Invoice Maker & Estimate App

4.9 (16.4K)
64.1 MB
Age rating
Current version
Bookipi Pty Ltd
Last update
2 weeks ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Invoice Maker & Estimate App

4.91 out of 5
16.4K Ratings
6 years ago, DVA4LFE
Handy App to have
It takes a few minutes to set up, but once everything is...look out world! Though I have quickbooks for much of my business accounting management (& some invoicing), I have found this app extremely handy on the go. I able to quickly customize my invoices & send to clients with ease & receive payments to my business banking account. I like having the ability to maintain revenue intake without having to worry about keeping up with paper receipts when I’m not in the offfice. I’m also able to integrate PayPal with this app to receive payments. It is definitely a business must have!!
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2 years ago, Back of Jack
Do not allow credit card payments
I did not realize it, but when I was sending out invoices, this app was giving the customer the option to pay by credit card. My client did that and I got a email from Stripe that I needed to start an account to get paid. Needless to say here I am three weeks later no payment and Stripe is refunding my client because they said there is too many disputes with my type of business. I'm a contractor. It will be weeks before my client sees the refunded payment on their credit card account which puts us more than a month later back to square one where we started. If you use this app, use the credit card payment feature at your own risk.
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3 years ago, EWCcustomer
Easiest way to bring your business to next level!
I just started my journey to creating my own business (Harvest Home Co) for personalized home decor and clothing. I needed a way to send my customers neat and organized and most importantly PROFESSIONAL invoices/ receipts and this is the way!!! This app was recommended to me and I couldn’t be happier! Super user friendly, very neat and organized and absolutely bring your business to the next level! Amazing, 10/10 recommend! Do yourself a favor and give this app a try. You really can’t go wrong with FREE either!
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1 year ago, Gabbysw
Do not use this app
I used the app as a contractor to create invoices to send out to clients, I specifically removed the option to pay via credit card and put my own payment instructions in(zelle). Somehow it allowed my client to pay via stripe(credit card), I created a stripe acct trying to figure out how to access those funds and surprise the funds are not there! I’ve been trying to get access to my funds for a day now and to try and get a refund for my client seems impossible because the funds are even visible to allow a refund on my end. I’m very upset seeing how I went into the bookipi settings and removed that option to pay via card. Seriously use at your own risk because seemingly I’m out of a great deal of money because of this app and stripe.
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3 years ago, Dl6373/:#
Amazing, and 100% Free!
This app works amazing for my small business. I can write bills, text them to customers, track what motors and doors customers have, and have as many customers and invoices as i want. Like others said, it takes a little while to set up, but when it’s setup, it’s amazing. Tried many other apps, and all required a huge payment and still not as many features as this. Amazing alternative to my old method, pen and paper lol.
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4 years ago, BP1201
Great app...
Absolutely love this app! Tried numerous invoicing apps and this is the best! It has lots of features and is super easy to use! One of the many features that was awesome was being able to see when someone opens and reads your invoice! Unfortunately this doesn’t always work and the last several invoices hasn’t worked at all. Emailed developer about this and hoping for a fix soon! Will update this accordingly but I still highly recommend this app!
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2 years ago, SartreNugget
Not worth it
Let me help you with the only piece of fine print you need to know. These people will take 2.9% of every payment you receive. That’s all you need to know. Get paid a different way. Customer support is non existent and I’m pretty sure half the positive reviews you see here are fake. They certainly aren’t informative. This is an opportunistic company looking to take advantage of your hard work and lack of interest in reading user agreements. Don’t bite the line that it’s free. If you are a big business, maybe this garbage is for you. If you are an individual contractor like me, stay away. Don’t use this app. They will take advantage of you and then never be held accountable.
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3 years ago, soulmatesatsea
Working Perfectly
Invoices are easy to create & look very professional! The best part is being able to use this app for FREE! I figured it would be limited on what you could do in regards to customizing, but so far I have been able to do everything I have wanted and the invoices look great! I love the ability to send invoices to emails, texting, & creating PDF files. Thank you so much for a great FREE App that actually works & does everything you stated it would do!
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1 year ago, bw+*^%#}}{[
Love this app
I absolutely love this app! It is so easy to use and help track my sales. The only issue that I wish could be fixed is the Invoice numbers- I have my prefix and suffix set up I. The settings but it never saves it correctly and I end up getting invoice numbers generated that are like 10 digits long. It’s a little annoying to have to delete them all and track back to what the number should be based on the last invoice. Other than that, I would give 5 stars
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8 months ago, Fgcycfjtc
Great for first time invoices!
I used to make my invoices on my notes app but I needed something a little more professional quality. This app has the option to have set prices for certain items or services and if you take the time to set that up it can rally help you get an invoice made fairly quick !
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4 years ago, Manda.88
Wonderful until you run into issues...
I love this app and have sworn by it for my company. The last few days I have been experiencing issues, which because I became reliant on this application, these issues are creating major issues for my business. I am not able to convert estimates over to invoices, have not been able to sign documents, not able to send invoices. I kept getting a Network Failure banner come across the app. I decided to try and log out and log back in to see if it would help, now there’s an issue with me logging in? This app provides a great service for small businesses, but consistency is key...
