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User Reviews for iTranslate Translator

4.74 out of 5
489K Ratings
2 years ago, Rocky33Now
A Very Good Language Tool
I use this app a great deal, at least once a week, most the time way more. With social media I find people from all over the world posting content from other countries. People from other countries sending messages in their native language. I come across something written in another language I’m not familiar with. This app helps me a lot, without spending so much time trying to learn the languages. This app helps me figure things out quickly, and move on. I’ve actually written long letters in French to some people. They seem to understand what I’m wiring. No one ever tells me I miss spelled anything. And no one ever tells me I used the wrong word, or said something wrong. I don’t even know what I’m doing. Then when the people write me back, this app helps me figure out what they wrote me. This app translates every word I want to say, or read. I copy paste away in both directions; depending on whether I want to compose, or read in another language. It takes a little thinking sometimes, this app does most the work. Try this app out to close the communication gap with different languages.
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3 years ago, [N7]NobodyCats
Scam, forces you into a subscription
If you don’t believe me download it, you can’t use anything but the bare minimum of translating by typing it in manually, If you want to use a translator app just use google translate app completely free and has a camera translator function, you have to pay actual money to even use the camera function on this app, heck you can’t do anything but the bare minimum with this the rest of the stuff they force you to do a monthly subscription or do the free trial, that also forces you into a subscription. When you try to use anything but the minimum it brings up a window telling you to pay a 5.99 monthly fee, or do the 7 day free trial with a subscription. It’ll forcefully subscribe you if you do the free trial. But regardless paying for this is pointless when google translate app is completely free and has the camera function. This is just a scam to get as much money as possible which is why they have a subscription system so they can keep taking in money instead of a one time purchase. Basically unless you like spending or losing money for an app you likely won’t use more than 1-2x a month don’t get it. Besides with how accessible the internet and what not is, why would you bother paying for something like this that is literally free everywhere. Anything that has access to the web can be used to get to a translator website. Now try imagine paying $50-$75 a month or year for this?
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3 years ago, PWFTKING
Easy to use and HELPFUL
I don’t speak Spanish at all but met a Latino guy who needed help taking some classes at the community college I work at. We only used the free part and within two minutes of us opening it we were communicating, not just talking. We were able to ask each other any questions we had and give detailed answers. Think about that...this app allowed me, an English speaker to help a Spanish speaking man come up with a plan to get him an education and improve his life. The look on his face as it became clear that this app worked and he wasn’t going to have to struggle to find the words to say what he wanted and try to understand the answers he was getting...within a few minutes!!!! This man came in knowing it was going to be difficult to get the info he needed but he didn’t care because an education was that important to him. He left and his feet barely touched the ground because this app put the American Dream within his reach and as an American who was able to help him take the first steps towards that I couldn’t be more proud!!!! So in case you are wondering I give this app ten million stars👌🌈🌈🌈.
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5 years ago, rolling_adventures
So easy to use!
I love iTranslate and use it frequently! My sister-in-law is Italian and I am American. She speaks and writes in English without issue, but most of her family and friends back home don't speak or write in English or feel more comfortable in Italian. iTranslate helps me understand Facebook comments about my sister-in-law or niece that I would otherwise be unable to read/translate (my Italian isn't that advanced). It also allows me to look at foreign websites and translate from the source language into English. My parents enjoy international travel and like to stay in small bed and breakfast type places instead of large multi-national hotel chains. Often these small B&B's website doesn't have an English version, so iTranslate comes to the rescue! I usually know what language I am translating from, but from time to time I will want to translate a tweet or FB comment that is written in a language I don't recognize. When that happens, it definitely comes in handy that iTranslate has the "Detect Language" function and can automatically translate it to English or another language of your choosing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using iTranslate!
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2 years ago, kat8478493
I half accidentally paid for this app
Truly I wanted to forget to cancel it because I I really want to learn Spanish and other languages. Omg. Just now I’ve finally let go of the guilt of spending the money, plus so much has been happening lately, stopping to learn anything new has been a luxury. So I just now checked out the features of this app. Omg. Lol. It’s pretty much amazing. I just found one feature where I can speak to my phone in English, and then press play it will translate to whomever in idk, 30 languages? Not sure how many the speaking feature covers. Taking pictures of objects, besides it being useful to learn new languages is honestly just really fun, to see how well it can guess what’s in the picture from the limited area of space you’ve given it. Now that I’ve reallly looked, I’m thinking I might pay for it again when the year runs out. I have not checked with native Spanish speakers or anyone else to verify the translations are perfectly accurate. I will do that. But so far this thing is amazing. I’ve been sitting here at the gas station not getting gas for an hour playing with it.
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5 years ago, GoodStuffHappens
LOVED this app initially & would have paid for it, BUT...
