iStock – Stock Photography

Photo & Video
4.7 (2.6K)
95.6 MB
Age rating
Current version
Getty Images Inc.
Last update
4 months ago
Version OS
12.0 or later
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User Reviews for iStock – Stock Photography

4.71 out of 5
2.6K Ratings
5 years ago, Patty Smith Team
Making Marketing Easy
IStock makes it easy for me to find exactly the right expression for my blogs and posts. The search methods help you zoom in and find the right medium for your self expression.
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5 years ago, NoGoodNick
Pretty Pictures, But You Can’t Do Anything With Them
I used to use iStock years ago, but eventually went with Fotolia (soon to be merged into Apple Stock) because the monthly subscription was SO much more affordable. But, seeing this, I decided to investigate, only to discover it’s utterly worthless. There’s NO way to purchase images, no way to buy credits or subscriptions, and no way to check on purchased images. This is nothing but a teaser app, as you HAVE to visit their website to do ANYTHING. If you’re interested in iStock, which I don’t recommend anyway, DON’T download the app, go directly to the webpage. Why even waste time looking when it won’t even tell you how much anything costs? What a waste of time.
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2 years ago, jennaluna
The website is better
It drives me nuts when a website is better than the app. This is an example of that. When I search in the app, I get photos and can’t seem to filter for vectors? But I search for the exact same thing on the site and I have tons of options. Also, you can only delete one photo at a time from your board. You select it, but you can’t select any others. It’s ridiculous.
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6 years ago, calipac
I needed to purchase a layout from my phone/my account and email it to someone. It downloaded as a JPG. I needed the vector file. So they could edit. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be an option from the mobile app.
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5 years ago, Guitar 333
The best
I’ve used it for years and have always been able to find exactly what I needed for my projects.
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3 years ago, Quackers Web
Photo Search not working under iOS 14.6.1
Problem: Access to iOS Photos denied to app. Deletion and reinstall actions fail to allow iOS Privacy Photos access setup.
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3 years ago, itsthepixie
Can’t log in
I just downloaded the app today for the first time, clicked the “sign in” button, and got this error message: {“error”:”invalid_request”,”error_description”:”The Requested redirect_uri must be registered.”} I have an account, but never got to the point of putting in my credentials. Just the error. The app is useless if I can’t even sign in.
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2 months ago, Emilyhijklmnop
I did a free trial with this company. I never ended up using the subscription because the photos on the site were outdated. After my trial ended I went online to unsubscribe along with deleting all my card information. The company continues to charge me and now I have to dispute it with my bank. It’s NOT worth it.
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2 months ago, Feride1715
worst service
You guys don't mess up unsplash with your bussiness. Extremely would NOT RECOMMEND. customer service never help you. it is 70$ each month just for downloading images???!!! And if you want to cancel the plan, cancellation fee is 70$ as well ))) They want just EARN MONEY EARN MONEY by anyway. And even images are don't worth for the prices.
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5 years ago, Griz2929
If you’re looking for that perfect photo this is the place to find it!
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5 months ago, 0582Jamie
Absolutely do NOT get! The subscription is $700 for the year! If you try to cancel it, you have to pay a $70 administrative fee. You can’t talk to anyone over the phone and everything is done via email and the “customer service team” does not provide any helpful service to the customer. What a scam.
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1 year ago, LK656755
Horrible experience
Very bad glitching app, was unable to buy the subscription I wanted to as the system just wouldn’t let me do it. Tech support first said they would fix it, then asked double the payment just to do it, then stopped replying all together. Horrible service and experience.
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5 years ago, Somers Guitar
WORST for-profit app I have ever used
I have never given a negative review. This is my first EVER. Making a purchase should be simple as could be. You should NOT have to search and read helps to be able to make a purchase. The app is NOT user friendly at all. It did not used to be that way here. I have purchased hundreds of dollars of photos here in the past.
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2 months ago, Gabbicloud
I thought I would be able to use istock on my cellphone but apparently this app is just useless to me. I can't even see my recent searches or search for what I want (it just says they can't find anything, but how??? doesn't make sense) I'm very disappointed. The website is MUCH better.
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1 year ago, Mac nutty
How do you purchase pictures?
Every picture says how many credits to purchase but I cannot did any place to purchase credits makes it frustrating.
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1 year ago, Drwatsonguy
Crashes Often
It would be great, but I’ve had a half dozen crashes and I just downloaded it today. Hope it gets stabilized soon.
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7 months ago, Jabriii7
bad quality
the photos are bad quality when I save them on the app
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5 years ago, BrianKann16
The best!
This is the BEST resource for stock photos, whatever your need for them might be.
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1 year ago, FXwes
Constantly crashing.
Can’t even scroll through pictures without it crashing within seconds.
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3 years ago, Vanyar_ausama
Very good app
This app is a best app in the USA but app very very good thanks for app company thanks love you guys
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2 years ago, AlexsPCS
To hard to checkout
3 times trying to pay for picture, and don’t take me to anyway, should be more easy; select picture and pay. Am mad mad
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1 year ago, Agimne
Greedy company
For the amount of money they want i might as well pay the artist or find the dame photos online. There are much better stock photo apps out there.
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6 years ago, JeniferML
Great Resource
Valued source of images & ideas!
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4 years ago, CPT Wags
Photo App
Love this photo app! Plenty to chose from!
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3 years ago, elevatorwriter
Paid $12 each for 3 photos and all of them have watermarks all over them. I reached out to IS - no response. Huge disappointment since this was time sensitive.
