InstaSize AI Photo Editor+Crop

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Instasize Inc.
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2 weeks ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for InstaSize AI Photo Editor+Crop

4.65 out of 5
294.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Maddiebaddie_cheerandtumblr
love it, but ugh
i’ve used instasize for YEARS now, before they ever had the subscription deal, and before you had to make an account for instasize. i used it so much that i purchased about 3-5 different filter packs about a year or two ago. but recently, the developers changed to a monthly subscription instead of buying certain packs. when they did that, i lost all the filters i bought. i would gladly get the subscription, but i already spent about $10+ on filters i used constantly that were just taken from me, and i’m also a teen who doesn’t have a job, so i can’t exactly always have the money for said subscription. i tried emailing the company about this, because it really irritates me that i spent money......on basically nothing now, but it wouldn’t go through, in a way that makes me think the email listed in the app description doesn’t work. i want to know if these filters can somehow be restored or something, because i even hit “restore purchases” and nothing happened. idk if it’s because i didn’t have an instasize account or what, but it’s really, really frustrating. ***edit: problem solved!!! amazing customer service, seriously it’s unreal, and it’s still the best app i’ve ever used for editing !!!
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1 year ago, Sienna1st
Hello! I have rated the app 3 starts if you haven’t already seen, and the reason behind my doing is simply because of AI. I am definitely not a fan of AI art. Not because it is bad quality or anything,(AI can do a lot of great things!) but the fact AI has been gaining lots of fam by being used for art. Human artist who spend hours, even days to work on a single price can get a few thousand views something because the art may have flaws. When a AI makes art, since it isn’t a real person making the art, it has a lot less flaws than if a human were to make it. This troubling because it already can take what feels like forever to make a good price of art that you are truly content with, let alone LEARN how to draw, paint, sculpt, ect. This is coming from someone who likes drawing but isn’t the best at it. I actually want to be a Graphic designer or a Video game designer, which takes lots of practice. I have no problem with AI’s existing or making art, but human artist are struggling to get veiws or make money off of their art. Making art can be hard and expensive. If your a digital artist you usually use a tablet and stylus or a computer. I would just like to share this concern so people can still use AI’s for art but support human artist. Especially if someone is pretending to make something but it was just a robot. Thank you for reading!
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5 years ago, Madi is lit
This is a rip-off
I installed instasize a very long time ago because I could edit videos as well as pictures using cool filters and editing tools. I do remember that I had problems with ads in the past and that I was working with a very limited editing and filter selection, which made me extremely sad. So I deleted the app. It resurfaced on my dash because some of my friends started downloading this app. It was advertised so well that I thought of getting this app again. I was offered over 80 filters and cool editing tools and I could not believe it. So I downloaded it and I instantly regret it. In order to use the app to its full creative extent, I have to pay unnecessary money. I have an even more limited amount of filters than when I first downloaded the app, and I can barely even get through editing a picture without so many ads popping up. Honestly, it’s like the app is infested with ads. I would have considered the continual use of it bad there been an upfront price I could pay instead of a subscription. This ain’t some high end product deserving of even considering a subscription. It’s best to just stick with VSCO because there at you least have a good amount of filters, there aren’t ads, and no subscription. They have options to purchase filters and the prices are manageable. This app has disappointed me a second time and I won’t let there be a third time. A waste of space on my phone.
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4 years ago, only here for the reviews
Refuse to pay monthly for an editing app
I had always used Instasize to edit all of my pictures, it was my all time favorite editing app. Mainly because I loved that I could use the app to adjust the size of any picture to fit my lock screen. I also only used the same few filters and features so the free version was perfect for me. Although the constant premium adds were a tad bit annoying because they popped up every time I tried to save my pictures, but they were bearable because the app used to be quick and easy to use. However, the app became increasingly more annoying, time consuming and harder to use because of all the premium adds. It got to the point to were I couldn’t save any photos because I “had” to upgrade to premium, and I refuse to pay a monthly prescription when I only use three of the features. I then came to the conclusion there MUST be a glitch with my favorite editing app so I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, and boy I was wrong. Now I cannot even use the app without going premium, it offers a 3 day free trial and then it’s a monthly prescription. Since when did instasize become so money oriented that a free version, even if it was ad infested and offered very limited features, isn’t even offered? Very disappointed and will be looking for a new editor because I refuse to pay for three basic editing features.
