InTouch CU Mobile

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InTouch Credit Union
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11 months ago
Version OS
14.0 or later
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User Reviews for InTouch CU Mobile

4.56 out of 5
2.1K Ratings
6 years ago, Winding Cypress
Not Dependable
This would be a good app if it was only dependable. It sometimes forgets you over and over again. You can call to get it reset, but sometimes it takes a while. I mean the people that help are nice enough, but this seems to be a problem on Sundays or nights, and, they don’t support their mobile app at those times so you cannot have access until Monday rolls around and you have time to wait on hold for awhile. I am not sure why their app has frequent problems. However, when it’s working right, it’s a good app.
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5 years ago, jcolebrand
Not able to save fingerprint login
The app got updated, cool, but lost all ability to save the fingerprint login that was just working before the update. I can appreciate security features, so I logged in, went to settings, and toggled to save. Twice. The other “features” all link out to Safari and seem like things I would be better off doing on the desktop website, so putting them into the app on the phone is disappointing, since they aren’t useable in the app. Just uninstalled and am reinstalling to see if this fixes the fingerprint issue (it did) but that’s just frustrating when you have had other updates that haven’t broken this feature. Maybe it’s time for an online banking application overhaul? Or a new vendor?
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4 years ago, VREXT
Infinite Loop
After years of working well, without warning, the app asks me to set up a security question. It gives me only one option: “What was the first musical instrument you learned how to play?” I never played a musical instrument, and “N/A” was not a valid answer. So I had to make up a false answer just to get past the question! Since I’ll probably forget my made-up answer, how is this more secure than Face ID???? What a joke. But wait, there’s more... now the app is in an infinite loop. Tells me that my answer is saved, redirects me to log in again, tells me that my answer is saved, redirects me to log in again, tells me that my answer is saved... I deleted the app and reinstalled and the whole process starts all over again. Useless. Waste of my time. Thanks for nothing.
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5 years ago, TankManJ
App is as good as any mobile app I use
I can see as many or as few sub accounts as I like. I can view history, see check images, deposit checks, transfer money internally and externally to another one of my accounts at another bank. I can link to rates, apply for a loan and contact the credit union with one click. It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good and updates are released regularly.
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6 years ago, happymobileuser
Updated App is GREAT!!
Just accessed the updated mobile App and WOW- so many new features. The What’s New screens were great, and resetting profile options and using the new features was quick, simple, and easy. Love it!! A really solid App now, with all the needed features. Good job InTouch! The upgraded Online banking and mobile app is well worth it. — long time CU Member
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2 years ago, Jeremiah90!
Scam Company
This company nickel and dimes on EVERYTHING. They tackle so many fees when signing for the car and don’t really give you an option. Then they make it extra complicated to make the payment. You either have to drive to the location, mail it in or do it online (charge fees apply) to do it from an external account. Wish I would have done a a better job at reading the reviews, I always take in to consideration peoples reviews as there’s always two sides of the story. But they’re absolutely TRUE! I absolutely HATE this company! Do NOT get an auto loan through them. STAY AWAY!!!
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6 years ago, afrochinaman
Inferior customer service
I’ve not had access to my accounts via the app going on a month now. They’ve not been accountable for my trouble tickets (no notes on my account) and handed me off to Fiserve (their IT/Banking outsourcer) who not only has no trouble resolution senses about them (can only read from a screen) but actually asked me why I was calling them as they are not supposed to be talking with customers of ITCU and wanted to send me back to member care who has told me they can’t help, that I must contact Fiserv. Oye... and you selected Fiserve as your app developer due to what merits??? Makes my head spin for the Former EDS Federal Credit union.
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6 years ago, sunrunner66
Horrible on line banking upgrade
Within the last couple months the app added Touch ID for ease logging in except that it doesn’t work. Not once have I been able to use Touch ID to log in. Whenever I try to log in again I get a “timed out” message and have to reenter my password. What’s the point? Today is the first of the month and I cannot go back in my credit card account info to see ANYTHING from last month. Come on people. In this modern age it shouldn’t be this hard to make a functional banking app. There’s a lot of history and knowledge to pull from.
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3 years ago, jand3bs
This is irritating.
Most of the time the app won’t recognize my face even though it’s set to do that. I have to enter my password (which isn’t easy since I gave a real tough one). Or it just says there is an error and I need to call. No number or anything else as to who to call!!! So, I looked to see if there was an update waiting but that doesn’t seem to be. Please fix this. I’ve been a customer of InTouch even before it was InTouch, like since 1987!!! And I’m thinking of finding some where else to go!!!
