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Fusion Media Limited
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User Reviews for Stock Market

4.74 out of 5
28.5K Ratings
6 years ago, Mercury2wo
Get this from a banker!
Update#2 I have now used this app for over 1.5 - 2 months. I am absolutely in LOVE with it. I have loaded my portfolio of stocks and ETF’s (multiple currencies and multiple exchanges) onto this and it is so easy and convenient to track! Ability to “close” positions and tracking at what price I sold them vs current price today, weekly portfolio performance emails that they send, earnings dates, graphs, LIVE PRICES, news! I am impressed. Update#1 After using this for 2 weeks, I deleted 3 other apps I used to have; as this one gives me everything. I also loved this enough to pay for the Ad Free version via In-App purchase of $25-$30 LOVE IT!! Original Review. I am a banker who helps clients manage their investments and I look at stocks, commodities, bonds, currencies everyday for a living. I Recently discovered this app - and this deserves to be out there and more popular! The app works beautifully. Gives me access to almost all data I want in one single window. Company next earning dates, economic calendar (that can be sorted and filtered), watchlists, crypto currencies with different pricing sources, FX, global equities (many leading apps out there don’t support stocks from Europe, Asia, LatAm - but this does!) This app is magic!!
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3 years ago, jrluq
Very good app
I like just about everything about it - ESPECIALLY for one thing and EXCEPT for one thing. I especially like the fact you can "Close" any transaction individually. In other words, if you buy a security several times at different prices (ie: cost averaging) and you decide to sell in lots over time, this app will let you chose which transaction to sell from and then it will recalculate the average price that you are still in for. I really like this function and I have downloaded just about every other portfolio app looking for this - and, this is the ONLY one that I found. What I really don't like is the cluttered "My Holdings" page. Just give me a good, clean summary with the ability to drill down into detail - without the clutter of all these "News" articles that are, in some cases, months old. They just seem to be there because there is space to fill up. At least make this optional. I would have given it 5 stars if it hadn't been for this. Orherwise, great app and thanks for all of the useful data and functionality.
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2 years ago, QueenV321
Virtually Impossible to Use with Voiceover After Creating an Account
Sadly I am having to edit my review from yesterday because my experience with this app completely changed after creating an account. I am not able to use it at all with Voiceover. It is impossible to get past the ads. So I am now giving it 2 stars and (hopefully) deleted my account. My initial review is below. I just discovered this app earlier today, and I’m loving it so far. Let me say I very seldom write app reviews, but I wanted to take a moment to thank the developers for it being Voiceover accessible. It is a bit clunky to change information presented on the screen (switching to the technical data for example), but it is doable and certainly not a dealbreaker. I’ve only had a situation once where an ad came up and I could not get out of it so I had to close the app and reopen it. Again, not a dealbreaker. I love that the values for all of the technical indicators are presented numerically. I only wish I had discovered this app sooner.
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4 years ago, Hey Carey Ann
Alerts are coming in 25 minutes late!
Just upgraded the app to discover that the Alerts Feature is completely failing. The alerts are at least 25 minutes behind and are absolutely no use to me. At this point I’m not sure how this app will be useful to me. Update: tech support followed up a few days later and indicated I should completely uninstall and reinstall the app. While I wanted to do that previously, the app indicated I would lose my data which I relied upon so I simply kept updating the App through my iPhone IOS platform. So I followed tech’s advice this time and suddenly the app worked as it’s supposed to. I should note I have an account and once I logged into the App my data was restored. It seems the App was misleading me indicating my data would be lost if I uninstalled it. In the meantime I found another real-time stock tracking real quotes app to evaluate that offers SMS texting I’m now evaluating. Thanks for tech support for the follow-up.
