iZurvive - DayZ Maps

4.7 (27.7K)
88.4 MB
Age rating
Current version
Innovaptor OG
Last update
4 weeks ago
Version OS
15.0 or later
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User Reviews for iZurvive - DayZ Maps

4.72 out of 5
27.7K Ratings
2 years ago, Lilbailnick
Customizable that’s actually useful
Some of the maps if not all are hella busy with stuff that’s no longer relevant, like police car crashes. The option to remove every single plotted point on the maps is a BIG +. I also love being able to jot out locations form one spot to the next which gives you the travel time when you do so. It’s bit complicated setting up a group so your able to jot out a route or simply mark your location on the map. It simply says you need to be part of a group in order to do so which makes no sense. The trick is making your own group and whether or not you have one should be completely irrelevant to marking locations or plotting a route on the map. Ya still need a compass in game, which shouldn’t surprise you but it still goes hand in hand when traveling a longer distance. If I’ve gotta travel a far distance, I prefer doing it in the dark & this app sure makes that easier. Having a topographical option is another nice option as well. It’s 5 stars all day if their wasn’t this need to be associated with a group in order to have access to marking your position or piloting a route for which it gives you the time it’s gonna take to travel. 4 out 5 stars instead. That said this is an incredibly handy app, especially if your new to DayZ..
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1 year ago, Dampfen
Would love toggle between POI and marker placement
I don’t see how to click on a POI without placing the player marker. Anytime I click on the map, it places my “player marker”, unless I kinda hold down, which doesn’t always work. I’d prefer not to place my marker at all and instead be able to select POI. Also, when there’s a map update, a big annoying dialog pops up asking me to update. The option is “go to maps” and then you get taken to the root map list. You then have to go through all of the categories to see which map might have updated. I’d prefer to just “update all” or just have them auto-update without bothering me. Otherwise this is a good app! Edit: thanks for the response. That makes sense! A toggle for the default would be nice but I understand better now. One more feature request: I would love to be able to favorite maps. I only play a couple and they’re kinda buried in all the tabs. Or maybe I missed this feature already.
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5 years ago, hideyourdaughterss
When is the next update????
Good map and interface. I think some of the rivers and creeks in the game need to be added on. I know only some creeks fill up after it rains but it would be nice if they added it in the map just so you can know where they are at. Would also be nice if I can tap on an icon and see what spawns in that location. Also when is the next update for the new console update? I play on both P.C and console so I realize the update just came out, would be nice to know when you guys plan on releasing that. And I’ve read a review talking about you guys having a key logger?? Wondering what that’s all about and what your response is to that. It’s a little concerning, would really like to know what your response is to that situation. But 5 stars great app.
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2 years ago, Chris357.
The ads stack web links in safari (iOS)
The absolutely infuriating and horrendous addition of forced ads is so frustrating I don’t have words. I got lost, so so lost in a virtual world of bullets and wolves, because I got tired of using the app and seeing an ad EVERY SINGLE TIME I opened it, however, I have a constructive suggestion. As a certified sweat at your game, could I please ask, I beg of the devs, PLEASE MAKE THE APP ON THE PHONE HOLD YOUR PLACE ON THE MAP LIKE A PAUSE MENU IN GTA ikuk. When I pull my phone back out to check the map it’s always in a different position than I left it. So annoying when I’m navigating with power lines or color coded trails. Just wasted too much time outta my day running to avoid my palm hitting the corner of my phone screen trying to zoom in and out with one hand. Plz move ads to the top and fix the screen jump upon sleep mode and you got a 5 star app. The generic sites should be landmarks or at least changed to where there’s a better description of small places in game. Thanks for giving enough of a duck 🦆 to read this far ma dude.
