Iriun Webcam for PC and Mac

Photo & Video
3.2 (257)
1.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Iriun Oy
Last update
6 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for Iriun Webcam for PC and Mac

3.18 out of 5
257 Ratings
4 years ago, PotataoSaladPhew
This close to being perfect
For the life of me I don’t understand why this doesn’t have USB support. It literally would’ve been, and I’m not exaggerating, the premium version of any other cam app here if it had this one small feature with the USB. The problem with WiFi is the lag and the latency. People wouldn’t have minded just plugging in their phone or that just being an option along with the wireless one. Other than that, I love that video quality change is free, I really can’t complain about a lot. But because of that minor problem I will still find myself using the other cams. Too bad, as I really liked the free features here. I’ll give it ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️/2
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3 years ago, Joshua super boy
Finally found a perfect app to turn my phone into a PC webcam.
So i have been looking for a program for years to turn my phone into a webcam for my pc. I have finally found the perfect app to do so. I have been using this app for about a year now, i think. This app has never had a single issue for me and this app has always worked great without issues. I have bought the in app purchase for this app too, since the cost was not that much. All other camera apps i have used before this one had issues. Plus all the other apps i have used for this sort of things had resolutions and many features behind a monthly payment or just expensive in app purchases. Which was required to have features, Such as controlling it with my PC. Best webcam app i have used honestly and i like it. Keep up the good work, you are doing great.
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4 years ago, Argie M.
Good but could be better
I have the app connected from my iPad to my Windows PC. It works nicely if you’re just running the app on both computer and iPad. Problem is that on the computer the program window will be small and you can’t resize it. When I tried using it as a webcam for zoom and jamkazam the results were the same. The visuals in both kept repeatedly blinking from the picture to black. I felt like a stroke warning should have been issued before I made my attempts. On zoom I tried sharing my screen and it worked, but again the screen was small and I couldn’t resize it. I paid $6.99 for screen control on my iPad but there are only a few things you can do: Flip camera, mirror, and brighten. I can’t really use brighten because my iPad doesn’t have a flashlight. I hope that if this app gets funded even more so that there would be more screen control options such as video filters, fix the blinking, and let’s me resize the window on my computer.
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2 years ago, ThatGuyinTaiwan
Was great but now doesn’t work
I’ve been using Iriun for two years and rarely ever had an issue with it (I’ve always wished the blank screen were black not green). Two week ago though the app to laptop connection stopped working. I cannot get the two to talk. I Update the app on the laptop and no luck. I know for certain they are on the same network. I’ve restarted and reinstalled with no luck. Edit: I tried a competitor and that didn’t work. It dawned on me that my eero network hadn’t been updated for a while (6months?). After updating the routers both work.
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3 years ago, SuperMcSchwiftyWhyAppDontWork
Never do webcam apps
So I got this app for my phone to save myself some money from having to buy a new camera. It worked great the first time, then after I got everything set up the second time, the app decided to take a nosedive. I tried restarting both apps on my phone and computer, disconnected and reconnected the cable multiple times, tried a different cable, but nothing. This is the second time I have gone through this problem with one of these types of apps, and they seem to have the same issue. Just buy a real webcam that doesn’t require you to install an app to connect it, just install the drivers and everything. If the free version doesn’t work, then the pro version won’t work either after trying it for the second time.
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2 years ago, alex waffle
“Waiting for the connection”
The other day I was using this app to record a face cam video and it was working completely fine. The next day I open the app on my phone and my PC and it’s not connecting. They’re both on the same wifi network, I’ve tried restarting my PC, deleting both apps and re installing them, connecting my phone to a usb, and still nothing. This has been an issue for 3 days now. Please fix your app cause I’m sure there is a lot of other people with the same problem. Thank you
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3 years ago, R.Oles
Potential. But...
I’m giving it three stars because I’m not sure if it deserves five stars because it would be nice if there was app support. I have a very simple question to ask and I would like to know if this app supports the recording of audio. there’s no documentation of that and while trying to use this application to record footage straight into iMovie I can’t get audio regardless of any attempt that I try. So far the video capture is amazing. But audio support would be much appreciated and I think the developer should get out in front of this and be more available.
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2 years ago, yjkotool
not usable for IOS 12.5
Can not find the PC server(Linux client). but another iPhone run the latest version of iriun webcam works perfectly. People refuse old phones as webcam. So supporting old versions is very important for webcam APPs. So please fix old version bugs.
