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User Reviews for Invitation Maker & RSVP Invitd

4.81 out of 5
1K Ratings
1 year ago, TalinaB47
We love invited!!
This app is great. We use it for every event we have. It's easy to keep track of who is coming and who declined. You can collaborate with other people helping plan your event and send out reminders and see who opened your invite and who didn't.. we will keep using this for all events.
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5 months ago, Queenpatbaby
I’m a fan!
Love this app ! I used it to schedule family photos and it didn’t disappoint, every thing I needed and some !
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4 months ago, JazzyJoyce
Ok but can be better
I paid for the Conceirge subscription to get the communication features and was disappointed in the functionality and efficiency. You should be able to send individual messages but when you tap a guest response there is no way to communicate exclusively with that person within the app. You cannot send a global reminder. I had over 120 RSVPs so imagine my frustration in having to tap each one to send a reminder. Furthermore, when you do that, it erases the original response 🤦‍♀️. I realized this as my response rate dropped. It’s a convenient tool especially if you do not have emails for everyone but it needs to have a smoother logic model to be great.
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4 months ago, Stillprayze75
Excellent App
This app is a great tool and made it super easy for our guest to RSVP and to track everything. I highly recommend it.
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6 months ago, cammiearave
Best Invitation App
This is so convenient I use it for all my kids parties it keeps me organized I absolutely love this app
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10 months ago, Tonewdoorways
Easy Peasy
Easy to create. Currently no cost and app user friendly. Good to go.
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2 days ago, Princess piggy party planning
Love this app!!!
Every event I do, I use this app. Easy to use an easy for my guest to reply to me.
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5 months ago, մակկւ
My event
I’m finding it hard to read content. It’s too small and not bold enough.
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4 weeks ago, Muneca Bre
Love this app
I use every event
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1 year ago, Hopefull!
Be ware
If you purchase the app once you’ll never be able to cancel subscription they don’t provide a hyperlink to cancel. Nor do they reply to questions/ concerns about cancellation!!!
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4 months ago, Lil's Latest
Very limited options!
Very few image and text options! Do not purchase!
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5 days ago, Shack0204
Got it done 👍🏾
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9 months ago, Klatrell
Baby Shower Success
This app has been a game changer while prepping for the baby shower! It’s very helpful and user friendly. Very well put together! Five stars
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10 months ago, El a qué no puedes olvidarme
Muy buena application
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9 years ago, ChrisPthree
This is FABULOUS..!!!!
I cannot tell you how much I appreciate this app. I love how simple it is to use- creating an invite takes no time at all. I really love that I can quickly text an invite to friends... but that it sends a short link that takes the guest to a simple electronic invite. It is CLUTCH that this app shows me when someone has opened the link!!! When inviting friends to something (without invitd) I never know if they got/read the text or not... now, if they don't respond right away, I still know they received it. I love that it tracks the guest count for me as well. This is waaay easier than using e-vites where I had to Facebook message or email invites.. this is quick, and since I already have everyone's number, I get the invite process completed quicker. I find myself looking for reasons to use this app more now.. haha!! I don't have the paid version and I'm completely satisfied with what is offered in the free version.. I love it so much though, that I will likely go ahead and buy the full version so I can use my own pictures as backdrops for the invites. THANK YOU Invitd team!!!
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8 years ago, God's daughter#1
I wanted an app to invite people to my Christmas party via text msg. When I read the reviews someone mentioned they needed an app like this for the same reason. I must admit this is a very PEOPLE FRIENDLY app to use. It ask what type of event (wedding, birthday, baby shower etc...) and then gives you pictures to chose from (or you can customize your own) then you plug in the other information according to the questions (event name, location, date/time etc...). At the end there is room for any special information or instruction. Then it will ask to access your phone book to get your contacts. One "Con" is it will ask the guest how many people are coming with them up to 5+ but it didn't bother me. This is a really good organizer because once your guest respond it tells you how many people will attend the event and you have the ability to send text reminders! This is a MUST download! Good Luck
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9 years ago, TammyWarrenWendel
Awesome App!!!!
