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Aderant Holdings Inc.
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1 year ago
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10.0 or later
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User Reviews for iTimekeep

3.25 out of 5
126 Ratings
5 years ago, workingonsaturday
Spotty Performance
In theory, great app and supplement to the desktop site. When it works, great and easy to use. At times though, very slow to load. Have been multiple occasions where it is frozen on the welcome screen for 30 seconds +and then closes automatically and I can access the app. I’ll try and close out and then reopen and same thing. Other times, the prompt to rate the review remains frozen on the welcome screen and despite me selecting all three options, the touch pad unresponsive. Manually writing this review now through AppStore in hopes the app it will realize I have reviewed it and let me log on.
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4 years ago, James000
Great update!
I’m updating my old review (below) for the new version, which has implemented off-line time tracking capability! The only reason I’m not giving it 5 stars now is because there is no ability to automatically round up to the nearest 0.1 hr before submitting open time. I currently have to do that manually, so I can’t use the single-button submission feature. If they implement that, I will increase to 5 stars. ___ It is ridiculous how this app handles losing an internet connection. It is understandable that you lose the ability to pull in details to automatically populate certain fields. But, there are situations in which you can lose the state of timers that you have started. I mean, how hard is it to just provide stopwatch functionality without an internet connection. My old calculator watch from the 1980s could do it just fine. The local device should simply sync its state back to the cloud after the connection is restored. Or, if that’s how they meant for the app to work, they didn’t quite catch all the bugs. They didn’t get the lowest 1-star rating because the app is able to sync with a back-end billing system without requiring manually re-typing the data in ... which is more than I can say for my last 2 time billing apps.
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4 months ago, Pxfgl
Often frustrating
While this app provides an easy way to document time, far too often it closes down in the middle of inputting the narrative deleting everything I had input. It is extremely frustrating and I have to go into my computer to do my time making the app obsolete.
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4 years ago, trapped in itimekeep
Our firm switched to ITimeKeep from another well known app. The transition has been rough as the functionality in ITimeKeep is not user friendly. The app lacks a calendar view and the app is not able to add time entries until they are all released! If you enter time and then swipe to refer to the other entries you lose the time entry unless you remember to hit a “done” button. If you then want to increase the time entry because of additional work you cannot easily add or deduct a time entry. Entering time with this app easily takes three times as long as the competitor app. This program may be fantastic for those analyzing the data, the experience from the user side is not acceptable.
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1 year ago, TreesEsq
Unreliable, unstable, loses draft time regularly
My experience is that the app is unstable if you’re using a mobile device (which of course you are if you’re using an app). I regularly lose draft time because of interruptions in service in cars, on trains, and on flights. Entering time is already a huge headache and having an unreliable app makes it even worse. Few things are as frustrating as entering a series of detailed time entries only to have them disappear before you can submit them. I recommend users considering iTimekeep find an alternative.
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5 months ago, iPersuade
Absurdly buggy; Terrible interface, barely useable
iTimekeep seems promising, but when you actually begin using it, it’s very frustrating. There is so much friction in the interface that makes putting in time a headache. The Apple Watch app is useless because it never connects. I receive a “login from the phone” message every time and the developer’s troubleshooting instructions do not solve the problem. For supposedly enterprise-quality software, this app leaves a lot to be desired. I’m lobbying my firm to look into alternatives. Update as of 1/9/23 - No improvements.
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4 years ago, W&D Legal
This used to be a good app. Now it constantly crashes in mid time entry. If I don’t type fast enough and the screen turns off then the time entry is lost. I frequently am unable to save a time entry or it can take up to 30 seconds to save an entry when it does save. This continues to happen over different devices and despite deleting and reinstalling the app. These issues have been presented to iTimeKeep, however I have yet to hear back. While this used to be a great time saving app and increased ability to capture time on the fly, now it is glitchy and unreliable.
