Insaquarium Deluxe Edition

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57 MB
Age rating
Current version
强 施
Last update
6 years ago
Version OS
10.7 or later
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User Reviews for Insaquarium Deluxe Edition

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0 Ratings
6 years ago, Tristan Pike
Good, but it’s techincally not the same
This is missing quite a few features, like naming a fish Santa does not make the santa fish… and the mermaid is missing, there’s alot of things that just dont quite feel the same while playing as well. I could swear that you could hold the left mouse button down to streamline food to the fish. But this seems to be gone now, it’s really not that fun to play it like this. But overall, the game IS Insaniquarium that has been ripped off, much as the name INSAQUARIUM suggests.
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6 years ago, GingerRoberts
Just like I remember!!
This game is absolutely the best. I have fond memories from childhood of playing it and was so excited to find it again. Everything is the same and I have spent untold hours clicking away. Previous reviews mention it doesn't go fullscreen which it does, just from the 'menu' screen while in play. Also a previous review said you couldn't drop multiple pieces of food at a time -- which you can! You just have to unlock the feature through playing and you have to purchase it with your coins…. Honestly couldn't find fault with this great game -- except I wish there were more levels!! Love it!!
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2 years ago, Adjdjdjdjjer483
Nice but.
I love this game, but the only problem I have with it is in this version all the tank backgrounds are exactly the same. Tank 1, tank 2, tank 3 and 4 are all the same that's what I loved about the original one was each tank had different colors and they always looked so pretty and unique, wish they still had that on this one the backgrounds look so boring after awhile. Also you can't create different profiles, I was upset about that too
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7 years ago, 8smitty
Ok, but not the same
Excited to see this game come available. Thought it was the Insanaquarium, but just noticed it is a bit different. A bit disappointed that it is not a multi-user version so my family has to share the same game (no separate profiles). Seems pretty similar but has a different feel to it. Still fun to play.
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5 years ago, LycaniumDJ
Awesome Game Overall
When I was younger, I was a such a fan of the series. I remember how awesome this game was back then and it is still amazing today. Fullscreen might not have worked in the previous versions, but it works fine now. Though the campaign is short lived, it is cheap and it definitely brings back some nostalgia. I definitely recommend this game!!!
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7 years ago, Petey7789
So happy for this classic game!
I’ve been looking forward to play Insaniquarium on Mac for so long (ever since I played it when I was young on my good ol’ PC). Now it has finally released on the app store for Mac! Can’t really complain at all about the low price tag, and the gameplay is very similar to the old version. Oh the nostalgia~
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3 years ago, jellysir
Seems good....
Fundamentally the same as the original, or at least appears to be at first glance. It seems very glitchy though, like switching to full screen does some wacky stuff and doesn't work consistently. Besides bugs and glitches though, it is a good game for sure.
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3 years ago, Maggiloh
Just as addicting as when I was 10
Dont listent to those nerds who say it's "not the same" I played this when I was 10 and it's pretty much the same as I remember. Had fun then, having fun now.
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7 years ago, Vppeterson7
fun but
not good if u are playing on laptop without real mouse. better to play on desktop or iphone/ipad
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3 years ago, lukesdimple 😉
Good for a few seconds
I was only able to actually play for a few seconds as when I tried to put the game into full screen, it crashed. After this first try, it opened to a blank black screen everytime I opened the app. I tried deleting and re-installing, but nothing was working. I know this app is a little old but still, come on I still want to play it :(
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4 years ago, smash0203
I’ve been searching for the mac version forever and am so happy I finally came across this app! Works great so far, no crashes. Just like I remember! Great fun and great memories!
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1 year ago, Rhysmoo
Doesn't work
Just paid a dollar for nothing. Doesn't allow you to push any buttons. I managed to expand to "full screen" but it only took up about 1/2 the screen in the bottom left corner of my screen. Couldn't play at all or quit the app
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2 years ago, DemingJAM
Fullscreen issues
Game worked fine for some time. At some point however the full screen option stopped working and its too hard to play in the minimized form. The company has been unresponsive to my requests for assistance.
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4 years ago, Oelenor
I used to love this game, and I was so excited when I saw it in the store. However, I put it in fullscreen mode, and it only shows a zoomed in upper left hand corner, and you can't get it out of full screen. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and it doesn't work. So I spent a dollar . . . for nothing.
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3 years ago, 6) good
So happy to have this back onto my computer. Fav., computer game from when I was a teen
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5 years ago, Frustrated287
Still Crashes in Fullscreen
Unfortunately I purchased the game before reading the reviews. Once I put the game in fullscreen mode it stopped working. I’ve tried everything and can’t get it to work, also the support page is zero help. So disappointing.
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6 years ago, thisgamedoesntworkpleasefix
Does not work in full screen
I put the game in full screen and got a black screen. I can hear the music but cannot see anything. I am unable to go back to the smaller screen. I have tried deleting and reinstalling several times. Please fix this!!
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5 years ago, Gibdrib
I don't know how the game is. the Dang thing went to black screen like multiple other people and i tried uninstalling and reinstalling to get it to work. just goes back to black screen. i am not pleased that a game with a fatal glitch is being sold in apple store.
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3 years ago, Aliza343
Stuck In Full Screen
You're going to get stuck in full screen and be unable to play as the controls will not line up with the actual buttons.
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6 years ago, AdiAyyakad
Full Screen Mode Crash
Could not open the game after trying to put it in full screen mode. I tried deleting it and reinstalling multiple times but it won’t open in the minimized mode. Please resolve this.
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7 years ago, onefishhh
disappointed by the bug and the changes
the game was simplified and I always met bug in challenge tank?????. In addition, the challenge tank becomes so easy, and many pets lose their original skills such as walter and the elephant. I felt so disappointed.
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4 years ago, ahonestreviewer98
This is way different
How do you uninstall this because I currently can't get past level 5 and I honestly want to go farther but I can't because it's so hard for me
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2 years ago, Rando234568
No laptop!
If you are playing on a laptop, FORGET IT! The boss levels are impossible with a laptop...The game doesn't register your clicks. This needs to be fixed.
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7 years ago, Lyork23
the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!
this game was my childhood and so happy its on here hope to see this on the ipads very soon, the knock off version does not give the same feel. would be nice hope to see it.
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6 years ago, Noloseidk
Full Screen Mode on Mac?
I tried to play this game on my mac and put it into full screen mode and it no longer works. I can’t see options, only a blue screen with fish and bubbles.
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6 years ago, Presto why???
On my Mac, i found it impossible (literally cant left click for presto’s pet change screen) to use.
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6 years ago, ajc888
Was Really Excited to Play this game again
Fullscreen made the game stop working and now all I get when I open it is a black screen. There’s no way for me to minimize it.
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2 years ago, Jessie Colston
i didn't even put it in full screen and i still got the full screen bug 🥲 i can't get it to open small now. what i did play seemed just like i remembered tho
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2 years ago, alesenpai
still the best!
been playing since '04 just as good as the og
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2 years ago, just readd please
classic game
love the game. missing some features. works the same as the classic. love that they brought back the game :)
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5 years ago, JennaAHH
full screen mode ruins the app
Even after reinstalling. And all support is in Chinese.
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11 months ago, Jonges.exe
use winskin
this looks not good, the coding messed up the fish speed. you are better off just using wineskin. luckily this was only .99c
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