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6 years ago, bdburton
Great App, Needs More Customization
Honestly, this is a great app. I work in Finance and I love using this app to stay updated on the markets when I am out of the office. It’s got some great stuff, especially the news section and calendar features. Really top of the line data that is easily accessible. My big critique for the app comes with its focus on crypto currency. I don’t mind that it has data on crypto, that is useful. My big complaint is that it focuses so much on it. There is no reason to have one of the main tabs be about crypto when the markets or currency tabs could contain the same data. The small market cap and loaded hype isn’t enough to justify the focus that they have put on this asset. Please stop following fads and give me useful data without crypto as an important asset class. Or at least give me the option to customize the tabs I can see. That would be appreciated.
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2 years ago, ttf846396
Great investing news app!
Wow! The app developer just emailed me to report they repaired the ad issue. Excellent customer service. I just changed my review to 5 stars. Earlier Review below: The investing news on this app is fantastic. Unfortunately, the app keeps showing advertising pop ups that prevent access to the app. For example, when you open the app, an ad pops up. Some ads (video game and photo montage ads) prevent you from closing them. So, you have to open and close the app continuously until you randomlyewiew get an ad with a functional exit button. This would be 5 Stars if they fixed this ad problem.
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5 years ago, Qioneu
Great but I WANT MORE
The app has all the real time data that I need, usually, until my contracts rollover then I have to wait or search, which is sometimes a bother. I can live with it since everything is FREE! Wish I could draw and map out my trades in app but it seems like I’m only able to load my charts and then tweak drawings from there. Can’t create a new chart and map out new drawings, but I hope that we can soon! As well as, be able to add notes to my alerts. That would be so handy since I set up multiple alerts for various possible trade plans I have in mind, and when I get an alert I sort of have to remember exactly why I set it. I do write it down but it’s a bit time consuming/inefficient. Would be really nice to see an alert pop up with my custom note to buy/sell +reasonings, or to pull up a certain chart I’ve saved, cause then I can analyze quicker and take the trade right away, ya know?
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3 years ago, ForceFour
Potential… but some work to do
- App offers Apple login but web does not. Means you can’t log in to account on web if setup using Apple login. As Facebook and Google are well known for lack of privacy and Apple has taken a strong position on privacy protection … I will use only Apple login. - App seems to blend holdings with a simple watchlist. I realize I can create another watch list but the app seems to want to force me into adding a position. - doesn’t seem to provide a simple method to address reinvested dividends. I suppose I could add them as a position. Easier if it was there as an option. There is potential here… and at least they aren’t trying to force a subscription to remove ads (I’d be gone if they did). For now… I’ll have to sit on the sidelines. Not going to spend time adding holdings if I can’t log in on the web.
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6 years ago, stv125
Will you pls add the day next to the date
Great app , though it takes forever to load, there is one easy to solve problem that shouldn’t be the at the first place, the day is missing when stating the date , like when you are on the weekly economic calendar they mention the date but not the day . even worst when you are on “today “ events, they didn’t even state either the day or the date , so depending on where you are in the world, you don’t know if you are looking at today or yesterday or tomorrow .... what a mess !!! Pls mention clearly the day and the date together on the economic calendar.... it causes a lot of confusion on what day am I really looking at .... this issue shouldn’t be there when it’s so easy to fix
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4 years ago, Diddycarter
Best Market Data App
Update: widget has been fixed. Thanks for listening. Back to 5 stats ! Can you guys please stop tinkering with the widget? Please? The new ios 14 widgets are useless. The old one was better and way more functional. But you guys keep removing it and then adding it back and then removing it again. What's going on? You guys are gonna make me stop updating the app completely or find another app. This is such a great app but by removing the old widget you guys are literally making your app worse not better.
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3 years ago, jh20060101
Don’t subscribe there Ad︅ free version.
This business is not operated in US and they charge you foreign transaction fee plus yearly subscription. Once you pay for the subscription. There is no differences compare Ad︅ version. They kept your payment information without any option to allowed you Change or delete your credit card information or give you option not to automatically renewal and I found they charged me on my credit card and I requested to cancel, they refuse to give me full refund. No. I would not reconsider my rating. This support team and management are horrible and insist that I have agreed term for auto renewal because it was set by default by them. They collect my payment oversea and cost me additional foreign transaction fees. The support team admit they have office in US and still collect payment in Israel. After few email communications and said it is management decision, they would not give me refund and said it has been passed two weeks although I told them I have not use their AD free version for at lease 6 months. I have uninstalled this software entirely and never use this software again. I do not use the software because the data is not updated on time and a lot time misleading.
