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User Reviews for Instant Financial

4.57 out of 5
9.7K Ratings
1 year ago, TalbotD
Best payment app I’ve ever used
I’m not exaggerating when I say this is the best payment app I have used in my entire life. First of all, the customer service line is listed clearly when you look up Instant on Google. It’s very quick and easy to get through to an agent and they are available 24/7 which is honestly unbelievable to me. I’ve had credit cards that I’ve spent thousands of dollars with and I couldn’t get somebody on the phone half as easy as with Instant. The customer service representatives have always been friendly and helpful, and even when I call in with an issue that I’m sure can’t be resolved, they surprise me by fixing it every time so far. When I got this app I really didn’t expect much, but I’ve been blown away by the ease-of-use and consistency. I always get the payment offer the day after I worked, and even one day when I missed the offer because my job was being super draconian and refused to let me take my break, I called into the customer service line and within 5 minutes got paid. I really can’t recommend it enough, I just wish all apps and websites were this seem less to use. Great job guys!! This company is a real diamond in the rough now a days
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4 years ago, cherish marie sabotta
It’s good!
I had just recently gotten this card, after our other cards had expired. And I have to say, this is significantly better than the other card. But with a few drawbacks in my opinion. One is that they give you the money that you earned, durning the shift that you had just worked. Like I like that they are always adding money onto the card, but it just makes me want to use it. And that money always goes toward our next checks. However! I do like that they give u an option for whether or not you want to take it. Another draw back, that I have not yet experienced, but have heard from other people, is that if your card has less than 400 dollars on it, there is a 5 dollar fee. Now that I don’t understand. If there is anyway I could get an explanation for that, I would be grateful. Well, thanks for hearing me rant on and on about it. I hope you see my message, and I hope to hear from you soon!
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4 years ago, Former TD Bank user
Intentionally misleading
Update 2: 3rd or 4th interruption to daily use in less that 3 months.... can't use card, add money or check balance and right near Christmas too.... this really has me considering a new job just to get away from this card. Update: I saw your response, which was way late. Ironically you all fixed the issue within hours of me calling you out on the applications nonsense. Still seems like a temporary intentional ploy to get people to over spend that you fixed after someone called you out on it. Furthermore I shouldn't have to jump through hoops to get my balance IE the app should work consistently. Keep it right the first time and stop messing with people's money. Still do not recommend this app or company. Leaving my old review as is. If your job requires this: pick a new job Old review: The app used to update your balance every time you opened it. Now it will only tell you the balance as of the last time you received pay. If you withdrawal it remains the old balance setting you up to overdraw your account and pay fees. Seems pretty deliberate and like they set you up to fail. Actually considering changing jobs not to be stuck with this misleading system. Just seems very intentional that they want you to overdraw.
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6 years ago, CocktailsAreMyArt
The Only Thing Worse Than This Company Is The App They've Created
My employer recently announced that they were offering (actually they didn't offer us the service, they just made it the only way to access our earnings). It was presented as a decision made by corporate solely to benefit it's employees. Instant access to our tips with any fees or headaches. None of us were excited about the introduction of the service this week. However, based on the literature we were provided, it seemed like it might not be a terrible idea. We were very wrong. First of all, the app it's self is slow, buggy & generally not well crafted. Most importantly, the promised lack of fees and quick/easy access to our $, turned out to be a joke. Transferring $ to an actual bank account can take over a week. Using the provided Visa Instant Financial card in an ATM to withdraw funds, results in a fee from both Instant Financial & my bank($2.50 from Instant & $3.00 from BOA). Yes, I'm sure their are some fee-free ATM's as they state, how can Bank of America's ATM's & most other machines owned by major financial institutions not be in their network? The only people benefiting from the services provided by Instant Financial, are Instant & the companies who force their employees to use those services.
