iScape: Landscape Design

4.6 (25.3K)
125.5 MB
Age rating
Current version
iScape Holdings Inc.
Last update
1 month ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for iScape: Landscape Design

4.59 out of 5
25.3K Ratings
4 days ago, Atsirhc:)
Love love love it !!
It’s a little expensive if you just plan to play around on the app but if you use this for your business it’s well worth the money! I’ve made several different designs for the same customer, so we could nail down what she really wanted! Once you get the hang of it,it’s pretty user friendly! I have a 9-5ish job in garden design and the owners of the company do the designing! I occasionally do side gigs and this app has made me money! One lady paid me because I inspired her from the designs I made with this app! I never had to lift a shovel 😂 wish they still had an option for a weekly price but I download when I have a project and I do love that I can pay to have it for a month instead of having to do a yearly script! You can use your own images too! One year I used this app to photoshop my husband into a Christmas pic cause he went to the bathroom when the family was taking the pic 😂
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5 years ago, fond pennies
Not for Pros as Described
I think this could be a fun app if you own an iPad and want to play around with a project for your home, but it’s a waste of time if you’re a pro. I can’t believe no developer has seized the market for pros looking to do some light duty design on the iPad. If pro use wasn’t mentioned in the description (or it were free) I wouldn’t have given it a two star rating so if you’re a DIYer it may be a better experience for you then it was for me. Suggestions that would make this a much better experience drafting something up on the fly in front of a client in the field: allow markup within the app and the use of a finger or, even better, Apple Pencil. I would imagine that would be really easy to integrate into the app (but I’m not a developer). Secondly, give your paying clients an adequate plant database (without having to upload a bunch of photos, for approval, by myself) labeled by a common name and the botanical name with the search feature. The names are a mess. I searched for a Pieris japonica / andromeda as the first plant for my first ‘design’ with this app, and it wasn’t there. I think that’s a pretty darn common plant in high production in the majority of the US. If those changes are made I’d be happy to try a subscription again (I used the trial for a few days) and give an updated rating.
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1 year ago, Calikid24/7
Why I give it 2 stars
For one there is no free version besides the trial where you can use products you have to subscribe, which is horrible. Besides that the app is on the right track except it’s extremely expensive for what it is. Essentially, you could just download any vector app and import your own images and do the same thing that this app does for fraction of the cost. The editing in this app isn’t advanced at all, It’s very simple. The only benefit this has is there’s a lot of products you could add besides that the app is nowhere worth the cost as you could simply do the work on many other free apps, there is no AI features that detect, move or delete backgrounds or corners or objects that other apps have. You can’t even tilt the the products you’d like to put in the project, it’s essentially a super basic resize crop function. If you have just a few items placed down, it’s very hard to select through them. There’s a long list of improvements and feature is needed before I would even consider paying $30 a year for this. If this app costed $10 a year I might buy it definitely not worth the cost currently. It’s way to basic for a professional or even an amateur looking to do any sort of real design.
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3 years ago, Rdyornot
I'm no Annie Leibovitz, but that doesn't mean you can have my photos for free!
I just completed a stone retaining wall around a new flower bed and decided I would try out the full version of the app (I had tried the demo before - original review is below) - I was enjoying myself as well. I had known the app's plant image library was limited but the user is able to insert their own photos in the upgraded version of the app, which was acceptable. The app does not allow you to insert your own photo directly into your project, it must be uploaded to iScape's server first - and to do that you must first agree to give up all rights to your photos to the vendor, to use, sell, distribute, or just plaster all over their office as some corporate stalkeresque wallpaper. This is insane. I know my pictures aren't going to be hanging in any gallery, but they are *mine* and i'm not going to give them away to a peddler of overpriced software. What it actually is is a demo for yet another app that wants a monthly subscription to access any meaningful features. The 'free' (demo) version gives you access to 16 trees, 7 shrubs, and no constructed elements (paths, gazebos, boarders, etc.) Which makes is almost completely unusable. The app itself seems perfectly fine, just unusable without a subscription.
