intoLive - Live Wallpapers

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4.6 (95.3K)
167.1 MB
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Current version
ImgBase, Inc.
Last update
5 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for intoLive - Live Wallpapers

4.59 out of 5
95.3K Ratings
2 years ago, Naomi90000🩰dancer
Love it
It is easy to use and so fun to put on my Home Screen. It loads fast when you’re creating a short live photo. And it loads for a reasonable time when doing big projects. Such as a long live photo. I love that you can have a cover for your life photo. it’s so cute and I don’t have to pay a lot of money for the VIP whatever pass. because the starter kit that it comes with it, that is free has a bunch of edit designs and filters for your projects. It is so smart that they have A place for multiple projects at a time. I have not sure About doing videos because I have not tried them. But the long Live Photos are just as good I’m sure. I’ve been looking for an app like this for a long time I am so happy I found an app that suits my needs. definitely a must have one customizing your home screen. But if you have the new update iOS 16 then your Live Photos will not work lucky for me I did not update it yet. Still this information is nice to know. thank you for creating this app very happy with it. Good job!👍😃
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2 months ago, Happy Dork
Pleasantly surprised
I have hundreds of apps and can’t understand how to use most of them. But this one is amazing!! Although I’ve only created one video I can still give you my experience with this app. So far it’s one of the best apps that I’ve stumbled across. I have a feeling that this app will be a big time waste of what little time I have left on this planet. I’m so old that this could be my favorite app until the end of days. Believe me if I can actually figure it out and am able to use it with pretty decent results. If I can figure it out and actually use it and am happy with the results. I could go on and on about how I love this app but I won’t because my clock is winding down. I might even have a smile on my corpse when they me. I recommend getting this app because moron’s like myself figured it out and it used it with results that I can’t wait to share. My short little video may be the only thing I leave behind that I’m happy with. So to the designers of this app you should be proud of your results. I haven’t actually looked at my creation yet and I could very well be disappointed in it. If so it’ll still be a mark on the planet that I leave behind. And at least something that my friends and family will have to remind them how much of a waste of breath that I’ve always been. I’m smiling so I’m happy with it. I may have to rewrite or delete this entire post after I look at my creation. DO GOOD AND GOOD WILL FOLLOW
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5 years ago, lilixnx..$
iPhone XR
So I got this app thinking I could make any type of wallpaper and I could. There was just one problem it couldn’t support my type of iPhone and I wish it could and if it could I would give it 5 Starr but since I can’t use it the rating is low. I have the iPhone XR and this app doesn’t support it so I’m disappointed because it didn’t give a warning that that it could support my phone. It gave a warning after I got the app and I’m saying why didn’t it just say that in the description of the app. So yea I totally love this app if only It worked on iPhone XRs but yea maybe y’all can try and fix that. Please and thank you but this is a good app just don’t waste your time getting it if you have an iPhone XR.
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4 years ago, Me=Tiger
It’s Not Really a Free App
I got the app because I had some edits that I wanted to make my wallpaper, but I regretted it once I tried to make a wallpaper. You have to buy almost everything on the app, which takes away the free aspect. I honestly tried about 3 different edits and nothing changed, and the time limit is bad too. You can only have up to a certain time for a wallpaper unless you buy everything. Also, the larger your phone screen, the edits get messed up. I have an XR, and when I tried to use a wallpaper, even if I made it smaller, the wallpaper wouldn’t be the actual size on my screen as it was in the app. It cuts off the corners and makes the wallpaper larger. I would’ve given the app a 1 star review but I was able to choose maybe around 1 or 2 different things in each category while editing. Overall, 2 out of 5 and wouldn’t buy if you don’t want to spend money.