Initially this app would have gotten 5 stars. It beat google translate and a tu ally did a decent job translating English to German & vise versa; especially for a free app. But of late the app consistently crashes immediately after is finishes the cycle of translation; and before I have time to even verify it’s accuracy so not sure if it’s still as correct as it used to be I read in a some reviews that it isn’t anymore; i.e. Korean for example, but I wouldn’t know since it keeps crashing. Wrote to Support and will see what happens. Also asked me to upgrade which I strongly considered but not with some of the small print in permissions. Beware that it requires access to any past translations as well & beware that anything you type it paste into it to translate will be accessed by this app; so you might wish to leave out financial or sensitive Information, etc.; like if you’re translating a contract. Also, the premium (paid) version price tag seems rather steep to a lot of the reviewers here as well as to me the way it is organized now. I’d say it’s a bit of “carrot” app; “Lookie what I got here! Okay now come and get it!” ...Once you start chasing it, it eludes you. ... If they make improvements and adjustments, I’ll alter my review, but for I’ll say, sadly, I’d pass!
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5 years ago, samueljlor
I do not understand all of the negative reviews. Translating any language perfectly requires near mastery of the language so take the time to learn whichever one or more languages you choose. In the meantime I challenge you to find a better app than this one. I have used it throughout Europe and it has been invaluable well beyond the $40 I spent to upgrade to the pro version. Translating restaurant menus was worth that price alone. The app continues to evolve and improve. Tens of thousands of people are using the app. I don't find the responses to complaints caustic but merely informative. Don't let the negative reviews prevent a purchase that can be very valuable. And if you want to use a free trial it may make sense to have a need for the program during that time period to fully test it. And no I do not work for the company, only a happy customer that is realistic and understands limitations of any language program. I think translating "get a life" from English to any language might miss the intended meaning.
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1 year ago, MMMakan
I can't change the source language on the Apple Watch app and it only works from English to others.
Greetings dear Developers, hope you're having a great time. This is a great translator app. The Apple Watch app is awesome. I'm learning German and a dictionary or a translator app on my Apple Watch is very useful. The translator almost works like Google Translate and the speech of the translated sentence sounds very good on the Apple Watch app. (I used it to translate from English to German on my Apple Watch Series 1, then I pressed the speech button and the sound quality and even the accent were awesome and far more than what I expected.) The only problem with this app on Apple Watch is it only translates from English to other languages. I tried to change its settings on Apple Watch but unfortunately, I couldn't figure out how to change the source language and I can only change the destination language. For example, I want to translate something from German to English on the Apple Watch app but I can only translate it from English to German. Please fix this issue on the Apple Watch app. Thank you very much and I hope you have a great time.
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6 years ago, Katybaggs
I can’t even 🤦🏾‍♀️🤯
Ok, look /listen...When I first got this app I thought it would be amazing and such a big help, and the possibility using it on my Apple Watch was a bonus; I was really looking forward to paying for it after my trial, buuut then I started getting wrong translations all over the place. I want to know who is providing the translations for these words...cause this is nonsense. I’m learning Korean and it kind of defeats the purpose of having a translator app, that provides the WRONG translations a lot of the time; I stopped using google translate for that same reason. I get tired of having to look up the word online just to get the correct meaning, it’s frustrating. When I look up words in the translator I am not typing in American letters, I am typing in 한글 (Hangul), just to make sure that I get the correct translation. I have even provided the corrected translations for some of the words I have looked up through the app, and surprise, surprise they are STILL wrong and haven’t been corrected; why have “wrong?” A feature in the app if you are not going to take advantage of it, and correct what is effectively wrong...SMH. Either way my money will stay in my pocket when it comes to even thinking about purchasing this app 🙅🏾‍♀️. Move on there’s nothing to see here.
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4 years ago, Alupinya
It will help you get by...
Please note, I’m asking a lot from it. American living in Germany and using it in/for a German language course. My wife is German and also a English and German teacher. It’s been pointed out on more than one occasion “that doesn’t mean (xyz) at all...” when using or quoting this app. If you’re using it just to get around for a vacation, sure. Plus (at least in Germany) they’re very polite and (almost) everyone speaks English so they won’t point out this app has missed the mark. If you just want to find a the bathroom or get food and a beer, I’ve used a free app that is a lot better for communicating. (if this is now free absolutely download it, but if not...). Remember I need to know “Wie spät ist es?”- is not - “what time is it” (the app translation) but what it truly says which is “How late is it?” so... For when you’re listening to someone speak or building sentences on your own later you’ll think wie means “what” and spät means time (what/was - time/zeit). It’s not always wrong, but it’s not always 100% right for everyday/conversational usage. If you do download, remember wie may not be what.