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2 months ago, Arendsse
It's good but has glitches
When I am typing an entry it sometimes (at least twice or three times a day) will just delete the word I am typing and overtype it. A feature I would like to see is a minimized widget that just shows your timer so you can quickly pause and resume it without having the full app open.
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5 years ago, Secret Brit
Significant Issues with Recent Update - FIXED
1. Right after the update, it did not remember my login info, then I had to reset my password because it didn’t remember it. 2. Each time I launch the app, it asks if I want notifications (it did this before the update but would load the app) and although I select No it still takes me to the device settings to allow notifications. 3. Regardless of whether you want the date to default to Today or the date you were using for the last entry, it always returns to Today. Please fix these issues. 9 April 2019 - Update The above issues were fixed with the most recent update. I’ve changed my review and star rating.
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5 years ago, FabergeBlue
Convenient Access to Timekeeping
The app allows me to use my mobile devices to track time while on business travel or in meetings or at events out of the office. This is often where it is more difficult to keep track. This is a very useful and user friend app with an intuitive interface.
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6 years ago, liftnlaw
Top notch time keeper for lawyers
This system is excellent. Goes across many different platforms, computer, iPad and iPhone just to name a few. Allows for dictation on the phone and is quite accurate. I was the first to use it at my firm and others have joined me. Excellent for capturing your time
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5 years ago, ahc940
Good when it works
It’s great when it works but especially after the last update I can’t even get it to open half the time, it keeps crashing and closing at the login stage.
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2 years ago, igenr8
Flawed product
I’ve had Itimekeep for about five yearsSo that’s almost from the beginning and everything was great until Aderant bought them. We moved our Juris accounting to a cloud server and it stopped working. It’s been five months with the product not working on Juris and Aderant‘s solution was to terminate my license even though I haven’t been able to use it for five months. It’s a great product if it works but Aderant is a terrible owner of a m potentially great product
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1 year ago, Mktvv
App has different features than browser
I do not like the browser version either, but it has more features than the app, including calendar view for each month. I cannot view anything other than current month, which is very limiting. Also entering numbers for time with keyboard does not work- you have to click each number on the screen.
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3 years ago, Jonathan Cooper
It solves a problem.
I would like it if it held more matters, longer and had a better matter look up facility, but that may be on our end. Works well and consistently.
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5 years ago, harris9000
Terrible App - Unreliable and Buggy
I have to travel a lot for work, so having an app that gives me the ability to log my time on the fly while on the road is big for me. Unfortunately, this app does not give me that ability. Roughly nine time out of ten, the app will not even open. On the rare occasion that the app does function, it often will not save edits or changes I make to my time entries. Utterly unacceptable.
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5 months ago, Danxxx!
Spotty performance and shuts down
The app shuts down too often during time entry. I have previously written reviews criticizing this problem but the designer has failed to fix it for the last couple years. It’s very frustrating.
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2 years ago, nickwallboast
System crashes regularly
Itimekeep is a great choice for keeping track of your time, if you’re interested in writing down your time on scraps of paper and in spreadsheets about once a week. The whole system seems to crash regularly, which negates the flashy interface and convenience of its design.
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2 years ago, mmad125
Do not use
This is the worst app I have ever used it logs you out all the time, frequently won’t save time entries and just generally takes forever to load if it does at all—whatever billing system you have at work that you’re annoyed by is better than this I promise.
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10 years ago, sweiner3
Good but should be great
I love the program. It is a game changer for allowing me to capture time that in the past might have been lost too easily. But the program crashes too frequently. Needs to improve in stability. Also in a prior version when a user needed to add time for a past date the program allowed the user to stay on the past date until all the time was entered. Now the default is for the current date to be shown for each new entry which makes it more cumbersome when time entry for past dates is needed. Not sure why the app changed but I hope that the app reverts back to the earlier version in that regard.
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2 years ago, STerlinG McD
Best mobile time entry
Really good for time entry on the go. Clean and simple UI, makes my life easier.