What an incredible app!!! It absolutely takes care of every aspect of invitations. I updated to Pro for $1.99. It's worth ten times that price. I uploaded a photo, filled in the details of the event and selected invitees from my contacts. It tracks EVERYTHING for you: who has opened and responded and who has opened but not responded, who has responded "yes" or "no" to invitation and, if they are attending, the number of guests they're bringing with them. What's even more impressive is what happens after that...the app categorizes RSVPs by color-coding confirmed guests and moving those people to the top of the list! It also keeps a running total of number of attendees including guests of attendees, so a single glance tells you everything. I LOVE THIS APP! Amazing :-)
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6 years ago, rleah2000
Glitches and horrible customer service
For the first time in 3 years, I have had a horrible experience with this app. It started with not being able to send out the the invitations and having to send each and every person a text message with the information. In doing so, I was never able to see if individuals opened up their invite. I then had issues logging in and getting into my event. Lastly, I still have problems now accessing the site even after I thought the problem was fixed and therefore now can’t log into my event together. It’s been a horrible experience-sorry to say. It previously was a very great app and I loved it. I hope they fix the bugs, but the damage has been done and I don’t know if I will ever have the confidence to use this again for anything important going forward. I also have an issue with not being able to reach a live person by phone and then having t wait for an entire day for some sort of response that essentially did not solve he majority of my issues. I’m very disappointed.
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9 years ago, BD221
Loved it but $.99 per invite for personal pic.
I tried every invite app out there and this one is by far the best! I just wish there was a flat rate to be premium. It's $.99 per invite. You only see the picture when you open the invite and then I never saw it again. Also, I didn't like the picture I chose first (it didn't center well) and I wanted to create a second invite to see which one I liked best. You have to pay ANOTHER $.99 for another picture. From now on I will just use the provided images. Even though this is WAY cheaper than mailing invites $.99 per picture is a waste when your family and friends only see the pic for a second. Also, the editing features aren't working for me. I can't seem to delete an event or edit it. It's still four stars (5 stars if there was a flat rate for premium). It's the only app that let me send the invite via text instead of email. Overall it was everything I needed!
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8 years ago, EIXOM4u
Got the job done
I used this app for my mother's 60th surprise birthday party. It did serve it's purpose to invite guests and to log the RSVPs, for the most part. Unfortunately, some of my guests who had previously RSVPED were in confusion when the reminder text was sent. Apparently, they were given the option to RSVP again. This drove the count up, which required analyzing and weeding out the duplicates. I believe this process, however, was much more efficient and inexpensive than the traditional paper option. My suggestions include: making the photo of the invitation remain a more prominent feature of the invitation even after its been opened; and allowing for mass communication of subsequent information after the invitation has been sent ( for example where to park in order to keep up the charade for a surprise party). Overall, I enjoyed the utility of the app, and will definitely use it again!
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7 years ago, Page Forward
Works well
The app works well overall. I upgraded to send all invites at once. It was easy to use and I would definitely use it again. Thank you!! Quick tips from my experience...1) It was easier to add new contacts to my phone directly vs using the app to add them because I ended up sending it to those invites 3 or 4 times 2) if I went back a screen to update data, the information from the previous screen was not saved, so you may want to jot it down if it's the wording for your party 3) The app tells you to add a recognizable name on the invite. Make sure to do it because your phone number doesn't show, several of my invites didn't open it because I didn't follow those instructions. I had to send them a separate text. 4) send an initial invite to someone first to make sure it looks how you want it to.
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5 years ago, rbmc21
Inappropriate ads
I used this app a few years ago for my daughters’ birthday party and loved it. I had lots of friends who asked me about it later because they loved it to. I just came back to the app to make an invitation for my girls’ upcoming party and was so excited to use it again...until I previewed the invitation and saw an ad pop up for marijuana...multiple times. Each time I reported it for being inappropriate, but every time I previewed it, it popped up again. Needless to say I cannot use the app because I refuse to be the parent whose invitation is linked to an ad for marijuana. I noticed that I could pay to upgrade to the ad-free edition, which I was considering. I honestly don’t mind ads and I think we’re all used to them by now, but ads with that kind of content for a children’s birthday party??!!! Ultimately, I’ve decided to search for another text invite app because I refuse to pay for an ad-free version to have to avoid such an inappropriate ad.
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9 years ago, Stephanie✌️
Love the this app!
So I have never written a review for any app, but felt that it was needed with this app.! It literally did everything I wanted and yet so simple! Loved that I could send an invite to any contact in my phone! I also got a lot of comments back on the invite saying how cool it was. Something else I thought was pretty cool was that I added my address to the invite and anyone invited can click on it and get directions right off the app. It's honestly just worked amazing for me. Do want to add that the invention sends as a text message to your friends.. And they have to click the link you send them...which I thought would be annoying for others but no one seemed to mind !.
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7 years ago, Missey Anne
Glad I Paid!!! Simple, but lots of features!