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3 years ago, W0lfsbl00d
App Good But Won’t Clear A “1” Notification On Home Screen
This app is a good market info/news/resources app BUT it will not clear the red “1” notification bubble on the app button on my home-screen, no matter what I do. I have checked every setting, read every screen and option, and still that little red 1 on the corner of the application button will not go away. That’s annoying and I will be deleting the app to reinstall in hope that the process will clear that stupid notification bubble on the app button. Otherwise, I’d give 5 stars, but annoying me with an impossible to find notification is a 2 stars deleted kind of dealbreaker. To the Developer: make clearing notifications easier!!
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3 years ago, andymith
Needs to show market value of open positions
This generally does what you want it to, but it really falls down hard in two areas: 1) when you click into your portfolio summary page it shows the overall value of your portfolio, but it doesn’t show the value of each position. You have to click down into the position page to see that. So on the summary page you see net profit and even leverage on the position, but not how much you actually have tied up in it. I am really curious who cares more about tracking leverage than how much they have tied up in a position. 2) you can’t edit the widget very well. I would like to have the widget expand to show me all of the quotes i care about, but it only shows three now
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10 months ago, CCHAN444
Good app but has a lot of notifications
This has been the primary app I use for checking stocks. This is the only app I have ever paid for to unlock an ad free version. The only issue I have with this app are the notifications. I just want alerts for when a stock drops to a certain price. However, this requires me to turn on notifications for the app. Even after I disable all other push notifications, I am still getting all sorts of news and misc notifications. I ended up turning off all notifications in this app via my iPhone settings altogether.
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4 years ago, Jacksdayjob
Just okay...
App is okay. Nothing too exciting. Give me something like FinViz in a mobile platform. I’d get excited about that. The worst part of the app is the pop-ups. They cover the whole screen and there’s no obvious way to get out of them. I have to close the app and open it again. That’s a pain. The user account itself...You have to have a login (no big deal) but along with that comes sooo many irrelevant emails. As if I didn’t already get the screen notification. Most of the emails, you get duplicates about 3 minutes apart. I have enough emailers already. This isn’t anything more that I can’t already get from Yahoo finance or the Wall Street Journal. Just another finance app.
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6 years ago, USAFSOC
Portfolio is broke *UPDATE*
Downloaded twice to give it a shot. The portfolio tab is broke. When I tap it, the search feature comes up but there is no way get out of it. No “done” button or a way to go back. I have to close the app each time and restart it. Please fix so I can give it another try. UPDATE Thanks to the support staff for the reply back. Third time downloading it and now it appears to be working perfectly. Updated review and like the app so far. Thanks for the good work.
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3 years ago, MRW in WNY
Stopped working!
Purchased upgrade and was favorite stock app until recent update. Reinstall unsuccessful. Freezes...No longer displays futures, currencies, etc. Have contacted support and await a response. Update: Received a response within 48hrs and solved what was apparently a temporary issue. Customer service apparently still exists. Thank you. However, It would be great to see the ticker symbol displayed adjacent to the name in watch lists. This would prevent having to leave that page to find it on occasion.
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4 years ago, No-Uglies
Adding a stock ticker can take weeks.
If you trade any security like a SPAC that starts out as units and then splits into common shares and warrants, do not expect that process to happen quickly. I have waited numerous times for more than 2 weeks or more to have a symbol added. I even try to accommodate how slow they are by sending them email through the feedback link to let them know ahead of time when these separations are going to happen and it still takes weeks. I would probably seek out another App if I hadn’t loaded all the securities from all the portfolios I manage into this one. It’s super frustrating- if I could rate this lower than 1 star I would.
