Ingress Prime

4.5 (4.1K)
298.3 MB
Age rating
Current version
Niantic, Inc.
Last update
3 weeks ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ingress Prime

4.48 out of 5
4.1K Ratings
4 years ago, Lance2466
Pretty solid
You guys are putting in work. However there are some things that need to be fixed in order to be pretty close to a perfect app, such as the start up time, an increase to the overall speed of the game (resonator deploy time mainly), putting in a message that tells you that you can’t recharge portals over 45 mph (it tells me LOCAL_RESONATOR_NOT_SET which idk exactly what it means but it should say “unable to recharge over 45mph” for the newer players), an easier way to organize your portal keys as I have so many, an easier way to recharge your portals (it just becomes tedious when you have to recharge EVERY portal when you have 200+ portals to recharge everyday), and to get notified when someone is destroying your portal that’s not yours but you have the portal key (sometimes portals will be damaged or destroyed without notifying me just because I’m not the portal owner.) If you guys fix all of these things, I will play the game until the day I die. This is my favorite mobile game and I would hate to see it stay this way.
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2 years ago, The opinion of the generation
A few suggestions
This game is amazing at mixing ar and real life in an online war. I just want to point out just two things to make the game better. 1. Clearer tutorial The first thing is that I don’t think the tutorial might have been clear enough, because even after the tutorial, I didn’t know how to use the weapons or what the power cubes were. I don’t know, though, maybe you did. Maybe it just has something to do with me being part of the resistance. But still, even so, you should be a bit clearer. 2. Easier time leveling up The second thing is that this might go only for me, but it’s really difficult trying to level up. Now, when I say “easier time leveling up”, I don’t mean it being a cakewalk, because those games usually get boring after a few weeks. I mean that instead of taking you, for example, a week to level up, it just takes four days. All in all, this is a great game, and I hope you improve a lot :) EDIT: Also I think another benefit might be to add the app on watches, so you can check on portals and km will count even if you don’t have your phone or iPad with you😉
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4 years ago, Kaz_10_08
Interesting premise but fails on delivery of gameplay content
There’s no other game quite like Ingress, and for good reason. It’s surprisingly deep but also lacking in gameplay elements at the same time. This is a PVP game where you battle other agents in real life locations via the portals in game. Issue here is that the game became extremely dull when you are located in areas with few players. You cannot play the game anymore because almost all the gameplay is aimed at local in person PVP interactions. There really needs to be more marketing and dynamic content because there’s a huge opportunity here to have a fun engaging game. Live world events organized by players are the best part of the game but that’s pretty rare and you have to travel which isn’t really possible with Covid pandemic. My favorite part of the game because of lack of players for PVP is the missions for exploration of different neighborhoods. Unfortunately lately even that feature is broken and new missions are not getting approved. Overall I think this game really needs some rework as the gameplay concepts haven’t really changed in years while the player base has suffered almost a complete collapse in my area without new updates in content.
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1 year ago, MartinUSMC
Purchase items
I’ve played this game for a long time now. And I think that the new purchasing feature in the game is cool. But you can only get level 8 gear such as bursters and resonators. You should be able to get any level depending on what level you are at. So the higher you are the more different level item can be bought instead of only one level of items
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2 years ago, hnavas
The game is deplorable and leaves much to be desired
It is the worst game I have ever known, where everything is handled by influences; if you don't know the developers or you're not friends with the people behind this company, you're a zero to the left, they don't listen to you, they don't answer you and they put bots to answer your support tickets; to such a level that being a geo-localized game you can be accused of harassment or whatever comes to mind without legal evidence or anything, without they worrying of the laws of your country and even so you show them that any accusation made against you can be legally refuted via the justice system in your country. Cases where it has been shown that internal staff gave access to players of a faction making the game benefit with confidential information to an entire group or the case of the photographer who worked for the same company and who was "wrongly" banned without evidence during a live event or all the Vanguards that have left stating that they do not support the current vision of the game are just some of the many things that show that the internal management of the game is deplorable and leaves much to be desired. Certainly a waste of time.
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3 years ago, Sjkomenko
Don’t believe the Review Rating!
