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Intuit Inc.
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12 months ago
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15.0 or later
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User Reviews for ItsDeductible

4.83 out of 5
18.5K Ratings
6 months ago, Climbergirl2002
Love this app
Update: So glad this app continues to be available!! Love the ability to type in a description of a more specific or technical item and being able to reference the source the used price it is sold at. I have been using this app ever since it was actually part of a tax prep software on my computer, instead of of a standalone program. It was more rustic back then. Now it keeps a running total for each entity we donate to. This past year we used the AARP Tax preparation service and the gentleman who prepared our taxes said he wished everyone had that nice itemized printout attached to the donation receipts from the entities donated to. That said, I was really disappointed on June 8 to receive a notice that this program was abruptly being discontinued. The specter of having to set up a spreadsheet and having to look online for valuations of items donated was daunting to say the least. I made a note to look for something similar when we returned home. So glad to see that the app is going to be continued.
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2 years ago, Katrate6
Love It’s Deductible-please Always support
We were absolutely thrilled when the decision was made to continue Its Deductible. Thank you so much! It truly is a one of a kind product that serves an unbelievable need…keeping track of charitable donations. If this is made easy and hassle free, people are more inclined to donate! Donations to charities are needed now more than ever as so many people need assistance due to the pandemic, inflation, natural disasters and climate change. Your product is super easy to use and imports perfectly into TurboTax at tax time. Saved us so much time as we give a lot throughout the year. Please, please, please continue to support the product! Even if you have to spin this part of into a non-profit portion of your business to receive your own tax incentive. It truly provides an invaluable service! Thank you!
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2 years ago, _"J"_
This app has been discontinued by Intuit as it was used by a small group of users and did not meet Intuit’s standards for their brand experience. I get it, as frankly they had invested in no real updates to the app in user experience and functionality for years. Probably, the last techie that worked on it retired long ago and it didn’t meet their business model for charging for every upgrade and tax protection help when you file. Yes, this product was clunky and charities were in your data forever with no real user management of the data. But, it worked for me for a long time and would have paid something for this product to have the documentation and feed the data into TurboTax when I did my taxes. IN FACT, it made my choice of returning to Turbo Tax every year. I NEED TO RECONSIDER IF TURBOTAX IS WORTH IT … since Intuit just shut this down without any notice and I only can download data…into a useless TEXT FILE! Sorry, no excel or word options available. Nice job Intuit…it must be paying off with your constant ads at tax season …. You could have waited to close out CY 2022 for the 2023 filing… Great job at fumbling the ball with a loyal Turbo-Tax customer base that endured a declining investment in a nice adjunct to TurboTax.
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7 years ago, DoughNater
Mr. Doughnater
Doesn't add up. For example: Subsequent to each date's single batch of clothing donation being entered, and using only the values the app provides, and whereupon these initially all do total correctly . . . it is not until the data is automatically reloaded from Intuit's cloud feature at next sign in, whereupon the donation --total-- for each donation on various dates no longer adds up correctly to match the date's item's donation values (which values and quantities all have remained unchanged from initial entry). Some totals are now erroneously higher, and some totals are erroneously lower than when entered, in spite of the fact that all the original items donation data remains correct and unchanged. People please re-check your data and your totals after sign out and sign back in. Is this simply a calculation/math bug in the totaling to report incorrectly? Or is the totaling relying on a different item values database? Apparently no raw data corruption. All data entry was in Nov. 2017, on an IPAD2.
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4 years ago, Rayray561
Easiest way to keep track of donated items
Not only does it keep track of all items you donate, it even has a price database that lets you quickly determine the price of the item that you donate. It also has a search field in case you’re unable to find an item navigating the folders and subfolders. When you select an the not only does it keep track of all items you donate, it even has a price database that lets you quickly determine the price of the item that you donate. It also has a search field in case you’re unable to find an item navigating the folders and subfolders. When you select an item it has different classes of the item with different values and A quantity field. Once you fill out the numbers for each item you had saved and it adds automatically.
