INSTFIT - Post Without Croppin

Photo & Video
4.9 (127.1K)
234.8 MB
Age rating
Current version
Barry Wyckoff
Last update
3 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for INSTFIT - Post Without Croppin

4.86 out of 5
127.1K Ratings
7 years ago, Milly1742
I really love this app. I did post a picture without it. I'm disappointed in the new update. I usually never update apps because people need things to constantly change in order to make money. Once it said you have to leave a five star rating to get rid of a water mark than wasn't even there before ???? Seriously ???? Why ???? I was reading the comments to see if other people did it, I really liked this app and wanted to keep using it so I was torn. But they inspired me to write this lil rant. I don't know if I'm going to continue to use this app. ESPECIALLY if things keep changing so drastically, some people don't like or feel the need to change things. Pls stop trying to fix what's broken.
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5 years ago, imjazminmarie
Pretty Terrible. Considerably Spammy
I have to say I picked this app because it looks a bit better than the others, on the outside. It’s unfortunate that as soon as you open the app it seems like the whole theme design as well as the assessability is gone. I was quickly introduced by a janky advertisement that struggled to play itself; the pixelation wasn’t even a connectivity issue on my behalf it just seemed that the advertisement was such a poor quality. Well that was a bit annoying, it wasn’t a dealbreaker for me. The biggest issue that is seem after every menu and advertisement that past, the quality of the photo was less and less. As a photographer who makes her livelihood with quality photos, I am not able to be as relaxed on quality as you may be. If the app gets better with time, I am willing to re-download it. Unfortunately at this time I’ve viewed more advertisement than I did actual application. I understand you play ads that you can get some money come in, but the ads are seriously messing around with the way that your application and is running & that’s an issue. I would like to point out that although you can download this on the iPad, the developers did not attempt to make this functional on the iPad. I’m a bit disappointed in this honestly. I also think that Apple should be reviewing applications that require you to give them a stellar recommendation in order to unlock features in the app.
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6 years ago, awak23
Horrible app
Not sure how it's working for everyone else that this app is rated at a 4.9, but in the 5 min that I downloaded it, it stopped working after I saved two pictures. First, it takes about ten click on the picture in order to give e options on how to export it. Fine. Then when I went to try to export the third picture, it never shows up in my Photos. I did it a few times and it still didn't save or the export button froze. After about five tries on the same picture to try to export it, I gave up. The entire app would freeze and not let me do anything. Then I went to check the other pictures that had saved and it saved, but it saved with their watermark. Normally I'm ok with this, but when I saved the first picture, it asked me to follow them on Instagram to remove the watermark. So I did. I followed them and when look g at the picture in the app, the watermark is gone. When I checked the picture on my phone in my Photos, guess what? Watermark on all the pictures. Well, all the two pictures. I immediately I followed them and just deleted the app because it proved useless to me. Looks like everybody else is having more luck than me though.
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9 months ago, sconnell2
Great App… When It Works
This app is great for making images the right size for various uses without cropping out important details. It has lots of nice background blur variations and other patterns. Unfortunately it’s somewhat unstable and sporadically stops working for no apparent reason a couple of times a year. Some of these times it will only access a tiny subset of the Camera Roll photos; other times it just crashes when you try to load a photo. I have paid for the “Pro” features for some years so it’s quite irritating to have the app be completely non-functional with no warning or reason. I’ll not use it for awhile, give it a try & then eventually it starts working again. I do social media for tech clients & it’s a nice app to have in my workflow but frustrating when it just stops working. It would be a 5-star app if it were reliable. Right now it’s 0 stars as it just crashes - even after reloading.
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5 years ago, AntoniaVincenza
Do not pay for this app!