For those looking for a great game to play, look towards Ingress Prime. Don’t let the review rating or 1 star reviews fool you. A lot of those reviewers haven’t played in a couple years and complain that they can’t play due to non-compatibility to their phone (maybe a phone upgrade from the iPhone 4 would help) or they cry about glitches and bugs that have been fixed long ago. Anyways this app is all about PvP. There’s two teams fighting for control of “Mind Units” to put on the scoreboard. Before the pandemic there were a lot of events created by both Niantic and the player base. I’ve been playing this game since Ingress Redacted and was a beta tester for Ingress Prime. It has come a long way from the beginning and Prime out does Redacted in every way! Improvements in game play are always being looked at. Again ignore the naysayers and the review rating. If you haven’t played Ingress Prime, then give it a try and give your own review of it.
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1 year ago, Haptotrope
INGRESS is amazing, this version needs some work.
Update; Still playing. still enjoy the game as a way to explore the world. Seeing lots of multi accounting tho, and it's a bummer. Previous; I used to love this game And play 7-8 hours a day. I still love the idea of it. I still adore the people who run it, i just really really hate change. And I miss the simple genius of the prior interface. It didn’t care if it was pretty it cared about getting you to the place, allowed for low data situations, and do the thing efficiently. Yes prime can link faster but takes three times as long to deploy resos. This negates a lot of the energy around building portals when routine commutes can’t lay resos fast enough to be of value in non urban settings. Still hoping for the best and a game that values simplicity over gamey over shiny shennanigans. Tho I’m playing less than I did before, I’m not going to blame ingress for changes in my attitude or life. ❤️
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2 years ago, Rylyshar
Fantastic fun, updated regularly
Absolutely addicted to Ingress. Because of this game: I exercise by walking and playing, and I enjoy it. I have met interesting fellow players. I have learned about hidden/unnoticed art and objects of community interest. Update — still playing, 8 years on. Still exploring, participating in events, and playing almost every day. The rest of this review was for a MUCH earlier version! I have started using Google+ to communicate with other players. BUT: Since this is a Google game, the iOS version is buggy -- especially latest version which is whole new levels of annoying/frustrating! Get used to re-launching the app and cussing at it regularly. And you will need an external battery - this is an excessive battery drainer, even when not allowed to access location info when off.
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2 years ago, Tecolot3
Definite pros…..and cons
Pros are obvious if you decide to play the game. Team play, getting out of the house is a must to play and be successful. I enjoy the real life fantasy underworld integration. I’ve been playing for 6 years plus. Competition can get a lil spicy. There’s many levels and layers to the game that, depending on your involvement, can keep you involved even when you can’t get out constantly. The cons…. In a word, CHEATING! There’s plenty of rules and regulations to help keep gameplay even for everyone. Where there’s a will there’s a way. And in this game there’s plenty of will for some reason. Some players have no problem using their tech savvy skills to take advantage of the players who don’t. Niantic, because this is a free game, does the bare minimum in its efforts to catch even the most brazen cheaters. If you can accept knowing that, then I highly recommend this game.
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2 years ago, dixonrammstein
The game is most spoofed
This game doesn’t seem to have a lot of players. Really it seems like just a couple of people who spoof the game with a couple of accounts. The premise of the game is really unworkable. It sounds fun to go out and explore but no one actually does, and it is frustrating if you do and then have your portals taken back while you are still there but no one else is. If Niantic can’t stop spoofing then they should level the play field by creating their own spoofing platform. This game doesn’t actually promote building community and outdoor exploration. As far as I’ve been seeing it promotes bad behavior which Niantic seems to contribute to. This game has actually been a very toxic experience and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. If anything this is an example of a game that should actually be banned based on the type of behavior it promotes. I say that being someone that doesn’t support banning anything lightly.
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1 year ago, Erin1821
Still interesting to play but
I have to agree with many that the old interface was better- less bright, less cluttered, very much like a “scanner” as described in the tutorials. I stopped playing for a bit because I couldn’t progress on some of the medals/badges, of which you need so many to move on. Living in Hawaii there’s only so many unique portals and so many missions without having to travel really far… I figure that’s very similar to the problems rural players have. Having been back to playing it’s still a fun game concept, with slightly less money grabbing by Niantic than Pokémon Go or the new Peridot. “Recycling” items for xm makes a lot of sense that I wish Pokémon Go would do for its items. Can still be enjoyable if you travel or aren’t living on an island in the middle of the Pacific :)
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3 years ago, :) :) :) <><
Used to be so great, so much promise
I used to just love this game, but the community here in the Bay Area is a ghost of what it used to be and for me the unbearably pretty and sparkly prime UI still disrespects the role play/time investment a serious agent has to make to really immerse oneself in the agent role of this game. Basically I just can’t pretend I’m an ‘agent’ anymore using a ‘scanner’ that looks so much like a stupid game. The old scanner was designed like a tool not a toy. The genius of the original Ingress UI and shtick was in the ‘make believe’. I just can’t make believe anymore no matter how hard I try The UI reminds me I’m just playing a boring and sadly declining game and nobody cares anymore if I accomplish the mission anymore. Hope someday this global friendly capture the flag get off your sofa concept gets a reboot cause for a time in my life it was a really great way to get a little exercise, meet great people and explore the world.