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6 years ago, Chap100487
Good idea. Bad execution
I just started a few months ago at a restaurant that decided to use instant. I like the idea of not having a server walking out with a full nights tips but that’s where it ends. I use Chase and was told most major banks don’t charge fees to withdraw; between chase and instant I pay $5 in fees. And they will respond with their 33,000 no fee banks but I live in a city and walk...I can’t go 20 mins out of my way for no fee. Also, the two business days for instant transfer is fine if it’s Monday or Tuesday but on the busiest nights for servers who make most of their money on weekends, don’t expect to see your money for FIVE DAYS!!! Basically if you want all your money you wait and if you don’t mind losing about $100 a month in fees or 30 mins travel out of your way they’re great. Tell their C suites they have to wait 4 days after pay day for their money or use 33,000 out of 2 billion ATMs and see if they fix it then. Also, why can other services like PayPal have a transfer done in 2-3 hours yet I get charged $2 so instant can snail mail it!? This is also contingent on how fast your employer puts it on your card as that can be a few mins to next day. STOP JUSTIFYING SHORT COMINGS, INSTANT, AND ACTUALLY FIX IT. THIS IS OUR MONEY!
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5 years ago, llllllllllllll.
constant fraud and expensive withdrawals
My restaurant recently switched to the Instant card a few months ago and already half a dozen employees have had their card information stolen and used fraudulently. Prepare for it to take 90 DAYS to receive your stolen pay back IF it’s approved. DO NOT keep your money on these unprotected cards, the security and fraud response is abysmal. This is essentially how we are paid, we can’t afford to wait three months for instant to address its own security issues before we receive our money!! Why is my card being approved literally on the other side of the country mere hours after I get paid for a shift 3,000 miles away? If your company gives you the option, CHOOSE TO GET PAID VIA CHECK because unless you are near a very specific type of ATM (spoiler alert: you’re not) it will either cost you money to access your own pay or you will need to wait days and days and days. Imagine if you received a paycheck for all your tips and hourly combined for $0 and the payroll company told you it would take 90 days to get it back, and then when you finally did you had to pay to access it within the week. That’s the instant card, so adjust your expectations accordingly.
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1 year ago, Christinna Howard
Bad review on Instant pay
My first day at working at Taco Bell was really good but the card company was extremely horrible I keep getting an authorize transaction and I know my workplace is tired of me asking for a new card 24/7 and I’m getting tired of it too. I’m supposed to enjoy what I earned and work hard for and when I call instant pay they freeze my card so I have to get a new one and you can’t speak to the manager because they’re always busy. Or if I forgot my pin number, it’s always a hassle to reset your pin or if you type your phone number in a wrong way it always make this like robotic noise. I suggest you not to use this app get a bank card start using the bank more instead of using this cheapo, Card I’ll be glad who ever gets the soda because this is extremely ridiculous because I have a different card same thing happened but when I create a new account everything was OK until I got a new job, which is you know the instant pay but you ain’t supposed to make a new account everything seem goody two shoe OK? “So why we can’t make a new account?” Ps. I was going to custom out each and every time I call but I didn’t!!!!!!
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4 years ago, restaurant life
It’s not that bad
One of my jobs switched are tips from cash to the Instant app. While we were all pretty annoyed at first because cash is just so easy but this meant we got our tip outs faster so that part I like. You can transfer money to your bank account for free but it can take a couple days, so plan it out, or use the debit card it’s self if possible. App is straight forward and simple that not much to get confused about. Honestly the only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because I use my tip money to pay my bills and it just adds an extra step because I have to wait and transfer to my bank account(because I’m not paying to get my own money, I don’t with my bank so I’m not going to start now) and than than pay my bill. Since mostly all my bills can’t be paid with card online/ auto pay, you have to link an account number. Other than that is is app is easy and gets me my money the next afternoon vs 2 days later. Some people at my job still hate it, but it’s not that bad.
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6 years ago, Lisalooooo
It’s good for me!
Even though I wasn’t necessarily happy about my job forcing this new card down my throat, I can’t say I’m not thankful for it. I’ve had this card for almost a month now and haven’t touched it since because I’m saving, and It’s just awesome if you wanna save! I gave the card to my aunt and told her not to let me touch it all summer! To be able to watch my money just stack up is awesome! I usually check it when I’m bored at my other job after a couple nights of working and I’m always surprised at how much i’ve earned! I know if I would have still been getting cash tips I wouldn’t have saved as much as I am now with this card, so this was just a blessing in disguise for me! However!!!! If you do use the card, then USE THE CARD! Cause they give out random weekly cash prizes and you’re entered into the drawing every time you use your instant card. That’s pretty cool, keep up the good work!