Opted to pay the monthly fee to unlock all the pro features- could care less about the ads- worked for a couple months until I got a new phone. Downloaded the same (there are a cpl different versions?) app to the new phone, but it would not restore my purchase. Figuring the app would reset itself or recognized I’ve already purchased it, I clicked “purchase pro version” and it popped up saying I can’t upgrade to pro because I’ve already purchased the pro version. Canceled subscription, and then tried to resubscribe, but nothing. The pro version never worked, but I still got charged the fee every month. Even contacted support, and emailed the developer- months ago- with NO response. Im not one to complain about anything, have never made a review, and will usually just take the L & keep it moving, but if I could, I would give this app ZERO stars!! DO NOT PURCHASE THE PRO VERSION IT IS A SCAM!!! As is any app that makes you leave a 5star rating to remove adds/watermarks.. ratings should be based on an apps quality/ performance, and this is not a 5 star app.
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5 months ago, thejoyofsound
I think they gave up on it
Used to be nicer, has a lot of bugs. The photos & collages I edit with this app very often do not save to my phone. No matter how many times I try, I can close + reopen, try again, still won't save. I end up having to take a screenshot, which lowers the quality. The 5th background blur, the one that gathers the image to the middle, almost never works. It'll just be white. If I try to add text, well, I don't know how to describe it but it doesn't work and I have to exit the app and start over. There really aren't all that many features. Same old boring backgrounds. They never add new ones. It can still be useful, but I regret paying for it. Tried to contact the developer, was either ignored or try just don't even look anymore because they gave up on it. I don't know.
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5 years ago, mutmadison
This app is for advertisers not customers.
Why is this a highly rated app? Because they trade their terrible font watermark in exchange for your 5 start review whether it’s warranted or not. How this is allowed by Apple is beyond me and it’s just as unethical as fake reviews. I downloaded the app and within the first 4 seconds of trying to work up ONE photo I was hit with a cacophony of iTunes ads which lead to opening my Safari, then opened my iTunes, and I still had to click “x” to get out of two more ad windows and back to my photo. Literally, within the first few seconds of using your app I was so put off by the barrage of ads that I immediately closed the app and deleted it. I would love to have written a review of your app/service but I couldn’t get that far without wanting to throw my phone. This is what customers should expect now? Wading through visually abrasive and disruptive ads just to be able to complete one simple task in an app? Cool.
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6 years ago, soyeah3783
Everyone has to Rate 5 Stars
It’s not that big of a deal really, but I think business ethics has been thrown out the window with this company by forcing you to rate them 5 stars to remove the watermark and get extra features. It could be worse and they could make you buy the app in order to remove the water mark, but it’s just a very sleazy business practice to inflate your ratings this way. Again, it only takes two seconds but they come up first in the suggestions for this type of stuff because of the way they handle their business which is really wrong for those who don’t use that type of marketing strategy and are honest.
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6 years ago, ghostcatbones
Watermark and ads
I use this exclusively to get my longer illustrations into a square format that works for Instagram. It’s worked for me before, but since updating it’s put their watermark back on the picture, which I’m certainly not posting because it looks completely unprofessional. Before they asked you to rate five stars to remove the watermark, which I did, and it went away. After the update, it asks you to follow them on Instagram and claims it’ll go away, but then when you try to export the picture it puts the watermark right back on it. I’ll click out of the export window to go back to the piece and click the watermark again, and I get to watch two more intrusive ads. I click the watermark and it asks me to follow, which I already am, and the same thing happens again. Pretty sure this was just updated to make money off of people watching a million ads as they try to navigate this useless app.
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5 years ago, rosebud9193
Don’t pay for Pro
I upgraded to pro to have access to all the backgrounds. It worked for the time it took me to download them and then crashed. When I opened it again, everything from the free version had returned- the watermark, the ads, the message to purchase pro for access to all the features. Confused, I tapped the button to subscribe again, thinking it might fix it. Instead it displayed a message saying I was already subscribed, and offered a button to manage my subscription. I closed out of the message and tried using the pro features again, but it was the same thing every time. I searched other reviews to see if anyone else was experiencing something similar, and sure enough, I am not alone. I cancelled my subscription immediately. It seems this app is just scamming people for money. Do not pay for pro access, you will still only have access to free features.