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2 years ago, J Nett
Intuit listened to feedback but…
It’s Deductible is a great app. Always has been. When Intuit threatened to cancel it abruptly in the middle of a tax year, they upset a lot of TurboTax users. They listed to feedback and decided to continue to support this feature, but I am considering different tax prep software this season. Their price structure requires purchase of a more premium edition for features that are offered in some more basic packages from other vendors. You have to shop around for the best deal since it is always more expensive directly from Intuit - even if you use the subscription service. They have been pushing the online version instead of downloads for the last few years. It seems like they are adding costs and pulling back features.
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1 week ago, lilecothings
The best available
I believe this is the best of what’s available for tracking donations for taxes. I never used to track what I donated but now that I itemize I see that it’s a huge amount. You wouldn’t really think that your donations add up to as much as they do. When I filed my taxes I realized that I should have got a receipt from the charity or at least hand written one in the coupon they give you. Take pictures of your donations. Take a picture of you dropping off the donations. It would be nice if this app had the ability to add photos. Also would be nice if it had the ability to enter when you purchased each item and the amount you paid. This is something you have to enter when you do your taxes. Not sure if the turbo tax software does this entry a different way. I use a different tax software to file my taxes.
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5 years ago, IBELIEVEYOUDO
App for Activism
As someone who has never had a job, debit card or had to file taxes before the year 2019, I had no idea that I should keep track of my non-profit donations. This TurboTax app makes it incredibly easy to track my good deeds and transfers easily to a tax form. It displays different graphs and calendars to show to which charities you donate to most. The app also offers a total donation amount, and an estimated savings amount, both wonderful tools. The selection tool for your charity uses map services and even if you can’t find yours on the map, you can enter it yourself. With specific tools such as, choosing whether you donated in cash or by card, whether or not you have a receipt, if it’s recurring or one time, and more, ItsDeductible is an extraordinary tool for the passionate minded do-gooder.
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2 years ago, meredithutah
Intuit is ending this app. Selfish, or Foolish?
Intuit is ending this app. Not just ending ongoing support for it, like some companies, but they’re even deleting everyone’s data from it in a couple of months. Maybe it’s because they don’t make enough money themselves, from everyone else’s donations. Maybe they see all of the good work and good will that happens through this app, and all of the time and money it saves taxpayers, and all of the items charities receive—that help so many people—and intuit must think to themselves “we want more if that charity money, and if we can’t have it, we’re not going to help anyone else have it either.” I can’t think of why else they would stop supporting an app that helps taxpayers, charities, and those in need—especially when there is no other solution in the App Store, or anything else comparable online either. Almost every site that recommends charities, and explains how to track donations, suggests it’s deductible. Intuit has definitely gone downhill over the past decade, with increasingly buggier software, worsening support, raised fees without raised service, and poor management. I doubt this is a financial decision, since the whole service probably makes them a ton of money, since it forces everyone to use and pay for TurboTax at tax time, basically free customers, so I can only imagine they are either ending the app because they are selfish, or foolish; or both.
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6 years ago, MasterLeah
Getting Money Back !