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5 years ago, Whalesfood
Requirement :)
My company requires it for pay from tips, but it’s really good at what it does. Nice app. Card looks nice. Tbh I don’t remember if I set up a PIN when I made it but once a cash register asked for it after a swiped so I paid with my Bank Card. Yeah idk what to do about the PIN thing but besides that it’s great. And honestly, as for using it as a checking account, it works better than my actual bank. (Yeah Instant doesn’t have interest but a checking account’s interest is already so small idc.) My actual bank app is so bad (I think a lot of banks don’t have great apps) so it’s refreshing to have a working app that shows me money
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3 years ago, VQZ81
Can’t even activate my debit card, something so simple.
So I have missed out on some needed payouts because after I made my account, I’m not able to activate my debit card on my app, or on a regular browser. The Option is not there, I have to repeat the same info over and over each time (I’ve used the chat function twice with 2 different agents one was rude, and the other seemed somewhat more knowledgeable, but still couldn’t resolve my issue. Spoke with 2 different support staff, who didn’t know what the heck to do. ) Most financial institutions can activate over the phone and be done with it. But NOPE! I’m pending an email or call from an agent from a higher level of support . I would think they would have had me on a priority call back list since I’ve been having trouble for sometime. I was told they would be in the office around 4 hours ago , and not a peep. Unless there is that many issues . I feel like just saying forget it and go back to something more reliable. like a regular bank.
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This is the second review that I’m writing simply because this JOKE of an institution doesn’t want people to know the truth about this card. The only thing you can do with this card is swipe it. I can’t order things off-line, I can’t order door Dash or Uber eats, nor can I request an Uber or Lyft ride to get to the job that’s paying me through this JOKE OF A CARD. Let me not forget to mention the fact that it doesn’t even link to my Chime bank account so I don’t even get instant transfers. It keeps giving me some error message saying that my card is expired and it’s not!! No wonder employers are pretty much shoving this down our throat’s instead of setting up direct deposit. Yeah it’s definitely a simpler- faster way of getting paid. The only problem is that I’m forced to only be able to spend MY money one-way. As I said before this is a joke of an institution and I should’ve just set up direct deposit because at least I would have different opportunities to spend MY MONEY the way I should be able to spend MY money.
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4 years ago, dvkudcmitcs ST jk
Complete and total trash
Absolutely the work financial app and the most useless customer support I’ve ever seen. My coworkers and I had no choice but to be paid our tips on the instant cards and we have regretted it ever since. First off, the app does not show all your transactions and even the company can not see or produce them for you when asked. After a short time they also disappear. Money is randomly held sometimes for days with either no excuse or the never ending times that “maintenance” is being done. The people working their support line know as little about the company and app as the people forced to use it. You have to wait days for your money to be transferred into your bank account. But for a FEE you can transfer it immediately. I have to pay to be able to access my own money immediately since the card is so unreliable. It holds random amounts at gas stations and restaurants depending on how much you spend. Overall probably the most GARBAGE payment system out there. Avoid at all costs.
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2 years ago, Natstalker
Problem with viewable transaction history.
I woke up yesterday morning and saw that there was a transaction from a pizza place. I have not ordered anything from that pizza place in nearly two months so I’m gathering it’s a fraudulent charge. I block my card and wake up this morning to a charge from a grocery store that I haven’t been to in over a week. I call the number on the back of the card, on hold for 30 min, and the guy tells me that there is a viewing problem with Instant. Essentially a massive delay in viewing the transactions. He said that their tech unit is working to solve that problem. Cool. Simultaneously I finally get in touch with the chat help from the app -a 30min wait there too. The guy tells me that there is no viewing problem on the app and that I need to call back next week so that they can confirm the transactions on my account are finalized. Okay? So is there or isn’t there a viewing issue? It sounds like a very convenient way for Instant to manipulate the money their dealing with. The app needs to be stronger and more accurate and there needs to be continuity in the support team, because I’m left feeling like something shady is going on. I don’t like my money being messed with and if there is an issue -technically, on their end, fix it already. It’s a big one!