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4 years ago, BP123NYC456
Good luck unsubscribing
I downloaded this app and tried it out for a bit before deciding it didn’t offer what I was looking for. It turns out the unsubscription process for their emails is suuuuuchhhh a hassle. First you have to go to their site and enter your email... so that they can send you yet another email that you click a link in to then unsubscribe. The best part is that the link in the unsubscribe email is only valid for a few minutes! So if you don’t sit there waiting for the email to come in, and miss it when it first comes through, you’ll have to do this all over again. This kind of run around should be illegal.
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6 years ago, D-W-1
The latest version update
I have been using this app for a few years now - enjoying it very much .. & I have only to say great things about it.. I just want to say this for the app maker ( whoever made the new version) that there’s a problem with the comments section- it keeps on jumping around up & down & it’s very annoying .. thanks again . Just saying it so you know & im sure you guys will fix it ( as it was before the new version & had no problems )
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3 years ago, audy13452
Amazing. Absolutely stunned and would highly recommend.
This app blew me away honestly and I’ve never written a review on anything before but I had to for this app. This app deserves way more attention and appreciation. It’s basically a glorified Morningstar mobile mixed with various FactSet features. It encompasses literally everything. You can really do it all with this app, research, economic calendars, watchlists, screeners, alerts for price drops. Simply wonderful app. Phenomenal job!
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5 years ago, Paulie_From_Chicago
Bias news articles and moderators
Careful what you post, if it’s bullish and they are leaning bearish and your comment is informative and precise they will delete it. Same applies with bearish posts, it depends on the moderators view. I’ve never posted anything that would violate any terms. However, moderators have deleted my comments. Also many many news articles are very bias as well. Basically agin leaning towards what they feel. Will I recommend it, nope. My coworkers and other trading partners all agree and have been shocked to see my comments deleted. So for that, I will be deleting this app. Go download TOS and set up an account. At least the traders there are educated and don’t post ridiculous worthless information.
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3 years ago, Slovenské publikum
Global stocks, great portfolio tracker
Competing tooks like seekingalpha or stock charts don’t let you input weight if individual stocks. Only with Investing do you see daily P&L, and more. Investing has almost every stock on the planet, while some others may have German but not Italian stocks, for example. Investing is the best I found, for my quick at a glance portfolio tracking. What I wish to see added in the near future are options and commodity futures.
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4 years ago, Cldmr
Need better diligence on the ads
I like the app and want to use it, but the team doing diligence on the ads is a failure. Often at startup an ad comes up that has no way to close out of it. The only way to attempt to get into the app is to close it and open it again, though this will often need to be done multiple times as the problem ads tend to come up multiple times in a row. If this isn’t fixed soon I will be out of patience and delete this app. I will not be bullied into paying to stop ads as that only detracts from my view of the company and they become a company I have no interest in supporting.
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3 years ago, Newkentboy
A Must for Investors
A really nice way to keep track of your investments and to research future investment possibilities. Management is easy to approach with suggestions and they are quick to respond. I rely on this product several times daily as it is far easier to access than multiple accounts at multiple brokerages. Give it a try, you’ll like it.
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8 months ago, Thomasstudios Productions
All you would need!
Great app. Hands down my favorite. Realtime prices for the stock/crypto market. Add widget for quick fast view of your wishlist containing your favorite stocks and their current price. Timely news coverage from various outlets that provide information surrounding global economics. Only thing I wish, if you could make the widget list longer. It only allows six.
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3 years ago, JustiNtime4u2
Dark mode
I enjoy the app I’ve been trying to find one that I like that’s easy to navigate and isn’t boring to look at it really is close between you and one other app that I would pick as my main investment accounts thanks guys I can’t think of anything that I would change at this time but gimie a couple weeks and ask me to write another review and I’ll get a lil more in-depth
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2 years ago, chipztaughts
Difficult and expensive
I have subscribed to IBD three or more times over the last 10 years always ending up unhappy. I thought since Dow Jones purchased IBD things might improve. Wall street journal finally came up with a special offering of 30 days for IBD. The result was a convoluted website that provides no indication as to what you’re getting for that 30 days. I like IBD but it’s expensive and it’s very difficult to unsubscribe to it once they have your credit card.
