iSuper DVD Ripper

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AnyMP4 Studio
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3 years ago
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10.7 or later
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User Reviews for iSuper DVD Ripper

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3 years ago, alanwhite
Works well but..
This product works well on even difficult DVDs but it requires a fair amount of setup. Files are often out of sequense and each file has to be moved to the right place. Watch out when saving a merged set of files. If you click replace and you already have another merged set of files, it will replace the other one.
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5 years ago, Kryinlion
It works
I downloaded was really doubting after i read the first few reviews. I had a small project, and it worked great. It never asked me to buy anything or require me to buy anything to make it work properly. I believe the negative reviews are either from previous versions or fraudulant.
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3 years ago, Hiatt Grey
It's good but there are some problems.
It's a very good program, howevere there are flaws with it. I tired ripping the four Pokemon movies Miramax had released and when it was finished, there were black bars on top and botttom making it look like a widescreen theartical release. And there are glitches in them too where the movie stops by the audio is still going and it goes out of sync. And when I pause it and resume it it's back in the right sync. Please upgrade this app so it can be better.
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8 months ago, boringplanet10
Don’t bother.
It does what it’s supposed to. I have home DVDs I made years ago of my daughter when she was little. Like birtday videos and family trips, etc……. I wanted to make digital copies, and the app did just that. Except that it didn’t rip the video to fill the tv screen completely. I guess it’s better than nothing, but who wants to watch it on a big screen when it will only fill the screen about 75% or less.
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1 year ago, Ckaine
Works great for digitizing family videos
This app has been perfect for converting old family video DVD's to digital files that I can save to my computer and add to my iphotos shared albums. It's intuitive and pretty easy to use even for technical amateurs.
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6 months ago, Westwood Village Reviews
Great after just one use
a little slow but fairly easy to use. Hope they make it simpler to find the rendered file after it is done. A good app!
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11 months ago, L.E. FRAUSTO
Excellent App To Archive Your Purchased DVD's
This app is better than all of the monthly/yearly software, when all you want to do is archive all of your DVD's in your purchased library. I highly recommend this app.
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1 year ago, Hotrod1944
I love this program.
It did exactly what I was hoping it would do in a very user friendly way. Not too many programs are like that these days.
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2 years ago, Piousbox
Seems to work as intended
Freemium limitations, but the software seems to work well. The UI was not done by Picasso, but it's functional and utilitarian, which is what I prefer. Algunas funcionalidades no son disponibles antes que pagas, pero los basicos sirven bien, puedes hacer rip / convertir discos. La interfaz no era desenado por Picasso pero es util y plano, como me gusta.
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5 years ago, earathcitizen
What an amazing product
This thing works perfectly. You will be able to exactly what it says. I tried handbrake and it gave me a ton of troubles. Downloaded this thing and it worked like a charm. Highly recommned!
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4 years ago, Capeman12197
Wotked Flawlessly
Used this to rip a boxed set that was supposed to be region-free, (worked fine on my Superdrive) Blu-ray player rejected it. Used the onboard Mac "Burn Files to Disc" option to burn to DVD-R. This auto-generated a simple menu. which was all I needed. Very happy, and I didn't pay a dime.
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5 years ago, Fun2Know Music
It seemed to work great, ripping the family video quickly and clearly. But when I played it back, only 1/4 of the way in, all I could hear was static and no music.
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4 years ago, DerekDwilson
Works fast and efficiently
Seems to work correctly. Have converted several home dvds now for cloud storage. The play back fine and in good quality.
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4 years ago, LethalDelusions
It won't work, it keeps wanting me to purchase something but won't even show a price. It just wants me to enter my information and purchase. I downloaded this THROUGH the app store on my computer so I don't know what's going on. Not impressed. If you want money for it freaking post it for a price, there isn't even any information saying you can upgrade it. The app information says FREE FREE FREE, but I guess it's not true.
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2 years ago, DarrenAndVeronica
Does Exactly What I need it to?
My wife has a bunch of DVD's that she created in her teaching classes. She wanted them ripped onto her mac. This program did that. Very simple to use.
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6 months ago, Regcmdr
Easy to use
Had to $9.99 for additional features but very easy to use and convenient.
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5 years ago, yrsl
Waste of money!
