iTHINK Financial Mobile App

3.6 (18)
12.9 MB
Age rating
Current version
iTHINK Financial Credit Union
Last update
11 months ago
Version OS
13.0 or later
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User Reviews for iTHINK Financial Mobile App

3.61 out of 5
18 Ratings
2 years ago, IBMrKid6o7
Face ID doesn’t work
Face ID hasn’t worked on iPhone 13Pro iOS since the 42.0.8 update about 90 days ago! And app no longer returns to sign on screen at log out - SWC just spins continuously until you manually close the app.
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2 years ago, MericX2
Great app. Easy to use.
The app works really well! Appreciate the account snapshot as soon as I open the app as well as the Biometric integration. Let’s me manage my accounts without being close to a branch.
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5 months ago, djYAAAS
Never want to bank with them again
Their website is already hard enough to use. I thought the app might help but it’s just as terrible. I can’t even use it. It just freezes after I log in. Even with the financial perks they offer, the difficulty in managing anything with them is so rough I don’t ever want to use their services again.
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2 years ago, heard it first
App won’t close
The app won’t close on iPhone 13 pro max. This just started. You have to shut it down by swiping it off screen. Otherwise it works well.
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2 years ago, Vovossita
I love this app! Please don’t change it. Thank you for all the features and security the app provides.
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5 months ago, Wxperson
Deposit issue
Overall, the app is OK. However, the online deposit function is awful. Half of the time the check is rejected either immediately or hours later
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4 years ago, dogon435
Bill pay needs fixed
Having to scroll through month, day and year is annoying as hell. Could you please provide a calendar type selection or at least pre-fill the earliest available pay date. It takes twice as long to schedule a payment than it in the old app.
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1 year ago, Mpace100
Does not retain sign in info
The overall functionality is good but, Face ID and registration must be reenabled often. I use multiple other banking apps and this has not been a problem.
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7 months ago, Fr3ezy______
Zelle does not work
Some reason zelle won’t send money. It keep saying sorry we failed to make your request. And does not give me an explanation on why it’s failing.
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11 years ago, Les Evi
Love the credit union, hate the app
THE PEOPLE WHO SAY GREAT APP ARE LYING OR WORK FOR THE CU. worst bank app ever. What is the point of listing "merchant purchase" and not the name of the merchant? You constantly have to log in several times. I enter my user name and it automatically takes me to a screen asking my zodiac sign which I know is wrong because I never used that as a security question. You have to close down the app and start again. You hit main menu and it logs you out. Omg have mercy! Please fix!! It's been like this for over a year already! I thought about moving all my banking here bc the CU itself is great but I have to have mobile banking. Non negotiable. Fix your app and the customers will come flocking.
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12 years ago, WildChaz
Great product + suggested enhancement
Hi, I've been using this app for quite some time and everything works great. The only thing I'd really love to see is the ability to deposit checks by utilizing the camera function to take a snapshot of the front and back of a check and then upload. Chase and one or two other banks already have this and it's amazing! PLEASE consider it. Thanks!!
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4 years ago, Joan198
Disappointed in your on line banking app.
I am very unhappy when paying my bills on line. I am use to having a calendar attached that you click on, put in your pay date and it shows when the payee will receive their money. Since the payees no longer show if they are an electronic payment or a check needs to be sent by iTHINK, I have to try and figure it out myself which could cause a late payment. Are there any plans to update the app to meet your banking customers’ needs?
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7 years ago, FL_Native
Needs Improvement - LOTS
In my opinion this app meets the minimum requirements for a mobile banking up. Yes, you can view account balances, deposit checks using your phone’s camera, etc. But doing so is painful. Starting with the login process, the app often forgets I previously “trusted” the device and so it asks me to answer my challenge questions. My password as well as my answers are highly complex, so repeatedly typing them is not pleasant. Most of my other financial apps support Touch ID; please add this SOON. Then there is the overall layout of the pages which are poorly designed. For example, the account activity page displays 5 transactions at a time. Oh my takes way too much effort to review past records more than a day or two tops. There’s more to discuss, but I will stop here. IBMSECU, please update your app soon. We live in a highly mobile world now. Help us out.