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2 years ago, Astraeus4
Niantic must stop abetting location spoofing
Niantic cannot stop spoofing, cheat tech stays ahead of anything they try, so they bury their heads in the sand and pretend it’s not a problem. They abet the spoofing by incentivizing it. They do this in ingress by leaving traces of the cheaters on the game board, even after they get banned, if they get banned at all. They abet the spoofers by making it easy for them to troll, by allowing them access to boosts at low levels, by allowing them gear codes to obtain gear they don’t earn or deserve. They abet Spoofers by not implementing a reporting mechanism that can quickly freeze a harassing account so that it can be investigated for more action if necessary. Niantic has lost thousands of customers because they continue to ignore the problem and ignore the advice and begging of their paying customers. Stop paying or quit, until they take meaningful action. Sadly, many have and are quitting.
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2 years ago, Thr33head
Wish I could play…
I used to play this years ago with my dad and loved it. We even drove to an event in Florida many years back and then one day I was randomly banned and was confused as to what I did. When I tried to appeal it they declined it and I asked what I did wrong and they said they couldn’t disclose the reason. Some friends of my dad said that if you pick up items that someone had gotten illegally then your account could be banned and I’m assuming I picked up either keys or something else and didn’t know they were illegally obtained (since there’s no way to know). Because of how long ago it was I recently tried signing in and was met with “access denied”. Maybe I’ll make a new account and try to restart but if I remember, having multiple accounts was against the rules so who knows if I can do that…
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4 years ago, JamieP59
Improving but still glitchy
Prime is still not as stable as the original scanner. I regularly see several bugs. 1- the scanner will show item inventory as being 900 items more than actual inventory. I have to completely close the app and restart to fix this. 2- nearby portal icons are so wide that they cover to the middle of the screen and into the middle of the viewed play area. 3- nearby portal icons show portals 30, 40, or as much as 100 km away, but do not display portals within 1-2 km. I am to the point of wanting a switch o just turn off the nearby portal feature. 4- longer distance portals either take several minutes to show up in linkable portals list or do not show at all unless all closer portal keys are placed in a capsule or portal key locker. 5- the new player icon rotating in the top left corner of the scanner screen serves no purpose, is distracting, and should be switchable to hide or display 6- deploying resonators is still significantly slower than with the old scanner 7- app start up takes for-ev-er
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4 years ago, Nindle PNW
Cool game. Friendly community.
I’ve played this game for four years. It’s very competitive and my team (Blue Resistance) is friendly and supportive to all new players. The game can be played almost anywhere and with different styles. Players can do player-made exploration missions, collect badges, capture and defend areas large and small for their faction in order to out score the other team. Large battles are organized every so often called Anomalies taking place in multiple major cities across the globe. The game continues to improve with updates. I’ve discovered so much and met many fine people due to this game.
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3 years ago, Zeke_A
Requires Facebook or Google account to use fully
You cannot use any of the PC based functions of the game without a Facebook or Google account. Thus, you can’t see a larger version of the Intel map, can’t redeem passcodes, can’t use the mission authoring tool. The game only provides a subset of its functionality to Apple users. Sign In With Apple should work across all Apple devices and provide full functionality of the game. Otherwise, why offer it on iOS at all? Additionally, the map in the iOS application is seriously degraded. It has an extremely limited zoom out capability, so in rural areas where it is mikes between portals, you can’t get any contex, nor do any planning. This essentially makes game play meaningless. Great idea, but very poorly implemented.
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4 years ago, Realdasho
iOS 14 is not “unauthorized modified client software”.
Ingress is a game run by a company called Niantic, who profits from the free labor of those who play this game. Niantic claims they want to curtail cheating in their games but instead they punish large groups of people (with banning and accusations of cheating, detected by an algorithm they implicitly trust) who have been legitimate players and whose collected data made possible all of the success Niantic has had in their other games. What do all of these “cheaters” have in common? They installed iOS 14, which was detected as “unauthorized modified client software” by Ingress’s cheat detection algorithm. And through all of this, in addition to cheating going unpunished by actual offenders, Niantic engages in the barest minimum of communication with the “cheating” players who are confused as to what they could possibly have done to warrant their punishment. If you were interested in this game, I recommend looking for a game not made by Niantic. Unless you are okay with being labeled a cheater while the actual cheaters are still running wild and using automated means to cheat, stay far away. I would give 0 stars if I could.