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3 years ago, Tznunu123
Disable in-app purchases to avoid accidental charges
I only use this app to resize photos for IG, and it works great! I don’t really care about the filters or other tools so I can’t say much about them. However, I have noticed that it’s super easy to accidentally purchase the Premium subscription because of how the developers designed their ads to pop up. There were many times when an ad would pop up right as I was in the middle of editing, making me accidentally tap the purchase button. Then it instantly tries to charge my credit card so I have to quickly cancel out of the Apple ID verification before the charge goes through. It’s very annoying and definitely feels a bit scammy. I’ve found that a good workaround to prevent accidental purchases is to just disable in-app purchases on your phone. Go to Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions, then tap iTunes & App Store Purchases > In-App Purchases > Don’t Allow. Then, if you accidentally tap one of the ads, a phone notification saying “in-app purchases are not allowed” will pop up, you can close the ad and continue with editing. (Note: this method does block all in-app purchases on your phone, but you can easily toggle on/off the content restrictions.)
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9 months ago, You forgot Luna
): It was so great
I’ve been paying for this app for years, and I have to say I was very happy with it for a long time. Recently the app has changed so much and not for the better. I am a photographer and quality is of the utmost importance to me, and I have to say to the naked eye when I ran my photos through here I couldn’t tell the difference. Now when I run it through I don’t even get the same result I am looking at in the app, once saved to my phone the colors are washed out. Even without edits it pales colors and drops quality and blurs my photos. I also used this app to store all of my edits for a long time and get rid of the originals but now it won’t let me save/edit the photos unless I have the original photo in my photo library. I gave this app 5 stars for years, unfortunately I have to give it two because I still believe it can come back.)’: it was so easy to use and understand, I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent editing my work and personal photos. Now I don’t even want to use it because I don’t want the quality of my work to drop. I feel like I’m wasting my money. I will be on the lookout for a new app.)’:::
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4 years ago, Annbanan122
Not sure if they are trying to scam people or if it’s a glitch
So I was already pretty upset that one of my favorite editing apps took away some features and started asking for money. Usually when I save a picture an add to buy premium will pop up and I’ll just exit out and save to camera roll, no problem. As of recently when I got to save my picture the add that pops up when I got to save my picture will be invisible, that or the save to camera roll button has been changed to PURCHASE premium. When tapping save to camera roll it will ask for my finger print to buy premium. On multiple occasions I have almost pressed the home button to exit out. Which would have then purchased premium without my consent. I’ve used the app so much that when I do a quick edit I just zoom through the steps to save my picture so I’ve come very close to accidentally buying premium multiple times, and honestly I can’t afford premium at all, nor would I ever want to pay for it. I really hope it’s just a bug, because it would be a pretty sketchy thing for them to do to get people to accidentally buy premium!
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6 years ago, Freedomgirl44
Honestly I love using this app! It gives me the option of using soo many things for free! I would however love if their were more backgrounds available... for example like a birthday background or a celebration background for those special pictures that you want to post about someone else's birthday or even yours! THAT WOULD BE AN AWESOME BACKGROUND!! Keep up the good work! ***UPDATED MY APP SO NEEDED TO UPDATE MY REVIEW*** I do love that the creators of this app took my advice on adding Birthday backgrounds that you can customize and new backgrounds for certain holidays. I’m disappointed that they took that and decided you can only add those certain filters if you pay for the app for every month or if you do the trial. I remember that you used to be able to download them and use them for the holidays and they would disappear after a certain time. Oh well. As much as I love this app because it’s so easy to use it looks like I might need to look into a new app for my pictures. It was good while it lasted. Thank you for considering my ideas though. It’s nice to know that their are people that listen to one persons feedback.
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6 months ago, Scarlett Latheld
Used to be a great app now one of the most stressful apps ever
I have never seen an app that comes across as so desperate to get people to subscribe that you get an advertisement that comes up trying to get you to subscribe literally every five seconds like you just push one button and it comes up. I don’t imagine any scenario where this would actually work. This used to be a really good app where you could just quickly resize photos for Instagram but now it’s the most frustrating one I’ve ever used. I used to have it on my phone all the time and now I will only download it if I really really need to use it maybe once a year. I understand a lot of costs go into maintaining an app but it’s absolutely insane to advertise as many times as this one does trying to get people to subscribe and pay for the app. they seem to try to trick you as well because if you accidentally press the ad that comes up again every five seconds, it’ll automatically charge you, so make sure you have your settings configured, so that in app purchases are not allowed unless you type in your password.
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6 years ago, thetashalee
Was a great app
Like other reviewers, I’ve been using this app for years to edit pictures. And now since the most recent update, I noticed one of my favorite (free) filters was gone. Then I realized nearly half of the free filters were removed! This was such a great free app to use, and I always recommended it to people. I tried the premium free trial before, and I even paid for it for a few months because I liked the extra features. But I decided that I didn’t need to be spending the extra money, and would continue to just use the free features because they were enough for me. But now it seems like InstaSize is only in it to get money out of people. Rather than providing a great free app for people to quickly edit pictures on the go (and choose to pay for the premium services/add-ons at their OWN convenience), it’s now a never-ending stream of ads trying to convince you to pay for their premium service, all while slowly taking away more “free” features, until you have no choice but to pay. 👎🏻
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5 years ago, Joreeses
What free membership?
