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3 years ago
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7.0 or later
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User Reviews for iParty

1.5 out of 5
6 Ratings
9 years ago, Sunnybeachesgirl
The concept is great! Execution is poor! Many of the fields do not work properly. Upon adding guests, I could not enter anyone unless they were in my contact. Given I am planing this for event for someone I do not care to add all the contacts into my phone to then upload only to erase them in a couple of weeks. Entering decorations and supplies was also a struggle. I hardly ever download apps I have to pay for. I wish there was a refund. This product has to many glitches that need to be worked out before they even think about charging for it. Extremely disappointed and wishing I could get my money back!
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10 years ago, TinaQ
Getting there but no yet perfect
I like this app but there are a couple things I wish would change. First, the shopping and budget features can't sync up. I have to enter everything in twice. Residency is a hassle. Second, the guest list doesn't always input the information from my contacts. This would bother me more if I used the email feature, but I may bother someone else. Third, the app tends to crash when deleting something from the shopping list. If those are fix, I can see this being a much better party planning app. Maybe add in a menu feature for planning out a menu. Thanks.
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9 years ago, Jbarrette
Doesn't work
This app used to be awesome. It is so helpful keeping track of guest list invites & thank you cards. Not to mention to do lists and part prep time lines. Unfortunately, after some updates, it won't allow me to update the guest list to put in the names of guests. It's quite frustrating I gave this 2 stars because it doesn't work currently, but in the past it has been a great app and I would have given it 5 stars before
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15 years ago, Cherishedwun
This app kept me sane!
I was planning a huge graduation party for my daughter and this app kept me sane! I was able to keep track of every little detail and check things off the list as I did them. It was the ultimate party "to-do" list! Worked great! Thanks to the developer on all of his hard work and updates!
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15 years ago, Shellyrae1
Exactly what I needed
I was having the same problem as other reviewers, but tried restarting my iPhone as one person suggested and it now works perfectly. I love having all of my party notes in one place. The option to send an email to your guest list is awesome! I love this app!
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15 years ago, YoAppolico
Great App
I was not going to purchase this App based on the bad reviews. I got it and ran into the same problems and could not input any data. I decided to SHUT DOWN my iPhone and restart it and the problem was fixed the problem, I can't wait to use it to plan my baby's 1st birthday.
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14 years ago, AaasSxlhdcvbjjllluytgvcddghbhjyfdcvbjjgdfcvbjjh
Restart your phone!
I did what others said and restarted my phone after I installed it and it works great! Easy to use and simple. The only thing is I wish I could upload my guest list instead of having to re enter.
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10 years ago, Dragonscar
Not at all as advertised
Doesn't work at all. Cannot enter anything into fields. For example, in food & drink, the huge list is worthless for my needs, but when trying to enter a new item, all it does is nothing. The keyboard doesn't even come up most of the time. When it does, it fills in the location field with whatever one is typing even though one is trying to add a food or drink to the list. If I could I'd return it.
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11 years ago, Mamag19
Great App!
I love being able to put all my party stuff into one place! I can add budgets, shopping lists, and invite list so I don't forget anyone for than you notes. Only issue is that it won't save location or theme on some events and I cant see all the to dos that I've entered if I use a previous party as a template.
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13 years ago, Thefamousjulie
Needs some improvement
I like this app but it does has it's flaws. For some reason my icon is still the fuzzy balloons not the updated one. I agree that the RSVP section needs some revamping. Plus I hate the slider for the number of people who RSVP. Very hard to control! Fix these issues and up your star rating!
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11 years ago, SarahPRN
I just purchased this app today to help me plan my twin's first birthday party. It is only saving about half of my data, and not the part I bought it for in the first place - due dates of tasks! I will be deleting it and making myself a spreadsheet instead. I did see the same complaints in reviews of previous versions, but no reviews at all for this version. I foolishly assumed that some bugs would have been worked out. :/
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14 years ago, JeanieC
Doesn't work right
I restarted my phone after installation as suggested, but the to do list still has major problems. When you check off an item as done it also checks off other random to do list items, so you go to unchecked those and it marks other things as not done. Total waste of time.
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14 years ago, The party lady
Not worth the money, needs improvements
Wasn't worth the money. The guest list needs improvement, ex: be able to separate the "no" people into their own category, and the "yes" people into their own category. Gets confusing when you are looking at the guest list and don't know who is coming, not coming, or still hasn't RSVP'd.
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15 years ago, thegoddessoftitsandwine
Needs password protection!
I was immediately annoyed when I bought this app today. I really needed something to help me plan my hubbies surprise birthday party, and this fits the bill, but without password protect it does not help me at all. How am I supposed to keep it a secret with such an obvious icon and no password?  Fix this issue and it will be five stars.
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12 years ago, sparkerreview
Okay, needs work.
The concept is good but the app needs work. Should allow users to add new categories with costs such as venue (only 3 options displayed). Also navigation is weird....have to click on screen (anywhere) to go "back". As a free app okay MAYBE but even paying 99 cents, simple navigation needs improvement.
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15 years ago, Jaaag
Thanks for fixing all the flaws with the the new update. I had delete the application and reinstall it , lost some information but at least it works now. Good job, now I can plan my upcoming party!
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14 years ago, phatsnap
Does not work.
Great concept for party planning. But it doesn't save things I add, it checks things off my to-do list that I haven't done, and sends me notices that things are past due but it isn't even that date yet! Definitely needs some fixes before I would recommend buying it!