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3 years ago, IAMWAM
Needs cheaper options
There needs to be a mid-tier price range. I'm thinking about getting into a design career, whether it be indoor or outdoor design... I'm not sure yet. I got extremely excited when I found this app, especially for the AR mode. I felt I'd finally be able to test my skills and see how I feel redesigning my yard (a former Japanese Garden that's seen better days...). I was blown away when I saw the ONLY asking price was $30 a month or $300 a year... Now I do feel the app is worth it to the right person, it definitely holds its value it's very top notch... But my issue is at just how little you get access to with the free option. There are only 29 objects TOTAL. That includes furniture, trees, and bushes. That's not possible to work with. I don't actually work in this line of work and want to use this for personal use/entertainment. The price just simply does not work for me. Not at all. And it really is unfortunate because I don't think there's another app on the store anywhere like it. Look up a game called "house flipper" on PC. I've dumped MANY hours into that game. This could very easily take influence and benefit from that game, especially with a one time payment of some sort.
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2 years ago, Erina42
Three major issues
I love design and have used several architectural apps for building houses, so when it came time to design my garden I tried iScape. The functionality took a bit to get used to, but was fairly user friendly for beginners. I noticed three major issues. One, no auto save. I found this out the hard way after spending about an hour totally rebuilding my garden and coming back after dinner to the last manually saved point. The other was plant sizes. There is no ruler or grid. You can make a plant appear to be a few inches tall or bigger than your house, even if the largest size that particular plant can ever grow is 24”. So I found myself going back and forth to Google checking all of the plant mature sizes over and over to make sure I was making them visually true to size. I also had some issues with the plant colors. If you want a red yarrow, but the database has yellow, you can try to manipulate the color, but it changes the entire plant color so you can end up with an alien looking plant. So this is fun for entertainment, but I’m canceling before the trial is up.
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4 years ago, AZ Landscaper
Couldn’t do my job without it!
I am a landscape contractor and have used this app on a daily basis for last several years. Each estimate I send to a customer includes a rendering of their project using iScape. Does it have a few bugs? Sure, but they are constantly updating and fixing them. I have searched for similar apps and nothing compares to what this one can do. After reading several of the bad reviews I have to believe they are just trolling. Claiming there aren’t palm trees in the image library for example, totally bogus. There are around twenty different palms to choose from, so go figure. The customer support is great. Whenever I’ve had an issue they’ve responded promptly with a solution. How many times have you had that happen with other apps??? I give this app a five star rating because I think it awesome and want them to be successful and keep on developing it.
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1 year ago, Evilmom lady
Four stars for the pro version 0 for the free one
It is hard to find professionals when you live in a rural area sometimes, so for the first time I am having to try my hand at landscaping the front of my house. There is a free version but the limitations are so many that it is essentially useless. However there is a 7 day free trial. If you have a lot of ground to cover or several areas, it is worth it to just pay for a month. It will save you time and money especially if, like me, you tend to over purchase plants. The only feature that I wish it had or maybe it does and I haven’t figured out how best to use it, is that I wish you could put in the zone and have it just pull up plants that do well in that zone. I have no use for palm trees in Missouri. Other than that, i am perfectly happy to pay by the month to save money on the project overall. If you’re a pro, the software would be a great tool to show your customers.
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6 years ago, LMc FL
Overpriced toy
This app is easy to use, unlike some other garden apps I test drove, but the trade off is that it is really just a toy. You can’t do much with the free version (unless your garden has fewer than 10 plants in it, in which case you probably don’t need an app to keep track of them), so I sprang for one month of the pay version to play around with. This provided some mild entertainment for a couple of hours, particularly because of the cool feature that lets you take a photo of your existing landscape and add plants to it. But, ultimately, it is just not a useful tool. The in-app plant catalog is so limited that I had to identify surrogates for virtually everything I wanted, and the lack of any sizing function meant it took a lot of fiddling around to make similarly tall plants appear about the same height. Even this step involved referencing other sources, as the in-app plant descriptions tended toward the sparse side. The only reason I think anyone would want to keep an ongoing subscription to this is because they forgot to tell the App Store to discontinue it (which is, unsurprisingly, not as straightforward a process as it should be).
