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3.9 (19)
35.2 MB
Age rating
Current version
Boinx Software International GmbH
Last update
5 years ago
Version OS
11.0 or later
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User Reviews for iStopMotion

3.89 out of 5
19 Ratings
9 years ago, godslittlepinki
Very good! But app could use a few additional features.
Very useful and functional! I hope there are some plans to expand its capabilities! I would be willing to pay extra! 1. Add ability to add frames from external least from photo Library! 2. Even better would be the ability to edit and manipulate frames, individual or selected groups using other apps. Then one could do things like add filtering affects or add caption overlays for example. (I know something like this is available in Mac version but I don't have one!)
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3 years ago, aj_denver
Still a good app, but v4.0 won’t run on an iPad running OS 12
I purchased this program quite a few years ago, and v4.0 appears to run just fine on an iPhone running iOS 14 as well as an iPhone 6 on iOS 12.5.1. However, I have an older iPad that also can’t upgrade beyond OS 12.5.2 and it is unusable on that device. The app crashes on the iPad whenever I attempt to open a clip.
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3 years ago, consto465
I can’t look over my videos
When I bought the app, I was very happy. Everything was fine! Then, after my 4 video, when I try to re watch the video, it will stop the frame and delete the work.
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5 years ago, $EVERE
I'm going to be blunt...
- no undo/redo options! - you cannot reorganize frames - drag and drop is useless, only function is to delete, which already exists as a button - cannot add new frames between frames - forces you to work linearly! - in app playback sometimes flickers, must render to video for accurate playback - not student friendly, doesn't let you correct mistakes Not worth your money. This software feels unfinished. Get Stop Motion Studio Pro instead which is a complete software for less with all of the essential features this one shamelessly leaves out.
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5 years ago, jdm films inc
Deletes half of every thing
I made a racing stop motion, and the next day, just randomly, half of the images were showing black screens even though on the bottom it showed the image
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4 years ago, Gftgj8(876
Was great - Now not usable
This app used to be great I used to use it all the time now it crashes whenever I try to use it.
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5 years ago, Harry Haryono
Failed rendering
The video on the foto library is doesnt exist every I render it.
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12 years ago, Artismia
Reputation alone. (Updated)
For many years Boinx has been a reputable company with outstanding products, attentive customer service and support. That alone makes this app well worth the investment. I have been using it now since day one, and can tell you it is really a great app. As you can see from their updates, they really do care about making an exquisite app. The ability to use your iPad as the hub or main station of production, and your iphone or ipod as the camera is spectacular. This app is great for small productions and large. Allowing multiple camera angles by easily switching from one camera source to another. I have found some issues with wifi connections, which I believe has to do with the type of modem or router being used. (***Recent Update Has Resolved all Issues!*** OUTSTANDING!) Over-all a great tool for expressing your creativity, either for entertainment purposes (just for fun) or full productions.
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12 years ago, LyricsMatter
Nearly flawless execution for time-lapse
A friend recommended this and at first I wasn't sure I would use it. Then, I got to use it while my son and I built a massive LEGO project. It help document hours of work in a fun 30 second video. Next up, we used the figures to create a short film. The innovative use of iPhone 4S camera using the separate (free) remote camera app sealed the deal for me. The seamless integration makes you wonder how we ever did this before. The only things I would change is to make more convenient access to the Focus/Exposure controls and more editing options. I wish you could call them up instantly without having to dive into the camera settings menu. This would make it easier to change focus within a scene. Manual focus would also add a high end touch. I would like to merge or splice clips without having to do this in a separate app like iMovie for iPad.
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12 years ago, muecker
Fun but not obvious
I think this app will be a lot of fun. I was able to create a short video from a few frames. It will require a lot of patience and effort to create a video of any length. I like that I can use my iPhone as a remote camera. It does take a little time to process each shot. Initially there are some deficiencies in the software. I didn't immediately see the camera button so I wasn't sure how to take pictures. I couldn't find a way to preview, I could only export to the camera roll.
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11 years ago, Mgmb99
Awesome app
This is the best app. I used the "Istopmotion remote" app with this. My iPod touch was the camera and my iPad was the controller. Other stop motion app don't work as good as this app and doesn't have wifi connect IPhone camera. The camera feature is awesome and there's no shake ( it could be shaky but I put my itouch was in a dock ). If you are looking for an awesome app for stop motion, you should get this app. If you get this app on your iPad and you also have an itouch/iPhone you should get " istopmotion" on your iPhone/iPod touch.
