Interra Credit Union

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Interra Credit Union
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1 year ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for Interra Credit Union

4.79 out of 5
6.2K Ratings
5 years ago, Alp4c4s
One thing really bugs me!
I like the app overall but one thing that really bugs me is that you cannot print from the app. When you go to the activity center and look at a transaction there are times that I would like to print the transaction. If you select Actions in the app the only option is to Copy and a blank line where another option could go. If you do the same thing on a laptop there is a Print option also where the blank line is on a mobile device. When I talked to them about it the answer was ‘Why would you want to print from a mobile device’? Maybe it is just me but I print from a mobile device a lot. So as a work around, if I do a transaction in the app, I have to log onto the web version and use the Safari print to get a copy of the transaction.
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6 years ago, 3CKid
It was great, until....
Well. I use to do 99% of my banking through the app. Now it basically just serves as a way to check my balance and transfer funds here and there. Why? Well they’ve put lots of caps on what you can do. The biggest bottleneck for me being the amount you can deposit each month (I mean yay for me, that I make so much money I’m not even allowed to deposit it all). Sounds like a good problem I guess. So now instead I go in to the bank and it usually takes the teller about 20 minutes to do what I use to do on my phone. I wonder what costs them more, paying the teller to serve me or paying transaction fees on deposits (I don’t know how that all works). So here is my one simple request (although I have more). Since I have to go into the bank to do my banking, do me one giant favor and make it so the names I’ve given my account on the app show up for the teller at the bank! It is literally a battle every time I’m trying to have the teller put money in an account and they see different names then I do... smh
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3 years ago, ViDeMe
Updated Interra App
The old app provided the maturity dates on CDs. The new one does not! I had to call Interra and ask about the maturity date. I was informed that I needed to write it down. It doesn’t mature until October. I have a Flex checking account. The old app calculated how many transactions and the time period required to reach 20 transactions. The new app does not! I was told by Interra I actually have to physically count my transactions online?! I would give the update a zero rating, if it was possible. Considering moving my money to another credit union that the online app gives more info.
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9 months ago, The Bible and the Triune God.
Interra is excellent for those of us who are considered elderly. No trip to bank it is all available on my IPad. I use Bill Pay, my checks are delivered to the the Credit Union, I am able to check all my totals everyday if I need to, check if a check has been cashed. I use Iterra for all my money assurances and needs. It is just wonderful for me. Patricia K. Koble
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3 years ago, AMV0613!
Interra CU
I’ve always liked Interra CU. Much better than a bank. Unfortunately, the recent update to their app is a significant down grade. I never understand why companies upgrade their apps and often times it is worse than the previous iteration. Still love Interra and can just hope they’ll fix their mistake in the future.
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5 years ago, ebmbim
Everything great except deposit check
I really like the app and all the features I have at my finger tips. I use the deposit check service and almost every time it takes 2-3 attempts to go through correctly with starting all the way at the beginning to get it to go through. So it takes about 10-15 min instead of 2-3 min.
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2 years ago, mkrinky
Great to work with!!
I have never used a credit union before. It does seem to be a simpler friendlier process than the bank. I’m assisting my mother with her accounts and the people we have worked with at the Interra in Wakarusa have been terrific! As far as the app goes probably one of the best apps I’ve ever used on my phone! Thank you so much
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3 years ago, I need coffee now!!!
Quick and easy to use!
I can’t remember the last time I went to the bank in person to submit a check. I don’t have to wait in line at the ATM or the Vestibules, I can just submit any checks I have over the app. I can also control where everything goes from my app as well. I love using the app!
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6 years ago, Mfschneid
Easy to navigate. I enjoy the line items (checks that are written and cashed)being concise unless more info is wanted. For me, being able to see the transfers is a lot more important than having ALL of the information already displayed and leading to each transaction taking up an entire screen when it is not necessary.
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4 years ago, Tanshaw
Your App
I love this app after every transaction it shows my balance we r with another C.U. And their app is not near as good as yours. My disability check goes into that account and eventually we will have everything with Interra, I wanted to cash in my change for our vacation and you don’t charge for members that’s great Thank you our other C U wanted to charge me 5%. We love your CU Thanks
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5 years ago, TonyTech24
Nice and simply to use app.
Just need to have the money taken out when using the debit card in any store or online etc be faster on showing on the app like be instant once you use it and not go back and forth when the weekend hits or it’s a Monday as it shows you got more money than what you actually have.
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9 years ago, Ebontrager
Decent design, poor performance
Generally a good design. Opening graphics is a waste of time. Online deposit requires taking a picture and won't look at existing picture in photo library. This is an annoying and avoidable oversight. Last update fixed poor performance. Some user interface clunkiness remains but quite functional. While I give app four stars, I give InterraCU five stars. Excellent organization.