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3 years ago, Rod-Dog55
Agent CormacMcArt
I consider this game the greatest ever made for mobile play! I started playing the first day IPhone got the game July’2014 and have not missed a day yet! Going on 7 years this game never stops being fun and challenging, I have met most all of my fellow players and enemies in Phoenix AZ. There is no other game like it, I’m 65 yo now and enjoy a bike ride everyday to attack enemy portals! There are many players in each city looking forward to you joining their team, very social. Highly recommend Ingress Prime!
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4 years ago, ReaperCross XIII
Great fun.
Either play it once in a while or really get into the community. The app it’s self works well. They do have a couple bugs every now and then, but they are also always looking to improve it and make the player’s experience even better than before. You can explore new towns and maybe even find things around your old town that you never knew was there. Choose a team and capture the world.
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2 years ago, Opie Sweets
Turf War!
Super fun game if you travel! You don’t have to be good at it you just have to get off the couch and explore. The only change I would make, that I’ve notice so far, is if you have a cluster of portals in your circle it would be nice to be able to hack them all at one. Hold down the hack button to “hack all” for example. Same goes for the xmp busters. It would be nice to use 10 or so at once especially if they’re low level xmp busters.
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2 years ago, AboveTheSkys
3 rating
For ban large part of the world, 9 years of playing. 2000days of strait soujorner. If this helps to stop Mr. P. Go on. I just want to know how? Btw you made a great job, for unite people all across the world, don’t ruin it. You made people separate from politics, links fly across the borders, fields, that ignores conflicts, and wars, i hope you will stand for those! And may be someday theres no man’s who could decide to counterpart some nation by his own will. I hope you will return, someday.
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9 months ago, PRW760
Enjoyable! And burns calories!
Enjoyable! Engrossing! Cool SciFi theme (not goofy-as-F* like Pokémon Go). Engaging UI! Complex yet Attainable! Builds IRL camaraderie — even friends from IRL meetups! Gets you off the sofa and burning calories! Helps builds mapping knowledge of areas unknown. Satisfaction gained of adding content to the community (such as “portal scanning.” A “living” app with features and content added continually. Helps prevent memory loss (through “Glyph” memorization). Enjoyable for ages 10+ — even fun for moderately tech-saavy Baby Boomers like me (age 60)! Recommended!
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4 years ago, Little Kitana
Five stars for five years
It’s been 5 years on this app and played about 8 million AP a year for this fabulous game. I was always a gamer since my middle school years. However, it was a lifestyle change as an adult. Meet lots of eccentric people on both teams thought out California and Canada. Favorite part is exploring different cities and noticing more artwork. Giving myself self care, exercise, taking care of children, friends and family and a chance to breath to enjoy life.
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4 years ago, nonniemoose
Fun if you arent being stalked
This game is a nice game to play if you play pokemon go but want something slightly different. However. Be warned there are players who take this game way too seriously who have used the game to stalk or harass people into not playing the game. Niantic will do nothing about it if you try to report them. People have actually followed my family members around in their cars (because none of them actually walk) and driven from other states to claim portals they are so obsessed with this game. If you can avoid those people. It can be a nice way to discover new places to visit, which is what initially drew me to this game.
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3 years ago, Sixonthefloor
You messed with a good thing
If it’s not broke don’t it doesn’t need to be fixed. That’s how I felt when prime came out. I started playing in 2015 and after the change it was never the same after that for me and interest faded quickly. The game concept is great and the old scanner was great. I kept coming back to this give prime a try but the new menus and everything just never felt right and never sunk in. Asked for my account to be deleted. I’ll give 3 starts for the years of enjoyment I had playing this once great game.
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3 years ago, JeremyMage
Keeps me moving!
Been playing for 2 years so far, love the game. Although it can be buggy sometimes it is definitely a driving force to keep me from sitting around all the time. I often don’t have the mental energy to go out and explore. But the excitement I get from creating portals, doing missions, visiting new places, making friends, doing operations together, are the reasons I love the game.
