Inventory+ Mobile

3.2 (41)
82 MB
Age rating
Current version
DealerSocket inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
16.0 or later
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User Reviews for Inventory+ Mobile

3.17 out of 5
41 Ratings
4 years ago, damnynke
Issues in Dark Mode
Since the last update I’m unable to clearly see the engine, transmission and stand alone options enough .while in Dark Mode. The font color should be adjusted accordingly.
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8 months ago, Nicknotknick
Crashes Every Use!! 👎👎
This app is in desperate need of some major improvements. It takes myself and my coworkers several attempts to load a simple appraisal and it’s completely frustrating because time is so valuable and this app will waste a lot of it. You have to stay in the app the entire time, if you try to multi task which most people in the Automotive industry do.. then the app will crash and give you a long error message and require you to go back through the authentication process which is very time consuming. There has to be an update that solves these issues. I should be able to refer back to my text messages to retrieve a vin number then copy and paste it into the application the same goes for the mileage and any other necessary information that is needed to log the vehicle into our system without the application crashing and then requiring me to re authenticate myself as a user in order to log in. Also while uploading photos into the app there has to be a better way to organize the photos within the applications gallery the only option is old-new there has to be a filter with a newest-oldest option or have it preset to have the newest pictures at the top of the gallery instead of requiring users to death scroll to the bottom of the gallery to select the newest photos.
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3 months ago, Cox Automotive review
Great app, horribly maintained.
This app is incredibly useful. Has all the right things. Unfortunately every single time I’m using it I’m being kicked out and have to sign in again. I’ve made sure to not be signed in on desktop. I’ve deleted and redownloaded the app. Nothing works. I don’t understand how dealersocket and cox automotive haven’t remedied this yet, seeing how they’re such a large company with such abig financial backing, these things should be fixed. Great app, horribly maintained.
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10 months ago, Follow@itsyuri
Update is terrible
Ever since starting the 2 factor log in Authentication this app is terrible. I am a manager at 2 high volume dealerships and dealing with inventory plus is no longer easy. The frustration we are experiencing is leading us to consider alternate options. One thing is security which I understand. But to be logged out constantly regardless of checking keep me signed in for 30 days is an inconvenience. The 2 dealerships I work in is just 2 of over 30.
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2 months ago, brian.casey
Good App Gone Bad
Used to be a great app. For the past few months it has become unusable. Every time you try to use it it will make you log in, not just that, but it will log you out each time right in the middle of using it. It will also not save your information and can lead to miles reporting inaccurately and/or photos not saving. Stay away! It will make your life more miserable than it will help.
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5 years ago, Erikpos
Easy to Use
I love being able to switch to auction mode when speed is important. I can scan VINs and book out cars quickly and accurately. I am able to take pictures, add the car to my inventory, and the unit pushes into iDMS. It’s great!
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5 years ago, Carolinaguy56
Much Improved
App has been significantly improved! Very simple to begin or finish an appraisal. What I like most is how fast you can snap pictures and upload them to the website.
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1 week ago, Islamh
Glitchy and counterintuitive
Your app is constantly crashing and always saying "log in expired", is a log in session supposed to last 60 seconds? It's counterproductive and aggravating to say the lease, makes managing our inventory when on the go really difficult, is that the best you can do?
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10 months ago, AudisOnly
Needs an update badly
This app was working just fine until this last update with the authentication process. Anytime you switch apps it errors out and forces you to resign in asking for authentication 9/10 times. It’s added 5 minutes easily to each appraisal. Very unfortunate
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4 months ago, Masiboys
Gets worse every update
This app is way too useful not to function properly Cox Automotive It’s too big of a company not to take care of this issue. This app makes the day so much faster. Please make it work. It’s useful is needed.
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14 years ago, Chicago Dealer Principle
Overall ingenious
When looking at inventory in stock it has to have a stock # or we are lost. It is a great appraisal tool as is - but for updating inventory in real time u can only see the year, model and miles. Making it too time consuming to get through the menu... Needs a more thorough breakdown of options when making pricing comparisons against like inventory on competitors lots... Other than that a very special app
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4 years ago, rkc573
Dark mode
The app has a problem making all the texts boxes black when your phone is on dark mode. Please fix this
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4 years ago, RBDForever3
Latest update broken
I literally cannot use my app since this update. Every box is completely black, and most information doesn't show up on the cars. Please help! I have screenshots if needed
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2 months ago, Jtjjjtjtt
First 9 years great app now horrible
They changed authentication process to solara now the app is unusable by my sales staff you are kicked out every time , during use, it’s horrible def changing to Vauto
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1 year ago, Miketrifiro
App crashes all the time
App crashes all the time, customer service is nonexistent.