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1 year ago, Climbergirl2002
Excellent App
Update to Review: this app was super handy in eastern Canada, especially Quebec. Grocery shopping would have been a big adventure winging it on my own! We used this app all over southwestern France which is way more rural and has fewer people that speak English! we were able to travel on our own without a tour service or a tour guide. we didn’t have too many barriers language wise. The few times we had an issue was pronunciation. Those times we were in a situation where we could not play the audible of what one of us was trying to say. For that $20 per year charge for verbal translation and being able to take a photo of something to translate, it can’t be beat! Because we cannot always play the sound, it would really be nice if there was a phonetic pronunciation included. I grew up speaking Spanish and tended to lapse into a Spanish pronunciation to an unfamiliar French word when I could not hear it or see how to pronounce it!
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2 months ago, Techniquer
keep it easy
i love how easy it is to just tap on either language to back and forth if you’re using with someone who speaks the other language. i use it for work all the time. huge help! keep it easy guys!!! one thought, if it’s possible, idk if you guys are based in the US but i know here in chicago it’s a lot of people use it back and forth for spanish and english. but we often get stuck on slang (from both languages). and for me, im american english first language learned spanish at the age of 39! but there are english slang terms that are very common and im learning the same in spanish. is there anyway to include more slang terms? tbh i’d be willing to pay a one time fee to get a “full” or “pro” version or whatever, that included things like this. im sure you don’t need my help, but if you want, me and my mexican wife can give you a lot of useful examples.. anyway thanks for reading. thanks for the app!
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5 years ago, Ericathebeast
Used to be a great Application...
It’s so sad to see how this app has gone downhill when it used to be fantastic. They now charge an exorbitant amount comparatively (4.99 per month), and compared to other services it’s just not worth it. Not only that, but “updates” have mislead many subscribers to sign up for a paid account, when it looks like a normal update, I’m surprised Apple hasn’t put a stop to that? Also, many mistakes in translations can be found, and if you read replies from other users, you will see that this company either expects its users to find and fix its own software issues, and/or rudely denies complaints, and calls people liars. Also, adds that used to be silent banners are now frequent, loud and disruptive; especially when you are trying to concentrate on translating. Also, now that I’ve read how poorly this company has been treating other people with critiques is honestly shocking! I’m not sure if this app is under new ownership or management, but it’s not something I want to rely on with all the incorrect translations, newly added loud commercials and combative and disrespectful treatment of subscribers. After having this app for years, I’m now of to find something better. Too bad.
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6 years ago, Peytonhk47
Conflicted Feelings
I would like to start this review by saying that the idea is really great. I would totally subscribe for the verb conjugations and the layout is very clean. However I noticed another review noting that the Korean translations are incorrect, something I also noticed when using the app. 갈게 does not translate to “LL” at all. 徒然 didn’t even have a translation and was just romanized in English to “Tozenn” which is an incorrect romanization... Although I do see the option to input correct translations if they are wrong and I am not a developer, I feel that if you are trying to get people to use this as a translating app, you might want to hold off on some languages until they are fully developed and correct. As for the people who are saying iTranslate “automatically charges” and that the developer is accusing users of lying, I understand where you come from. But most apps do the same thing, advertising a free trial. They will charge you after the free trial, which I think is wrong and should be verified with the user before they assume you bought the PRO version, but you can always say you do not want to start a free trial. It’s a good idea to read everything before you just click next.
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10 months ago, zzz97
Used to be good but isn’t anymore
They used to have a format at least as recently as 2019 that was good, but they ruined it. More like 2016. it’s just not useful anymore they want you to pay for all these extra features that I don’t need and that I don’t want, and if you don’t buy them they’re going to spam you with full screen ads the whole time. It used to do a good job of translating but it seems like the translation algorithm has really taken a turn for the worst. I used to be able to supplement that by translating it back-and-forth a lot of times until the results kept on coming out the same, that way I knew that I was saying something for sure that was correct. But they don’t let you do that anymore, it’s not easy anymore because they changed the ergonomics. nobody wants Disney to be in charge of their iPhone anyway!