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3 years ago, JEME74
Down for maintenance too much
I am a bartender and I get my tips through this app which is more convenient than having to make multiple cash deposits. However, I am unable to do instant transfers to my bank at least once a week because of “maintenance”. and not just drying the “scheduled” times at odd hours of the night. It happens almost every Saturday/Sunday when I have either made the largest amount of money or have saved up all week. During these pandemic times when hours, money and even employment in general is lacking not being able to get my money out is especially frustrating. In addition if I want to transfer money to more than one account I have to enter the information from scratch and then it will only save the last account information. So I am constantly having to retype the data. I would love to have a checking and savings or two account option.
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4 years ago, steamboatmillie
Fees using in network atms
I had initially rated this as a 4 but after the mess of trying to withdraw money from an in network...omg. The closest one is over 40 minutes away (mind you I don’t live in the middle of nowhere, in between 2 big towns neither of which have their atms) and when I did eventually venture out to one of their atms I was still charged fees. And not just that. The whole using the atm with this card is bs. At a different place I tried to pull out a 20, it says insufficient funds, which was false, but charges a fee. Check my balance, charged a fee. Withdraw , charged a fee. All in the same atm use. By the end of the ordeal i was charged at least 10 bucks in fees when that atm charges 3 I checked with the owner. Seems super sketchy, I think I will just switch to direct deposit as I have had zero issues with my credit union in the past.
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4 years ago, Hey hey hello
Terrible. Would give negative stars if I could.
At first I thought this app and concept was great. But now I have had two fraud cases. The first was almost $300 and they gave me my money back but months later they are trying to claim that they made an error and are taking half the money back. I called and the guy didn’t even know what was happening and couldn’t help me and said they shouldn’t take the money out of my account as it was obviously fraud transactions as they were all from different states and immediately drained my account . Well Instant did take the money back and now my account is negative. They also declined my other dispute because there was not enough evidence. Obviously there’s no evidence because I immediately knew what was happening and changed my card so they couldn’t take my next days tips out. Don’t trust them they’ll just try to take your money.
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2 months ago, Andrew Cassidy Walters
New update needs some work
I was using this app for work a little under a year before the new update came out. I’ve been fighting with it since. It logs me out every time I exit the app now, which I’d be fine with as long as logging back in was easy, but it hasn’t been. The app shockingly seems to forget your password after a bit, and insists it’s wrong. Again, I would be able to tolerate this a little if it was easy to reset to reset my password, but that process also seems to be suffering from bugs no doubt introduced in this new update. I’ll admit the app is a little more pleasing to look at now, but functionality and reliability should always be prioritized over aesthetics. Hope the situation can improve, because having problems like this with an app I’m supposed to trust my money with is worrying.
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6 years ago, GSWheels
I wasn’t exactly thrilled that my company decided to change our pay and use a debit card, but I really like the Instant Card. The first month I had the app, it ran perfectly. Every time I got paid or used my card, I was notified through the app, and a little red circle with a number would appear on the app. It has stopped doing this for some reason. It only appears after I open the app and close it. I thought maybe I could control it in the app’s settings, which I can, but now it sends me a text, and my alerts are also on in my phone’s settings for the Instant App.. I’d rather the notifications be instant like they were before, but overall, I’m pleased.
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1 year ago, EditingExcitable
I’m writing this review because everything about this company is fraudulent. Let’s start with months ago I made a purchase from a company and then returned the product… Only for Insta tip to charge that transaction three times. That was to erroneous charges when the product was returned, and I should’ve been given a refund.… But they didn’t. They charged, they refunded, they charged again they charged again… And I could not get anyone on the phone that spoke English to discuss this matter… only to wake up this morning in the new year to find out that they now are going to charge a dollar every time I want to try to get my money. And it’s my money. The restaurant that I work for chooses to use this app to pay us our tips. And now this companies going to take my money. I’m so fed up!!
