iris: Dating App Powered by AI

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User Reviews for iris: Dating App Powered by AI

4.44 out of 5
3.8K Ratings
4 years ago, Slay.Kay🌹
So far so good/Room for improvement
It starts off like any other dating app. Age, interest etc. Then it does the initial face scan. At first I was like, but why how does that help with what I’m interested in. Then being someone with a degree in com science I realized no only is it for verification; but also to help see if I match anyone’s type in the future as well. The “test” that determines our interest did indeed get better and more specific the 2nd round which does look promising. In addition to their being prospects of multiple nationalities. My only insight would be to try to get pictures that look less like models. The backgrounds are all like google stock images. We signed our image away in a sense to be used for the app, why not use that. Also, try for maybe not just the same type of headshot. Some of us like build, tattoos or long hair on guys. Why not show the differences on that as well?
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6 months ago, insta-thecultofpersephone
Attract more users,promote,options to specify location preference
Had major potential but 95% of ppl it recommends are across the country and even world, and also everyone is hideous. The Ai was able to find my type though, but they all live across the globe. It would help if more ppl joined, so maybe someday it will be better. They should offer free memberships and beta testing pay to an attractive target audience of regular ppl and influencers in the US, and ask them to participate, promote and meet a quota of swipes and activity while using the app for a year. I feel like it could help grow the database and users. So that there are more choices, attractive ppl, and actual limits on age and location of who can swipe on you and vice versa. There’s no point in how cool this expensive AI feature really could be, if you can’t narrow down the users to your location, plus type you’re looking for. I don’t see it ever reaching potential if there isn’t the budget behind it to attract and keep users. Now if Tinder had this AI feature to physically find your type…you could get rid of every other dating app. It’s a brilliant idea, but no one will want to use it unless you make like Tinder or bumble and start advertising it everywhere as such.
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1 year ago, Gypsy growls
Need more people
I live in Michigan, why are you showing me someone in India. At 61, I’m not moving to India! I have grandkids I live near, and lifetime friendships I don’t want to lose. An offer to fly me to India isn’t the bonus you think it is. Hoping the AI gets a clue and learns this. I’ve already encountered the stolen model pics scammers use on dating apps. With all this AI, why are you not able to do a reverse image search FOR ME so I don’t have to screenshot and search every image on here to eliminate criminals and scammers? Murderers, rapists, and criminals have had their picture in the news, you should be able to check each picture uploaded and if your face technology is that good, note news articles where the person may have been mentioned, to protect us. Instead I feel like you put me out there to be scammer fodder. Our number one goal is not to be a victim of your clients. Please do something, anything about this…that is the only way you will distinguish yourself from other apps who just don’t care about bots.
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2 years ago, Omega_Edge
The AI is either blind or it is a sham
I decided to humor myself and try this app. I mean the concept seems relatively simple, it should be able to differentiate the features you’re looking for. To further enhance it, you also add photos whether it is of people you know or celebrities and it should be able to take those features and present you with matches similar. The first few levels of the AI seem to be doing that! Now the AI is sending me everything I don’t prefer! Including dudes dressed as women and dudes! Clearly even the features I’m looking for in WOMEN are not there! I’d like to think there’s some intelligence behind the AI being able to take what I told it was my interest and present me with that or nothing at all! If I could give it -99,000 stars I would! This is an epic fail and I would not recommend it. And for all intents and purposes, some of the choices they have given me, I would not even procreate with if it meant we were the last two people on the planet and I would just assume cutting off my member and devouring it if it meant preventing that!
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2 years ago, curiousblueberryfriend
A two gender space
Many dating apps struggle to make their apps inclusive of more than those who fit into the gender binary. At the beginning Iris asks “what’s your gender?” To which there are two choices ~ man or woman and the underneath there are more options and I scroll down to gender fluid and I feel good about it and happy that I am represented there but then I go to the next page and Iris asks, “who should we show your page to people interested in men of people interested in women?” And I don’t know what to choose because I just picked my gender which is gender fluid so I think that my profile should be shown to people interested in gender fluid humans. It just doesn’t make sense that they have obviously worked to be a little bit inclusive in the first question and then fail to complete that inclusivity in the second question. Very odd. I always get my hopes up with new dating apps but they always end disappointing me and I end up just deleting them before getting started. It makes me sad.