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3 years ago, SzymRhi
Exactly what I need!
I love this app and how straightforward and user-friendly it is. I was able to set it up quickly and use it right away! Also, when I had a question about something, customer service responded quickly and was very helpful. Great app and great customer service! Totally recommend!
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3 years ago, JRD.JR.
Top Notch
Nothing but greatness,Almost midnight tonight I was out with some information I would not have thought I’d have gotten answers for, for days. Patrick answered me in minutes and settled the problem as well as we had a great conversation. Looking forward to this company going somewhere. Here’s to killing it in the new year, please keep up the good work. Thanks for everything.
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2 months ago, jonhsnood
basura de app
no la uses es basura tendras poblemas para recibir el dinero y la atención al cliente es cuando ellos le da la gana When you know that customer service is rubbish, they work when they want. It is not enough for them to be an app that totally depends on Stripe, which in reality are completely unnecessary because using Stripe directly you do not need them. Stay away from this garbage app that does not work on a Saturday at 1:00 pm and yet goes to work on a Sunday They do not believe him or them. and I cannot make the return to my client on time because of these poor lazy people who cannot solve the problem when it is urgent.
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11 months ago, SharkWiz
I can’t believe this app is free, thank you so much. I’ve been using this for all my invoicing/quotes for several years now. Invoices look great, details are customisable, items are recorded, overdue reminders sent automatically… too much to mention. Can’t go wrong with this app! Thank you Bookipi
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5 years ago, Pinggun
Great for little businesses
I started selling bathbombs. I also have a tendency to over fill my plate and I hate going through messages and emails to figure out who wanted what. With the invoices, I can put in the orders and mark them off as I send them out. The invoices look professional and I love how you can add a personal signature. I didn’t give a full 5 star because I am still learning all the features, but I am happy with it!
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8 months ago, Coco Barrel
Great App! But…
I love this app! It keeps a great and smooth flow for my business. I just wish that the app had the ‘Request a Deposit’ feature like the website does! Unless I’m not looking for it correctly? But if the app really doesn’t have that, I ask of you to please consider adding that feature for the app! Thank you and great job on such a great app! 🫶🏼
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3 years ago, M•A•Clady
5 Star
I been looking for something like this for some time. I’m able to upload logos, pictures modify prices. Go back and edit I don’t use it enough to want to sign up n pay monthly. I’ve tried several apps and they all wants a monthly subscription. This one is Free. Thank you.
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4 years ago, Meme_2013
This is what you need
This app is really the best thing I found to help me manage my small business and have track of my income monthly, made my business looked much more professional with customers, it’s easy to set up and great to work on, keep it up, it’s the best!!
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1 year ago, CandiCourtney
Great app but..
The app is amazing. The only issue I’m having currently is that my invoices are no longer being sent as a PDF. When I click on PDF it still gives me a link. It means I have to send a link which isn’t socially acceptable with some of my clients.
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1 year ago, MjMama
So easy - love it!
This app is so simple to use! Professional, time-saving, easy to set up. I am so glad I decided to try it! I don’t normally use an app once and then jump to write a review without a prompt - but this app deserves an unsolicited review. Wonderful - highly recommend.
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1 year ago, Moe Ishaq
Best Invoicing app for business
I have tried many invoicing apps so far and I have to say so far this app is the best for my business. It’s has so many options to customize your invoice with what your business offers. I am very happy with the app so far.
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3 years ago, Mrs D'Banka
The app is a life saver
I haven’t been using this app for long but I can tell you from experience that it’s very good easy to access and very flexible. Their support team is also very effective efficient and professionals they make sure they provide you with the best possible solution I am very happy.
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5 years ago, BOND JEWELRY
Absolutely great for your business
This is my first review of anything I’m in a jewelry business where I travel hand deliver or in my office where ever I can create a invoice with partial payments and basic easy process that don’t Charge for anything extra would even pay for this app
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3 years ago, Markoohh
iOS 15 support
Updated my phone to iOS15 and now I can’t create any invoices for customers. The SAVE button after creating a new customer is faded out and can’t click to proceed with process. Also when changing/adding items, app crashes and closes every time. Please update ASAP
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2 years ago, MzLadyDark
Finally a receipt maker that I can use. I hope I don’t have to come back and change this review. I’m a small business and I needed this for on the go!!! This worked! I don’t all the ends and outs but so far it’s been GR8!!!!
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3 years ago, Buser206
Great app
For a free app, it works great. I give it 4 stars because I cant seem to add photos to any invoice, estimate, or contract form. Some feedback to the company, if they get a chance to see this, to fix this if the issue is an app issue or my properly functioning smart phone running with latest iOS. Thank you.
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5 years ago, GLW2891
Great Invoicing App
I’ve used several and this is my favorite. Lately, there have been some issues though. I’m no longer notified when the invoice is opened for some reason. I liked it when it notified me but now all of the notification. Also, suddenly the invoices are all out of order when I open the app. This is weird and disturbing. This all started happening about a week ago. Please fix it! Now, the app just stopped working. Errors when trying to send.