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5 years ago, james-king
Let’s get modernized
I have been with IBMSEC for several years now and I love the banking experience. With that said the mobile app is sad. It looks like app created in the first days of mobile apps. It’s blocky and drab. I know you guys can do better. Take a look at The TD Bank app. Very modern. Easy to use and give a lot of information on each page. I don’t have to keep clicking view more transactions. This is not meant to be mean but constructive. Let get modernized👍. It’s 2019.
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4 years ago, SpiceyLee
Mobile App
I love my iTHINK Financial mobile App, Card Control is the Best! I don’t want to worry about someone unauthorized using my debit or credit card. I also have set up notifications to let me know when my card is used and for how much. Thank you for helping to protect me.
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2 years ago, ShellyMazur
Love iThink, wonderful app!!
I love IThink Financial. Been with them for years and they’re the best. The app is great it has card control and e deposit which lets you deposit checks without having to go to the branch which is super convenient. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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8 years ago, Gwvazquez
Average App
I would like to see this app updated so that you can use your fingerprint to sign in to your account. All my other credit card and banking apps have this feature and it is very convenient to log on to your account.
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11 years ago, DHaycock
Poorly designed, not user friendly
The GUI needs to be fixed. After logging in you should not be logged out when you select "Main Menu." Fidelity has a good model to look at. I need convenience after security of my data and this app misses the mark in a major way. I can't review other areas of the app because of the time consuming task of constantly having to log back in. Please rethink the design and UI and refresh this app.
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12 years ago, Tenecia
Best App ever
I've been Banking with IBM credit union for a long time. Having access through my IPad is the best thing ever. Don't have to visit the Branch as much anymore. Hooray!! Also, it works good through IPhone 4.
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4 years ago, roguewave101
If IBM can't do better, then it's very sad.
It's horrible, it's difficult to navigate, it isn't user friendly, and I have been an IBM'er for some 30 plus years. In fact worked there in the late 80s....This website brings me back to the Stone Age. Sad but true. You guys can do better than this. I suggest taking off those dark blue suits and wingtips and start getting a little hipper.
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3 years ago, sdave90
FaceID registration is never saved.
Just as their Billpay doesn’t work well in Safari, apparently registering for FaceID is too complicated to get right the first time. There are two places to enable FaceID account > security > additional authentication, as well as under the screen where you can register devices. I’ve tried enabling both. I’ve tried to register 5 times in the last week, and any time I have to reinstall the app, or change phones, I have to try the same 5 attempts each time. The app doesn’t seem to remember my user information either.
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4 years ago, Mahogone-Goddess
Slower server/login
Why is the app so slow when logging forms mobile device it was never this slow but every since the credit union switch names it take for ever to login. Also, when trying to sign out it don’t work you just have to close the window. I like to sign out to feel secure. Please fix this
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6 years ago, Rich890M
Love this release of the app!!
Thanks for touch ID!! The stability of the app for deposits are so much better than previous versions. I live in Virginia and not close to any office so this app is a lifesaver for us. Keep upgrading the app with the new functions of IOS 12
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4 years ago, Woodstockinme
Love this app
I love that you can do so many things on the app just signing in with your fingerprint. Transfers, check deposit, bill pay, loan payments, card freeze. Amazing.
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4 years ago, rdterrel
Hi, I would love to keep my physical check register online. That would allow me to keep track of my running balance and manage cash flow. As physical checks were cashed or deposited they should link to physically entered transactions
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8 years ago, DelDBCA
Well worth the download
I find the app reliable and it covers most of my everyday needs. I would definitely recommend it.
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13 years ago, Scuzbukit
Works for me
A couple glitches with transferring from one account to another but overall a great app.
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3 years ago, pretetete
I’ve had this app on my phone for over 3 years, and each time I’m trying to check my balance, it would still require my security questions after I have already entered my correct login information. Makes me hardly even bother to open it, unless it’s extremely important.
