Injustice 2

4.6 (162.1K)
1670.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Warner Bros.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Injustice 2

4.64 out of 5
162.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Pidge the green paladin
I’m addicted
I play this game everyday! I love the battle Scenes especially when they do there special powers one minute someone cartwheels and knocks someone over and the next they stab someone with a sword. You can battle real people all over the world and see what rankings there at, You can join teams and battle other teams. It’s almost perfect. Though it almost flawless it still has some things that need to be fixed the characters don’t look like there actually running they look more like there oddly levitating they almost never move there arms and legs they are like stick figures. The costumes... I don’t really know what to say some of the costumes look like 10 dollar costumes like Wonder women’s she looks like she is Wearing red rain boots! As a Cosplay fan I just find this more terrible then her wearing 12 inch heels and that is saying something, Superman’s chest plate looks really sad it looks like his upper chest is somehow popping out of him and Green Lantern looks like he is wearing rubber. Thankfully some of the costumes look good all of Harlequins costumes are great the Joker looks good and so does Robins. The plot for story Mode ruined SuperMan and Robin and those characters are awesome. Over all I think this game is awesome and I highly recommend it!👍
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3 years ago, Pretty good game but...
Pretty good game but....
I’ve been playing this game for about a year now and it’s pretty good game. There’s lots to do and there are plenty of games to go into besides the campaign games or story mode. The graphics are pretty great, and so are the characters but I do have one or two problems. They only problem I have with this game is the fact that it takes pretty long time to collect gems and it takes forever to collect the shards. I usually collect the gems so I can unlock characters but lately I can’t even do that. It takes so much of your gems just to unlock one character, and when you don’t get a new character it just adds on to the character you already have and most of the time it’s a character you don’t even use like that. Also it gets pretty pricey to level up the characters on hand, my best team right now is a little over 45,000 I believe and on the campaign mode I’m stuck on aqua man which the team is on 75,000 or something like that and I try to level them up but it takes forever and it takes a lot of your coins. Also the story mode it only went up to 8 chapters and that was it, I know the story doesn’t stop there so what’s the hold up on the other chapters? Ok ok maybe it wasn’t just one or two complaints but I hope you get the idea. But overall it’s a pretty good game I still play it almost every day or when I can. So do not decide to not download this game because of me trust me it’s worth it.
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5 years ago, Robulicious
Injustice Great Idea, so-so execution.
I’m a relative newb to this game, as I’ve only been playing solidly for a month. And after a month here are my thoughts. For a free mobile fighting game the graphics, story, campaign, and overall fights are fun. However, what I have noticed is once you start developing your characters, things start to cost more. For instance fighting a normal heroic battle costs 7 energy. Fighting the main boss costs 12, but at about account level 15 or so that only gets you about 65-70 total energy for about an 8 hour period. Then when you get to a boss in a campaign you are not even guaranteed shards for that boss for a win! Or another example is the gold character challenges that are offered, you can reasonably fight the level 1 challenge with a few characters that you haven’t spent time, money and effort leveling up. But then level 2 challenge requires a threat level of 50k plus to even have a chance. Arena events are similar. But when you aren’t paying money to play you have no real shot at unlocking characters that you want or even ones you don’t. And there are only characters that can be unlocked if either you have been playing them forever or you have a ton of money to spend. How about instead of making everything cost so much offer a season pass that lets you unlock characters, or add them to campaigns or something to that effect. Overall a good game if you want to pass time.
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5 years ago, TendoFan
Overall great game, but....
I just had to write a review for this. Since I’m here I might as well give my thoughts though, so here they are. This is actually a pretty great mobile fighting game! I haven’t played many fighting games on mobile, but I can definitely say this game nails most the areas that Contest of Champions is lacking in. The addition of a story mode (alongside the campaign) is a great way to kill some time and introduce you to the game. Campaign on its own is fun. The gameplay is waaay better than Contest of Champions, since it handles the attack system a bit differently, making the combos really satisfying to pull off. I just have a small problem with the game that, while petty, will keep me from giving it five stars...and it’s registering the Mortal Kombat representation in the game. Specifically, the blatant lack of a playable Scorpion. While the game is fun on it’s own, he’s the whole reason I bought the game in the first place. I’m pretty sure he used to be in this game, or at least the first Injustice on why is he now absent? It feels weird seeing Sub Zero and Raiden, but no Scorpion...seriously, I would pay money for this character. I don’t know why he isn’t in the game as of now, but it just feels like he should be in the game. Think of how Jump Force launched without a rematch option. (It still doesn’t have one....) Anyway, great game. Still can’t give it five stars until I see Scorpion though.
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3 years ago, JBeez17
NR up the rewards, latest update is very humbling.
Ok NR if you want to up the character level to 80 then up the rewards system. Sure I know it’s not suppose to be easy to achieve that level but seriously it’s very hard to even have the orbs to get one character beyond level 70. I have been playing for nearly 2 years not even close to getting the orbs even for leveling a average character beyond 70. The level 7 XP capsule is a nice touch to build XP but why not offer to buy a level 7 capsule in the league store even if it costs more league credits? And your reward system for league raids is abysmal at best. The difference of rewards from raid 6 to 7 is a compete embarrassment!! Even if a league member that places first in raid 7 the reward can be just trash. Up your rewards for the hard work people put in to these time consuming raids. I barely find the rewards for Raid 7 hardly better than Raid 6 despite bosses having 10X more health. Where is the payoff for a Raid that we work that much harder for? I am not saying reward the high profile characters shards and gear out like it’s nothing but at least make it a real possibility to get something great even if it’s rare to win it. The Firestorm gear for placing high in R7 is getting stale at best. Please up the rewards for the loyal players who have stuck with this game to keep playing. Because as of now it feels more of a chore than fun anymore.
