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User Reviews for iPostal1

3.87 out of 5
590 Ratings
4 years ago, Arrecifes
Travelers Dream
I’m away from home over 6 months every year. I use this service to track my bills and keep on top of my mail when I’m away. The fees are competitive with other personal mailbox services, but where this service excels is allowing you to organize your mail 24/7 via the web page or app. Yes, UPS and Pakmail sores offer mailboxes, but it is a secondary business for them and not supported via a direct interface on the internet like this one. I would give it 5 stars, but the portal via the app or browser, although working, needs to be shined up.
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4 years ago, Jr9282
Seemed ideal, turned out to be bogus.
IPostal1 is such an endless money pit I would not recommend to anyone I personally know. I travel so thought this might help out, until I looked at my bank statement. There is a fee renting from 1-3 dollar taken out of my account every time I go in to pick up my mail. Why wouldn’t I just get a standard P.O. Box that serves the same purpose and not have hours of pick up restricted by the business being open. This was never in any of the sign up process. Scanning or shredding mail is pointless when they’ll charge you 1.80 to shred a flyer from kohl’s you never requested or 1.00 to pick it up. Now, trying to cancel my account and it says I MUST buy a shred package in order to be done with their ridiculously overpriced useless service. I’ll save myself .80 cents if I pick it up in person so I’m doing that first thing today and then moving on. I really wish they wouldn’t hide these fees and charges in their sign up process because it makes me leave reviews such as this. I’ve probably spend over two hundred dollars in the course of a year to get mail I never even wanted or requested. Everything is such a scam these days.
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4 months ago, very good it's accurate
Slow updates
I like most things about this service so far, except for one major downfall… I quickly realized I’m not notified immediately of my incoming mail/package deliveries. This part of their service does not work as described based on the description of services provided. iPostal1 states that customers get immediate access to view deliveries as soon as the delivery is made. This has not the case for me. Every time I get an email notification from the sender that a delivery has been made to my virtual PO Box, I’m not able to see the delivery on the app(or on the web) until 24-48 hours later. EXTREMELY inconvenient to say the very least. I've also emailed their customer care 2 times about a week apart from each other in regards to this issue, with no response yet. I'd love to give 5 stars but with this issue I can't. Maybe if this issue is resolved, I can leave a better review.
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3 years ago, Bezdomobile
Better to pay more elsewhere than deal with the frustration
This is probably once of the worst apps because it has nothing to do with the actual website. Any price you get quoted on the app is arbitrary and what you wind up getting charged is usually more. I can’t agree more with the person that left 1 star: “An endless money pit”. Guess what? If you buy a scan/shred bundle of 10 and you ask to have an item scanned and shredded, they take 2 units off your balance. You will wind up paying much more than the competition which offer comprehensive packages for $15/month and up. Go with them! At least you don’t get nickel & dimed on every transaction. If you are forced to use this service because you you bought a year package (like me), do NOT use the app, do everything in your browser. The app is poorly designed and basically featureless compared to the website. Good luck !
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2 years ago, BMW2009
Useless software with poorly paid contractors
After 20 months, countless lost mail, multiple unexplained credit card charges and now the last straw, 23 calls between their customer support and the location that is a contractor to get 2 pieces of mail overnighted and still no resolution im done. DO NOT use, they are a worthless software company who pays their contractors barely anything. Their customer service is powerless since the contractors are the ones who manage your mail, who look to overcharge you. Today i spent cumulative 3 hours calling the customer service line and the mail location to no avail, to be yelled at by the contractor and told how poorly they are paid and how she would not spend anymore time on my request. she eventually stopped answering calls from me and the customer center for iPostal. Poorly executed service, Poorly managed product, dismal accountability and downright awful product. AVOID AVOID AVOID! Learn from my countless problems
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2 years ago, Bastle39958
Stay far away
At first this seems like a great deal $15 to have your mail forwarded to a holding address while you’re in the middle of a move and trying to buy a place. They first tell you they can’t collect your mail until you file the change of address and they receive the change of address no problem. Then imagine being on the middle of your cross-country move and then they want you to sign and notarize document because for some reason they don’t tell you that after they collect your money and tell you all they need is a change of address. All the documents they require are currently sitting in a storage facility packed away. Doesn’t matter that I have them uploaded to my phone they want the actual pictures. What A joke and waste of time to have given my new hold email address to people now to have to have all that mail returned
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4 weeks ago, leicor
Great service!
