iSpreadsheet™ : Office Sheets

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Savy Soda
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2 years ago
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9.0 or later
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User Reviews for iSpreadsheet™ : Office Sheets

4.5 out of 5
8.6K Ratings
2 years ago, Under the Indian Peaks
Almost perfect as a simple spreadsheet
As a simple data entry spreadsheet for my phone this is almost perfect. Numbers would enable the same basic tasks but with substantially more overhead. I do simple data entry in the field and download to my Mac for analysis. The recent addition of support for the cloud makes its even easier to exchange data with other devices. My only wishes are (1) automatic detection of numeric cells and columns. If I edit a cell that already includes a number, I shouldn't need to hit the NUM lock. Same for columns that already contain all numbers except for headers. (2) simpler percent entry. Update… once you are in numeric entry, touch the next cell that’s supposed to be numeric and it will stay in numlock.
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5 years ago, Amandajpanda
Spreadsheets are sexy...
I would know. I love that this program was free. I use it for my basic accounting needs. Call me old fashioned, I guess (I mean I’m a you know I like to know where all my accounts stand at all times, and considering we as a generation have seen the largest dip in the economy...I really like to know). I deal with various accounts in my household, and I like a lot of my contemporaries, I still use cash, I like to know where my tangible currency stands at all times. This app makes it easy to do that if you are familiar with spreadsheets that is. I love that it has most of the functions that I use, and it is exactly(ime) like excel, which is *soooo nice* (in the voice of “Connie” the hormone monstress in the Netflix show Big Mouth, in which she is referring to the British baking show) I’m sure there are a lot of other apps that deal with finances better, but most of them deal only in electronic monies and when you add the cash account it makes it insanely confusing (imo). Again call me old fashioned, I love spreadsheets. Can you send me a shirt that says “I love spreadsheets” If you want a no nonsense straight to the point spreadsheet app, I recommend this.
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3 years ago, Pinson 96
Good for lists
I use it to make lists for household items and keep up with sizes of things that have to be replaced (air filters, specialty light bulbs, printer cartridges, etc). Make your list and fill the cells green. When you run out of something, pull out your phone right there and turn the cell red. Next time you are in the store you already have your list made. No more forgetting that item that you know you need but can’t remember exactly what it is when you are actually at the store.
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4 years ago, ArchangelGreaver
Simple & Brilliant
I am a RPG fan and have to keep track of various statistics when running my campaigns and I mean ALOOOOT of statistics on tons of different races, ability scores, damage modifiers, melee, ranged and spell related damage, speed, strength, vitality, endurance, levels of intelligence for each race and this is just for starters. You get the idea, I have a lot to keep track of and this spreadsheet app helps a TON. It’s very simple to use as it took me about 20 minutes to complete statistics on EVERY race and various creatures, in absolute detail. I’ve used Microsoft Excel and to tell you the truth, I didn’t like it. iSpreadsheet is much easier to use as it keeps things simple and straight to the point. I LOVE it
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2 years ago, GoodbyeChron
Simple to use!
I didn't need much, just a list of items for my sailboat build and the projected and paid costs. The iSpreadsheet has extremely simplified the functions ie: adding or deleting columns, summing columns of numbers, etc. An absolute pleasure to use! One note: The help page for the "functions" left out an important character. To sum a column, it gives the example, SUM(A1:A10), but they left out the "=" sign at the beginning of the formula! Maybe this is common knowledge for spreadsheet wonks, but for an entry level spreadsheet and beginner users, it was just one more thing to figure out.
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4 years ago, Bamanow
Simple app for a simple job.
I was used to using Excel for making out my monthly budget plan for the new year. Really a small matter in my life until you move and can’t find your desk top in the sea of boxes and it’s time to pay bills. I finally remembered I had an app I had purchased quite some time back and I did my yearly budget for 12 months for the upcoming year. Once I got used to it I was in love with it. It will actually do pretty much most of the same things as Excel. I use my IPad Aire for everything now. I also can throw it in my bag and take off. I’m not tied to a desk!
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3 years ago, Jginx510
Works for your basic spreadsheet needs
Downloaded this app to make a couple spreadsheets to help me keep track of a few items I’m selling. This app allows you to make a basic spreadsheet. Change font color and background color, Bold or italicized font, and add basic equations. However you can’t add in lines to help separate items. You can remove them but not embolden them. As a basic spreadsheet app it is great! Doesn’t what you need it to do and you can send and print from the app.
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2 years ago, buvfxwhy
Perfect spreadsheet for my phone
This spread sheet is just what I was looking for. It is simple, it does not force you into some preconceived idea of what the maker thinks it should be used for, as for example, a budget app might do. It is also intuitive for anyone who has used Excel. It fills my needs of having a place on my cell to store financial information with financial calculations. The spreadsheets can be shared, printed, stored on other devices. Thank you for creating this app!