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5 years ago, Abarmicor
Before you buy /play
This game is great however, in game progression is so painfully slow. You’ll end up having to grind levels over and over just to get better gear items, which are %85-%90 RNG. The campaign has some cringe and simplistic dialogue even though the graphics are very good looking for a mobile game. Then when you get to mid/ late game you’ll be stuck either grind a lot or hitting a “pay wall”. The PvP is a pain, due to encountering many pay to win players time and time again. I would suggest to the developers to maybe improve matchmaking quality. And possibly make earlier levels more “beginner friendly”. That aside, it’s a ok game. It also pisses me off how notifications keep popping up constantly reminding you to buy “the latest challenge pack” which kind of defeats the purpose of doing the challenges to only gain 1 hero. When instead you could only pour a lot of money into the game for fast progression. Also the Winning/Spending ratio seems way off. What do I mean by that you ask?. What I mean is that what you earn is way to little and the “packs” or “bundles” cost way too much. So bottom line, I would suggest an economy rework, with some minor tweaking in the campaign. I hope this review was helpful and I ask the developers not to take this criticism in a bad way. I just hope they read this so they’ll be able to make the game more fair and fun for everyone to enjoy. :)
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4 years ago, poop di scoop woop
Good, But Needs Work
I’ve been playing this game for a while, and although it’s a fun way to pass time, Injustice 2 has some pretty annoying flaws. The main problem for me is the Story Mode. It’s not the actual story (that’s one of the best parts of the game) that’s frustrating, but rather the difficulty of the fights in it. They range from being decently difficult to rip-out-your-hair difficult. An example of the latter would be the Green Lantern fight in Chapter 4. Another annoying feature is the difficulty of getting a good character from chests. Nearly every time you open a chest in Injustice 2, it’ll contain nothing but a silver/basic-level character. Speaking of the chests, it’s also quite hard to find the currency you need to buy one unless you pay a ton of money. Finally, a rather small qualm: Harley Quinn is probably has the most annoying voice in the whole entire freaking universe! This isn’t just a review to try and trash the game, though- the graphics for a mobile game are great, the fighting mechanics are simple and easy to use and there’s an abundance of cool characters from the comics to obtain. The arena mode is a nifty feature as well. Oh, and did I mention that there’s Mortal Combat fighters? Overall, Injustice 2 is a decent game for DC fans, but unless the problems listed above are fixed, I think it only deserves three out of five stars.
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3 years ago, Connordc13
Good Game but needs TLC
The game is honestly addicting and super fun but the guts of the game can’t seem to keep up. Whether I’m on WiFi or full bars of service there’s still always a massive lag with fighting and I continuously have a problem with equipping an unequiping items. Now I know it can’t be my phone because I have the 12 pro max, so I think it would be very useful to be able to control the quality the game try’s to put out such as being able to turn down the graphics and more advanced options. Also, the game is very expensive. Alittle to expensive for my taste and doesn’t seem to really reward such behaviors to honestly. I’ve spent upwards of $30 in trying to open cases and what they deem as “special offers” but have gotten the same basic characters multiple times in a row. Now yes this can be looked at as a positive thing but at the same time is a big setback for me, only because why would I want to toss more money into the game if all I’m going to get back is the same thing back to back to back. Other games I’ve played give alittle more love to the dollar bill where in this case, $60+ is most likely the only way you’ll get something worth fighting for and that’s the same price as a full game on a real system which has a full story/ campaign mode and I also don’t have to constantly refresh or restart my game in order to get past the game lagging or freezing.
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5 years ago, Atvchris
Good but Skewed
First I just wanna say how much I love this game, I’ve been playing it I think since the first month or 2 after it came out and have always loved it, I’ve been at the max player level for awhile now and I still love playing it especially with the new content always being added. The reason I leave 4 stars instead of 5 is the skew of power rating in the characters. I understand the games like these with the options to buy more powerful characters will always give those who spend money on the game an advantage, I’m fine with that, and this is not about that by itself and I’ve spent a lot of money on the game myself. However it’s so frustrating that the characters you usually have to buy are always waaaaaaaay more powerful than what their “power levels” are. I’m fine with them being more powerful but just let them be labeled as such, it’s ridiculous how often a character with 90k threat quickly and easily annihilates a character with 270k threat. I’ve been on both sides of that like every time I play virtually and whether it’s in my favor or not it’s still annoying, if a character is super powerful than their “threat level” should reflect that, I think we all understand that if we give the game money we get stronger characters, just let the threat levels reflect that ffs.
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3 years ago, OceanicWave
Good but cheap game
I really enjoyed the game when I first started playing it because it was fair. If I lost I accepted it because either A, the teams threat was to much for my team to handle or B, because I wasn’t good enough. At this point I’ve been playing this game for around 2 months and am fairly far into it. The only reason I lose now is because the game ignores its own rules it made and will somehow take out my entire team because I pressed a ability or tried to tag in my character and it takes about 10 seconds to do so. PLEASE fix this injustice it’s ruining the game for me. This isn’t the only problem though. I will lose a bunch of matches because when the other team is about to lose they end up interrupting my combo or delaying my special moves and therefore giving the opponent a chance to attack me and they do and end up taking all three of my character out in about 5 seconds. And let me remind you that no matter what you do you the player CAN NOT do that as well. So basically I’m led to believe that injustice purposely makes you lose games by not activating your ability when you press it, not registering your moves or even interrupting your combos. Who knows why this is a feature and why it had reminded ever since they released the game but please start working and fixing this. Makes the game very unenjoyable and discourages me to get on next time.
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1 year ago, Joe Lee 2814
Good and bad
Great fight mechanics. More sophisticated and strategic than Marvels Contest of Champions. Lots of fun modes and variations. The character are wonderfully imagined, well crafted and engaging. Frequent new character releases. I’ve played it since it was originally released, and loved the console version. But it has some serious down sides. The game chat is very limited, even after all this time, has no flood control so it’s frequently full of spam. Progress is slow. Did I say slow, I mean glacially slow and gets even slower as you level up. I think I remember it not being horribly slow, at first. It’s designed in such a way as to limit your characters advancement by collecting one or more of the many in-game currencies, from many different in-game combat possibilities. Some gems needed to advance your higher level characters took me years to obtain. You’ll see some players with new characters, fully loaded with fully advanced gear, right away, the day it’s released, no matter how seemingly impossible. With only one possible explanation, those players spent a lot of money in the in-game store. Which kinda makes all the player vs player modes frustrating and almost pointless. This game is all about in-game purchases. Which is a shame really because the actual game play is seriously great fun and challenging.