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5 years ago, Phoenix1887
Never got to use it
I really dislike apps that puts such a huge wall around their features they want you to pay before you get to use them. They make it seem like they are such gold you can’t even taste without paying. People don’t pay until they’re hooked they need to get you hooked on it first. And this apps’ metric for measuring use in order to get you hooked is very weakly implemented. I signed up for the free trial when I downloaded the app so that I could use the features but I did not need them at the time so I never used the app until the trial expired. So in the end I never even tried it one time. That is a really dumb trial. The app needs to measure the use of the app and give you a trial based on actual use not some finite amount of time. Especially when translation is something you use when you need it not just on demand when the app tells you to use it. You don’t have something to translate until you have something you need translated! Bad design when it comes to trial. Focus more on user experience. Sadly I can’t even use the app so what can I do? Uninstall
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9 months ago, adam2419
The new UI is HORRIBLE
I have used this app daily for years and am a Pro subscriber. Especially because i am a healthcare worker in a city where many of my patients speak another language. The new interface is shockingly bad. When i am typing in one language, even if I have selected that language to translate from, the Auto Detect Language feature flips the translation languages around in the middle of my typing so that I have to start all over again! Then when i do finish typing and submit my text to be translated, the translation side will be BLANK until i click in the blank translated text box to copy/paste it. Also, with the voice translation, if the speaker pauses for one millisecond or even stops for a breath the voice translation stops listening and i am embarrassed to have to ask the speaker to speak again. I don’t know what the iTranslate team were thinking with these changes but they have made an app that was so fun and easy to use into a pain in the rear and now i want to cancel my Pro subscription and am forced to find another translation app!
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10 months ago, dc_creative
Using while in Nicaragua
The voice feature is a great addition to have as a communication tool (only when there is no background sound), its easier than typing. I have yet to use the other features but knowing I have them if I need them, its comforting. I am determined to learn Spanish as quicly as possible. Although I have not looked for any potential learning features available with the app, I think assisted learning features like phrases I use most often might be useful. Sometimes a slight misspelled word, a word that is used but the app doesnt recognize it, and when it offers random incorrect words that seem simple, is the only critique. Many random words come up and not the right option a little too often. Also the prompt notifications asking me how i like it, wont stop. Please help. Thank you, dc_creative
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2 years ago, Claudia from Miami!
Amazing app
I speak multiple languages and dabble in others. I love in miami where Spanish might as well be the official language and I use this app on a regular basis. I use it while traveling abroad (like in my recent trip to italy or Greece) and even when I am home in the states watching american or foreign tv shows (like K-dramas) for random translations of phrases used on tv. It not only translates but also has an option to allow the app to speak in the foreign language in case you are concerned about your pronunciation. With romance languages, the pronunciation isn’t usually that hard but when you start to get into languages with different alphabets, I am often at a loss as to pronunciation. This app comes to the rescue over and over. This app ranks among my top apps and is on my first page of apps on my phone. I truly can’t live without it.
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11 months ago, Captain Sigsbee
Auto translation too fast
I’ve used this app daily for two years and have derived an enormous amount of benefit from it. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in furthering their study of or maintaining proficiency in a foreign language. There is, however, one major problem with it: Don’t take a breath or pause to think, even for a moment, or it will cut you off like a dispossessed heir and start translating. The interruptions become frustrating beyond one’s limit of patience and severely limit it’s usefulness as a translation tool when traveling. Retarding the speed of the auto translation setting doesn’t extend the amount of time significantly enough to make a real difference. If this problem were rectified, it would be, in my opinion, a five star app. The voices are clear, it recognizes a significant amount of idioms and seldom used words and it is generally very user friendly.
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3 years ago, RJ2544
Very Good App.
I’ve used this app quite a lot now, maybe a little expensive, but it’s worth the price to me. I just pay monthly so I can stop when I don’t need it. I translate French which I’m learning (very slowly) and Filipino called Tagalog which only translates in written form not speaking sounds. I give it 5 stars ‘cause it’s worth it to me. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s one heck of a lot better than nothing. I’m not sure, but I would say it’s probably the best translator available. I’ve used a couple of others a long time ago and they were not near this good. Most people who give this one a low star rating are probably low star themselves! I talked to a woman over 20 years ago that was working on this very thing, well, machine translation at the University of Illinois. I think it’s very difficult so many variables.
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8 months ago, BC0092
100% positive feedback!
Wow. I have yet to try all of the features. It isn’t that the features are not beneficial... I am currently working to increase screen time (yes, increase). I didn’t like translation apps because of the undesired results. I guess this would be something I’ll just state vaguely because I’d rather be doing something else but I encourage anyone interested in translation apps to try this one and buy the pro in-app version. That will make all of the apps in the bundle available with pro features. The user interface is simple, elegant and easy to use. The experience started out being very satisfied and continues to fuel the thirst for knowledge and provide the perfect amount of pleasure to be very ally with the product and want even more. I just found more so I’m going back in to nerdify my life. More is more.
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2 years ago, Yozgoat
Easy to use with a simple format.
I have spoken to many friends using various languages on this app and usually when using translation online or on other apps a lot of times the person im talking to doesn’t understand some words but on this app I haven’t had that issue once. I see people saying it’s a scam, how? It gives you the option to pay for the full version of the app but if you don’t want to you can simply click the X button on the too right and enjoy the free version which does pretty much anything you need to begin with. I rarely write reviews on applications but I give credit when it’s due and especially for this app because I have family and friends all around the world. Thank you for creating this app!