I Didn't Know That I Could Get A Tax Return On All The Exspensive Things ,From Clothes To Toys ! My Son is A Growing Boy With OCD , I Have Bought Him Brand New Sneakers And Clothes That He Feels Uncomfortable In ,May Have Been Worn Once Or Twice And Then Just Sits In A Draw ,Or I Give Away ! I Would Like To Get Or Give Something In Return ,Then Just Toss In A Goodwill Box ! Sooo, Glad I Found This Site ,We Get Very Little To Live Off Of ? Every little Thing I Can Get Toward A Refund ,is so much better then tossing Things Away That Just Causes Clutter ! Thank You ,I'm Gonna Keep On Bagging And Downloading ,Women's And Boys, And Young Lady's Clothing That In The Past I Have Spent Soo Much On PROM Dresses ,Brand Name Clothes ,And Even Nice Dog Clothes For My 3 Lbs Russian Terrior, Who Was In An XTRA Small ,To Medium ,Leaning To Gaining Weight 4-5lbs Now ! Thanks Again 🙏🏻👩‍👦🎃🐶😅💕👌🏼✌🏻👍💭
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6 years ago, jpm6078
Best way to maximize your donations, materials, mileage and more
I am always trying to make sure that I account for all of the service work and materials that we donate each year. Both my wife and I donate a lot of items, our time and travel to charitable organizations. In the past, we have missed on claiming true tax deductions. This is essential for anyone that qualifies for schedule a, itemized deductions. This is the easiest, most efficient, and accurate way to account for these tax savings that I have experienced. Using in conjunction with TurboTax, this saves me a ton of time having to go back through and manually account for and enter all of the data at tax time. I will never go back to doing anything different.
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2 years ago, JJ Fish66
Why Take Away A Good Thing?
I am giving this app one star because without any warning they decided to discontinue it. This is absolutely ridiculous. I very much came to rely on this app in terms of keeping track of tax-deductible donations throughout the year. It made it so easy to just note the donation as it occurred, and then export it into my TurboTax forms when I was doing my actual taxes. It makes absolutely no sense to completely get rid of this app without any advance notice when customers are relying on it. The least they could’ve done is announce in advance that they were discontinuing the app after the 2022 tax year, giving customers one last chance to use it. That would’ve been a better solution. I am very disappointed because overall it was a five star app. Now I will have to do everything from scratch at tax time. I hope Intuit/Turbo Tax will change its mind, but for now, thanks for nothing…
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2 years ago, Tabw00a
Fabulous App! Great for the Charitable minded
I love this application as it allows me to be very organized and complete with my charitable giving. I am still a Schedule A filer and being able to complete Schedule A for charitable giving each tax year is easy-peasy. I use all the categories of giving and really like the item valuation tool as we donate a lot of clothes and household items. I was really disappointed to see a product discontinue notice part way through this tax year but was really overjoyed when I saw a reprieve for at least a year.
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5 years ago, budpitman
DO NOT trust this app to be accurate.
My husband and I were both using our phones, both logged into the same account, to record donations. I would record a bag of things, make sure it was updated, and then close the app; then later on in the day he would open up the app and add things, and close the app. We were both sure to pull down on the screen to make sure it was updating and closing. One of us would log back in, and we would find the entire previous session of donations was GONE from the history. This happened on several different occasions. We are moving and have donated thousands of dollars of goods; thank goodness I also took pictures of every single shirt, jeans, blanket, everything we donated; because now we are going to have to go back and do it BY HAND. What a waste of our time; and I’m glad we figured out this was happening.
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6 years ago, Jano4452
Please add more choices
The categories are organized logically and the options of items to choose from are easy to find, perhaps in part because there aren’t very many of them. For regular dresses, the choices are sundress or jumper. Glassware? Your only choice is a glass tumbler valued at $1. I really like that you can choose several items in the same broad category, which does save time. Overall, It’s Deductible would beat the competition hands down if they just added more options and re-evaluated some of their valuations.
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4 years ago, Power User 124
Great idea, poorly executed
Like the app, but the item it has many issues impacting usability. The search engine is terrible in that it shows way too many, unsorted, and often irrelevant responses. There are far too few items to pick fRom. Adding your own items is tedious. It should learn from your added entries and add them to its list. It should allow capturing pictures of your items. It could even suggest prices and capture data from sites like eBay selling similar items. It is quirky where if you don’t click Done at the right time it can lose all your entries. Please modernize this app!
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6 years ago, CindyNC
Great App Saving me $ Free
This is an easy to use App that sync across all my devices so it’s always at my fingertips if I donate a few dollars cash or make large donations. I can keep track of all my non-cash donations with easy drop down menu for most common items and it will track mileage. It’s already saved me nearly $300 in taxes for 2018. Things I never kept records of in years past. Also you can print your list of items being donated and get it signed to verify your donation and keep in your records just in case.