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7 years ago, Mikkii12
Best app ever
This is my favorite app for making photos fit perfectly for putting things on Facebook/Instagram makes the perfect crop with a photo, also allowing some editing if needing but I mostly use it to just make my photo fit perfectly when I'm posting a photo. I've used this app for a long time now, and it's never failed to make me happy with the results. I recommend this app out of all of the other editing and cropping apps. It's my favorite app and works like a charm. Never ever had problems with it, always one of the best apps I've got on my phone. I love it so much 💖💋💯 I recommend downloading it and you will not regret it! Best out there!
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6 years ago, Humble_Human87
I payed for the add free version
I payed for the add free version because I was sick of the adds every time I wanted to do anything with this app. After doing so it started crashing every single time I tried to edit a photo. I legitimately tried editing the same photo five times and every time, without fail it crashed. Needless to say I’m really disappointed with this app, if it weren’t for the constant crashing it’d be wonderful. The way it’s set up is nice and easy to use, but I can’t keep an app that doesn’t work the way it was intended to. (the only reason the review has 5 stars is so this will be seen by others thinking about purchasing the add free version)
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1 week ago, Digitalfeat3
Best App! I love it!!
This is the only app that makes new iPhone IOS Contact Photo images so easy! Especially, the logo’s of vast number of companies, utilities, grocery stores, etc.. that I keep in my phonebook, all now have unique cover photo poster as well as contact photo. For instance: Walmart just to name one. I call them, use the app as well as receive SMS text regarding my orders, ordering by text, pickups, deliveries, etc., all appear with their Company Logo for easy and organized viewing. You will use this app the most if you want logos of all the companies you do business with. Contact pictures of your friends and family cropped just the way you like them. So when mom texts you, you’ll see her sweet face. I even use it to make memes of something I feels strongly about sharing with others! Plus a whole lot more things you can do to create, adjust, or modify images. I’m going on 4 years now with this app I my OCD perfectionism cant live without. Thank you to its creators! 🙏👍👊🫶
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6 years ago, Halo Reborn UTUBE
Unlocking-Twin Peaks style
Wally Brando: My family👪👩‍👧, my friend👮🏼‍♂️, I have criss-crossed❌❌❌ this great✨ land🇺🇸 of our countless1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣...times🕰 I hold a map🗺 of it here, in my heart❤️💕 next⏩ to the joyful🍩☕️ memories📝 of the carefree🙈🙉🙊 days📅 I spent as a young boy👶🏻 here in your beautiful🌸💫💎 town🏘🏠🏡 of Twin Peaks🏔🏔. From Alexandria🇪🇬, Virginia🐷 to Stockton, California🌲🔥💨. I think about Lewis👨🏻‍🌾 and his friend👯‍♀️ Clark👨🏼‍💼...the first🥇 Caucasians⚪️⚪️ to see👀 this part of the world🌎 ; their footsteps🐾 have been the highways🔝🛣 and byways↪️🛣 of my days🏍 on the road🚦🚧🚗. My shadow👤 is always with me👨🏼‍🎨, sometimes ahead⬆️, sometimes behind⬇️, sometimes to the left⬅️ or sometimes to the right➡️. Except on cloudy☁️🌧 days or at night🌙⭐️🌚.
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6 years ago, CarlosBeltran
May replace my previous go-to app
I’ve always hated the fact that Instagram limits you to an 8x10 aspect ratio for portrait-orientation photos when I shoot (and compose) in my camera’s native 3:2 aspect ratio. Cropping would ruin my composition, so I’ve always used Photo Canvas to fit my images. It’s great, and I love the custom “padding” feature, but the options for backgrounds is limited to solid colors (albeit infinite ones). My search for more background options led me to Instfit. I don’t love the “leave a 5 star review to unlock features” model, but if it works as-promised, it would merit 5 stars anyway.