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5 years ago, hahdkdksozndbcndkxj
Pretty good game
I have been playing the game for about 2 months now and I love it. I play everyday and I play just about every game mode they have and I grind for the gems by completing objectives and other things. Here is the one big problem I find with the game. I save up all of my gems and then I buy a premium hero chest or a more expensive chest in the hopes of a gold card. I have opened dozens of these chests and at this point I don’t hope for a good gold I just hope for anything better than some trash silver that I pull every time. Like I said I have been playing this game for 2 months but I have only pulled 4 golds and I have opened probably around 20 or so PREMIUM chests or better. The better chest have a higher chance at a gold (so they say) but at least you get a 2 star character or better. Now I open these hoping to get some cools gold card or something but without fail I pull a swamp thing every time. That is my one problem with this game but other than that it is a great game. I would recommend playing it and maybe you will have more luck than me. I also think that the developers should add a chest for like 500 plus gems or something like that that guarantees a gold card of some kind. Like it could be a 2 star or it could be better. But yeah that is my one problem with the game.
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4 years ago, Doc with a light
Great game!
I am a bit unusual. This is the 3 rd time that I have picked up this game after quitting twice before. At the beginning, I got lucky and got an Arkham knight. I loved the game, but after a game refresh, I couldn’t download the game for 2 days. I deleted the app and tried reloading the app thinking that it was a glitch. I lost all of my characters and was so mad that I quit. I came back a year later and felt like it was so painful rebuilding and feeling that all of my opponents were overpowered so I quit again. I’m back and loving the game. I have figured out that there is a lot of strategy in the game and it’s helped to build up my team a lot. I pretty much just play this game now since much of the strategy in the arena is build Your team by playing them a lot. I wish that we could convert excess character shards to other character shards even at a reduced conversion rate or converting them back to gems or something useful. It’s a frustrating waste when you spend gems and get useless shards. Keep up the great work!
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5 years ago, Return2sinda
Worst update ever...
I’ve been playing this game regularly (nearly every day) since it first came out and enjoyed it immensely. The latest update, however, was a fail of epic proportions. They have completely ruined gameplay with random tag-ins occurring during all game phases. The implementation of new raid levels was completely botched - not only poorly thought out with boss HP on the next level 10x higher than the previously highest level, but also including bugs so that defeating any boss in battle results in “battle error” where the damage is not recorded, thus the bosses are literally impossible to defeat. Also, the “tweaks” introduced to the champions arena have completely destroyed the fun in that aspect of the game. It was already a good and difficult challenge to defeat 3 of an opponent’s teams consecutively using only one of your own teams, achievable only with a very high threat level and even then only with a select few pairings of characters. Buffing the opponents’ HP and attack values so much has all but eliminated the chances of defeating three consecutive teams, and thus has essentially eliminated what was an enjoyable aspect of the game. Moreover, the changes to computer-controlled “AI” characters now allows them to routinely complete moves that a human-controlled character simply cannot. This game was in dire need of a long-awaited update. Sadly, this update has ruined the game. I, for one, will not be playing anymore until this disaster is fixed.
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4 years ago, Hosea Mathews
This game is not at all good. It’s pay to win compared to the other mobile games where they at least gave to in a chance to unlock a certain character by doing their easy but tedious tower but this game is a fat no. They are now replaced by these battles where you need 160 shards to even unlock a character and use them. And they are super hard. Playing the arena is useless you have to spent some good time if you want to get a high rank and the story is pointless if you could play it on pc/console. What happened to just buying a pack and unlocking a character or upgrading them. now when you buy packs you get shards Instead of the card and need to buy more than 1 pack if you want to get a character as now you get shards as I just said. In mk mobile you would buy a pack a get whatever card you saw right away, online/arena was fun and felt rewarding and the tower all a bit to tedious could be done by a baby. You see what I am trying to say here, they went back instead of forward. AND DON’T let me mention that most packs will give you a sliver shards rather than gold so you pretty much out of choices. Whatever Pack you buy there is like a 95 chance you get a sliver. It’s like being at a casino and that’s not fun at all. Overall bad game the other two which are injustice 1 and mk mobile are 10x better. Go play those and don’t waste your time here like I did.
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6 years ago, Jem12135
Injustice 2 make some changes please!
I would love to give this game 5 stars- I enjoy the graphics, challenges, raids and collecting characters. I have some major problems with the cost of characters and gems as well as the supposed Premium or special character chests. First of all, one character shouldn’t cost $30+! Some of the characters cost more than an entire PlayStation or Xbox game!! The cost of the gems would be slightly more worth it if when you paid extra gems for better chests you would get the better characters but this does not happen. It’s a solid 9 out of 10 times that when I try to get a premium character out of a more expensive chest with a supposed “increased chance of gold characters” it turns out to be a silver and, on top of that, is most often a character I already have. I would love to see the creators of the game make some changes to justify the prices they are trying to charge people because honestly they are taking advantage of people right now. I will continue to play the game on the “free” (I have spent $5 on Wonder Woman, who was a way more reasonable price as well as the 1st pack for additional gems. However, I have tried to open multiple chests with the money I spent on the additional gems on “premium chests and have gotten 0 premium characters so honestly it wasn’t worth it) until they make some changes.
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5 years ago, N!€Kn@me
2019 review of a cash cow
Let’s see where does one begin on INJ2 Mobile. Well let’s start from the beginning. I remember when the app was launching. Everyone was super excited and back then the game was FUN. Nowadays the game is filled with bugs, lies, & cash offers pertained to the individual playing the game through data collecting. Which also makes game play sluggish if not on fiber optic internet. The developers have altered the games AI so much it contradicts the developers own exploiting rules in which they have kick people by the thousands for using glitches they were to lazy to correct. It’s bad for you to exploit a glitch, but in order for the developer to make money it’s perfectly legal and acceptable for the games AI to override you controls and to dismiss your characters special abilities in order for a win in hopes your will spend money on more items to continue game play. The game is a bust now and a hack into your bank account. You would be better off doing a search for COD mobile & downloading that instead. But hey your your life and your money feel free to try it. Just don’t get sucked in by nether realms offers & promotions. It’s just like your drug dealer. There more then happy to give you a taste, but if you want more in will cost you a lot more then you get in return. I give INJ2 1 star for being able to take some of my money before I opened my eyes to there deceptions.