I usually don't pay for an app if it's free, but decided the cost for the product was worth it! The price was less than buying 30 invitations and 30 stamps, and the whole process took me less than 10 minutes to text and email invites. Guests responded immediately. I liked that I could see when an invitation was opened. Linking my address to a map and providing an option for additional links wasn't needed, this time, but appreciated. I used the Reminders to send notices to people who didn't open the invitation. The price was for 30 days use, but worth it to me. I'd use it again for that price.
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9 years ago, kelepso
Borderline Fair App w/ much needed improvements
I purchased this app, because I received a Invitd text invitation from my neighbor and I thought it was pretty cool. My disappointments are: 1. I had to copy and paste each text invite because the app wasn't sending it to each guest properly. 2. The upgrade isn't necessarily worth it because your photo is covered by text. On the flip side there should be an option to use the photo without text, especially if your photo is a graphic design with very important information or text. 2. You can't customize the color on Invitd, so hopefully blue and black goes with your theme. 3. You can't crop, move or adjust the photo that you upload. 4. The picture options provided by the app are lackluster. 5. When previewing your Invitd, there is no "back" button to return to the homepage or window to continue editing. You must close the app in order to return. I would recommend this app, but wouldn't purchase the PRO version if I had the option again. Isn't work the extra $2 bucks. The great thing about this app is the ability to send invitations very text versus email, because it's easier to communicate via text especially when you don't have each guest email address.
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8 years ago, Faith comes by hearing 86
Great app!
Everything worked great. Thus is so much better than using texts, emails, or Facebook for events (I have never done that, but have seen many do it). Not only that, buying the concierge option was completely worth it! I was able to send messages to my entire group about parking the day of, reminders a week before, and I also used it to say Thank You to all of my guests who attended the event. Guests can rsvp by just clicking the link on the app. I also put a link for the menu to the restaurant and the address (with a map) on the invitation. This a very very nice app. I would recommend it to anyone for their event. 🙂
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9 years ago, Tlhs71
Great text-vite app!!
This app is definitely worth the $1.99 upgrade. Not the most user friendly but once you figure it out it's super easy. The ease of creating an invite and being able to text is wonderful. To me, so much better than e-vites as I don't have all of my contacts' emails. Only two flaws... You can't limit the number of guests for each attendee and you can't invite a group of people at once. You have to actually go in and select each individual and invite them separately. So it's best for a small party. But being able to attach a background photo and create the invite to text is great!
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9 years ago, Keeps telling me to rate
😍😍😍😍 I love this app! I even spent the extra 1.99 for the pro version (which I never do) omg SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVITE. Like Who really uses email? Between all the spam and junk mail, sending an invitation using evite would have been an ineffective way to to get RSVP's from your guests. Invitd gives you the option to choose between sending via text or email. I like the text option because everyone is already texting anyway!!! And last but not least the graphics are amazeballs, the tracking eliminates worry, AND THE OPTION TO SET A REMINDER??? Mind Blown! Ty for creating the perfect app!!!!!!!!
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10 years ago, CandyQ9054
Great with a few flaws
Really beautiful app & I love the text feature, but I have a few complaints. After you add people to the guest list you can't edit or delete them, like if you misspelled their name. You have to create another contact & the misspelled one stays on the list. Also there was a glitch that caused some of the people to appear on the guest list twice?? And I can't just delete one. And you must enter a first & last name, phone #, and email. What if I don't know someone's last name or have their email? I had to fill in the space with zeros. I also wish I had control over exactly what the invite says. Otherwise it's pretty easy to use. Just really needs a few improvements to earn 5 stars in my book.
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8 years ago, Everynicknameitrydoesnotwork
Highly Recommend
Basic free version worked great. I really like that guests don't need to have the app. Nice future features would be to send invites in bulk & send reminder to all who responded as attending on day of event with click of one button rather than send reminder for each individual person. Would like to be able to edit outgoing texts to say what I want in event details rather than for each person. Prefer to alter number of additional guests per invitee rather than have it set in event details. Would also like for guests to only receive location address if attending...could receive in a confirmation and/or reminder text.
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7 years ago, Mooziqu
Super easy! Super accurate! Super fast!
I tried a few apps to create an invite but none of them worked as smooth as Invitd. Very easy to set up and send out via text (email option is given as well). Great tracker. Easy to remind guests. Create your own design and upload as invite. Also, if you don't have a guest in your contacts it's easy to add via Invitd, you can also add the new contact to your phones address book since Invitd gives you the option. Absolutely recommend this app for a fast, easy, smooth invite 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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8 years ago, ajakx
Wow! Easy! Fast! Convenient!