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6 years ago, genbolanos
Easy and straightforward.
My money always reaches me the moment my employers distribute it, which is every night after we close. So no complaints there. I never tried to transfer funds because I see no reason to since I don’t mind having an extra card. I don’t understand the complaints being given. All transfers take a couple days. Also, if you aren’t getting your tips the days you work then talk to your employer and make sure it’s not on their end. Like I mentioned, I always receive mine at the end of the night and there hasn’t been a delay. Overall, the app is simple.
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2 years ago, jennadelaney
If you want to lose your money, download this app!
This app is absolutely ridiculous. I have tried multiple times to transfer funds and somehow the app has “lost it.” I spoke to them three different times, all where they told me they would escalate the problem further. They cannot provide a trace number, and told me to talk to my bank. So I talked to my bank, and they have no information on any bank transfer that occurred. When I called instant back, they said that I hadn’t spoken to anyone there and that my problem had no prior escalation from ANY of my calls before hand. I am out $200 because of this app. My hard earned money is GONE. The decision my company made to start using this app was a HUGE mistake and our corporation will be completely cancelling this app. Thanks instant for losing $200.
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4 years ago, Sparklessss(:
Very disappointed
To begin with, I already wasn’t happy about my job changing the way they pay to another card I don’t need instead of my checking account. When I tried to look up my job (chain restaurant), the store number wouldn’t search, so I had to scroll through literally hundreds of stores to find mine. After that, it took a ridiculous amount of time to get the app and my card set up. The app said I could change my pin later when I set it up but that function is not in settings, it also won’t let me set up the instant transfer function to my debit card, and just today it decided to not let me do the 1-2 day transfer to my checking account, so now my money is stuck in the “Instant” account instead of in my bank account from which all my auto-pay bills are drawn. Fire your tech guys, please.
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4 years ago, jaggslayer
First job
I recently got my first job as a busser, and every night after my shift I’m paid my tip share. It’s awesome especially for a young teenager even though I do have my own bank account. An account that I leave money in to stack up is very useful. I hope it doesn’t mysteriously disappear, but I am putting my trust into the devs that they won’t let that happen. I was also reading old reviews, and what they went through sounds nothing like it is now it’s fast and very cooperative app. Altogether, great app, fast, Ui is simple ( could be smoother but oh well).
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5 years ago, Reviewman8
I wasn’t sure how well this app would work at first but everything runs smoothly. It’s great, and exactly how the person who gave it to me said it would work. The only problem I’d say I have is the bank transfer part. It took me a couple tries to get the app to accept my banking info. At first I thought maybe I’d inserted the information wrong and it was a user error, but I guess it just needed a couple tries to be able to confirm my account info?? Anyways besides that I’ve never had a problem taking money out or using the card. Thanks!!
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1 year ago, PeaceLivesLoveDoes
Simple. Easy. Instant.
One of the most irritating and inefficient things in life is waiting for the money you’ve earned. Life happens fast and sometimes you just can’t wait for your funds. Instant is the most intuitive and user friendly payment app I’ve had the pleasure of using. Everything is easy to find and use, the banking system is top notch and I particularly enjoy Instant Pay. I would recommend this app to any business looking to modernize payroll.
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2 years ago, foodforthedogs
Last app update was 6mos ago?
I love this app, I genuinely enjoy my job because of this app. I work for McDonalds. Thank you to the creators of this app. Please try to update the app because bugs will happen, invest more in the health of your app please. Any of the bigger funded apps have at least a weekly update and there are still so many bugs. Just imagine how many could have been prevented if you release an update here and there for the people who you created this for. I truly am afraid that one day I might not be able to access my funds so please give it an update. It’s past due!