I’ve been using this app since I have had an instagram to edit my photos, make them square without cropping, and make collages. I loved this app for these features. I have never bought any of the filter packs or paid for a premium membership since I’m not an instagram model or have any reason to put too much effort into editing pictures. However, this app still advertises the presence of a free membership, but does not seem to allow even basic use without premium membership. I have only been trying to use this app to place photos on a square, white background so I could post them without cropping. Whenever I try to download the image, a pop up comes up advertising the premium membership, but there is no way to skip, continue, or otherwise leave this add without closing out of the app. My question is: why advertise a free, basic membership but not allow users to actually use basic functionality? I have been using and have loved this app for years, but it looks like I’ll have to find a different one.
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5 years ago, Lacey Kingry
Subscription button scam
I typically only use this app to resize my photos for IG. None of the fancy filters or borders just a plain white background so there’s zero need for me to purchase the subscription. However, I uninstalled the app today because they make the subscription button THE BIGGEST BUTTON on the page when you first open the app. When I accidentally clicked it today and then tried to just hit my home button to get out of the app my fingerprint and payment was approved and BOOM! I had a subscription without even opting for one 🙃 if it wasn’t for the 7 day trial period my card would’ve been charged before I could’ve cancelled the subscription. Seems to me with it being the biggest of the two buttons on the screen that they’re banking on people accidentally hitting it and signing up for a subscription that they didn’t even care for. I understand the need to advertise for it to make a profit but don’t be skeezy about it. If I could report this app I would and I’ll be using a different app for my resizing needs from now on.
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4 years ago, adria1130
Used to be great
I used to love this app and it did exactly what I needed, just sized down my photos, I never use the filters or text or any of the other stuff available but it was cool that it was offered and then out of no where these ads just kept playing before and after every picture edit, and I’m not talking about 5 second ads these go from 30 seconds to a minute and a half every time, it takes longer to get through the ad then it doesn’t for me to make my picture the size I want. And I get it you want people to pay for your app but the price is not worth what you actually get, especially if you are only using it for the sizing and nothing else, personally I suggest stop being greedy and those who need it will pay for it or honestly make it a one time purchase of $4.99 because what you actually offer isn’t worth a monthly subscription, not when we can just go find another app to do the same thing that won’t smother us in pointless ads that don’t “force” us to buy just make us uninstall
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5 years ago, Luvdisgameeeee!101
Let me start off by saying I’ve used Instasize for at least the last 6-7 years maybe even more. When I discovered it I fell in LOVE. I was able to edit photos, make collages, easy handling and it was completely wonderful. I NEVER EVER HAD A COMPLAINT. That is until NOW. The update is completely and utterly trash!!!!! DO NOT DO IT. I used to be able to make collages and now for some awesome reason the photos before I hit to save magically change and all are distorted. Also I hate that I lost trim and have to make it myself. Whoever thought of this genius idea was a flipping IDIOT. I now will be spending money on other apps because this one seems to have lost the flipping bar. I’ve told hundreds of people to use this app, and now I’ll make sure to tell everyone not to. It’s BS. I’ve lost a lot of my filters, I can’t make collages, and I lost the design that brought me to insta. HORRIBLE. Horrible. HORRRIBLE. Y’all see what happened to Snapchat when they changed, it’s now back to normal. Hopefully whatever idiot you have building this crap app fixes it. If not by instasize wont wanna see ya EVER AGAIN.
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1 year ago, Jpopeog
So… I figured it out
So it’s not super intuitive, but even the free version has a lot you can do with it. I mostly got it to resize iPhone pictures to Instagram size and ended up finding other features that are unique like moving filters. it took me a bit of tapping around and trial and error to use but it’s mostly because the ads that would pop up don’t look like ads at all. So every five seconds I’m trying to figure out why I have to pay for this basic feature or why I navigated to a different page (when really the ads just don’t look distinctively different from the app itself). A feature I think would be better (or maybe it exists and it’s just not super intuitive) is to be able to easily change the color on the sides of a resized picture to something more natural looking that blends in more with the photo.
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2 years ago, chloerattlehead
I don’t write reviews but this needs to be said
This app used to be one of the great ones for editing, cropping, and resizing. I’ve used it for almost 10 years. It’s been bad the last couple of years with the pop up for premium, but now it’s practically unusable to me. I understand free apps need to make money and sometimes premiums are necessary, but I’m only doing one thing: making my pictures full size on IG. Literally after every move I make on the app, it pops up with the premium ad. If I wanted it, I would have bought it. I do everything I can now to avoid using this app, but I keep it if I can’t find another app that will do the same thing. I almost keep this app out of spite now. I literally stopped mid-resize of my picture to write this review. The app I once loved and recommended to everyone is basically unusable unless you buy it. It’s time for the devs to reconsider how often you get an offer for premium and other ways for people who want it to get it. It pains me to write all this, but please do something.