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5 years ago, blinkman170182
Good review
I like to say I enjoy your game it’s a lot of fun and I enjoy playing also a lot but I wish the map be just a little easier or I’m not trying to give you ideas because your the professionals but maybe let the play find his location on the map on the app like example you are here with a star or a person marker also my game is also glitching or buggy I have lost two sets of full gear got caught in a door also if possible for Xbox show how to review the last server I was on or most resent server but thank you so much for what you guys do I really appreciate the time you guys put in to make this game great can’t wait to play it later tonight o and also there are like not many guns lol thanks and God bless 👍🏻
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3 years ago, Vøłtįç
The entire app itself is amazing. I haven’t experienced any bugs that haven’t been noticed and taken care of. Some suggestions i have is to be able to have like layers that can be drawn on and edited and layers could be able to be turned on and off. It helps with people who play on different maps or servers. Also some addition to topographical military zones. Adding a red line around them and blurring it out would be an amazing addition. Audit log for a group with over 3 members to see what has been changed and edited. Also the addition of more like symbols to edit with would be nice. Other than that the app is great.
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3 years ago, DannJayNWM
This app is amazing and I love the things you can do with it. I purchased the icons because I see more than just maps eventually. If we could have party chats on this app it would be easier to use proximity chat. And be able to roleplay those situations. But stay in contact with the teams. Also ADD A MINI GAME, some strategy DayZ arcade game Called IZ or something like that. While it’s dark, mini DayZ is decent but y’all could do something crazy… also if you wanted to be cooler than every one else add walkie talkie sounds to the party chat, give it a little distortion, for the realism
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2 years ago, ksigdo
iZurvive because of this app
A must for navigation, would be nice to have advertisements handled in a different way, so as not to contradict the benefit of having a map (usually when you need it the most)! Regarding dev response: Ad every two hours, or every time the app starts. That’s about right, every time I’m looking at the map, route making, checking waypoints, etc. Either I’m waking up my phone, or time has passed me by while in-game. The difficulty becomes that when I am accessing it, I’m cut off from the map by a fullscreen advertisement that locks me out. No qualms with the ever-present banner ad at the bottom of the screen while accessing the map. It’s a free application, we know you need to make money, hopefully more than just offsetting costs. I’m suggesting utilizing the app while playing the game and seeing how to maintain advertising, while maintaining usability and accessibility to the primary function. Ya know, or not. It’s not like we’re going to stop using it. All said, it’s an essential tool for the game.
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4 years ago, actuly read this please
Great app... could use this though
Sup. Personally, I love the app and think you should all get it, but, I thing the app developers should add item pings. Pings like: guns, pickaxes, car parts, armor, metal sheets, and much more. I’m new to dayZ so I don’t really know what areas give you the best loot. Also I think that when you turn all items off you should be able to switch specific tabs that you want on for better organization and easier access. App developers, please respond, even if it’s a no and I also once again want to say that if you do not have this app already, you should get it now.
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3 years ago, Snuche
Absolutely must have app!
I tried the game a while back and my friend just talked me into playing again BUT mentioned this app... now I’m hooked. Sounds weird that a app helped me stick but it makes it so much easier to navigate when your new and being able to create groups to tag things for teammates is clutch! Greatest companion app. I don’t normally review but I had to this time! Literally the only thing to truely make the app better would be for them to team up with you guys so you can see your teams locations on map real-time. But that’s a fantasy! The app is perfect
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4 years ago, CDogg123567
Hacking into groups?
Someone seems to be hacking into groups. Have had multiple people tell me how someone confronted them about where they are or what they marked on IZurvive. Either they are randomly guessing the group and password right or they’re somehow hacking into people’s groups and seeing marked points. Like I said multiple people have told me about how they were messaged and the people knew exactly where their points were and what was there. Idk how simple their group names and passwords are but there’s too many coincidences and they claim to know more than they should
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3 years ago, UraniumDildo
If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.
Love using this app, it’s a great resource for the game. HOWEVER. Everything was fine until the most recent update. I don’t know what you guys were thinking by changing location designations and adding completely useless and annoying ones. Put churches back in landmarks. Get rid of the “generic” markers, get rid of the smokestack mark, or at the very least put it in landmarks. Better yet, just completely revert the most recent update and fire whoever decided that this was a good idea and had to justify their paycheck.
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3 years ago, w o w !
Good review
It’s a great app and I like the features and everything it has to offer but I would like a update were you can ping the IP address for the server and put it into the app and instead of constantly pinging where your character is it follows each and everyone character either in the group your with or the whole servers people. But other than that thought or idea for an update it is a overall great app and recommend it if your new and don’t know the maps very well (me) but yea amazing app overall.