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4 years ago, FRANCESCTA
Great app
I love the app as I’m a landscape designer and it’s always a struggle to explain your vision to clients without showing them pictures. When I show them the iScape renders, they love it. And I love that you can add your own image to the database like a clients playground set they’re looking to buy but want to see how it looks placed in the landscape. Editing your own image is tricky but it’s a great feature when it works. And my app always crashes when I try to upload my own images which is frustrating so I reach out to customer service for help. And Diana has been awesome with responding back to messages within 24 hours or sooner, much appreciated when you’re trying to meet a deadline. I’m hoping they beef up their landscape database with high quality image, right now it’s a mixture of high resolution digital images and photographs of the plants which could look weird when putting a design together. All in all, love the app and I’m sticking around for their upgrades. Thanks!!
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3 years ago, mcjcmakao
Would be great if it wasn’t unbelievably bad
Wow! So this would be a great application if it wasn’t such a complete failure on functionality. Im sure I cannot possibly be the only one that has tremendously slow operating speeds in app on all 3 of my apple devices. So slow that it constantly crashes wether I have full signal or perfect WiFi, it does not seem to matter. I cannot begin to describe how embarrassing it is that I trust this app so much to work properly as I give a presentation to a client. Lo and behold without fail each time it either runs so slow I need to apologize too many times or it’s just crashes all together for an hour or until it decides to work correctly. Honestly I hope im the only one with these operation struggles, but if im not alone on this then we his application for landscape design is a complete failure 😁👍🏼
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6 years ago, Miyako2
Money Down the Drain
With your decision to switch to a subscription model, I can no longer access the image packages I purchased in the earlier version of iScape. I opened up my iPad app last week, and found out the hard way (after my design crashed when I tried to save it) that you had abandoned the earlier version I had invested in. It appears you aren’t giving any credit for those earlier investments your customers made. Not only is that a terrible marketing decision, but it shows a lack of integrity and customer loyalty that I think should be pointed out. To add insult to injury you also sent an invalid link asking me to use it to confirm my email. Neither Safari nor Google can open it. You have a good product that deserves at least 4 stars for product development, but companies are judged on so much more than product.
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2 weeks ago, Mel281@juno
Love the potential of this app!
UPDATE: I figured out a trick to make this much more user-friendly. Use one finger to “select”. Use TWO fingers for any adjustments. I.e. if you want to drag a plant, move your two fingers side to side without changing the distance between them. Meaning don’t pinch inward or pull outward. Use the pinching and pulling motion of your two fingers to change the size. This is the best thing I’ve found for “trying on” some planting ideas! I initially found it a little cumbersome to use. For instance, trying to drag a plant often changes the size/proportions of the plant instead of moving it. I wish I could zoom in and out without deselecting a plant first. It does have a ton of plant options and I hope to see some more in the future, as well as options to filter by zone. I hope they come out with a web version for even more usability!
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12 months ago, mrsburkowitz
Very easy to use and excellent customer service.
As a novice gardener, I was excited to try. Did not disappoint! Great to see your ideas come to fruition right before your eyes. Easy to use and when I ran into a problem with purchasing a pro design, customer service was great to work with! They went above and beyond to make sure that my experience using the app was a great one! They care about their customers and want you to be happy with their product. In my experience, great customer service is becoming harder and harder to find these days. It was very refreshing to interact with a company that was responsive to a customers needs in such a timely and positive manner. I will definitely be recommending this app.
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2 years ago, Su-Per5
Needs some work
I had hoped that in coming back to this app, some of the issues would be fixed, but it's still very glitchy. Several plants don't load properly. Hollyhock for example. If I try to implement hollyhock into a design, not only does it not load, but it also crashes the app so that other plants can't be selected. I then have to cancel out trying to add a plant and then try all over again with something else. Same issue with peony and I'm sure several others. Not only that, but the database is still fairly limited. It might be great for normal American landscapers who only use a handful of plants in their landscapes, but it's not as useful for those who like a little more interest and variety. But, there's not many other options out there. And the augmented reality is pretty neat. It definitely has some good qualities, but for the price, I still expect it to work correctly.