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2 years ago, asrnnjkogg
my second review bc my first is missing.. instant is terrible, there’s a 90% chance that when you go to transfer your money, it’ll be down for ‘scheduled maintenance’ (that was never scheduled btw..) last night, i kept trying to make a transfer and it kept saying ‘server error’ this morning when i looked at my account, they had charged me a $2.50 charged for each failed transaction when i try to talk to support, you get some bot that says it will connect you with first person, last night, it took literally 54 minutes for that person to connect, and of course i had already given up at that point, so i still have no availability of my money, and no way to resolve it bc their customer service is a joke
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5 years ago, robNash2010
So far it’s okay
I’ve had this for about a month now, and it seems okay so far. The only thing I’ve noticed is that when I go to an in-network atm, I am still charged a dollar per transaction. It comes up as an off-network ATM, but it says on the website that it is in fact within the network and it has the logo in it. I know it’s only a dollar but I work hard for every dollar I receive. Transferring to my bank just takes way too long. About a week even though it gives an estimated time of like a day or two. But overall, not too bad. The app runs well enough.
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3 months ago, Keithleeeeee
This app is the most glitchiest app in the world and it won’t let you reset your password if you forgot it. When you click the reset password button NOTHING HAPPENS. It wont send an email it’ll just stay on the same screen and if you try to use a different email it’ll say that email is already in use when you know that there is no possible way that this email is already in use! Oh and don’t bother calling customer service because they have no idea how to help you. They’ll tell you the same solutions that you’ve already tried and they’ll give you the name of a website to go to and that website does not exist. Don’t trust your money in this horribly functioning app.
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5 years ago, Skiziliest
Not a fan of instant!!
Since my employer started making us have an instant card, this has been the worst card to have. First of all, why do I need another card in my wallet??? Secondly, the card is by far instant. Ya, you get your money on the card when the work day is over, but it’s not my main account. The transfers should be instant. You shouldn’t have to wait 3 BUSINESS DAYS, to transfer money. I don’t want to go driving around to take My money out of this stupid account to not get a fee. I’ve also noticed at some atm’s that it won’t read your card. Another thing is that there is no name or chip on the card so if it gets stolen anyone can use it mainly at places that you don’t need a pin. This card is a scam and I would never recommend any company to use it.
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4 months ago, ....030
Glitchy app and customer service is bad
This app is bad it. Every couple of months it logs and out and then I have to redownload the app because the interface will not load until the app is uninstalled and reinstalled. And then it’s super super slow and glitchy - I also called there customer service once because I couldn’t transfer money out of my account for some unknown reason and when I asked to speak to someone higher up about my money they said no. They really don’t care about your money or how u get paid - but like to take that $2.50 tranfer charge. Then last year the made it where a schedule three day transfer cost Money as well. It’s crazy to me but whatever.
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6 years ago, MasonDrysdale
This card is the worst.
The reviews for this app are 100% botted. I tried to withdraw $400 and the atm crashed. Instant still took the money out of my account and they REFUSE to give it back. ATM company even told me it’s instants fault and to request provisional credit. Manager on site at instant told me they do not do provisional credit and that it will take up to 100 days to get my money. **** you and your terrible debit card. You can’t decline provisional credit after 10 days that’s against the law. These guys aren’t even a bank, just some third party handling your income. If I don’t get my provisional credit I’m going to start a lawsuit. Oh and bank transfers take at least 3 days. And if you use an ATM it might not give you the money, but it’ll take it out of your account. Good luck.
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2 years ago, Maldonado0723
This just makes sense
I just moved to Texas from FL. Got a job and learned all about this card. Ok perfect I’ll give it a try. Thank heavens I did because I learned that it would be 3 weeks until I got a check. Learned some things about it. Like getting gas. Go up and pay. Never at the pump. They out a 125 dollar hold on all gas if you pay at pump. Ok not so bad. This card has saved me. If you don’t need the money daily. Don’t cash out. I think this card is amazing.
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2 years ago, 123446071;37
Issues on issues
My experience with this app has not been good to say the least. The company I work for recently switched from paying in cash to having payroll run through here. You can get money on the card but as soon as I’ve wanted to take money out to pay my bills it fails. (Since every time I’ve tried to use the card it declines no matter the balance. Even after I reset the password and pin.) My most recent problem is that I tried using to online transfer in which they took my money and it was not deposited into my bank after 3-4 days and no sign of where it’s gone. I will not recommend this app so long as they continue to have these issues.