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4 years ago, ShainaLiv
Absolutely worst
This is the absolute worst app I have ever used for mobile banking. It doesn’t provide any useful information or at least a user friendly way to at PAY YOUR BILL. I have tried setting up payments so many times on this app and IT WON’T WORK. Interra needs to update this app or at least actually provide a much much better way of finding information or how-to’s in this app. I have never had a problem with any of my other banking apps like I do this one. This one crashes or just brings up blank screens. It’s useless. A total piece of GARBAGE.
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3 years ago, RanGimlet
It’s a great app just wish they could make it so you could print things from the app. Like when your looking at what you spend like a check or made a purchase you could print out that particular purchase. Other then that it’s a great app.
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5 years ago, jane_doe000
I like it although sometimes it does glitch out which makes it annoying. Also when my husband and I transfer money it’s doesn’t say its successful and by the time it shows up in either accounts there has been 4 transfers done, because it said there was an error.
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5 years ago, Yeschwartz
Getting better and more friendly to use. A suggestion is when choosing to go to the bill pay site remove the first page you take us to. There is no reason to have us chose to go to bill pay site, then chose it a second time. I realize you have a second option , to use mobile but that is not necessary since it originated from the mobile site.
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5 years ago, E80HD
Overall great, but still some glitches
This is a really great app. Easy to navigate and fast real-time results. My only issue is that when trying to transfer to another member every so often it will say there was an error but give no reason. This is a problem when needing money transferred right away but not having access to the bank.
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6 years ago, TherealLANTZ
Photo deposit
First two checks were easy. Last few tries though, will not read scanned image. Update created issue and has failed since. I now scan to Fort Financial and transfer from there only when I have to. Wish you’d fix this. I prefer Interra but can’t rely on your scanner.
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6 years ago, DBS&L
Pretty Good
Recent adjustments of the app have helped, especially after the rather harsh color pallets were turned down. Still have issues with codes getting sent or emailed in order to access. I register devices but they seem to be forgotten. Overall the app is intuitive and easy to navigate.
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3 years ago, Tutubug
Very frustrated and disappointed with this app. As of a couple of weeks ago, it will not open. I have to delete the app, reinstall and change my password every time I want to use it. Will probably need to change banking institution.
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1 year ago, Luke Daquan
App pairs perfectly with in person experience
Interra is an easy to use local bank with an app to match. Intuitive features like the dashboard simplify the whole experience and make checking on your finances Fast and efficient. 10/10.
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6 years ago, MishlerT
Business Owner
It’s annoying to have to write “mobile deposit Interra CU” on the checks when we have a stamp with our account information on it. And the app gives many error messages after taking the picture of the check and trying to submit it. Often times you have to log completely out and wait up to a day to get it to actually process the check.
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5 years ago, Mtwmcn
This app is solid. I use it almost exclusively, which is a great value for me. It doesn’t have issues & it is secure. The only thing that I prefer to do via a browser is access my credit card, other than that I only use the app. Thank you for this tool!!!
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5 months ago, Nagihdks
Hello the page on this app in the account is so ENHANCED large that I can’t read nor do anything because words are missing / cut off can this be fixed ? Perhaps my phone is to small for that enhancement you changed thank you
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4 years ago, PipeDreamer
Good integration
I appreciate that this app is fully functional and that you can see all of your accounts, including any mortgages you have. Remote check deposit works very well also.
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2 years ago, Cole Pennington
App is great whenever I can access it but that’s when I can access it every other day it seems like when I try to sign in to this app I cannot because it has some kind of problem like I need to be able to access my account I can’t have this always happening very tedious and annoying, now it’s saying something about connection and I’ve tried resetting my phone both times having 4 bars of LTE so I’m kinda over this
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2 years ago, Darley Arabian
Good, but…
Everything is great about this app except: I’d like there to be an app uri link so that my password manager can automatically detect my login for sake of convenience, instead of having to pick the password manually from a list. Almost all other major bank apps do this
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6 years ago, sn12389
4 stars
I like the app very much, but sometimes it’s a little buggy. I was recently locked out of my account and put my password in correct each time. I had to call to have it unlocked and then was able to login. With a little work on that aspect, there otherwise isn’t anything I can’t do. Love Interra!
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6 years ago, letnebeme
Mostly good.
I’ve experienced some problems with the mobile check deposit feature that is quite annoying. Sometimes it crashes the app and most times I have to try a couple times or more to get it to go through. Update: Problems with the mobile check deposit feature are a lot worse!!
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6 years ago, Grosie22
Love it!
This app is so convenient to move money from various accounts even from another bank that’s linked. Interra has made transferring money so easy especially after hours when the bank is closed. Love it!