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5 years ago, 1Dan.Spams
To many bugs to be playable.
I love this game and I want to see it succeed, but I’m worried that the developers don’t care where the mobile game goes. There have been numerous complaints since the first version of the game! So many bugs and glitches that it made the game unplayable for others. In the past I bought a offer but I never got the in game loot. I didn’t think I got charged because it said error so I did so many times I got charged 200 dollars. We ended up getting about 2/3rds of the money back. So you thought I must have learned my lesson by now... well I didn’t. Recently I bought this booster pack for reaching level 40. As soon as I purchased it I got a error and I got booted from the game. I have been unable to login since then. I don’t even know if I received my in game loot and I’m ineligible to receive a refund according to apple. I have contacted customer service and it’s been 3 days and I have received no words. I love this game and I want it to go places, but currently it’s lost my trust. I wouldn’t recommend Injustice 2 because what’s the point of playing if your unable to play it again after a while. Please fix these bugs so its playable for others and developers if you are reading this please help me out with my situation!
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3 years ago, Mr. Xkylur
Lame; the perfect word for this game!
Look... this game has a lot of potential. There are so many ways to play, so many different challenges to explore, and so many ways to find satisfaction. My problem with the game is how difficult it has become to grow your roster in the game without spending ridiculous amounts of money. The “in app purchases” are totally beyond reasonable. Who (in their right mind) would spend anywhere between $30 and $100 to unlock a character in a “mobile” game (yes... those prices are legit what they charge and this is not a console game)? And who (also in their right mind) would spend between $10 and $40 to unlock gear or artifacts to enhance a character? What’s worse, is even at those prices, there’s no guarantee you’ll get the best gear or artifacts... you’re paying for a “chance” to get something that could be awesome. Trust me though... that chance is very small (like less than 3%). WB should be ashamed of being paired with these developers! For real though (to the developers)... how much more money do you think you’d make if you had thousands (if not millions) of people shelling out $2-$5 for these characters/gears/artifacts compared to the few that shell out a week’s salary under the current system? It’s simple economics, you greedy slime!
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5 years ago, Toy Dogwatch
Touch issues
I just updated to the new version of this app and it won’t let me touch anything very rarely can I get into the game and be able to touch anything I have been having this trouble a lot that’s why I quit playing this game I can’t enjoy it like I use to after I updated I was hoping I could begin playing this game again only to have my high hopes crushed and making me feel down again for not being able to play I have seen many updates done for improvements for the iPhone X but nothing for the iPhone 8 and that’s the phone I have the iPhone 8 and I’m experiencing a lot of problems with it and when I open the app it appears to look really fuzzy but it doesn’t do anything I can’t do anything touch anything this has gotten too far out of hand but if any of this information helps my current iOS version is iOS 12.1.4 if their is anything you can do to fix this issue please fix this issue this has been happening to me for 3 months now and I have gotten nowhere with customer support so please hear me out I’m a big fan of injustice 2 and every update I have been hoping they would fix this issue but my hopes keep getting crushed by it only saying improvements for the iPhone X and I haven’t seen anything for the iPhone 8 my review is only going to stay at 1 star until this issue gets resolved I am a very unhappy 🙁 customer
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3 years ago, Makeup game reviewer
Lol this game is just not fun at all, energy and shard design is greedy and feels outdated. I feel like I can’t even play this game for more than 10 minutes because of the very small amount of content lol. Unless your okay with spending money on this instead of just getting the real Injustice 2, please don’t bother spending your time with this game. It’s like every company assumes when they’re making a mobile game of a popular franchise, they need to go down the over-saturated micro transaction, pro F2P P2W route that just feels disrespectful to the obviously much better game to get that’s pretty cheap to get these days through sales and what not. I love playing mobile games. I think they have a real potential to give an experience that’s unique and creative, but it’s just sad to see nobody’s trying to just make a good game. But I guess that’s just not possible with greedy management like we clearly see with this game. They will ALWAYS give the same excuse, “It’s to support the developers” and, “It’s to give people a way to spend money to get further in the game faster” when in reality, they’ve made it purposely difficult and long to progress without spending money. This game doesn’t even look like it’s trying to hide that. Bad game, waste of potential (as usual). also sorry for run-ons
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5 years ago, Injustice lover&gamer
~Please read~
Don’t get me wrong, this game is one of the best mobile games I’ve ever players but since the last update my game has either started crashing or closing itself. I’ve been playing this game for about a month and a half and I never had this problem, yesterday I tried playing it and it was all good except that that’s when the game started closing (I was just playing while listening to music and in unexpected moments it closed) then this morning I tried playing the game but In the loading screen it would only go to 80% complete I don’t know why and then steer the game which is very weird, after the whole loading screen problem I got to the game home screen and I could only see the background image my profile the home button screen and the operations i had completed since yesterday and what it’s weird it’s that I saw the chat loading in the beginning which is weird too, it usually takes a long time to load (probably completing 2 full player vs npc battles ( I forgot the name, but it’s the one that it’s to the left top corner)) I already tried turning off my phone completely and deleting the game and reinstalling it. Please help
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4 years ago, iPod mastery man
Such a stupid game you can spend a thousand dollars on gems and still not unlock any legendarys the chests are all rigged to have a drop rate of 1% so your odds of getting something good are nothing at all there’s no point playing this game seeing how you barely unlock gems and that’s the main way to unlocking legendarys don’t even get me started on the online battles that you lose your place in right before the timer ends so you don’t end up getting your 160 shards and have to wait for the character to come back around it’s basically impossible to get anything good in this game without spending $ and even if you do want to support the game and give it the 20$ for a few gems in return you get nothing shards of characters that are garbage and you most likely already have and it only gives you a few so you waste your money I once spent 50$ on a good deal in special offers for gems and didn’t get a single 3 start character from any of the cheats that I opened makes you not even want to play when you pay a decent amount on a phone game and at the end of it all you go home with nothing wouldn’t buy this stick with mortal kombat or some other game that isn’t pay to play or pay to get anything I love the fighting style and graphics in this game too so I’m not hating it but they ruined it with it being pay to play
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5 years ago, Mikemck315
The buttons in the game do not respond right away at all. I should have to hit a button 3 times for the special to activate. To have the computer get off a special only because my buttons don’t work is ridiculous. Y’all put out new characters and give all these perks. Fix the little things that actually effect gameplay. A lot needs to be worked on. I’ve been playing since the first Injustice game. The blocking is a joke, the AI does so much damage to me while I’m blocking. AI uses its special while having no bars stored, activates it’s special while I’m doing a combo. When I hit my buttons they don’t always activate the special. It takes so long to power up a character. Receive gems for characters I no longer need gems for. The game is set up for us players to have to use real money to advance in the game. In leagues during a raid we have to wait 24 hours after our 3 tries. Why make us wait so long? You want us to play the game more then allow shorter wait times for characters to battle again. I feel like the game is being dragged out so much and is set up for the AI and players using real money to win all the time. I enjoy the game and will keep playing but improvements need to happen.