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7 years ago, Morenita Ya
Waste of time
With the new update, this app has a plethora of ads. Just way to many ads!!!! Everytime you click on something, an add pops up and runs for like 10 seconds, and you unfortunately can’t skip the ad until it finishes. It takes forever to upload a photo and edit it due to the amount of ads that pop up. Also, it asks you to rate it 5 stars before you can remove the watermark or proceed with editing the photo to your liking. It is a waste of time, unless you are extremely patient. Don’t believe the 5 star rating because it is a lie. Most people rate it 5 stars just so they can remove the watermark and edit their photo faster. I deleted the app off of my phone just after 30 minutes. Extremely disappointed in this app. It was not like this before...
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5 years ago, medstudentyo
Exactly what I needed
I was googling a way to share my pictures to IG without having to crop them and this app popped up. It is so simple and easy and doesn’t bother with too many features (that’s for the pro version), which I love! Make your picture square, choose the border color/pattern, boom you’re done. I wish the watermark was positioned a little better, because my picture only has “made b” on it, which is kinda annoying. However it doesn’t change that this is amazing to have in your tool box if you IG regularly. Highly recommend!!
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7 years ago, Yazziboo
Too much advertising
Can't stand this app!!!! Every single time I open up the app, I have to wait for about a minute or so because there is always advertising. And they will place it in a location where you will push the advertisement by accident. So now you have to close a million pop ups all because you wanted your pic to fit on Instagram. Too much going on! I never write reviews on anything, but I've had enough of this crap!! **update** advertising has improved and the app is easier to use it for what I need it for.
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7 years ago, HeyJennay
Seems like it works but have to give 5 stars
Needed some way to convert my taller photos into square without cropping any part out. Saw this and its 6k 5 star reviews. Now I know why. In order to remove the "Instfit" watermark on the bottom corner of every photo, you must write a 5 star review. I find that to be a rather sleazy way of getting good feedback. However this app does seem to get the job done - I am only speaking to the no-crop part. I don't use this app for editing so I cannot speak for any of that.
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5 years ago, eleanore_louise
Worst App ever
I never even take the time to write reviews, thats how bad this is. The app essentially forces you to follow them on instagram to get rid of their name on your picture and then there is absolutely no way to even save your photo. There is no option to save it to camera roll and if you try to export it to instagram it says its experiencing an “error”. If you try to message it to yourself it doesn’t work either. I essentially just wasted time and money editing a photo for instagram that I cant even save anywhere or even directly post from the app. Really obnoxiously terrible app and its littered with ads the whole time you’re trying to edit, constant interruptions. Ive never downloaded such a horrible app. Zero stars
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7 years ago, Katey0054
Could Be Better
I've been using this app for quite a while now and have really enjoyed it because I like my pictures to have a nice background or finish to them, but ever since the update I haven't been able to get any sort of features or remove the watermark. This is only being rated five stars because I did really like this app before, but I think it's very manipulating to have someone dishonestly rate your app just to get features and the watermark removed.
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6 years ago, sam kittrell @skitt.07
I have a professional Instagram and use this app to create more aesthetic to my photos. INSTFIT makes it really easy to crop and make borders around my photos so I can fit the whole picture into one little block on my page. I haven’t used the blur effects the app provides yet, but I am excited to go explore it and mess around. This app is a must have if you are into making great pictures or even just a regular person looking for a way to add aesthetic to their page.
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6 years ago, Dmarie498
Rating to remove water mark?
Let’s hope this works. Originally this was my favorite app to use to perfect my insta pics. Lately, it’s been crashing and there are sooo many ads, which frustrates me. There’s instafit2 but i haven’t tried that yet. many people say they have trouble saving pictures, and the old option to save pictures is no longer there...what i found to work for me, was to double tap the picture, it saves to the camera that way.