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6 years ago, sgaarder1
Using because it integrates with TurboTax
I’ve used ItsDeductible since late last year and found it adequate overall. I like being able to log charitable donations of cash, mileage or items on the fly and I like its integration with TurboTax, which is why I began using it. But I find the interface somewhat limited— doesn’t appear to be a note field associated with each entry, plus no way tag an entry for later filtering, and editing a charity’s contact information (including adding it to Favorites after creating the charity) have been frustrating or not possible. Given its limitations, I will likely switch to another donation tracker app very soon.
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2 years ago, MShan52
Super happy!
I received the message that this app was shutting down and I have spent months looking for something similar. Nothing could compare. This app easily allows me to plug in my monetary donations to different charities and also helps me come up with a value for donations to Goodwill and other thrift stores. This app is a HUGE life saver for me. Come Tax time I use TurboTax and this quickly and easily moves everything over. This saves me days when working on our taxes. I am so happy!!!
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6 years ago, ginnygirl78
Convenient not perfect
It takes the major headache out of finding out how much your items are worth. But it does not export into excel or any type of spreadsheet. Then you have to add the totals for the year yourself. Printing wastes paper and ink due to the large, heavily spaced text and the format is not friendly to read. Must print each month separately. Does not switch years. I am doing my 2017 entries from before I had the app, but also keeping up with my 2018 current donations. Accidentally put one in for the wrong year and cannot change that now. It definitely helps, but needs to have some things changed.
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5 years ago, DwightC Jr
Love this app... and Turbo Tax
Been using these apps since 2013... great way to stay organized. Convenient links instead of hunting for the right info. First time i used the on-line assistant... she was wonderful. Only input.... 1- almost wasn’t paying attention to green circle counting down. Needs some type of ringing sound... 2- would have been helpful if swipe to the left for next page was in bold print... on at least the first few screens.... Thx Dwight Chitwood
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2 years ago, Susan_A_K
Makes tax time that much easier
I’m so glad that TurboTax decided to maintain ItsDeductible after all. I was quite upset when they announced that they would no longer support it. Grateful that they listened to their users, and brought it right back. I enter charitable donations in the app right after I make the donations, and then I can just import the information when I do my tax return. It makes it so much easier!
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6 years ago, GOW Anni Hilator
Super convenient!
I love this app! I use it every time I make a donation. It’s always there because I always have my phone! This makes it SOOOOO much easier to track and log my tax deductions! Suggestion for the future: make it so that you can take a picture of the item and the app will make a suggestion for the name of the item. It may also be helpful to store at least a lower quality photo for the records as well. 😊
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2 years ago, SoccerBallBreaker
Intuit no longer meets my level of customer friendliness
I can understand the business decision but this could have been handled in a much more customer focused way! Apparently they didn’t even consider the impact on the customer. Customers who by the way rated this app 4.8! Come on, discontinue a tax related app part way through the tax year?? And without notice? One more reason to stop using TurboTax…
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2 years ago, RogueAngelis
Great app for donation tracking
I love this app and use it regularly to track my item donations. Grateful it will remain available for another year but disappointed it will be discontinued after that. Does intuit have an alternative to track donations planned? I've not found another app that does it anywhere near as well as this ItsDeductible. Would love for it to remain and be supported indefinitely.
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1 year ago, Rmgeorge
Simplify tax preparation
It's deductible simplifies recording, reporting, and importing tax charitable contributions. I've used it for years and plan to use it for years in the future. It's deductible, TurboTax, and Quicken were purchased (a few years back) by a third party. I was worried that these apps would have a slow death. Just the opposite happened, these apps have significant enhancements. I'm very pleased.
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2 years ago, Photobug301
Thanks for being this back!
I’m so glad to see the decision to drop this app and function reversed! This app is so easy to use, and that along with being on my phone and thus with me all the time, it’s easy to keep up with deductions. Since it integrates with Turbo Tax I don’t have to manually enter any deductions that I’ve saved with this app. Thanks, guys, for bringing this back!