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5 years ago, Howling Wolf Emiy123
I hate it
So I downloaded this app, thinking it would be pretty cool ya know, like I could edit my live photos and change the background and do cool stuff like that, but when I got in, literally almost EVERYTHING was locked bc I had to pay for it which was REALLY annoying. For example I wanted to edit this photo of mine to make the background some sort of cool blue pattern that I found, but guess what, it was locked! And there was only three that were open and THEY ARE UGLY. But, here’s the thing, I used one of the ugly background because they were the only ones open, so then I pressed “make it,” then I pressed, “No repeat,” because EVERYTHING else, get this, was locked. Who could’ve guessed. Anyway, so then I pressed “save live photo”. I went to my camera roll, and guess what! It actually turned out pretty good! JUST KIDDING! APPARENTLY I DOWNLOADED THE APP FOR... NOTHING! All it did was make it a live photo, but, IT WAS ALREADY A LIVE PHOTO. THE APP. DOES. ABSOLUTELY. NOTHING. I THINK IT’S CLEAR TO SAY THAT IT’S A COMPLETE WAISTE OF TIME. DO. NOT. DOWNLOAD. THIS APP. 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻
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4 years ago, Bangtan Bella
So I got this app and I was thinking there was a lot you could do, but one of the main things I wanted is literally locked and I need to buy it. The key photo thing, but any photo from photos. THATS THE MAIN THING I EVEN WANTED BUT ITS LOCKED AND I HAVE TO FREAKING PAY FOR IT!!! I know it’s three dollars for life but some people can’t do that and it really just makes the app worse. I like it, but I still just want to have a key photo from camera roll. Also, I know it’s a love photo and not a video, so the photo can’t be too long, but it is so short! I found a Tik Tok video and I was going to turn it into a live photo for my wallpaper, but I get barely any part of the video in there. Is there any way I can choose a key photo from camera roll without paying? Or is there another app that can do that?
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4 years ago, Sandsin
This app is amazing!
I love this app because I always want to put a few seconds of some video on my background to be able to watch anytime and this app allows me to turn that clip into a Live Photo. It also helps when a Live Photo is too zoomed in for a wallpaper. Other apps can only let you put it on a background as a still but with this I can keep the Live Photo and make it the perfect size. You can even choose multiple Live Photos, a few stills, or a long video clip (more than a couple of seconds). Everything you wish apple would let you do!
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4 years ago, n_arr7
pros and cons :)
honestly, i don't have a problem with the app. it's compatible with my iphone 11 😌💅. but i just gotta say, if you're making an app make it compatible with all phones, so you won't get bad reviews. like i honestly feel bad for the people who download your app, and pay for pro and aren't able to use the able. that's straight up a fake, and isn't fair. i like using the app, it's easy to navigate. but honestly 3 dollars for pro.. it's not worth it, like you shouldn't make it a "PRO" thing for a 30 second live. 5 seconds worth of a live photo isn't really worth having the wallpaper either.. and i don't want to pay for pro because that's also unnecessary. overall i like your guys app, just make it compatible with other phones for other people, maybe make the lives 60 seconds long, and you should remove pro.. just sayin 🤷🏽‍♀️.
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2 years ago, notgonnaputanickname
Blurry live wallpaper; Not even a live wallpaper
I tried making a live photo for my tablet TWICE, frozen screen and blurry. Didn’t make a live photo, just the start of my video. I took the video on my tablet and the video was on my phone so i think that was the problem because i used Roblox for the video and used CapCut to edit it and recorded it, another problem is that there is a limited time for the recording and i only got more the half and less the whole video on my tablet. But overall very good app. Would recommend if you know how to mess with apps. Not me. If you could make any improvements on what I based this on then i would be very happy. Thanks! Someone who downloaded this app
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4 years ago, heje djsos
Love it ^_^
This app was like a dream come true!! I always wanted my edited videos to be like a Live Photo in the background playing and this app did exactly that! Also it’s very easy to use and I love the patterns and all the other edits you can do with your video. If I could give this ten stars I totally would and then some:)) I also paid for the pro version and I have to say it was definitely worth the three bucks!! If anything they should charge more like at least five or six bucks. Anyways thanks for the great app! A huge two thumbs up from a kid who loves photography ^_^
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3 years ago, WZRRRD
Now this is an utility app
Only made one live WP so far and everything about it seems to feel so thorough. Access to the bare functions and purpose of the app for free at the cost of an Add to save your finished product. I love it. Most utility applications crash and burn unless you throw money into it and I’ll happily watch an add every time I use this app instead of an one time payment or even worst a subscription service just to use the app what it was intended for(talking about some other apps on the market) 10/10
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4 years ago, Private.skittle
Could use a bit more work.