Ipostal1 has been a super important resource for me when I got kicked out of my house and I didn’t have a stable address this was a lifesaver I was even able to use the address on my drivers license and I still get my mail there just in case. They have a lot of different options as far as locations and they’re all pretty different so I would say do your homework as far as where you want to pick up your mail. I selected like a small independently run postal annex and I love it but I also have an account for my dad at Staples and that works for him. I would say it’s very secure and very reasonable and very timely and very convenient.
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9 months ago, TEDXyz
Expensive, difficult for vendor to use.
I used Ipostal when I moved to a new city, my mailbox was at a small copy/office store. The app is easy to use, quickly sends a message when new mail arrives, and includes a photo of the item. The first red flag was the weird requirement that I hire a notary to confirm my identity when I rented a box. I don’t get it, it was difficult and stupid. The monthly price is competitive, but there is a surcharge for any package that is not a letter/ ordinary mail. For larger packages it can be high. Also, the definition of a “package” is liberal, I was charged extra for 8 x 10 envelopes. The app is difficult for the store employees to use, checking out at the store is difficult for them and always took a long time. Other customers who did not use Ipostal could walk-in, get their mail, depart while I was still waiting. Am glad I am rid of this service.
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3 years ago, Sk84life1027
Don’t use!
I’ve tried UNSUCCESSFULLY, to use this service for nearly 90 days and it hasn’t worked one time the way they say it will... in fact, the location I am to use as my pick up location obviously has no idea how to implement iPostal1’s services and at this time, my mail is missing (75 days of it) and iPostal has been UNRESPONSIVE to my multiple phone calls requesting help. I’ve spent HOURS tracking backwards through two post offices only to learn that the store iPostal1 contracted their services through CANNOT EFFICIENTLY receive mail for others because the US Postal Service does not recognize adding fake suite numbers (representing our “mailbox”) to their real address! Someone needs to do their research before selling such services. Especially because the USPS offers similar services... for FREE. Now if I could just get a refund I’ll be on my way...
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2 years ago, Eb.beautyy
So upset with this company!
I signed up for them with such a high hopes but boyyyy was I mistaken!! First of all, THEY NEVER UPGRADED MY ACCOUNT to be able to accept my 1583 form. So I paid 9.99 a month for months (totaling to about $50 wasted) just for them to close my account. My shop was closed down because I didn’t have the address which I had signed up for and sent over the info since before starting my business. I sent countless emails and made calls just to get ignored and given the run around on the phone. Finally, I decided to try chat support. HA HA. The dude straight up ignored my concerns and was so rude! He ended up deleted the rude message because when the chat chain was done, the convo was emailed to me and that rude message was erased!!! Just…so unprofessional. And they would not give me a refund! Don’t walk. RUN the other way!
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4 years ago, Ian C Blair
Poor Communication All Around
This company took my money, wasted my time and lost my mail. After I completed all the required documentation to set up a mailbox, I was told that I still had not. I contacted iPostal1 customer service, and they said not to worry, that I had, and that I could go ahead and begin having my mail sent here. So I ordered work supplies and used the address for bills, only to hear from the owner of the co-work space this is based out of a week later that he was going ahead and closing down my box and that this “wouldn’t be a good fit for me”. I don’t know where my mail is going or if I’ll ever see the packages I ordered, and I don’t know who’s going to make this right and pay me what they owe. I have never been treated like such absolute garbage by a company before. Avoid these guys at all costs.
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2 months ago, Jackie0913
I am writing to express my dissatisfaction regarding the recent experience I had with this company's services. I signed up for their service under the impression that I would have access to a virtual mail without additional charges. However, I encountered an unexpected request for payment in order to obtain a notarized letter, which was not disclosed during the sign-up process. Someone from the company replied in which Thank you for your response I appreciate the clarification regarding the USPS Form 1583 requirements. However, I would like to emphasize that at the time of signing up for your service, the necessity of notarizing the form and any associated fees were not communicated to me. Clear and transparent communication about all requirements and potential costs upfront is essential for ensuring a positive customer experience. Had I been informed about the notarization requirement beforehand, I would have been better prepared to make an informed decision. Regarding the online notary fee of $25, while I understand it is a third-party service, the lack of prior disclosure has resulted in unexpected expenses for me.
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2 years ago, N0rm1Grr1
Convenient but costly and sometimes difficult to read
I live abroad part of the year and this service allows me to get rid of junk mail and usually identify, scan, read, and download important documents. However, there are time limits for keeping mail and packages, and many costs involved to even pick up mail and packages. My primary complaint is that the scans of envelopes and packages, which I use to identify the nature of the source, are sometimes difficult to read, e.g. dark, oriented sideways or crookedly, have information cut off that would help me identify whether junk mail or worthy of paying to be scanned.