What a complete waste of money! They scammed me into buying their "upgrades," without which I wasn't even able to start ripping, and then I discovered that the "merge into one file" button doesn't work, it rips only the first of the selected tracks, and this button was the only reason I got this app in the first place. I'm going to ask for a full refund now.
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1 year ago, numbanut
1st time ever ripper
I've only done three files so far, but it has been quick and easy.
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4 months ago, cn teacher
I spent so much time and money with all these complicated solutions before I found this...simple and easy and works!
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3 years ago, youlovepaper
Works like a charm!
This helped us get some old family movies onto our computer! Brilliant softwear!
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2 years ago, sl24
Works Great!
Got this free version... to convert my family made DVD's to mp4. It works very well! And I have not been subjected to ads or buying anything.
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4 years ago, dandias
Downloaded the app, ran it, and 20 minutes later I had videos I could use in my remote event program.
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3 years ago, budmazzo
Works perfectly
Works perfectly - and easy to use.
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2 years ago, El Bulldog
Very simple to use, i hope is free because i'm using for few times already.
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1 year ago, tluv 1
My laptop kept crashing
I was trying to copy home movie dvd's. It did two smaller ones. My laptop crashed and restarted a few times with bigger DVD's then I deleted it. The only time I got an option to upgrade was when the app said it a disc was locked. At least I didn't pay for it. Waste of time...
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2 years ago, Cody S92
Great Software
Excellent Software. Used this to save old family music videos that were saved to DVDs!
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3 years ago, Garpatt
So Easy
I purchased another product first, but had problems with it. Then I found this App. So easy to use for converting my DVD's to mp4. Thank you!
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4 years ago, Rowena Ivanhoe
This appis a lifesaver
Very easy to use, works great! I wish I had found it earlier instead of wasting my time looking for other solutions.
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4 years ago, Rach112614
in 2020, works great!
I downloaded this and figured it out immediately. no issues, no hassle. instant ripping, so happy.
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4 years ago, Tio Cheo
Love it. I wish I have learned about this app before spending $ on other worthless software. 5 Stars no questions asked!
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1 year ago, sharonrohrbach
Just started using
But works excellent so far.. have just done 4 DVDs and the files work great.
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5 years ago, Tap maniac2
Only tried it once so far, but it works and was easy to use
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12 months ago, thfxr
It Works
It works, no fuss to crashing, it just works, what more can you ask of an APP
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4 years ago, closegeek
Just works!
I've looked at a few options, but this just works and it's super easy to use.
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6 months ago, mangolakemusic
It doesn't get any better or faster than this!
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1 year ago, MRB_!
Works great!
I've been converting my old library of DVDs and this software works wonderfully!
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5 months ago, Mateo12345678901
Super easy to use!
This app works very well and is user friendly.
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3 years ago, Kryptous
Super! cannot be easier!!
As advertised. with one click and lots of formats to chose from!
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5 years ago, Billie O
wonderful and user friendly
buy this app, it's super easy to use and everything it says it is. 5 STARS
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3 years ago, sd2295
Works wonderfully! And fast. I can't beleive this is free. Awesome job to whomever created this. You saved a teacher out there a crap ton of headaches.
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8 months ago, 80's videos Dad
RIpping good!
Needed to convert some DVD's I had made from VHS and it worked perfectly. If you need simple, this is it.
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2 years ago, Ron-Ohio
It just works
Outstanding software
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11 months ago, Terrapin66
Doesn't work at all
Treied 5 different DVD's and none of them work
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2 years ago, sangamontaylor
crushes and gets stuck on Macbook/external drive
Nice tool but all free... It gets stuck after disk is loaded and doesn't react to quit button Have to use Mac-force-stop method, enough said
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1 year ago, Hummingbird47
This program is a life saver for saving old films. Thank you.
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4 years ago, staceZjo
converting mini dvd's
this app works like a pro..No problems so far!!
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2 years ago, Greg Dhe
Quit & easy, simple to use software.
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8 months ago, IamGlimpse
Super easy to use and brought a memory to a digital file!
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5 months ago, SBT65
Need to move some DVDs onto MAC
This worked perfectly!
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6 months ago, AaronPennywood_136
Needed to pull video from an old video for a friend. Worked perfect.
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