I love the app it’s a great way to edit/make a Live Photo. The creator has full control of what they’re making, from changing the background to altering the speed of a video the app consists of all the important tools to make a great Live Photo, but no matter how great the product looks once finished the quality always drops when used as a Lock Screen. When pressed on, the image zooms in cutting a portion of it not only that but the colors always fade making the image look blurry. If possible please fix this, unless I convert my images to 4K the quality will never be what I want.
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2 years ago, XxLxckyStarxX
Time and pro feature
Love the app! I love making precious moments of my life my phone screen. There are a few things I am frustrated with. First, the time slots for Live Photos. I wish it was longer without purchasing the pro feature. And second, I am conflicted on whether to buy the pro feature for one main reason…I can’t see the price without actually paying for it first! As I’m sure you can understand is a bit of a problem. Other than these few aspects, the app works well for its’ purpose and would highly recommend!
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10 months ago, MarieStars
Super Easy to Use!
I wanted to make a live wallpaper from a Instagram video that I screen recorded and edited. I looked up how to do it and it showed me a way to do it through another app so I went on the App Store and found this app! This one was the first one I seen so I downloaded it and go straight to work. After a few clicks and clicking on icons that seemed like what I was trying to do, I had all the live wallpapers I wanted without no effort at all. Definitely will be using more often on other projects.
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7 years ago, aguamaned
Sweet app!
I was about to create a Live Photo wallpaper from scratch and then realized there is probably an app for it. Yep! And here it is! Man, did it save me a bunch of time! I used IntoLive to create an animated Live Photo from a QuickTime movie to use as my iPhone's lock-screen and desktop wallpaper. I was expecting to be able to make only a 3 second Live Photo but this app was able to extend the video in the Live Photo to 20 seconds without any problems! The in-app purchase to be able to extend the time was totally worth it! Great app!
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4 years ago, user268521
Confused (need help)
This is an awesome app besides the fact that when I finished editing my live wallpaper and pressed make i went back to my camera roll and pressed it to make sure it was a live picture witch it was but It would be on my lock screen but only my key photo would show I would continue to press but it wasn’t live then I found out that I didn’t press the little phone with a lock screen in the app “into live” but I got stuck there after I pressed the image I couldn’t change my screen from that besides to make it on my home screen please help me figure this out
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3 years ago, VanillaB2
iPhone SE
I love this app, but I was so disappointed to see that it doesn’t work with my type of iPhone, an SE. I was so excited to start customizing my wallpaper when it said I couldn’t because my phone doesn’t support it...? Has this happened with a lot of people or is it just me? Is there an update that I’m maybe missing? Awesome app, I would totally recommend if your device is compatible with it. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I didn’t actually get to experience what having a live wallpaper is like. Thanks for the amazing app!
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3 years ago, limelight🧃💜
good app, but there’s some problems
this is of course a really good app, ive been using it for a while now but there is one problem that keeps bugging me. u literally have to pay for everything, like i can only make a live photo be 2 seconds long & its ver frustrating. also, when you’re in the app it says to download VideoDay to be able to have life photos more than 2 seconds long, so i downloaded the app & nothing happened. im still stuck with little live photos. the rest is okay, the only reason i use this app is to make live photos so i only had that one problem🧍‍♀️
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4 years ago, hi123bye457
Great app... ads
So I have an iPhone X if that has anything to do with it, which I’m pretty positive it doesn’t but.... I try to make my live wallpaper and when I press save at the end .... it acts like it’s going to save it but it doesn’t it brings me to a black screen with a Medicare ad on it. I’m under 60 and don’t need Medicare at all but it won’t let me get off of the Medicare ad now. I would give it 5 stars because the app is great. I had some photos of friends and family I wanted to make a live wallpaper but I guess I’ll just download a different app. 🤦‍♀️😂would someone mind fixing this! Thank you so much !