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7 years ago, Royalty B
Ghosh my lopes ha
In anatomy, a meniscus (from Greek μηνίσκοςmeniskos, "crescent"[1]) is a crescent-shaped fibrocartilaginous structure that, in contrast to articular disks, only partly divides a jointcavity.[2] In humans they are present in the knee, wrist, acromioclavicular, sternoclavicular, and temporomandibular joints;[3] in other animals they may be present in other joints. Generally, the term 'meniscus' is used to refer to the cartilage of the knee, either to the lateralor medial meniscus. Both are cartilaginoustissues that provide structural integrity to the knee when it undergoes tension and torsion. The menisci are also known as "semi-lunar" cartilages — referring to their half-moon, crescent shape.
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6 years ago, ben photographer
New feature
Great app but the in last few days the photos I posted have a significant amount of artifacts. It looks like a feature was added recently allowing the user to choose one of three quality settings. I adjusted the setting to the highest quality and the image I re-posted today now looks fine. It would have been nice if this change had been noted on the app before export. Instagram #ben_cintz
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5 years ago, nini.o
App froze couldn’t use
This app did NOT work for me at all! Not only did the app force you to watch ads every single time you use it, but it freezes all the time when I tried changing backgrounds or pick different formats in the app! I had to restart/relaunch the app many time since it just freezes on my screen every time I try to customize a picture. I got so frustrated with this app after using for 10 mins I proceeded to look for other apps and uninstalled this piece of crap of an app. I’m not sure where they even got the 4.9 star reviews, I’m guessing iTunes review ratings can’t really be trusted these days and possibly can be manipulated with fake/bought ratings.
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3 years ago, telatheterrible
Not free
Once I finished editing my photo and tried to download, I received a message saying you have to pay $0.99 to get the edited photo. I MIGHT have paid that for the app if I knew that was the cost upfront, and before I used it. But I HATE the way this company did it, trying to sneak in a charge after I spent time editing my photo. I won’t by their product because I think it’s just unethical marketing, saying it’s free in the App Store, but actually it isn’t free to get the advertised use out of it. Also, after downloading and using it, I can safely say this app isn’t worth 1 cent, you can do the same thing for free in many other apps.
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6 years ago, Thisoneprettycoolperson
Lol 420
Making people rate an app 5 stars to remove a watermark is a pretty mediocre move to make. It spawns a bunch of fake reviews like this one, where I'm honestly just writing words down to fill out the space. In the words of a breezy college guy, this would be "so not chill," just like that one time Chaz knocked over the beer bong while doing a 360 degree kick flip that with his highlighter orange long board. At least he got to make out with the hottest girl at the party after.
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7 years ago, Cinematic Prop Studios
Wasn't called for.....
You app was already a 5 star app, but I do understand the principle behind it. People get great apps for free but will not praise it, therefore it cannot climb to the top 5 in order to be recognized for your hard work and dedication behind it. Thanks for the free app and if there were a way to make your photos into active holograms, 4D, 3D (every type of 3D aspect known and to work effortlessly) you will set a bar that's a Bill Gates level. Thanks again Joel USMC FORECON
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7 years ago, d.nichol
0 Stars Until Otherwise Determined
I just downloaded this app... I have no idea whether it is something I'll actually use or not, but to unlock all of the features, the app forces you to give a "5 Star Review." Not into that at all, as it is a dishonest practice to trick potential users into thinking the product is is flawless when they see that 5000+ people have given a extremely positive rating. Bad business.
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7 years ago, waysofwealth
Too many features to choose from
If you are looking to really "dress up" your pictures or posts then instafit is the right app for you. I love the simplicity of the app. Some other apps are dated and complicated but instafit is pretty smooth through and through. It makes me look like a graphic designer when I'm done editing pics because of all the options it has. One of the best apps for this.