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5 years ago, gamer boy x12
Lost everything
Wait do you guys notice this, 😡😡😡😡how do you guys expect me to get another device and apple device just for a 64 bit supported I have an iPad and you guys expect me to get another, meaning to own double pads that's gonna cost a lot and a lot of cash, I have live for this game and this is the update that you come up with, crashing everything up 😡😡😡😡 this is lame guys honestly it's terrifying. I don't know what you guys have done to this game. Fine what would you say about the poor gamers out there who lived for this game with everything, those who can't afford this, did you guys consider that at all before bringing up your ideas. You just ruined everything, my progress in the game a huge progress, my purchases, characters, everything lost. You guys really really don't get it, but all you say is SORRY FOR ALL INCONVENIENCES, that's it😡😡😡😠😠 you guys know what to do about this really please, well I'm giving it 4stars because it's a great game, a game I did played and I found satisfaction in gaming. Guys please I beg of you please do something about this, I know it's impossible to remend things made but please consider me and those out there how can't make it please.
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4 years ago, Michaelzayy
Long but worth reading!!!
I played injustice Gods Among Us and loved the game, grinding and earning great characters. Injustice 2 came out and I was stoked. I loved everything about it, the gameplay, the graphics, and was a committed fan, logging in and playing every day. I had been free to play up to this point and decided to show the developers some thanks for such a great game by spending $20 on a growth pack to get gems. The purchase went through and I received my gems, immediately followed by an error message afterwards effectively banning me from my account. Forever. For some reason I guess the developers assumed that the amount of gems I received from the growth pack that THEY made was fraudulent, and thought I was hacking, so my account was banned. All that work put into making a solid roster, and I would have been forced to create a new account and start all over again, all for simply spending money on their game and receiving those gems that I PAYED for, 100% legitimately. So I deleted the game off my phone, because why would I want to restart after all the progress that I made? And who knows, even if I did end up getting another strong roster, if I decided to spend money on their game again to get gems legitimately, who’s to say that my new account won’t get banned too? Oh and by the way, I never got a refund. Thanks WB games.
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4 years ago, ace-deuce-trey
Used to be exemplary! Now...?
At a time when new bosses are introduced with extraordinary difficulty...The new bugs with league mates wasting pips, nerfed damage, and nerfed dot resist really rain on the experience. On top of that, such low odds from chest pulls (re: platinum & apokolips) are really depressing. If you ever want to actively discourage people from playing this is it. But introducing the solo raids I suspect that you are not. Maybe it’s to drive people to spend more in the store. But it’s also driving even more people to cheat and hack. It all evens out in the end. Everyone just wants a fun gameplay experience. Not a frustrating one. I even spent the 20 on the apokolips artifact chest to help me with the solo raids. What did I get? Level 1 mega rod. Does absolutely nothing for me. Felt disappointed, robbed, let down; and overall discouraged from continuing to play. However, at its core, I really did like the game. It used to be one of the best. I’ve been playing for about a year. And I’ll probably come back to it at some point if things get fixed... but for now the experience has been really awful. I’ll follow the news on social to see how things are going. Hoping I’ll read about how you guys have turned things around.
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4 years ago, 😂😙😝oooo
Please fix everything
I love the game kinda like Injustice in general in fact the 1st one was literally BETTER but there’s so many glitches, and it is SO rigged. I’ve lost so many times with them having no health cuz it jus wouldn’t let me do my special move to finish, it makes sure I lose. And my characters are way worse then they should be for how much I’ve been playing. I accidentally got an iTunes gift card so I decided to spend it on the 150 gems a day. So I’ve been buying all kinds of chests and getting nothing but silver until now, the last 5 days of it. My cousin played way less and he was twice my threat for a while. And still he can get rigged by the game. Please jus don’t be extra by rigging it and making ppl spend more money and jus make it like the 1st one and ADD MORE CHARACTERS edit: it jus gets worse and worse and worse and worse fix the game everything is wrong with it Update: I was just very mad from some of ur strategies but i guess they make sense besides trying so hard to make us spend money but the games fun when ur good, and it just takes a lot of patience and non family problems when u play it
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2 years ago, jasiah heck
Maybe not worth your time
I just recently started getting back into the game and it has been a nightmare to say the least. The gameplay can be frustrating for someone starting out and there is no clear path to what you should be doing once you hit a roadblock in the story mode. However, after looking up a few videos it became easier to navigate. Speaking of videos, it is terrible and highly annoying trying to figure out where to get gear for characters that you get, as manny of the reviews/guides of characters are either not up to date and don’t include your character, or they are never explained and all you can find is gameplay of the character. Furthermore, the league navigation system makes it difficult to find one as you need to search the name of a league in order to find it. Making it very difficult for new players to find a good league for them. Although the game does have many flaws, if you are looking for a game to play as your favorite dc characters this would be the best mobile fighting game for it. If you have player marvel contest of champions and the MK mobile game then you will enjoy it.
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6 years ago, fguerra2999
Great game, but...