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4 weeks ago, jakesosu87
Response to the very first review I read about this app.
I know I am not suppos d to do this but I can't help myself. Sienna1st’s review is troubling to me and doesn't give this app a fair shake It is the first review that pops up on the screen for the world to see. Anyways, Sienna1st your review is damaging not to just this app but to artists alike. Art isn't about “making money”. The creation of a human relaying a message to artificial intelligence and then the AI turns it was not exactly what the instructions held. I mean may not be brushed to the canvas but if that isn't art in its form then I should be educated and taught this newfound category of monetarily based art. This App is great and I'd recommend it to anyone including Michaelangelo, Leonardo, and any of the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles that I might have left out. 😎
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1 month ago, Coco A.
Would be 5 stars, but there’s an issue
I have loved this app for a long long time. Since waay back before it’s ai days and all it was, was pretty much an Instagram image sizer/collage maker. I’m quite upset right now, because all my perfectly good pictures once InstaSized, turn incredibly blurry. As in, I can’t even see my friends EYES! It’s been like this for a number of weeks, and I’m really hoping this can all be fixed asap… it’s absolutely aggravating to try and use the app atm. But other then this new issue, I absolutely have LOVED this app. It asks a lot of times for money, and will try to be a bit sneaky about getting you to pay for it, but I’ve been a free user since the beginning, and I have to say that even though it can be a bit annoying, the outcome of the pictures (was) always worth it. Anyway, I really really hope this issue can be resolved. 💕
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2 years ago, Zar22
Literally the worst
I have never ever written a review so it really says something that I’m here right now. I used to LOVE this app for resizing my photos for Instagram I’ve used it since like 2015 or something, but it truly has become trash. The constant ad that pops up every time you breathe. ( or click a button ) it’s constantly forcing you to pay to upgrade to the point where it tricks you into clicking it and then bring you to the App Store or it just immediately tries to make you do the Face ID and double click to purchase. This app isn’t worth a single penny to me. Don’t get me started on saving your photo, it takes a good 5 minutes to try to save it to your phone after you finally get to the point where you’ve actually resized your photo. Even after you’ve saved it you have to say no to buying the app and the little X in the corner doesn’t show up for a minute every time an ad comes up. Bye bye Instasize! I’ll figure it out with another app.
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5 years ago, _iibriannaii_
Can’t get in the app??
Usually I can get in this app just fine, I don’t buy premium nor do I buy anything else within the app. Recently today, the app crashed the moment I clicked on it. I could not log in and I could not even open the app for more than 3 seconds before it crashed.. That upsets me. I tried reinstalling the app, and though now I can get into the app, when I press “Get Started” I can not get off the screen about buying premium.. nothing works. First time I got the app it was completely fine, I use Instasize for my instagram theme. I’ve tried resetting my phone, leaving the app alone for awhile, shutting my own off and turning it back on, checking for updates (though I have auto-update on) and yet, nothing is working. It’s really upsetting me. I don’t know if this is happening for other users or if it’s just me..
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2 years ago, Spenderellaa
Constantly crashes
Omgggggg I’ve been using this app to edit picture for almost 3/4 years and it’s always been this problem where it would crash when it was time to save the picture that took me almost 5/10 Minutes the app would crash and I’d have to do it allll over again, no matter how many times I update the app this problem is absolutely never fixed now I’m on the recent update I uploaded a pic to edit and now when it comes time to editing the app just closes out I can’t even update anything. I will now be looking for another editor app im so disappointed in this app now with all the bugs I’ve ignored for to many years but today is the day I’m finally going to delete it smh.
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3 years ago, NotInLuvWithIt
Free version is unusable
I have used PS Express by Adobe for an extended period of time. Often the changes I wish to make are minor. I decided to try some alternatives to PS Express. I downloaded this one. The premium version is $5 per month, that’s $60 per year, $120 for two years. That’s in line with a lot of professional services available that may actually be better products. Still I thought, try out the features of this application and see how it is. I did a custom crop. It looks like my custom crop ended up being the cropped part of my photo centered in a black bar and then with a white bar above and below that, not really what I wanted. Well, I thought, so will save it to my iPhone’s camera roll so I can look at it on my phone, maybe post it to social media, see exactly what I got. Well, to save your edits to your phone, you have to subscribe at $5 per month. That’s really too high unless I know the app is at least as good as any of the better I known apps, including PS Expeess by Adobe. I believe with Adobe for a comparable cost I get the entire Adobe Creative Suite and a substantial amount of cloud-based storage. Look, making a free version of your product where I can’t even save a cropped version of an image to my phone, it is cheap and dishonest. Make a usable free version or don’t make a free version. Bad initial experience and impression. Disappointing. Seriously. 👎
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3 weeks ago, leafcatcher68
One of the only two apps I use!