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4 years ago, Ky2099
I use it every day
This app is so well done. I use it everyday and my clients love it. It really helps my clients visualize my plans within their own space which is invaluable. By adding more items to a design I’ve been able to land more than just the initial quoted service—all because they could see it in their space and liked it. New content is added all the time and their support staff is extremely helpful. Aside from being fun to play around with, the app has a very user friendly interface that makes it easy to learn how to make use of all the features. It saves me time, which saves me money. 5/5 stars
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3 years ago, Kurshi BeJahaal
Not For Beginning Entrepreneurs
I do landscaping on the side and wanted an option to do my designs so I can give the clients a nice mock up to help them visualize the end goal. However, I didn’t realize that the free option was as limited as it is. I don’t do enough large scale projects to make it worth the $30 a month. I predominantly do small installs, trimming/clean ups, replacement and treatments. The app also regularly crashes, freezes and becomes unresponsive on my iPhone 8. It may work a little more seamlessly on a newer iPhone or iPad. This would be worth it for someone actively doing larger installs, but not someone like me who only does 2-3 large projects a year. Kind of a bummer because it could really be useful to help me get more work. But until then, I’m going to have to pass.
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1 year ago, MiguelsLLC
Bought on phone won’t work on iPad
I purchased the subscription on my phone. I tried using it on my iPad for easier use. It showed the plants were locked and when I clicked it says to upgrade to pro (which I’ve already done- same iCloud, different device). When I try to purchase subscription on my iPad it says I’ve already purchased then a menu comes up to manage subscription or continue. When I click continue it just freezes loading every time. I’ve tried everything from closing and opening, logging out of phone, deleting and redownloading app. Seems like it won’t work at all unless I use a completely different account. I guess I’ll have to cancel and retry after the month to re purchase on just my iPad.
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2 months ago, Kristinegaertner
Can’t skew
Useless. When you add an image say a pathway all you can do is rotate and resize it. For $30 a month there should be some real editing capabilities like skewing so the path looks right perspectively as if you’re standing in the spot (my house) leading out to the project area (corner of my yard) instead of being out of proportion. I have PhotoLeap which is $30 a year and there are a ton of editing options light years ahead of this iScape. But there aren’t the stock landscaping images you can drop in hence why I’m trying iScape. Reading reviews a lot of the time iScape doesn’t even have the exact stock image (particular tree etc) you’re looking for anyway. I’d rather use PhotoLeap, find and save the image I want on the Internet and add it as a layer that I can actually edit perspectively. It won’t be a vectored image like iScape’s but PhotoLeap will do that for me. It’s more work but better results.
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4 years ago, Clpritch
No short term options
Although this app provides a nice virtual reality type look at what your area will look like once improvements are installed, it has serious limitations and I don’t recommend for home owners. There app only shows your intended drain when it senses the space. Each time you want to work on your design you must go outside and scan the area. It won’t remember that space and permit design work to continue. More serious, the app doesn’t permit sharing or downloading plans once you’ve designed a space. That means you must purchase a long term subscription if you want to see your design or use it. Buying a one week subscription is money wasted without the ability to export the design.
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3 months ago, TerribleWYZ
Excellent program with stellar capabilities
At first, I wasn’t sure this application was going to be for me. It was frustrating trying to figure out what to do and how to do it on my own. But…. after a few tutorials with Mr. Adams, I was able to get to Jr. grade designer (not even close to his level). The customer support is exceptional and sometimes spending more than a few hours on Sunday to walk me through a proposal. If you are expecting to cut and paste completed projects, this isn’t for you and you will ultimately end of leaving a bad review which is unwarranted. Put a few sessions in and you will be completing designs like a Jr. Pro!