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5 months ago, itsgwhiz
Intuit ingenuity
Intuit did it again. Another fire application. Shout out to the software developers and the whole team at intuit for producing another great product. I donate to charity and spend a lot on work and work related equipment. This will be the first time i claim all my donations and deductibles. Simple easy-to-use interface makes it that much better. Thanks.
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2 years ago, dtvbs
Easy to use
I love this app, it makes my tax preparation so much easier. I probably save at least an hour’s time! That being said, I write this at the end of January, and the app has not yet been updated to allow postings for the current year. For this reason alone I give the app four stars. Otherwise I would have given it five. **When will the new year be available for entries?**
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2 years ago, Derbytea
2022 Option - Use Website Until App Updated
February 1 and the app is not allowing entries for 2022 as many people have posted. Remember that you can sign into the website for where 2022 is available for entering donations. Not as convenient, but at least you can keep up with donations until the app is updated.
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6 years ago, crazytaxmama
This app is priceless in value! Not only does it let you retain past donees, items, dates, etc. but also lets you start and pause donations at any time. I love this feature because I can put together my donations at my own pace and then add the date of the donations later when they actually occurred. This makes everything SO much easier at tax time!
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5 years ago, Ninny62
So easy to use and update as you go!
I’ve been using It’s Deductible for ~ 17 years, now that I have the app in my phone it is so quick and easy to enter charitable gifts, mileage, donations on the fly. Helps in not forgetting something to add to the list and better yet going through the stack of receipts, past year’s credit card statements and/or checkbooks. Simple simple simple.
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6 years ago, zignomia12
It’s deductible
I’ve used this for years. However the format change has problems especially when using iPad. Can’t print as you go along need to make photos then print. Too many items in the search list especially when you get into clothing you have to go through women’s, toddlers, etc...and if you have men items there is a lot of garbage to go thru even when I key in men I get all the other garbage. Finally I can’t see all of the itemized items and the total and print all on one’s cumbersome!
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4 years ago, 3NMusic
Not reliable
I have used this app in the past to keep track of my donations with success. This year when I logged into my account on my laptop all of my donations that I saved are gone. I called customer service for assistance hoping that they would be able to recover my donations, no such luck. I can't even access my account on my iPod, the app won't let me log in. Yes, I've tried resetting my password but still not able to login on the app. Hundreds of dollars in donations lost for my taxes. Lesson learned, print the page after entering the information or find a more reliable app.😒
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3 years ago, Beenut20
Makes tax deductions a breeze
Without this, every time we did a donation, I’d have to look up the value of each item, it took hours. This makes it a breeze and if you get audited, you’re using values deemed appropriate by the IRS which is more secure. What’s more is that it will import the deductions into TurboTax and save you even more time! I love it!
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2 years ago, pk0103
Great app but unable to sync to TurboTax online
Yep works great for tracking deductions, however when filing our taxes, I was unable to automatically sync the data in the app to TurboTax online. I ended up spending twice as much time entering the data into the app manually and then entering it again manually into TurboTax online which was quite disappointing as My whole purpose for using the app was to enter my deductions once.
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4 years ago, Pattynpdx
need to be able to print
This is a clear, simple and useful app that is appealing to use quickly all through the year. It would be much more useful if there were a Print function. The lack of Print is a serious drawback for me. It would be a 5* with it.
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6 years ago, SD Tanya
Appreciate the portability
Some charities want their forms completed with item specifics, so I take this App on my phone. Otherwise, I use my iPad at home to enter items as I box them. Once it’s time to file taxes, Turbo enters all the values for you. Very simple and ALMOST seamless. My only issue is that there are different values assigned to the same exact item depending on whether you use the App or go online to use the actual website.