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4 years ago, elbow_baggins
Like the concept but it’s not working for me
I downloaded this app because I can never find anyone I’m attracted to on the normal dating apps. This sounded like it would find me a better match. I loved the concept of it but in practice it’s still not finding me matches and it seems just the same as any other app. On top of that, I’m being contacted by guys that I’m not attracted to and I have to “reject” them, which is irritating (for them as well as me I’m sure). I prefer to only be contacted when there’s a match and we both have indicated that we like each other otherwise it gets too much. At the beginning the app asks you to rate your attraction to a lot of different photos. There are 3 rounds, two very long ones and one very short one. Not sure why the final round was so short. I am very attracted to a certain type of look which wasn’t really represented in those photos, so I was glad when I saw that you could upload pictures of people that you ARE attracted to. This is a good idea. I think this app could be improved slightly by: 1. At least giving you a chance to say what you are attracted to. 2. Having the opportunity to filter down the results by what each other are looking for in another person. 3. By allowing contact between two people only after they both have indicated they like each other. UPDATE: after just over a week I ended up deleting the app. It’s just not what I was expecting. I was hoping to get MORE matches, not LESS.
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2 years ago, sam823pc
Not super attractive people
So I was excited for this because I’m hella picky and I like the thought of it matching you with people you find attractive and vice versa. I do t know if the AI isn’t working properly or if because it’s new there just weren’t a lot of options but all the guys I saw were not even close to my “type.” I do think the team behind this app cares a lot and are trying to fix things. I’m on bumble and tinder and they have a ton of good looking guys so I’m Sure iris will get there. Maybe they need to also work on more things that will make them stand out. Like if guys are just looking for a hookup allow for an option to put that and then match people who are looking for the same thing. Also find a way to get the people talking… a lot of times ppl will “match” but then never even talk. Maybe give an incentive to do so. I don’t know these are just a couple of ideas. Good luck iris team!
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3 years ago, Mr Penguino
Different from the others
Stumbled upon the app through an ad back in June, so I thought I would give it a try. Liked the idea of figuring out your type through the AI system, helps narrow down your focus. Plus it’s free to use and I could see who liked me without swiping for days to find them. The app was going great for a bit, then I started getting people who were a lot farther from me, likes states away. I assume the app isn’t widely known, so it’s members base is smaller. Thus leading to the wide search parameter beyond my local area. (Hence the 4 stars) I did windup deleting this app several weeks ago…BUT only because I did match with someone on it, and we hit off. So I say give this app a try, you never know!!!!
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1 year ago, Chino Asencio
I’m honestly happy I found this app on a random Tik Tok. The algorithm learning matches really helps, and I love that the app pushes you more if you’re more active on the app. I deleted my account two years ago and my relationship I found from this app has been going for a year and a half almost at the time of writing this. If something were to ever happen (please no) I’d definitely come back here before Tinder or any of the other apps I was on the app for about 2 months I believe and then hit my match, for those of you not finding matches, I definitely say this app needs more advertising, the user base is a lot smaller compared to Tinder and other apps is its main downfall. I was about to give up before I met my gf on here
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1 year ago, Boscloner
False Advertising, Lies, and Deception
TLDR; Iris is all lies, stacked on lies, stacked on lies. Iris preys on users and the hype of A.I., all while intentionally misleading and deceiving users and grossly underperforming in every aspect. Not cool, and bad business practice. 1. As other reviewers have mentioned, the “A.I.” technology they use is wholly inadequate for the task. We receive recommendations for individuals who we have “passed” on time and time again. It has almost no clue what our preferences are. 2. Further, I am an English speaking person, and it matches me with individuals in other countries where their bios are all in Spanish. I’d say 85% of the profiles I come across are Spanish, and there is no way to filter this out from happening. And again, the “matches” aren’t even accurate, so it ends up being a huge waste of time. 3. There is a Discover section on the app that claims in notifications that NEW MEMBERS JOIN EVERYDAY and to view them before they get matched with someone else — but, when you read the profiles, some of the profiles were written several years ago! These profiles are *not* new, and it’s unlikely that these profiles are even active anymore. There is no indication of when the users were last active, leading us to view profiles, of individuals who aren’t our type, from another country, who speak a different language, who abandoned the platform years ago.