Honestly this app is amazing, I’m sure the payed perks are even better but as someone who only uses it without a subscription it’s absolutely still worth having on your phone. I never have to worry if a photo will fit into a profile picture or a cover photo, or even an Instagram post. All of my photos are now the same general size with the push of a button! It takes away all the stress, and this app helps make the whole process seem a whole lot more smooth than it should be. I really appreciate the fact that I can adjust it to the exact setting I need without having to pay for it. Thank you guys for keeping that feature available for us!
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4 years ago, brooklynconraf
This is annoying
I’ve had this app for 2 years now and I never subscribed to it because I was happy with just using what you got to use on the app for free. Well the other day I was on the app and Idk how it happened but I guess I accidentally hit the subscribe button and it didn’t even give me the option of “are you sure you wish to subscribe? Yes or no” or whatever and it just automatically subscribed and now I’m being charged $4.99 when I DO NOT WANT IT, and when I tried to go through the app to UNSUBSCRIBE, there’s no where on the app to unsubscribe. I’m highly annoyed with this app and I want it off my phone and my money back, and I don’t want to be subscribed to this app any longer.
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5 years ago, shopgrrl
Weirdly complicated
I recently downloaded the app and I love the general visual effects of the app and how it makes my pictures look. I see that there’s a premium version but for now, I’m looking for user-friendliness. I have a few issues: 1. Even basic border creation and photo saving takes me to the premium sign up page without any option to decline or move forward. My workaround is to close the app and reopen it to then access/save the pic I’ve been editing. At least it saves edits, I guess? 2. I tried adding text to a photo and though it wasn’t labeled as a premium feature, every time I try to save this photo the text is exported into a different font. 3. I decided to opt-in to the free 7 day trial to see if it would be a better user experience but when I had to confirm with iTunes, it was labeled as a 3 day trial that started in 3 days. I declined and if I need a border I’ll either find another app or just keep using my two step method.
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5 years ago, Zombiejess24
I loved this app even though you started putting out backgrounds that only people that paid could access. Now you completely took away all of the backgrounds and we have the choice of solid color or gradient combinations. My favorite was the cosmic and glitter backgrounds. Also, you messed with the collage option and I was using the six photo collage with three photos on top and three on the bottom to feature my tattoos so I could put them in the featured photos on my Facebook or even using the two photos side by side to show first done and after healed and now it doesn’t work out right. Please change the app back. It would also be nice if it was changed back to the old way and you could upgrade but only pay a one time fee. I’m not paying almost $6 a week when I’m not a big social media photographer but just an average person posting my life for friends and likeminded individuals to interact with me. I’m about to just delete this app. So disapppinted.
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5 years ago, AlexSop
The worst app for video.
I have only had this app for three days, and it’s giving me so much trouble. I was working for apps that are usable for video for IG, when the App Store showed me this app. It looked cute and had a few days free so I thought I’d try it out. It charged me the 5 dollars straight out the gate but didn’t find that out until it hit my account the next day. As for video. When I try to crop my video, it ignores that. Where ever I place my video, it wants to do the opposite. So if I want it in the middle I have to put it to the far right and hope somehow it lands where I want. But then, I might get a black bar somewhere or some weird green light on the bottom. If I save it and see that none of my progress has been made I try to go back and adjust it, the text is gone! I have to redo the text which already doesn’t seem to understand that fingers are adjusting it. The audio of the clip playing back at me is a horror track. It sounds like it’s been distorted by some demon ready to claim my soul. I have to have like 15 times before it’s FINALLY where I need it to be. Just in the middle, that’s all. Look I never complain, or write reviews about things, but this app really just gave me hell. The videos are shot from my phone, I don’t have a lot of apps on my phone to cause memory or space issues. I would just like my money refunded, and to warn others who might want to use this for their own videos.
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2 years ago, 👮😬😬👷😬😬👷👷👷😬😬
Great for its purpose, but pushy
I really like this app for its resizing purposes, its quick and easy to use. However I hate, hate how pushy it is with buying premium. Once when I open the app, Once when I choose a photo, and then it pops up to automatically buy premium when im done. I fully understand the need to market premium to keep the app functional, but three reminders in a 30 second time span will push users away. Especially by having the purchase screen pop up automatically. And yes, you can close out of this, but the fact i could accidentally purchase premium because of this popup is a very scummy way of trying to get people to support your app. Again. Great for its intended purpose. I still recommend this app to people that need something like this. But the amount of push for premium is ridiculous.
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5 years ago, B. GSHOES
User Since Day 1 & Current user still! 5/5
Surprised I have gone this long without reviewing this app, especially as a free user. I have downloaded & used Instasize since the beginning of the app being available. I use the free version currently and paid in the past. I believe what keeps me coming back to this app (Instasize) is the simplicity and user friendliness. 5 stars all day. As a free user I’m not going to do anything except mention “advertising ads” before saving images to my phone, it’s a given.. Paid = no ads. The most useful tools I use within the app are resize feature & exposure. I use adobe on desktop and find myself sending images to my phone to resize in this app as it’s just so straightforward easy!