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1 year ago, Susie86258
It crashes a lot
It constantly crashes out of nowhere. Please fix this issue.
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6 years ago, ILikeApps333
App crashes on rotate when viewing video
Not a great experience
Show more
6 years ago, Green Money Lawn's
Awesome photo,s
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3 years ago, cmpaugh
App Currently Doesn’t Work
I installed the app on my iPhone today, clicked sign in, and received a coding error: {"error":"invalid_request","error_description":"The requested redirect_uri must be registered."}
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2 years ago, jai lakell
I can't download videos and photos under subscription
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5 years ago, HonestlyIMO
Not easy
It seems like the images are good quality but the overall ui of the app is terrible
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1 month ago, Lo0908
This app and the customer service are absolutely terrible
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7 months ago, Disappointed Lifx owner
Can’t download purchased images!!!!!
Would be nice if downloading to iPhone worked.
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4 years ago, Lloydel p
Trouble buying credits
I want to buy credits app isn’t allowing me to
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5 years ago, Organia Girl
This app does nothing. It took a half hour to figure that out. I want my half hour back.
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4 years ago, Betsy202088
Bad experience
The logo of istock is still remained on the picture when I download it on my photo gallery. How can I get rid of it
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6 years ago, ScoolC
Crash every time on iPhone x when rotate it into a landscape mode.
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4 years ago, asesaneshining
App glitch
Doesnt let me download anything or doesn’t make it clear how to.
Show more
5 years ago, instagram@peterdreams444
Does anybody know how to purchase videos
Show more
5 years ago, BohoRose
All. The. Time.
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4 years ago, krashkrasher
App does not function well
Show more
4 years ago, A ‏ musician
Wow the best app
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14 years ago, Deb-Milwaukee
Great app, for a great source of royalty free stock images. Am thrilled. I am using on iPad and while the app is not yet optimized for the iPad, the images display well, with very little pixelation. Search is fast. Adding to my iStockphoto lightbox is easy, for purchase outside of app itself. Again, am thrilled!!
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10 years ago, $RUM
Useless. Used to Crash, Now it Just Locks Up
UPDATE: Crashes are fixed but, performance still lags. It seems as if the developers and UX-UI Team were designing this app for the Getty client versus the people who would actually use this product. Even on the newer iPads (Retina Airs) the performance is sluggish. Rather than having a view that needs to redraw every time something needs to be added to a lightbox, would it not be more efficient to have a peek state or a selector view (devoid of thumbnail images that need to reloaded)? An interface that allowed users to make multiple selections and quickly add images to a lightbox from a simple list view would be ideal. This is what designers, art directors and creative directors need, a tool that allows us to work efficiently -- not a pretty UI or preview states during simple tasks. PREVIOUSLY: In an app that was not only greatly anticipated it becomes exceedingly clear that Getty has no idea how navigation stacks work in iOS. Furthermore, it lags in performance in nearly every major function it is supposed to accomplish. Missing are elegant touches like lazy load and background loading of images. This means you the user end up spending more time for search results to load than necessary. The tool is so slow it makes more sense to do your image searches on the website.
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7 years ago, ThirtyFiveThousand opinions
Welcome to iPintrest by IStock
The app is only good for searching, storing “boards” of images, and staring at the results. There is no purchasing function. At least, there’s not one I’ve seen, because if you leave the search engine part of the app for the “account” section, the app locks up. Same thing happens if you attempt to create a “board” while looking at the results of an image search. The best part of the whole app to me is being taken to the Terms of License thing/section, scrolling to the bottom, and finding amongst the broken links and frozen functionality, a button allowing me to go to the App Store and download the app I AM CURRENTLY USING. This very broken app was not tested. I don’t even think it’s been to school. This is just an iStock webpage does-not-workaround. Use your web browser instead.
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13 years ago, Itsfreegetoverit
Worth the price
Seems like people are ripping this app for features that it doesn't offer, not features that it offers but fails to execute on. It's a free app. It let's you search through images, and let's you view some contributor stats like daily/monthly downloads and royalties. It does both of those things pretty well. All though I might like to see more features, im certainly not going to give them a 1-2 star review because of it. If they charged me $5 for it sure then id be disappointed. But for Free there's not much to argue.
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8 years ago, mebpenguin
Login is broken
I've downloaded and tried to log into this app multiple times. It rejects the login I use on the website without a problem every single time When I try to hit the forgot password link it tells me that there is no account with that email address, even though the website works just fine. Finally, when I give up and try to sign up for a new account, the stupid sign up form is off screen and impossible to center. I don't know if this has happened to anyone else, but you win, I give up.
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10 years ago, scunge
Is this for browsing only?
I cannot figure out how to use my credits to buy photos with this app. I can't figure out how many credits the photos cost! I can't believe these features aren't there, it's probably just me.
Show more
13 years ago, Periwinkle Poppies
I love this app!!!
I was sitting thinking I needed to do some image searches for a couple of clients, but didn't want to go to my desk. As I was lounging in my comfy seat in the living room I wondered if istockphoto had an app... and low and behold they do!!! It is perfect for what I needed. Created my lightbox and a few minutes into my search voila images for my client!!! Sooo very cool!
Show more
13 years ago, Allkindza 812
Pretty but not that useful
The other ap is much better from a contributor stats point of view this one is ok for looking at photos but without any real advanced search power not really all that useful would like to see the functionality of the other ap built into this one
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