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2 years ago, dkpardee
iSpreadsheet review
I like this spreadsheet app, and use it a lot to create small lists for activities, food acquisition and preparation, travel, etc, however I wish it had more features (which I imagine would be difficult to build in for a small cell phone size, and I’m grateful to have the minimum). I have one specific problem with it, that is I can’t insert a row past 50 rows, the insert icon disappears for all rows higher than 50–this seems strange and limiting.
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3 years ago, Katunaman
Great Spreadsheet
I have been using iSpreadsheet for over a year now and I continue to trust it to handle all my needs. It does all I need it to do - I have used it to make lists, to convert change into dollar amounts, plan itineraries and of course, do my household budget. I have even used it for recipes, putting formulas in the cells to adjust the quantities to make more or less of a dish based on the amount of people I am cooking for. In short, I recommend this spreadsheet!
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5 years ago, ChrisTheSpredSheetGuy
Amazing app
Genuinely a really easy to use app on my iPhone. I have a iPhone 6s Plus and most of the applications I’ve used to make spread sheets on my phone and keep up with my spread sheets from my pc have been a pain to use. This app has been a breeze since I downloaded and opened it. Easy to transfer files and by far the simplest app I’ve used to make spread sheets on my phone from scratch. 10/10 would recommend for anyone who uses spread sheets as much as I do.
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6 years ago, Surewin4me
Great App
This is really good app. I have bought a app for pdf before but in that I cannot see all the pages with good flow like this. The pages break after each page we don't feel the document. This is awesome and secondly we can transfer all files and keep it in pdf. The best part of this app we can store the documents in iCloud all others doesn't do that and this will be helpful when there is a hard reset in iPhone.
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2 years ago, ClintCatfisher
it is worth trying
I have been using it for a few days for equations and fotmulas. It is quite useful. But I suggest that 1- when we click twice on a cell it let us enter the equations. 2- when you are in cell B2 for example and try to write an equation by selecting other cells moving your thump while holding it, the cursor is a little bit prone to jump to other cells, and you have to write the equation from the very beginning. 3- function SIN() is not functioning correctly. if these shortcomings are corrected I will select FIVE STAR.
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6 years ago, mashny
Simple yet effective
I needed a simple spreadsheet, and this app delivers. I didn't want to get sucked into the Big Brother universe of Excel, where I had to register in order to use the app; I use this spreadsheet to keep track of stock activity and didn't want the risk of anyone hacking their server and obtaining my information. I would give this app five star if the app had commas; it is frustrating not having commas, which allow the eye to more easily distinguish the number you’re looking at.
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7 years ago, djk644maple
easy yet full featured
Finding a basic spreadsheet that can do calculations from milage to home budgets is frustrating. And, while that is all I ask from a spreadsheet, functions are included that I might never use but others with deeper backgrounds will find effective. If you use calculators but need to track numbers, this is a necessary addition to your collection. I really appreciate the availability of this spreadsheet. I use it every day.
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2 months ago, CJEll24
Love to use ISpreadSheet
I just started using this spreadsheet, i hope i will like it more as i use it, however i wish it was a little more user friendly, i am not able to spread the columns to the size i want, and it is a little tedious when trying to write in the columns, i have to remember each time to click on the bar at the top before i can write in any of the columns, that is not very efficient at all.
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3 years ago, Isprreadsheet
Nice simple application
I discovered I needed a "what if" spreadsheet while on vacation and downloaded this little guy. All of the features needed were easy to find and use. The calculations were checked and verified to be correct and updated as expected. A touchscreen is clunky to use - so this will never be my "go to" app for "what if" spreadsheets. (I prefer a keyboard and mouse.) It worked well for me.
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4 years ago, Tuwanda2
Quick and easy to use.
I wanted a spreadsheet that could be learned quickly for my simple needs, and iSpreadsheet does the job perfectly. It may be able to do much more; I dunno! Update: After several years of using iSpreadsheet I still love it! It helps me manage my spending and saving with a few quick updates each month. Hope that never changes. Thank you!
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2 years ago, elsieMouse74
Fantastic easy !
The creation mimic Works Spreadsheets but does lack some functionality such as ‘fill down’ ( you gotta love it) and so far it seems that when you use their copy button it can only be performed once - Odd ? But I fought with ‘Zoho’ for 2 days and it won( or I lost ) anyway I gave up and went looking for simple & with no internet interference ( you know - login - get-a-code game; oh you password failed crap) Man I’m tired of playing that game. Gave 4 stars because of the copy/paste issue and I don’t see that you can ‘fill down/across/etc ‘ for formulas. That’s ok it still is less perplexing than Zoho. So this is a wonderful solution to my mobile spreadsheets problem. Thank You , Elsie Lucas in Houston
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3 years ago, suesch1950
Where is app support?