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1 month ago, BubbaBee123
Be warned
If I knew from the start what I know now I would’ve tried a different service. Having given that warning if you still want to try it out here our my suggestions to make things smoother. 1. Stick with the monthly option and choose the cheapest. You can always change later 2. If you wouldn’t be able to get a PO Box from the post office for any reason then you will fail here as well. Might as well move on 3. Make sure your two documents have the same address before you start. It can take awhile to change it if needed 4. After you submit your documents you will need to contact customer service. I found out the hard way they don’t acknowledge anything. Only after I contacted them 6 days later did they tell me something was wrong. ( I didn’t write see attached on a signature witness field) And finally 5. If you are easily frustrated or annoyed you should move on. If you are the type who has found themselves with the feelings of road range do not enter. You can’t handle this.
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2 years ago, d/a/n
A little clunky, but good
The app may feel a bit dated and clunky compared to others, but their mail service has been 100% reliable for me, it has all the features I need, and their price is very competitive. Overall it’s a great deal and I’m happy to stay with them. Just wish they’d refresh their app though.
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1 year ago, Tygyrl
Please stop erroneously billing me!!
I informed iPostal1 to discard my mail but they keep trying to bill me for storing it. I chatted with their support and was told that she sees that I scheduled a pick up of my mail. But doesn’t see where I requested to discard mail. The thing is I scheduled and picked up my mail over a month ago. I made the request through the app to discard the electronic version of the mail. She suggested I log out and back in to the app. Every time I exit the app it signs me out so that’s something I do regularly anyway. At this point I am so frustrated with them because even after I told the support agent to discard the mail, they are still trying to bill me for storing it.
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2 years ago, Bandits37t
Great product, good app
Not really sure why there are so many bad reviews I've had a great experience with ipostal1. It’s been extremely easy picking up my mail. You must schedule an appointment within the app but like I said extremely easy. They staff is really friendly and gives great advice. I love my location and this service. I would highly recommend it. Only downside is it may take an extra day for mail to be scanned in.
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2 years ago, Hawaiideveloper
They used to be 5 stars
Then I started to get randomly charged and at first I thought it was normal. Then when my monthly dues were charged 3X in a month it took them “2 months to admit it was an error” then it took another 3 months to refund me. Also their responses are canned responses and you are forced to wait on hold or call the next business day. As the other reviewers report. It may be better to just find a more stable, reliable, and efficient company that may charge a few dollars more like UPS store mailboxes or similar organization. As my second complaint I purposely lock my card because of their billing issues so when I unlock my card to pay my monthly. I can not even log in. 2 words describe this organization at present until they fix their “web view” service posing as a mobile application. Where is my refund, apologies for overcharging me, and finally how do you pay if your account can not even login?
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6 months ago, Sin1212NY
It was great until it wasn't
At first, It was great. My mail was being sent out on time. Then they started not scanning items on time, and my mail was not sent out on time. Then my mail started to get lost. They claim it wasn't in their location, and the shipping providers would say they never received the mail, and it wouldn't show up as scanned. These “items,” aka my business checks, were lost! So now it's affecting my business. I didn't mind paying the fees, and I didn't mind the late scans, but losing my checks is a different story!!! I'm currently searching for a new business mail box because this is not it!
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2 months ago, Alana.Rae
Best virtual mailbox
After abruptly having to move out of our home and no longer having an actual address, this was a life saver. I did a load of research on every different type of virtual mailbox I could find, and iPostal1 far exceeded my expectations. And I’m now still able to get important mail for me my husband and our children while we’re waiting to move into our new home.
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3 years ago, JimFromKingwood
The UI is bad
Update: I cancelled this service. After they neglected to include the return address of the mail item in the preview several times, including after I specifically requested that they rescan a couple items which request they ignored, I bailed out. Also to note, you can request an item be opened and scanned, but this takes usually a day and a half. I went into the physical office and this office provides service for all the digital mail services, not just postal one, and they had piles of mail everywhere. I strongly recommend looking elsewhere. ****************************************************** The UI for this app is not good, the Menu selection is unreadable on an iPad mini. Also the service itself is very poor. When I have an incoming mail they photograph the item so you can see it. The problem is they sometimes don’t include the return address so you have no idea what to do with it. It is not good. I’m trying another service.