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11 years ago, funtongue
One of the best stop motion and timelapse apps
A very good app all around. Ability to add soundtrack is unique among available apps. Previously, I would have had to use iMovie or similar to add sound. In a future release, I'd like the ability to add images from the Photo Library. I might be over-simplifying the process in my head, but importing the photos is straightforward enough; just need to figure out how to handle different image sizes and aspect ratios - cropping, stretching, or reducing image to fit the movie frame. Thanks for the app!
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12 years ago, ow_quit_it
Great App for new iPad
I had my first stop animation clip done within 20 minutes of installing this app. Very easy to use and intuitive. I like how it keeps a ghost image of the last shot on screen as you position for the next shot. Time lapse features is pretty cool too, although the maximum interval is 59 minutes. It looks like this may not work well for the iPad 2, but it is working great on the new iPad. Exported my video and then added music in iMovie. Very cool and surprisingly fun!
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6 years ago, Ultra Kryptonian
Worst stop-motion software out there!
I use quite a few stop-motion apps and programs, but this one (and the Mac version), are total garbage! Recently, I upgrade to a 10.5 iPad Pro from an iPad Air and this program refuses to start. Just a blank yellow screen, then it ultimately crashes. When it did work in the past, I found it lacking the features of Stop-Motion Studio, which is a stop-motion app I highly recommend! Oh, and don’t get the Mac version, either. I purchased version 2 of that software, then they killed it when OS X was upgraded. It kept crashing and not recognizing any of the cameras that previously worked. Then, they had the nerve to ask me to upgrade to their latest version! BEWARE!!!
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11 years ago, April7881
Great App
I really like this app. I've only done a practice run though. My only regret yet is that we can't pull images from our camera roll. That was my original plan for my first stop motion, but the app is making it easy for me to go to plan b. Also, I'm a newbie at this, but the app is fairly easy to figure out. I also like the theater section, as I was able to garner inspiration from other videos when I realized Plan A was a no-go. Maybe next update, guys?
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11 years ago, unscriptable
Still somewhat limited
I bought this for my daughter to make stop motion videos. We were hoping to use our existing camera or iPhone to take pictures. I know the description specifies that the iPhone 3GS isn't a supported remote camera device, but had hoped it would work with her used 3GS. The remote camera software works great with the 3GS, but due to some lazy programming in iStopMotion, the overlay view doesn't scale the overlay correctly. I figured we could try hooking up her camera using Apple's camera connection cable. Again, no luck. iStopMotion fails to recognize the camera. It won't import from the camera or from the camera roll either. I find this very disappointing. It'd be nice if she could use a normal camera since we already have great tripods and accessories that make the filming part way better than what she could achieve with a hefty iPad.
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12 years ago, Mark Seitz
Do your Homework!!!!!
I love this app. I too heard about it on Macbreak weekly's live stream, but before I bought it. I read the reviews in the app store. If people would just read the reviews they could save themselves from buying an app that doesn't work for them. Also don't give the developer a low rating because you didn't do your homework. That is just wrong.
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12 years ago, Otto _t
I don't know what's worst freezing or crashing?
Update: Finally it's working again. ----------------- The previous version was only crashing now I've lost all of my previous recordings (showing only empty frames) and whenever I try to go back to the gallery the app is freezing. Moreover I cannot create a new shot because of the app ( when it's not crashing right away at start) automatically opens the last shot and freezing there. So the app as it is at the moment is totally useless!!! I hope a real fix is coming out soon! This release just got worst. ----------------- The latest version is crashing like hell on my iPad2. Probably it's better if you don't upgrade until they fix it. It's a pity. Otherwise I really liked this app.
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10 years ago, PistolStudios
Good Stop Motion Software
I really like this software. It's the only stop motion software on the App Store that I can find that works with sound. The problem is that you can't export as an image sequence (which I need for masking). That's something easily put in a new update though. Other than that, this software doesn't crash as much as the other apps out there. Which makes it my favorite to animate with.
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12 years ago, RickW
Great app...if it worked
I am reversing my previous review of this app. I attempted to produce a stop motion movie with my daughter this week, and we discovered that what seems like a great tool is really not up to the task. We experienced severe latency with the camera image getting updated on the iPad. The camera and iPad frequently lost the connection. The iPad would attempt to connect (waiting for iPhone to accept) but the iPhone never got the message (waiting for connection). This app turned a fun father-daughter activity into a frustrating disappointment. It could be a great tool, but the remote camera feature failed miserably for me.