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1 year ago, cambii88
Horrible looking people
The people on this app are absolutely disgusting. I know we shouldn’t judge people on their looks but that’s not what his happening here. These people literally have not left their basement and put ZERO effort into their pictures. You don’t have to be good looking to have some travel shots or a clear edited photo with you smiling…for Christ sakes AI can edit photos for you. I am going to keep my profile active in hopes the iris team using their facial ai technology to market to hotter/higher value people (if it even works to begin with; it’s very possible this is just a gamified app template and no ai matching is happening) Anyway, I gave it 2 stars for having the balls to try and match people based on appearance while every other app tries to match you to nonsense like “hiking” Back to the drawing board, Iris lemme know when you sign up a few influencers and they start telling their friends.
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2 years ago, dehydrated_cronenberg
Great concept but I can’t get the app to work
I created an Iris profile within the past year, and I since got a new phone so I had dowload the app again and log back in, but I must have forgotten my log in info because it wouldn’t let me through, so I decided to see what would happen if I created a new profile. Then I realized that my other profile was still out there, so I logged out, but I must have accidentally clicked “create new profile” again because now I am stuck on the page where it asks for your birthday and I can’t for the life of me get out of that page. I have even deleted the app off of my phone, and when I download it again it just takes me straight to that page. Can anyone help me fix this? Cuz I would really like to use this dating app, I really love the concept and when I did have it for a little while it was pretty good.
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2 years ago, caseyshae8
Not enough options
The app just doesn’t have enough users yet to make it a viable option. Even with my filter set to 30 miles (which is much wider than I have on any other apps) and living in one of the biggest urban areas of the country, I’m getting barely any options within my settings. I’m getting a lot of options in states across the country and from India. The app tries to encourage you to date long distance, offering to buy plane tickets for long distance matches. Because that’s not something that I’m interested in, I find the limited options highly disappointing. I was interested in the concept, which is why I wish there was an option to note that you found someone attractive, but passed for a different reason (location/bio/etc). I’m afraid it limits the algorithm learning process because I’m unwilling to waste time chatting with someone who lives 10,000 miles away from me.
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4 years ago, Nick.L7
Works, but no matches?
I like the interface and the update that allowed more profiles to be viewed. I have sent about 30-40 chat requests. It's interesting that I get the "likely finds you attractive" ones and send them a request but no response. I hope that the developers are not holding back all the features because it looks like there will be a paid version later down the line. Seems like the people using it now are the "guinea pigs" so the developers can get all the kinks out before they start charging for service. Just a bit skeptical on this aspect. Other than that, add a fourth line to the likes and dislikes part.
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3 years ago, Daisy0419
Works great except...
This app works great and I’ve already got some good connections BUT the “Iris picks” won’t ungrey profiles that have been there since I got on this. It just brings up new people and the same greyed out ones still show. Fix this cuz there’s a super cutie I want to swipe on! Since all features are free (best part about the app!!) then being able to swipe on those greyed out iris picks should be a possibility. Last thing is when you open messages the entire mailbox glitches and it moves up and down and the messages get flip flopped and show the new message is from someone who hasn’t responded yet. It also freezes if you hit “pass” too fast. No other dating app has these problems. If all these get fixed you’ll have a satisfied FEMALE user ❤️
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2 years ago, كيلن
Love the idea, needs improvement
I love how it tries to match me with men I am attracted to. It’s cool that I can upload photos and the app will try to find men similar to them. In the beginning, it showed a lot of very handsome men. However, there are a few problems. 1. After a while, the men got less hot. It started showing me beardless white men. I like hairy brown men with nice beards. None of the men I uploaded were white and none were beardless, so the algorithm failed to weed them out. 2. There are some glitches. Sometimes messages disappear as soon as they are sent. At first I thought I was being immediately unmatched with, but after a while I realized that they couldn’t have possibly unmatched with me so quickly and so frequently. 3. The one everyone is talking about: location, location, location. Most of the guys I match with live hundreds of miles away. I used this app for a few months and couldn’t land a single date. I will probably come back to this app later. Hopefully in the future the glitches will be fixed and more people (therefore more people nearby) will be using Iris.