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4 years ago, Jentropy
Newest version crashes whenever I try to look at my package history. We use this to manage the scans that come from our PMB provider. We can’t order mailings from the PMB provider through this app, all we can do is view the front of packages. I’d rather do this in a browser, but the Postal1 website is a hot mess on mobile. This isn’t much better, but it does the job. I’d rather be able to request mailings from this app rather than having to log into my PMB provider’s site and request mail, but this app is so lousy that I wouldn’t even trust such an important feature to be reliable. I also wish there was a way to flag mail we received that’s not ours, instead of having to pay for postage to have it sent to me, and then drop it in the mailbox to go back to the CMRA. I’m sure the person whose mail we received would rather not have the delay either. It’s 2020 (almost 2021) and time for services like this one to take themselves more seriously and modernize.
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1 year ago, JRWestfall
Customer service success
The two main ladies on duty most of the time I pick up my mail are happy to serve each and every time I go in. The art of customer service has to be part of an individuals DNA because not all people have the ability to perform at the level required. The ladies I’m referring to have what it takes to be welcoming and helpful. Thank you ladies!!!
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3 years ago, MHaleyRN
Comes with me!
This is the best mail service. I live on a boat and am currently in the Bahamas. I live in places where I cannot receive mail making IPostal the perfect solution. With a few clicks I can pay timely bills and receive invitations and announcements to name a few. They will mail checks to my bank and hold my mail until I am in a place to have it sent to me. It’s the BEST!
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4 years ago, seanivore
Don’t understand the bad reviews
This is the most exciting thing to happen to paper mail since writing to Santa Claus. I’ve used other services and they’re crazy expensive and don’t offer ideal address choices (my LLC is in LA but I am not). They’ve been overnighting paper mail for free. Trashing for free. And it’s $9/mo — for real I don’t understand the complaints. I’m never using an actual residential mailbox on paperwork again.
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4 months ago, M Photo
I wouldn’t choose again
This app won’t refresh unless I log out and log back in. My last check sat for 4 days after request for deposit before it was sent to the bank. My newest check has sat for 2 days since my deposit request. Emails are not promptly responded to, I have to call. Calls are handled well and friendly customer service. The delay in service is just not what I’m paying for.
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2 years ago, Edle81
Refund, customer service
I opened and closed an account a week ago, and still haven’t received a refund, or been able to reach or get a response from customer service. I can’t use chat because I don’t have an active account, calls go to a voicemail no one has responded to, and messages have only received the auto response that someone will get back to be. I still haven’t even had a response to a message I sent with a question, the day before I opened the acct. Horrible customer service. It shouldn’t be this hard to get a simple refund.
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11 months ago, Ladi220
Poor Service
I have had mail sent back because you cannot upload documents to there website. I have logged in on different browsers the whole nine. Spoke with Chelsea who started trying to cost me more money immediately without even listening to what I needed. Then she blatantly lied and said that you only need to select the document that you don’t need to save the document. Just to speak with Gigi that says they are having technical issues. I do not recommend; they have been more of a pain than a benefit.
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12 months ago, VisionFarm
Overrated and poor customer experience
Many reviews talk about how great the service is, but I have used one of their chief competitors and found this service to be lacking in comparison, esp. re: transparency on pricing. Also, when I decided to terminate service, presuming it would do so at the end of the term already paid for, it actually cancelled immediately without advising me of that fact. Next time I need a mailbox I won’t sign-up here.
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8 months ago, HeyNeenz
Awful UI
It looks like it was made by a middle schooler for their first coding project, honestly. The iPhone app is usable sometimes if it load I guess but the UI and formatting are off. It’s unusable on the iPad even though it says it’s compatible. It’s not scaled properly at all. You are better off logging on via web and saving the shortcut to Home. The service itself is fine if it’s managed by the right place. I think staples acquired them as mine is called Staples Connect now.
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2 years ago, 🥇_Davis
Customer support
A few days of patiently waiting, customer support reaches out and resolves all the issues I had encountered. Moving forward,I’m happy that issue was resolved. While I’m somewhat sure the problem resided with me and my fundamental workings of the app. I appreciated all the help.
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4 months ago, davekappesq
Terrible service
When a service you contract with and pay for takes a full month before they can forward you a letter, They are incompetent. do not use this app under any circumstances they are terrible! UPDATE: Also, their developers are clueless. Their response was to do something that I had done months ago (notary) in order to first access the service. This company is incompetent from top to bottom. They are unable to control their affiliate mail offices. Dumb and dumber!
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8 months ago, Joe Loughlin
Best service ever
I have been using this service for several years and there has not even been one lapse in service…not even one. Absolutely everything works exactly as described in the advertisements and promotions.