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12 years ago, NCLocke
Great idea....the app needs fixing
While I truly enjoy the idea of accessing my account using my iPhone, this app rarely works for me. After entering my account ID and password, the system rarely recognizes them. When it does, the app is great. However, this is less the 25% of the time. Please invest the money to fix the problem. You will have many more happy customers.
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12 years ago, famousdavis
Extremely slow!
This works agonizingly slowly on my iPhone 4S and strong wifi connection. All my other apps are fine. It can take a full minute to go from one screen to the next. Tried reinstalling app; same problem. Maybe it's because I'm using it the last week of the year? Not good!
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11 years ago, Smurf boy in the woods
Every time I go to open the app and look up something it crashes!!!! This needs to be fixed along with updating it to the latest software and updated phones/devices. The last time this was updated was Aug 2010??? That's just poor planing and not even caring about the customer. Fix it and you'll get better ratings,
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4 years ago, bjet81
Mobile banking
I love the ability to make an edeposit and transfer funds from my phone
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4 years ago, SadiesMo
Love all the functionality
Love how easy the app is to use and my favorite features are the card control and account transfers!
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14 years ago, Johnbo56
About Time
I am so glad that my Credit Union made an App. I was happy with the mobile site, now ive got it on the first page of my Iphone. Go IBMSECU
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5 years ago, rabittears
Ibm credit card app
I loved the old program. It was informative and efficient. When I got a new IPad and the new program, I have struggled ever since. I cannot go into Everything that is wrong but under Bill Pay History one cannot change the active status, nor pull and print reports on payees,etc. it’s very frustrating.
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13 years ago, bearpope
Great app!
Only thing missing is a camera based check deposit feature in the app!
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3 years ago, CKFlack
Cannot remotely deposit a check with the app
I cannot remotely deposit a check with the iThink App. After I enter the data on the check, and take the front picture of the check, the app logs out and lands back at the app logon screen. I am running iOS 14.4.2 on an iPhone 7 Plus.
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4 years ago, kellykells10
It’s so easy to transfer money between one financial institution and another without having to step foot in a branch!
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10 years ago, MooseATL68
Check deposit
Check deposit doesn't work. Click to take a picture and just goes to a blank screen. No option to go back or cancel. Have to shut down the app and log in and still fails
Show more
12 years ago, Sandmanken
Poor navigation
Once you login don't hit Main Menu because once you do there is no way to get back to your account information without having to start over and login all over again. Poor design.
Show more
10 years ago, Bryster76
New app/site better
The re-design has come a long way! Keep it up!
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11 years ago, Ti-Wes
Needs picture check deposit. This app needs to be updated to be able to considered a usable app. Isn't IBM suppose to be on the cutting edge of technology? Considering moving my money to another credit union.
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4 years ago, AMP_
Very convenient and easy to use.
This app is very user-friendly!
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6 years ago, Mike4737486
Fingerprint login is GREAT!
Checking my bank account has NEVER been easier. I love it thank you!
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3 years ago, HAB238
Very poorly written app
I’m shocked how many bugs the app has when used with my new iphone. Every other use requires resetting options. I have concerns about the security. Over all disappointing.
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3 years ago, GoatCP
Need to be updated
Can you please add alerts to the mobile app. I need alerts from when my card is being used! Please update the app. ASAP!
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11 years ago, Smichaels223
Needs Update
Needs to be updated more often. Functionality, response and features are lacking. It's fallen way behind what other banks already offer as standard like picture check deposit.
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6 years ago, Mr Cerebral Sounds
App not loading
The app does not load when first entering it. I have to exit and return to the app. This started happening after the last version update.
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4 years ago, Poker fun 32
This is the glichiest app
Good luck signing in and navigating. The old app was antiquated but this one is unusable. It does not show up as a legit mobile app on iPhone, looks like a desktop page, some days it will not even let you log on. Disappointed.
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10 years ago, @Sls1908
Don't Waste Your Time!
This app no longer works properly and will take you to their "Mobile" website. You can no longer access your accounts via the app! Might as well use a laptop! Sigh...
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