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4 years ago, thebmrust
Not for the casual user
Freaking too expensive for a casual user/avg homeowner. It’s a bit hokey with results like being a first time photoshop user. The premise is great. The execution is mostly good. You will not be able to make everything look realistic in the current iteration and object catalog. Soooo many variables with light, texture, distance, etc. Because it’s $20 a month, it’s not worth a homeowner unless you are willing to pay the price and/or doing multiple projects within a time frame where $20 a month is saving you money. For a pro, this is a no brainer. Perfect because you can roll the expense into your overhead. If I were a pro this app wouldn’t even be questioned. Of they have a single price or take out the AR, I’ll be back. But for now, the cost can not justify the time used.
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3 years ago, nicknamesssssssssss
$200 a year and it doesn’t load 9 times out of ten.
That’s right... $200 and I can’t get the app to load 9 times out of ten. I have used this app over a year. When first using it, it would usually load without problems, nut this is getting beyond ridiculous! The iPad is new, I have removed and installed the app, I have adjusted my iPad settings for optimum performance, and still... it just spins like it’s trying to load and ultimately I have to close it out and try again and again, and yet again. It really is a great app, when it loads. I’ll be cancelling this subscription.
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2 years ago, kiwidel07
I love this app
but most people would not agree but I liked it better before the update. It looked older but easier to work and figure out how to use. Also it was just easier to do the drawing thing for the outlines. I have some suggestions, first I think it would be better if the outlines for putting things in were just lines and not dotted lines, also I know money and stuff you want people to buy the thing but if almost everything costs money then it’s not going to make most people want to buy it it’s going to make people want to look for a better app. Those are all of my reasons for the review that I gave which is not bad.
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4 years ago, Hermia H.
Won’t Do Anything Except Open
I downloaded this because it was well reviewed, but after downloading it and pulling it open I can’t get it to do anything. I tried both the 2D design and AR options, it takes a while for the screen to switch and once it does and you should be able to start to create it’s just a black screen with either the camera options around it, or some green indicator lines and nothing else. The camera image never actually loads, and no other options ever appear on your screen. You also can’t go back and so have to close out the whole app in order to try again, which is futile because it’s the same problems over and over. As time consuming and slightly frustrating as sketching everything out to scale by hand is, it’s honestly preferable if you’re just looking to do something for your yard.
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2 years ago, marieew27
Just started using the free trial feature of this app to see how it works. I’m no professional landscaper just a bored housewife looking for things to do and after using this landscaping app I felt like I can be a professional landscaper and start making money out of designing other people’s lawn! it is so easy to use the plants and trees and grass looks so real! I was even able to put water on our empty pool to complete the look of our backyard landscape design! to all the developer of this app! You are God sent! this is so cool and genius and EASY! 🥳🥰♥️🙏🏽
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4 years ago, bkbegetter
Limitations right out of the gate
This tool appears to have great potential. I’m even fine with the premium content subscription. My issue upon first use is that I have to actively be working on a project to start zeroing on design themes and plants as well as climate. It would make much more sense to have an option to establish all of this (growing zone, style such as “English Garden”, shade or sun and then finally plants) in a profile or preliminary project file. We cannot browse the pictures, plants and objects unless we begin a project... This is especially key if you plan to use the AR function which had us standing in the sun sweating through our clothes as we tried to search for and select simple items. We finally abandoned our efforts and moved back to scrubbing the web for ideas on Houzz.
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5 years ago, Designer•••
Needs More Work
I was excited to use this app, but it kept crashing and glitching. I had to rebuild my project 5x before I finally got it to save before glitching and freezing up. Very frustrating and wasted a lot of time. Inventory list does not scroll down, so I had to re-search a plant every time I wanted to repeat it in the design. The augmented reality feature does not handle changing light conditions at all which is detrimental when using it for outdoor purposes. So now I can’t get my project to load at a different time of day from the same “starting point”. I really wanted this app to work as described because it is a great idea, but it’s just not ready with all the bugs. Please consider hiring more or better qualified developers, especially if you’re going to charge so much and say it’s for pros.