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4 years ago, j-to_the-c
All the info you need in an app
Great app! The numbers on incoming stocks are consistent with the market and it loads very quickly with basically no errors. I’d recommend for the articles they send daily. You can choose to follow productive writers and the predictions are definitely on point. I hope they can get to a point where they share more market info based on stocks you’re following.
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3 years ago, Phil1647
App provides critical details for decision making
From technicals to fundamentals and much more, this app has it all. I like to see RSI and MACD indicators on stock in one place; this app has it and many other technicals in an easy to read format so you don’t have to navigate all over the place to find what you need. I find it is even more informative than my TD Ameritrade platform.
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5 years ago, Rokii77
Great Data, Steep Price to Remove Ads
The economic and earnings calendars are great resources. The app has a better interface than web for the phone and push notifications are better than the on-website notifications. $30 or $23 (on sale) to remove ads is a bit steep. I have not pulled the trigger on that yet. I would pay $12 without thinking. Cheers and I’ll keep the ads for now.
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3 years ago, xMushashix
Very useful app
Wasn’t expecting much when I downloaded app off of Apple store. But have got to say I am very surprised of the amount of data this app has! crude weekly draw with actual and estimates is extremely helpful and convenient to access along with notifications that are useful this app is definitely worth adding.
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5 years ago, Yasharino
Highly recommended economic app
I am using this app for a year and found everything I need for trading. It alerts me about important events, and has lots of good news, analysis for many international instruments. Besides one can be aware of whole economic happening which helps you decide about your economic life. The app doesn’t have any bug and is easy to use. Thanks for the team.
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2 years ago, C-Moore
An essential app in the financial space
A smart investor investigates before investing. As far as paid apps this was a good app it’s not over price and the information is decent. It’s not going to explain in depth but does more than most. For in-depth information go to investopedia. Every investor has their go to stock screener but this one is good and I still use it even though I use other ones in addition to.
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4 weeks ago, STIRLINK
Just an Incredible App. Well done!
The work that went into developing this app was beyond anything I’ve found. It has consistently been my go to from day one of investing. I tried others but they weren’t quite as savvy. This allowed me to learn, lose, and win a little back, all in the 24 hour session
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6 years ago, Conan444
Bad change to News Feed
Please change the news feed back to its list format without full screen pics and videos, or give the option in settings to go back to the list format. Loved your app precisely because its news feed screen was a list and was not filled up with whole screen pictures/videos. At least leave your mobile website alone, one can still scroll through the list-formatted news there. Thank you
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5 years ago, Tlove2001
Bugs need to be fixed
Love this app but a few bugs App shuts down and closes and you have to restart while trading Ads (lazy river scalping) does not close with one click and I’m unable to get in the site while trading need to close and reopen Sometimes app not moving in real time Please address these bugs so we can have an more enjoyable experience.
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5 years ago, AW Bugs
Lengthy LOUD Ad Videos!
I loved this app and used it frequently, but recently it began playing ad videos when I launched it, and even when I switched out of the app to use another app, and then back... another ad video. And the ad videos cannot be stopped or skipped and they are lengthy! This is a recent change, and it makes an otherwise excellent app very frustrating to launch. I can tolerate the static ads, but launching it with a LOUD VOLUME video ad playing is causing me to search for another app to replace this one. Please get rid of the ad videos and go back to static ads, and I’ll revise my rating to 5 stars!
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3 years ago, AvgJohn58
Cannot remove ads
I was a long-time user and the app functionality is great. But, I’m now shelving this app for others because the ads came back after the last update and there’s apparently no way to remove them (after I paid). I refuse to waste my mental energies on clickbait. Sorry.
