iQmobile Banking

4.7 (1.2K)
80.6 MB
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iQ Credit Union
Last update
3 months ago
Version OS
14.5 or later
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User Reviews for iQmobile Banking

4.73 out of 5
1.2K Ratings
3 years ago, Cowrighter
Easy to use
Easy to find what you are looking for. Easy to transfer funds. The one thing I do not like is signing in. I have a user name that has many variations and the site used to bring up a picture. If the picture was wrong, I knew I had the wrong user name. Now I have to make sure I’m ow it. The other was more user friendly.
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2 months ago, Bix Frankonis
Notifications aren’t notifications
So, the entire point of push notifications, or SMS notifications, is that they alert you to events. This is undermine in its entirety by the fact that iQ has coded their online banking app to send push and SMS notifications only when you open the app. In effect, they’ve used the push and SMS systems to create a useless in-app notification system. On a banking app, where timely alerts are essential, this is (I’ll be light here) less than optimal. As a late-diagnosed autistic adult who has struggled his entire life with budgeting, the arrival of the smartphone with online banking and accounting apps has been a godsend. I rely on immediate push notifications to help remind and nudge me to account for a transaction in my accounting app right then and there, in the moment. It’s simply standard-issue for banking apps to provide push notifications that properly behave as push notifications, and I implore iQ to correct this bizarre—and from what I understand intentional—misbehavior.
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3 years ago, phylly's DA
The new on line banking app.
I liked the old set up better, it felt safer, I know it may sound funny but the difference to me is like righting on fine stationary and then writing on a napkin, this app. feels pretty flimsy! I hope my account is safer then it feels! Another thing that bothers me is, the first time I made a transfer I wasn’t sure if it actually went through because the transfer doesn’t show right away, on the front page, the old set up showed the transfer immediately. Businesses always think change is better but not always does the customer think so! I gave you three stars because I still love being able to do my banking from home. Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion.
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3 years ago, Tippy5060
Doesn’t work all the time.
I have sent two different emails with my concern. Sometimes when I go in it goes directly to the page for Bill Pay. I cannot get to my accounts so I have to delete my app from my phone and reinstall it which means each time I have to go through the initial set up process. Yes my phone is up to date. I sent a message the first time the person responded immediately but had to refer to the IT Department and their response is delayed and I miss their message. This started with your update, I had no problems previously. I would appreciate you looking into this and respond in a timely manner about how you can fix this issue.
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3 years ago, Nellenda
Update is frustrating!
I loved the older version but the newer one gives me a headache. Not user friendly, logging in was starting to work properly but now being weird again, having to go to the web to access my account is not convenient. Couldn’t access my bill payees easily and wasn’t able to update amount to pay on next bill without filling in their address etc even though it’s already in the system... not sure why they messed with it. I’ll update this once it’s fixed.
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3 years ago, SLC Traveler
I was having issues with my laptop trying to sign in to pay off my credit card then I thought of the phone app. I got in thru the IQ app, sent my payment and got out. All in no more than 5-minutes. John
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2 years ago, Big Calmedy Fan B
Recent update(s)
I have to log into this app manually every time I open it, despite the fact that I use facial recognition. This last year has been pretty consistent with this issue. I have a long and unusual password. This is an irritating inconvenience. Also, I have the same face I’ve had forever so I don’t understand what the problem is. The same message pops up every time “due to security concerns, you’ll have to login using your password.” This is stupid. Fix it.
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3 years ago, For What It's Worrh
Love It
The new app is super easy to use and logging in for the first time was so easy! The features on this app are amazing, can’t wait to see and use all the new stuff! Thanks IQ.
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1 month ago, Leslie S
Bad update
I loved this app and used it frequently on both my phone and tablet. But the new version will allow only the portrait mode which makes it useless for my iPad and keyboard. It’s very disappointing to me because now I will have to go through the browser to the IQ website to do my banking business. I’m hoping they will correct this problem but it doesn’t appear that will happen.
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3 years ago, Nerdywords
Best banking app!
This is a great banking app! It is easy to use and well laid out.
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4 years ago, shelby.warner
I updated my password like it showed after taking forever to find it. Now it won’t let me log in to view my account without correcting my contact information. It won’t let me change my email, or keep my old email. It just pops up with an error and to try again later. Please help!
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1 year ago, Kp350
Does what it’s supposed to
Works fine, it’s easy to transfer funds and see balance. I just wish they would add notifications to the app so you can get an alert when a deposit is made.