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3 years ago, WYPGH
Not very user friendly
Doesn’t give users recently used entries to enter very often; have to search for them. When searching for a client, app doesn’t return near misses when typing the client’s name.
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4 years ago, Spunky2637
Keeps crashing
Any time I take a phone call, change apps or my phone goes to sleep the iTimeApp freezes and I have to crash the app and restart. Login again and everything. The clock keeps running so that’s good, but it ain’t working great.
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5 years ago, platinumjstrain
No Longer Works!
In the past, I have loved this app. But today, after the latest revision, it is refusing to accept my login information (even though other web-based applications I have do accept the same information and let me login). Very frustrating.
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4 years ago, manycrayoneater
Easy to use!
Super clean and simple interface. Easy to navigate!
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6 years ago, ATTORNEY A
Many bugs and cumbersome
Each time it starts, I am asked if I want push notifications, and after hundreds of “no”s, I would like to bill the developer for wasting my time. Regularly, the option to submit an entry simply disappears. Have to throw away entry. Does not allow for defaults. For each entry, I need to add jurisdiction by hand. Waste of my time. Client matter lookup cumbersome. Overall very primitive in options to check times and clients.
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2 years ago, abdjcjdh
Hard to imagine their app could be worse than their desktop product, but it is. Truly a horrible product.
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4 years ago, knightfd
Good idea, bad execution
App could be very useful if it didn’t freeze on every fourth or fifth time entry. Will also randomly insert words and add blank spaces that require mass deleting. Very frustrating that my law firm pays for this when it continually doesn’t work.
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4 years ago, hankthek34
Good in theory, flawed in practice.
This App is often slow, and sometimes mysteriously won’t allow me to edit an entry. And, I just tried to Download a new version and it will not work. So, overall, leaves much to be desired.
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4 years ago, Jmmdem
Look elsewhere to accurately capture time
App constantly freezes and loses information, including pausing timers, adding client matters, and other inputs. Easier to use the decades-old software firms already have.
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8 months ago, AppleAttorney
Poor User Interface
Bulky and blocky; screen space is eaten up by needless bubble-and-block design; priority is on graphical layout and not on usability or readability of substance
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3 years ago, Generic Review
Shoddy DTE replacement
Slow, clunky UI, and generally worse all around than other options. Presumably it’s cheaper and thus popular with penny-wise, pound-foolish beancounters at cheaper firms.
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4 years ago, anndlwr
Works badly on new IPad
Can’t get adjust the date of an entry. Constantly asks if I want notifications. Filters do not work properly. Not helpful.
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5 years ago, katybolanos
The worst
I have not been able to use the app for a while now. Keeps crashing.
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5 years ago, davereviewed
Does not work with dark mode.
Work description is blacked out.
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4 years ago, rdygijokhgffyuihgfry
App freezes constantly.
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5 years ago, molabe19
How to setup?
No instructions how to get started and setup own account.
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4 years ago, millisecondmillenial
Sooooo sloooooooowwwwwww
Implementation was slow and now that it is on my phone, it is the slowest application.
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7 years ago, Charlie Justice
Once I begin to use the mobile App, it continually searches, even after the task is complete, and I've moved on to another app, or I'm not even using the phone. Which is apparent from the little circle spinning at the upper margin of the phone. So it runs down battery and uses data while the phone is in my pocket. The only way for me to stop it is to turn off the phone after every use. Which is maddening. Had Apple issue me a new phone to see if that was the problem. It wasn't. Apple, and my firm's IT staff, say it's a problem with the App. Have had this problem for three months now. iTimeKeep has been trying diagnose/fix it but can't figure it out thus far. It's a great piece of mobile software, as long as you have wifi all the time, carry a spare battery with you, and have the fortitude to ignore that circle spinning in the upper margin of your phone all day.