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1 year ago, Slimsadie1750
Need a new update
I think it’s time for an update because every time I try to pick a picture to crop it kicks me out of the app. Never had this problem until the past month. I have tried deleting the app & redownloading multiple times. It will work for a picture or 2 & then it goes right back to kicking me out. I really like this app & it has been my favorite up until this past month.
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5 years ago, the wally vee
Non stop crashing.
I was excited about his app. I needed the ability to quickly make square photos for Instagram in a modern cool way. I did three photos and decided to pay 2.99 a month to have no watermark and unlock some other features. I spend 5 minutes editing a photo and when I try to save it the app crashes and I have to start over. I am on an iPhone X with iOS 13.2 I like the editing so much that I have resorted to performing an edit and then taking a screen shot. Not ideal. Please fix this app to work properly I really like but I can’t save anything, and I’m paying for it!
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2 years ago, Hailz1025
Not happy
I really didn’t have many issues with this app besides the occasional crash. But now when I go to use it, I click on my pictures to find the one I want and all of my pictures are mixed up and out of order. It makes it extremely difficult and almost impossible to find the one I want. Also, even if I do find the picture I want, the app crashed every single time after I choose my picture. I’m really bummed because this was my go to app for cropping and editing. Now I have to find a different one…
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6 years ago, thedoozer
Disappointing update
I used this app daily as a straightforward way to get my photos into a square without cropping, and I appreciated the grid that appeared when resizing to help keep things uniform. I also had the option to post to story or feed when exporting. With this complete overhaul in the latest update all my favorite features are lost and now there are a bunch of new features that I have no desire to use in an app of this nature. Also, the watermark now seems impossible to remove. Also, there seem to be at least twice as many ads that pop up in the process now. I’ll be deleting this app, unfortunately.
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6 years ago, ElephantButt1
I love this app and use it for all of my pictures, but it gets extremely irritating because there are so many ads! Every time I open the app or upload another picture I get an ad. Also, is with the watermark you have to rate the app to remove it...... seriously??? I’m gonna do it just because I want to continue using this app for my pics, but it’s really annoying.
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5 years ago, doxieman
Was good app, not anymore.
Why would you scramble the photos in my photo library? You used to leave them in the order I shot them, so I can pick the one of a group of similar images, but now I don't know which is the one I wanted. Also, you display them as squares (cropped) when he whole point of your app I thoughtwas to allow folks that wanted to add white to the borders in order to see the entire rectangle could do so. So I am now deleting your new dumb version of this app, and leaving this negative review to describe my disappointment. Thanks for nothing! On to another app that just does what I want, a non-cropped image for Instagram. Useless.
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7 years ago, AliStarLoverGalYay333
Surprised, but it works perfectly
I just needed an app that could resize my photos to Instagram. I gave this app a try. And I was very surprised! This app lets you add watermarks and backgrounds, as well as cool editing features. And of course it does its main job perfectly as well. I no longer have problems fitting my edits on Instagram without cropping out vital parts. I highly recommend that you give this app a try!
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7 years ago, BBroakheart
Easy, fast
I've been using this to format my pics for a few years now. It's easy, fast, looks nice. Just make sure you edit your photos first. Also, they took away the "save to camera roll" export option, which makes it difficult to post more than one picture now that insta has added that option, but that's my only problem with it.
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7 years ago, Itstylerb
Meh and ok
It's pretty lame you force people to rate this app 5 stars just to get a free add on. I even purchased the pro version and you still make me rate it 5 stars. And to be honest, it's more like a 2-3 star app because it's incredibly glitchy and every time I want to edit a new pic I have to close the app and reopen, which is super inconvenient since I have to do this about 50 times.