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14 years ago, So organized
Going to be the best party app
It does have bugs. The todo list does not work, it checks off items I have not yet completed. Also it sends past due reminders for things that have not happened yet. I wouldn't buy it until these problems are fixed!! I'm planning my party on paper for now
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15 years ago, N222JK
I just got this app and it seems like it will be helpful, but I would love to be able to attach pictures of decoration ideas, flowers and of the party.
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12 years ago, Mrs.Lou
Not great
This app is clumsy. Biggest problem is when pop up sections go full screen there isn't anyway to go back to main page so u have to quit out. Plus the slide bar for number of invites & RSVP is hard to be handle should just be able to type the number in.
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12 years ago, CL2011948
Budget problem
This app has great potential but please make it so I can add cents to my budget items. Or make it easier to do so. I can't figure out how to type in a decimal point on the keyboard it gives me in the budget area. Thank you!
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13 years ago, The Spz's
Not worth the 1.99
It doesn't alphabetized the guest list. There is no way to email or print the list to yourself or someone else. There should be a way to add categories, and also to be able to change the color of font. This app should be free or at least .99. NOT 1.99
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14 years ago, kcoley1193
Could be better
It's a good app, it just needs the bugs fixed!!! The notes don't work, and you can't change the reminders. Other than that, it's an okay app.
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15 years ago, Iizno1
I have yet to encounter any problems with the program. Perfect to help me organize and keep track of parties.
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12 years ago, Jcp102309
Not sold on this one yet... Has great potential, but not that easy to use... My lists won't completely scroll down & I have to go out of the app & back in... & then it does it again!! Going back & forth to add on my lists is annoying.... needs to be easier!!!
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14 years ago, Bluestar11jct
This app is great I really love it so far. Lots of things can be added to make it better. More themes would be nice. But it's great! Works for planing any kind of party. I'm loving it right now.
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15 years ago, Jmrebel79
Adding guest problems
I'm having the same problem adding guests & the whole app shutting down. Now it would even save a guest name that I type in. Help! I like this app but want to be able to use all the features!
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10 years ago, Jenny Monz
Dont buy the app!!!
Don't make the same mistake i did when i read all the reviews and thought it should be okay and it isn't. It isn't fixed. It doesn't save anything and the dates are completely wrong! Complete waste of money and time. I want my dollar back!!!
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10 years ago, Disneygal13
Please fix!
Loved this app on my iPhone; downloaded it to my iPad and is less than optimal. For instance I keep entering my theme and location and it never saves. I'd say yes for iPhone, but no for iPad unless changes are made. Disappointed :(
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9 years ago, Dorinajean
Can be a great app and I still use it just because I haven't found anything else but it's really glitchy. I wish it would get updated.
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12 years ago, Gonclaves
Love the idea and has lots of Greta potential. Problems... Keeps kicking me out when I try to put dates in. Not Greta set for adding multiple guests or items at one time. Hmmm. $0.99 thinking it should have been free or maybe I should get paid to use it.
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10 years ago, Sharona76
Great app but fix bugs please!!!
This app is helpful & easy to use but every other thing I enter, the app shuts down. I have to keep going back into it, it gets frustrating so I give up. Please fix the bugs!
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12 years ago, luvmyiphone9
Crappy app
I don't write reviews but this app lacks a lot. I tried listing to do's but can't put them under each category. I want to add a to do under day of party and can't. It would be nice if the grocery list can be emailed since the app doesn't sink with the phone app.
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15 years ago, GraFXGirl
Does Not Work
I love this concept but it does not hold information. I have a list of decorations but each item only reads " decoration." It will not save the item names in the lists. Please fix this app as it stands now it is useless.
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11 years ago, Freezingdissapointment
Don't buy it!
I wish I could get my money back! You have to enter everything yourself is not practical, you can't multi-choose items from the choices they give you. It's not worth it.
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12 years ago, Mmwfy
Needs a bug fix!!!
Every time I try to open the shopping list the app completely shuts down. Fix it!!!
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10 years ago, ??????????????!,.?'pf
Doesn't save about half of what I enter
I used this app to plan my daughter's sweet 16. After entering plans for about an hour, I discovered only about half of my plans were saved.
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12 years ago, Gypsy.Firewalker
So so
The app is good but only fully works in portrait view which is irritating. Otherwise, it's useful.
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10 years ago, Mashalusha
It would be super helpful if I can store photos of cake and decoration ideas in the parties to keep organized
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15 years ago, JustRian
The app doesn't seem to keep the names of anything... If I put in the party name and press done it still has the default name (party) FIX THIS PLS!!!:)
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15 years ago, Party planner
Needs improvement
Sorry I purchased this app. Should have listen to the reviews. Can't edit to much for examples the themes. Dnt get me wrg, great idea. Alot to wrk out.
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15 years ago, Anagrammer
I REALLY like this app but the guest list won't add names, and it only caps the first name. Please fix.
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14 years ago, Bjk215
Guest list doesn't work
Won't let me add guests I formation-so I can't manage my guest list-seriously????
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14 years ago, Rachel!!! :)
Over rated
Wasn't as good as said. I don't recomended buying it at all. Needs to be fixed. Very frusturated with it. Not worth price at all.
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12 years ago, Disappointed422
Doesn't open
This app will not open and it has been weeks with no update
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15 years ago, Bunia
This must be the worst application on ipod! Nothing works. It doesnt store any information! Its terrible! Do not buy
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13 years ago, JamieLands
Won't let me add date or time or guests, crashes constantly. Waste of money, useless.
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9 years ago, JenaroseIsEpic
Doesn't work
I want my money back, It is a rip off. Don't buy it!!!!!!!!
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13 years ago, Bo92010
Doesn't let me add date and time.
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14 years ago, Mimi44444
Good app!!!!!!!
It really fun
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