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5 years ago, cruiseseeker333
Behind the times.
Your app is a few years behind the Chase app. When you pay a bill or transfer money it should automatically come out of your account so that way you don’t have to guess how much money you have in there. Even if it is a pending charge it should still come out of the total balance so that way you don’t mistake the amount in there. I put this review up a long time ago and it still isn’t fixed so I’m dropping it to one star.
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5 years ago, NASCAR-pork rinds
Getting better
It’s got a long way to go before it’s as intuitive as a Chase or Bank of America app. I am still unable to transfer funds to another credit union through the app, even after being past the first few months where they disable it.
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4 years ago, N_85
Not up to date
I like the convenience of the app .... But it needs to be updated on a regular basis. There are glitches and bugs that need to be fixed. This app is slow to load at times and accurate account info doesn’t always show. Please update regularly like every other app those. This is the ONLY Bank App I’ve had a problem with. An update once a year is not enough!!!
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6 years ago, Dee Wit
Mostly easy to navigate
Great app for the most part. I appreciate all my accounts visible immediately. The only draw back is bill pay. I had a rough start using it on the app. Much easier to use on the computer.
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5 years ago, cleanyweany
Love this app!
I have one question. I paid off my mortgage & it went away on the app for a little while. Now it’s back! Says I owe around 14,000. When I click on it it does say it is paid off. So I guess it doesn’t matter.
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5 years ago, Hooflip
Convenient Banking
Saves me time and keeps me up to date on my account. Well functioning and easy to understand which is all you can really ask from an app like this.
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4 years ago, JazminO.
Worst mobile banking app
Their new secured way of logging in to pay a loan doesn’t work. I have to enter my account number and last 4SSN and it doesn’t let me log in, account number and SSN is right but when I submit my info it says NO RESULS FOUND. Now I have to drive almost an hour to the closest Interra bank to make a payment and wait 1-2 hours because they’re only doing Drive-up transactions because of Covid-19. I really want this problem fixed.
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5 years ago, hawk@heart
Pretty good banking app
The app does what you’d expect. Does have a glitch where it sends a double payment if you touch the screen to keep the phone from going dark while transfer slowly goes through. Other than that it’s pretty solid.
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5 years ago, dr tsp
I couldn’t get by without it. However, it crashes often and the deposit by phone functionality works about half the time.
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6 years ago, BigTexDavis
Life saver
I've been a long time customer of Interra and they have always been a great bank to work with, they have treated me with respect and since they came out with this app it has made my banking a lot easier.
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1 year ago, 11111111yankee
The Best
I absolutely love the convenience and easy flow of this app. Time is everything and not having to try and figure everything out is so nice. Keep it up!
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6 years ago, Joe Yoder
Very Displeased With My Experience
Positives • Interest Checking & Savings • Banking Locations in North Central Indiana Negatives • Complicated lengthly Apple Pay card setup. • ATMs don't count cash, and cash deposited into an ATM after hours, will not be available for two days. • Interra no longer accepts instant deposits from apps like Facebook and Cash. Takes 2-3 days for those transactions to credit your account. • Not integrated with Zelle (e.g. Chase and Wellsfargo are) This was my experience. And I happen to live in the 21st century. It’s critical for business (Mine and Interra’s) for transactions to be completed as quickly as possible, meaning instant when other institutions can already achieve this.
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4 years ago, Chilirelleno
Easy banking app
Bill pay transfers direct through app, with the web-based version a check is cut and sent. More time consuming and more paper involved.
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3 years ago, mustangalan
App settings
It’s ok but could maybe be a little better Like shut your card off on your own like when you loose it for a day then find it the next then you have to wait till you can have one mailed or leave work early or hope you don’t work Saturday so you can make it to a branch
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5 years ago, Pineapple 1223
Love your bank you all have been so awesome just wish I had more understanding and help with an account. I don’t have the mentality of a 45 yr old and am unsure of an account cause I was unaware of the understanding 😢
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6 years ago, Caleb Imhoff
Caleb Imhoff
The app works but it would be nice to be able to make a credit card payment on the mobile app tho instead of going into the back to do that.
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3 years ago, Brett 1986
Pretty good
The app is fairly clear to use as my senior citizen father can operate it. Has most all options and capabilities you would want or need. Technical issues do occur but not very often.
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4 years ago, Reddogharleyd
On line banking.
This is an easy way to do your banking without leaving home. Saves time and money from driving to branch.
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6 years ago, Lily GB
Convenient & easy to use
I enjoy being able to check my balance and transfer funds with this easy to use app.
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2 years ago, puppybot
Good app
Fast reliable accurate never any problem great customer support overall just a really good bank app with a really good bank
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