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2 years ago, SukiTD
Fair at best
The app is good for some things. I do love the verb conjugations and the ease of use. The problem is the translations are inconsistent often literally word translations vs concept or translations of simple phrases. As much as I want to like this app, I can never trust it and ALWAYS have to go to a second app to verify. For example today I came across the word “sobrecargos” in the phrase “la amabilidad de los sobrecargos”. Your app translated that as “overcharges” even in translating the entire phrase. Since “the kindness of the overcharges” (the translation provided by iTranslate) didn’t make sense I knew there had to be another definition. I had to go to another app to get the phrase “the kindness of the flight attendants”. To check if this was an extremely obscure definition I googled sobrecargos and all of top hits were regarding flight attendants. This occurs so often that I cannot trust iTranslate translations on their own. MOST of the time it’s fine but sometimes it can be catastrophic, so I ALWAYS double check in another app.
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2 years ago, dianathegreat13
No way to cancel the free trial
I thought this would be good I was going to have somebody have a foreign language working at my house and thought this might be handy and I download the app which meant I was obligated for it did not realize I couldn’t get out of this once I clicked on the free trial And the very same day I contacted through this app and they gave me a list of instructions to do and the fifth one said if none of these work then you’ve already been canceled! But never did get confirmation of this and low and behold they have charged my credit card, so now I have to file a dispute and wait for them and I guess my beef is actually with Apple not with these people but why can’t I reach these people to cancel the order! So unless you want to lifetime subscription or cancel your credit card which I’m gonna have to do,,,Think twice before you hit the button otherwise I think the app is pretty cool
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1 year ago, JDP2201
Japanese Polite vs Plain Forms
It’s a good app, but as a Japanese student, I speak and write primarily in the “ます“ form, which is polite. However, this app can only accurately translate the plain form of Japanese, making it incredibly difficult to check my sentences before sending emails to professors and mentors in Japan. For example, if I write even the simplest of sentences such as, “私はよくこどもをてつだいます“ it translates to “I often play children”, which isn’t accurate at all. I am simply stating I HELP children (or I will help), but in the polite form using “ます“. This app is perfect for plain form Japanese, but that’s unfortunately not something that I use very often. The vocab is also strange. “みる“ meaning “to watch” translates as “I’ll watch” because, again, the app is assuming I’m using plain form instead of just recognizing it as an un-conjugated verb. Hope these issues can be fixed and there will one day be a feature to switch between plain and polite forms!
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10 months ago, Hjeyfha
Bugs and Annoying
It’s glitchy and buggy. I use the app a lot. After the most recent updates there are several bugs. For example, when you hit translate it just shows a blank translation below. But you can copy and paste the blank space. Then other times, when you see the translation, if you try to click the translation or copy it, it won’t let you and pushes you to the original English message I had typed. When I emailed the app, they responded by saying they couldn’t replicate the issue and that I needed to update the app. There was no other update, I restarted, uninstalled, re-downloaded etc and still have the same issues. It was buggy on both iPhone 13 and 14 Now every time I use the app, it prompts me for a review. When you hit the (it could be better button) it asks you to contact the app instead of giving a review. It literally spams me every other time I hit translate to give a review after I’ve already responded. It has made me want to throw my phone more than once.
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3 years ago, bordyafromthestern
Not free, planned obsolescence
You cannot use the app unless you subscribe, and get 7 days before you get charged. After reading the reviews & more importantly the responses from the developer, it is obvious that there is not much in the way of quality control, as in every response I read, the developer blames the user or device for the problem. This is no doubt possible, it is highly unlikely that it is every cause, not to mention the bait & switch of being a free download, but not a free app, I suspect a lot of the reviews are fake, & the app is crap because the problems people have are the same issues, & the developer always blames the user. That is seems to sink of planned obsolescence. Developers respond with a cut & paste of, “The free version is free & the pro version is paid”...this is completely true. So I will revise, there are no available translation features in the free version, you have to pay for that. In the free version, the only feature is seeing what you may be able to translate if you pay, just hope it is correct/works. DO NOT BOTHER
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6 years ago, Einsteinetts
Started to Download it
I was going to download this app bc we were spending a month in Europe, but after reading the reviews, Didn’t download. The reason wasn’t mainly bc so many people were unhappy about too many & too loud of ads (altho that was a small part of he reason). The main reason was the defensive, rude responses the people who gave reviews got from the developers! I am appalled that they would be called liars. Developers: Why on earth do you think so many people would say the same thing? Why do you think they would make that up? Do you think you are endearing yourselves to customers (where you get your $ from) by being so caustic? I will tell you I believe your customers, not you. And so will virtually every body else. And I also noticed that absolutely nothing is a glitch in YOUR program. It’s all the customer’s problem., or someone else’s ‘fault.’ Wow! Smart enough to create (what could be) a cool app, but too immature to know how to handle customer service courteously. Old saying: “You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.”