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2 years ago, Worst FF app
Logging me out
Keeps logging me out after about a minute.
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6 months ago, b84527
Everything was working fine until solera took over
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3 months ago, dporkchop
Logs you out every 5 seconds. Border line thinking of switching inventory management systems
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4 years ago, j_greens
Dark mode issues
Need to fix dark mode
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9 years ago, iosinsight
One step forward, fifteen steps back
The update for Inventory+ built considerable buzz at NADA 2015 and definitely had me excited for a true vAuto competitor. After using this app for nearly a month, there is still VERY much to be desired. First and I feel most important, how is this app not optimized for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus?!. The 6 has been out for over 6 months and Inventory+ launched February 26th. You would think a company pressing it's dealers on the importance of mobile could at least keep pace with the iPhone. Apple only launches one a year. Second, having to login to the app 10 times a day because of the aggravating "Failure to Login" message. If that doesn't do it, the photos that magically delete when it does fail, only amplifies the frustration. Third, the value format (NADA, KBB, MMR & PTT) has been changed entirely and not for the better. Please bring back the old book format. The PTT metric is at the bottom which is arguably the most important number we use and a number they sell the dealers. Fourth, the camera still needs improvement. The "shutter" sound is still intermittent on the first photo. The viewfinder does not equal the photo you get. Essentially you have to cut off the car around the corners to get a decent photo. There is undoubtedly more but hopefully they can address these simple issues quickly. We will now be reviewing our options because of this abysmal update.
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12 years ago, SSDriver
Untrustworthy & Bug-ridden
Just as in the previous version don't count on part or any of the photos you take to make it up to the website. I avg. 50+ pics of ea. vehicle & shooting 10-20 units a day, 5 days a week. Often (way too often) I arrive back at my desktop and find that after they clear the app that it's dropped 10% of what I took. Totally random. Each vehicle missing 5-10 pics each... We have 6 locations I drive between so it's not advantageous to go back out, track down keys, position and retake the photos and try it all over again. Very frustrating (especially when the pics clearly still show in the app, there's simply no way to re-export to the server - a feature I requested back in Nov). Have at least 20 "Support Tickets" going back 5 months for this and similar issues. Support is nearly non-existent.
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9 years ago, nufcusa
What a disaster!
Like everyone else I would love to know why they would ruin a good app. The latest update ruined a 5 star app. We use this app everyday from salespeople scanning & taking photos for appraisals to the lot manager doing photos of inventory for the website. Some salespeople can't even access the camera anymore. The pictures for inventory are being deleted and put in different order daily. The app constantly logs off people several times a day. It took me 6 months to get my sales staff on board & now nobody wants to use it! Great job dealertrack! Also the website was updated and has just as many problems as this app. We will be looking for an alternative if this app isn't fixed soon. A very disgruntled used car manager!!
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9 years ago, Spsilvestri
Worst upgrade ever
Prior to the upgrade, I would have given this application and eight out of 10 stars. The current version of the software is absolutely horrible. Dealer track took whatever functionality was in the application and completely wiped it off the board. I wish there was a way to downgrade to the old version and I would do it in a heartbeat. This app is 100 steps backwards in the progression of dealer track's forward thinking. I wish there was another application I could use to view and edit my inventory and I would switch yesterday. I hope they fix this problem swiftly. Dealer track I beg you to read my review as well as the many unsatisfied customers you have created alongside of me.
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8 years ago, Honda1086
One Step Forward; Ten Steps Backward
In this newest update to Inventory+, a few issues were finally addressed like blank screens and the forever missing feature to upload multiple pictures at once. My main concern now is that when selecting photos from your camera roll on iOS, it puts photos in order from oldest to newest, instead of newest to oldest. The problem is that I have over 5,000+ photos on my device, so now I have to scroll through my camera roll for my most recent photos. This is just as time consuming as a one-at-a-time photo upload. Please address this soon.