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2 years ago, Yikes Babe
Won’t let me use without subscription?!
I had this app for years on my old phone but recently got a new phone so I had to redownload it. The constant ads were annoying but I found if you shut your internet off they wouldn’t pop up. I just redownloaded it tried to use it and it won’t even let me click past the “introduction” screen without buying premium? There’s no “x” to click on and bypass it. I only wanted to resize one single picture to post on instagram. No matter what I clicked on I could not use the add without purchasing premium. I’m not spending $5 a month for one picture. If anyone needs me I’ll be downloading “layout” which is 100% free to use and does not harass people to buy stuff 🙄. I’ve never posted an Apple review before but after scrolling for about an hour through these reviews I see this is a common occurrence smh I was just checking to see if I was missing anything.
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7 years ago, Abigail Villena
I have used several apps for editing and or making collages or editing videos but this is the best one thus far. It was introduced to me by my best friend who is a Design Director for Tiger text. She also recommended I try to become an Ambassador as well which I did and got accepted into the program. I love how the app has so many options yet so organized and easy to navigate through. As a Registered Nurse I am obligated to chart every shift and use a phone app called Mobile Heart beat which are pretty out of date compared to my millenial standard of how technology works. When I’m outside of work and come across apps that are easy to navigate through and can do multiple things I’m all for it. Thank you InstaSize!
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3 years ago, Crashbashenginehash
Need app support please.
This app was working great. Not so much now on my iPhone 12. After I apply a filter sometimes it will let me save my work, other times it just shuts the app down without saving changes. I do what all app support tells us to do, and that is to uninstall and reinstall. Sadly, that just took the icon off my iPhone. If I want to use your app now, I have to search for it in the App Store and select open where I can use it. I’m a paid subscriber for a couple of years now, but if this app is no longer compatible, I don’t care to continue with it. Please help. Thank you. Falling stars from 5 to 1... I have 2 for the benefit of the doubt that you will get back to me with a fix..Your contact support area only advertises your product and gives you an option for the pay for subscription, which I already have. It did not get me to support.. which is annoying. ☹️👎🏼
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4 years ago, KQueen27896
I went to look at the app and see if I would like it and as soon as I placed my finger on the home button to reply to a text it takes my money and says thanks for signing up for your subscription. I was not trying to buy this I was simply looking at the features and what they had to offer. I would really appreciated if you didn’t try to be sneaky and have the open screen and the payment on the same page just to quickly take someone’s money. There should be a whole prompt and questions that we go through in order to buy a subscription not a quick one too , especially if the person is an apple paying customer you already know the home button automatically scans your fingerprint and charges . Smh I feel used as a consumer especially since I’m not using this app or into the idea of using it since I was just looking to see what features you all had. Smh I would like a refund!
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4 years ago, jdbayskbfbd
The editing part is great but...
So I love the editing part it makes my pictures look so much cooler and prettier, but a few minutes into editing, the app just closes. I am pretty mad about that because I worked pretty hard on it and it just deleted all of my progress, but I decided to start again. Within even less time than the last time it exited it did it again! I was super confused and tried one more time, and sure enough it exited. I was very annoyed as the picture was looking very cool, so I tried doing it as fast as I could and within the first 45 secs it just exits and I still try to make cool pictures but I usually never have enough time to make it better, so I think I will just take my business else where, as you should too if it does that to you.
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4 years ago, LeathyGreens
Fonts and text are near impossible
Have been using this for years. I’ve been trying to get a short paragraph of font to work with an image and all sorts of bugs are presenting themselves. I ended up purchasing another app. Some of the bugs- when I want to edit the text that I’ve written, I cannot see the top line (it appears behind the iphone center speaker/lense). It would be good to be able to control the way the font falls on a line too. Remember we are on here working around images, So sometimes we need only 2 words on a line, other times we have the space to use 5 words. Let us control that. This is a photo and text app.
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2 years ago, kskwndjwnsn
Worst app and a scam
Years ago this app was so great, to the point I was willing to purchase it for its features I recalled enjoying. Now it is absolute trash, ads constantly you accidentally click. Also the quality has sky rocketed in the most negative way possible. Also, the app has no button to unsubscribe you to your subscription. But PLENTY of options to trap you into subscription again when trying to figure out how to cancel it. Two options to refresh subscription but no button to cancel it? Scam and sketchy. Also, finally figure out how to unsubscribe but you have to do it through Apple, & NOT the app. FIRST time I’ve experienced that. Also not to mention they go up secretly every month for this subscription. This app is an absolute scam, quality is not worth it, times have changed, way better apps out there. Learn from my mistakes, don’t download this app. Thank you.
