InshAllah - Muslim Dating App

4.6 (2K)
46 MB
Age rating
Current version
CAJIS France
Last update
7 months ago
Version OS
12.4 or later
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User Reviews for InshAllah - Muslim Dating App

4.62 out of 5
2K Ratings
2 months ago, Experience with Lili
Amazing App
I have put some effort in developing a dating site myself so I know a good one when I see it. InshaAllah is absolutely a good site. Proper design and concept. On here, I’ve also met the lady of my dreams/my wife InshaAllah. May Allah make it easy for us, once her tribe accepts me, InshaAllah we will get married. Thank you.
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6 months ago, Omar-NY
Way too Many scammers on this app
I was a paid member on this app and my experience wasn’t good. Way too many Scammers here, they will talk to you for a bit and once you’ll exchange numbers then they will come up with some problematic stories and ask for money or in some cases gifts like oh my birthday is coming up etc. In three to four days they banned probably 10 scammers accounts or so under my profile alone, so it’s that bad. Developers are taking actions against them by banning them asap but it’s not worth joining for now. They need to figure out some better solution to tackle this problem.
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2 months ago, Amit 03
Same people and scammers
I live in a very well known and populated city and still there is exactly 8 people. Out of those few, 3 of them has pictures. Most of the new profiles are scammers asking you to jump on telegram or WhatsApp to talk where they will asking you for money. They need to verify accounts, it’s absolutely ridiculous how bad it is now. Also how are you supposed to like someone without a picture, since you’ve no idea if it’s a man or a women behind the other screen? Apparently this app has been in existence since 2011 and still hasn’t find a way to verify accounts.
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11 months ago, Glowithraji
Satisfied…. For the most part
I think the app is good especially when it comes to going into detail about the questions you answer to in the profile . But I did change my occupation days ago and it still says my previous job . Not only that but it also replaced where my name is supposed to be ! So no one can see my name , they just see cashier . This is very frustrating.
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1 year ago, Megalomania 55
The best app ever , profiles are respectful We need it free for men to seek their matches . Especially for people who can’t subscribe because they live abroad . Why it’s free for women but not men . We need to be a the same foot equality and have the same chances fairly . God bless y’all .
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3 weeks ago, Dosa FB
Great but
This is very nice app but 2 things I don’t like about it there is some scammers when I report them I still see them again if I delete the app. Other thing when I block someone I can’t unblock them unless I delete whole my profile and have it again.
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9 months ago, Solodground77@
Security is highly respected
I like that this only app that catch catfishers. Thank you for not wasting my time
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6 days ago, Smalih
Worst dating app
The worst dating app destroy my life after knowing a Muslim lady she was a scammer, she pretend that she’s Muslim after that , when she knew that I love her she introduce for me to start trading with her , after spending my saving money she scam me , I’m talking especially for men be careful for all dating app , if you want to find real Muslim women you will find her in real life , the lady her name is Ayzul and she’s gonna say is from Georgia and living in New York . Be careful guys
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9 months ago, K_Solo510
Good intentions but waste of time on here
Maybe the creators had good intentions when creating this app and maybe you did too when you signed up. But when you do, you’ll realized there are too many fake profiles on here or scammers that try to get you to use a platform to chat outside of this site.
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3 months ago, houseofphones
Fake profiles and bunch if scammers..
I used the app for maybe a week and i just wanna say one thing.. bunch of fake profiles! And scammers on the app trynna sell explicit content ! Idk developers should just change the name to fwb instead of inshallah.. no real profiles just business to make profit! If you dont wanna get robbed dont meet anyone. No real connections
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2 weeks ago, Saudito
Fake accounts
I tried to give this app a chance, I even paid to their expensive subscription. But unfortunately almost every girl account here is fake! You match with someone then after a couple of messages it says “this account was deleted” or something like that. Very disappointing
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4 months ago, hayssenhassan
I’m a new member its been a week now and is the same people i see every day Every time i scroll someone off i see her again in less than 5 minut
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4 months ago, EasyWeezyBeautiful
Ghost accounts
Honestly, I feel like 90% of the accounts aren’t real or spammy. Let me explain: -40% of the female accounts got no pictures -40% have blurred images. I thought it was a halal/haram thing….but you can pay to unblur the images….so kinda underdeveloped. -10% got like one picture. They match and talk but I feel like you’re talking to bots.
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8 months ago, Farooqqq88678
Scam app
They took my money for a subscription and then denied my profile for whatever reason in the same day so I requested a refund for my subscription and they denied it. They will take your money but you might not even get to use that app. A total scam and honestly shocking a. Muslim app would take advantage of people like this
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9 months ago, moe917519
Too many fake profiles
I’ve come to realize that there are a whole ton of either not too serious about marriage girls on this app, or just plain fake accounts…. May Allah bless us all with righteous spouses inshaallah
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3 days ago, NaakalAli
Most of my matches are banned and i see a lot of the same profiles,maybe it's just taking time for everything to grow and the app to be recognized.
