CS normally dont get along but this lady Rhonda was very professional, super attentive, and got her tech team to fix my issues immediately! It was a great experience overall. If you are looking for a great money app, that comes with great tech service and AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE (shout out to Rhonda!) then choose Ingo Money App!!!
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5 years ago, glubgogagola
If I could give zero stars I would. Ingo Money advertises themselves as being able to quickly put money into your account via mobile deposit check cashing. In reality they can do no such thing. I tried to deposit a rather large check with them and after initially accepting it, a few minutes later I got notification saying it was declined. I tried 2 more times and got a message saying I would have to wait 10 days before I could try again. Of course the customer service number only reaches an automated service and no human representative to talk to. The person on their chat line was also useless. I was told they could not “assume the risk of cashing the check”. This was a check from a reputable business for services rendered (not a personal check). I really feel a class action lawsuit should be in the works here as 1) they are using false advertising and 2) they get your social security number and personal information yet do not fulfill their commitment to you as a financial institution which is fraud. PLEASE DO NOT USE INGO MONEY!
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2 years ago, Rudy72
I’ve used Ingo several times in the past without issue. However the most recent attempt was my last. I attempted to cash a check at 4:40pm AZ time using their “Money in Minutes” option with a $16 fee. It does mention at the bottom that usually check process in minutes but can take up to an hour. I wait over an hour and a half without response. I then had plans to see a movie so I didn’t check my phone for about two and a half hours. Upon checking my phone I see that the check was approved about 20 minutes after the movie started and about 10 minutes before it ended they cancelled/declined my check since apparently I took too long to “VOID” it out. I then try resubmitting my check but am told via the app that I cannot resubmit this check since it was previously cancelled. So now it’s 9PM and I never got my “Money in minutes” but I definitely did get disappointed with Ingo and will never be relying on it for my check cashing in the future.
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3 years ago, jordan lil mama
Love it
This is a wonderful app. I love that I can cash any checks I receive from anywhere, may it be at home, the grocery store, or even on the road traveling. It’s quick, accurate, and very simple to use. I haven’t had not one problem with it yet. The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because (this was the only downfall), when you first sign up, the verify your identity process is super slow, or at least it was for me, it took about a week and a half to two weeks from the time I created the account until the day I finally got verified. Also it denied my husband because it couldn’t verify his identity, but his id dead on matches all his info... 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♂️. Anyways other then that it is a fantastic app and I absolutely love it!!
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2 years ago, Charles62393
Ended in tears- don’t do it
Trying to cash my check to make my final rent payment of the month. Customer service is non existent . I contacted the chat- they took forever to answer (10-20 min) and then terminated the conversation if I took more than five minutes. I ended up speaking to three different people, leaving my callback number on the customer service line twice, & even as I saw that they COULD solve my problem, they wouldn’t. & there’s no one to complain to. So now I have to rush to have my check reissued (since they told me to write VOID in big black letters before they told me it wasn’t approved) & hope I get it in time that my landlord doesn’t start with me. Don’t play with your money. Don’t download this app. Update: they tried to get me to “update my review” after trying to send me to the same abysmal customer service, I never received a call back although I left my number several times, & they don’t even know my problem was resolved days ago. I’d laugh but it’s not funny.
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4 years ago, Ctamalis
Exceptional service
I had an issue with how I voided my check. Rhonda helped me through the chat option on the website. It was completely my fault that the check was not accepted. I was in a state of panic. Rhonda resolved my issue quickly and with patience. This could have been very difficult for me to resolve and required a stop payment on the check and for it to be reissued. I greatly appreciate that Rhonda worked to resolve the issue immediately. I am very grateful. I would recommend this service to anyone. I will not hesitate to continue using it. Good customer service is hard to come by. Dealing with me in my panicked state was not fun, I am sure. I learned a very valuable lesson, it is possible to over void your check, I do not recommend using a sharpie. I have piece of mind and I am not stressed anymore.
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5 years ago, Gr8ful_Steveman
Great service, service fee a little high
Since I don't have an actual bank and i use Chime for my debit /savings cashing a check is impossible without having direct deposit. This app comes in handy because it can cash anything from personal checks to ones from your job....the only downside is in order to get your money instantly its a $5 fee, wish it was a percentage instead of a flat $5....if I'm cashing a $10 check (not a lot, but an example) it would only be $5 after the fee, unless u want to wait 10 days to get your money without a service fee......only thing I suggest is to lower the service fee or do a percentage instead.....other than that this app rocks especially if u don't want to drive to the bank or you want your money instantly on your card!
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1 year ago, calimjohnston
Mobile Check Cashing in Minutes!