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3 years ago, Bleckyvhobdyhdghk
Almost Forced Subscription
I am beyond frustrated with this app. I solely use it to edit the size of some photos and that is it. Every time I try and do this, a message pops up to purchase a subscription. I never have not will I ever want a subscription, so I always say no. Well now it has picked up on a feature with my iPhone settings that it only needs a finger print to approve the purchase. So when I go to hit the home button to exit the app, I end up purchasing a subscription without realizing it. This has happened a few times and I continuously email customer service and get zero response. I’m honestly going to end up deleting the app at this rate. I canceled it as quick as I can, but am still getting charged. Maybe it would be different had someone reached out to me, but I’ve emailed them four times now with zero response. I’ll use other apps for my editing needs.
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3 years ago, TiffanyN98
Good app but needs to be fixed
I used to be able to use this app with no issue. However, recently when I’ve gone to use it and put a white border around my pictures and save it, it asks if I want to join premium or to watch an ad. Which is annoying but whatever. I hit watch ad cause I’m not gonna pay for a membership. When I hit watch ad it sits there and tries to load for what seems like 10 years and then it ends up just not loading. So now I have to add the boarder to my picture and then screenshot it cause it won’t load the stupid ad and save the picture, but now I have no way to add the boarder to videos if I want. I’ve tried updating the app and even trying this in a place where I have perfect service. I’m starting to consider downloading a different app if nothing changes soon.
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6 years ago, 8348971205
Good app, have a recommendation
This is a great app! Very useful, I love all of its neat functions, very clean looking and intuitive. I do have one qualm with it, and that is you can only make collages with up to six photos. I would recommend raising that to at least nine. Many times I’ve wanted to create a 3x3 collage but had to look for other sources to do so. But what’s handy about this app is that when you create collages, there’s an option where it DOESN’T crop your photos, which is amazing! You can’t find another app like it. So my only suggestion is increasing the number of photos with which you’re allowed to make collages. **edit: another handy feature would be allowing users to save more than one photo to the camera roll at a time
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4 years ago, SmolKhaleesi
Love lost
I’ve had this app probably since it came out. Back when there were tons of filters and they were all free. Over the years, this app has just gone downhill. You only get a handful of free filters and the rest you have to pay for. They took away the free ones I had loaded way back and made them for purchase only. And now I hate using this app because there are so many annoying ads ALL THE TIME. Open an image? Ad. Try to save a photo? Ad. Tired of sitting here watching 30 second ads three times before getting to actually do anything. I spend more time watching these ads than I do editing my photos. I just want to size for Instagram but it takes longer to get a photo open in the app and saved than it used to. Really frustrating when I have over 10 images to post on social for my job. Looking for a new app now.
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3 years ago, kallllls
I have been using this app for 5 years to resize pictures for my Instagram. It has totally went to crap. Every time I try to save a picture it comes up with the option to subscribe and I have to exit out of the app completely to bypass that and save the picture. Also when I go to save the picture it automatically thinks I want to subscribe and pulls up Apple Pay. Good thing I have the double tap feature or else it would have purchased it without warning. I have been dealing with this for about 6 months now, and I didn’t write a review until now because now on all pictures it has an Instasize watermark and if I don’t want that watermark I have to purchase a subscription. I will be uninstalling and finding a different app to do the things I need. I shouldn’t need to purchase a subscription just to resize my photos. It’s ridiculous.
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3 years ago, MK 102938
Really terrible app.
This app used to be semi-decent for very very very basic functions, although you had to pay to do anything decent with it. Now they’ve absolutely ruined it by trying to trick you into purchasing anytime you do anything (try to save your photo? here, let’s automatically go to the purchase page! trying to click out of the app? here! purchase page! just one click!). It’s deceptive, irritating, and downright stupid... and honestly, a really sad marketing practice that just turns off your potential customers. I immediately deleted after using this. There are so many better apps to try that are FREE without trying to “trick” you into purchasing by accident every five seconds. If you have a small child I would delete this app because it would definitely be very easy for them to purchase this. No good. Wish I could rate 0 stars.