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3 years ago, Drumfour
It works good. The one thing that’s needs to be fixed is that when you transfer $ it doesn’t show up. You have to log out and log back to see iron your balance. If this was fixed I would give you 5 stars.
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4 years ago, Yhuhy
Needs work
A lot of good updates, but make sure you read the log in page, unlike the pervious person who complained because they didn't read it, info because you need to in put a temp password.
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4 years ago, 2Gumdrops
Stop messing with stuff!
I put my user name in and then takes me to an authenticate page and provides a blank screen. It looks like there is supposed to be something there but does not give any option to put in my password. What was wrong with the old version? Now I can’t check my accounts. Not even on my computer.
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3 years ago, Ronnieburnett29
Give a pint of blood
I’m fine with 2 factor authentication, but on 2 separate occasions, I’ve been unable to log in when I’m out of town, because I don’t give the correct device name. It’s important to be able to access my account when I’m out of town, but this app is cumbersome and irritating. It’s basically 3 factor authentication. Poorly done!
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1 month ago, Tracker797
Latest update needs to go away
Since this latest update, the app is stuck in one orientation.
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3 weeks ago, S!?124321
Unfortunate upgrade
With the latest upgrade, the orientation is locked in a phone mode and will not rotate, not convenient for use on iPad!
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4 years ago, carl durst
Worst app ever doesnt work
Didnt take my password. Jumped through every hoop to make a new one. Made a new password meeting every requirement. Got a notification saying it didnt meet the requirement. It did. This has been going on for a month. Called tech support 6 times today.
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4 years ago, The :45th kid
New update is bad
I had no problems with the older version of the app. This new version has made it impossible for me to access my accounts.
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4 years ago, Reviewer1723
New update? More like downgrade
The new update won’t even let me login. It says my password that I’ve been using for years is all of a sudden wrong. Now I’m locked out of mobile banking. Some update. Thanks.
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3 years ago, 21vikram
Great app
Love this new upgrade
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2 years ago, AzireGalaxy
Cant sign in
I was able to use my face id to sign in and ive had troubles signing in without it. Very unhappy please bring face ID back
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2 years ago, FamousEric
Newest update today, can’t open app… just crashes.
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3 years ago, Overlord 231960502
Good foundation, lagging in tech
Can’t even see text I’m typing in review speaks to problems with this app
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8 years ago, itscg
Great App
This app pretty much serves all of my needs for quick access to my accounts. The new fast balance access is phenomenal. To be able to get your current balance without signing in is a huge timesaver. Easy to make transfers between my own accounts and other family member accounts that are linked to me. Two improvements I would like to see is the ability to see your current balance on the same page as your transactions. Would also be nice to be able to sign out from any page that you on rather than going up to the main menu to logout. Overall easy-to-use with access to all of my banking needs.
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3 years ago, ascdeyiknvdd
Complete Joke. Not funny
This app is horrible. Did you hire a group of grade school children to develop? Looking for a new place to do my banking.
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3 years ago, Fast operative
Ridiculous Limits
Complete waste of time with your “limits”.
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6 months ago, hajzikssjaijana
This app never works
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7 years ago, Runkelrun
No problems
I'm not sure why this app gets such low ratings. Yes, sometimes it takes a minute or two to load. Yes, sometimes I have to try twice to upload my check. Still way faster than driving to the bank. I love this app and how much time it saves me.
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13 years ago, swensville
Yea I guess it's ok for a v1.0, but is phenomenally slow and doesn't retain your transfer settings from your online account. Technically it works (shows you balance and cleared transactions). It's faster to find a computer (even then, the new online banking system is slower than before and lacks features present in their old system). Neither the app or regular web banking will give you any details on pending transactions or holds other than the dollar amount. Unfortunately IQ's current M.O. is to down-grade service and package it as an upgrade. One bad decision after another on the part of upper management, cutting costs in all the wrong places...
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6 years ago, midijunkie2x
Works for me
I don't know what all the other haters are talking about, this app works for me 99% of the time, there are a couple times it gets a bit wonky but those are few and far between (and what app doesn't?) My only complaint is the messaging system, I keep getting emails that " I have an important message, log into the app to view, " when I log on there's nothing there.
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6 years ago, BigDaddyKillaSmokeStacks
Excellent App!
I've been using this app for ever. It has never shut down or had any issues with transferring money to and from my accounts. There is no reason for such negative feed back. IQ is an amazing credit union and this is a great app.
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6 years ago, Kevinkelly3
Great credit union but app needs work!