Pre populated contacts from phonebook or easy to add names just for the event even though I didn't have there phone numbers. Alphabetized automatically. Sends links to emails, good designs and formats that are adjustable and pleasing to the eye. Create multiple events simultaneously. I will most definite use in the future. Thanks for making things easy and simple. Only suggestion- can you add total number of people invited, not just confirmed as coming? Maybe something like 50/75 Meaning 50 ppl of 75 total invited coming. Or maybe number the list so People can see how many people were invited total- because people bring guest so I know the number will change. But that way I can see my original list was 75 people but now I have more b/c guests are bringing folk with them :-) I hope that makes sense. :-) Anyway thanks I still love it and will use it again inshallah. -
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7 years ago, Krly.Haiz
Easy to use
I use this app for my housewarming and it was super easy to use. However, there were some areas that I felt could have been better. Here are my pros and cons: Pros -allows you text and email; increasing the number of people you can reach -paying for the concierge service facilitates bulk messaging -concierge service does not renew automatically -you can get push notifications when guests respond Cons -although guests can share, you can't assign a co-host to co-facilitate the guest list -a sent an email inquiry and never got a response -the invite comes from a random number so if guests reply, it goes who knows where but you'll have no idea -because the number is random, some guests think it's spam and will never open the message -you can only email someone if you have their phone number as well These are just a few pros and cons. I used this along with evite due to the limitations between the two. Still looking for the perfect app.
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7 years ago, Drtine
Works perfectly
I didn't even realize there were in-app purchases until recently, because the app does everything it needs to do without them. The only thing that would be nice to have that you don't get with the free version is the ability to customize the message it sends your guests- the default message is a little bit cringey. Still, you can change what it sends; you just have to do it individually for each invitation. A little bit of a hassle but worth it.
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8 years ago, MuseStars
I cannot tell if the RSVP is working. I did get feedback from friends that I called! They said they did not have that option. They had to text me! If you Do Not filter the guest list, does it exclude the RSVP option? Also the concierge option is confusing to me. Why is it not consistent with my guest list and whom Has RSVP? The invitation completely covered my daughters picture I wish I had done that differently. I am computer savvy. The dynamics of this app I thought would make inviting easy I'm either not using it properly or I will end up disappointed. However, if some one can help me resolve my issues quickly then I will be a Happy Party Host ! So I will wait too ADD ****** PLEASE help "Invitd" the app customer Service and other users!! Thank you kindly from, discouraged mom...
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10 years ago, CateyCarey
Great concept, needs more attributes
I love that I can see who's opened the links and even design my own background. I wish I could duplicate the events or bulk add people. Also wish I could bulk email people a "reminder" text instead of individually doing it. Also would like a Feature that lets me do an "attachment" or visible photograph. And finally a "maybe" option would be cool. All in all my party was a success and everyone who opened the invite liked it! If you use it make sure you say it's not spam ;) some guests thought it was going to be a bad link or take over their phones.
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8 years ago, Partyw/ME
Easiest App Around
I Love this app it is so user-friendly and takes care of all the frustrating part of sending out invitations. It's easy to design and gives you all the appropriate options to put into an invitation plus it tracks all of your invite's whether they have responded, not responded and even shows whether they've opened The invitation and not responded. The color coding makes it easy to see what your guest list looks like at a quick glance. It is truly a great app even better than Evite!!
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6 years ago, Olya C
Worst App Ever!!!! Horrible
A friend was invited to a party using this app and recommended it to me. To say it's frustrating is an understatement. First of I had to invite every single person individually via text. Midway I saw that if I pay I can invite them as a group.... unfortunately I paid, and was still unable to invite people as a group. I contacted customer support... a month ago... still waiting for a response. It gets worse. My event is in a week and at this point every time a person responds I keep getting the response from only one person (so it looks as if he keeps going, declining, going with a person, declining)... meanwhile I have no idea who's actually coming or not!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.s. Still waiting for customer service from Invitd :(
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8 years ago, Ericftc
Great idea
His invitation and rsvp app is perfect for today's world! It's so hard to keep up with mailings and replys when you can have everything accessible on an app that you can reference anytime from your phone! They can text their rsvp and add notes or other information you may need. It's really cool and easy to do. Even my grandparents can do it!! 😎 for real though, this app is a life saver and never going back to the old days of party planning without this handy app in my hands!!