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5 years ago, OttoVR
I guess I was supposed to learn how to use this app through osmosis, so I’ll try again tonight when I go to sleep with my iPad under my pillow. Seriously, first try the music was adversely affected so I used a different version of the video only to see I now have four images which at times start playing the video without seeing it, totally out of sync with each other. It took a long time for one version to be saved and I have no idea where it is or which one is playing as I can’t get rid of the four icons/images of the video that are mostly all I get to see! I think resizing it to square is the easy part, but how do you select the 60 seconds to edit it down to for Instagram? Maybe if I can figure this out it might be useful, but it doesn’t seem too intuitive to figure out on one’s own. I don’ think I want to pay $4.99 a month for this the way it’s exposed itself to me!...OvR
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6 years ago, TattorTott
Kinda good
So I first got instasize it was cool it let me tan skins and whiten teeth and set flowery backgrounds and stuff like that. Then I made my first one. Then I was making my second one and when I was done it said I had to go on one of the trial things where you have to pay money. And nobody wants to pay money to put a flower background on and post it on Instagram! So it’s nice that you can do all that whitening and tanning and setting background stuff.... but it only lets you do one picture. So I could just go on Pic Collage and put a background and put a filter on the picture. So I’m sure you can get a better deal on a different app. Sorry instasize but I just don’t really like the app. If you could just let us have like 8 pictures to edit before we have to pay that would be nice! I do think it’s cool at the start but come on instasize you can do better than this!!! - dissatisfied used to be instasize user
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4 years ago, Tewi-tan
really awesome editing features! absolutely terrible contact ability.
so, i wanted to try to find an app for my phone to edit borders onto photos without having to transfer them to my computer. tried this app, fell in love with the premium borders, figured i could do a free trial. i guess i should have known i would be instantly charged, but they didn’t allow me to select the monthly $5 plan trial, only the $13 yearly plan — until after i made the $13 purchase. i admittedly don’t know if this is all that common or not, so i could be totally naive, but that seems very misleading. $13 isn’t a lot, but from a $177 paycheck it’s SCARY, so i tried to find some kind of customer support... the webpage is a 404, & the app’s “contact us” link is an empty link that doesn’t do anything when you tap on it. so, i’m stumped & bummed by the lack of ability to communicate, & that alone really ruins the experience for me, personally.
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6 years ago, BLKJRF
Currently Disappointed
I have happily used InstaSize for several years, and have really appreciated being able to upload my full size photos to Instagram (vs having to edit them to a square). While I rarely used InstaSize filters, the free app option suited me just fine. However, starting a few weeks ago I can no longer upload my edited photos to Instagram - the photo is sent with all editing lost and the full size photo option gone. I’m hoping this is just a temporary glitch as I will be disappointed to look for a new app comparable to the previous version of InstaSize, and one that does not cost $5 each month.
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1 year ago, Duffy bruges
Really Obnoxious
I like the frame options on this app, it gets the job done. However, I cannot rate the app more than 2 stars because of how unbearably annoying it is. They will ask you LITERALLY every 5 seconds if you want to upgrade to premium. Every single button you press will prompt you to upgrade to premium, even if you do not need a premium membership to use the feature. A pop-up window begging you to subscribe for a premium membership will come up on your screen CONSTANTLY and you cannot close out of it for at least 3 seconds. The pop-up makes the app nearly unusable. It’s so obnoxious I am deleting the app today. The constant badgering and begging me to upgrade to premium does not make me want to buy their product, it just makes me dislike their marketing.
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2 years ago, Roxyota
Prepared to be harassed by the app!
I used to like this app a lot. I used it a lot to make all my pictures fit in my posts. I didn't use any of the filters or other features so I was not interested in the premium. I was still able to used it with one ad popping up about the full version. I couldn't remember why I deleted the app last time and downloaded it again since I have a few pictures I want to post. I remember now why I started to hate the app and deleted it... it spams you with pop-up ads with every click you do to buy the premium version. You can accidentally buy it because of the way developers made it... I get it... Instasize prefers you to buy the premium but just be aware, if you use the free version, they will shove down your throat to buy all their crappy filters and it's very easy to buy it accidentally.
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5 years ago, PhilWil
Cool app BUT it could have been awesome
This app is definitely for those who take pics or vids for Instagram. For those who do it for fun it's a cool addition to other apps. For those who are more people users, subscribing to the monthly is worth it ONLY if you want quick and have a higher level of color grading video files. BUT!!! It really needs more if you are going to subscribe. Instagram had long form photos and videos but it's actually pretty tough to edit that way in the app or have collages that are 4x5 or 3x5 long. Add that and it becomes worth it because now it takes advantage of more Instagram photo and video sizes. If I was the developer on this I would also think about adding something like what Swipable has, again taking advantage of what Instagram offers like multiple pics on one post (now capped at 10 currently). This app should have something for every feature Instagram allows to post. Heck maybe even scheduled posting. Do all of this and you will have more subscribers you know what to deal with. For now only three stars until the addition of long form or tall photos and videos are added to the app and to collages.
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4 months ago, Bhreigha
I love this app and I’ve been using it for years. It always gets the job done whether it be resizing photos, cropping, or doing other edits! I can crop photos that fit perfectly onto my IG or FB story as well as posts. My photos always look really clean and well done thanks to this app! The only reason I’m not giving 5 stars is because recently they’ve started showcasing more ads and requests for me to upgrade to their Pro option like crazy. After every photo I edit they ask me to upgrade and then show me an ad. Otherwise, like I said, this is a great editing and cropping app that I use religiously before sharing my photos to social media.
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