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1 year ago, paralax51
Purchases won’t transfer, fixed
Downloaded on iPhone, liked the app. Bought the packs for no ads. Decided to download to iPad for bigger screen. Logged in to same account on my phone, don’t have ad free on my iPad. Either the ad free doesn’t transfer and that’s ridiculous, or the linking doesn’t work, which is also disappointing. Edit: thank you for your help it is working fine now. Other than that problem it is a great app
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1 year ago, Xbox-user1234
Very helpful
I 100% recommend this to anyone trying to get a map for Dayz. It’s better than any other Dayz map out there. There are also a lot of other helpful features that Im not going to touch on here. I would give this app 5 stars if the item wiki/toolbar would have all of the items rather than a select few. It would also be nice to get pictures for all the items as well. If you want I map for Dayz get this one, no other maps are even close to the quality of this one.
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4 years ago, big reer
This app is great, it has tons of different maps and tons of different versions of each map wether it be satellite or just plain drawing style. The maps are a necessity for navigation, just find a road sign and pull up this app and you will be on your way to your destination. You can also place markers and make groups which is great, the ads aren’t in your way and the maps are exactly as they are in the game. Get this app please...
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4 years ago, GAVABEAST
Great app! But I’ve got a suggestion.
This app is amazing and you get to see where you are on the map, But I do have a suggestion, you should be able to sign into your Xbox live account or Xbox account and see where you are while you’re playing the game it’s kind of confusing for me to know where it where I am while playing the game because I don’t know the map yet. It’s a big idea but I think that would be amazing!!!!
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9 months ago, ghost837
This app helped me stay committed to DayZ.
When I started I was like any other noob: didn’t know where to go, didn’t know town names, had no clue what I was doing. Once I finally realized where I was going and how to get from town to town this app helped me so much. Honestly, if I didn’t have iZurvive, staying committed to playing DayZ would’ve been extremely hard and I might’ve stopped playing altogether if I didn’t have the app.
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5 years ago, YourTypicalBulby
Amazing App but markers just don’t work
Using this app works wonders to help yourself understand where you’re at and where’s your next trip will be. It is a mandatory companion app if you actually have wanna know where the loot will be, but whenever I’m in a group it doesn’t allow me to place markers, I’ve clicked the screen and even held my finger on the screen entered all the info and such and it won’t appear I’ve refreshed the page nothing happens, my friends can’t place a marker either. But other than that it’s really a great app.
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4 years ago, Marius275
Won’t download maps
Since the last update I have been unable to download a map. I deleted the app and reinstalled, and it still will not download a map even after restarting the phone. When I press the download button, it disappears, only to come back 30 seconds to one minute later giving me the option to download again.
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10 months ago, The happy nerd
My humble opinion on the app
Helpful app but if the creators are going to make us pay to use the app with friends the least they could do is get rid of the pop up ads for free plus they take away from the app it almost makes me want to figure it out rather then open there app in the thick of it and have to wait for a add for some game that I don’t care about wasting 30 seconds or more of valuable and precious time. If I had to give a suggestion to the devs though I would say add crafting recipes to there app maby even a quick tab to the Wiki would be useful
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3 years ago, justmeovahere
Love this app
Makes the game so much more enjoyable for new players makes it crazy easy for remembering where your base is at or trying to link up with friends or even finding loot even specific loot! If you click the icons it tells you the possible loot that can be inside most buildings which I find useful cause who likes starving in a public server am i right?
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4 years ago, Yumyhjm
Pls add live marker
I’m very pleased with this app and help the help it provides! How ever there is one issue that I feel would make things a lil better and that’s live markers! The group marker option is awesome but would help us get in contact with our friends faster if we could actually track them from location to location? Maybe there’s a reason that there’s not? If so could you let me know
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3 years ago, ToxicEox
Very rarely do I say this about companion apps, either third party or from the devs themselves. This app is one of the most useful tools for DayZ. Pair it with a compass in-game, and you can find your way to any spot in near pitch black. Wandering can be fun, but when you’re looking for something specific, you can’t beat this app. Worth more than the $2 add-on price to remove adds.