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2 years ago, robersua
Not that good
This game isn’t too good it doesn’t let you have that much fun if you wanna fun game go to Pokémon go now that’s a fun game. Now this reviews on for the game now for the company niantic for Pokemon Go they listen to their communityUnlike their Ingresses community where they don’t care they are most likely to Ban you from this game if you have a little fun now in Pokémon go you can have all sorts of fun not to mention the bubble of where things are obtainable is a lot bigger than the one in this game this game is not wheelchair friendly
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2 years ago, Jedi Knife
Much better than Pokémon Go
There I no comparison between this and Pokémon Go, this is far better. A great game; the learning curve is a little steep, but it is rewarding. The game is thick with intrigue and that’s kind of what makes it compelling. I like it and hope Niantic can continue to develop this particular game as more augmented reality technology becomes more prevalent. Would love to be able to see this game through AR augmented glasses, wow.
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7 months ago, ShrunkenQuasar
Your location might lock you out
Your enjoyment of this game depends entirely upon where you live. Many cities have healthy competition, while others are broken in how lopsided they are. My city score is 331 to over 30,000. The blues control everything, with one person in particular controlling areas that span dozens of miles. Not much you can do about that, especially since the areas are so big you can’t see where they end without going on a roadtrip.
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4 years ago, Nacrunner2.0
Great Game
Yea prime has had its problems but has been improving with great leaps and bounds. I think this is a great game and has been used to make plenty of other good games. I highly recommend grabbing a few friends and downloading the game. This game is meant to be played with other people. I have met so many friends playing this game and hope to continue doing that.
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3 years ago, AGuyNamedScott
A Game in Decline
If you haven’t started playing this game, you probably shouldn’t. The whole, “time to move” concept is a cruel irony since the hand full of people still playing the game are largely spoofing. If you like disappointment then you will love going out to the middle of nowhere to capture a portal just to watch it get taken back by someone who isn’t actually there. The spoofing is a growing problem that undermines the whole premise of the game and niantic is pretty much indifferent when you report it. This was probably a fun game once but like niantic, most people have lost interest in ingress prime.
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3 years ago, Vicky Christy
Gameplay encourages stalking and harassment
No matter which team you pick, you will be stalked and harassed by other players. They go to the extreme extent of taking pictures of your car’s license plates, figuring out where you work, and more harassment behaviors. It’s disturbing how they reveal your precise location if you do any actions. And the few players remaining have a toxic cult like reactions to any new player. Joined bc the Netflix anime, want to quit because of the irl players. The only “safe” actions are recharging other players’ portals and the drone feature (for now)
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4 years ago, Runnergirl864
A few suggestions
Hi! This is a decent game. I was wondering (as there’s a spiritualist avatar) if you could include a third team as spiritualist in the game. I think that’d be cool. Also, it would be nice if this game tracked your miles more. It doesn’t really unless it’s open. I like how in Pokémon Go it tracks via adventure sync (though not working well right now), and it would be nice if that was included, too. Maybe add something analogous to Pokémon eggs? Idk. Think about it.
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1 year ago, Jerimiahf
Bad developer who helped ruin the game
It’s a sad state of affairs when you learn the Res team was helped with tools to track and detect players on the ENL team. What made it worse was that it was done so by Niantic staff who helped with the system that tracked players. Been years since I touched it as this new interface was horrible and built by someone who watched Tron Legacy a few too many times. But alas Niantic won in the end with all the games that benefitted from the portals that Ingress players put in on their own helping to make Pokémon Go so successful while Ingress players were ignored. Greed won here…
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5 years ago, NavikVonB
Ok game
I think the Prime version is a huge improvement on the game. Though honestly I don’t play much, there’s simply so much more going on in Pokémon Go and Wizards Unite (I’ve played all three and mostly play WU these days). Solo Ingress play is just kind of meh. I’m sure it’s a lot better if you find the local community. Communication about events also feels vague or fleeting. You can’t access news or an event calendar in game. Most events seem to be in random locations across the globe (aka inaccessible by casual players).
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2 years ago, jophisj72
Games that uses to be fun.
This used to be a great game when I started playing in 2014 and after a while people really get possessive of these portals and they threaten you they flatten your tires they throw nails down at portals so you get flats. Spoofing from a couch. Playing a game from a computer. No way one can do so much work in such short time and not have any travel on his name. Newton nh has. NNHpdiscorrupt NHMIKE Hbomb and more This game isn’t fun anymore. It’s a shame they allow this to go on. Portals on private access property. This game blows now. Too many Cheaters make this game lousy.