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2 years ago, silvershane
App is unusable
Between the ads at launch to the pointless message boards this app is worth less than free. Every message board is nothing but spam and are a complete and utter waste of time I doubt they have one employee. It is obvious they care zero percent about the quality of their product
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3 months ago, Alejandro Abad-Pablo
Wow… I am in shock
I am writing this review just 15 minutes after using the app and am blown away by how the depth of information available in this app. Not only this but the layout just works. Gets it right and has A LOT of different functions and tools to use to analyze different instruments. 5/5.
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3 years ago, Tbone421
Horrible update
Latest update removes the easily intuitive app into a clicking nightmare. Portfolio used to be in easy reach on the Home Screen toolbar. Now it’s moved off the main pages and requires 3 extra clicks. Not they added a “feature” to help monetize the app while displaying less information without another click. Time to move on and see what other less zealous creators have come up with.
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4 years ago, Alexfromsanjose
Landscape mode and startup time distracting
I downloaded thousands as a better way to keep watchlists and monitor the market on my iPad. Two thinks have been so distracting that I will keep using websites and other apps like CNBC: The forced landscape mode is annoying. I use most other apps in portrait mode and switch back and forth to have a quick glimpse at my watchlists. Every time I do this I have to rotate because the app forces me to. The startup time of about 5 sec is also distracting.
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3 years ago, HockeyToPasstheTime
Changed the way I trade. Best info out there.
This is the best app for investors and traders alike. All the information is in one place and I get up to date sounds news and information on everything from bond markets, fed schedules, futures and stocks. These guys are killing it, I’ll retire by 35 because of this app. Up thousands of % and this is large part of the reason why.
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5 years ago, Gkirkes
New update looks bulky
I loved how this app gave you so much more information on screen than the other mainstream investing apps, but now that’s gone. The new Economic calendar only shows 4.5 events now, before you could glance at 8. It’s so much more work now scrolling all the time. Either change it back or offer a setting for narrow view like another app I use. This was perfect before and I was about to get around to paying for the add free version but now this update puts a damper on all that. Very disappointing.
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7 years ago, hsugene
Great app!
For those of us with iPhone X devices, there are some usability issues. It’s not just that the screen is cropped—that would be fine—there are UI elements that are out-of-place and/or just not responding to touch. I’m hoping that the next update will resolve the issues. Updated: the most recent update resolves all the iPhone X issues! Five stars.
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4 years ago, JeffreyDale
Freezes constantly-can’t access anything in portfolio
No matter what I do or how many times I restart the app and my phone the app keeps freezing up. Absolutely horrible. Please fix this problem as it is costing me a bunch of money by not having real time quotes.
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4 years ago, Ripabont
Such Potential, BUT
I’ve been using on both an iPad 7 and iPh 11 for about a month. Both devices have the current OS and latest app update. I’m following approx 40 stocks. There are times the app is completely unusable...unresponsive for minutes and, or scrolling is a stuttering experience. Though my current number of stocks in 40, the same behavior occurred when the count was, to say 40 was high—just ain’t true. As well, what’s up with the very last entry being blocked by the ad? I get it...a free app needs support, but shouldn’t the user be able to at least access info in their list? The last entry can be pulled up above the ad, but it “rubber-bands” back to original position...unable to be selected. When it works, it’s great, but there are some elemental “curiosities” that cause significant frowning.
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6 years ago, Pratap Paruchuru
Good useful app.
Nice to have sticks , ETFs and crypto portfolios on one place and is very useful. Good coverage of financial news and tops for a novice like me. But the portfolio part of the app is very basic. Only shoelws the ticker symbol and price or with a change of screen the profit/ loss. Prefer the Yahoo interface which way lot better which provides lot more info in the portfolio view. Hope investor. Com will update this soon. Enjoying the app.
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6 years ago, Michaeljs28
High marks, but
My go to app. However, I cannot get the moving average default changes to save. Also, I would like to change my default chart to be candles, not area, but there seems to be no way to do this. The icon to change the chart settings is TOO TINY to use with my finger. It would be great if I could click on "chart" and have my custom chart come up. I even paid for the app.
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