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12 years ago, Jaymerica
Well done, but limited
Beautiful and simple; works really well. Everything in the app is great, but it could use a few more editing options. For example, you can drag a frame around, but can only rip it off the timeline to delete it. I expected to be able to drop it in a new location, but there's actually no way to reorder anything.
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11 years ago, Unibrother
Missing something
While this is still the best stop motion app on the market, it needs some added features. The most important is the ability to copy and paste frames for looping footage. Also, there should be a light dimming feature to give the appearance of night/ darkness. Add these things and then it will be worth the money.
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11 years ago, Hermio-ninny3231966
What is the real price?
I bought this app only a short while ago, for 9.99, when I showed the app to my dad he loved it and said he would get it. But now we he has it on his IPad it's only .99 cents. It could be my mind playing tricks but I seriously doubt it. I took a class, where we used the app, so I looked it up at home and it was 9.99. I'm upset because I paid nine dollars more than I should have if my dad only has to pay .99! But on the good side, it's a very good app and I love it but I do not like that I have to pay extra!!!!!!
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10 years ago, eevidrine94
Surprisingly good
I decided to try it after it was just sitting there on the home screen of my ipad 3 for a week. And i have to say, it's actually pretty decent. Anyways, anyone who rated this app low just have to realize that all apps are a little glitchy when they first come out. I'm sure they'll have an update.
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12 years ago, sgoldsmith
Lego documentaries
I love this app. My son and I document Lego building sessions, using the timed shutter. it is super fun. The app is very easy to use, my 6 year old figured it out really without much help from me. Only request, better notification when remote camera loses connectivity. It silently dies, and frames are missed.
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2 months ago, Camera Image Is Flipped
External Camera Has Flipped Image
I connected an external camera for a stop motion project, but the image was flipped. There is no way to have the image flipped the right how you see the world. Instead, everything is a mirror image... Say you want a image like this ⍃ but when you take the picture, you instead get an image like this ⍄ Another example, you want this ⬅️ but you get this ➡️ Fix this! The develepors need to look at using an external camera!
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6 years ago, Annanomous.
Multiple Crashes
Spent over $30 purchasing Mac and IPad versions after recommendations from design professionals. Was highly disappointed that after hours work the program started crashing on both the iPad and the Mac. To make it worse, I spent a great deal of time setting up a studio with props, lighting, camera’s and like. Attempted to re download app after app stopped working all the mean time I lost all of the work that I had done. After reopening continued to crash without even getting to home screen. Very displeased with the product being that I spent so much on it. I would like to know how to request a refund as nothing came out of the downloads at all and I am going to have to take the products off my computer and iPad all together to avoid it ruining my computer.
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12 years ago, Jaffer1979
After seeing this demonstrated on Macbreak Weekly I purchased this in iTunes all excited. I then when out on the porch and set up my iPhone 4 for a nice time lapse sunset. WRONG!!!! When I got back inside from setting up the free cam app on the iPhone I discovered that I can not install this on my original iPad?!?!?! I can't understand at all why my iPad needs a camera if the photo comes from my iPhone 4? STEER CLEAR IF YOU ARE STILL ON IPAD 1!!! Why this doesn't work on iPad 1 though I have no idea.
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8 years ago, Card trick 0
Good app but could use some adjustments
The app is good but a little overpriced and has a lot of things that could be added 1) like iMovie, there should be an option to put multiple audio tracks instead of having to do the audio all at once because that's really annoying and just makes it more difficult and adds more work 2) There should be an undo/ redo button because if you do something you didn't mean to like deleting all the frames there's no going back. 3) Get rid of that stupid 'reverse order of frames' It makes it impossible to play your film after that 4) Be able to move around frames If these suggestions would be brought to reality then this app would definitly be worthy of ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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11 years ago, tnorga j
Movies are reversed
I have noticed that when I use Istopmotion and use the ipad front Camera ( the one that faces me). The video comes back in reverse. I am right handed and it shows me as a left handed. I then used the camera by opening iPhoto and took a video of me with the front camera and it looks fine. Except for this, I love the program. Jim
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9 years ago, spinboy
Superb app and support
Excellent app! Love the remote camera function too. Support is fast and accurate. Note: if the app says it lost connection to cameras, just go to System:Privacy:Camera and turn on iStopMotion permission to use the cameras. This tripped me up but support answered in 4 rings and straightened out everything.