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3 years ago, Darryl 54th
I’ve been using QuickBooks for years been paying decades for there service for them to shut it off during hard times deleting all of my data this software here is amazing
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2 years ago, whatever313131
Fraud Warning!!!!
All your outgoing invoices go out with a link that says “pay here electronically”, and if they click that link a company called “Stripe” with no App takes the money and makes you verify your identity every which way and never pays you. This is blatant Fraud. Please don’t download this invoice maker. It’s too risky. I just like $700 to this fraud. There’s no way to contact either company and I’ll never get my money back. Shame on both of your companies.
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4 years ago, Marieli_Mary
Almost perfect
The only adjustment that the application needs to give the option to reduce the photos of the products so it can fit more then one in a page. I sell jewelry, so I must put more than one photo of the product.
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2 years ago, lawn care businesse
Super easy to use sign up in minutes doesn’t require a 20 dollar a month subscription to send emails 10/10 recommend over other apps
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2 years ago, jordannayana
Efficient so far but Wish for Customization
I like everything to have a certain look, you can insert a picture but that’s about it, it’s for business and it free so it’ll do.
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2 years ago, BADDA2UDE
Great APP
As a new business owner I needed something simple for me and fast but without all the Annoying Adds and pop-us and I found it this is actually my First time Reviewing an App but I believe it’s time and THANKS TONTHE DEVELOPER Happy 😃 Customer now !!!
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4 months ago, Joyful home Decor LLC
Poor usability
So many problems that I couldn’t even complete one invoice. I spent a lot of time with customer service sending them screenshots and waiting 3 days for a response. Still never satisfied my issues. In the end I couldn’t even login because the screen was distorted and it was impossible to tap on Login button. My client was not able to send her signature and you can’t show taxes separately.
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4 years ago, lairdam24
Exactly what I was looking for!
First of all, I rarely write review so please take that into consideration. 😉 This app was exactly what I was looking for! It’s so easy to use. You can send invoices to clients, mark them as paid and send receipts. It’s the perfect bookkeeping tool for my in home childcare center!
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4 years ago, Fola2069
Bug Fixes
Please can you kindly work on the app. It crashes and hangs a lot. I have to close and reopen the app and certain features like the preview won’t still work.
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5 years ago, Zumba2591
Great custom service
Tim did a really great job in helping me resolve a problem I was experiencing in such a prompt manner. Thank you again and I am loving the functionality of the app and since downloading, I’ve been using everyday in my business.
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2 years ago, perfeccccttt
Best app for fast invoice maker!!!!
This app is so easy to use, you can make a quote or invoice fast & let you convert into invoice by click of bottom so many features, if you looking for one here it is!!!!!!
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8 months ago, Baby Betta
It is free with bug
I gave 2 stars on my earlier review because of limit and I discovered, it was a bug or illegal entry. If I changed the item on the invoice to -$ (negative dollar amount for credit) the app does not alert the user as an illegal entry but remove the invoice.
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4 years ago, RGR 0301
Great app
This is by far the best estimating/invoice app out there. The other added bonus is that it is free. No ads and very user friendly. Great job and keep up the great work. Thank you for your hard work and dedication to small businesses.
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5 years ago, peter078
Tried almost 10 apps, this is what I want. Easy to input, easy to email and keep record. Now I can check them even I m not in the office and I can work with my phone when I m outside.
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8 months ago, Horrible experience !!!
I hardly use this app but when I do I use it to track expenses on my projects. Tonight I get a revoked error. There’s no phone number to speak with anyone. I set this account up 3/4 years ago. I don’t remember log in or account set up info. Due to this all information is lost. Disappointed. Customer support is only available via email and the messages are lost in translation.
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5 years ago, KD Banks
This Is User Friendly!
Have just been trying to find something very simple and user-friendly, with great attention to detail… This really has it all! Enjoying it very much so far :-) #excellentapp
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8 months ago, JoannaSumrall
Needs time-tracking hourly billing feature
Please include a time-tracker feature so hourly billing charges can be easily added to an invoice. In fact, a tracker isn’t even necessary, just an optional column for items with an hourly rate.
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3 years ago, Randy Dos
I have used this app for long time. It's one of the best apps for your business! Thank you!
I have used this app for long time. It's one of the best apps for your business! Thank you!
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2 years ago, Wife/Mom/Retired Soldier
Payment Issue
I loved this app. It is very helpful and quick when it comes to invoicing. Very easy to use and personalize. I too have ran into a challenge when getting paid. A customer paid me 24hrs ago and I still haven't received the money in my account. I can't find a customer service number to call to assist with researching the problem. DO NOT USE THE PAYMENT FEATURE.
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1 year ago, RJ service technician 300
This is a great app, very user friendly & straightforward. Highly recommend to everyone who has to make invoices for their business.
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2 years ago, cool mo no no
Website needed
It is easy to set up but you have to have a website or a social media profile to link it to in order to set it up. You will not be able to get pass that point if you don’t have one.
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5 years ago, Nature angel
Absolutely love the app! Very easy to set up and use. I would love to see a section where customers can give you a rating, that way you know what your doing right! Thank you for the awesome app!
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