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5 years ago, reganhk
pretty solid translator...but could use some tweaking
The app is pretty good. I haven’t seen any bugs or significant negative points. The interface is neat and easy to navigate. There’s no ads at the bottom of the screen but the pop-up ads could be less. Instead of pop-up ads, place the ads on the Phrasebook tab as an “Additional features” kinda promo section. It can still be seen but it’s not an interference that’s shoved into your face while you’re in the middle of typing a sentence. Also, an option to make a personalized added phrases list in the Phrasebook tab would be great. I have commonly used phrases that I’m sure are different from others’ commonly used phrases. Being able to have those ready at hand will save time and efficiency, which are important when you’re lost or confused or need to give directions immediately.
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5 years ago, Abccvb
The app is of great value and allows for practice for those who put in the time reading, saying, and listening. I like having access to the phrasebook necessity of languages. Traveling, class, and communicating personably or professional with this app is a plus. In writing this it was now time to pay monthly again, not having realizing 30 days had past. I had not used the app yet, but tested to see if it updated. The price it worth it depending upon usage. I did think 4.99 per month was pricey. Again usage determines the price. For me, based upon my usage I may subscribe periodically throughout the year, realizing the initial update fee was not for the entirety or year. The app is a “diamond in the rough”, when you are somewhere needing to access the necessities within the ventures of travel.
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3 years ago, Tarona
A great translator
I am from the U.S. Living in Quebec Canada and have the need to use this app constantly. I have used it for over a year now and it is by far the best that I have found so far.......and I have tried many. For the most part, I have found it to be fast, efficient, and accurate. It's not perfect because of the difficulty in communicating ones exact thoughts to another vocally, let alone expecting an app to do it, but it does a very good job and I highly recommend it to everyone, especially to those who are struggling with the French language. I believe the developers listen to the users suggestions and are constantly working on, developing, and upgrading the app to be even more accurate and efficient. I give it the full five stars.
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6 years ago, auntiegramma
Used to love it Now ads are ruining it.
Brief review-- This translate app was always fantastic. Little by little my free version has been adding more and more ads. I fully support the need for ads, and usually get the paid version when I can. Tonight was the last straw and I've deleted the app. I'm trying to look up a simple phrase, lying beside my mate, who is fast asleep, and suddenly (without warning or giving me any choice , a LOUD video ad starts blaring. I nearly jumped out of my skin. No more iTranslate for me... It'll have to be Google for me. Sad to have to leave, but I *never* want that to happen again. Update: Developer says more ads isn't true, but... I haven’t tried reinstalling, but I have to tell you that the kicker for me was this: I was using iTranslate while lying up in bed with my partner fast asleep next to me… SUDDENLY and very loud and jarring there was a VIDEO ad… which made me jump out of my skin… and woke my partner. I have NEVER before seen a video ad in your app. Ever. So, you may not have increased the occurrence of ads, but this (video ads) is most definitely new to me - and I’ve had your app for years. Was it just my luck that this never occurred before? And I think you folks need to fix those videos so users have an option to mute. Until I know that this could never happen again, I don’t think I’ll be using iTranslate. It really was rather dramatic.
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6 months ago, DcDubbs
Fantastic for learning a language or simply trying to make sense of one.
ITranslate works rather intuitively, allowing users the ability to detect languages and toggle back and forth between multiple languages while working to make sense of another language. Additionally, ITranslate’s features lend themselves to a wealth of opportunity for self learning and discovery, as when translating words, you are able to explore multiple languages, learning the vocabulary, as well as the pronunciations. Ultimately, the app is loaded with so many features and interesting options, that at times, you almost feel as though you are cheating! All said, ITranslate is a fantastic find for anyone curious about communicating with others. A+
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3 years ago, Brandon Ryder
Add more languages please.
i have a Peruvian related family where my mother and I has a similar bloodline to them. there was a Facebook post my cousin made and she’s Peruvian. So I end up using Mexican language to translate but I couldn’t find her language 😟. Instead I brought myself to the usual Mexican translation. I wanted to comment on her but I want to make sure I’m fluent in their language so they can understand. So, I typed my words to translation of what I wanted to comment, which is a little joke. So I thought it could go well! WRONG. my mother had told me that the comment came out as an insult, not a joke. I tried to say it the way I want it to be said but instead I had to go back to her post and delete my comment. ☹️ Mainly it was my fault, I wish to respect your app but I am really disappointed that this app does not have any additional Hispanic languages. Not saying this app is uncultured, but I would wish more for it to adapt to change. I’m just saying.