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8 years ago, kdoug1
Great Spp
I love this app. As a mostly retired practitioner much of my work is done remotely and with mobile devices. This App solved the problem of not always having easy access to a lap top or desk top to make time entries. I give it 4-stars instead of 5 only because of some limitations, with the primary one being inability to adjust the rate that is on the server. Sometimes, that rate may be either outdated or inappropriate for a particular service. However, that can be overcome during the pre--bill review and is a minor drawback compared to the benefits. As to the latest version that requires an extra step to submit, I originally didn't like it but as I began to discover typo's that needed correcting during the submit step I am more accepting f the change.
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12 years ago, 5Jacks
Attorneys love this app!
As the product manager for Omega Legal Systems, I have never seen an app that has garnered more excitement from our clients than iTimeKeep. iPhone and iPad use is proliferating among attorneys and they are finding this app to be indispensable. Those who have the 4S love the ability to dictate their time entries. The app is incredibly easy to use; no one has needed training. The folks at Bellefield have been in the legal industry for a long time. They understand user needs and are quick to implement suggested enhancements that make sense.
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12 years ago, GAB_AZ
Capture time worked easily
I know it sounds like I'm a paid spokesman or something but that isn't the case. I needed something that was easy to use and allowed me to capture time easily. iTimeKeep runs on my iPad which is always next to me. I hang up the phone, and I capture that time immediately. If I am in a meeting, I capture that time the second the meeting is over. Waiting until the end of the day wasn't effective for me but using this tool, the time doesn't slip away and not get entered.
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11 years ago, Readb4talk
Direct and Accurate
This application has been very beneficial to my practice. It allows me to enter time directly into the firm's billing program, saving my secretary a great deal of time. I can make sure the entries are accurate "going in", saving me editing time at a later date. I can also enter my time from home, the airport, the plane, or wherever I am - and I have a quick reference for my past time entries. Using numerous keyboard shortcuts I have created enables me to enter time descriptions easily and quickly.
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8 years ago, @ScheerFSH&BTS
I like the application. It's pretty good and particularly useful for attorneys like me that travel a lot and need to make sure their time is entered during the month. I do not like the new version which requires that every entry be submitted separately. It is time consuming and problematic. I much preferred the prior version which allowed all of the currently pending entries to be submitted at one time with one act.
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12 years ago, C. Nordoff
IT Director
Time Capture at its best-anytime, anywhere! We have been waiting for years to get our hands on an app like this and it fits very nicely into our firm's mobile strategy of making Prolaw completely portable. We experienced ROI within the first few transactions. Bellefield has always been very attentive to customer feedback in an effort to continue perfecting the user experience and functionality of ITK. Thanks guys.
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8 years ago, edhays
Works great across all Apple devices
Good App. I like it a lot but agree with the previous comments that it was more efficient that I could have the option to not submit time entries until I had verified that all time for a day was entered. Now, it can be done by saving everything as a draft. But, that's more clicks and not as efficient. Should be an option in settings.
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10 years ago, CavemanPinball
First rate timesaver and capturer
This app lets me capture time that could otherwise be lost by allowing entry of time as it is happening. Saves time as well because you can do time entry in little bits of downtime like riding the train or standing in a line. But it was really the dictation on an iPhone that sold my colleagues. I bought it for my small firm (10 timekeepers) and it already paid for itself.
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8 years ago, NancyJo68
Wish I could give it 10 stars!!!
This is the most useful app on my phone!!! I can't begin to know the fees I have been able to track which would never have been billed without this app! I was a little off put by the price in the beginning but I know I recouped the full amount the first week of use!!!
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9 years ago, Esquarian
Awesome App
iTimeKeep is absolutely amazing, it is the future of timekeeping here now. In my 15 years of experience we have never added a technology that has been so widely adopted by the attorneys, has changed our attorneys from reconstructing their time at the end of the month to entering it contemporaneously (YAY!), and was installed in less than an hour. Truly amazing.
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9 years ago, Whiskmanagement
Easy to use and great when traveling
I like that there is a timer function along with the manual entry. It makes tracking time easier when away from my desk, especially when I'm traveling. It doesn't make billable time suddenly a joy, but it does make it easier to deal with.
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