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12 months ago, Pokéyowomon
The app keeps sending me potential matches from Mexico and the Philippines. Most of the matches don’t speak English and I don’t speak their languages. It would be nice if there was an option to limit my matches to people I can actually communicate with. Maybe even an option to translate their profile to my preferred language. It’s annoying and impractical to keep taking screenshots of their profiles and then runners them through a translation app. Another issue I have is being matched with males or transsexuals when I specifically stated my interest was women only. Maybe you need to add some more categories or an option to report receiving matches from the wrong gender.
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10 months ago, goddesssurain
Potential but
I keep getting people from out of my area. Probably because there aren’t enough people locally I imagine. The app has a lot of potential but I feel like since they’re so new they need to push marketing efforts in only a few cities first to get a solid base there and slowly start moving out. Like focus really hard on New York City and maybe Austin texas for a bit and then try to expand. But right now I just don’t think they have the activity to be worth the time
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3 years ago, No loce lost
Great idea, not so great results!
This dating application concept is super but not practical, at least not for non Caucasian. Very few selections and most are global searches so no nearby or maybe five nearby that’s not close to being a match. After you reviewed the searches, which aren’t type specific based on your matches, you still don’t get good results. Yes, you still have to weed through the photos. Everybody and anybody photos are sent to you because they may like you . Okay, I thought the application was suppose to save time and only send you matches that are biometric picks just for me. NOT SO MUCH! The one gentleman I did text was in NY and I am in Louisiana. He reported the same experience. Disappointed!
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2 years ago, Braeden Chapman
Potential is there
Great idea in theory and I’m sure the app would be much better with more people on it. I spend plenty of time on Tinder, Bumble, and Hinge so maybe I’m used to plenty of people to swipe through but the limited pool of people here makes it harder to find people that apply to your preferences. Then there’s the issue of distance that’s also affected by the limited population. There’s a few people within your state and then the distance gets noticeable. I’d love to see how this app grows down the road but for now I just think it doesn’t have a good enough footing to find anyone somewhat nearby you that fits your preferences. Good luck
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1 year ago, Mandy K18
pushes globally dating/dating outside country
In theory, this app is great. I love the idea. But it pushes “dating globally” MUCH MUCH too much for me to feel comfortable. I don’t care that they claim they can give me a higher probability of a match globally. The fact they offer to pay for a plane ticket to go meet someone if necessary is just strange. Nearly 90% of my “highly probable matches” or whatever the term are from a different country, and when I specifically said I wanted a 50-75 mile radius, they only showed me a handful of profiles before pushing me to change my preferences and go back to globally. All in all, as a female that already has to worry about human trafficking among other stuff on the daily, this app feels rather red flaggy to me.
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3 weeks ago, AndiBearCo
The bottom 1% - plz fix!!
I would love it if this app worked, but right now, it is the bottom 1% of the dating pool. People have really low quality profiles and they're all old, overweight or very unattractive. A lot of people look downright mentally ill or criminal. I'm going to keep my profile for now and hope more people join because I have a really particular aesthetic type that's hard for me to find in my income range. Right now the men the app is suggesting are clearly not based on what I like. It's just what they have. I'm hoping to update this to be more positive soon but I'm definitely canceling my paid subscription for now based on all the other reviews going back years and years now. They need to do something to get people on this app!