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1 month ago, the skateboard
Dayz iZurvive
The map for all on console map it showes you where everything you need to survive it could be a little bit better at telling you where your at with a dot and circle around it if your on console and if they could add it so if your on console you sign in with your gamer tage it will show you where you are at on the map
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6 years ago, PUFFERWARS333
Good app for keeping track
I love using this app when normally go on different Dayz(Mod) servers. It helps keep track for where each individual base is and where the traders normally are. I can sometimes forget the exact location of my base and need to take like 30 minutes out of my day to relocate it and maybe get spotted flying around while looking. 9/10 App and Map. Very detailed and helpful.
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3 years ago, Mad internet guy
Really Good
It’s an awesome map, I give props to whoever designed it as it’s intricate and incredibly helpful. I really love the ability to remove markers, as well as just the overall good design. The only annoying part is the ads, although it isn’t super bad and they very rarely pop up. Still though quite annoying
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1 year ago, Jiyahi
Awesome app! But not perfect
IZurvive is essential to any and all Day Z players. Being able to have an organized way to navigate and mark the map is worth money. Let alone a free app. Only downside is the interface could use some work, and as hard as I’ve tried, I can’t add my other devices or my friends into groups. I have a lot of trails and locations I’d love to share with friends but cannot.
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4 years ago, 163330
This game would be very hard if not impossible if it wasn’t for this app. It has everything you need plus more, If your going to get dayz you have to get this app. Edit: there is a glitch were if you swipe from left side of the screen to the menu but don’t fully swipe to the menu the app will glitch and the landmarks will disappear.
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4 years ago, don't go without this
I wouldn’t be where I am today without this app, it helps A TON with navigation and loot-gatherering, and there is a feature where you may research communities that are partnered with IZurvive, the only downside is that you cannot drop markers unless you are in a group ( or shell out 2 bucks? Not that I’m against in-app purchases, but do they work outside of being in a group?), ultimately, it is a app that no Dayz player should go without, plus, it’s free.
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4 years ago, Lash40
Please fix
This app is amazing and is almost essential for playing Daisy but for some reason the new ads literally start to completely cover up my screen and I have to close the app and reopen it to do anything and all the icons at the top bar have disappeared for me I understand having ads but they literally the banners keep stacking up on top of each other till they cover up the screen completely
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1 year ago, Nick lolollolol
The maps are pin point accurate with all the buildings, cars, trucks, and everything else. They update the app every time the maps updates or when dayz updates. It’s very easy to tell where you are and to navigate your way through the map with IZurvive
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7 months ago, Mnmaurer319
Great app for the game, bad design
It’s nice having an app that can be used to find my way around dayz. However I had to draw the line when the app would consistently load an ad that automatically leaves the app, loads my browser, and directs me to a scam/phishing site. Not just once, but several times in several minutes. Only way to not have it happen would be to go into airplane mode, which isn’t good if you are playing with friends. Immediately uninstalled after that.
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2 years ago, Gffkgsf
A essential app for dayz, but the ads are ridiculous
The ads pop up in your face and your are unable to disable them in most cases unless you click on them. I would be much happier with an alternative button that skips it after 5 seconds which it does sometimes but doesn’t others. Other than that it’s the best app for dayz by far
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3 years ago, Tora831
Would get more stars buuut...
The app needs some serious tweaks. The pings don’t work half the time, the other half you have to map swap to get them to load. They disappear after a certain amount of time randomly. It’s just little too buggy for a higher score. Especially when you might need that knowledge on the fly. Still it is a handy map. Only other thing is I wish it would let you spin the map or your screen to change the way your looking at the map without all the icons upside down. But hey 🤷🏽‍♂️
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4 years ago, abjectOyst
Would have been 5 starts if not for a few minor errors
Everyone in the app is great but sometimes add will just continually stack at the bottom of the screen, taking up space. Although much of a smaller problem, sometimes while zooming it it will not show the entirety of the map. Other than that it’s a good and helpful app for dayz
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5 years ago, BarlosBig
A Must Have
This app is essential to actually figuring out where you are in the map and in relation to everything. Only thing it would need is a search bar so people can type the beginning letters and instantly figure out where they are, additionally hopefully add a crafting sub category? And maybe name the map to align with the consoles’ map because it’s kinda confusing to figure out which map is console on.