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3 years ago, ark.seanyt
I think the free version is great
Before i start please add portrait mode thanks, I love the free version so much that i bought the 699 version or extension anyways the video quality is great love how you can use the flash light and change the res on the cam, the only thing i didnt like about the app was that i couldnt change anything on my pc so thats the reason i bought the better version. I would give the app a 4.5 if i could
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4 years ago, Ronny-B
Dope and easy to use
- no watermarks, there is a pro version but the free one is completely usable. Pro just adds some features. - PC app works well, and minimizes to the system tray. - It appears you have to set the number of cameras you want to use while installing and it could be nice to be able to add another camera at anytime but can’t complain that multiple cameras is even an option. - Overall 9.9/10 👍
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3 years ago, glindwood
It worked perfectly for my needs!
The Iriun app worked flawlessly between my laptop and my iPhone during a Zoom call painting demo that I did. I watched two different reviewers online who recommended this app…I am so glad to have found this app! 😍
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2 years ago, CreativeByMind
For well over two years, it has been working well.
I have used several IPhones, several Macs and Win10 machines. And so far it’s pretty much always worked. It will work with multiple machine and phones, but for the best result I usually open 1 desktop app and the IPhone want to connect and follow up with the next. It does work with USB connected and the wifi off, I don’t know if this is a recent update, it didn’t do that before. Most of the issues come from other apps like zoom or teams randomly not showing some or any webcams.
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3 years ago, PhilHj
Works fine
I am so happy to have found this app. Initially Zoom did not support it, but once I updated the Zoom app, Iriun was on the list. I had been shopping web cams but Iriun came along and ended my search. It’s just what I needed. Iriun makes my iPhone SE 2 into great webcam for my modest purposes, mostly Zoom a few times a week.
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2 years ago, security researcher
Focus issues
It's great that this app exists, and has a Linux client! I find it works well with the front camera, but frustratingly on an iPhone 11 the back camera tends to always focus on the background / infinity, rather than the user's face. Even in Pro mode there isn't an option to adjust the focus. Probably the ideal thing would be to have face detection focus, and an option for Apple's camera's portrait mode, if iOS APIs allow it! Would also appreciate a way to hide the image when using the front camera, it can be distracting to always have a large mirror while on video...
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3 years ago, juanaridez
I think this app is amazing but please guys... the only downfall I see right now is that I paid for the pro features and I can’t seem to lock exposure like it’s supposed to. There’s no difference between the free version and the paid pro version. Please fix !!
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2 years ago, qhbaksnwne
Really good app for free and if you pay for it
The only one thing I wish it has is depth of field. If it can make the background unfocused and I’m focused that will be amazing. This app is so good I paid for it and is really worth it. Please add the depth of field
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4 years ago, Ademen02
Its Great But..
Im having problems on my pc, every time i turn off or restart my computer, theres a transparent black box at the top left of my screen idk what it is but, when i uninstall it from my pc and restart its gone, idk why this problem happens but i hope its fixed (I have Windows 10)
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4 years ago, D0UD
Works simply and well!
Only other feature I would like would be the ability to record video vertically. You can turn the phone, but it just turns the video you see sideways.
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3 years ago, longtt32
Wifi problem
To anyone with wifi problem, share wifi from your phone to your computer, it will fix it. I know it’s annoying but its the only way possible
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4 years ago, ccoltmanm
Zoom problem, can’t switch to tele cam, doesn’t always connect
Ran this for months as a teacher. Then with some updates Zoom now flickers and makes this unusable. The new desktop app doesn’t always connect, and then there is a race of restarting the app and the desktop app until it works, then it doesn’t. Two stars because it did work and offered HD for free.
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3 years ago, Royce Chamberlin
Almost a perfect app
The app works great on both my phone and my laptop, I only wish he could connect via USB and not only Wi-Fi. Sometimes my camera will lag because of the connection where that would not happen is it was a USB connection
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4 years ago, 08540
Support more than 1 camera
This is a very useful program. Suggested enhancement: support multiple cameras connected at a time (perhaps by running a second copy or by providing a single copy that can talk to multiple instances of Iriun).
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3 years ago, Miliation
Please add portrait mode
This app is amazing and I appreciate the fact that is free, however, this app really needs a portrait mode so you can use your phone camera in portrait mode. Thanks!
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1 year ago, scrVIPER_
App no longer on on IOS IPHONE XR
So I’ve been using the apps and never had any issues then today suddenly it’s stops working and yes I tried everything from uninstalling it from every device and looking up on google tried for over an hour so I think the app needs an update or something because I don’t know why it doesn’t work suddenly help
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3 years ago, Groom2020
Iriun almost Iruined my wedding!
I installed iriun and it worked great the first time I used it . I thought this would be a great piece of software to use for our Zoom Wedding. The second time I tried to use this App it took about 15 minutes to connect. The third time was even harder. On the day of the wedding we couldn’t get it to connect at all! Fortunately , we had a back up plan. Bottom line, this App is not reliable.
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3 years ago, DonB!