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3 years ago, HCFC22WasBetter
Great Game Style
So I am at the ending of my first week in ingress, and love it. It really does make you want to walk around and find new areas. Have had a couple decent conversations while out playing. Also joined a great group to help me learn. Have made a few fields and also slowly fielding off a whole town and a separate community. Great Game!
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2 months ago, artoria2e5
Lost 10 lbs on it and counting
Dropped the game "for good" (or so I thought) when the new scanner came out. Picked it up as my waist grew wider. Well what do you know, it’s actually not completely unplayable. The haptic feedback for glyphing works alright. A bunch of handouts make the game much easier so you can really focus on the walking and biking.
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2 years ago, Von Slod
My favorite exploration game
I love playing this game, it has been so much fun exploring my community and other small towns I would have never thought of going to. I always make sure to play some ingress when I am out traveling. The mission add an even more exciting aspect to the game! I recommend it to everyone I know.
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8 months ago, shairpe
play it your way
it’s a game, it’s a community, it’s strategy, it’s a memory jogger and it’s a story. It doesn’t require you to buy things to succeed. It gets you out of the house and into the real world and has parts you can stay inside to do. It is worldwide in every village, town, city, country you can go.
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2 years ago, Just a guy named $E@n
Why I love the game. Best game ever
It is the best walking and Mobile game ever to exist I love the time when I am lying in bed sometimes I can use the drone and I love the linking, hacking and attacking part of the game I also love the story I am going to watch the show and read the comic’s. I LOVE THIS GAME I recommend playing it if you were like playing games like this
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3 years ago, I'm ool
Great community fun game
Basically you team up with people IRL to troll people on the opposite team. We regularly get together to “barhack” basically mining virtual items at a bar and having fun together. Interesting concept. At our faction’s Christmas party a couple years back we had at least 100 people
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1 year ago, SkyBlast13
Good, solid game
I have been playing this game for 10 years and remember very well how terrible the old client used to be. When they introduced the prime client, it got much better, the flows were much easier, and the bugs and the cheating went way down. It is definitely not perfect, but it is good enough to have a really great time playing. One of the things that I love about the game is that no matter where I go, I can find things to do with people who have similar interests as me. And they can point me in the direction of the best restaurants to eat at while I’m there.
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4 years ago, EtherWolf
Niantic needs a QA dept
If they even have one, get a new one. I am so tired of crash to desktop etc etc etc. Every app on this platform is buggy AF and it's really making me question my commitment to helping keep this boat from sinking. It's the die-hard players that keep slogging through buggy update after buggy update often with regressions (not to mention all the intel issues) that keep this game from fading into memory, it would be nice if Niantic realized that before it's too late.
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3 years ago, JimDoolittle
I’ve played ingress since 2013, made life long friends, and been to places I would otherwise have never been without the game. The Prime update had some early teething problems, but they have largely been solved, and recent updates and feature have reinvigorated my interest in the game. Come join us!
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5 months ago, BKemp103
Ingress gives new life
Lost moms and Granny 2020… feels like a prison sentence ever since. A mentor suggested Ingress and I have not been the same since. I have found new life purpose thanks to Ingress yet I have a gut feeling some thing else a tad more sinister is happening. Never the less, I’m riding the nuke down to the ground. Thanks to the creators of Ingress
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3 years ago, B8ascrub
Not like the old days in 2013
The game became huge the summer of 2013 and then the updates started and in 2017 most original agents got frustrated with the complete remake of the game. The UX became crammed with too many objects and it became frustrating to use. Bring back the old app or enable a feature to have the old school layout back! Then maybe us retired OG agents will come back!! Build back better! :-)
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2 years ago, SgtSltr
Cheaters Welcome
Customer support is nonexistent, and Niantic has become more concerned with making money with in game transactions than following their terms and conditions, allowing agents who use multiple accounts and devices, as well as spoofing and using bots to cheat and make it an unfair playing field for the agents that play the right way and follow the terms and conditions. There needs to be more accountability on Niantics end to keep this in check.
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3 years ago, Field Ninja
Used to be fun, now just toxic.
A simple, surprisingly fun and addictive game that generated a passionate user community in its first few years. The game went rapidly downhill years ago, during a period of intense developer neglect and refusal to ban a subset of toxic players. The communities of good, fair players are long gone. Who is left are people who will stalk you in real life to protect their turf, and spoofers and scripters who can play all day from their couch without any of the real-world effort that once made the game so amazing. The game was brilliant. Now it’s dead. Don’t bother.
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