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4 years ago, .1/:32,;23,/
Amazing App!
I’ve never seen anything like Instant Card before. It lets you take 50 % of your shift’s pay instantly the next morning (Instant Pay). It’s also a great way to save, and you can transfer your money into your personal banking account within seconds. There are two reasons why I rated it 4 stars instead of 5. 1, because there were a few instances where I wasn’t able to use my card because the app was under “maintenance”. 2, by getting your money instantly the next morning, it makes it harder to save. Other than that, great app!
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4 years ago, erinlreview
Great app with great features
I have never received my tips like this before. I get them every night after my shift and am able to use them through my card linked to the app or transfer instantly to my bank account for a fee of $2.50. I believe if you don’t do an instant transfer to your bank it’s free and the money still arrives in 1-2 days. It’s easy and simple and I have no concerns with trying to track everything. Love it !!
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6 years ago, I hate Instant Financial
Takes forever to get your CASH!
This “no-fee” card is ridiculous. Good luck finding an ATM that won’t charge you to take your money out. Transfers also take FOREVER ! But hey that’s not Instant financials fault; right? - it’s your bank and the ATMs fault! WRONG! STEP UP YOUR GAME INSTANT FINANCIAL. You can’t blame banks and ATMs for the fact that you have ZERO PARTNERSHIPS with companies and that the people who are forced to use your horrible service CANNOT WITHDRAWAL THEIR OWN MONEY WITHOUT GETTING CHARGED FOR IT. Oh and why don’t you just keep your money on the card so that Instant can make money off of your money? What do you think you are Instant? A bank? NO because if you were a bank then I could TAKE MY MONEY OUT ! This company is a joke and I can’t wait till I can get rid of this terrible, horrible “service”
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2 months ago, Hi what’s up :)
Why do you say I have a negative balance
In 2022 I worked for Taco Bell and used instant pay I have received payments after the last instant pay which was more then enough to cover the $36 I supposedly owe you. Also if I owe you money how come I never received a statement and my account doesn’t show it being negative? I have tried reaching out to you by email, and phone.( myself and with my payroll), I have heard nothing.
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5 years ago, Kateystjohn
Worst App
This app literally is so terrible it makes me want to quit my job just to find a different one where I won’t have to use it. I have thousands of dollars in this bank account, and the app only actually opens maybe 5% of the time. It never works. I click the app to open, the orange Instant screen pops up, then the screen goes white. And it stays like that. And it never changes. Thanks so much Instant for making all my money virtually unusable!! :-) I’m going to go on the computer today and transfer every penny out of this stupid middle-man banking app just so I don’t have to worry about it. As a server, I really miss when we’d just get paid out in cash. Please update the app or something so this bug goes away.
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2 years ago, eva02012022
The worst ever.
I am a server/bartender and when I initially started with instant everything went really smoothly. But the past couple of months have been absolute garbage. Several times out of the week I can’t transfer money because of “maintenance” on the app or because there is “trouble on our end”. Several of my coworkers are unable to access their funds at all. Not to mention my card does not work at all anywhere. I’ve been trying to transfer money into my account for a while and I’ve been sitting on the phone on hold with customer service for over 30 mins. Their chat support is a joke too. They don’t even connect you to anyone.
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3 years ago, alba moose
Needs to fix some more bugs
Connecting to a new card to my Instant app, not loading my new balance ,trying to connect my bank card to my Instant card and loading properly. Those are the major promises that I have been experiencing. I’ve had this app for going on three years and it’s starting to get annoying at this point, it’s always something wrong with this app, They fix a couple of bug but more bugs appears. I am Not bashing the company or anything but just major bugs needs to be fixed completely and all that I’ve have stated that is wrong with this app are important.