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5 years ago, rc_twenty3
Is there going to be an update? qwq
Soooooooo. Since I knew that iPad won’t work. Are you guys going to fix/update the app so almost all devices will work? I downloaded the app and set the Gif to my wallpaper lock screen at first to test it. I actually worked at first! I tap and hold. And I put another one on my home screen. I tap and hold it and it won't work anymore. I tried my lock screen and didn't work anymore and I don't know why. Is there an explanation? By the way, I'm on iPad.
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6 years ago, Proxstud
Great app
This app is really amazing and I love it so much, I'm so happy with it and that it was ever made. Now I have the coolest live wallpaper on my lock screen with beautiful fireworks! I definitely recommend this app. It is fully working and it personally left me satisfied. It is a very quick process and its so easy as well. I even tried another live wallpaper app but I deleted it, however, this one is a keeper. Please get it and show it to your friends I promise you will be happy with your choice!!!
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4 years ago, Curtis R. Shideler
Worked As Needed!
This app did exactly what I wanted it to. It took my short video clip and made it a Live Photo. It’s ridiculous you can’t do that natively in iOS, but we didn’t get rotating until recently. Anyway, I haven’t tried the other features yet, but I’ll be using the app again and might. If you just want your short video clip to be a Live Photo to put on your lock screen, this is the app to use!
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1 year ago, lfbusta
Great but I miss one feature from last version.
You used to be able to set a clip length and then scroll through the video leaving the length of the clip constant. That way you could go trough one long video and make equally long Live Photos out of it. Now you need to play with the little handles at the end of the clip. Not too bad, but def worse for this particular use case. That said, great app. Haven’t found a single other pp that does the same better (or even at all).
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3 years ago, Gamergirl8448
very swag
I use this app all the time to make new backgrounds for my lock screen and it’s a fairly easy and simple process. The only thing that I would note is that you have to pay in order to use the app to its full extent but it wasn’t too expensive whatsoever and I use the app pretty often so I really can’t complain too much. Overall I like the layout of the app and how easy it is to use.
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5 years ago, Jojoguizar1246
Literally the best
When using this app of course your not going to know everything but obviously you get the hang of it over time. I will say this has been so fun to use and I am in love with this app. I show my friends my screen saver and they are shocked to see the Live Photo. But one thing I will say is that if you do try to get anything extra like a blur, or an effect like that, you do have to get the pro version but other than that it’s literally the best. Hope this helps you with downloading this app. 💛
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8 months ago, မောင်မောင့်သဲကျော်လေး
Lovely to send to my BF
The reason why I want to recommend this app is that IOS 17 is available rn and I hope u already know that. In this feature, we can make our own stickers on iMessage. So we have to choose which sticker is the cutest so I would like to send mochi cat stickers and so on to my beloved. So now I can turn the GIF photo to Live Photo to access sticker. So this app is really helpful for me, funny and cute.
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2 years ago, dutharh
Request for Refund
Hello Seller. Today, I need your refund $$$ back because the reason is that I didn’t like is that. I’ve already download your app just to see if Photo turn into Live photo, then all of sudden it didn’t transform. Im so disappointed because of that, so this is why I’m willing need to Refund $$$ back😓 Also, I already did request for Refund on Apple ends. Things didn’t turnout great because Apple deny my refund decision due to their Terms & conditions. Your only one who offered me a Refund $$$ back instead. Otherwise, plz help me what ways from pic to Live photo. If nothing else, then I need your Refund request once again💵💰
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1 year ago, meegs_19
I’m am not disappointed in what you can do with app. I was making a reel and this app was perfect. I was able to add multiple music from my apple music library’s to the reel. Which was perfect. My only complaint would be that I wish it was easier to look at what songs are playing if you had multiple so that if you wanted to fade in and out it, it didn’t take much work.
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4 years ago, vasttelll
It’s ok but pls add another canvas
Please add a canvas that is like canvas #4 or #5 without those buttons. I’m talking about the red and green phone buttons that don’t do anything. Please add a canvas for phones with larger screens without those buttons that do absolutely nothing, they are an eyesore. Edit: when using canvas 3 and pinching to make the wallpaper bigger it drops in quality. On the other hand, canvas #4/#5 do not cause a drop in quality but add buttons onto the screen Thanks
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7 years ago, modiebrown
Worth the upgrade!!