Look I love the injustice series and I even have the first one downloaded on my phone still. The game itself is great for a mobile game, I mean it’s free to download so people shouldn’t get to carried away with unreal expectations. The controls are good, a bit unresponsive at times but still good. The challenges and concept itself are very good they remind me of a bitesized version of the console game. My one and only complaint for this game is that the super moves or finishers or whatever you wanna call them are unblock-able. Which if you’re the one doing the super move is a big advantage, but when the computer knows to do it too it’s becomes a problem specifically in the story mode I got beat ten times by gorilla grod because he used his super move over and over again. I think it would be a good idea to make the super move block-able like it was in the first injustice mobile game. I don’t care if it means that the computer can block us from doing our super move too, at least then you have a chance to continue the fight. Thanks for reading.
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3 years ago, Jermain V
Energy refills/time
Amazingly entertaining, but a couple suggestions to make it even more entertaining in just a simple fighter mobile game. The lighting/energy, I love this game and I play it 24/7 but it sadly stops me from this because of the energy I have. I am barely new, level 15, and I only have 74 energy, and the campaign takes up 14, so maybe about 4-5 games played, plus even more with arena and raids. But here’s my point, please make the energy refill more efficient, in exact make it have less time and more energy as well, because currently it’s 1 single energy every 6-7 minutes! This is my biggest concern on this game, but with all that I conclude myself on this review, as I get more into the game/level up more I will be taking more knowledge into this. But please fix the energy refill system, and yes I get that you can pay 50 gems for full energy refill but as I mentioned I’m only level 15 and I can only play 4-5 games. Thank you for reading this! And enjoy the rest of your day/night!
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4 months ago, Safeeebrhd
Okay but cheating all the time
So this game is good but once you reach a certain point in the game they will charge for like 150 gems and take like 160 gems off when you are battling someone they bring in people and once the person who just came in hits you one or two times you loose most of your life and they will still have all of their life after that character dies them they bring in another character if the character hits them one time it barely takes away their life they still will have most of their life once you barley have life left you hit them and they lose life and then the game gives the character more life after it just got token but they didn’t do that with my characters so once they recharge or get all their life back they hit you one time and then you die and also at a certain point when you don’t have enough money to pay for the game you can’t play anymore therefore you will not be able to play and Since you can’t play them you won’t gain any gems to pay for it so when you play for the game you don’t have anymore money also there is not point in paying because it doesn’t give you any upgrades or any ew character or any new abilities so you just wasted your gems DONT PLAY THIS GAME
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5 years ago, Demonpup1
Good game with lots of cons and bugs
This game has sent me into a blind rage for the last time, I'm done with it, between the crashes from all of the 7 or more daily resets from missions arena or otherwise; to the craptastic arena update that lets you spend hours, using and spending gems to refresh all of your heroes only to have it start giving you retarded match ups and raising the battle point requirement so high that the only way you could possible reach elite 1 is to SPEND A TON OF MONEY AND ALL OF YOUR TIME!!! It's completely ridiculous and makes me quite sad honestly, I have truly enjoyed this game and was a big fan of the first one but after waiting another 2 days on the arena challenge to get next to nothing for my effort really makes me feel bent over, especially after having spent money on the game. I realize that it's set up so that you have to progress slowly but the point it's gotten to is simply a waist of time! I really DID enjoy this game and it was a lot of fun but now the more I play it the madder I get, so before I break my iPad, I'm deleting this venom pump for good. Sorry warner bros, you had a slam dunk here then you had to go and drop the ball 🙄
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5 years ago, sam22223472
Glitch or?
I love this game and it is very fun to play. Recently in the arena I’m trying to get Shazam and I hit Elite 1 to go ahead and get it. I left the game to come back to find out that it sent me back. So I spent the last 40 gems I have to get it back and now after I played the game for like 30 minutes it went back to competor 4 which really annoys me. I already spent like 300 gems to get to Elite 1 and for it taking me backwards is annoying. It might be a glitch and I still have to wait like an hour to go and see if I was at competor 4 or Elite 1 but if it doesn’t than I’m going to be really annoyed. I spent hours and tons of gems to get one character I really want for practically nothing. I still love the game and it is super fun to play but it is annoying that this happening if it is a glitch please fix it and if it ends up not being one I’m going to say don’t spend your gems on the arena to get to a certain spot because it is a waste of time and your gems that you can be using to get shards for other characters.
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4 years ago, sonicatemymom
So disappointing
So I was interested in this game but all it does is mess up first when someone is fighting you you can’t block if the enemy keeps hitting also you can’t block specials even if they don’t hit you in the first part of their special and I’m not talking about the ten bar one also in important battles the game always crashes or freezes and it cost energy or arena tries or raid tries or champion arena tries which is really annoying then they give us 30 gems or so and say we are fixing the problem but they don’t and if you can’t get anything with 145 gems what would 30 do how would that help fix any problems cause it wouldn’t. Another big problem I have is if something cost a lot don’t put a little prize into it like the premium case that cost half a thousand gems and there is a 77 percent chance to get a silver character which can be easily got in a basic hero case that only cost 150 gems which could make almost 3 cases worth of silver hero’s compared to one silver hero for 500 gems. Personal consideration don’t give white canary the black canaries 10 bar special give her night wing or red hood. Oh and if you adding new dlc characters from the actual injustice game add the atom.
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4 years ago, Cfkwrh
Design is great, but it clearly was not tested
The design and feel of this game is great, the graphics are awesome, but the gameplay is riddled with roadblocks. For some inexplicable reason you’ll have one boss where the opponent threat is 35,000 then the next boss’ threat is like 71,000 then the next boss is at like 45,000. So you just have these random walls that take weeks to get through for literally no reason. Normally I would assume this is a pay trap, but there’s really no way to buy around these walls. So it genuinely feels like no one at WB actually played the game before releasing it, which seems pretty unprofessional. If they actually did test the game then whoever was in charge of that clearly has no idea what they’re doing. It’s super fun for about a week and a half, then you hit the first wall, then you slog through the previous levels for a week to try and gain what little XP there is, then you finally push through the wall, then it’s fun for a week until you hit another, then you slog for two weeks, etc etc until finally you just delete the app. On the whole, not worth it, gameplay needs substantially more testing. If the Devs fix the gameplay issues and release a patch I’ll reinstall.