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2 years ago, tylerrrr <3
Met the love of my life
So I was on this app for 3 days TOATL, on the second day I matched with a super cute boy that was so my type and I was his type, we texted all night that night and on the 3rd day that I had it downloaded I just texted him alllllll day and in that same way we moved to a better platform and we both deleted the app. it’s been a week now and we’re in a very happy relationship!! I hope you all get the same experience as me so please download if you want 0 catfishing and meeting your type 1000%
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3 years ago, MoshiMolleh
I’m offended by the AI 🤢
The concept is cool, however the AI needs some serious tweaking because as an athletic 25F I do not find 40 year fat bald men with soul patches attractive. They’re supposed to filter out people that are not your type, and I don’t know where I went wrong because the first day I was seeing cuties. Now all the men I’m paired up with look like they would murder me in a field. The worst part is they’re filtering out some cuties too— like yes please remove the young in shape 26 year olds that have bios so I can see more men that drive around playgrounds in white vans. There is so much potential in this idea but the AI does not work the way it claims. 🤮
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2 years ago, An_onymous.
A bit confused:
So I just downloaded the app today, and I thought it was okay so far, since it has some features that differ from Hinge and since I have also been receiving a decent amount of likes today. However, that was until I noticed that the likes I received were from people that weren't in my area..I think that there needs to be something implemented that requires profiles to show where they are currently living, just in case there are others out there who are in a similar situation and would prefer to explore options in their area or at least near their area.
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2 years ago, Delaney106
Matches are too far away.
The first few months using this app were great, I matched with several people in my local area. But at a certain point the app started showing me profiles from users across the country, which isn’t very helpful if your trying to find a date. I don’t mind a feature that allows users that are very distant to connect with one another, but I just wish the app alerted me when the profiles that were in my area dried up before showing me profiles that were thousands of miles away like they were the same thing.
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1 year ago, gsnevsusbbw
Great technology but Terrible dating pool
The tech is promising and I’m honestly impressed how well the AI is able to determine your type of face that you find attractive. Unfortunately like many cool dating apps that are less main stream it suffers from having extremely few actual attractive potential matches. Literally I thought surely when I finish the algorithm it would give me at least a few people I find attractive but the customer base is so filter ridden and disingenuous not to mention but they are in a league below average. Would give five stars with a larger pool of people. Focus on marketing your app. Maybe try bar tabs on college campuses.
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3 years ago, Jinx72
I had really high hopes when I first started with this app. The learning interface had real promise to it, but it really fell short on what it actually delivered. My suggested profiles we’re nothing like any of the photos I had liked in the learning process. Additionally all the connections I’m getting, are of people in foreign countries and nowhere close to me. I don’t understand what the point of a “dating app” is if you’re connecting people 3000 miles away?!? I’m not looking for a mail order bride, I’m looking for someone to actually date… LOL. I would have just preferred receiving a message saying “there are no matches with in your area at this time, please be patient as he build our base and be sure to keep checking back in”.
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4 years ago, Нестор Крылов
GR8 App! Just be patient with matches!
App works how it should. You spend time looking at different pictures and what you like in a partner. It shows you all type of people, and it really gets to understand what you like. Based on your interests, preferences, and locations the AI makes suggestions of people who potentially find you attractive as well. This is awesome for a person like me who tried the “real world”dating for a long time, and ended up wasting time and $$$$$. Hope that my number of matches goes up
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4 years ago, unhappy2541
Unsure I like
This app is very difficult to put in much information about yourself and most others have no info at all. There is no way of telling how far away people are when you see their profile what their interests are or profession. I also think it’s important to know if someone is a smoker. I have asthma and really can’t be around smoke. It so far is good at matching me with people I find attractive but to me there is so much more than just physical. I want to find someone with a good sense of humor who is good with kids. I will give the app a few more days but so far I’m not impressed. I might just stick with Match
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3 years ago, gamingwithfoxy
Great idea, needs a little work
I love the idea of photo verification! Definitely makes it a lot easier to figure out if someone’s who they say they are. However, the only big complaint I have so far is the lack of location display. Talking to someone for a few days and getting really interested in them, only to find out they live state’s away isn’t always fun. Beyond that feature though, the app is overall a great idea!
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11 months ago, NSallee
Met my fiancé on there
It’s a dating app. But it’s different because it learns what you like. So I like beards and tattoos so 90% of the people I could swipe on had beards and tattoos. My only complaint is that it shows you people hundreds and thousands of miles away. And the messaging could be improved. My fiancé is a truck driver and he somehow managed to be in my area when I showed up on his app. 9 months until we say “I do” all because of this app.