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10 years ago, sadbuthappy
fix please
Very nice and fun app but please add in the feature of being able to move around the photos and or be able to add in photos anywhere anytime. It would be a lot of help to add that in because we forgot to add in a couple photos of in the beginning and so we might have to start over, which is really bad because we are almost done with our four minute video. So if you could plead add in that feature as soon as possible it would be greatly appreciated.
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12 years ago, Mthartwig
Needs additional tools
This is a good starting base for stop motion but needs to have pic options like duplicate or reverse set to really be 5 stars. I like to be able to duplicate pics if I want a pause in the motion. Hoping this would be on the top of the list for updates
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12 years ago, Yale University DMCA
I'm more excited than when I first saw the desktop version of this app! Paired with the remote camera app and an iPhone I'm knocked out. If you have both devices don't wait, just get it. It's worth $5 just to have a picture from the phone appear on you're iPad AND have remote focus and exposure control LOL!!! It's a serious tool though .... And sooooo easy to use . One request though. Can we have easier access to the focus control while shooting? I can do it, but it breaks the flow.... Thanks
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8 years ago, Strizbiz
Great app, please add markers
Great app, love using it with the remote camera app, it would really be great if after adding audio, you could add markers to the timeline in realtime as the audio plays , I think that would make it even easier to animate to audio. Great job.
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12 years ago, Ben Stephens
Easy to use, would love one more feature
Clean and easy, but I need the ability to use photos from the camera roll. Otherwise it's great.
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12 years ago, Sharppixels
Great Family Fun!
Kids love it, we love it, and it's just a blast to make movies with the kids. Using my iPhone as the wireless remote camera is absolutely fantastic. Worth every penny, and after using it for a while, I'd pay double for it :-)
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12 years ago, mcgrath3
Not compatible with iPad 1
It should be more clear that this is not compatible with the iPad1. Now I have to wait until I eventually upgrade to an iPad2. Looks like a great app but I won't know for a while yet.
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10 years ago, Arnastu
Good app but
I hope you can make a photo import function. The this app will be perfect. Also there should be an easy way to move the order of the pictures.
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11 years ago, John Dickinson
Get "Stop motion studio" app instead
Save yourself $8.99 and get stop motion studio. It only costs .99¢ and has almost all of the features PLUS IT HAS A GREEN SCREEN-YEAH! and you can record vocals right on your movie. This app wont even allow you to tap to focus. iStopmotion is way overpriced and needs a huge make over! Oh yeah and the remote app for this is atrocious.
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12 years ago, anna_chris
Awesome app. But I would recommend getting iMovie or something like it so you can add sound FX and record your voice. Still, very good. But I wish you could change the focus. Epic. :-D
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12 years ago, Mark2011C
This is great fun! A terrific app! I have not used it with the iPhone, just with the iPad and I am really enjoying making stop action movies. Thanks!
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12 years ago, V-lander
Works fine on iPad 1
Installed istopmotion on iPad 1st gen. using iPhone configuration utility ... Paired it up with the free istopmotion cam remote app on my iPhone ... Got it up and running without a hitch.
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12 years ago, MHKitchen
Not ready for release - crashes regularly
Sounded like a good idea and app. It doesn't play nice between my iPad2 and iPhone 4S. Would LOVE a time lapse remote video app that works, but can only keep the iPhone connected for moments, and then CRASH. Please release a fixed update soon or I'll be calling for a refund.
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11 years ago, strawberry1969
Great customer service
They are VERY quick to answer any questions you might have. Great product.
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12 years ago, MitchCohen
Ok, this is cool. Especially when used with an iPhone 4/4S as the remote camera, given how good those cameras are. Impressive and fun.
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9 years ago, Craneky
Great app
Great app I did a stop motion camp and used this it's amazing u just move the characters and click the picture u should get it!!!!!!
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12 years ago, Spunkino
Terrible save file problem
We enjoyed the app, however, it has a completely random save problem. 80% of our files were lost when we went to save. Incredibly frustrating. If they fix this, it would be an ok app.
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6 years ago, The Midwest Texan
Used to be horrible!
I got this app for my son to make stop motion movies and was pretty good for his purposes. Now the app simply gives a blank yellow screen. Thinking that it might need to be reinstalled in deleted and tried to reinstall. The installation process crashes the iPad completely. I feel like I’ve been robbed! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!
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12 years ago, Ipereza
Having issues!
I really love this app but after the latest update, I'm not able to synch my iPhone remote camera to the iPad. Both devices are in the same wifi network yet the iPad can't find the remote camera. Fix this and get 5 starts.
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