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5 years ago, Lukezilla209
I love the game but........... omg what could it be
I love this game but if there is info that you think would be good for us to hear like idk having a 5% chance for him with the 4,500 Now you did tell us but you told us 6 days after the release of darkseid and I think you did that so people who didn’t have many gems would only buy the pack through the 450 gem one and once you probably got thousands of money and waited till it kinda died down and then told us Now I could be wrong and I could sound crazy but you know I have my speculations Oh and this comment I saw on the same Facebook post was really great “Remove silver characters from packs that cost 250 and more” and to me it sounds brilliant but would leave a lot of space for the golds and legendary would needed to be balanced but maybe packs that are 300 gems and more idk but if you want people to play with your new characters tell them vital info the day or the day after he comes out and you’ll do better And I’m the same guy who had a review on mk mobile and injustice gods among us About the Godzilla version of the game and I have all the starter characters and the gear how it would the type of card tiers and a LOT more and I hope you see this and could talk to me about the game and see if you can make it with the help of me because I’ve had the thought for about 3-4 years now and I’ve been working on it for a while and I think you’ll really like it.
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5 years ago, 4YourEyeOnly
Please fix it for all things unholy
Imma just start by naming thing by how I saw them as an issue in order for starter the part where I feel like If you truly want to progress in the game be prepared to break the bank because paying is how it’s done but of course the game is free so you rely on micro transactions which is understandable and you can progress with out but not without struggling beyond belief then by god the second thing I noticed because it was a constant reacquiring thing was spam the spam is beyond ridiculous and then if call me crazy but I’ll try double combo-ing but good luck where it is possible but hard your opponent call do it without fail and the actual ability to just constantly get wrecked by them is imminent, it insane I can be punched constantly and do nothing despite button spamming abilities or a tag to no avail is absurd I legit have gotten two migraines from that single fact that despite loving DC this game is killing me inside I simply ask you tone them down or something because as of now I’d rather smash my face into a brick wall until my “head” looks like a bowl of spaghetti, in other words till I’m dead for those incapable of understanding that.
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5 years ago, shckewvah8642
Too many issues
The game is fun. However, if you’re not willing to pay thousands, don’t expect to have good teams that are actually meaningful in this game. The cost to upgrade gears is insane, and the cost for one character can cost up to $50. Ridiculous prices. On top of that, the game crashes a lot, especially when using one of their legendary characters, Arkham Knight Batman, against most meta human heroes. If you lose any champions arena tanks (refill tanks), don’t expect them to reimburse you for it. Instead, you might get 100 gems at most. In many cases, you need thousands of them to be worth anything, so sparing 100 is chump change. There is also a cool down period between raids, which shouldn’t be there if your league successfully finishes a raid, but that’s just my opinion. Finally, the gear and shard drops from raids are a joke most of the time, the abilities cost too much to change, and it takes too many reforges just to change the effects on some gears. Like I said, be ready to spend ridiculous amounts of money to have anything meaningful in this game. STICK TO CONSOLE/PC GAMING! Or stick with a mobile game that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg to get things done in it.
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4 years ago, Ijduane
Good but.....
The game offers a lot in the ways of getting lower characters in which you’ll need to help the stronger characters that are harder to get. You can obtain gems and coin credits several ways which again is good. The biggest problem is when you spend gems that you purchase or the game gives you on chest you more often than not get characters that you already have. The system should allow you to sell back those unwanted and try for what you need. They do grant opportunities to get a couple legendary characters but the main ones you’ll have to purchase. They show in the chests you can obtain some legendary but the percentages are so low you never get one. I’ve been playing for years and have never received a legendary character from a chest. I’ve only received shards but I had to but 10 at once and still didn’t get a ready to fight legendary character. You can voice you opinion through the game but they just ignore you. The game would be much better if they listened instead of just being money hungry wanting you to pay $99 for each legendary character.
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4 years ago, JETStin
Cool game
I really wanted to like this game, and I do, but it gets to a point where it’s basically pay-to-play. I can only do a few fights a day because you only get so many energy points. And it takes 10 whole minutes just for one point to recharge. And 16 energy points for a fight? Come on... The game is really enjoyable when you can play it though. I’m just tired of opening up the game a few hours later and not even having full energy. They sell champions unlike MCOC which I think is pretty cool instead of just opening up crystals to random ones, but I still have a very small roster because I’m not trying to spend money on a game I can only play for a few minutes out of the day. I would have easily recommended this game when I started, but at this point, I barely remember to open the game everyday to get my login gifts now. Hopefully they can add more options to the game because I’m basically stuck now with champs that aren’t good enough to move me forward. Back to MCOC it is...
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5 years ago, Niff_t
Seriously, no matter what you do, how much gear you add, how much you spend on upgrading moves and armor, you WILL end up losing to a single supermove. You can literally not fight the whole match. Wait until the bar is full , and you’re guaranteed 1 character taken down per supermove, it’s frustrating when you spend time fighting then wether it’s online or the computer you’re fighting. Your opponent just waits until the powerbar is full and deals the final character killing/match winning strike which once again is 100 percent guaranteed no matter how much you fight. The game is otherwise fun to play but when you put time into it just to know that that’s the one Inconvenience, it kinda makes the game impossible to win. Especially when fighting already overly armored opponents. Update: I’ve played this game everyday. Obtained a good amount of jewels a couple different times to purchase chests with hopes of getting better characters with more stars. Wrong. So far everytime you get a chest no matter which one it is or how expensive it is you’ll get a silver character . It’s pretty unfair. Ive felt robbed multiple times
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3 years ago, GochaDaddy
Great Mobile Game 5x⭐️
I have only been playing this game for like 2 months and I’m hooked on it. Love the amazing graphics, gameplay, and game modes. You get the idea, overall this game is a great Gacha Game, and I have played many such as Dokkan Battle, Legends, SAO, Attack on Titan, and Grand Cross. There are a few bugs and sometimes that can get annoying but I have not seen anything drastic so far on my end. The main problem with Gacha Games is that over time if you want to progress further in the game it becomes a little costly. When I say this game is a little costly that might be a understatement 😂. A 4 star gold character costs $50 and a 4 star legendary character costs $100 and more plus tax. As a paying player so far I have not really seen any regrets playing and hope this supports the developers in making better content and improving the game even further. Love the game so far, keep up the good work Nether Realm Studios.