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3 years ago, MorsesCode
Not as good as basic image editing software
This app is a bit of a joke. It has very basic image insertion with zero ability to manipulate the background image. There is minimal access to layers and the plant selections are scant. You can upload your own images but this is rudimentary as the background of uploads is not transparent so you have a square bush. It is also buggy and the undo stack gets corrupted often. I have signed up for an initial pro trial but I'm canceling the auto renew as soon as I finish this review. You are better off with a tablet version of Photoshop or even Linea sketch. Also, no 1 week trial for pro is lame. I can see why there is no trial as most people would probably never pay once they saw how little this app can do. Not worth the price at all.
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5 years ago, Snellgro
Really want to give 3 1/2 stars
I really like the idea of this app and it’s the best one out there for designing your garden. However, I wish the app could do a couple of things: 1. I wish you could layer items however you want as in put flowers behind a hedge/shrub, etc. I wanted to see how my garden would look with foxgloves behind my box woods, but the app won’t let me do that. 2. Wish there were more variety of flowers/plants and more variety of colors. There are a few plants that I’ve looked for that are pretty common that aren’t in there. Other than those two major things, I really like the app. It is the best one out there. Hopefully it will improve over time.
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4 years ago, Jess62609
$20/month or $200/year!
I’m so disappointed, I had high hopes for this but as usual I watched the video & got sucked in. After going through the login process & giving my email, taking a few pictures of my backyard, I searched the free area to add (of course) the beautiful pictures I saw in the video. There is minimal “free” to choose from amongst 3 categories of trees, flowers, & furniture/arbors with about 6-10 pictures in each. If you want different flowers, more trees, different furniture, waterfalls, pools, edging, grass, stone etc... you’ll have to hand over $20 a month ($10 the first month) or ready for it.... $200 a year (or $100 the first year & $200 after that). For a furloughed pilot during COVID, we’d love to be able to design & buy a few plants here & there when money allows but for $100+ a year we could buy a lot of plants with that instead =(
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3 years ago, Tangerineomine
Utter Garbage Mining for Purchases
This is just trash. I’m running a fully up to date iPhone 11 Pro in full daylight and not only does this thing require an incredibly expensive subscription to unlock basic landscaping materials, it cannot find my marker pin, almost always fails to initialize the AR, only saves about 10% of the items I place and crashes during basic actions like item placement or saving. In addition, it doesn’t allow fundamental things like the resizing of objects (you realize trees come in more than one size, right?). Maybe you can, but none of the dial selections seem to allow resize and it crashes if I try them, anyway. I’ve tried this three or four times over a few years hoping it would improve, but it doesn’t. Worthless app not getting a dime from me.
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3 years ago, LoveThisCountry4
Not homeowner friendly
This app was not created with the homeowner in mind. Started out great - took a nice photo of the area, plant options pop up but that’s where it ends. Have to pay for everything and was NOT offered a 1 week subscription to access all the plants. I only saw that after canceling my subscription, made less than an hour ago BTW. Worst $10 I ever spent. There are no filters or ways to easily search plants. For ex, go to any women’s clothing app/website and see the customer experience there and apply that here. Why can’t we filter by zone so only plants in my area show up? Or filter by width or height? Why not offer age progression - here’s what it will look like when they’re young, here’s 1 yr, here’s 2-3 yrs, here’s 5 yrs? Very basic app in my opinion with little functionality for the price.
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6 years ago, Basevol
Poor business
I bought the original version in Feb of 2017. The past few months it would not update. This morning I decided to look into it and figured out that I was screwed. I already felt ripped off when I bought the full version only to find that there was more to buy if you wanted everything. Now, I have nothing. One response to another review was that they offered a discount on the new app to previous owners (apparently we didn’t own anything). I could not find where I was ever given an offer for a discount. The proper thing would have been to grandfather in owners of the original app because they purchased the app before it was a subscription model. Very bad business in my opinion! Since my review the original app has been restored. I’m glad the developers made the decision to do the right thing.