Just downloaded upgraded and nothing happened except now I have two separate ISpreadsheet apps with one showing a (+). When I look through for additional features there appears to be none. It appears I just spent money on the exact thing I already have. Still waiting for them to respond to my help request. It has now been a week or two and I have heard nothing back from this app’s tech support. My impression is the creators of this app have disbanded, gone belly-up, literally died or it is a huge scam to pocket money for app upgrade. Find another spreadsheet app. Avoid this one all together.
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12 months ago, MahjongNewbie
Hmmm I’m on the fence
Difficult to select desired cells for inclusion in formula without changing the cell you’re trying to type in. I wish there was a way to lock the top row so header remains visible while scrolling down. Also wish there was a way to select multiple rows/columns. Perhaps there is, but it isn’t intuitive, and there’s no help function offered. Probably very good for simple data entry but a little short of great for anything more advanced.
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2 years ago, Kksundar
iSpreadsheet did not work
I would like to edit excel files stored in Google drive. I installed the free version. It came out to be Ver 15. I could open the file from Google drive but could not edit any of them. So I paid and upgraded. The paid version was Version 11.5, 3 years old! Google will not allow me to access the files because the app is not secure. I changed the setting on Google to allow less secure apps to access. That did not help. What should I do to get out of this so I could edit files stored in google drive. Thank you for your help. k k sundar
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5 years ago, Earnie Rose
Can’t beat it for free.
Would like to see an update to fix the highlighted cell to keep up with me as changes are made. Though changes made are in the correct place, the highlight is not there which gets me lost as to which cell I’m typing in. At first thought it was my iPad2 but I got a iPad Pro and the issue is the same. Have found no other issues I can’t live with. I still use it even with MS excel installed.
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7 years ago, Me in NM
Allows me to use my iPad to edit Excel files
I've looked for a long time for something that would let me do this. I email the file to myself from a PC, open it on my iPad, save it and edit it on the iPad, then email back to myself to put it back on my PC. This works but with the step in between of converting to CSV to move from PC to iPad and the same going back. With that, it works
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2 years ago, TAB 1063~
Great app until now! Crashes!
Loved and relied on this app. Recently it started to crash upon opening. I can’t reinstall it without loosing data stored locally. Disappointed since I can’t access long enough to backup sheets to the cloud. Going to customer support is a broken address. Only to assume they want you to go with their new product. If it works for you definitely save your sheets to the cloud.
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6 years ago, Chaunv
Simple, handy spreadsheet
I’ve been using ispreadsheet for a couple years now. I’ve tried others but come back to this one. Pros-simple and handy to use. I track my monthly bills with mine. It doesn’t have as many options as Excel but for what i use it for, that is okay. Cons-i would like to freeze rows and columns. There is a way to freeze 2-3 at a time but I don’t get the results I need.
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5 months ago, firebird1975
A VERY late Thank You for developing an early spreadsheet that I use daily for decades!
I bought your program and I believe it was $2.99. I developed a spreadsheet that I have used for several decades that I keep my budget on. It is invaluable. I encourage anyone that needs a spreadsheet to download and use your spreadsheet. Your friend, Richard Smith.
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3 years ago, MsValerieAnne84
File Vanished.
This is a great application in general. I have a folder with monthly spreadsheets. I went to update this month and last month and noticed that Dec 2020 (first month using) is gone/no longer there. I don’t know how to retrieve it or where it went. I don’t even see a trash option in the app. 😟 These are important payment spreadsheets so it’s needed and I can’t find it. So I reduced a star.
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3 weeks ago, Ballow LaLa
Happy To Be Able To Use A Spread Sheet On My IPhone!
I really have had a hard time finding any program that operates with Apple. I WISH I had this program on my MAC laptop. It would make life even better! I often need to be able to use my phone and laptop at the same time.
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5 months ago, David Teater
Very simple to use
I was up and running within seconds of downloading the app. Simple offline editing, lets you store your spreadsheets wherever, and barely has any learning curve for someone who has only dabbled with other company’s offerings. Thumbs up from me!
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3 years ago, L0SNE1
Spreadsheets are wonderful tools
I use them all the time to do multiple calculations. Especially if I need to change a value. When you need to do a what if comparison. So many other built in features to help you with finances, estimates, mortgages and much more.
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5 years ago, Jaw Breaker from USL
Just what I was looking for!
Using it to keep track of my 2 kids college recruiting. It’s perfect! Easy to figure out, ya just got to play around with it at first. Columns adjustable and color coding available! I didn’t need a bunch of fancy templates. And didn’t want to had write everything the old fashion way either.