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2 years ago, jdaneb
New update has made this game unplayable
This game used to be the best, but ever since their latest “update” the game has become unplayable, and the developers don’t even seem to care and won’t do anything about it. The game crashes mid match, for almost any single type of match, be it solo raid, champions arena, and league raid. I have lost so many pips because my game will crash mid match. Not only that, but the game has a bug in it right now where you will not receive any final rewards for league raids! Hundreds of people have reached out to the game developers in outrage, but they are doing nothing, and won’t give us our rewards that we are supposed to be getting through the league rates. All they seem to care about is the micro transactions that they want you to purchase ranging anywhere from $20-$99, but why would I buy any of those, when they won’t even give me and email me the rewards that I am supposed to get for completing the raids along with most other players on this game. Despite all of that, due to the game crashing for me, and most any other person that I know, around every three minutes this game is sadly unplayable.
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5 months ago, Jay ‘qnsdty’
(Feature Pitch) Practice Mode
This is a great game overall if you like grinding and fighting. The solo raids are what i enjoy the most in this game, it is a big aspect of the game when it comes to getting new gear. But I believe they should add a practice mode that replicates solo raids so people can test out new team builds. If this feature were to be implemented into the game this can also benefit new players drastically, beginners would want to see what they can do with the limited characters they get when they start. It would also give beginners the ability to figure out how to combo interrupt against different characters. This could be easily done by letting us chose the character we want to fight, how much health they have, and the side effects. You would not earn any rewards from doing practice and you could do it as many times as you would like. Overall this would be an amazing feature for all players like veterans, play for fun people, grinders, beginners, etc.
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4 years ago, Curripp
The Update interrupted my progress in the arena😒
I’ve been waiting so long to make it to the Elite rank in arena mode so that I can obtain a new hero. I was so sure that I was going to be able to get Supergirl which is part of the season awards for now. Anyways, making it to Elite 1 on the game gives you 160 hero shards for a fighter. So I tried my best to do it and I actually thought I had a good chance at getting her. But when I made it to the elite status my rank kept dropping to the one below it. I fought some more to stay in the rank so that I could get supergirl. I was waiting for it to refresh this morning so that I could secure my spot for the elite rank. But right before this season was over, you guys decided to update the game. And I doubt I’ll be able to get her now that I’m learning you guys take your time with these updates. What I’m trying to say is that you guys need to make sure that all events end before future updates because i feel like i was robbed out of obtaining supergirl. Which would have been my first time being able to get the required hero shards to unlock her.
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3 years ago, Earnestmom
Not for a 12 Pro
Playing on an iPhone 12 Pro and the gameplay lags so often it makes winning battles that aren’t majorly stacked in my favor a pipe dream. My husband plays as well and we swap phones. His app runs so smoothly (XR) it’s like playing a different game.(I started playing first and my roster has a threat level higher and my team threat level is more than his with some of my characters really leveled up. Yet I’m losing in the campaign when my threat level is higher regardless of mods.) Mine freezes often. Sometimes during chests. And let’s not forgot about the awful drop rates of chests shall we.... twice I paid for upgraded chests to get nothing (no hero, no shards). I contacted support and got 200 gems back. (Which is kind but didn’t even cover the cost of one chest). About 95% of the time buying chests I get shards to my least played characters and the rate of gold is laughable considering I have paid money for gems hoping that would help but nope. This game was amazing to play for the first couple of weeks but with the last update to the Golden Wonder Woman I’m aggravated when I play. Unless I can convince my husband to swap but even he agrees there is something wrong with my version
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6 years ago, EPiciphone9
I’ve been playing for a year or so with a 4.5 million roster.
So this is my first review and I’ll start right off with the positives. Gameplay, graphics and the story mode are amazing. However all of that isn’t enough to draw attention from its many flaws. I have a 4.5 million threat roster so obviously I’ve been here a while. I’ve seen the game slowly diminish over time. At a point the a.i was reasonable. Since the update a few months ago it’s been horrible. All they do is dodge and perfectly block everything you do. Yet your own blocking is as reliable as a wet napkin. Fix the a.i, do something about the hackers and split the arenas better so new players have a chance at getting new characters. Maybe then I’ll invest. I’m not gonna buy anything in a broken game. And speaking of broken, a justice league team used to be unstoppable. NRS, realizing this tries to release Batman ninja and multiverse teams to counter them and up until recently both were pretty average. Now they literally buff multiverse flash AND nerf armor pierce. Y’all are really messing up and my opinion is you will loose more with your greed than you’ll want to make.
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4 years ago, westkantz
Great game but it’s suspicious
So this is by far one of my favorite games to play and is a must need. I’ve been playing this game for months and I still love the fighting mechanics. The only reason why I’m giving it 3 stars is because of the chests. When I first started playing the game I got gold characters from chests 20% of the time. Just like the game says you will. But now that I’ve been playing the game for so long I realize that I haven’t gotten any gold characters for a long time. I started keeping track this month and so far I’ve opened over 40 chests and I still haven’t gotten a single gold character. Of course this is possible but it is VERY unlikely. I think that once they get you hooked on the game by making you feel good with gold characters they will pull it away from you forcing you to buy gems for chests. My friend spend $40 on the game and almost every chest he buys he gets a brand new gold. I think the game rewards people who pay to play a lot more. I think this is simply wrong and that everyone should have the same chance to get all heroes.
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2 years ago, disappointed in WB again
Wish I could play it
I’ve tried deleting it and re-downloading updating everything, and nothing works. This game won’t let me fight, it gets stuck on the load screen. Cant retrieve rewards or anything because it freezes every time. I can’t even report my problems to customer support because it freezes on the screen to input my email and comment. I’ve never had any issues like this with any game. I’m surprised it’s still on the apple store since I have seen reviews with ppl having the same issues from 2 YEARS AGO. I expected better from nether realms and unreal engines. I guess WB doesn’t care that they have a game out there that is useless. You don’t see this in any of the Marvel games. I guess they have a higher standard and actually care about quality. I’m glad when I had this game a couple years ago that I didn’t spend money on it at all. This has given me a new outlook on spending money on games, cause you never know when the team will just give up on it and move to something else leaving the followers high and dry. So no more spending money on these games, thanks injustice 2 for the valuable lesson.
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