The application does what it says it does, which is, the same type of in person instant check cashing services, but all from your mobile device! I have been utilizing INGO’s mobile check cashing services for about six months now without any issues. I’m very impressed to say the least. They provide a much better user experience than my Bank of America as far as mobile deposits are concerned; I refuse to use BOA for any mobile deposits and stick with INGO for their fast and reliable service. I just wish that their promo codes would work a bit better. I haven’t been able to use one yet, but that’s not a deal-breaker by any means…thank you INGO for the ease and quickness of use.
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2 years ago, emsakittypoo
Solved problem
I had recently posted a critical review, and now I cannot got back and delete it. They ended up solving the issue and making it right again and I feel bad for leaving that review. I panicked cause I couldn’t get ahold anyone and it’s money we are talking about, so I’m order to get attention to solve my issue I left a harsh review. There was a system error and after they accepted my check and I wrote void on it the money couldn’t transfer into PayPal cause of system issue and I panicked cause the check had void wrote on it. Within 72 hours the money was in account and they did come around and reached out to me and fixed the tech glitch. They aren’t that bad. They fix there malfunctions and made it right.
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4 years ago, Wednesday Eh
Horrible, Awful, Very Bad
TLDR; SCAMMY GARBAGE, DON’T BOTHER I decided to use this app directly, since its the same cashing service PayPal uses, to cash a Christmas check from a relative. After going through the whole setup (SSN, add a bank account, etc) and taking photos of the check, they declined to cash it for unspecified reasons and closed my account. I tried contacting customer support for more information because that was weird (no email, no reasoning, just “this account does not exist”. Ok, I have verification emails from you but whatever) only to find out they don’t have humans to talk to! And their chat is definitely either a bot or bad outsourcing. I should have looked up the reviews for this app before using it because its apparently trash. I feel like I was just scammed out of my personal information, and they have the bank information off someone else’s check. I’m appalled Apple certified this app for the store, and disgusted PayPal wound use some hack job “banking” company for their services. SCAMMY GARBAGE.
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3 months ago, Amazing Customer Service!
Lost Deposit
Another bank lost my check deposit and put it in another persons account. Said bank keeps giving me the run around and keeps telling me to call Ingo money. I spoke with Dy’Keithia and she cleared everything up stating that their support in this process has been fulfilled. They located the money and confirmed it and now it is on my bank to make things right. She was exceptional and her confidence was very calming and reassuring. I wanted to make sure she gets the recognition she deserves. She is amazing! More reps need to be like her. I felt like she actually cared and wanted to help me figure this out. She was genuine and helpful and went above and beyond to get me the assistance and information I needed in an articulate manner.
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2 years ago, iare47
Do Not Use This App
I tried to cash a check with them earlier this week and they wouldn’t cash it because I wouldn’t void before submitting it. Finally I voided the check and they cashed it. I tried to cash another check today and wrote Void on the check as I was previously told to do to be able to cash the check and now they won’t cash for a list of reasons that do not seem acceptable to me. I endorsed my check the same as I did previously. I tried twice they rejected it both times. Now I am sitting here with an emergency and a worthless check. Do not cash your checks with this app. I’m waiting now almost an hour on Customer Service and to see if they will cash my check that they keep refusing for different reasons on four different attempts. I think they are stealing checks and I am reporting them to the AG’s Office and the Fincen Regulatory Commission in my state. This is a shady outfit do not cash any check with them.
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3 years ago, MoniNE7
After holding my check for 2 days I had to call them to understand WHY. I was told by a rep that it was on hold for verification. He then proceeded to place me on hold only to come back and tell me they couldn’t verify me because they could see my expiration date on my card. I said okay I’ll re-submit it. He says “You will re-submit it?” I said “Yes. If you can’t see it I WILL re-submit it so that you can.” Now what he neglected to tell me is that I would be completely LOCKED OUT of the system. I sat on hold for over 45 minutes TWICE. Having my check on hold for 2 days not knowing what they were doing because there is zero communication and zero EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION with their “customers”. The is 48+ hours of my life to only get NO-F***ING-WHERE with these people. DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND SEEK MORE REPUTABLE AND ESTABLISHED SOURCES TO HANDLE YOUR MONEY. You’re better off cashing your check at a questionable hood corner market than using this service. WASTE OF TIME AND DOWNLOAD!!