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8 months ago, Eltico609
No customer service
Update: The issue was never resolved and the still charged me for a service they never provided. Do not recommend at all. I paid for the virtual address and it’s been a week and I still haven’t finalized the process. I continue to write for customer service and help but haven’t received an email or a call from anyone. Customer service is practically nonexistent. Pay a little more and use another service.
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9 months ago, Swan1019
Terrific service!
I had requested a scan/shredding, not realizing there was an insurance card inside. When I physically went to pick up my mail, they had saved the insurance card. Conscientious people working there.
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12 months ago, Trimmer5
E Fuller
Customer service is very good. Call from long distance and they are very helpful and friendly. Being new to this digital mail service. Can’t say enough good things about your service. Thank you E
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1 year ago, Location dependent
IPostal1 location dependent
I’m sure this app, and associated services works great for people who choose an address adequately serviced by someone. However, I chose poorly. You won’t be able to cancel the service with item in your inbox, regardless of previous shipping instructions, you won’t receive updates on shipping, consolidated item won’t be consolidated, etc. Looking at reviews, I think I’m in the minority, but this is my experience with iPostal1.
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3 years ago, 😫😪👌🏼💪🏼
Highly Recommend !
East set up, Easy access, Great Customer service! They make the app functional and able to use wherever you go. I would highly recommend this postal service.
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1 year ago, Oman1721
Worth every penny
This is a great service that worked perfectly. I used the service for the last year while transitioning my business. fit my needs, easy to use App, great value.
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11 months ago, Kingphice
Bunch of idiots
I will never use them again cost me $450,000 by not mailing me my documents I plan on taking legal action they blocked my account cause my in house notary made an error they lie and never return customer service calls either I WAS APPROVED FOR 3 months already then you shut me down I tried to resolve it but requesting I use your notary online and I was refused in every way reasonable to resolve this issue I also was transferred 8 times in 3 days
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3 years ago, TryingtofindNameNotTaken
Could be better
I love how you can see the actual mail and everything, but the app could be cleaned up a bit. There is a bit of uncertainty with what you’re choosing with the mail. The service, however, has been great. So I recommend this type of mailing service.
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11 months ago, Cassi SLP
Great place for travelers!
This service has been amazing! The app is easy to use, and the staff is so helpful and quick to get your mail. This has been a great way for us to use while traveling!!
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5 years ago, Whimsicalvirgo
Great redesign!
When I opened the app today I was surprised by the updated look and feel of the app. The developers have come a long way in listening to the frustrations of their users and addressed some long standing issues.
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3 years ago, daflemflamman
Great digital Team
This service is helpful for all types of firms but has become even more valuable for my business in recent years. Great tech, great people and always good tech that works.
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2 weeks ago, JK Terrapin
Ashland Mail Stop
The personnel at the Ashland Mail Stop office have been superb. A special shout out to Rebecca. They have been very attentive, frequently acting proactively to make sure they were doing what I wanted and needed. .
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2 years ago, mellowclass
Horrible user interface
The website is poorly designed and not intuitive. Setting up through their 3rd party notary service was impossible. Wasted over two hours trying to set up an account only to find that the notary service wasn’t compatible with my iPhone. Extremely frustrating. Do not use this service for small business applications!
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4 months ago, JZD123412
Game changer
I agree with all of the positive reviews. The app itself may be a little tricky to use, but the service itself is incredible. I use a staples center, and couldn’t be happier!
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3 weeks ago, Crazy Vegas Girl
I really need this because I travel a lot, but it seems that they’re more concerned with taking my money than helping me navigate the bugs in the app and on their website. IDK how long I’m gonna stick with this. Time will tell. Right now, not very good experience. Bought 2 locations, one for my business and one for personal use. Had to pay for the notary TWICE. Business address set up quickly but the second mailbox seems to be a train wreck. Sometimes the address shows up on the app and sometimes it doesn’t. 🤷🏼‍♀️ ipostal1 either it is or it isn’t so … WHY the disappearing act?
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4 weeks ago, #jbwhite
Not impressed with the app or service to date (day 2)
App features are inelegant and the notary process and functions are lame. Taking photos of required documents and IDs to facilitate notary so you can use your virtual mailbox with ipostal1 needs to be refined as the field you populate with the required document does not actually take an accurate photo delaying the process you are then paying for.
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1 month ago, Mcboproduccion
poor quality and little attention
bad experience not being able to completely verify my account, I paid and I couldn't use it, they redirected me to another page where I have to make another payment for a notary for almost 10 days and I lost my money, it doesn't ask to use it or verify my account completely
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