Ion Bank

4.9 (1.5K)
50.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
Ion Bank
Last update
1 year ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for Ion Bank

4.86 out of 5
1.5K Ratings
7 months ago, djroto
Almost too good to be true!
Not sure how they do it, but Ion Bank has the best technology that’s easy to use and they are a community bank that when I do call or go in, they know who I am and really want to help me! Long live ion!
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1 year ago, Salem Wood Shop
Wayne Malicki
Best bank I have ever worked with. Always there ready to help if a problem arises or I just need a question answered. They also support the community and many local groups.
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1 year ago, mastersoft15
nothing works as it should I will switch banks if they don't fix this. The developers need to try harder this is a professional app. When clicking a tab it does not work as it should. Fix the face id issue fix the blank screen issue fix the ui it sends account blocked email after 3 blank screen?? really not my fault it does not work its 2023 please improve or hire better developers.
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6 months ago, TMan3D
2nd time in 2 yrs all transaction notifications have stopped. Last time they started up suddenly after a couple wks, this time it’s been 2 months without. I troubleshot everything including deleting and reinstalling the app. Nothing. No help from ION.
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2 weeks ago, Rsnardiello
Setting up a new account
It was very easy to set up a new checking account by following the excellent step-by-step procedure in your app. Well done!
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3 months ago, Red40+
Ion bank
I love this bank. I go to the one in Naugatuck CT and the people are wonderful. When I was trying to buy my car then above helping me make that work
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1 year ago, Elgjay
Love the ion app!
I can do whatever I want with my three accounts from home or anywhere. I’m not a techie and even I can do it! I love it and love ion bank!
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1 year ago, We Do Life Together
Always quick and easy for business and personal.
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1 year ago, thunderouslady
Takes too long to log in
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1 year ago, plane_to_sea
Outstanding App - Best Online Banking Experience!
Outstanding app with all the bells and whistles. Stands out above the large competitors.
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9 months ago, peter lounsbury
Expert service
Thank you!!!
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3 weeks ago, barhagh
Not many colors hard to find what you’re looking for actually dislike the app.
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3 months ago, gyvcdfv
I hate this app so much it crashes whenever it feels like it they run maintenance constantly on it and it still has problems constantly kicking me out sometimes not even letting me login like it’s not fun
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2 months ago, pattie woz
Love this banking app.
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4 years ago, Consumer13334534667
App Issues
This app systematically started to malfunction to the point where it no longer works. It’s started by disappearing from the home screen after logging in. Now it will not download from the Apple store. I spoke with someone from customer service who told me issues with the app was not an issue Ion Bank is responsible for fixing. She suggested I contact my carrier to see if they can resolve It. This app and lack of tech support does not deserve one star.
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6 years ago, artis_zeego
App needs serious updating
Have been using the Ion Bank app for over a year and this app is in need of serious updating. Here are a couple of the items that should be updated. Touch ID come on ever other app has that feature. The biggest problem is that when I take a picture of a check I am going to deposit. App comes back with image of front and back of the check are the same. I have to sometimes take pictures 4 or 5 times to get the app to accept the images. Minor issue the deposit amount should open the number pad on the phone.
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5 years ago, Matt-man1021
Big flaw
The app needs to show your mobile deposit limit BEFORE your write “for mobile deposit only” on the back of your check. I’ve had checks not accepted on the app and then I’m stuck when it’s an amount too high for mobile deposit. How hard is it to show the limit BEFORE you start taking pictures? Please fix.
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4 years ago, VioletMine
Bill Pay not working since Apple update
Bill pay keeps telling me to allow cookies / I have / still won’t work / called Ion’s 800 number / they couldn’t help me / directed me to use Safari which worked / why have app if this important feature won’t work? Fix please... thanks
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4 years ago, Jason Braz
I bank with Ion Bank and another company who's app is light years ahead of Ion Bank. For example. I can log in with a 4 digit pin or facial recognition rather than always typing in my password. Also I can setup text alerts for any transaction wether deposit or withdrawal. Please invest in updating your app Ion.
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4 years ago, Lindamh65
Needs UPDATED technology
This app needs to be updated to 2020 at minimum, use touch ID to sign in! It’s ridiculous to gave to login manually and answer security questions EVERY single time a user wants to review their accounts. Please
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4 years ago, anguisaca
This bank is good but the people who developed this app are in need of some serious upgrade Please improve the following 1- navigation the back button and the way u navigate is very poor user interface very bad to understand 2-password: if you are using device identifier why do we need to change the password every 30 days this is not necessary I can see it from new unauthorized devices only 3- if you leave the app open on iPhone Xanax and close it it will go on a loop and we have to uninstall and install again in order to make it work 4-the menu should be mobile friendly this is 21st century please copy from other banks the bottom menu is very important to switch between tabs I have more issues but those are the most important ones please consider an upgrade
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4 years ago, Nutmegger2
though improved, this app has some major problems like the inability to see images of checks even though the “link” is there. Furthermore, if you do navigate to see the image, you automatically are permanently unable to navigate back to your account overview. VERY ANNOYING since, at least on my iPhone, I can’t log out either and any attempt to relaunch the app ends up in a failure.