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6 years ago, IW0LFI
Great app but has major lag
The app is great but suffers from major lag after it is open for a few minutes. Sometimes it gets so bad that the entire phone starts to lag and it happens on my buddies phones as well. This needs to be fixed asap otherwise it has very detailed maps, various maps to pick from, you can add marks to the map and if you create a group with your friends they can see the marks and add/remove them as well which is very helpful when you need to find each other.
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5 years ago, Illest00accord
Awesome app for playing solo or with friends!
This app helps so much 10/10 recommend if you get lost easily or just need to know where you can get loot. The ability to put markers of different types and custom names is amazing, however I would like to see the ability to draw on the map. Other than that definitely an awesome app!
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2 years ago, James8263
Works great
The only problem is the occasional ads. Kinda expected though, just try finding an app that doesn’t do this. It’s normal garb. Other than that it is great. The filtering system is awesome and very accurate. The maps are great quality as well you get a satellite version as well as a topographic. Super nice 👌
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7 months ago, Rawdizzel
Most Needed for New Players
I got this game back in 2013 and I’ve been playing it off and one cause I get too invested into the game. This app helps out one million percent. The Chernarus and Livonia maps have guided me to every little spot to find loot, food, cars and good fights. You NEED this app if you are new to the most realistic, fun and deadly game of DayZ
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2 years ago, OneTEXASGAMER
Great App, definitely recommend.
Like the title says, it’s a great app and I totally recommend it. I don’t see how people play DayZ without it. You can make markers on the map, you can also join groups with other players and share those markers. For anyone just getting into DayZ, I’d 100% recommend it.
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2 years ago, hubabua
This app does exactly what I need it to do just perfect but tbh the game needs to just make it where you spawn with a map. I would rather spawn with a map than a pear or a compass that would be GREAT I get lost too much but the map help big time and shows all the landmarks to I can find my direction. 5 stars👍🏾
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5 years ago, llMuncheezll
Livonia Map
So for everyone wondering, i noticed a developer response and they submitted the Livonia map update to Apple so we’re waiting on Apple not them. For now if you search it online you can find it on google. Just type Livonia map dayz and you’ll get a wepage version of it. It’s a little annoying to use but it does work 😁
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7 months ago, Erubus
Map good except for some path are wrong.
I giving it 3 star because literally some of the dirt path are completely wrong and grants confusion to people relying on the map to navigate. For example, walking up a dirt path that says on the map that there are two splits. One on the right and one the left. Then you look in game and they are both leader to the right. Completely wrong. Other wise the map is ok.
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3 months ago, ^^gayyy
Wandering Survivors
If you’re questioning getting this app don’t wait a second. Literally one of the most valuable tools you’re going to need to survive. Hands down the most useful app on my phone. I used to run in circles and now I go straight to your moms base every time. Thanks IZurvive ❤️
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4 years ago, yvvyvyv
Great app
great up helps a lot it would be great if i could click on the icons to see what spawn on there and remove the holding to share it bothers me when i try to add a icon just for the sharing thing to pop up and could y’all add an icon for the military tents on the map like the ones in NWAF by the industry piano house
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11 months ago, Deft1111
Always there when I need it.
Being new to DayZ maps besides Chernaurus, I rely on exploring to get to know an area. But I’m very dire situations, knowing where things are, has saved my life and a ton of time I don’t have a lot of to play. Thank You for your service and this app.
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2 years ago, mat4203
Game changer
I don’t mind the ads since it’s only one right when you open the app. If I didn’t have this map I would probably not even play dayz. The map is giant and this app literally shows you exactly where everything is.
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3 years ago, Snakilizer167
Gotta learn the map
Started Dayz a noob a few days ago. This app helped me to find my friends’ location as well as put markers down for when I want to log back on. Dayz doesn’t allow for real-time tracking, so you won’t see people, or yourself on the map. It’s just a map, and you have to figure out the landscape by yourself, how it should be lol.
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