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1 month ago, @God First1
Great app
I met my husband on Iris! Started off as friends and the gradually grew closer been together since 2021 been married for a couple months. This app lead me to the most phenomenal man I could ask for that is just right for me… my advice, is to put God First and ask him to lead you and guide you to who you’re supposed to be with… because that’s literally how me and my husband found each other. & downloading this app lead me right to him! Be blessed!
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3 years ago, CUTE_justice
Could use some work on location
Sooo...I travel for my job. According to the app, the AI is supposed to learn my location and who is close to me. How can I do that when I can sometimes jump around multiple states in a day? And then there was the one prompt asking me if it was ok to suggest people who aren’t exactly close. I have yet to figure out how to undo this. Otherwise, I do like this app. It’s nice to think that there’s less of a chance of being catfished. I also like that I can see who likes me (not sure if it’s the same for the guys). You usually pay for that on other apps
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4 years ago, Mike Fels
New app needs more members
While this idea is good in theory due to the limited members if you are guy expect to still vote down a lot of members which seems like it is contrary to the whole point. You can add Shakira as your type but they are still going to show you everyone...I have had only 2 conversations on here and both people did not know what they were looking for. Members barely check this either so if it gets more members it can be viable but until then it is just another way of killing time that may pay off with 1 or 2 matches a month for guys.
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4 years ago, Hoeft55
Interesting new approach
I like the way the developers are thinking with this new app. Not only are they verifying who you are by a selfie but they are also making sure you don't upload pictures that aren't you. I like the way the algorithm works and it definetly improves when you get to round 2. I'm hoping the developers continue to improve this app and more people join. I can see this being just as popular if not more popular than tinder and bumble.
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3 years ago, Tfalk122
Has a lot of potential
I love the idea of iris for sure. There is a “maybe” button on the discover section which I like. There are a few problems with this app though, one being there is no location of users shown. A few people in my AI picks section had Russian characters in their names, I’m in utah so obviously I can’t travel that far. The other main problem is there is not enough users yet since it’s a fairly new app, so 1. Your top picks are across the globe sometimes and 2. You never get matches. But this would change if there were more people on iris.
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2 years ago, kj..0
The worst dating app. Waste of time.
I barely write reviews for apps if ever. This app is the worst. I downloaded it fill everything out it wanted me to and felt like it would be cool because of the AI part of it. Absolutely not! Don’t waste your time. Any potential men for me were at least three states away from me, and those were the attractive ones. Which came 1 out of every 50 or so swipes. And the rest of the potentials were not anything I would be attracted to. I went to delete the app and it offered me free membership. So I said why not. Kept the app for a few more days and still nothing from what was advertised on TikTok. Do not use this!!!!
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2 years ago, doesitevenmattrr
Not worth downloading
It feels like this app was made by a 15yr old This app is horrible User interface is clunky and slow needs to be streamlined Super small user base so I only get matches from far away even if I turn off global Small user base means I keep getting recommendations of the same people I’ve passed on before The AI that learns facial recognition needs to be updated/ reworked super simple points on facial pickup that the AI might as well not be there. With paid account there is no difference to the free, still wait times to get matches and no other benefits. All in all the gimmick that this app tries to sell doesn’t work at all on top of the fact they try and force you to match with people from across the world, some of the reviews saying they were hopeful are from 2 years ago and apparently nothing has changed with the app. A lot of these 5 star reviews are bots to boost numbers to get people to download this worthless app Don’t waste your time
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2 years ago, NYgirlsrock
The app I trust
This is the only dating app I use, I feel protected here. Selfie verification means a lot to me. I have seen my friends catfished in other apps - it was a nightmare. I’m glad I found this one that stands out among bunch of other apps. Can definitely say that Ai gets my type, I like 75% of my recommendations. The rest is about the chemistry. They have a great support team, very fast and helpful. Overall 5-stars from me.
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5 months ago, steven_Knuckles
Learning how this works
I’m not sure if you have to finish all the levels to talk to somebody meeting your match. And I’m not sure how to be able to change profile pictures could you please help me out with that I would like to change my profile picture. Do you have to pay for this or is this free? And again, when can I start talking to matches that I have? Thank you and have a nice day.