I love IQCU and their products. However the app has lots of issues. The app sends me back to the sign in page every time I try to pay a bill. I end up logging in a second time for every bill I pay. Very frustrating! Sounds similar to other experiences people have had with the app. Fingerprint setup is buried in the app and I really had to search to get it set up. Good credit union with an okay app.
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8 years ago, Hubbles90
Mobile Check Deposit!
Thanks for adding mobile check depositing! I had deleted the app previously because it wasn't any faster than just going to the mobile site on Safari, but now that you included mobile check scanning, this is much more useful!
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7 years ago, Yuuvgfdxcf
Does have glitches but the mobile check deposit is a life saver
The app does crash a lot…but the ability to deposit a check without even having to go to the credit union is a total lifesaver when I can't make it to the bank or am out of town
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7 years ago, Arbor22
Not the same after iOS 10
Depositing a check via photo has become difficult after the iOS 10 update. The green frame does not extend the full width of the screen and has made depositing checks difficult. Other than that I love this app.
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5 years ago, Sprinkles McGee
Simple and easy to use
I have been traveling for years and this app suits all my banking needs from afar. Once they added mobile check deposits, it was a home run for me. Glitches here and there but it’s never been a huge an issue.
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8 years ago, Rykros II
Absolutely useless
The app crashes on mobile check deposit often. Requiring three or more tries to work. The app is extremely slow to start and sometimes it loads forever and a force quit is required before you can even log on. The whole app is clunky and slow. The worst credit union app (I've used a few different credit unions) I have ever used. And if you're a credit union member, you know how bad most of them are.
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12 years ago, Rachael Lucille
Works fine!
I've never had an issue with this app. I check my balances, and transfer funds often. I pay my bills in cash, always, so I can't say I have issues with that or not.
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9 years ago, Lady Girl
A few tweaks
When the app boots, it shows two different iQ logos and that looks sort of sloppy. Please disable the "autocapitalize" function for the user ID. This irritates me every time. Positives: I like being able to use Bill Pay on the app now. Thank you!
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12 years ago, Cu$t0mer1
Huge security risk
App needs to be updated. Until then it poses a huge risk to you should someone else use your phone. Of all the banking apps on my phone not one stores my user name. This one does. All someone needs is my password and they are in. At least the app should give me the option to not store it. It preloads it when you go to log in. Handy but a huge security risk.
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8 years ago, Iounno
Needs a modernized update
Works decently but could really use a more modern design and improved feel with new iOS implementations. Also it should warn you with a confirmation when you've had the 3 or 4 transactions needed from savings to checking before it charges you.
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14 years ago, Crzassmtber
Basic needs met but room for improvment
Good start to this app. Would like to see bill payer addition as well as being able to see the date when a payment is due. Also the amount of payment. Keep it up IQ!!!
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6 years ago, MA4699421689
I have to attempt to deposit checks and pay bills for days because when I try, I almost always get logged back out because my session expired. I have had to call the bank to unlock my account, not because I forgot my password, but because there were too many service errors with the app trying to log in. Worst banking app I have ever used.
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7 years ago, Mrs.Purviance
Crashing app
The app is telling me that I have to log back in after only a short period of time. I would say, not even 2 minutes...very frustrating. I'm scrolling down the screen and clicking next page the whole 2 minutes as well. Makes it very inconvenient.
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7 years ago, 😀😃😘😍Hannah
So Frustrating
Every time I try to use this app it logs me off. It says my session expired, after being on for about 30 seconds. It is so frustrating trying to do any online banking through the app. I was considering doing all my banking through IQ but this app has kept me from making a full change. If you want customers you must fix this app!
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6 years ago, stevebert
Buggy app, but...
I agree with others that this app is lacking in common banking features and reliability. One strange thing though... the app screenshots presented when browing on iTunes in macOS are NOT the same as those when browsing the app on the iPhone. I wonder if the iPhone App Store is actually downloading an older version of the app and IQ thinks that all these issues are fixed!
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6 years ago, TazzTheAmazingCat-Dog
App is copy and paste of actual website!!!
You guys are copying and pasting the actual website and posing it as an actual intuitive app!!! Are you kidding me?! You can’t afford to pay someone to create an actual app?? Yah yah, “it’s just a temporary fix”... like four-plus-years-temporary-fix-in-the-making, far as I know when I first partnered with you guys! You guys are pathetic at this! GET. IT. DONE!
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6 years ago, Soul<3Soul
Give me an app I can use reliably
I am a long term member and this is unacceptable. I never write app reviews so I think this shows how passionate I am about this one...if I could have given it a zero I would have. It is buggy - making you log in several times then you will be processing a transaction and your session is expired. Very frustrating. A deal breaker for me.
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