I downloaded this app after googling how to set videos as my background for my new iPhone X & was delightfully surprised how impressive each Live Photo I created turned out. So much so that I decided to spring for the extra few bucks to upgrade to the pro & make my video longer (up to 30 seconds). Now my iPhone background is my perfect laughing baby nephew every time I want to see it!! Def recommend!
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2 years ago, tunepeddler
Great app, but iOS 16 ruined everything
I got this app so I could make Live Photos from gifs and videos to use as Lock Screen wallpapers. This does it exceptionally well, but thanks to Apple removing the ability to set a Live Photo as Lock Screen wallpaper in iOS 16, it’s now useless for me. To be clear this isn’t the fault of the developer, we can thank Apple’s ill conceived and really awful new Lock Screen.
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2 years ago, :) Gamelover
Useful App With a Catch
This app made me some cool lock screens, and I find the “key photo” tool to be helpful, but I do not enjoy how my chosen video has to be five seconds or less without the premium app. I understand the developers need to make money, but this price wall should just apply to effects instead of the basic app function. At this rate, just make me pay five dollars for the app itself instead of not specifying this catch before I downloaded. Again, it’s a great tool, but its use is limited.
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4 years ago, MaskedAlpha_Xxskylergami
It's terrible
I would give it a 2 to 3 star rating but I gave it a five star because I wanted people to see this so you can only do up to five photos without premium and there’s this other app that comes with it that’s a video editor and that one’s pretty crap to and overall it’s a really bad thing and you have to get premium in order to have more than five photos I don’t suggest getting it.
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3 years ago, soccer queen!!!! b
Great app-a few things
Before you get this app make sure ur phone accepts Live Photos, on my old phone it wouldn’t allow it- look it up! Next you can make incredible Live Photos but to get extra things you need to pay an amount of money- it is a very little amount add you pay once! Overall this is a great app- I can turn videos of my dog into a live wallpaper! Definitely get this app just look up weather your phone works with love photos or not! ♡♡
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2 years ago, KitRoMe
Options changed, key frame setup gone
I have been using this app for a while (paid for full version) with no issues whatsoever but on one of the most recent updates, everything about the way the app looks and functions has changed. I no longer can create Live Photos from videos that will work for my Apple Watch faces because the key framing function is just gone. I've been looking for hours trying to find a replacement... for what intolive used to do so well for me.☹️ If I'm wrong and the function still exists please help. The entire ap looks different now.
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Restore my Purchases
i tried to created a wallpaper/edit that was more than 5 seconds( which is terrible because it should be way more than 5 seconds and we shouldn’t have to pay for that) anyways, i bought it cause i really needed this wallpaper/edit and i was just gonna restore my purchases after i made it but now i can’t restore my purchases anywhere and i’m not even satisfied with my wallpaper/edit. and there are a lot of other things wrong with this app and i’m officially deleting it and will trying to get my money back because it was not worth it.
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4 years ago, E rose46
iPhone SE
It has come my attention that this app does not support the iPhone SE. I hope that in the future they are able to make it able to be supported. I know that the iPhone SE is a fairly new phone so I completely understand that they don’t have it supported yet, I just wanted to remind them that this would be a good thing to do for the all the iPhone SE users. Sorry if my grammar is bad. Thank you for your time.
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2 years ago, Alonnah Nychelle Franklin
My review
This is a great app and whoever made should be very proud but, I did notice a couple flaws that could be fixed. One of the problems I noticed was that when I create a live wallpaper I can’t hear the sound I don’t know if it’s a glitch or if it’s generally like that but the videos I create I would like if there were a sound but other than that this is a great app I highly recommend. Thank you sincerity,
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4 years ago, Rojuca
Does the job
When you start the app it does exactly what it says it’ll do, convert videos into live photos plan and simple and that’s all I wanted. Then for $2.99 you get the pro version and unlocks other features which is a nice addition, but to me wasn’t necessary, for I just wanted to create Live Photo’s from my videos. So if you’re looking for an easy to create video to Live Photo app this is the winner. Great app.