Worked perfectly
Being an entertainer, there are 100s of ways to go when doing an online show via Zoom, etc. I did my research and found this app. Last night I used it for the first time, with two iPhone cameras feeding into a PC laptop, and it functioned perfectly. Set-up was almost automatic, and once it was running, it did exactly what I needed. I will continue praising this product to others in entertainer forums.
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3 years ago, RN3LJR
Won’t Connect to Zoom Anymore
Was using this for a few months when in Zoom meetings. But this app has become obsolete ever since Zoom’s most recent update. I tried reinstalling the Mac Software and App on my phone but Zoom no longer recognizes the Iriun Webcam option. So until the developer updates everything, you should pass on this and consider other webcam options
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2 years ago, KarleneTee
Only Problem was WiFi lag
Fix that via maybe usb or some other option and easily a five star rating
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3 years ago, Md. Atik Hasan
Doesn’t connect to PC client
Sometime I am unable to connect the wireless cam from my phone to PC even if both of the devices are in the same WiFi network. Other than the webcam is fine to me.
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4 years ago, Miguel A Briones
Yes, it works! The other comment here is...
You have to approve your laptop in security settings to install, after you install it it works fine. But I like to know about sound. Is it available? Thank you 🙏🏻👍🏻👌🏻
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3 years ago, K lomen
Crashes on iphone 5
Works on all devices, but crashes on iphone 5. Please fix this
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3 years ago, Sbasthyá
I started college recently and didn’t want to bother investing in a webcam for my PC. This app links to my pc perfectly and Proctorio even accepts it as a webcam. On top of all that it’s free and easy to use.
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3 years ago, GCLaredo207
Agree with PotatoSalad!
This could be the best iPhone camera app that works with OBS studio. The potential is there. It’s only missing one thing. USB support. The image is absolutely stunning. Wireless works great. We need USB to remove the latency. Other than that the app is perfect.
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3 years ago, Rountrees
Meh... liked the remote controls...
Lack of remote controls is my biggest gripes with these types of apps... I want OBS Camera app except directly to webcam with remote exposure controls. Pro upgrade is ok but not far enough for me yet...
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3 years ago, The Garebear prophesy
Very disappointed
I Just downloaded this evening. Running Catalina and an iPhone 12 pro plus. Same WiFi connection but for some reason doesn’t connect. Not user friendly at all and very disappointed in the lack of functionality. This is an absolute joke. Iriun get your stuff together and make a working product.
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2 years ago, Teraurel
Works fine
Dunno why this has a low rating does literally what I need
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2 years ago, Beisbol Joe
Terrible - will only show me sideways
No matter what I tried, how many times I hit the rotate button, rotated the camera, or flipped the camera, the computer image would only ever show me sideways. This app failed at its most basic function.
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4 years ago, 101_song
Its great but..
This app is great and all but it is missing just one feature It needs a mode where we can use usb and not only through wifi
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3 years ago, XPSSling
Love it, except
There’s no way to use a cable whit h would improve FPS on the camera as well as make less impact on the rest of the internet
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4 months ago, Do something 124
The app closes a ton
I was playing a game and I was using the webcam to have a security camera with friends and my kid and it just turned off about 7 times so I got mad and stopped two days later it won’t turn on or connect with my computer.
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3 years ago, Nehemiah7483
I was initially excited about the potential of this app. Then I downloaded it. Tried using it with zoom. Disaster. Lagging video; most times never connects properly. Already wasted too much time trying to get this app to work. Don’t waste your time like I did.
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3 years ago, Retireat56
Marginal at best
Down loads & set up were very straight forward, however, unable to resize to fit full screen make it pretty much useless. Look to another app to perform this function; I will immediately off load this product.
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2 years ago, Cjxknekapckvk
Works perfectly on Linux and iOS
Works as described for using my iPhone as a webcam on Discord.
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2 years ago, wack Aśš app
Easy and simple to use great app overall
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3 years ago, Rentaroc
Very good
The app works just how you would imagine
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2 years ago, moaz9999
IOS 12
I was really happy using the app until today that found out this app no longer support on IOS12 man why not have some old devices using them as webcam on the app
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3 years ago, okwhat!!!
The apps great if you don’t have a webcam, there are problems but very minor ones
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3 years ago, 123 marco
Not sure
I started using this app and liked it so I decided to buy the pro version. Not much difference was noted. The aperture did nit make a difference. Is there a way to get my money back. So disappointed 😞
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9 months ago, [G]othic_[S]evenz
App version
Iriun app version on iPhone is 2.7 While the Irún web version is 2.8 Doesn’t make any sense since they different versions they can’t connect please update the Iriun app version
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9 months ago, Colby55555555555
This app is great for actually connecting to the PC unlike other apps, but the quality is terrible, the contrast is insanely high, and it constantly lags and discounts to where it’s unreliable.
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