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2 years ago, picky joe
New card holder
This is the first pay card I have experienced that actually works and doesn’t have any issues. I was just using a pay card issued by Watkins corp and it was a complete joke. Each and every payday there were issues. The issues would take 3 to 4 days to resolve. This Instant card is a real positive card. Thank you This is the best card I have ever used for direct deposit. Excellent system.
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3 years ago, killianne c
Useful, but problematic in some cases
Had to download the app when I received my instant card through my job in April 2019. Haven’t had any problems until recently, I’ve been unable to transfer my funds to my bank account immediately. Always have to wait several business days. I’m aware of the transfer fee and haven’t had this problem until the past month or so. It gives me the option to “chat with us” but the link always takes me back to the homepage.
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6 years ago, naygen
Not a bad idea but I’m not for it. Not my cup of tea. Employer handed us these cards and were told to use it. I started the app and had a family member hold the card so I’d never use it. I don’t like to have my money spread across multiple accounts. Unfortunately on the app I accidentally upgraded the app which is VERY EASY to tap on instead of exiting out of. My checks now go to my card and takes almost a week to transfer to my original bank account. I emailed them to resolve this and called me, instructing me for an hour on how to turn it off. A week later and here I am with my paycheck back onto my instant. This is ridiculous and I just want to delete the whole app and throw out my card.
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6 years ago, Itshardtochooseanickname
Guys , Its All Bad
I dont even know where to start . This App Is a complete contradiction to its promoted purpose . As Instant says , this app makes money easily manageable and allows you to have instant access to your tips with no fees..... Instant Access, No Fees, And Easy management was never a problem when receiving cash tips . However, with this app, it is now. NOTHING is more convenient than walking out with raw cash in your hands after your shift , that i can manage right then and there. Now with this app, Instant cash is no longer a thing. I gotta go to an ATM or wait for a Transfer . Now with this app, free tips arent a thing, but a $3-$5 withdraw fee is. Now with this app, i have another company managing my money, not just my employer. So whats it really for ? Money ? Interior motives ? Create more jobs ? Not sure , but it has little to no benefit to the employees forced to use it. But there is one bright side. Because this app is so inconvenient, i tend to stay away from the money that is loaded onto it. So i guess i have a saving account now ~~~
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3 years ago, Maria-Robotnik13
Not even allowing me to open it/screen goes completely black
So, to set the scene for you- Bought a few things, wanted to check on my balance as I always do. Opened the app, it did its whole loading thing, then proceeded to immediately either go completely white/black screen or just kicked me out of in in general. I gave it two stars instead of just one because the app has been reliable up until now, but it’s starting to get frustrating over the fact that I can’t even check my own balance because of this issue.
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6 years ago, CarinaDancerBabe
I had no option
My job made this instant card a mandatory form of payment which is ridiculous. There is no reason I should have to pay to access my own money. I cannot pay rent with a Visa card. I hate having to quit my job because they chose your company as a facilitator for my own money. By the way; the closest Free ATM near me is 30 miles away; which makes me spend more of my own money for no reason. Disappointed and I feel like I have no other choice to quit my job because they partnered with you and your ridiculous product.
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3 years ago, jababjaiqbauudjbqnah
Terrible for tips
Terrible app. To sum it up I am paying MORE to wait LONGER to be paid LESS. I quit and found a job that at least respects me enough to not double dip in my earnings. More details below. So before this app, I just cashed my tips out at the end of the day and walked out with my tips that night. Done. Simple. Now I have to use this app and on top of taxing my tips including all cash tips I have to pay these scammers to be able to access my tips sometimes between 2-5 days after I work. So I pay this app so my I can be paid less and wait longer to be paid. I fail to see any upside for workers.
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3 years ago, Shanetastacite
It’s good but it has major issues
I’ve been using instant pay for about a year now and I’ve been forced to move to a different job that doesn’t have this service. It’s good to have a daily pay after a shift but it has no information when it comes to pay stubs like tax deductions, and when I do get my pay stub it takes half of what I earn EVERYTIME and leaves me unable to pay my bills. When I try to get any information to why it does on the help/customer service they cannot help or have any information to why. It’s like I earn less that minimum wage from this app and it’s a scam
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