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7 months ago, waitstobe
I’d rate 0 stars if I could
First off the fees are too high, BUT the app could be useful if you need to cash checks on the weekends or after hours….That’s IF they could consistently provide good service. They’ll start off cashing your checks, but then out of nowhere close your account for suspicious activity with no explanation & no way to verify your identity & move forward. Just close your account and that’s it. It’s completely unprofessional & bad business. After trying to cash my student loan check from the government, my account was closed for suspicious activity, which is crazy because the check was in my name & I had previously cashed work checks on the app with no problems & all of the checks cleared. If you need a check cashing app to regularly cash checks find a different app because one day out of nowhere Ingo will close your account. They have several complaints about this.
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3 years ago, Marshaljr15
Horrible App if Wanting Fast Money
If you’re wanting your money fast instead of waiting, this is NOT the app for you. UNLESS you’ve uploaded a check and waited the 10 days and then want to cash the check from the same place, then it will allow you to cash it instantly. My work messed up on payroll and my direct deposit did not go through. So my company over nighted an actual check. We use ADP and it was official and printed just fine. They (of course) declined to cash the check. The first is this Friday and instead of helping you, they copy & paste a standard response for them declining the check. The check is legit. They really need need policies or better people checking checks that are uploaded. The only way to talk to someone in their customer service is a Facebook message OR their chat option on their website. You can’t actually talk to anyone. How any business works with them is beyond me! It’s very frustrating.
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3 years ago, Hello kitty 143
I LOVEE I found this app it’s so convenient, fast and jus amazing I love I don’t have to go to the bank or a store cash my check it’s easy simple an fast it walks you through a few simple steps just take a few pictures an bam !! Ur checks avail right away !! It charges a fee which all depends on the amount of the check..for example sometimes I’ve been charged $5 sometimes $7/8 ..that’s the only down fall is I have to pay a fee for my own check an doing it through an app but w.e it’s still convenient an fast an it loads right to w.e card or acct you choose instantly no issue..if you don’t want to pay the fee you also have the option of wtg 10 days for it to be avail for free.
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2 years ago, Lavender X
Buggy app / does not send verification email / horrible customer service
After checking inbox and spam over several days and clicking the resend verification button a bunch of times, verification emails do not send. Customer service makes a phone call and I am Deaf/hard-of-hearing and cannot communicate that way. The phone clerk manages to talk me into changing my email for log in to a gmail address due to maybe the software being more compatible with gmail than planetmail, so I consent but have severe difficulty understanding if they misspelled it. The phone clerk claims there is no other way to change the email to try to see if gmail will receive the verification but over the phone which is Deaf-unfriendly. I tried opening up a chat and it is VERY SLOW. All they do is say generic things and how they appreciate your patience. At the top it asks for your basic info but they make you repeat it after you posted it. This app must have regular ongoing issues with verification emails because they feel the need to write common sense information in the log in box such as “check your spam if having issues with verification” - if only it was in my spam. 🤦 Really I don’t mind being a beta tester, but that’s a paid job and they would need to pay me for that.
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4 years ago, Kiwi mini
Dont waste your time
I wish I could give this app 0 stars. I got this app because it was compatible with my bank for mobile check depositing. I went to cash a printed check from poshmark and I got an error. So I waited it out. With hearing nothing back for a month I cashed the check elsewhere. When trying to cash yet another check it said they couldn’t connect to Ingo Money. So I decided maybe it’s my password. After waiting for emails to reset my password I never got one. So I contacted customer service where they continued to tell me I don’t meet their “requirements” after reviewing my registration info and my check image etc from a month or two ago. So because they couldn’t cash my printed check they closed my entire account and said they couldn’t activate it to begin with. When I already had the app and was already activated. The whole thing is a joke and I would never recommend this app or the company in general.
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3 years ago, grace789favor
Great Customer Service!!!
I was having challenges cashing a check (took me SEVERAL days and over 6 hours holding time working through the processes and receiving misinformation. I was almost ready to give up. Then I called on today5/18 and spoke to Rhonda. With compassion and great professionalism, she heard my concerns, stayed with me, and worked above and beyond to not only put my uneasiness at rest, but to also make sure I could cash my check. Working with Rhonda was the best experience I had with Ingo. During a time when customer service can often times be hit or miss, I’m so thankful there are Rhonda’s in the field to help people like me. Rhonda, if you see this:Thank you & God bless you.
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1 year ago, katieeeey
I tried to sign up in my money network app which i got from my job to cash in my check and it said that i cannot use it because my identity cannot be verified. then i downloaded the app thinking maybe i can verify myself through the app, but when i try to register, it states that i already have an account when i didn’t. so i tried to reset my password anyways and i did not recieve any email within 2 hours. i did this two times. so then i sent an email to customer service explaining my situation and i get a reply back in the morning that didn’t even answer my concerns. they basically said i cant use their service because of this stupid identity verification even though i asked how i can do that when im not even allowed to register. i sent an email back asking HOW to verify myself and i have not got a word from them since.