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6 years ago, #TerribleCare
A Broken Loop
App has been locked out for over a month and after spending no less than 7 attempts on the 1.800. Care line and now in a branch in person, the associates can not unlock it in the branch and have to call another person in tech support. Then they unlocked the online profile through their website, but the app is still locked out due to what?!?! It’s another authentication method. This is one endless and broken loop full of incompetent personnel along a road paved in bad tools and no true seamless interface. InTouch you used to be great, what happened to you?
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5 years ago, hfmalom
Broken App - Not Connected to Network
ITCU app consistently gives me a not connected to network error. All my other apps work just fine (all have network). I even deleted and reinstalled. Now The app will not even let me sign in at all (no network). But Yelp and my network work great sending this review.
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3 years ago, ShaunaLynSugar
App won’t allow me to log in
Issue started happening within the past 3 days I would say. It won’t move past the security question, which I know with certainty that I am answering correctly. Even when I submit my answer it doesn’t show any sign that my submission was processed, not even an error message shows. Therefore, I am unable to log in as I can’t move past this screen. I then have to login on the desktop site from my mobile browser instead. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Ted NYWI
Very poor app keep having to log in
This is a very poor app in so many ways. The most frustrating thing is the login. Sometimes I leave the app for a second, come right back and it says it logged me out due to a timeout. After 30 seconds? No other app does this. Another issue is Touch ID. It never works. I turn it on and then the next time I come to the app I have to log in with a password and the Touch ID setting is turned off!!! Who tested this app??? It’s also not very functional. Have to go to the website for so many things.
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6 years ago, Tzutse
Frustrating beyond words
I have not had access to my accounts through the app for about 4 weeks. It appears I am not the only one. I have tried to delete and reinstall the app multiple times and continue to get an error message. More frustrating are the advanced help desk folks who keep having me do the same thing over and over - delete and reinstall the app..which doesn't work. My next stop will be moving all of our accounts to someplace that is keeping up with technology and customer service.
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2 months ago, Darell2
So Easy to do Mobile Deposits
Mobile deposits are so easy to do! I doubt I will go to the branch or mail in deposits ever again!
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5 years ago, IlDavo
Good: I can readily access accounts and view transactions and balances. Bad: - Mitek-powered (and Fiserv-delivered) mobile deposits produced “cannot read account number” and related errors, repeatedly, until I began ignoring the on-screen check placement guide and just filled the whole photo frame with the check image. - When my session times out, the app ignores FaceID to re-login (acting as though FaceID isn’t even enabled and thus making me think I have to set it all up, again). Force-closing and re-opening the app regains FaceID access. These bugs are inappropriate for an app from a credit union whose heritage is serving technology company employees. My “big bank’s” app is much less error-prone.
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2 years ago, alotoftola
The worse banking app ever
Literally have not been able to access my account via this app, which means I can’t send money via zelle. I have called customer support and keep getting the same story that the app is being updated and nothing still. I just will be moving my account to a bank that actually allows me to access all the features it has! Honestly I would give y’all negative stars if I could.
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4 years ago, happy winker
App on lunch break
Seems that when I attempt to use the app in the evening after work or morning while making coffee, the app is unavailable. I don’t know the labor laws in App world but none of my other apps have daily scheduled maintenance breaks. Oh and don’t bother calling customer care, they can’t handle the call volume. Beat I’ve had when calling was position 12 with a 32 minute wait time. I want to stick with Credit Unions, anybody have a good alternative to suggest??
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7 months ago, Jesus&Darlene
Not totally user friendly
I totally understand the need for strict security but it’s annoying when I have to look up my password even after facial recognition.
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4 years ago, DarkJedi51
Needs a card disable Feature
Honestly it’s a good app but it would be a 10/10 if they simply added a feature to enable or disable the physical card from being used Incase of an emergency instead of calling in on a non 24 hour call center to do that.
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6 years ago, RedBootsgal
Works well, bugs improved
This app has been wonderful! Love the Touch ID, check deposit, and account features. Simple to use.
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2 years ago, Eon-Deon
App Does not Show Credit Card Balance
This app is useless. I can not make a payment, or see my credit card balance, see previous transactions or see pending transactions. I have waited for months and nothing has changed with each update. I have to use the desktop version to perform any transaction.