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1 year ago, onlycanbeme
Finding real love
It’s a ok app would be a little better if you can see who’s actually interested without blurring the picture but it’s a ok app
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5 months ago, Jouuyyyy
Love this app
Today is my first day on the app and I think I found a husband already. I am so happy.
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2 years ago, MoE Daddy
It’s got bumble vibes
Over all pleased with the functionality of the app mashallah I would suggest to remove the blurred pics because that defeats the purpose of meeting someone lol Also I realized that when you run out not people or maybe another reason, the shuffle will start to display the same people for a repeating time. May Allah bless all involved and give you success Salamskiessss
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10 months ago, Artists312
It is good app and doesn’t need to be paid when you are a match.
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4 months ago, Zia sahib
Very nice app I have seen in my life…
I will tell my other friends to join the app
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3 months ago, Roxsiiii
Really upset.
I wasn’t even one day or 2 hours on the app and I got banned for what I don’t know. I hadn’t even said hi to anyone and I was trying to figure out how to do it. My picture was not bad at all. Showed my face but that’s all. No revealing skin. Really upset about this. And yes I was a paying customer. 😞
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1 year ago, maasari
Request massage
Can you show to see if someone sent me request massage
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9 months ago, Black_mask2685
Worse app ever
More than 50% of the profiles are fake/ scam as they are labeled banned or disabled after matching them and most of them ask you to get off this app and use google chat/ WhatsApp or some other app to continue conversation. Just be careful guys
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6 months ago, Niiaziiiiiiiiiii
Great app
Love using this app. I started to like this app. Every profile is serious here. So it’s good for me.
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8 months ago, 3eye💙
I am new to all of this and the community is beautiful and I’m thankful for the communication
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6 months ago, IK92-5674
Be Extremely careful - Littered with scammers
Had this app for a week, already encountered 3 scammers. They immediately want to go on other portals, ask for gift cards. Stories don’t match up. Too many grammatical mistakes for folks claiming to be from US. 😀. Not worth the time.
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4 months ago, injuyhghyggbdghubb
User friendly
Amazing app to use
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4 months ago, Hehshejejsj
Interesting app, and I also like that I see more of loyal women here
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10 months ago, razakulov
Your app is too expensive, it’s not worth it. Every page and every click are paid!!!
Your app is too expensive, it’s not worth it. Every page and every click are paid!!!
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8 months ago, zeid zidane
Really good I have five dating in one week
Berry easy-going
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10 months ago, Biggmonie L..
Very Reliable
Here you will find real people and genuine
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4 months ago, naveed143
InshaAllah i will find the right person
Very good app
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12 months ago, Janatt
Mostly bots and half of my profile has disappeared
Most of the matches are bots I’m a decent looking, attractive and pleasant person. Never had any problems getting likes. On this app it’s rare and the ones who matched refused to FaceTime- red flag, bots.
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3 weeks ago, بحرالمشاعر
I like it very nice, but a little bit expensive. Thank you
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10 months ago, cezarxxxx
Only couple of accounts and they will not go away if you dislike them, they will appear again and again. Not worth it at all. It’s a zero star app.
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4 months ago, ihxtfuycux
Can’t upload pictures
I’ve tried uploading my pictures of my face. Even in hijab they are all taken down. And they aren’t blurry. I don’t want to use a faceless profile
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11 months ago, SRaja1
Salam o elecom
You lay on name of Islam you it’s free then you asking for money you dirt bag get a free or money choose one
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9 months ago, Mikeamin
Shows the same people again and again
I want my money refund for this app. It just shows same people again and again.
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7 months ago, lilihima
I’m new here but I fill comfort and safe
I’m new here but I fill comfort and safe
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2 months ago, Chu.KL
I downloaded the app and not even 6 hours later my photos were rejected and there wasn’t a reason given to why they were rejected… they were just normal selfies.
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3 months ago, alkubaisiahmed
Horrible and waste of time
This app the worst I have ever seen because it’s full of scammers and you’re not gonna find anyone real over there, so please please please don’t waste your money and your time
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2 months ago, Ma$234
I don’t see any one yet
I don’t see any one yet
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10 months ago, Youssefk2
Good app
I hope to find my soul mate here
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1 year ago, Meohmy6283002
Got messages from people asking me to download apps I’ve never even heard of to continue chatting..even tho we were already chatting on this app. And then mostly people from abroad.
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3 months ago, ijtnt
Worst app
Lots of scammers and fake profiles definitely not recommending anyone They take your money only fake app worst app I would give less than 0 in minus to this app don’t install this app waste of time
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7 months ago, Nick salim
Nice app
Thanks for everything
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5 months ago, Scorpion123123
Full of scammers
This app is basically full of scammers that are trying to get you to go to different apps to blackmail you. Careful and do not give them any money or information.
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1 year ago, Alex Ngili
Am actually enjoying this app it’s cool no doubt 😘🥰
My best app so ever
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1 year ago, vdhhdhdjdjdjaf
How I got ban when it’s my first time sign in ? After 2 minutes I got banned saying to many complaints? I haven’t even messaged to anyone it’s not even 5 minutes made the profile
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