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9 years ago, P.a.C.k
I've never written a review for anything... But it had to for this!!
I've been in the car business for 11 years and was seriously an advocate for you all. I was fortunate enough to have received the app during it's first run and I absolutely loved it. It really felt like it was a "car guys" app, made by a "car guy". It was simple, it made sense, and I could fly through appraisals/stocking in units with ease. But, it never fails.. Someone always tries to simplify something that doesn't need any simplifying whatsoever. This is what happened here. PLEASE BRING BACK THE ORIGINAL FORMAT! It isn't something like "this guy hates change" or "he can't adapt"... This new app is really terrible. Thanks for your time.
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11 years ago, Wrestler1xsc4xsc
Dealertrack makes everything worse
We unfortunately have wasted $30,000+ on Dealertrack's DMS system and we finally had to scrap it because it was so horrible. We have seen the quality of the eCarList product decrease due to the over management of Dealertrack. This app now crashes constantly and doesn't sort correctly. We are unable to get the correct books added to individual users and can't simply even add a new user without having to suffering through their sub-par customer service that Dealertrack is famous for. I loved eCarList before Dealertrack got involved but now we are considering vAuto.
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9 years ago, Cole-Bee
Why is it that all the negative reviews have disappeared? Both of my past negative reviews are not only showing up in the review section, they aren't showing up in my past reviews in the App Store! The update to this app is the worst update I've ever seen. I've been a Ecarlist/Dealertrack customers for 4 years and I cannot believe the poor design and quality of the app. WTH were you thinking? Nothing within the app works properly, it doesn't appraise correctly, and you still can't change the TRIM PACKAGE OF A VEHICLE IN INVENTORY!!! Who designs this crap? Go back to the old version. Btw way, the positive reviews are fake and easily recognizable as such!
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13 years ago, Solo1414
Crashes way to often...
Since Dealertrack took over, the app has become very unstable. I'm on the east coast and at 8:00 am when the app crashes at the sale there's noone in their office until 9:30 est to help. It crashes at the worst times. Usually ill scan a vin, then get no carfax or autocheck reports. This morning the app is just closing on its own. The last three updates have killed this app. I have problems with it at least once every day. Obviously, there's a problem since several negative reviews have been appearing lately. Ps....don't bother calling the support line, they'll tell you they can't duplicate the problem.
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12 years ago, Cshields1234
Internet Sales Manager
Started out great! Recently this app will freeze. I take a hundred or so pics of cars, then upload from wi-if and the pics get "stuck." Support is a joke at least for the mobile app. Very frustrating as the picture and upload feature are crucial to our business.
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8 years ago, Howling_Chango
Loading photos
Is there a way you can load more than one photo at a time? Picking one at a time then having to scroll back to where you left off is tedious. Edit: giving it five stars. With your new update I can now pick multiple photos of vehicles and load them. Way easier.
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14 years ago, andycageinbigD
Rediculously Cool!
This app from eCarList is just another example of the creative genius of this group. The app is the best and most user friendly appraisal device for car dealers like me and even integrates with my eCarList inventory live. I can take photos, manage pricing, appraise vehicles, share appraisal data and more. A real game changer for sure!!!
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8 years ago, Blondan
Please fix
I would like to let everyone know that the app works pretty good on the most part. What I've noticed is that it duplicates the pictures some not all. And some do not get transferred at all to the website also when saving the photos on the phone all the photos are being saved upside down and you have to edit each and every single one of them manually. That is a waste of very precious time. I'm asking the developers to please fix this issue.
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11 years ago, Blackn0va
Awesome! But could improve.
First off, if you use ecarlist, you HAVE TO have this app. It's mind blowingly useful. I do have one thing I would like to see, I do inventory control for my dealership, and it would be nice to be able to vin scan, add to a list, and email that list to some kind of format that I can print. It would save me time and save my company money for the way we do our inventory.
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9 years ago, Rjd2733
Much better than before
The latest update is much better than before. It's still not perfect but I can see where they want to go with it. Again much better than before...looking forward to the next update/improvement.
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12 years ago, jlong223
Great app! Integration works well!