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9 years ago, RubyRed3
Pretty Good
I was relieved to find something that would text invitations… I'm surprised that there aren't more apps or websites for this. The app is a tad buggy, or maybe it's my phone, but it ultimately works well and I really love that there are no trashy ads. The backgrounds are basic and there aren't many, but for $.99 (per event) you can add your own image, which I think is reasonable. People don't have to download the app in order to view the invitation ...otherwise I wouldn't have used it for my party. All things considered, a solid app and I recommend it if you want to text party invites.
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9 years ago, Cd91214317
Pretty good. We will have to see
It's really nice because it takes people from your contacts and presents them the info via text or email. It barely shows your cover picture which really bugged me because I spent a lot of time on it. You can add invites and change status of individuals attending. I wish it had something you could choose to remind people a week or few days before the event. Some invitees said it wouldn't let them add a guess but I allowed the option. The note to invitees was helpful and it gives them the gps to your house. So far it's ok. I will update review as it goes along.
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8 years ago, MissBickham
Overall great app with a few bugs
Love how convenient this app is! Especially if you pay the extra fee to send all your invites at the same time, when you use that feature they're not copied to your messages section and bogging down your phone! The only thing I would change is when it's loading or processing it does so for a long time so it appears it froze. Some sort of message that reassures me that it's not frozen would be great because I closed the app a few times and messages didn't send.
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7 years ago, Leydylyz
My dream invite app!!!
Super cool App. Takes like 4 minutes to set up, love the fact that the invites go right from my phone text messaging system. The invite designs are simple and very pretty. So impressed, this is my first time ever rating an app! Nice job. (Ps. There seems to have been a glitch in the rating submissions--I drafted this weeks ago but nothing happened when I hit submit. May want to check on this to make sure you're not missing awesome reviews from others)
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9 years ago, Eatcakeforbreakfast
Great app!
Great app!! The reason why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5, was the fact I couldn't get the address portion to work! Tried about 20 times. The keypad would not pop up! Wrote the company for troubleshooting and never heard back. Then finally after coming back to it a few days later, it worked. Don't know if I did something different or the bug was fixed? Other than that, I loved the app. Also, if it would send the invites at once, instead of manually having to send all 20, that would save time!
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7 years ago, Godzchyle12
Overall good App
I have used this invite for the first time and so far it's useful. I got stuck paying for the premium two times for the same event but the app developer fixed it and made up for the mistake abundantly. I was able to create a cute little invite which was text-able. I was able to send each invite via text no problem. I'm getting responses from my friends and family as I type this review. Love it.
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9 years ago, iTwinkMaster
Great and attractive app, but a bit buggy
This has extreme potential to be a 5 star app. Everyone I've invited to a function has commented on how cool their invitation appeared. I upgraded go the custom picture option and included my own chosen picture. The only thing (well 2 issues) are that the invitees are limited to 3 guests on their own (you can overwrite that yourself as the inviter), and when you do up the quantity from 3, you have to attempt 1-3 attempts to get it to register the updated invitee count. Other than that, it's a perfect RSVP app.
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8 years ago, Jesslikeme
Great app
I'm glad I ran across this amazing invite text app. I didn't want to send out a text message invite but this app made things easier. The only thing I would like to see is that when you come out the app it saves where you left off. I had to restart a few times. However, when I finally got in the app it worked well. I'm going to share this app with some of my friends who have events coming up. This app helps because people don't check their emails often anymore.
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9 years ago, Guestttyttttttttttt
Cool app but it happily took my payment to upload my personal photo to my invitation but then didn't actually upload it. So I tried to go back and edit that section and upload the photo but it made me pay again. I thought fine I'll pay again so I went to pay again but then I get a message telling me you already paid just edit it. Of course then it doesn't let me edit it. it just sends me back to the payment screen over and over and over again which sends me back to saying just edit it. It was a never ending loop
Show more
6 years ago, JoJoblueyed88
Love it
Now that I am a first time mom I wish I had known about this app for my gender party as well as baby shower. Now my little girl is one years old and I’m luck to have time to get to the store for milk let alone go mail out invites. This app made it so easy!! Was able to sit on my phone and get everything done while making breakfast at the same time! Now and days everything is done by text and email.. amazing app!!
Show more
9 years ago, My xiong
Exactly what I was looking for...
The app. Was what I was looking for since I don't have Fb anymore!!! I had friends and family members numbers only. It was very simple to set up. Overall, awesome app. However, I think it would be best to allow multiple adding at the end when u can invite people to the party. Also, change the color blue for the app because it doesn't stand out the app. The app saved me lots of time and $$$$. Thank you Steve!
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