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4 years ago, Long-time birder
Very helpful app
I used this app while visiting Colombia a few months ago. I was able to have a conversation with several people who spoke no English just by passing my phone around and letting it do the talking. I used it to read menus in restaurants, to order room service, and to give directions to taxi drivers. The people I interacted with really appreciated my attempts at communicating with them in their language, and it was so much easier to understand directions after they appeared in writing, rather than trying to keep up with rapid fire Spanish. Best of all, I could keep a record of the conversation for reference. No more, “here’s the church where we are supposed to turn, but I forgot whether she said to turn left or right”.
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5 years ago, ImTheAngryBirdRightNow
Not too accurate...
I may not be fluent in too many languages, though I do know enough to get through small talk. It seems pretty difficult to find a good online translator that can actually distinguish the usage of nouns and conjugations in actual conversation or even just sentence usage. These apps need to reprogrammed by those who are fluent in these languages to properly give those of us still learning a better understanding of how to say what we wish to say. I tested some things I know in languages such as German, Gaelic, Italian, and even Latin to see just how accurate this and other apps are and so far they are to quite a degree incorrect. These apps seem too focused on a literal dictionary translation instead of how the words are actually formed together in a true spoken sentence. I’d like to be able to better use this app to translate phrases and conversation I don’t yet know so hopefully sometime soon the administration of this app catch on to the lack of real life accuracy and fix this.
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5 years ago, JRocFL
In Japan
I was excited to get the app initially. It did help make some translations. I translated a few phrases (while on WiFi) and screenshot the display so that it could be used as we were out. Of course the issue was that I could not predict what conversations would come about. So I did the trial for “Off-Line” Translations. When I used it out and off line, the Japanese did not understand it; could not read it, and expressed “it made no sense”. Therefore, the off-line version did NOT work. As I used the same pre-recorded phases (when in WiFi) there was no problem. The Japanese laughed as they understood my punchlines effortlessly. Another issue was that the app did NOT recognize Japanese symbols. It displays that it only works when on WiFi- and yet when I used it; still no progress. Surely it was a let down for I needed it the most. Gotta cancel this app as soon as I get back home. It helped, but did not perform as designed.
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2 years ago, Cat43
Duolingo holds my attention better than any program I have tried
I like the interactive lessons. I also like the graded repetition. I have been doing daily lessons for 2 1/2 years and just recently upgraded to Duolingo Plus. It is nice not having to watch ads or worry about having to refill my hearts if I make too many mistake or typos. I do all of my lessons on my iPhone so typos and auto correct are a common source of errors. I don’t always catch errors if I am in a hurry. I have seen a lot of improvement in the program in the 2 1/2 years that I have been using it. I love the stories, but I have finished all of them. I’m looking forward to more. Keep up the good work Duolingo Team!
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5 years ago, Amanda Paredes
Not What I Expected
I downloaded this app because I read that it can be integrated with iMessages so I figured it would make things easier for me to translate languages directly from the iMessage app instead of copying and pasting into a separate translation app or website however, that is not the case. Yes, this app is integrated with iMessages and allows YOUR message to be easily translated within the iMessage app before sending but when someone responds to you in a language you wish to translate you will still have to copy and paste to know what they are saying, and you can do that for free with Google Translate instead of $4.99 a month. Suggestion: It would be better if the app was designed to automatically translate the other person’s text message without having to copy/paste or click on a bunch of buttons that apparently don’t work (the chat bubble button on bottom of keyboard).
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6 years ago, JamesOsbornee
Great fluent intigration!
I would love to give this amazing app a 5 star review. The fact that it auto translates what you type pretty accurately compare-able to fluent speakers of translated language. I’m also very fond of the bubble that pops up when you copy text. Not having to leave the app to open another app just to do the translation, makes having conversations in two languages much smoother and fluid. However the reason I am doing s 4 star is because I’m currently experiencing a bug that I hope to bring light too or find out if it’s something that is being targeted currently. When you type too fast on the keyboard it will crash and reload the original Apple keyboard. It freezes as you type quite often as well. Again great app but just this one thing for now!
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10 months ago, butdad$$billyall
Just to let you know I gave 7/11 an angry complaint earlier. (It might seem irrelevant but it’s not)However I’m in a better mood and I’d just like to state lightly that constantly asking how everything is, is seriously annoying. I wanted to subscribe to this app and your people told me to ask apple wallet why my card is failing to verify, which really is too bad. Maybe take security down a notch. Quit trying to reassure that your not getting ripped off. $40 might seem cheap and reasonable but in reality it’s a little steep considering your program is basic. Have an easy day I know you will you probably make twice what I do, and I build houses. Ridiculous…
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4 years ago, AlwaysForgotten
Conflicting Translations
I purchased this app because I’m traveling Latin America for the next 6 months and was looking to use this as a tool while I’m learning Spanish. The voice recognition is frustrating, it takes a few tries to recognize the correct thing being said for English and Spanish. It also gives a different translation when spoken vs typed even though the spoken words show up exactly as typed. Unfortunately I didn’t notice these errors during the week trial period and when I reached out to the developer they responded with rudeness and was very argumentative. They said that someone would need to speak punctuations for it to translate properly. This is absurd. I have found another app that functions with accuracy when one is in a real life conversation. I’m ticked that I wasted $50 bucks on this crap and trying to figure out how to get a refund is proving to be worse than unraveling a spiderweb. Do NOT waste your money!