Starting trade appraisals are quick and efficient. If I don't want the car, the email button sends all my wholesalers book info and pics I took. Also after I buy a car on the block I can add it to inventory, describe, photo and price. App has more capability than Vauto.
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9 years ago, Paryzz
Impossible to use...
They still haven't fixed everything that was wrong! The 4.1 update is still awful. Appraising vehicles is nearly impossible with the latest update. Why not consult the users before making a decision like this? The interface is awful and there is no way to view all of your inventory in master view. He app is buggy, sluggish and not user friendly at all. Camera for appraisals doesn't work so good luck getting pictures. An app worth deleting..
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9 years ago, FLFootballDad
Greatly Improved --- Best Appraisal App 2015
I love the fact that all values are on one page and easy to access. There is so much data to help make better decisions when appraising or purchasing a vehicle. TrueScore data makes risk management seamless and the fact that I can look at multiple stores easily makes handling a group of stores much more efficient. Bravo to the designers for a greatly improved and much more reliable app. I wonder after reading negative reviews if they were written by competitors looking to push down the power of this tool.
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9 years ago, RBisAWFUL
Syncing issues
Was hoping the new update would fix the syncing issues that cause my app numbers to be completely different from my desktop inventory numbers. The only way to get it to sync correctly is to delete the app and reinstall it and it'll show correct inventory levels again for awhile. This started at the last update and the new one did not fix this bug issue..
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9 years ago, Parkinoil
Award for the most improved app
The look is much better than before and after the update, this is the fastest I've ever seen it. I'm impressed. I have a few items on my wish list which is why I gave it 4 stars but overall it's great and works very well.
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10 years ago, 10k a month
App not reliable coupled with awful support
Get you push you over the curb and good luck. I know this isn't how you treat your customers. But it seems to be the philosophy for this company. They are more concerned about billing you for a product then making sure the product even works. Do not waste your time. I read the reviews and gave it a shot I should have seen the writing on the wall. Somehow those pages of negative reviews have been erased.
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9 years ago, EricaCH
Horrible Update!
This update is terrible. The older version allowed you to easily search between new and used, the new version makes you view both together or just used/new. This may seem basic but as someone who uses that function ten times a day it's really annoying. The appraisal format adds a lot of useless info. I wish we had the option of using the old app.
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12 years ago, TheKaram
Great app, full of bugs
An incredibly intuitive app, but all it takes is one missed appraisal and this app becomes worthless. Their servers go down randomly, the app freezes on the mileage screen, and sometimes just won't work. You put all this effort into the app, get rid of the bugs once and for all!
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14 years ago, CarGuyNTX
The new standard
Talk about being "on the money". Now I know where to be on bid and price before leaving the lanes. Not sure how we got this far without it. Hats off to the innovators at ecarlist.
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9 years ago, Rylex12345
You ruined a good thing
Not sure who decided to change an app without consulting its users but big mistake. Unlike other apps yours was crucial in running many business's at an extremely useful pace. It was not for fun and games it was a tool that was used to decision millions of dollars in purchases and appraisals across the country. Now it's inept and I will be canceling both the app and the product before months end.
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9 years ago, Mustangegt09
Auto photographer
Terrible, awful, the old version was so much better. I can't tell you how many pictures I have lost and I have retaking cars pictures 3times ,because of this app update. Not only that you need wifi. The area where I take pictures. So it automatically logs you out. Then you lose all the information. Would not even recommend this app to anyone.
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9 years ago, 1brokencar
The worst
This app and software is the worse I have ever seen. If your dealership is talking about switching to this software run the other direction as fast as you can. If you want to use it to micro manage people than great buy it. If you want to use it to actually buy and sell cars get something that will actually work. If I could give this software less than a 1 star review I would.
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12 years ago, ZooBear82
Love it
Like the app. Update with MMR on the main screen excellent idea. The only think is I can't see the autocheck auction check anymore should be added also.....
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9 years ago, Pablo1374
Love the refresh
App is working much better after the update. I hear they are adding more features soon. Can't wait.
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9 years ago, Close the month
Top performer
This is a great tool! The new updates have made this mobile application much better and faster than before.
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14 years ago, Wanta do more business
Fantastic Real Time App
Very Cool! Get real data, real time! Allows you to get real numbers on trade-ins and purchase units. It is a very necessary multi-task tool for an owner or manager in this technology time!
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