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2 years ago, Solo379
I tried to cash my check link my debit card gave all my info. Also I checked my debit card account to see two transactions both for 0 dollars 1 from ingo and a random one same time as ingo. So for some odd reasoned my turbo tax card company referred me to you. I don’t know why but once I got to the page to transfer the money to my debit card I did it as money in minutes to get it right away. Once I hit submit it goes to we can’t verify your identity and it’s a 2500 dollar check. Now I have to go cash it somewhere else and hope it really dint get cashed already. Because I truly need that money. I assume it dint get cashed because the screen it’s on said to go cash or deposit it elsewhere which to me means it dint go through cause I never had to write void on it. Horrible service. I hope you get takin down and I don’t know why my turbo tax would refer me to you.
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3 years ago, LLVM Dev
OK this works flawlessly. I used this app 4 times within a week and have had no issues at all. If you post a check for 600$ and want it within an hour it costs 12$ nothing crazy. If you post a 150$ check it costs $7.75 to receive it within the hour. Over all my experience is great. You also can do it for free but it takes longer like weeks so I don’t see why anyone would do that when they could go to any bank and cash it without an account OR use the instant option for a small fee. I highly recommend this app to everyone. Thanks to axo bank for telling me about this amazing service. - David C - Senior Security Researcher
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2 years ago, Knightndey
The App where CASH is at!!!
Are used to just have my checks cashed with the cash card app but it was taking too much time even after two years of doing it and they knew I was a steady customer with the same check every two weeks. Never a problem here. Have used it five or six times for instant cash and never a problem. Sure I pay for the convenience but we all do that for just about everything in our daily lives. And the fee is reasonable. I do think they need a raffle for a winning lotto ticket once in a while. That way I put them in my will otherwise they get five stars.
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5 years ago, That Guy Ayyyyy
Seriously look into it, And read my review
After signing up for this thro PayPal giving them my SSN. DOB. Phone number. Address. Pretty much enough info to make a clone, I go to use it and the first time wouldn’t read the check. Weeks go past go to use it on another check, “Can’t Identify me” idk how, they have info about me I didn’t even know about. Call there service I get handed off to 10 different people to only have them tell me I have to “call this number” you call it’s a robot voice asking for my SSN so like the idiot I am trusting a app PayPal offered assuming “hey it’s PayPal there like the body Guards of the online money transaction’s” I give my SSN and DOB just to have it say your account has been canceled (or something like that) so basically feel like I been F$&@ed. Can’t believe PayPal would let some sketchy stuff like this happen. I’m waiting for them to blame the Russians... so morel of the story DONT USE THIS APP!!
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4 years ago, MeleM48
Very Professional and Knowledgeable
I spoke with a well spoken representative, Adayja who was very swift in resolving my issue. I completed the cash checking progress for the first time using InGo on my own. The process went surprisingly well but I received a message to contact InGo customer support. At the same time I received a message from my cardholder for account verification about this deposit. I appreciated the check and balance system. After clearing this with my card holder, Adayja assisted me with a smooth transition. I didn’t have to go into a lengthy narrative, she knew exactly what to do. I’m glad I chose to use this application with my trusted and private information.
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5 years ago, Zoe Maerie
For real, the worst
To start, I was given a personal heck by a friend and needed a way to load it into my prepaid card. Said card advertises on its website for INGO, so I thought that was the clear first option. Wrong. My check was approved but for some strange reason they can’t load it to the account. When I attempted to call customer service, I was placed on hold and promptly hung up after a few minutes. Their hold music? A robotic voice that announce that you’re on hold every 30 seconds. I finally got in contact with someone online through their chat who assured me that they would escalate it to technical service and it would be resolved within 2-4 hours. It’s the next day and I still don’t have my money??? I’ll have to call customer service yet ANOTHER time and hope the next person will take me seriously enough to put the funds on my account so I can PAY MY RENT
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4 years ago, Divinei inspiration
They don’t work on the problem
I’ve had Ingo Money for about five year it was great. I would have issue every now and then where they would respond with image isn’t readable, most of the time a few snaps would do. For the past six months my check keeps getting stuck so they system in the system. The representative always assure me they would escalate the mAtter. Today I tried and it happens again, they representative said she would escalate they. I tell her every time I call they say them same thing and nothing is resolved. I ask to speak to a supervisor and boy was she rude and said this is the first time I see this being escalated, wait 24hrs and try again. She hangs up. They’ve lost there mojo and care two cents about customer service. It’s a shame
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