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6 years ago, DrWurm
Good idea, needs polish
So a couple of things I immediately noticed. The iMessage app keyboard is broken. You can’t type alternate characters (like “ç”) because the menu disappears when you move your finger to select them. It works if you install the actual iMessage keyboard, but not in the iMessage app. I would really like to have the 3D touch cursor control enabled in the keyboard (firm press turns keyboard area into trackpad to move cursor in text field). I speak english and the person I use this with speaks Portuguese. A lot of her messages to me are mixed language. If she sends me one that starts in English and then ends in Portuguese, then the copied message button performs an english->portuguese translation, which means I get no help from it. It would help to be able to reverse the translation direction so that the part I need translated actually translates.
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10 months ago, danya_elaine
Love it
I’ve been using this app alongside my mandarin podcasts, tv shows, and lessons to look up things I’ve heard but didn’t understand. I practice putting sentences together and use the audio feature to see if they translate well. A very good tool that works almost as well as interacting with a local. Very helpful to see the written text in both characters and pinyin as well as challenge my pronunciation. Highly recommend the paid version and all it’s perks! Sometimes it auto corrects you when use incomplete sentences, so it’s always good to double check your translated phrases before copying and pasting msgs to your foreign friends.
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1 year ago, Nattbug
Spanish translations not always correct
I took Spanish at one of the number one language schools in the world, but had not used my Spanish for many years. Occasionally I check my words if I’m not sure. Multiple times the word that was translated did not seem correct to me, so I would go to 2 other translation Apps, & BOTH had the same translations, but yours was WAY OFF. I LOVE your site, but many times I double check your translation. I am advanced in Spanish, but when you have not used the Spanish in years, YOU FORGET!! I sent a text to a friend, & I used a word that you translated. I was told IMMEDIATELY, the translation was INCORRECT. This was from a teacher who TAUGHT Spanish. I know enough Spanish to know, if the translation just does not seem correct to me.
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7 months ago, itunes frustrated
Camera translates into gibberish
I got the pro trial to see if it would be at all useful to translate printed Japanese from a page into English. I was not expecting a perfect translation by any means , far from it, but what you get is completely useless gibberish. Also, it does not allow you to first isolate which sentence you wish to translate so you have to wait till it fails miserably, often choking on too much text and just spitting back the Japanese text untranslated. Japanese is written vertically but the focus window cannot be made narrow enough to isolate a single sentence. It struggles translating 2-3 sentences often failing and just repeating the same word many times. After an hour of failures just canceled the trial, not up to the task. I have limited ability to read some Japanese and it was not even succeeding to translate some words and numbers I could recognize. Pathetic.
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10 months ago, Revived1
Decent all the way around
Overall, I’d say the translations come out pretty well. They are accurate and also provide good alternative translations as what the translation is may not be exactly what the locals say exactly. So with that being said, it’s been super useful while living in Europe to see and hear the spoken language and use it back when communicating when you don’t know the language. Yeah a lot of people do speak English, but at the same time, people respect you a lot more and are more helpful when you actually make an effort to speak to them in their language rather than be a typical English-speaking tourist. :)
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5 years ago, DebanPro
One Suggestion
The update make it more easier to translate on keyboard version but one suggestion I wanted an easy way to change language in keyboard for example I speak Japanese and my friend is speaking English I will translate it to Japanese To english right? And if I wanna understand my friends language I gotta go scroll and scroll to change the language so maybe you could add the swap button so more easier to swap but only that 2 specific language you chosed and also 2 buttons to remove all types words and one button to bring back the deleted words I hope this helped many people including me thank you devs a big credit for you all!.
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Wrong Translation
I heard about the app from a few friends and they told me to try it out. As a friend, I decided to check it out. Of course, I know two languages, English and Japanese. So, I was thinking I could find out if the translation are right. Even find a few new words myself. So I typed in some stuff in English. Guess what? They even got the simple ‘Hello’ in Japanese wrong! I mean, if you are learning Japanese, that is the first thing you learn. And yet, some people may think the is simply correct. They got others wrong, too. My friend has a trip overseas and so she tried getting a good translate app to learn a couple of words. Poor girl thinks that the words are correct. Even I know. Who is running it? Make a app that actually works. Not give me and others half way. Thank you for reading this.
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