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2 years ago, BC Guerilla
Heck No
The app itself seems pretty good but the price is atrocious. The paid version cost $30 wait, I’m not done, $30 PER MONTH! And without that, you get just a few samples to play with and that’s it. So I paid $5 one time for DreamzAR which is easier to use IMO but unfortunately doesn’t have any big trees. But it does have fences, benches and other things that iScape doesn’t have, so why would I shell out that much for an app when I can literally just look at a landscape and figure out what would look good? Maybe pro’s can use the app to sell their plan to homeowners but for the DIY landscaper, this app is not even worth the time it takes to download.
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6 years ago, Lathegirl
Would like zone package options
I have the earlier version and like many others on here, was upset to learn that I will have to pay more to update. I might find it worthwhile if I knew up front what I would get for my money. The previous version gave a limited supply of plants, MANY of which cannot grow in my cold Wisconsin climate (Zone 4). You may now have that option but I don’t want to pay a base price to find out. I can say the program is slick, easy to use, and I am willing to pay for if I didn’t feel tricked into being nickeled and dimed.
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6 years ago, N Liv
Future Plan
I haven’t paid for the upgrade yet, but plan to use this when I get my first place. I am interested in flipping properties and think this save me so much money rather than paying a landscaper. I hate having to look up common landscaping plants and love the way the app has photos and names of the most commonly used plants in landscaping. This makes it easier to orders seeds, bulbs, or live plants from a catalog when they are on sale rather than buying what is on sale locally just because it is on sale.
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2 years ago, N1KEZ
Simply doesn’t work
Downloaded the app on my M1 iPad. Subscribed to the highest level of subscription (Trial for 1 week, renewal per month) and went outside. The app immediately started showing bugs. Lines in AR randomly appeared, moved randomly, added ‘points’ I didn’t add myself or the function of drawing lines simply got stuck. Tried it for about 30 min, walking around, redrawing lines for pavers over and over again but never got it to work. This app needs a lot of work before it is bug free and user friendly. Unsubscribed from the renewal and will try another app. If basic functions won’t work I’m in no mood to speak with the developer about how to improve matters. My business time is too expensive.
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12 months ago, Naturesedgearklatex
Customer service is the best
The app is simply a tool. It could use some improvements however if you” the designer” are good at what you do then it will help you get the job! Your vision is only possible if you see it through. There is no app that can accomplish this for you. Use the app to get the job. Then use the job to build your name! The app was enough to land the job. So in all I couldn’t have done it without the help from the app. Like I said it needs improvement but it’s on its way. Thank you I scape I’ll refer you always .
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5 years ago, 2010stupido
Good enough for trial only
Neat concept but fell way short. I bought the three month subscription after doing the trial and it’s not much better. It actually got worse and glitchy. After saving a design, had to close app and reopen it to start a new design(bug does not see photos on iPad Pro photo folder either). A big pet peeve, is not being able to change the angle of view of any given asset. The only way to design from photos is to design from a straight ahead view and perspective not angled as the assets can’t be angled to adjust for the perspective. I have not tried the AR portion as it might be better but remains to be seen. If you buy, don’t buy any more than a month at a time.
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1 month ago, JessicaNazarova
I’ve been using this app for 2 or 3 years to create the backyard of my dreams (and my moms yard, and my aunts, and my bffs). It’s absolutely amazing for planning, playing with flower bed shapes, adding hardscaping, getting ideas and then iterating on those ideas by using the list of plants they give you when you’re done. I don’t have a single complaint, the app is perfect. I wish I could add photos to this review of all the yards I’ve helped landscape with this app!!!!!
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3 years ago, Newish Nickname
App No Longer Opens
I’ve only had this app for a little over a week and when I first bought it I loved it however for a few days now (I’m guessing since the update 6 days ago) it will open and stay on the loading screen indefinitely. I want to say that one time it did finally open but was still essentially unusable because the loading times in the app were just as bad. I bought this to work on proposals for work and with deadlines looming I’m starting to regret buying this because I can’t open it to work on my projects.