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3 years ago, South5th
Paid for Pro / still serving ads and watermark
I upgraded to pro to remove ads and app is still serving me ads and telling me to follow on IG to remove watermark. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled and still serving me free version. Pro version is too expensive as it is and to take the plunge and have it not work is lame. Now I have to request money back from apple and waste more of my time. These IG apps I always pay for ad free again and sooner or later it seems they start serving ads again, require a new version to be downloaded and require people to upgrade again on “new app”
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6 years ago, kg1250
Needs an update ASAP
This app was working perfectly for me, for a day. Now it kicks me out of the app after I try to upload/save my selected photo. Then when it does magically work and take me to Instagram, it has changed the photo on me :( this app was amazing but now it has too many bugs. I paid for the full version and I am so disappointed. Now I see they made a 2nd version and want me to pay all over again. When I upload the instFit2 free version it does the same thing, kicks me off when I try to save. Please fix the bugs!!!!
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3 years ago, junior esarmiento
It’s alright but way too many pop-up advertisements
It’s useful but frustrating if you have a few pictures to edit. For every picture you sent, you’ll get two or three advertisements and you have to wait 5 to 10 seconds in order for the ex to show up and bypass advertisement for stupid video games. There’s other free ones on App Store that don’t have advertisements that I would recommend.
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6 years ago, kgarce
Keeps Crashing
I purchased this app after using the Free version for a few pictures and found the ads to be annoying. The ads popped up after each edit. I decided to pay the $1.99 for the upgrade, but am now dealing with a crashing app rather than annoying ads. The app crashes began almost immediately after I upgraded. So frustrating! It’s unfortunate because the few times it had worked I was satisfied, but overall, it has turned out to be a waste of time and money.
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7 years ago, Roxdiamond
Old App
I like the old version of this app, not the new version. I am giving it 5stars for the old version. The new version doesn't allow you to save any of your edits, it completely shuts down once you have edited a photo and doesn't save it. I am frustrated because I want to edit and upload photos with full length but cannot do so.
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2 years ago, @MelissaBackwoods
Used to to be the best! Now needs an update :(
If the app gets updated, I will come back and change the review, just wanted to give a heads up to anyone thinking on downloading it. I just purchased an iPhone 14 Pro and the app no longer works with this version. As a social media manager, This used to be my favorite app for resizing photos. It now opens up photos without considering their chronological order, making it impossible and inconvenient to use (would rather not shift through 20,000 photos to find the one I need to resize ha).
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3 years ago, adelman3
VERY deceptive
I have tried multiple times to contact this developer and get NO response. I did NOT want to get a subscription app and yet AFTER confirming download, it says “Processing Payment”. Yes, you’re supposed to be able to disable any subscription service in the apps settings but NONE of the links work. So I tried contacting developer to get this sorted and NO RESPONSE. I’ll have to resort to blocking the sale as spam on my card if I can’t get any answers from developer. I’ll be happy to remove this bad review if the developer helps me get this straightened out!
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6 years ago, D2404
This app is a scam
What kind of app forces you to give it a 5 stars rating to unlock features? So I was like what the hell, even though I didn't try it, let's rate and try to fully take advantage of the app. Let me tell you what I thought of it: first of all, it's fully packed with ads! Second of all, you can't even download the edited photos. What's the point in downloading a photo app if you can't save the edited version??Was patient and tried sending the photo to a contact on WhatsApp so that I could save it later on. It sent a blank text. Like seriously though? Biggest waste of time!
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7 years ago, Lillyar17
Forces review
I've been using this app forever but I am really disliking this newest update. Can't figure out how to manipulate the negative space on the photo like before and I'm being forced to leave a 5 star review just to remove a watermark that wasn't even previously there. Really annoying and might make me want to start looking into replacements for this app 😓
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6 years ago, Meester snoman
Impressively annoying
I needed an app to resize a picture so I could print it out on a regular paper. I downloaded this app in hopes of being able to do that quick and easy. When I first opened the app, it required me to watch an ad before I could do anything, watch another ad before choosing a picture, and watch one more ad and review the app before I could even export the photo. It didn’t give me an option to save to my photo library so I just chose the option to upload it to google drive and bam the app crashes and I have to restart all over. TERRIBLE APP.
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