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2 years ago, Íleon1
Happy user
I am very happy to hear you will not discontinue this app. It sounds like you are extending it. But I really hope you keep it. It’s so helpful to me. I use it every year. It helps me keep my donations items in one place. I have recommended your app to family and friends. Please keep it forever!! Thank you!!
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5 years ago, ArpNak
Love this app - please add photo attachment capability
Hi. You’ve made our lives so much easier with this donation app! Now we document all of our cash and items donations and easily transfer them to our tax return. The one request I have is to add the ability to include photo attachments with donations so we don’t have to keep a separate file of them.
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6 years ago, lawgolf
Like it, but...
I would give it 5 stars, but for an issue when you accidentally enter a quantity in the wrong column. When that happens I can space over it or change to zero. I have to delete the whole thing and start over. May not seem like a big deal, but we moved last year and donated a ton of stuff.
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2 years ago, Stromycs
App is great, but it’s going away!
This is probably the one thing at intuit that has been done right , is priced right, and is super helpful. So it makes perfect sense that the owners of this app would decide to get rid of it. If you are considering using this app, it is going away later this year. What a disappointment!
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5 years ago, Schweidman
Glad it's back
I previously had it's deductible with Tax Act. I was quite disappointed and frustrated when it stopped working. Very Happy it is back with a new owner and new look. I just started using it for 2019 for cash donations. I have not yet tried it for non cash but anticipate it will work as well as before and hopefully better.
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6 years ago, deb strong
Easy - never lose my list
I enter items into the app as I bag them up for donation. I take quick photos of what I donate, grab the receipt when I drop them off, & then correct the date on my already compiled list in the app to match that date I actually delivered the items for donation. SO EASY - I NEVER WASTE TIME HUNTING FOR THE LIST!!!
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6 years ago, CLC911
I wish I could give 0 stars. I have regularly used It’s Deductible and Turbo Tax, but no more. My data for this tax year has disappeared (although previous years are still there). I called multiple times, emailed, went into help forums. There is no live person to speak to or even email about this problem. I spent over an hour on hold and spoke to 2 different, very nice Turbo Tax reps, but they had no idea. I was told It’s Deductible has NO CUSTOMER SERVICE. This has been frustrating and time consuming, and I have no faith in their protection of my data. Deleting all accounts.
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6 years ago, Pete...S
Can not import to TurboTax CD
I do my taxes on a PC with a purchased TurboTax Deluxe CD. When I got to donations I entered them into Intuit’s ItsDeductible since my TurboTax file says I can import from ItsDeductible Online and ItsDeductible says it can “Easily import your donations into TurboTax.” Except when I try to import the data a message says I there is no data. 1/2 hour into a subsequent tech support call to Intuit I was told that capability no longer exists, it will only import into the online version of TurboTax. Faulty advertising, not to mention a waste of time, after I paid for the TurboTax CD and entered data there and in ItsDeductible!
Show more
2 years ago, Paid2hvr
Huge Time Saver
This app is fantastic! My wife and I are constantly donating items and itsdeductible allows us to itemize our donations. We are a military family and move every 2-3 years, we are always purging clothes and Household goods. Please keep this app around. It can’t cost that much to maintain it.
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1 year ago, andischu1970
Makes tax prep so much easier!
I’ve been using something similar to It’s Deductible since before It’s Deductible was online. It used to be a handbook distributed by the IRS! I can’t imagine having to find all the donations after year end. Thanks for cumulating them throughout the year for me. It’s so easy!
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4 years ago, Dianabright465
Easy to use!
I love this app as it makes adding items so easy! I don’t have bits of paper sitting around with items I’ve added to my donations. No guessing, or trying to remember all that I’ve donated. I start a list, continue to add items, then when I’m ready for pick up, I pick a date and the donation is promptly picked up. So easy!
Show more
2 years ago, hlstew
Donation Recording made easy
Bless you for keeping this going! I was sad that it was retired and was not successful in finding any kind of replacement. Without it, it is hard to track when donating clothing items but this makes it a breeze! So appreciate you and this app.
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