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4 years ago, BrittanyMarie22291
Love this
I have too much fun with this app! lol it’s awesome, take any video and pick what part you want as a Live Photo for your wallpaper!!?..YEAAA it’s awesome!! (My personal opinion here!) I’ve been using this app for a bit now and have made quite a few Live Photo’s from my videos and enjoy it every time! There are a few other editing tools you can use, not a lot but some so that’s a cute extra add on! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼😝😝
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4 years ago, the_person0727
I like it but...
So I downloaded this and it is a really good app the only problem is you can only have a video for a certain amount of time I wish that you edit the entire video instead of only part of it but other than that i like it but please fix this I really want to be able to edit at least 30 seconds please!!! I would really appreciate it and thank you so much 👍😩.
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2 years ago, Cloud Gazer 1205
Super cool but I’m struggling (help!!)
So I like this app a lot it works really well in making Live Photos and I’ve been making them none stop but I’m trying to make on of the photos into a 60 second live photo cuz it said if you download this one app (video day) you can make one that is 60 seconds long, the problem is I’m not really sure how to so if you know please help!! But overall a super cool FREE app and it’s very legit!! 4 starts!!
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3 years ago, Bunny+catgirlie🥰🥰
Pretty good but I the sound ability didn’t work
I had a 24 second video I wanted to make into a wallpaper and it worked pretty well, it had good quality, but the sound I had in the background of my video didn’t work and the Live Photo came out silent. I retried multiple times and got the same result. I downloaded this app very excited but felt pretty disappointed with the result, as there was no sound, which was very important to my live wallpaper.
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4 years ago, Deku review 94
I like the app but creating gifs doesn’t work for me anymore.
It use to work but now any time I try to make a gif it tells me that the gif is 00:00 seconds long and that I can’t create it. I even tried re downloading some of my old gifs but they didn’t work ether. I don’t know what is going on. Is there any way you guys could help me out.
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4 years ago, cmmbp
Sound in Live Photo’s
I love this app. I have the pro feature and I honestly think it’s worth the ONLY 3 dollars. Here’s the problem tho. When I click on a video that has sound in the background it doesn’t play. And I see there is a mute button, which makes me think sound should be playing. But through trial and error , I can’t find a way for the sound to play. Please let me know if this has been happening or is it just me?
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4 years ago, shinee1304
Love it but could you?
When I’m making my Live Photo’s, it’s helpful that you added what my Live Photo would look like in the lock screen but could you also add with it, what my Live Photo would look like in the lock screen while there’s a music player in the middle? I always play music and the music player blocks the middle of my Live Photo. It be more helpful if you add that.
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6 years ago, MarkThai
Works great
I had problem with an ad preventing me from using the app at first. Then ImgBase, Inc contacted me directly to solve the problem. Then it worked and I found it was very easy to use. I saw some post said it doesn’t animated on lock screen, it is not the app, it is about iPhone models. It has to be 6s or later. It means older iPhones up to SE doesn’t support Live Photo on Lock Screen.
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4 years ago, Williamru9638
Great app but...
It’s a great app I enjoy using it a lot I just wish the free version allowed you to make a live wallpaper longer than 5 seconds. Like I get it trying to make money and all but could this at least be changed to 10 seconds or hell even 15 seconds. Because let’s be honest with the 5 seconds you can’t do much. Every project I’ve needed to use this for I needed the live wallpaper to be 10-15 seconds long but couldn’t.
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2 years ago, MyFavoriteAnimalIsIsALynx
Definitely works very well and fact that don’t have to pay to make video into live wallpaper. Only complaint I have is that it’s annoying see intoLive watermark at the bottom. Only because it never use to be there before cause i’ve used this app multiple times and it was never there so that was little bit annoying, but nonetheless its very good app.
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4 years ago, pandap443
Amazing Edits!
I got this app as a joke originally, not expecting much from it. However, there is a lot of editing opportunities given to you that will really change your phone and take it to the next level! The only reason that I rated a 4 instead of a 5 was because most things required to have the PRO feature. However, I assure you, when you do have all access, it’s a great app to use.
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