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11 months ago, Nin884
App feels extremely outdated and lacks basic functionality. Unreliable as it either constantly crashes and cannot be used or it seems incapable of remembering user data, even when opted into “Remember Me” type info. Feels like this is a developers first attempt at creating an app. Please update and improve!!
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5 years ago, Hermobestia
It works when it wants to
Doesn’t work when you need it most.
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1 year ago, Xzazxxa
2* for now
App continues to crash on me, I am sure there will be better improvements to the app I just wish it was better. I Would like to see better features and better quality in the future.
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4 years ago, Vagabonage
Doesn’t work
Is this app supposed to work? For the past two years, all the app has been able to do is refuse my login info and lock me out of my account. It didn’t work terribly well before either. Seems a little strange that in 2020 I have a bank account that I cannot view via my phone.
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4 years ago, Fruit popie
Problems again
Terrible app on any iPhone or iPad. I called Intouch Credit Union and was told it is not their problem.
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1 month ago, acehannah69
Too hard
Everything seems to be more difficult that other institutions. B
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1 month ago, Lovecleo2
In touch not valid with Plaid
If you have apps that require plaid to link your in touch account good luck! The validation never happens and when it does there are continuos issues. Very frustrating. Nobody seems to really care about fixing the issues.
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9 months ago, kebabtbmb
I have to retake deposit check photos multiple times
Too many retakes for deposits. Only at this establishments. At other banks it is all so easy on 1st take
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6 years ago, Almostperfect309
TouchID is finally available! However, if you want to make transfers or any changes you still have to enter your password making TouchID useless. I use a password manager and InTouch’s app doesn’t even allow you to paste a password in. Also the app looks really out of date.
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3 years ago, mikesssss
Doesn't launch
On iPhone it just crashes on launch. On iPad it just displays a completely white screen. This app used to work, not sure which version broke it, it could be the latest update.
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5 years ago, CCMOAM
ITCU app
App is very frustrating to use. Should have had a focus group that included users with many accounts to pilot the app. Usability is poor. Ineffective error messaging, poor layout. Bill pay on website is also poor; not mobile ready.
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4 years ago, dlbeller
Bug on iPhone 8
Can’t open app because message says update now. In App Store, no update is available.
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5 years ago, Strobe streak
Constantly crashing
I cannot login either through password or Touch ID the app loads then crashes. Only started happening after the recent update. Having to now login on my laptop please fix!
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6 years ago, Twilight Jewel
Works when it wants
History of their app is it works when it wants, which is never when you need it. Same with their website! So frustrating! Might look into a new credit union.
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3 years ago, Kebassett17
Buggy — doesn’t even open
After getting the most recent update, the app doesn’t even open on my phone. Very frustrating.
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5 years ago, Alfred A
App is terrible
The app is horrible, does not give you access to your account and locks you out. Customer service is never available. If you do talk to a human, it’s because they want to sell you a service.
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1 year ago, Aldenxd
Can’t link my account with Zelle. Zelle says go to my bank’s app. I open the ITCU app. Zelle is not available in the app anywhere. The ITCU website has the same instructions for getting to Zelle though the app. Frustrating.
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6 years ago, laurazzon
Not Working!
Mobile app has not worked for a month! Asks impossible security question. I have no idea what the answer is because it’s nonsensical. Customer service said to wait for kinks to be worked out......
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4 years ago, Loves2002
Mobile App
Isn’t working, and hasn’t worked in over a week. Have called customer no service 3x. Heck even their website was down for a day last week.
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3 years ago, marc_Aceves
Doesn’t work
Just is stuck on the loading screen
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5 years ago, Irspro
Rubbish, just like ITCU
It remains a mystery to me how grossly incompetent this credit union is in nearly everything it does. They can't even get something as simple as 2FA right.
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6 years ago, Jbewersm1079
App has been down
The app has been down over a week for me. Called CS today. 60+ queue!!! I need to make a transaction
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6 years ago, tball665
Horrible execution
The app fails in so many ways. It’s similar to my customer service experience at the physical branch.
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1 month ago, Keats123
Amateur app
Basic, forgets who you are, faceID turns off and expectedly. Not up to the job.
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6 years ago, Captain Jaq
Not recognizing internet
The app won't let me log in saying I'm not connected to the internet.
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6 years ago, Windellix
No network connectivity
What connectivity?
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3 years ago, you have to joking
check deposit ammount not letting me put in cents
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3 years ago, teteline
Deposit mobile App
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