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6 years ago, Barb122485
I use this a lot and rely on it being there. I email it to myself regularly for a back up. For a while it didn’t allow me to have more than 50 rows but now that glitch is fixed and I am so organized! It’s so convenient being right on my phone. I love it!
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3 years ago, Constant reminder
Love this App
I've been using this app since 2010 to keep track of hours worked, income earned and other things. It's so nice to a spreadsheet on my phone to log all the info as soon as I get it. It's great to be able to go back up 8 years to retrieve info I need.
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2 years ago, Rahtak
Great App
Just started using this app today, and it is easy and has so many great features. And it's free. I wanted something I could use on my iPad, but then be able to pull up into other applications. I think this is the app for even beginners like me!
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3 years ago, Daveburns13
Nobody’s Home
This looke like an app with a lot of potential, but you may have noticed the link to the developer’s web site doesn’t work. Also, in the app, the link to online documentation doesn’t work. Most of the reviews are from a year or two ago. Without documentation, issues like navigation and formatting are left to the user’s experimentation. Looks like they’ve just given up and gone away.
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2 years ago, kim5006
Household Budget
This app is fantastic for keeping track of our family budget!!! In 2021 I didn’t use this app and was late with a few payments…. Ugh 2022 will definitely become useful to the payment on time budget!! Thanks
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2 years ago, Slots of South Texas
This is such a great app for tracking my yearly budget. I love that I can highlight payments that draft automatically, payments that I’ve processed via e-pay the ability to add delete line entries as needed and that it’s at my fingertips always!!!!!!
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6 years ago, Pbolwahnn
Not what I expected
I downloaded this “free” app which was not labeled with in app purchases. I tried to open an excel sheet (xls and xlsx) formats. I could view the sheet but not edit it. It then prompted to “upgrade” for $2.99, I believe. I figured since I could only view, the upgrade would enable editing verses just a viewer. I was wrong in my assumption. I would not spend my money on this there are other well known apps that read, edit and support actual excel files.
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4 months ago, scrippslarry11
So far so good
Just now opened the app and spent a few minutes working with it, but so far it seems very Intuitive and easy to use. Will update later once I have more experience with it.
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6 years ago, Drjthanh
From the first day using ispreadsheet , i alway like to have it as first page icon. If you familiar with excel then this app is too easy for you. I use it for listing my stuffs my spending list and many other thing. Overall i like it and keep as daily app
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4 years ago, MelziTunes
Gave up after 30 minutes
Not sure what I’m missing here but this is completely not user-friendly and when I clicked on the icon for help it took me to a dead end. Then it asked if I wanted to give feedback and an email popped up but it would not send! I am pretty text savvy and can figure most things out but something as simple as being able to edit/write to an existing spreadsheet that I imported has been frustrating and seemingly not possible.
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5 years ago, Drhall762
Great iPhone app
I needed an iPhone app that would allow me to do basic spreadsheets. This one is even more than I needed. Easy install and using it is straight forward. Whether this is your first spreadsheet app or you are advanced, it will meet your needs.
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3 years ago, with need
Not user friendly?
Ok maybe it’s just me. I find it difficult to use. MS is much easier. Your app can be more user friendly. Don’t assume the user knows how. There may be beginners. I’m not a beginner, I could be considered an advanced user, so beginners will like just delete the app and find an easy one. Just some FYI. I’ll keep exploring the app. So far I like it other then being a bit difficult to use.
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7 months ago, redhook2003
The app was easy to download and very user friend to use. Don’t need an tutorial to use that app. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn how to use a spreadsheet especially right from your phone. Easy pezzy.
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6 years ago, Acschnorr
So there was reviews that indicated that this app had issues. I will admit, I was iffy about downloading it. This app has been wonderful! It keeps everything in tact. Easily saves. I have not used every function, I just use it for data entry. I love it. No complaints!
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7 months ago, Mid13night!
One less head ache
Great product. Thanks for helping small businesses kept track of our inventory at no cost. One less bill to pay while climb the ladder. Thanks for help keep up the good work
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2 years ago, Rosco Flats
Works Great !
As I navigate this app, I’m finding that it works well for every function I’ve needed it for up to this point. I’ve recommended to my team members as a good tool to track information.
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4 years ago, Lori4498
Great app!
Just started using it and so far so good. Love how I can keep everything in order and done as I spend /pay things. Especially when it comes to tax time so I don’t have to sit there and add a years worth of receipts for different things.
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8 months ago, Mr. Highly Incredible
Best spreadsheet I’ve used on my iPhone
Easy to organize data, all the basic functions that I use every day on my desktop all in the convenience of fitting in my phone 👍🏼
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