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2 years ago, Youseff the hopeful
See this is the future
It’s weird seeing this AI slowly start showing photos that are really my type. It started with more passes and then near the end move to a lot more likes. I feel like it will be good both ways so that I know if people like me I’m their type and vice versa. It will be interesting to see what will happen if more people download. This could easily take over
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2 years ago, SamiSapient
A couple things..
The annoying thing about this app is… #1 It matches you with the wrong gender you are looking for. #2 It doesn’t recognize people you have already liked or passed so you keep liking and passing the same people over and over again. I really do like the concept of this app, but it needs to do a better job at filtering, especially since you take the time to show the app what your type is and then it doesn’t even follow those parameters. I’m also going to agree with the previous review that talks about using the stock photos. I think that the AI is confused about how to filter people because they don’t have a realistic variable to use to give you proper matches that are based on what actual people look like, along with the current styles and aesthetics that people are actually attracted to.
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4 years ago, 836395@.!/6:!,&;'shdkfndhei
The idea is nice
The idea of this app is nice but I am not sure it actually works. I have been on this app a few weeks, but I just deleted it. I found that the profiles available to me are not what I am interested in. There might be one or two profiles that are what I am looking for and the rest are far from what I want. I keep getting requests from people I am not interested in, in any way shape or form. I am not sure if this app truly works or if I gave it enough time but I decided to delete it because I was not happy with what I was getting.
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5 months ago, faeriena
Gross people out there
Should have a screening process, and see if people are in relationships before coming on these apps and screen who they really are. These dating apps don’t help people. They ruin lives by making people too available and instant gratification is all they care about any more. Shame on all of you. Over 34% of the people on these are cheating. Another 17% are bots. Do the math. How many people truly LOOK in to the person they’re talking to before going on a date? Very rare is someone SMART enough to. Nothing like a man or woman feeling like crap for using them and cheat instead of communicate with your partner.
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3 years ago, warwick4ton
The best dating app
So far the only problem I can find with iris, is the lack of people, at least in my area, I hope more people find there way to it, LOVE the limited pay to win, other apps always have pay to win, and I think it’s really wholesome that iris doesn’t, I love this app and hope more people discover it as they need. Great job to the dev team! Your love will help me find mine ❤️❤️❤️
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4 years ago, DebbieS12
Looking to find my guy
I appreciate the opportunity to meet lots of different types of men on Iris, the experience is helping me to grow and know what I like and do not like. I am finding that my matches are far more accurate than I have experienced on past sites, all of the customizations and data entry info have helped this be possible, so glad that I haven't given up on finding my guy!
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4 years ago, kel7457
I was SO IMPRESSED by the idea behind this app- showing me stock photos to ID what I find attractive was so great, and as the entry process continued it got more accurate with the stock photos- exciting! When I got my first “iris suggested” match, it could not have been further from my “type” lol- like not even in a “it’s a computer, I could see why I got this” type way... in a “I feel like they took my type and found the opposite person” type. I know that it probably takes time but I waited a little while to write the review. I honestly haven’t seen someone on this app that I’m attracted to yet.
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2 months ago, Keeponscreaming
perfect if you would like to relocate.
I opted to pay for premium and it was a waste of money. Everyone that has sent me a like has either been on a different continent, doesn’t speak the same language, or hundreds of miles away. It would be different if I was looking to relocate somewhere different, but seeing as how I am not, this served me no purpose. Don’t get me wrong, this app would be great if it had a way to filter different options. There are a lot of genuine people on this app, i haven’t came across a fake profile yet.
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4 years ago, jwk26
Good idea, bad execution
I accidentally selected the wrong “interested in” gender when I was setting up my account and the app wouldn’t let me go back to fix it. It wouldn’t let me fix that in my profile either...this is crazy! Every dating app I’ve ever used has this functionality. Also it wouldn’t let me use a facebook or Instagram photo as my profile picture. Again, this seems to be something every other app allows. And when I tried to submit this feedback, the app just froze and crashed. Seems like a great idea but very bad user experience.
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