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3 years ago, ant236923
Finally a brand new app and it’s still extremely outdated
They finally update the app. Do a complete overhaul and it’s still out of date. The screen hasn’t even been formatted to properly display on a new iPhone which was changed back in 2017 when the iPhone X came out. There’s no reason these developers are not putting out a better app for their customers. No face ID no way of remembering your passwords a terrible overall app
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1 year ago, Klagrave
Used daily
Latest versions are much better.
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11 years ago, CCZP
Stay away! This app does not work. I have had several problems, it has totally destroyed my account. It shows deductions but does not reflect them in the accounts available. So you end up thinking there is more money in your account then you actually have. The payments section isn't viewable at all. I ended up paying my car payment 2x because it didn't show that I had already set it up. Not worth it! Stick to the normal website.
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4 years ago, Kimberox
Wont load
Unsure what’s going on but for the last week the app won’t even load the prompt screen. Fix ASAP !!
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6 years ago, Codeman ct
Exactly what I need
Easy to sign on, haven't had any problems after years of using.
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1 year ago, Yankeeeeee
Bank staff in Woodbury
I think the bank staff, tellers and manager, in your Woodbury branch, are the best of any bank I’ve ever delt with.They are truly a home town bank who have, on numerous occasions, gone far beyond the norm to account this daft old man.I think your security department could used to be a bit more customer focused. They are over the edge with their security requirements.Far beyond any bank that I’ve dealt with.
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6 years ago, arwestenberger
Works well, looks ugly
App works fine for things like transfers and checking balances but it really needs to be updated to work better on the X series of devices. It’s almost painful to look at
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11 years ago, kay phone
Won't let you access the app any more says its out of date but there's no updates
Can't use the app anymore says not compatible and needs an update how ever there's no updates. When you reload it, it's the same app with the same message!
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4 years ago, Roloxdx10
Open issues
I don’t know what happened but since 3 week ago I can’t open the ion app. I uninstalled and reinstall the app again but still doing the same. Fix it please
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3 years ago, Stormypants3
Total Amount
With the new update, I cannot see my total amount. I would really appreciate it if the total was put back :)
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4 years ago, Psnizz
Error messages
Supposedly improved but I keep getting a “Your session has expired” or “Cannot connect to internet” message. I can’t check my balance ever. I can’t do any of my internet banking and it’s really getting annoying
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5 years ago, Mikes88Stang
Not pretty, but it works
App does not display well on an iPhone X, but I haven’t found any major functional issues yet. Been using it for a couple days.
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4 years ago, MPCHABOT
Updated review- It's WAS getting there..
I use the app every day.... And it worked well enough. App crashes and closes way too often. Now it’s strenuous to use this in a time when we need remote banking! You lease update the app!!
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11 years ago, McEeves
I was pretty excited to have mobile check deposit for my bank finally, but it crashes every time I try to take a picture of my check
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8 years ago, Oneconnexions
Ever since they made the switch to "ion bank", things have been going down hill. There was nothing wrong with Naugatuck bank the way it was. Anyway, can't deposit checks using the ipad app.
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3 years ago, update ur trash app
Horrible app
There’s so much to change about this app but changing my password and getting kick out of this app I gotta call every time to change my password or get money now
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4 years ago, Bryan. L
The app will not load
The app all of a sudden is taking forever to load and sometimes it just won’t load at all. Someone needs to fix this app I can’t do anything on it!!!
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4 years ago, megfried
Mobile deposit doesn’t work anymore
I’ve been using the app for years and now the mobile deposit doesn’t work. Very upset!
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4 years ago, Albmxthiel
App literally doesn’t even work
App just loads on home screen. This has honestly just made me use my other bank for more stuff.
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9 years ago, Etrinket
Obnoxious Bug.
The new format for the app is ok, not as easy to navigate as the old one. That is, if the app let's me in. I'm forced to resubmit my security profile every time I open it.
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5 years ago, ATH199607
Need upgrade
Very simple need upgrade
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11 years ago, JVM156
How can an app that just came out have no iPhone 5 support? Looks so tacky centered on the screen
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9 years ago, jmbigfan
Doesn't work at all
Won't even let me sign in
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4 years ago, nick_detulio
update this
won’t load can’t even make it to the log in. i wish i could give it 0 stars
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5 years ago, ionbankboy
not very useful
unable to make electronic check deposits, no matter what
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11 years ago, JoVec
No stars
There's no update
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11 years ago, DCMcDonald
Thanks for iPhone 5 support
Thanks for listening and getting iPhone 5 support. Next step. iOS 7 revamp. 4 stars.
Show more
3 years ago, ygl1030
App is very user interface unfriendly
I log in via my phone. I have face scanning set up. With peoples united banking mobile app, i use my face and i get onto my account. On ionbank, my username is the first screen. My password is the second. My third screen are my security questions. EVERY SINGLE TIME. After the 2nd time, it became annoying. Please fix. Besides that, it’s sufficient for what i need
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