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4 years ago, Sdagorret
The “Umf” your homeowner imagination needs
For a year now we’ve been living in a peculiar looking home. I often think what enhanced curb appeal would do the job. What if we did this, or did that? Without an app like this one, it’s hard to imagine what all your ideas would actually look like. Thus endless landscaping pillow talk with your partner. Even if you just get the month subscription like I did, it’s worth it. Show your exact ideas to your partner and/or landscaper and complete that project!
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2 years ago, Todd Fiedler
A marginal improvement from MS Paint
Software is pretty poor. The interface is unwieldy. Add more than a few items and selection and moving them around doesn’t work well. Want to place a design element? Say for example you want to put a small boulder field in as a landscaping element. You. Have. To. Do. It. One. Boulder. At. A. Time. Not only is that inefficient, but the imagery is ugly and uniform. The only thing that is easy to do quickly is to draw a boundary and fill it with a texture. Unfortunately the textures don’t scale worth a darn and you can’t really get them to be scaled to match your background. It might be worth a few dollars in a year, but absolutely not worth the amount they are asking.
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3 years ago, CoMoAG
Update is crap
This app has been awesome..until today when I did the most recent update to “address some of the bugs”. Now I can’t stay in the app longer than a few minutes before it kicks me completely out of the app. Did I mention those few min I am in its taking forever trying to load anything. This is why I’m always hesitant on updates when I’m not having any issues smh. Fix the bugs and I’ll give this the review it was earning before the update!
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3 years ago, kea9999
$10 to try basic functionality feels wrong
It should be possible to use some basic functionality to find out if the app is what you want. It allows you to try a few things out and decide if you like it. An app that is nominally free but can’t be used without paying $10 feel like a bait and switch. Just charge this upfront and list it as the price. It wastes peoples time when you get them to think they are going to be able to try something out for free before deciding they like it or not. Only to find out after installing it that they can’t. Feels unethical. A review on techradar said the app is free unless you want to by the pro version. It isn’t.
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8 months ago, Dohnuts1
Worth it as a professional
Great app. Works good for me! My clients love seeing the images, even if some of the plants aren’t an exact match, still presents a visual idea. My only hope is that more plants/grasses are added to the database. I use a lot of California, Australian and South African plants (common in the nurseries out here) and I’ve had to try and create my own images to use. This has been a great addition to my other drawings and plant databases I produce for people. Keep adding those plants! Thanks!
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1 year ago, Kellybrooke12
Was so excited for this
I'm new to DIY landscaping, and was so excited to get my project started with this app. First trying to purchase pro was nearly impossible and took me about an hour to figure out a bug and a way around it. Then I soon realized that the app crashes. Often. Like every 5 minutes or less. Worse, it didn't recognize my email as having an account, so I kept losing project work because I wasn't signed in. Finally, while an amazing concept, it is frustrating to use. Glitchy, freeze prone, hard to even 'grab' objects.' Feels very 'beta' to me.
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4 years ago, tjslater
I really want it to work
This app is such a useful concept for those of us who want to design our own landscape, but it's 100% unusable. Even the sign up flow is largely broken. Once I was able to create an account, I went into the AR screen and sometimes the tracking simply fails to initialize, when it doesn't fail, the 3d models never load, it just freezes in the loading state. And it doesn't ever cache the objects, like ever. So if your switch away from the app and come back to it, it attempts to reload this 3d models all over again even if you did manage to load them. But boy, for that .1% of the time when you get the app to fully function, it sure is cool
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5 years ago, Chris G TN
Used to be great
I work at a large landscape company and was sold in iScape for the past 3 years. It was awesome. They’ve made many updates and now it’s not good. In fact, I can’t even open it anymore. It opens, shows their logo, and goes back to iPad home screen. Since they’ve added this AR feature (not sure what it does since it’s not able to run on iPad) it’s been unusable. Freezes, loses designs, doesn’t save. I have hundreds of designs I can’t access now. Not worth a single penny at this point and I have spent hundreds of dollars on the app over the years. Please fix it, and take this garbage and restore it to the amazingly useful app it was. Do not buy until fixed.
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